The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 24, 1893 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 24, 1893
Page 8
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re-. o, DEB M0INESI ALGOKA, IOWA, WEDNJESDAY, MAY 24, t^*" The performances given tinder the mighty canvas yesterday and last evening were the finest ever witnessed in this city^-Itansas City Journal. ! Now beyond all comparison the Largest and Grandest Exhibition on earth. b Circus, Elevated Stages, Millionaire Menagerie, Royal , Mammoth Museum of Marvels, and Trained Animal Real Roman Hippodrome! Spectacular Equine Carnival—100 Fine-bred Imported Horses! In a grand Ballet Militant, embracing amazing terpsichprean di'vertisements. Colossal living pyramids and picturesque tableau vivants. Grand Ethnologic, Zoologic, Arenic, and Equine Congress. -—-—•• — •*— »•••* *"" v & ***J «-* WlWgl\*j 4Li\*illl>f ClIIU JL^VJ Ullit. WllCl 1 \*JJ* Largest Living Giraffe! - Si Hassan Ben Ali's Troupe of Arabs! - Chas. W. Fish " TVJ " " > • - . RENO SISTERS BROS. VEBNON Europe's Premiere Equestriennes. Absolute Kings of the Air. Mikado's Troupe of Royal Japanese Monster B.-horncd Gnu; Prince Chaldean, long-maned Percheron Stallion, crowning feature of the Grand Horse Fair, with its iqo head of Blooded Stock; Sacred Cattle; Mammoth Hippopotamus; Two herds of Performing Elephants; a pair of Baby Clown EleDhants Two- and Four-horse Chariot Races; Jockey Races; Novel Elephant and Camel Racei; Child-delUtin ff PonV Races with monlev drivers, and other exciting racing contests. MOSCOW'S CHIMING BELLS ! GOLDEN STEAM CALLIOPE ! Y The procession leaves the show grounds promptly at 10 o'clock on the morning of the exhibition Ten kinds of music Srnr P <; n f sun-bright chariots. Hundreds of gaily-caparisoned horses. No postponement on account of weather. Scores of This Stupendous Aggregation Will positively exhibit in . . Algona, Monday, June 12. Two complete performances daily—afternoon at 2, night at 8. Doors open one hour earlier. One 50-cent Ticket Admits to All the Combined Shows. Children under 12 years half price • Special Excursion Rates on All Railroads. FAME AND fiOTTEN EGGS. The Noted Cherry Sisters Won Both at an Entertainment Given in Dubuque Last Week. The " Bloods" of the River City Made it Lively for the Girls, and Trouble <• is Likely to Follow. The Cherry sisters have come ant gone, says the Dubuque Telegraph, was expected that they would come but it wus very doubtful for a time las evening whether they would get out o the city alive. Dubuque's cbivalr.,, aided materially by the lower hoodlum element came very near causing them to ring the curtain down permanent! on their theatrical career. They wer advertised to appear at the Gran Opera house last evening, and they ap poarod, but that was about all they di do or were permitted to do. The au dienco numbered between 800 and 90( and among these were quite a larg number of ladies, and, it being expect od that there would be considerabl noise, a detachment of police was sen to the opera house to " preserve order, or, if unable to do this, to at least ap peal to those engaging in a disturb ance to remain quiet. The curtain wont up about a quarter after 8 an Miss Efflo Cherry appeared and begar to sing; that was what the greater par of the audience thought she was trying to do. In less than ten seconds tin gang broke loose, eggs and vegetable were thrown at her until the air wai filled with them, charged water from seltzer bottles was squirted onto thj stage, and cow bells and tin horn transformed the place into a seconc edition of Hhool; and in order to escape with her life, the green country girl— whoso father and uncle were Idllod in the war—ran off the stage. The cur tain dropped, but the pandemonium o horns and yells continued, with the re suit that a number of gentlemen, in order to save the feelings of their wives and daughters, arose and walked out with them. After about ten minutes there was a lull, and Jessie Cherry oame out to play on the harmonica. She didn't play more than three seconds before she also had to lly oil' the stage in order to escape the shower of mis- sels and charged water. The police made no attempt to quell the disturbance, nor did anyone connected with the opera house undertake that task, being aware, probably, that they would got the same idnd of a reception. The disgraceful proceedings progressed undisturbed. Another one of the sisters finally came out, but ran away after threo links of sausage, tied up with pink and blue ribbons, had struck her in the face, and several eggs had narrowly missed hitting her. The manager then appeared and said to the audience that if they did not keep quiet the performance would bo discontinued This caused a brief lull, during which Effio came out to recite a poem, but instantly the horn blowing was resumed and eggs, vegetables, sausages, and other things wore thrown at her; and to cap the climax some one turned a stream of charged water from a small Babcoek fire extinguisher on the girl and deluged her from head to foot, the water going Into her eyes and blinding her temporarily. She wus taken down to her dressing room, and Addle came out to protest, when she was troatod almost as shamefully. Someone in the upper gallery threw a coal scuttle onto the stage, and if it hud struck hoi- there would in all probability have been one Cherry loss in the bunch The curtain was then dropped and the sisters refused to proceed unless protection was assured them; this was not given and the performance closed. The reporters went back on the stage and found Ktlie and Addle crying. The former's eyes wore red from the stuff that had gone into them from the lire extinguisher and there wus a cut on the side of her right hand made by something that had been thrown at her They all declared that they never had received such treatment in any place before; the worst that had been done at other places was to yell and make a aoise and toss a few potatoes on the stage, "but," said Miss Lizzie, "we never before ran the risk of being killed." The audience had not been in the house more than three quarters of an hour and after it had dispersed a large crowd filled the opera house alley, where a hack was in waiting. The girls were very nervous when they got into the hack, thinking the crowd intended to mob them. The driver drove down the alley of Ninth, up the latter to Locust and then down. The crowd ran up Eighth to Locust and as the hack passed with the horses on the gallop, eggs, stones, and potatoes were thrown at it, and it was painted yellow in a few moments. The feat all through was one of which all respectable people have good reason to feel ashamed. It was a niunly thing to assault four unprotected girls—Iowa girls, at that—who are endeavoring to secure money to raise a mortgage that encumbers a farm left them at Maron by their mother, who is now in her grave. The spirit of chivalry that ought to rush to the protection of women was not manifested; and the visit of the Cherry sisters will long be remembered as a black spot on the otherwise bright escutcheon of Dubuque. WESLEY IS BUILDING. FARM loans, 7 per ct., Skinner Bros DRUNKENNESS, OH TUB MQIJOK HABIT. Cured at Home in Ten Days liy Administering Dr. HaiiiKH* Golden Spt-cillc. It can bo given j n a fflass of beer, a cup of coffee o. 1 tea, or in foot!, without the knowledge 0: the patient. It is absolutely harmless, and will effect a permanent and speedy cure, whether the patient is a mod crate annker or an alcoholic wreck. It'aas been given in thousands of cases, and in every instance a perfect cuee has followed. It never fails. The system once impregnated with tbe specific, it becomes an utter im- posslbil.'ty lor the liquor appeti'o to exist Cures guaranteed. A 48-page book of particulars free. Address the Golden Specific Co., 185 Kace street, Cincinnati, Ohio. PAKM loans, 7 per ct., Skinner Bros. TOWN property lo;ins. Skinner Bros. A Million FrieiKlH. A friend in need is a friend indeed, and lot less than one million people have found ust such a friend in Dr. King's Now Discovery for consumption, coughs, and colds. If you have never used this groat cough medicine one trial will convince you that it ias wonderful curative powers in all diseases of throat, chest, and lungs. Each bottle is warranted to do all that is claimed or money will be refunded. Trial bottles free it L. A. Sheet?,' drug store. Largo bottles 50c and one dollar. . i Denorvlng Pral«e. Wo desire to say to our citizens that for vears wo have boon selling Dr. King's New r^ovp'y f or consumption, Dr. King's New jifo Pills, and Buclen's Arnica Salve and iiloctric Bitters, and have never handled •emodies that sell us well or that have given such universal satisfaction. We do not lies- tato to guarantee thorn every time, and wo land ready to refund the purchase price If atisfactory results do not follow their use Those remodioB have won their groat nopu- arity purely on their merits. Sold by L A. Shoot;!. i NEW spring hats at E. Hoove & Co.'s, "Jump Into the Wagon and we'll all take a ride." If the wagon Ja greased with A City Addition Surveyed—A Pleasant Trip to Burt—General News o the Week. WESLEY, May 22.—Eight or nine o the Wesley boys drove to Burt Wednes day evening to help organize an Odd Fellows' lodge. Quite a number from Algona and Bancroft were present. Burt Lodge starts out in fine shape There were but five charter members, but 18 of Burl's best citizens were initiated and had all of the degrees conferred on them that night. The Burt boys do nothing by halves. Everyone was royally entertained and went home wishing them success with their new lodge, which is sure to follow when taken in hand by such an energetic and wide awake set of citizens as Burt has. C. L. Lund and Col. Sessions, a couple of Algona's legal talent, were in town Friday. Supt. Reed was here Wednesday visiting school. Nick Dicker of Corwith drove over to Wesley Saturday to buy seed corn. There is a great demand for good seed corn from every part of the county this spring. Hugh McCutchin drove over to Corwith Saturday on business. John Gannon of Bancroft was here for a few days last week visiting some of his old friends and neighbors. Clate. Hutchins of Algona was here Friday and Saturday surveying off Way & Barrett's college addition to Wesley. Prof. Barslou has bought a lot in college addition and begun preparing to build himself a house. The professor don't intend to pay rent when town lots and lumber are both plenty and cheap. Jacob Licktag of Prairie township has purchased property here and will begin to build soon. Ho intends moving his family to town and taking life easier from this on. Oscar Oleson of Calmer visited here Sunday with his brother, C. E. Oleson and sister Clara. We notice that John Atkinson has (1 roped into line with the rest of those that have been painting and given his his house a new coat of paint. Our schools close for a three months' vacation June 2—only one more week after this. No doubt our teachers wil be glad that they can have the much needed rest. T. B. Hiltz of Buffalo Center was in town Monday. Mr. Hiltz formerly re sided in Wesley, but is now engaged in the livery and machine business at the Center. A, L. Johnson's new store room wil soon be enclosed. It is 22x50, 20 foot post ho intends to occupy it himself with a complete stock of the best furniture. Quito a heavy hail storm passed over here last Sunday night, accompanied by a strong wind, bnt no damage was done that we know of. Mr. Haswell, our city drayman, had a serious accident one day last week. One of his horses kicked him in the stomach. He has been confined to the house ever since and most of the time to his bed. Jimmie James is tending to the dray line for him at present. =Feed, and Sale Stable We have leased the barn south of the Tennant House, and are now prepared to furnish the public with good livery rigs at moderate prices. Also Break Colts to Drive, and guarantee satisfaction. Have all necessary appliances for properly hand- lin colts ling colts, and break them into kind and gentle drivers. Will also BOARD HORSES THEB W Y K EK and give them the best of care. Giving our personal attention to the business! patrons can rest assured we will do our best to please them. HUNTER & MCENROE. :he ride will be more pleasant, the horse won't have to do any more than hi» rightful share of work, and there will be Jut little wear on the wagon. It's the slickftst grease you ever BOW. Sold by oil dealers. Give it a trial. Wad&ara'sOilanaGreaseCo. MILWAUKEE, --... T.-.----. • How to Visit the World's Fair. The Chicago & Northwestern railway (the Northwestern line) announces reduced rates to Chicago and return, to enable everybody to see the greatest exposition the world has ever known. It IB something marvelous and beyond description. Tickets will be on sale via the Northwestern lino daily until Oct. 31, 1803, and will bo good for return until Nov. 15, 1808. Ask for tickets via the popular route, with its frequent and fast express trains, with magnificent through- car sorvieo of modern day coaches, sleeping ears, parlor cars, and dining cars. Tickets and detailed information can bo obtained from agents of the Northwestern line and connecting routes.-6tlO FAUM loans, 7 per ct., Skinner Bros. The undersigned having bought out the meat market formerly owned by H. J. Kdena wish to say that they will be glad to meet all old customers, us well us the uew ones that way favor them With their patronage, hoping by kind treatment and fair dealing to receive a part of the public patronage. SHAPLE&SON, NOTICE TO OOOUPYINa CLAIMANT. STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, SS —J. C. Sullivan. Wm. Landman. Julius A Werner, Nels. P. SJostrum. E. Caldwell, T J. Hale, Miles White. Edward Heller, AD Clarke, Jessell, Beclovorth, Richard, Henry! and Jos. Polglase, B. W. Haggard, Atwater Cook, S. D. Drake, F. M. Robinson, C. H. Carey and S. H. Taylor, G. J. Nutt, H. A. Pearsons, Jas. Callanan and Jas. C. Savery, E. F Watkins, F. E. Smith, Win. Larrabee, Geo. Twist, David Freeman, and to all whom it may concern: The commissioner appointed to view a hieh- w ay petitioned for by Julius Werner, Edward A. Heller, and others has reported in favor of its location as follows: Beginning at the northwest corner of Section 11—100,28, running thence west on state line to a point 7 and JO-100 chains west of the southwest corner of Section 30, Township 101, Range 28, thence south 28 degrees, west 4 and 50-100 chains, ;hence north 78 degrees, west 10 chains, ;hence north US degrees, west to section and itate line 1.07 chains, thence west on state Ine to the northeast corner of tha northwest quarter of the northwest quarter of Section 10 —100, 30, thence south on the one-eighth sec- ion line to the south line of Section 10—100 50, thence west on section line to the southwest corner of Section 0—100, 30, thence north on section line to the northwest corner of Section 0—100, 30, thence west on state ine to the northwest corner of Kossuth coun- y; and all objections thereto or claims for damages must be flled In the county auditors office on or before noon of the 1st day of July, A. D. 1803, or such highway will beestab- ished without reference thereto. Witness my hand and seal this 25th day of April, 1803. C. M. DOXSEE, Ot* County Auditor. THE JOHN PAUL LUMBER SUCCESSORS TO J. J. WILSON. Office and yard on Dodge street, south of State, ALGONA, BOWA. Handles the best of all descriptions or lor an Which includes everything that is possibly needed for the construction of any thing J rotn a picket fence to the very finest residence. WE MEET ALL COMPETITION. Come and give us a chance to figure your bills, and we will prove to you that what we say is the truth. NOTICE TO OCCUPYING CLAIMANT STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, SS —Wm. Warburton, John J. Kamrar, 13. F Smith, S. M, Beeson, Rosa M. Reynolds Northern Iowa Loan & Trust company, Jas Callanan and Jas. O. Savory, Wm. Larrabee Clara G. Winters, Edward Byrne, Petei Haus.C, O. Chubb, State Agricultural Col lege, Peter C. E. Faarap, Wm. H. Post, Pe der O. Brandjord, John Johnson and O. O Monson, George Wells, Joseph J. Klein Christian Jacobson, and to all whom it ina; concern; The commissioner appointed to view a high way petitioned for by E. O. Fltz, Chas Wart man, and others has reported In favor of its lo cation as follows: Commencing at the north east corner of Section Nineteen, Township Ninety-nine, north of Range Twenty seven west of Bth P. M., and running thence west t( the center of the north line of the northwes quarter of said Section Nineteen, thence south to the half section line of said Section Nine teen, thence west on half section line to the west quarter post of Section 24—00, 28, thence south to the southwest corner of said Section 24, thence west along section line to the south west corner of Section 22—00, 28; also begin nlng at the west quarter post of Section 24— 00, 28, thence north to the northwest corner o; said Section 24; also vacating the road com mencing at the northeast corner of Section 24 —00, 28, and running west to the northwest corner of said section; and all objections thereto or claims for damages must be filed In the county auditor's omce on or before noon 01 yie 1st day of July, A. D. 1803, or such highway will be established without reference thereto. Witness my hand and seal this 25th day of April, 1803. 0. M. DOXSEE, 0t4 County Auditor. EXECUTOR'S NOTICE, --.,-. Langdoulate suth county, Iowa, deceased. All persons in any manner indebted to said estate will make immediate payment to the undersigned; and ihose having claims against the said estate will llle them with the clerk of the district court of Kossuth county, Iowa, as provided by aw, duly authenticated, for allowance. Dated this 17th day of of May, A. D. 1803. A. H.LANGDON, Executor. NOTICE TO BUILDERS. Sealed bids will be received up to 1 p. m. of ~uuo 10,1803, for building a school house in Mstrlct No. One, Whittemore township, at which time the contract ia to be let to the low- st responsible bidder, the board reserving he right to reject any and all bids. Plane and specifications may be seen at the secreta- ' place pf business lu Whittemore. J? fc. OQTfOJf, Secretary. GO 00 Undertaking and embalming will always receive careful and personal attention. Prices are reasonable, Orr & Patterson, Dealers in kinds of House, Sign, and Carriage Painting, Paper Hanging, Decorating, and Wall Tinting. We make a specialty of Fresco Paintine ™hi? e h°n vtln £' ln / U or water colors o! public halls, churches and private resl- denoes. tSTEstirnates and Designs furnished, and work done in any part of the northwest. Your work is solicited. On State street, opposite court house. G. J. STEBBINS " "««*>« that he :E»aper and all work in that line, and solicits a share or the patronage. Residence two blocks south of the Adventlst church? THE ALCONA SUPPLY HOUSE Will furnish you anything in the line of )REAMERY : SUPPLIES, rices guaranteed. Send your oninra «,»,„„ > jneed of anything, and they will ba^F 9 ln tended to promptly. «s.». REDUCED AGAIN JFor I make for the present the following very low prices on FLOUR. Try a sack. If it , don t please it will cost you nothing: lour, per sack, $1.00 Hour, per sack, torn meal, per sack, - . Rye flour, per sack, - . Buckwheat, per sack, Bran, per 100 pounds, Miorts, per 100 pounds, . feed, per 100pounds, Wheaten Gluten, per sack, All warranted. Liberal discount on round lots. •50 ,25 •75 .80 ,70 .75 ,80 •75 Other abstracters have pooled. We re not m it We have been m the business for 22 years and don t have to sell, but are here Jones & S/olth,

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