The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 24, 1893 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 24, 1893
Page 7
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frPPER D£& MOlNkS, ALGOKA, IOWA, WEBNEBt)AY, MAY 24, 1893, Testimonials nbllsh aro not purchased nor arc they, written iip in our office, nor are they' from our employes. They are facts.prov ling that Hood's Srirsaparllla possesses absolute M BRIT, ftiid that Hood's Cures iJOCTORS AND CLERGYMEN. The I^olmer Much the Shorter Lived, Their Arduous Work the Cause. AN .ATTRACTIVE EXHIBIT AT THE WORLD'S FAIR. JUV*. JB. M. Hurt > West Kendall, N. Y. f ' ' ' Three Great Enemies. Neuralgia, Rheumatism and ' • Dyspepsia Another Victory for Hood's. "IJor over twenty years I 1m vn suffered '.•with .neuralgia, rheumatism mid dyspepsia. Many'times I could not turn in, bed. Sov- eral physicians have (rented me and I have tried different remedies, but all failed to gly« me permanent relief. Five years ago I began to talie Hood's Hood's 1 ,S Cures Sarsaparllla and it lias done me a vast amount of good. Since beginning to take 'it Ihave not had a sick day. I am "cl .year* 'old and enjoy good health, which I attribute •to Hood's Sarsaparllla." Mns. E. M. BUHT, W. Kendall, N. Y. HOOD'S PILLS cuio all liver ills, Bilious, ness, Jaundice, Indigestion, Sick-'Headache. 35c. The dentils of several will-known medical practitioners lately at ages but little beyond the middle period of life have given a shock to a good irmny of their professional brethren. And 10 wonder! One of tlie first things a doctor naturally alms at is the preservation of his own health and life. If cannot keep himself alive and well, ;he prospect is certainly not very encouraging for his patients. It is commonly believed that doctors are a sho'rt- ived class. Is the popular belief well founded? It is, according to the London. Hospital, 1 only too well founded. In his "Vital Statistics," Dr. Arthur Vewsholme informs us that of every 1,000 clergymen between the ages of 45 and 05 only 15.03 die annually. But of every 4,000 doctors between the ages of 45 and 05 no fewer than 28.03 die every year. That is to say, the mortality of medical men is almost double that of clergymen. And the rate Is increasing. Twenty years only 24 instead of 28. These are facts to make us pause. They seem to throw nil ugly doubt upon the competency of our professional skill. It may perhaps be tu-ged that clergymen are financially, more prosperous than medical men; but that woiild be quite fallacious, because Dr. Newsholme includes In his clerical class the ministere of all the nonconformlng denominations; and, class for class, there is no doubt that medical men are much better off than the body of clergymen as . thus constituted. What is • the reason, then, for ' : this portentous death roll? It is to be found in the arduous nature of the doctor's' daily work. But then the doctor knows the arduousness of his work; and if he had faith in physiology lie would counteract the effect of that arduousness by more holidays and by combining with his fellow doctors to diminish the killing strain. This is a matter which is generally talked about and then dropped. Getting, Thin is often equivalent to getting ill. If loss of flesh can be arrested and disease baffled the "weak spots" in the system are eradicated. Scott's Emulsion is an absolute corrective of " weak spots." It is a. builder of worn out failing tissue— nature's food that stops ivaste and creates healthy flesh. Prspn red by Scott it B«wno, Ohomlste, New York. Sold by druggists everywhere. HOME AND FOREIGN AUTHORS. We gather froin bur Norttitvesteni exchanges tteit a most attractive exhibit of products of the seveh niirtli- western states is being mad(J by tiie Northern Pacific Railroad company at the World's Columbian exposition, whicii opened the 1st of May; ami continue until Nov. 1, 1S93. The samples of products which a,re belli;: exhibited were gathered from the states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington and Oregon, and «re arranged in two elegant exhibllti oara built especially for the purpose by the company ait their shops at St. Pain*. Each one of tiie oars has two forge bay windows on each side reaching from the floor to the roof, as well as other large windows. The oars are vestlbuled and splendidly decorated. The samples of products dis- playe in the cars will include all kinds of 'grains, fruits, grasses, ores, woods, iron, coal,, precious metals and stones, hops, toh.i<?co, building stone, wool, fish, nurntod, dried, preserved and caiuiod frails and vegetables, and iu the season fresh apples, pears, plums, peaches, pmnes, gtupes, melons, roots and garden vogeil'ables will be exhibited. This general collection of products will show the resources of the extensive regions traversed by tiie Northern Pacific railroad in its course from the Great Ijiikes to Puget Sound and tlie Pacific coast, a distance of 2,500 miles. Intending settlers will liiid it to their advantage to examine the samples of products in Mie Northern Pacilic exhibit. The products will show the resources of an important region of coiuitry now open for settlement, in which there Is room for a million families to secure independent) homes. The oaxa ture placed on ono-ofl the. tracks In Hue large annex to tho transi:pirta,tton exhibit building. This exhibit building Ls one of the grandest of the exposition buildings, and will contain for exhibit au extremely interesting collection of every known vehicle, vessel, conveyance or contrivance, for transportation by land, water and air, both ancient and modem, from the finest' modem locomotives, vessel;* and' cars to the most ancient known devices for' transportation. A Comparison of Incomes hi the United States nnfl England. Housekeepers Should Remember. The Government Chemists, after having analyzed all the principal brands of baking powder in the market, in their reports placed the "Royal" at the head of the list for strength, purity and wholesomeness ; and thousands of tests all over the country have further demonstrated the fact that its qualities are, in every respect, unrivaled. Avoid all baking powders sold with a gift or prize, or at a lower price than the Royal, as they invariably contain alum, lime or sulphuric acid, and render the food unwholesome. CURES MALARIAL > <• <• POISON Nature should be assisted to throw off imparities of the blood. Nothing; docs it so well, so safely or so promptly aa SwifPs Specific. LIFE HAD NO CHARMS. For three years I was troubled with malarial poison* .Inch caused my appetite to fail, and I was greatly re* ducedin flesh, and life lost all its charms, I tried met* curial and potash remedies, but to no effect. I could get ---- ,i.* i'n ----- ' - • i A few bottles of thU no re lief, 1 then tried wonderful medicine and permanent cure, _ better health than ever. made a complete . a n d I now eniov ,CE, Ottawa. Kan.* Our book on Blood and Skin Diseases mailed free. SWIFT SFBC/F/O Co.. ATLANTA, cw- Illustrated PuHl Idaho, Wnahin jtoouiuxMw.I FREE GOVERNMENT AND LOW PHICEr *»*•' IC R, R. ________ «J-Th« b«lt Agricultural, Orailng ut Tlmkw Lindt now «pea JO««> : >TS. Mallei! PREK. A • - SHILOH'S CURE. Speaking of Mi 1 . Stevenson reminds me that some statistics of literary remuneration have lately been published, says a writer in Printers' Ink. It is said that Mr. Stevenson commands ,$100 per 1,000 words for his contributions of fiction to periodicals, and I believe that J. M. Barrie (author of a charming novel, "The Little Minister," and of a play in which Toole is haying a great success, "Walker, London") received £37 for a story of a page hi length, published in the Illustrated London. News. Dr. Couau Doyle, author of "The White Company," who has made a great name by his detective stories, under tiie heading of "Adventures of Sherlock Holines," in the Strand Magazine, has recently made a contract for twelve more of these talcs, for which he gets £1,000 (English rights only.) Mr. Gladstone was paid, it is said, £250 for an article in the Nineteenth Centuiy, Avhich comes out at about -12 cents a word. James Payn, I believe, gets but £10 10s for his delightful page of "Notes" in the Illustrated London News every week. As ordinary journalism this is not so had pay, though I could quite imagine ..a still higher price being thought not excessive for matter so- good. Literary remuneration rules higher in America than, with us. For a short story which I contributed to an English periodical some time ago I received in England under $50, from America $100, and I nearly always expect to get higher rates from your side than at home:for any Journalistic writings. The enactment of internallonol copyright has, to writers in England, but it has to be remembered. that it, also preserves native American author- from a very dangerous form "of competition, since, before the act of-congress, any American publisher could reprint, without fee, tiie writings of the most able European authors, which must have made It very-hiU'rt for new writers In the states to get an Inning. •>" City Treasurer Joseph Hudson, of Waupaca, was handling a revolver which he did not know was loaded, and as a result he is earring his left hand hi a sling. MARVELOUS TRAVELING. Cures Consumption, Coughs, Croup, throat. Sold by all Druzgist* on a Guarantee torn Lama Sido. Back or Chest Bhilob'i PoroM Piaster will pro jwatMtiiiaction.~»a c»nUu Souvenir Playing Curds, coualnttnit ol K v>ul llo. \;vuniou.uH v» _ _ v'l^OH. Jtiek, fclld bPOf Cud*. 'On flu fact of "each Hard fa lithographed, in tntn colori, one oj the 48 different National, Foreign, •nd State Buildings of the World'a Fair, luuklug nil' fiioit beautiful and unique Dock of Playing Oard> aarket—the beat-aelllug novelty yet jg w * - ~ * " • -~ i OP, wanted. Sample Deck, 60 centi, 1U 8. HaUatod St.. Chicago, 111, THE NUEVO DE JULIO. , Typo to Be, Followed In New Cruisers Built by tho British. New York, May 11.—Foreign advices received in this city are to the effect that the British admiralty proposes to build a number of cruisers for the British navy of the typo of the Nucvo do Julio. The Nuevo de Julio was built by Armstrong, Mitchell & Co., of England, for tho Argentine Republic. She has n. displacement of only 3,500 tons, but during a six h ours' natural draught trial he developed 10,000 horse power and made a speed of 22.028 knots per hour. Jnder forced draught conditions she loveloped 14,500 horse power and made speed of 22.75 knots per hour. The Nuevo de Julio carries a much icavler battery than British cruisers of the same size. Her battery consists of four 6-inch rapid-lire guns, three of wliich flre ahead and one astern; eight 4.7-inch rapid-fire guns, twelve 3-pound- ers and twelve 1-pounder I-Iotchkiss rapid-lire guns, and live tubes for 18- inch Whitechapel torpedoes. Her armored deck is of 1 1-2 inch steel, with sloping sides 4 1-2 to 3 1-2 inches thick. She carries 850 tons of coal at the load tlraught. Her bunkers have a maximum capacity for SiOO tons of coal. The Nuevo de Julio is 350 feet long, 44 feet beam, and has a draught of i(i.5 feet. The builders of the new vessel de- slare her to be the fastest cruiser afloat. To make a journey of nearly a thousand miles hi a lit.tle over a thousand minutes seem hardly witihiu the range of possibility. The Lake Shore route, however, hits demonstrated its ability to accomplish tliis feat by placing in service a new fast rain, to leave Chicago daily, at 2 p. m. and arriving ait New York City tiie next morning at 11, making a trip of 9SO miles in twenty hours' actual limning time. The shortest time heretofore made by regular trains between those points is twenty- live hours. West-bound this train leaves New York via the N. Y. G. Ry. at 3 p. m., reaching Chicago lihe next morning at 10, making it possible for one to accomplish a full day's work In either city and be at tiie other, nearly a thousand miles distant, the next morning most remarkable achievements in the in time for business, truly one of the history of railroading. •John Robinson, a farmer residug ueai Platteville, broke his thigh and received serious internal injuries in a runaway accident. His recovery is doubtful. BURGLARIES GALORE. Tho Work Thought to be Amateur. That of an Fond du Lac, Wis., May 13.—Five more burglaries were perpetrated in this city last night, the work evidently being done by an amateur, armed with a chisel. The places entered Avcre the Erhart cigar store, Bishoff and Hamm's saloons, the Western Union telegraph otlice and the Tompkius & Co. grocery store. In no place did the amount of money taken exceed $10. JFroin 15 to ;5 lljs _ a inuoth. Harm* in treatiuout (liy proo- tbluc pliVBlclnii). No storvlu(;./S/*S^ Tboainnds cured. St-nJ Oi: 1» stauipil \_ U- O. W. V. SNVIlKlf, M. 1)., mail liept. 7, «vi<i]c«.v'« r ri>«>ntov, r:lilcinv<>. I'll. ABIIIU DP IUM Vr I Vul M °T hllle *° "o d OR. J.S ENS r<Hl in " 1 OIF banon,O BEST POMSH IN THE WORLD, DO NOT BE DECEIVED •with Pastes, Enamels, and Paints which etain the hands, injure the iron, and bum red. The Rising Sun Stove Polish is Brilliant. Odoiloss, and Durable. Each paofcftgo contains eix ounces; when moistened will make several bo*e$ of Paste Polish. AN ANNUAL SALE, OF 3,990 TONS. Danger! It you have a feeling of oppression and un« cnsinuss a above tliedlaphraui.aiid jus| bcluw tlio rlitht ribs, aggravated by lying o» 1 lio right s'uio, look out! As sure as fate, you! liver is ilisoi-acired. Perhaps not seriously as yol, lint— i'uiul liupiilic iibsoessos nre not nil b million, llostullur's Stomuuli Bittei s 1 •• I IK ].irui'iso rutuedy to rcgultito Hie liver, and llB congiislion uiul iiillainination, a :d 1(1 dis|iurse stic'li minor INDICIA oil its duninge, iiiuiit as yullownuss of the skin and ball oi tho oyu, furred tongue, sourness of the bruntli, nnnsi'R on rising in tbo moruing, clixxlnc'ss, side liuuduclie and constipation. By ruiiixlnu 1 tliu bowels pui"lossly, il opens t ciiuiiiiel of e.\Hfor thui-u r lousli'le, cheeks a liijiik-iii-y ID congestion and ongurgeinuMl •of tiie liver, at the same tiino giving a gontU impetus to its sciTulivo action, and atl'< r li relief lo tlio Btouuu'li, wliich is usually liniet ivi!, out uf order uud oppressed willi wine wlieii tlio b.nweU uro .I'osllvo. Use the Bit t'.'i-s also In' fever and- a^ue, rlieumatism au( kklnuy troubles A three weeks' mission at St. Mary's church, Wausau, will be concluclod May 13. Sermons were delivered in English German and French. A Souvenli' from the Holy I^aiul. Dr. Tnlmage, to introduco Tun OIIIUSTIAN HKUAI.IJ, sunds it for twenty weeks, together ivilli a buaiitit'nl, polished section of Olive \V<ioil, yrown on the suered Mount of Olives iiiul purchased by liiin at Jerusalem, all for iH'ty cents._iiis address is Bible Houso,New York City, tVu iissocintiou with twenty-three ohnr- ter members called St. Phillip's Benevolent society, has been organized lit Prairie du Chien. TcRtptl l>y Tlmo. For Bronchial Btfectloni con" 1 '- etc., Onowh's BUONCIIIAI, TnoouKB hn^• nmved tht'lr eQlcaoy by a tost of manj| yeaiB. Til e a August Flower Bight doctors treated me for Hearf Disease and one for Rheumatism but did me no good. I could tool speak aloud. Everything that I took into the Stomrch distressed me. I could not sleep. I had taken all kinds of medicines. Through a neighbor I-'got one of your books. I procured a bottle of Green's Aug» ust Flower and took it, I am to-day stout, hearty and strong and enjoy the best of health. August Flowed saved my lifeandgavemeiny health. Mrs. Sarah J Cox, DeGance, O. 9 William and Mabel Randall, aged 12 and 8 years respectively, were arrested at Oshkosh on a charge of burglary. They were released on payment of costs. For sick headache, dizziness or swimming In the heiid, pain in the back, budy, or rhcu- , liiku Boecliain's Villa. n The Odd Fellows of northern Wisconsin celebrated their anniversary at West Superior on May 3. Delegations were present from Ashland, Hurley, and other points. ON THE OUTSIDE— that is the best plauo to keep the hugo.old- fashioned pill. Just ns soon as you get it inside, it begins to trouble you. what's rs I .- the use of suffering yVj^ with it, when you frf ] _ cau (jot more help / \ ^s" 1'roni Doctor Fierce s - ( \T Pleasant Pellets,}? These tiny, sugarcoated granule's dp you permanent good. They act mildly and naturally, and there's no reaction afterward. Constipation, Indigestion. Bilious Attacks, and nil derangements of the liver, stomach, and bowels nre prevented, relieved, and permanently cured. They're the smallest, tho easiest to take, and the cheapest — for they're guaranteed to give satisfaction or your money ia returned. You pay only for the good you get. Nothing else urged by tho dealer, though they may bo better for him to sell, con bo "just t\s good" for you to buy. !3— f5_ PRANK J. CHENEY MAKES OATH THAT HE IS THE SBNIOB PABTNEB OB 1 THE FIRM OF F. J. CHENEY & CO., DOING BUSINESS IN THE CITY OF TOLEDO, COUNTY AND STATE AFORESAID, AND THAT SAID FIRM "WILL PAY THE SUM OF PISTE HEJIgPREP DOULARS FOB EACH AND EVERY CASH OF CATARRH THAT CANNOT BE CUBED BY THE USE OF HALL'S CATARRH CURE. r^ ss / SWOBN TO BEFOBE MB, AND SUBSOBIBED IN MY PRESENCE, THIS 6TH DAY OF DEOEMBER, A. D. 1889. Young Kins; Alexander of .Servla, at 17 has seized the reins of government, ts a broad-shouldered boy of medium height, rather haudsomo and uuusualiy intelligent. He is energetic aoq. self-willed and for Ws years un- oyoicaj. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to " ' " >hyyical being, will attest iiealth of the pure liquid the'needs of the value to ... laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting In the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers *na permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met with the approval of the medical profession, because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weak- wing them and it is perfectly free from jvery objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs iu for sale by all drug* gists in 50o andf 1 bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co, only, whose pame is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, and being well Informed, you will m* «<j$epU"y PubstHu^e \i 9" ' Public. HalTs Catarrh Cure in ta7cen internally, and acts directly upon tTie Blood and mucous surfaces. E. B. WALTHALt, 4 CO., Druggists, Horso Cavo, -• say; "Hall'a Catarrh Cure cures every one that *"?r J A.'JOHNSON, Medina, N. Y., iays: ,"HaU'« Catarrh Cure cured me." ' CONDUCTOR E. D. LOOMIS, Detroit, Mich., s»ys- "The effect of Hall's Catarrh Cure' ia wonderful." Wrtle him about it. BET. H. P. CARSON, Scotland, Dak., gays: J. 0. SIMPSON, Marquess,, W. Va . gayii "Twobottles of Hall's Catarrh Cure complete- "Hall's Catarrh Cure cured ino of a very bad Jy cured my little girl." case of catarrh." ^^ HALL'S CATARRH CURE is sold b^JI Dealers In Patent Medicines. Frioe T'B Oerrts a. Bottle. The only Genuine HAIR'S CATARRH CURIi *J Manufacture*! by F. J. CHENEY & CO,, Toledo, O. BBWARB3 OB* IMITATIONS. flutfmontoZi itnt fret on Agents Wanted for the EST WHEEL EARTH=- MODEL C, Weight 30 Ibs FOB-o^Morgan & Wright Pneumatic. 9*m*m*r*-nit a****** ~, .*-*—. j> H v(«v^ ?««nir«ii 114 *vv*>r} JUMVII. PERBY CYCLE CO,, 161,162 and 163 Mb Canal St., CHICA60, .„, Bead us at once » phptograph (M0.w» will make ftom TODBB one oi «2S«W *2_ww» iiendlpg tMfftj DOmTsi DEL. A '.m.t^:^}^^.^ ItOnTM Ooldi,Ci»ugh«,8ore Throat,Oroup,InSB«»- la-Whooplnff Cough, Bronchitis and Asthma. A aertala curt far Consumption in first itagoa, and a euro relief In advanced itagei. tTn- at nnce. Yon -will lee the excellent effect nftf r ukln» th» iritdos*. Bold by cU*lf;n> everywUero. l,.f»» »«ttlil CO oeiitn and $1.00. I Unlike the Dutch Process No Alkalies — OB — Other Chemicals aro vised In tho preparation ol W. BAKER & CO.'S reaMastGocoa which if absolutely pure and soluble. jit has TnorstAanrt/irea time* I the strength of Cocoa mixed jwlth Starch, Arrowroot or ' Sugar, and Is far more ec(K nomlcal, coatiny less than one cent a cup. It Is delicious, nourishing, and BABILT DIGESTED. ^ Sold by Grocers everywhere. W. BAKER & CO., Dorchester, Mau, Thli Trade Mark la on the belt WATERPROOF COAT *«<>. Ai j_ TOWER, BOSTON. _MASS._' .Earned by the Ball Telephone Putent In 1B91'. Tonr Invention may be valuable You Hhonlrt protect It by patent. Addrem for full particular* and Intelligent advise, free cf clnirt'e, W. W. IJUDI^ H Y & CO. Solicitors of Patents. Pacific Bld'g, 622 P. St. , N. W.. Mention this paper. Wunhlugton, D. O. Do you wear thorn? When next In need try a pair, they- will give you more comfort and service ','ir the than any other maka, Best in *5.0«L« SI.7S TOR BOYS 41.73 „„>.>.« : W. L, Douglas Shoes are made In all Latest Styles/ If you want a fine DRESS SHOE don't pay $6 to $8 r try my $3.50, $4 or $5 Shoe. They will fit equal to cus< torn made and look and wear as well. If you wish, tc- economize In your footwear, you can do so by purchasing \V. L. Douglas Shoos. My name and price is stamptd tin the bottom, look for It when you buy, Take no sut^ stltuto, I send shoes by mall upon receipt qf prlciu post.iiro free, when Khun Dealers cannot supply yoUj W. 1.. DOUGLAS, Brockton, Ma**. Powdered and te (PATrNTJCC.) strongest and purest Lye mad*, . Unlike otbar Ly«, It being « flj»» \ powder and packed in a can yrijth 'removable lid. tho contents are ttlw*yu ready tor use. Will m»k« the btst perfumed H»r»" 8o»p Ju M minutes without ioiltit^. Itlatb* best for cleansing w»Bte-ylpe«, dlolufeotlug sinks, gioD«t», w%il^i ing bottles, puluts, treei, eto. * f'iiNNA. SALT M'F'O CO, Qen. ** Positively cure Bilious Attacks, Oon-

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