The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 6, 1892 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 6, 1892
Page 5
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OTPEB BIBS MOiKlSS; ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 6, 1892, ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS. CHICAGO, tti&WAtJKEE * ST. PATIt.. West-Pass.— East-Pass.— 1 8:02 a TO No. 2 10:24 ft m . 3.... ...4:37pmNo. 4 0:30pm Freight— Freight— o. 9.. 7:15 am No. 8 11:55 pm «>. 13 ll-.45amNo. 14 2:30ptn o. 5 8:17pmNo. 10.... ..I2:15am CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. North- Ilied 8:18a in ,ss 3:36 pm South- Pass 2:37pm Mixed..!, ...,6:07pni Pass, arrives at Chicago at 7 am; arrives at 3es Moines at 8:15 p m. Lv. Des M. 2:30 a m. THE CITY, .April showers bring May flowers. The Grange store carpet sale continues. The city fathers spent Monday as a oard of equalization. Regular meeting eastern star Tues- fday evening April 12. The Register wants a fire company organized in Bancroft. Rev. Black is enjoying a visit from ils brother and wife. Chas. Waldo will move into the S. C. Spear house as soon as it is vacated. Another new house is nearly completed east of the Swedish Methodist onurch. Read Winkle's advertisement jfor " Byron Sherman," who is now in * Ugona. C. D. Creed 'has moved into the ?lumley house Dr. Morse recently ated. There will be no Episcopalian service Sunday. Rev. Bowen preaches at Em- aetsburg. * Bancroft is organizing a post of Grand ^.rrny veteranu, and expects to be ready 1 decoration day. A. Rutherford says he will furnish a nan and team a week to help gravel i diagonal street. Ambrose A. Call and son Chester and [John G. Smith went west this morning bn a duck hunting trip. Geo. R. was in town londay, and never fails to put in a Sjood word for Bancroft. E. H. Clarke has been having a serious time the past week with an attack bf inflamatory rheumatism. A delegate to the state declamatory ontest will be chosen Friday evening it the Congregational church. Langdon & Hudson are selling a lot of shoes at cut prices. They make a announcement this week. The district convention of county iuperintendents for this part of Iowa ill be held at Emmetsburg April 27-28. The Catholic church spire will be 102 feet high, topping the standpipe by two feet. It will be the highest pinacle in wn. The wind last week blew the tin ball ,nd weather vane off the steeple of the erman Lutheran church in Plum [Creek. A communication on the silver ques- .on from S. H. McNutt comes too late F|or this issue. We will give it next fweek. Read the new advertisement of the |fl'rm which bought Frank Bros.' stock. ~~r. Ba'lcom is making the prices that unt. A little 12 pound daughter arrived at 10 home of C. M. Doxsee Monday .fternoon, and is the cause of general ijoiclng. A very pleasant social was given at 10 home of Mrs. Frank Nicoulin last 'riday evening in the interests of the •eading room. The Hamilton hard wood lumber fcompany are doing a good business this pring, They have a new announce- .ent this week. Jno. Goeders has a ribbon sale beginning tomorrow that the ladies will !do well to make note of. They are Specially invited. Wm. Leslie was down from Ledyard 'esterday to get some of our new town- hip plats. He says land is selling [rapidly up there. Marriage licenses have been issued Ed. Donlon and Ella Hickman, Jas. . '. Barge and Alice Sh.ri.mer, Chas. Wagner and Lena M. Neitzel. The Humboldt district good templars' ,_rganization, to which Kossuth belongs, [began its regular meeting at Goldfield •esterday and holds over today. Mr, and Mrs. T. H. Wadsworth de- 'eire to return thanks to their many riends who assisted them during the Icknoss and death of their daughter. W. L. Joslyn made a land trade late, whereby he gets a lot of high bred iorses. He went to Tipton yesterday to secure them and bring them to Algona. Company F will be assigned by the ivernor to its new position next week, 'he national guards of the state are to organized the same as United States roops. S Henry Thompson and Alex, Dorweiler ire discussing putting up a brick store ,t Whittemore this spring. Whitte- lore has the promise of a lot of new lldings. , Max. Herbst, Amie Peugnet, and [there astonished the unwary ducks, up Union slough, Saturday. They irought home a dozen or more, and [idn*t buy any either. Look out for the Spurgeon entertain- ient, April 14, in the Congregational urch. Tickets 25 cents; children, 15 >nts. For the Baptist new church. Better than a supper. A. D, Clarke did not buy the stone the new bank building at Sioux ,11s last week. Bids are being re- ived and will be opened April 15, 'he front will be of stone. A procession to the Algona cemetery Sunday brought the remains of Mrs. ?rambach from near Whittemore for i>urial. Her husband, a well known arly settler, is buried here. Mr. Smith tells us that the bill phanging legislative districts of the state finally passed both houses, and that hereafter Kossuth will be by itself. incock is coupled with Wright. Supt. Reed has au appeal case from .uVerne. The board ordered a schoo near Hanna Station and then rescinded Abe order, and John Meier appeals to Jo have the original order carried out A second leap-year party was given t the Thor/ngton last Friday evening, G. W. Cady and his Decorah musicians urnishtng'the music. Eighteen coupes were present and enjoyed a very pleasanttsvening. H. Kiikess writes to'Geo. E. Clarke hat he^will soon realize on his storage >attery and be in Algfona to rehabili- ate the '(Thorington. He intends to mt in steam heat and otherwise make mportant repairs. The names of the declaimers at the gh-school contest Friday evening are mough to insure a fine entertainment, ind every citizen should encourage the peakers by being present. It will bo well worth hearing. The LuVerne News says: " The i W. A. Black was In town on Sat- irday but ho has marred the corners of >is beard to such an extent that we ailed to recognize him until we noticed he chickens running to hide." Notices to close on Sunday have been erved on the cigar stores, and it is reported that like notices will be served )n the restaurants, meat markets, live- y stables, etc. Like all reforms this eems likely to go BO far as to in the end eact. The Bancroft Register says that a latent medicine agent secured the in- ertion of a $20 advertisement at regu- ar rates in the Algona Republican for 12. And the Republican is terribly own on "quack" medicine venders at hat. A pleasant marringo was celebrated •t Estherville last Wednesday, the groom being Elmer E, Dodgson of Min- leapolis, a brother of Mrs. Fred. Bronon of this place. She was in Esther- 'ille to attend the wedding and visit ild friends. G. S. Parsons was up Monday ar- 'angtng with Alex. White to have a iar of lumber left at Irvington. This means an upright to his house 24x26 eet with 14-foot posts. He expects the umber this week, and is figuring on low to get it home. The Sunday closing issue did not come up last Friday as Mr. Heise decided to rop the matter and close his shop. le found that even if he won in the irst contest he could bo arrested the next Sunday and so on, which would mean an endless contest. A new comer ticketed for Bancroft unloaded his goods here last week at )he Milwaukee depot, and took them up by team. He went with a six-horse outfit. He was seen to linger on the Cuhn hills, but whether to please him- elf or not is not reported. Supt. Reed has received a lot of Arbor day leaflets issued by the state sup- irintendent and all teachers desiring bem should call at his office or send. Dhey have patriotic songs and exercises or the observance of the day, which i,his year comes April 22. A traveller from West Bend last veek Said that the only decent piece of •oad between here and there was the 31ackford hill. The gravel the county >ut there has made a hard road bed, ind if it is tended to each year it will 36 permanently a good road. Dr. Pride was called to J. R. Mawds- ey's lust week to attend to a broken eg for a nine-year-old son of Mr. Mawdsley. The boy was on a straw stack and the wind blew it over. When ;he boy was taken out it was found that iis leg was broken near the thigh. Louis Lessing received a telegram unday announcing the death of his son Louie at Manitowoc. He was 31 ears old and died of pneumonia. He lad never been in Algona to stay long, ind was an engineer on the lakes. Mr. " assing was unable to go to the funeral. Next week Thursday night the lecture on Spurgeon is to begin by Rev. C. Marston. Spurgeon was a marvel in iis way, and the lecture and stereop- icon views of three generations of his amily will bo well worth hearing. It s to be in the Congregational church. The kingbolt came out of Leatherman's hack one day last week between .own and the Milwaukee depot, and a ady from Wesley thrown out, the hack ailing on her. She was thought to be seriously hurt, but the accident proved lOnofbe dangerous. Dr. Morse attended her. During the general storm last Thursday J, G. Rawson's barn southwest of ,own was struck by lightning. Some damage was done to the building, and seven horses that were inside were stunned and deafened. They may recover. The barn was insured in the county mutual. The residents on Thorington street are going to put new gravel 011 their avenue this season. They are the only ones in town who have thus far done anything on their own motion to secure good streets, and Thorington has been ind will be the pleasantest street to drive on in the city. The directors and managers of the new railroad across the county hold a meeting at Cedar Rapids Saturday nexl So decide on the location of depots, and also on where and when to begin actual operations. As soon as the depot sites ire announced we shall know where to ook for the booming new towns, J. W. Tennant has the lumber on the [rounds for a big addition to his hotel. [?he new part will be 28x35 feet two stories high, and extend west along the south side of the present building. This will add 10 good sleeping rooms and a big sample room, all of which the _rowing popularity of the Tennant makes necessary. Wa learn from our exchanges that S L. Dows, the patron saint of the new railroad, has had a meeting with the citizens of Armstrong Grove to decide on a location for the new town. Sections 13, 14,15 or 16 are discussed, the Estherville Republican guessing tha' the last will be chosen. Others say the town will be on 14. The Epworth league will give a lit erary entertainment at the Methodis church Saturday evening at which Miss Adams will represent Goethe; J W. Hays, Shakespear; Miss Wise Longfellow; Miss Chesley, Walt. Whit man; and A. Hutohinson, Burns. Gooc music will be furnished and an admis sion of 10 cents be charged- The road that leads into Whitte more north and south was never laid out over the railroad's right-of-way The result is that trains sometime stand half an hour across the highway and neither Mayor Boyle nor city ordi nances can remedy matters. A peti tion was before the county board t stablish this crossing, and also to make another a block east. Whittemore wants and should have two eross- nga at least. There is evidently a new candidate or the Algona pedestrian club, and a )rofessional at that if the Register is ruthful in saying that that n ' D. A. laggard walked down from Ledyard Monday evening so as to stop in town vernight." If he took the road to it le must have thought o! some of his ild marches in the Louisiana swamps. An interesting contest was had before he county board yesterday, Barnet Devine bid $40 for the school section in Samsey. Another man up there bid $80 and the board gave him the lease. Mr. Devine then came before the board and iffered $150, and showed that his barns and improvements were all on the land. The board had not settled the matter esterday. The high school laboratory has lately >een added to by the arrivalof a power- lil electric battery, and some appli- nees for exhibiting what can be done. rof. Dixson now shows how electric motors are run, how electric clocks are managed, and how numerous other curious electrical effects are produced. The school is getting a good supply of mechanical apparatus. Supt. Reed bus a contest before him .rom Burt. That enterprising city vants to organize an independent dis- ii-ict and has decided on the territory ,o be included, but some citizen objects, nd contests on the ground that the re- iui red number of people are not in- luded. The hearing will be at an early date. If Burt hasn't enough now, t won't be long till she will have. Agent Hedrick had arrangements nearly completed whereby the Mihvau- cee road was to furnish 200 cars of ..ravel to put on the diagonal road, if ,he town would attend to spreading it, mt Supt. Earling finally decided that ihere would not be cars enough this season. The company will furnish , ravel by another season if the town ivants to put it on the streets. A traveller from Indiana stopped in town over Sunday, and in conversing about the general topic of conversation — the roads — said that where he lived and in Illinois the farmers made a bee every year and spent a solid week in muling gravel. The result is that now or many miles the roads are as hard in the spring as .during any season. About Elgin, III., good roads extend in all directions. The Webster City Herald of Saturday says: "There was a reunion of Smiths at Algonayesterday, (something t is not very hard to find in any town.) The occasion being the fifty-second anniversary of the wedded life of father and mother of County Auditor Smith of this place. Bill was there and filled up on turkey and cranberry sauce until 10 is not feeling well this morning." W. K. Boardman of Nevada and Fred S. Mead of Boston were up yesterday completing a deal whereby Boardman 3ros. add Mr. Mead to the firm, and .he Algona property passes to his account. . They intend to add materially to their capital and extend their business more than ever before. C. H. Blossom remains in charge in Algona. Mr. Mead is a son of Boston's big commission merchant, and will take an active part in the business. A Cedar Rapids paper says a burglar _ast week entered the home of Capt. Putnam, but the noise awoke the inmates and the intruder escaped. The tern will recall to old settlers one of Kossuth's pioneers. Putnam came to ;he county in 1855 and stayed till 1858. ECe was very young then and made friends with everybody. He is now cashier of Cedar Rapids' leading bank, and one of the influential men of that city. It is definitely settled that Rev. Bowen will leave Algona and go to take charge of tne Episcopal church at Estherville. The church here desired to retain him, but the offer there was so much better that he felt obliged to accept it. He will remain here till Easter Sunday. For awhile Rev. De Forrest of Emmetsburg will preach in Algona once a month, until a new pastor is se- _ured. All our citizens will regret to ,ose Rev. Bowen, who during his stay, las made many friends in Algona, The social club had a very entertaining meeting Friday evening. J. W. Hinchon made a strong argument against interest on money, taking the round that this is the main evil in our present social system. This relieved some of his hearers who had suspected that the McKinley bill was at the bottom of all our troubles. B. F. Reed made some excellent remarks on public speaking, Archie Hutchinson had a jood paper on foreign immigration, Miss Myrtle Putsch gave a recitation, and Miss Fahnestock sang a solo that was applauded. It is understood that Mr. Hmchon's paper will be answered at the next meeting, which comes in four weeks. The State Register of Friday reported the sale of the Kirkwood hotel by its owner, S. R. Ingham, for $200,000 to a company of New York capitalists. The item is of local interest as Mr. Ingham is a cousin of W. H. Ingham, and in earlier years was well known in Kossuth and often visited this section. He held a state position under Goy, Kirkwood during the war and organized the companies which composed the Northern Border brigade, having forts from Estherville to Correction villa, near Sioux City. Col. Ingham bought the hotel many years ago when }t was known as the Savery, and changed the name out of regard for Iowa's war governor. The property is the most valuable of any in Des Moines. At Franks' Old Stand. A complete line of spring and summer suits has been added to the stock already on hand. Also a line of over- shirts, pants, and overalls, etc. Everything to be sold at almost half price. Must be sold in a short time. H. BALCOM. Successor to Frank Bros. E. REEVE & Co. announce theii spring opening of millinery goods on Friday and Saturday, April 15 and 16 when they will have on display a com plete stock of spring and summer styles and novelties. Ladies, it will pay you to see their fine assortment before buy ' Miss IDA WALDEN will be at Louis Lessing's Friday and give an exhibi tion of work on the Wheeler & Wilson machine. Everybody come in and gee her. PEBSOHAL MOVEMENTS. D. D. Townsend did not get away as tarly as he expected, but left Saturday or Chicago. H. E. Rist goes to Dakota tonight or omorrow on a business trip. Mr, and Mrs. J. F. Nicoulin were vis- ting in Charles City last week. Tailor Thorson has gone toMt. Pleas- iht, where he has charge of a big shop. Uncle S. Reed, father of Mrs. Horton nd S. B. Reed, is off on a visit to his ild home. Charley Quick went to Des Moines vtonday^ where he will work at his rade, cigar making. R. F. Hedrick goes to his old home n Illinois for a week's visit, and will bring Mrs. Hedrick home with him. Mr. and Mrs. Metzgar and family lave been down from Estherville for ome days visiting at Mr. Rutherford's. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. E. Clarke spent unday at Wells, Minn., visiting Mrs. Dr. Straw. Mr. Clarke is still gaining lowly in health. Mrs. Laura Roth Green was over rom Nora springs last week visiting VIrs. Geo. L. Galbraith and meeting ier many Algona friends. ,T. B. Jones was up from DOB Moines ant week arranging for the return of iis family to Algona this week. They vill spend the summer in Algona. Frank Caulkins was over from Ruthren Thursday on a big land deal. He ays he has disposed of $30,000 worth of and over there within a few weeks. J. C. Frank found it impracticable to complete ar range in onts for an apartment store and has returned to Water- oo, where ho will join his brothers in jusiness. Senator Brower staid in Algona a ew hours last week between trains on iis way home. He thinks the republicans make a big mistake in not passing he Gatch bill. Mr. and Mrs. Coleman Chubb are aking their time in California and will get home about May. 1. Mr. Chubb's icalth has not been very good part of ,he time on his journey. Miss Kate Smith did not return from Des Moines with her father, but will finish her lessons with her music instructor. She will be home to play nt ihe Easter services in the Congrega- ,ional church. John G. Smith returned from his egislative duties Friday, and is again settled in business. He is confident that the coming legislature will take up the normal school question in earnest, and establish some new schools. S. C. Spear has perfected business arrangements with J. B. Jones' Des vloines company, which will keep him n the east. He is packing his household goods this week and starts Monday for Boston, Mrs. Spear accompany- ng him. Thos. F. Cooke returned yesterday morning from his eastern trip. He visited New Orleans and St. Augustine, ind then by boat took in the coast to Boston. On his return he stopped at Sew York, Washington, Rochester and other eastern cities. Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Sterzbach, and Will Sterzbach returned from Wisconsin yesterday morning. Their mother died the Sunday after they arrived, all of the family being present but a brother from Omaha, who only arrived in ,ime for the funeral. The Palmer, Neb., Prodigal says: A. W. Patterson of Algona, Iowa, and formerly a resident of this vicinity, is out from Iowa on business this week. Mr. Patterson has heavy real estate in- ;erests here and is flattered with our promising prospects. He is a genial, vhole-souled fellow and Palmerites will egret his departure. Chas. McCormack came over from Emmetsburg Thursday to get his wife, who has been making a visit with the family of A. J. Jones. He spent a day .n town meeting old friends and seeing ;he sights. He was one of the old timers in Palo Alto and is now owner of ;he handsome new bank block that was auilt last summer in the Burg. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Wilson and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dingley and Mrs. F. S. Dingley arrived from California Friday. Miss Lettie Dingley remained at San Francisco, and Miss Wilson went direct to Chicago. Those who came home report a most enjoyable winter, Mr. Dingley and family traveled along the coast, while Mr. Wilson spent most of his time at his sister's former home in Santa Clara, closing up business matters connected with the estate. They report everybody well that our readers would be interested in. The boom is off in the southern part a little, as cold weather has injured the fruit crops seriously this year, A Cor of Cooper "Wagons. J. R. Jones is unloading another cat of those popular A. A. Cooper wagons today. This is the second car received within a very few wtseks. The immense sale this wagon is having is another evidence of the old maxim that an honest job is sure to be rewarded by success, CALL and see the display of spring and summer millinery on our opening days, Friday and Saturday, the 15th and 16th. E. Reeve & Co.-2t2 DR. MORSE has moved to his new house on Thorington street north o: Mrs. Mclntyre's. MAPLE sugar of '92 make, at Lang don & Hudson's,-2t2 EIGHTEEN pounds raisins for $1, a Langdon & Hudson's,-2t2 TRY Golden Eggs noodles for soup a Langdon & Hudson's.-2t2 High School Oratorical Contest. The high school will have au oratorica contest at the Congregational church 01 Friday evening of this week, the 8tU Inst, for the purpose of selecting a delegate tc represent it in the state contest, to be hoi at Creston, April 23. The first prize in tb home content will be the honor of repre seating the school at Creston. The secon and third prizes will consist ot books. A admission lee of 85 cents for adults and 1 cents for children, who are members of th school, will be charged in order to defra expenses at Creston, Everybody pome Pi nd help us. The following programme 111 be rendered promptly at 8 o'clock: Invocation. ;uslc Motion Sotig Chorus from first and second primary. ecltatlon The Prisoner of Chlllon Belle Telller. ecltatlon Of Thine Own Country Sing Lulu Clarke. ecltatlon The Polish Boy Nellie Hinchon. ecltntlon Bock Me to Sleep Maggie Haggard. ifuslc, duet Bontman's Song Ruble Smith and Frank Telller. ecltatlon •. Jamie Bertha Hancock. ecltatlon The Eagle Rock Maud Cowan. iuslc Be IClnd to One Another thorns from rooms four and ttve. eclslon of Judges and presentation of prizes. Benediction. CALL and buy our own make harness or $27. Oalc stock and warranted. F. . Stough. FINE line of gents' neckties at Galraith's. LATEST styles in mons' and boy's tiff and soft hats at Galbraith's. THE prices of watches aro down, il at Bowyer's and get price before oubuy.-lt2 Jon lot of Corscts-r-you choice for CO ents. Geo. L. Galbraith & Co. COME in and see tho bargains wo aro ffering in shawls. Geo. L. Galbraith Co. SWEAT pads only 40 cents each at F. a . Slough's. City School Ucport, Following is tlio report of tho city schools or month ending March 86,18(12! otttl enrollment nr)7 Monthly enrollment 4HO Vverage belonging 4(17.7 Yveraso attendance 441 "ays lost r>i)5 iiplls 1 tardlnetssv 10 lHlt8 by patrons 107 'er cent, attendance 04.3 'ercent. punctuality DD.DO 'eachers' tardiness 1 dumber neither absent nor tardy 225 Mrs. Horton's room reports the highest er cent, of attendance, 03. High school ecord, 97.9. Misses Chronholm, Wilkin- on, Bailey, Wise. Call, and Pettlbono's ooms had no tardiness during tho month, ilrs. Horton's room for 10 days of tho !M aught, had no absence. Miss Call's room ad eight. Universal Praise Means Merit. Tho success of Chamberlain's Cough lernedy in effecting a speedy cure of In rippe, colds, croup, and whooping cough ss brought it into great demand. Messrs, 'ontius & Son of Camoi'on, Ohio, say that ; has gained a reputation second to none in tiat vicinity. Jas. M. Queen of Johnston, . Va., says it is the host he overused. B. \ Jones, druggist, Winona, Miss., nays: Chnmberlaih's Cough Remedy is pcrfect- y reliable. I have always warranted It nd it never failed to give the most perfect atisfaction." Fifty cent bottles for sale y all druggists. GIRL wanted to do general housework. Mrs. C. M. Doxsee, Plcur. 1'lour, I have reduced my patent flour to ,1.15 per sack. Every sack warranted. Other mill stuffs proportionately, lome and see me. 2t4 J. J. WILSON. LARGE stock of wall paper at Galraith's. • HARNESS oil for 75 cents a gallon at F. S. Slough's WE have an elegant line of ladies' ind misses' spring jackets. Geo. L. i. Galbraith's. F. S, STOUGH is receiving lots of now hoes now days and expecting more all he time. Call and see what ho has he- ore you buy. SEE those soft sole shoes for infants at Galbraith's. A GOOD Elgin or Waltham watch with jhain at Bowyer's for only $5.50 • warranted a good time keeper.-It2 CORN—26 cents delivered on my farm. !. L. Lund.-61tf Stone "Wanted. I will pay $10 per cord for 20 cords of lasted or broken stone, delivered in Algona before May 1. It3 AMBROSE A. CALL. Card, to the People of Algona, Trusting that I shall receive your >atronage I have located in this city. ! paint portraits, of any size, in oil and jastel; also make them in crayon. To ihoso who desire I give instruction in drawing from the cast, landscape, figures, etc., in oil, pastel, or crayon. Studio in the second story, north room, of the Comstock building. FLORENCE CURTIS, At Geo. K. Marble's, Hurt, We intend to move into our now store soon, where we will have more and bet- ;er room, I heartily thank my friends in Burl and vicinity for the very liberal patronage given me, and hope with increased 'acilities to be able to serve you better. We have some bargains to offer that ire worth your while to look at. I am iere to sell goods as low as possible, but will not buy chean, shoddy goods. One hundred nice presents for the Urst one hundred ladies who call on us in our new store. GEO. E, MABBT-R, 35 Burt, Iowa. A Kansas Man's Experience. Colds and coughs have been so prevalent during the past few months that the expe rience of Albert Favorite of Arkansas City Kan., cannot fail to Interest some of oui readers. Here It la in his own words: "I contracted a cold early last spring that set tied on my lungs, and had hardly recovered from it when I caught another that hung on all summer and loft mo with a hacking cough which I thought I never would ge of. I used Chamberlain's Cough Kemedj some fourteen years ago with much Buuces and concluded to try ft again. When I hat got through with one botuo my cough liac left mo and I have not suffered with a ook or cough since. I have recommended it t others and all speak well of it." Fifty cen bottles for sulo by all druggists, I,ow Hates to Hot Springe, Ark, On April 7 and 8 the Chicago Northwestern Railway company wil sell excursion tickets to Hot Springs Ark., and return a$ h,a}f rates—one fa,r lor the round, ^ r ip» ttofeets good for re turn pftssag^-UBtU gay 9, Fprtjc' A — -—•-- to DID AWAY. till JJolng nuslnoss, but Not nt the "Same Old Stand.'' Wo have not run away or closed our oors, as it might appear nt our former lace of business, but have removed to otter and more commodious quarters, no door east of the Rutherford house, hero, wo can keep a better supply of ifforent kinds of sewing machines; al- o supplies and repairs for nil makes of lem. Wo shall also keep for sale or- ans nnd pianos, all at figures that defy otnpetition. quality considered. Please ive us a call. J. B. WINKE&. Notice. I will bo on my old boat again this prittg, castrating colts. ltd ^ FOB the general (qundriennlal) con- jrenco of tho M. E. church, to bo held b Ornahn, May 1 to 30, excursion tick;,s will bo sold over tho Chicago, Mil- aukeo & St. Paul railway at ono faro no way for tho round trip. For the Iowa state encampment, G. V.. R., to bo hold at Ottumwa, May 10 o 12, tho Chicago, Milwaukee & St. 'uul Railway company will sell oxcur- .on tickets at Algona for $0.28 for tho :nmd trip.— It4 The deep cut made in the price of harness is as deep as ever, and we are still selling our own hand-made oak stock harness, the best in the county, for COMPLETE Other harness goods in proportion. Sweat pads, 400 each; best harness oil, 750 a gallon. 3e sure to see our stock before you buy.' F S. Stough, V > Boots, Shoes, and Harness. Abstract Office. The undersigned having purchased the abstract books of 0. M. Doxsee, A. D. Clarke & Co,, and W. H. Nycum, are prepared to do neat and reliable work In that line at living prices. We have but one policy—that of fair dealing and courtesy toward all. With this, supplemented by promptness, strict attention ;o business, and none but first-class work, we ,rust we shall merit and receive the patronage formerly bestowed upon our worthy predecessors. Office at the old stand of C. M. Doxaee, where we will be pleased to meet and make the acquaintance of our patrons and all others who may favor us by calling. Very respectfully, ABSTRAOTERS. Cloths and Trimmings, J, K, FILL & SON, Merchant Tailors A full stock of cloths and trimmings always kept on hand, and furnished at as low rates as can be bought elsewhere. AH work done promptly. WE GUARANTEE SATISFACTION. Come and see us before placing your order. It •will bo to your advantage, T. 3C. :FX:L/:CJ SORT. TIME NOTICE. Notice Is hereby given that I nave given my son, Albert W. Young, hte time, and. that hereafter I will neltow :cla|ra any of his earnings nor pay any debts W n Algona.,, Iowa,

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