The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 24, 1893 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, May 24, 1893
Page 6
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WONDERFUL BELL , ,, ,.,,,„,., EfeMnteMUt. MAY 2*. i6&. TO CONTAIN HISTORICAL HfiLIOS OF GREAT VALUE. link and bronze tog, formerly oAvne by Gem-go Washington, from Julia c Parker of BiUnswick, N. J. A silver spoon, 200 years old, sen by Maijy Wood of Easton, N. Y.; silve and copper coins, and a.button foun on the battlefield of Plattsburg, . CL10VELAND ;\VIIJL PRESS THE AIAC4IC BUTTON. It Will Bo Casl; at Troy, N. Y., Next Month, Will Weigh tn.OOO Pounds, and ;s Coming to (ho Fair—If will Contain Relics of AVashtugton, Jefferson, and Other American Heroes.' Tho Columbian bell, which will bo cast at tho Clinton H. Mencelv bell foundry In this city some time next month, Avlll bo one of the most remarkable bells of modem times, writes a Troy (N. Y.) correspondent of the New York Times. By the terms of the contract It must be delivered before July 4. Hundreds, of valuable relics, recalling some of the most important events of our national history, Avlll be cast In the bell. Mrs. (Cleveland Avlll press an electric button, so that, when the bell is cast she will control the operation from the white house and release tho molten metal. — '.^+*fy) -»-*-VflI E. M. and Julia K. AVard <>t Boston; two old silver spoons and a wedding ring, from Mrs. C. R. Cutting of Troy; collection of silver coins from South America, by .T. A. Robinson of Troy; six swords and two silver pistols, relics of the Revolution, from Mrs' Frank H. Orccr of Guthrio. Oklahoma.' Thri electrotype from which Avas printed the National ode Columns* Banner, written by Edna Dean Proctor presented by .Tamos B. Uphatn. of the Ionth's Companion,- Miss Proctor gives the- pen Avlth Avliich she AVrotc tho poem- a piece of mptal from the historic Monitor and silver tokens presented bjy David V H. Cooper and his mother of er, N. Y. copper one to the spot. It must have burned for 100 years, and there Is muck enough to burn for 1,000 years' to conic.' 1 ' MOUSTACHE. A French dog. and- A \ poodle dog at that, was once honored'for bravery on tlio Hold of battle, just as if he had IK.H-II n real soldier. At Mai-engo and Tona ho AVOS present, appearing to un- lerstand why such ; extraordinary events AVoro taking place. Once Jt was iLs privilege to detect a spy. and sovoi" il time.* ho saved a life; but it AV.-IS at YtiRtorlltz that Moustache performed )is most remarkable' act of volor, mid iis reputation rests principally on ibis no brave deed. He actually seized the uomy's dolors and bore them in trU mph to the French ranks'. "He is a hero, and he shall b o i •ardod like one!" exclaimed the a onishod and delighted Lann Tho bell will weigh 13,000 pounds, mid the cost is estimated at .$0,500. This • amount Avlll bo raised among school children by the committee, of Which William O. McDowell o5 Newark, N. J., is chairman. He has had charge of many projects of a similar character. The committee, Avhich he organized, consists of representatives appointed by the governors of all the states and territories, besides representatives of various organizations. Quantities of relics are being received da% by Mr. Meneely from all parts of tho United States. These relics consist mainly of rare coins, but in- oludo native copper, gold, silver and •other metals, old SAvords, silver goblets, copper boilers, gold pens which have been used in signing famous documents, match-boxes, and metals in every conceivable form. Some of tho relics are of such value that they have been Nebraska, in 1,804, presented by Miss MhplAvynup Konnpdy, of Nebraska; a piece of crude silver bullion, containing gold from the Dnimmumlon mine (it St. Marysvillo, sent by J. R. Robinson, of Marysville, Mont., at the request of tho Ladles' Liberty Bell committee; forty-four "Lincoln and Union medals from Luther C. Darte, of Wilkesbarre, Pa.; a Vermont cent of 1788 by H. K. Esklns, of Chicago When tlio bell is cast no spectators will be allowed in the foundry As soon as finished It will be sent to the word's fair. Thereafter It will bo exhibited in some of the larger cities of the country. The Intention Is to place tho bell somewhere in Washington, where it will ring out great events •"— ""a vitu giuuL UVUlllS In the nation's history—national holi floors and birthdays of the creators of the republic. Cannon which were used by the northern and southern armCs will probably be contributed by the United States government. Mr Meueely has volunteered to manufacture the bell without profit. "VOLCANO" IN A "SWAMP. thanked him in the name , of Franc and then. Avith much fjormality, stoopec and fastened about his neck that fo which men havo gladly risked thoi liA-es—the Cross of the Legion of Honoi Don't you think Mjoustacho deserves to havo his name mentioned Avheu th roll of honor is called? He was certali l.v a dog among 'dogs, the nobles poodle that ever lived. THE FIERY HEAD. What PasseugerlTn a Long Islam Train Thought They SaAv. Tills is a ghost story, it may or ma.A not bo true. Tho reader may or maA not believe it, as lie sees fit. The Ayriter does not. care, he no — — -- . •"»"•-> "u luiuius no oimciavlts, gives no guarantees, has not investigated, does '• not propose to investigate and is not absolutely sure that he believes - it liimself. says the Brooklyn -Eagle. Not that there 'is any desire to discredit Mr. Walter E. Parfitt or Cornelius Ferguson, v Jr. Their . veracity is ' , . . s above: proof, or rattier it is indc'pen- /I/vn-f- f*-f »,..„„ Jl ___ i . " *? riglit.wi<!hm him. 'That was what mother called,., Ms. conscience—the little knight bf. right. Mother "knew what it meant when Leo aslcdd to have the light turned out; she sat down on the bed, and took Leo's hand and said in a tender, encouraging way.— ' "Tcjll 'mother all about It." Leo My A-ettj' still f or snnie minutes, then-he bm«t out in a boy's AA'ay right in tht! middle of tlio story: . ."P'r'aps you'll think ^wasn't so—an' I clotft know as I'd b'llove it myself, only 1 SJAV them with my OAAII ejv'es—I did, mother! an' jou'll say yes, won't you, .mother? I couldn't help It, really I PouldU't-an* she's down in tho kik-li- eit!" Mother smiled. She stroked the little brown fist. She spoke gently. "What AA-as the strange' sight, and who is 'she'?" "Well, it .was this way. We boys wore coming homo from skating, just dark, an' a cat scatted across the rond, , --*-».•. iiviiscto 111U -lUilUf an all the follows snowballed her—I did, too, mothcr-an' she tried to squirm through a picket fence an' got caught an all Uio boys yelled-an* that vorv minute the. East Enilcre fired on us from over tho Avail, an' we had a reglar fight, an' drove 'em all the Avav back, just like the minute men that inie at Lexington. "Then it Avas dark, an' I came home from the comer alone. An' along in the pine Avoods-tliis is true, mother, 'tis, saw it with my own oyes-I saw hat kit's face in the dark, in tho air —an lots of other kittens' faces—the ark was full of them, an' all tho yes looked at me, so beggin' like! I vas so sorry-an'-a little "bit. afraid, oo—an I just started an' ran." "Did (you leaA-e the kitten faces be- Ind when yon ran home?" asked I could stand it no longer, but took refuge under a tree, though not a A-ery shady one, that stood in the way. This did not please my guide. He looked round angrily nt mo and began to bark. Tills was evidently not in the programme. I walked on, arid he seemed satisfied Avith mo. After a folA moments AA-O came to a charming shad spot. AA-ero a little path led through thicket of woods. Along this path No roan wont, looking round occasionally to see that I did not lose my wa.A At last ho came to a little brook, bj tho side of Avhich Avas a rough bench Hero lip laid himself down and waltcx for mo. I began to understand hi language. He seemed to say, "Hero is a iik'o cool place and a comfortable beiic-li. Sit down and rest; I Avill ullou you to do so." I obeyed him—sat down on tho bench and lighted a cigar. I was on tho point of offering one to my companion, but it occurred to me that a lump of sugar would be more to his tasto. Ho received it graciously, and laid himself down at my foot. lie Avas evidently accustomed to take a. rest at this place. In about; ton minutes ho flAvoke, stretched himself, and, glancing at mo. begun to Avalk slowly on through the most charming scenery of J? Q. Martin, one of the many Avho have tried to solve the mystery of the I'lorida "volcano," believes that he has placed in safe deposit, vaults until the casting is made. Tlie Pennsylvania, coal companies do- sire to furnish the coal for the furnace where the metal is to be melted. Some of this coal Avill be used and the remainder sold and the money applied to the cost of the bell. Idaho, Arkansas, Montana, Ne\v Mexico, Arizona the Dakotas and Michigan, havo sent specimens of ore. Copper kettles soom a f.-n-orite ., * J 'm.L^1^ a Lililt Jit? 11US boon successful. He said recently to a reporter for the Ocala Recorder-"! had prospected for phosphate in Leon, Tav- lor and Jefferson counties for capitalists in Atlanta and Rome, Ga., arid last summer I tried my luck In- the. country about that swamp supposed to hold a volcano. It is called the 'Pinh6ok' by the natives and is many square miles in extent. It lies on the "Gulf, of Mexico; partly in Taylor and partly in Jefferson county. The reasons I come to penetrate tho swamp Avere ±AVO -to see if it contained red cedaij'and There is up doubt that they thoii"! they saAV what they UOAV think the thought they saw, but fJi'ci quostio is whether ttiey really did see whli they think jthey thought they saAA and whether Avhat they think OIOA thought.,they thought they saAV Ava really what they tjio.uyht. But they'thought it Avas a ghost. "AVe Avor .coming over to Brooklyi on a Bath Beach and-West End train rrom Beiispnhurst, where AVO reside' said MivParfltt., "It AA-as early In tlio evening about a week ago; the. sun had gone doAA-n and it Avas twilight. As our train came to Greemvood cemetery , AVC suddenly sow a, light In the contribution. Among these «u interesting specimen is sent by a- Indian, which Avas beaten out of n'ativ •copper. Another Avas given by the li dies, of Detroit:,- Avhlcli, it: is claimed •descended from Nicholas Johnson, Avh was tho first to raise tho stars am tripes 011 the River Thanio. There arc a number of gold chains and silver nan kin rings. A link of the watch chain Avorn In President Lincoln at the time of his assassination, a spoon belonging to John C. Calhoiln, Hints taken from the room in Avhich Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, and sou- veniers of AVashlngton, Hamilton, General Schulyler, and other great men arc Included among tlie most valuable relics. So far about 200 packages, each representing from one to fifty contributors, havo been received, and some of those mementos and priceless in value. The children of the public schools havo boon zealous in sending pieces of sil- A'or, bronze keys, and numerous trinkets, Avhich have possibly cost their patriotic young hearts many a pang to part: Avilh. All ages are 'represent••ed. In tho molten mass Avlll comlngle .'heirlooms which havo boon hoarded foi i/,T I, contained red cedap and ^rnotery. it Avas about 100 yards it the tho land Avas high enough arid dry I from « s nnd. higher than the tops of enough to attempt to drain. Two of I th0 tlTOS - The train follOAA-s the side helpers had to go and see ..... „„,„. I could do no prospecting for phosphate I for some time and I concluded to enter! »*'*<-(. i/LllUX I *• ' *-• *• ••' »*iuv j iiiiti ILlllJUi; ce his sick family, sol a1111 '" 11 ' (l 'ip that nlsht folloAA^ed along spectlng for phosphate | "esWe us. It Avas about tlie sixe of a football or human head. Sparks of •*• ^'-'"'-'^.L LU UJlLUi tho swamp alone. As the land outside sloped toward the south I kneAv the swamp mast do the same and I entered It Irani the north side to be bothered with Avater as little as possible. Had my predecessors done the same they would liove escaped many of '''the pools and canebrakes. I cut a Ay-bll- >Inz«I path duo south and tooli'W tune. I had plenty of provisions ;ttf6ng •Hid Avent back to fetch my things up liter I had cut ahead some distance Uio growth Avas very dense at some i aces, but I was raised on the coast it South Carolina, micTwas ono of'the urvoying party of Okeflnokee" swamp lu-ee years ago, so I AV.-IS used to the vork. I did not find much of the red cclai\ but a k-incl of cedar, or juniper, upposod to grow noAvhoro else in tho vorld than along the Chattahoochco ivor in Florida, I found in abundance saw plenty of signs of, and heard t night both bears and'panthers, but saw very fcAV. I killed probably 100 irkoys and one deer. : ' "After having gone' about one-third 10 length of the Swairip tho ground fire streamed backward from it like "* • •• "'vji. "M'»uj i-fuun nuuiut.'u lor i *»...^ni wi. uiu M\vamp uio ground generations, but gladly relinquished on I bo ^' lu to be honeycombed with" holes tho nil,,,. «c T.IT,,.,...,, sometimes five foot deep, made by /ire' The ground was dry between them! but vinos, briers and fallen logs everywhere niiido progress difficult. The water m tho deepest holes was salt, from which I tak-0 it that the land in that imrt is but little above high tide of the gull. Ono night I camped in an open place- and had made up my mind to go back.-next day. The mosquitoes and owls kept me awake and I slept but hi tie I sometimes hoard a booming noise in the distance and saw flames ivfloctcd on the sky, I had nlmost foi , gotten the 'volcano,' but. took mv boar- lugs and:resolved to go there tlio next day. Well, I traversed worse ground man I thought could have existed the altar of Liberty. Some of tho contributions received thus far are as follows: An old sword used by an American oflicor during the Mexican war; native copper kettle, hammered out by an Indian artisan, who flourished on this continent before Columns discovered America; two valuable relics sent, by Governor Prince, of Now Mexico; a copper kettle used in tfio family of Thomas .TelVorson, piv- sontod by Mary If. Roiloy, of Velarde,' M. M.; a. clock-boll used in tho Van Busklrk family of Ilonssolaer countv 125 years ago, sent by Mrs. Maria Mitot', of Lanslngburg, N. Y, Copper kettle and silver candlestick, tho property of William Grove of Bun- hair. Mi-; Ferguson discovered it first and called my attention to it. There were five women in our party, and they saw it, too; it was very distinct. NOAV, IIOAV do you account for that?" "Tlie reflection of a lamp aboard the train;" "No-it was not tHiat. We put om hands to the side of our faces anc looked out in such a way as to pro elude any possibility of being deceived by a'reflection." Mr. Ferguson corroborates Mr. Par fitt's story. Ho says Mr. Parfltt was scared. Mr, Parfltt says Cornelius dare not go to the cemetery with him and bring the apparition to book. mother. "I didn't ran home—I—I ran back he road where AVO snowballed the kit- u' there she Av-as, stuck fast in the once, an' mewin' just.'awful-aii' I ot her out an' brought her homo, an" an -she's doAvn in the kitchen noAv!" The) little biwvn fingers squinne ound mother's as he Avent on doub fully, "An' you Avill say yes, Avoii't yo mother? I couldn't help it>-i real couldn't, mothei^-an' AVO'VO only thro other kits, you know-only three, motl Mother lifted tho little broAATi fist an kissed it. "We Avill take care of he somehow," she said. Leo was very still for tho next mil ute or two, then he suddenly asked "But the faces, mother,. the kittens tho canton. At last we came to Avhoro two paths met. Ho stood a. moment is if thinking, thon walked on to the off, Avhoro there Avas a very prottv view. Having stood a feAV minutes, till 10 thought I had admired It sufficiently, 10 turned again and took the path to tho right. Very soon AVO hoard the noise of the waterfall. Noireau commenced to bark and to jump, as if he would say, "NOAV AVC have arrived at our destination." _ The Chaudron Avas Indeed quite AA-ell worth seeing; but, after all, it did not interest) me so much as my little com- pnnJon. On each side of the waterfall was a. little SAviss cottage, and tAvo young girls—one a blonde and the other a. brunette—stood ready to serve milk to customers. I rather admired r* f . ,» virttcally, and then dived down an in clilietl plane through a second-growth frest Avith the roar of n cyclone n ripped up not less than a dozen good sized trees by their toots, while IN thundering onset nearly frightened. aU tiio people in Itaddam, Who fearer! that a hurricane was upon them, out of their wife. Mrs: Arnold was so badly scared and unnerved feat sho left the dinner dishes unwished mull after supper. r lhe Iladdain bowlder is the Metros one that ever attacked a Connecticut household, but its extmoHfliftirr caner is by no means unparalleled ' in tup «««tc. Not many years ago a huso so crag. weighing three tons, f 0 ll. off the shaggy hilltop n t to roar of a, prettv cottago on Lam-el hill, ln the tart of Nonvlcli, ran down Uio steep hillside and jumped into (ho house by' the way of m 10 roof . I{ ^ nfc ^yug .he roof and second story without difn. r»1iTTr /-i»« /1»l n ._ ____ i i _ . •• "**• . . - ' " *-••) • n.i\j. jxi l,njn,3 ifaces in the dark—how came the. there? Such a many kits' faces—ani such eyes!" Mother kissed Leo again, this time on his red lips, as she replied,— "Perhaps it was the doing of the lit le knight of light!" NOIREATJ. A Pretty .Sketch Translated from 'the Gjeruuin. mo property or William Grove of Bun- , , "'«»K"i. wnnu llavo existed, ker Hill fame, sent by Flora K. John- ,',everywhere, with very miry son: tpii-flnlinii mi/i ,,i,,m» .,,,,1 ..ii inottoms; sometimes nonds nm-nn ),. ™ son; ton-dollar gold 1 .ioce and sliver )o1 t)ms ' sometimes ponds acres in ex- and copper coins, in all valued at. $100,1 "',' Iloll< wort out by fire. The air was sent by Mrs. .Joshua Wilbour of Bristol, i smoK - v > " lld tho stench from dead fish (For Our Dumb Animals.) WKLCOME TO THE ROBINS. We hoar the 'robin's voice once more, That cheerful, bright, familiar sound, It tells us that the spring is here, Thlough snows still linger on the ground. Though AVO no bud nor blossom sec, Though winter loiters all too late, Tho robin flics fi|om tree to tree, With earnest, voice he calls his mate. Hear them discussing ways "Don't be uneasy, sir; you will not miss the train. I have taken pa.ssen- ers to the station for the last fifteen years, and have not once been too late —no, not once. It is always behindhand at least ten minutes." On this particular day, however, we reached the station just in time to see it rushing off. How was I to dispose of the three hours before another train would be duo? I inquired of the station master, who informed me that tho ontv thing worth seeing in this, neighborhood was tho waterfall of Ohaudron. Ho pointed out a little house with green blinds. "If you inquire there,' T - he said, "old Simon, tho guide will take you there for a trifle." I knocked at tho door, which was opened by an old woman. "Simon," she said, "is in bed with an attack of rheumatism, but if you wish to see the Chaudron, Noireau'eon take yon there." Sho hesitated. "I ought to tell you, however, that Noireau is not a man." "What Is he, then?" I inquired. "He is our dog," she replied, "but he s quite accustomed to showing the way to strangers; besides it. is cheaper for you. My husband charges three francs, and you can have Noireau for half the tho blonde girl with the pretty blue eyes, but Noireau's. tasto didn't seem to agree with mine. As I approached her, he stood in the way and began to bark I took the hint, and turned towards the other cotlage, where I ordered a glass of milk from, the brunette Nol- reau followed her into the house. Looking through the window, I saw her giving him his saucer of milk before she had attended to me. It was plain he had l,oon bribed. When he came out, 1 treated him to another lump of sugar mcl when I had paid for my milk I walked on, taking the same path by which AVO had come. This did not cuty or delay, and hopped into tho mid- He of a handsome large bed In the giu-flt chamber. The, bcadstoad Ava<* uiablo to hold the stranger and kept tself intact, and the si-cat rock just vrapped fhfc) whole tiling, bedstead ticks, sheets, comfortables, pillows nd pIlloAv shams, about Itself and TnVT int ° ttl ° coll!l1 '' to 8°««!r ith the floor, carpet and bedroom fur- Iture. AVhen the man of tho house rrivod homo from his work at supper me his wife led ihim Into the cellar and showed him the bedroom still in the company of tho bowlder ifc was a, blue granite bowlder of the kind most common to Connecticut hard as flint, seamless and cross-rained. It took tho family, Avitiin tho help of two hired men, more than a week'to got all of the Intruder out of their home, and cost them $160 to repair the mutilated angle of the (house. Connecticut people have a way of hanging -their houses ,und|rT impending cliffs in this craggy, uplhm land sometimes, and so when tho crack of doom finally * does come they are more or less resigned to it. RELICS OF THE OLD NAVY. * j-^*iu viivi 1IUL please Noireau, and I found he intended •otnming by another path, which I found still prettier and more romantic nan the way by Avhich AVO had como Wo approached the Alllage, and the •hildren again tried to entice Noireau o play Avith them. Ho growled at hem angrily, as if ho Avould say, "Don't on see I am busy? I must take this entleman to tho station." We arrived in excellent time. I gave oireau the tAvo remaining lumps of ugar, and then took leave of my pleas- nt little companion, who remained binding till I AA'BS fairly off. Wooden War Ship's Will Soon Have Disappeared. Tho United States steamship Alliance now of Mare Island, Cal., is to be turned over to tlio naval academy as a practice ship to supply the place vacated by the removal of the United States steamship Enterprise to Boston as a receiving ship. The Alliauco has been buffeted around noAv for nearly three years, and unhil her repairs are effected jit tlie Mare Island yawl sho Avlll not be in condition for a. cruise. She is now tho only vessel at San Francisco that could bo used in case of emergencj «nd the AVashington Star thinks it ia not probable she Avill be allowed to leave until some- of the naval review fleet got around to the Pacific station. moans, an sent by Mrs. .Joshua Wilbour of Bristol, L. I.; gilt, button AVOHI by tho grandfather of the donor, who commanded a company in Colonel Whitney's regiment during the Revolution, sent by Henry Guild of Boston; rare coins of snver, copper, bronze and nickel, representing most of the civilized nations of tho earth; ploco of native gold from the White Ooks mine of Now Mexico, and a piece of puro silver from the famous Mollie Gibson mine, sent by Charles A. Sirlngs of Denver, Col. A sword found on tho battlefield at Nashville, Touu., sent by J. M. Jones of Palmyra, N. Y.; a covered kettle, which at one lime belonged to Nicholas Johnson, contributed by Mis. Mary M. Gibbs and Mrs. Jane P. Williams of Detroit; valuable French, Swiss and English coins, sent by Frank W. Thomas of Troy; wedding ring from a lady in Minneapolis; a lump of crude silver bullion Avorth $30, from a mine hi Idaho, sent by Miss Hattle Felix Harris of Bois City, Idaho; a surveyor's chain - — -«-• »-• >^*i* viwtu i n mi mid rotten Avator terrible in tho hot win. At noon T t ,,,,,o where tho ground W.IS still biu-ni.ig-and hero was the solution of (lip mystery. "Tho earth was solqy composed of coarse vegetable matter, which burns like tinder Avhen not too Avot. In the lieavjcst rains some tiro that has got into a rotten log will smoulder for when"' i ° >V t0 iffUU ° lho ffl ' ouud «B«lh AA en dry enough. At some places a Kind of moss grew which shed water ike a rubber coat. A subterranean outlet for rainwater drains the land. Sometimes there would be a heavy growth of Pine needles fall point foremost n os n often straddle the twigs. When the tiro Choosing a spot to build their home Where have they spent the Avinto cold? Say, robins, AA'hither did ye roam? Didst wander in a Southern clime, Didst dare Carolina's fatal brake, The flaming torch, the deadly club, And all for warmth and oomfort's sake? It is not strange yo number loss Than in my childish days I know, Your pleasant songs more seldom hoard, Your nests so far between and few. Dear robin redbreast, Avolcomo back, And it' with us you'll always dwell, Shelter and food ye shall not lack, Would AVO could promise Avarmth as Avell. Dear robin redbreast, welcome back: -Hunt dearest bird my childhood know, Though cold our clime, our winters bleak, To thoe, fair bird, we Avill bo true. II. M, C. ou the dry ther ° th ° Phles ^niselves. The US Ulgllt !Uld w1 days and be soon at a ,f gM the ^ "«* " there te ftbo «t the olcano.' I could guide any A HUMANE BOY. He Tells His Mother of a Act. 'Very Avell; but whore is this Noi- reau?" "He Is sunning himself In the garden. Ho has only just returned from taking a partjy of Englishmen to the Chaudron. Shall I call him? Noireau! Noireau!" In a few minutes a small black-haired dog jumped In through tho open AA'In- doAV. He had a pair of bright, intelligent TEN TONS OF A BOAVLDEK. Traveled a Hundred Yards in Six SeooncLs. Mr. and Mre. Daniel Arnold, of East Haddam, In the Connecticut valley were "at home" ono day recently, but hardly prepared to receive the stranger tliat suddenly appeared on their promises iAvth a big racket and considerable stylo, says tho New York Sun It Avns about 3 o'clock Avhen Mr. and Mre. Arnold, Avho wore chatting in their kitchen, of a. sudden hoard a roaring, splitting croaking, and tliu-n soughing, rambling noise, and, dashing out of their abode into the front vard wore Justin time to receive their guest there, which had como tilirough the ya«l fence, taking the fence along; wi1h it. Thereupon it dug a hole in tlie middle of Urn yard and Itself therein,'.sotting itself in its socket Mrs. Arnold throw up her hands in almost speechless astonishment and >resently said: "Oh, Lord!" Hor msband like tlie dooryard, which is a small ono and still almost altogether occupied by the visiting leviathan, vas too fun for utterance. Tho JW gest is a ten-ton boAvlder, and it lad como two or three hundred feet its seat on a dizzy shelf at the summit of a mountain at the roar of the Arnold habitation just to make a call, apparently, on tho Arnolds. It came very quietly, traversing the distance noted .... -" -"••-' •*• «^iiiw Dutuuu. r, I here are tow of the old wooden ships 1\ left, and tho department will in future ffi as far as possible, keep them on the homo stations and supply their places abroad Avltli neAV ships, which Avill not only make a more, creditable slaving, out by their greater speed will be able to cover more territory and render prompter service when they are called upon Among the old wooden- ships which Avill bo ordered home this year is the Lam-aster, flagship O f tho Asiatic station, obsolete in design , slow, and not suited for » flagship tor so important a station. Hor place will be taken by one of tho ships at the naval review, probably tho Baltimore, and three of tlie smaller vessels will accompany her to China. Tho Adams and Mohican havo only u. short time left for efficient sen-ice, and before the close of this administration the last of the wooden vessels of tlie old nnvy Avill probably have disappeared from the re-- ister, sold for coal bnrgi ' " broken up for their iron. rges, or else FEAR AND CHOLERA. Washington StarT~A striking exam- Pie of the effects of fear in times of cholera Is the folloAving authentic fact , , _—-, o— M—-..,, uti.ti-i.oiug mo instance eyes, with which he measured me from I in about six seconds and in its linnr? in -Pr\r\i- -\\rlilln. -H*^ ~1,-T ^., Jj. -. .- li3 In 1853 or 1854, I now forget which we -had the cholera in Wien (VkSna) Tlio professors at the great general hos- Pltnl in the Alscrstrasse hud their hands lull. A man by tho name of Franz Hoi- dron. "But Tender . nnd ;^naon: Leo was in . had said Leo was a very llou to face all uot ven to face with the little knight of -n arrived, but theyljoirHlJe »_*_ 11. I head to foot, while tho old Avoman explained that I Avas a traveler, Avho "to bo conducted to tho Chau- I must be back in time to take tho 4 o'clock train," I explained. "Oh, yes, I understand," said she. "Come, Noireau! Allons!" But Nolroau stood looking at her and lid not si jr. "Oh, how stupid I am," said she; I havo forgotten his sugar." She Avent :o tho cupboard and brought me four umps of sugar. "Do you soo, Noireau? : have given the gentleman your sugar, NOAV be off!" Ho turned, and wenti out of the .oor, Avhile I folloAved. As AVO Avon hrough tho Adllago AVB met groups o; ihlldron, who 'called "Noireau! Nol can!" They wished to play Avith him ut ho looked at them disdainfully, as f ho Avould say, "I have no time to lay just IIOAV. I must attend -to my uly." 'Lot him alone," said ono little boy. "Don't you see lie is guiding the gen tleman to tho Ohaudron? Bon jour, m'slour!" taking off his hat to me. I felt almost ashamed, for it seemed as if the little animal had me entirely • his power. On we went, over a very dusty high road, Noireau running so quickly that I had hard work to keep up with him. In valu I cried, "Nolreau! Noireau! Pou't run so fast!" At last ------- 1 ,*,.n 111 ,,,-3 Ltildi it ground up rail and stone fences knocked C!OAATI underbrush and trees and ploAvcd a deep ragged furrow hi tho wot. spongy soil botwoen tho base of the hill anl the yard. It thundoa-ed across tlie open lots Avith frightful and irresistible fury, .It floAV) into the yard by a slightly circuitous path' barely missed slicing off a sable of tl chvelling, and crushed tAvo ongfflis o handsome white latticed fence hit kindling. NOAV Mr. Arnold Avould Ilk to have some one toll him how to snoe tlie parting guest off his plantath for it. is no easy task, safely to blast ten-ton bowlder under Hie oaves of man's house and haul a\vay tho frag mo.,ts of it. and (hero I.; not onougl «v\-(.ii or hom.. power in H.M!- let to haul it aAvay bodily. For several years tire great bOAvldei perched in its mountain < yrio, had booi threatening to tumble off that perdu but tho fact that it never had done so encouraged tho Arnold family to hope that ia always would maintain its un A sentence death for murder, and the director of the hospital presented a petition to Emperor Franz Josef to grant a full t ° 1tMBnu ».P™vWtagtt?S- return would consent to sleep m a bed from which the corpse of a cholera victim had just been removed ° ' G > dor n tloi tho ful1 condition, tlie to He, was taken Into the hospi- flowu «* stable and tottering balance. It is a spherical monster, that was set up like a pear on its end, and when the tremendous and long-contluuol down-pours tills spring had loosened a part of Its gravel support on the side of the declivity there was no longer a substantial reason why fjhe big fellow should stay up there alone on the weolploe. It fell about thirty feet In th sence « ^ * V** sence the corpse Avas removed. The x man undressed and went to bed. In era hou » ho dled Tho man died from cholera, which ho Sun vlo n J ctlm, fiom ment did not take , of a that of a m t a gunshot wound. The exnori Inquisitive people little boy! •'«s dad's," Sl1 id the boy. l. fi! tri-kiiii -1 ,_,-•» * don't call me to break- "Wliy don't they?" Cause I allus gt t

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