The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 24, 1893 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 24, 1893
Page 5
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DES MOtNES: ALGONA, IOWA> WEDNESDAY, MAY 24, 1893, BAiLWAY TIME OAfcDS, Chicago, Hilwankee & St. Paul Railway. TRAIN EAST. Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Minneapolis trains— No. 2 departs at i?:, No. 8 departs at "' Freights that carry passengers- No. 14 departs at 1:20 No. 16 departs at . : B:0opm TRAINS WEST. No.Sdeparta at tii§i m No.7d«parts at • 5:47am Freights that carry passengers— No, Qdenarts at .§- 0 .°P m •No. Chicago & Northwestern Railway. Hofth- Mlxed i.. 8!l8am Pass,... 3'.3lpln Freight...... 10:00 am South- Pass 2!33pm Mixed 6:07pm Freight.... 10:00 a m ' PassY'arrlVes'at Chicago at 7 a m; arrives at DesMolnes at 8-.15 p m. Lv. Des M. 2:30 am Mixed connects with flyer and arrives at Chi cagoat8a.m. F . H . VESPER, Argent. THE CITY. The Columbian club meets with Mrs. A. M. Hot-ton Friday evening. Supper at Congregational church parlors tomorrow evening. Pearl Pugh is acting as advance man for the Uncle Tom's Cabin company. The wind Sunday night laved nearly all of the Bingling circus bill boards flat. A new upright to E. H. Single's house is one of the additions on Call street. There will be a union memorial service at the Baptist church Sunday morning. Preaching at the Presbyterian church in Burtand'Irvington next Sunday -"• the usual hours. at senseless some hours, and is in a very serious condition. Mr. Hale, as county surveyor, was well known to everybody In this county, and all will regret to learn of his accident. An excursion train will run to Clear Lake a week from next Tuesday, June 6, for Rev. Talmage's lecture. It will leave Algona at 10:12 arriving at 11:50. and returning will leave Clear Lake at 6:30 o'clock. Fare for the round trip $1.60. The ball nines of the normal and high schools had a match game Friday. Up to the sixth inning the contest was close, but after that the nortnalites seemed to lose their grip and the score stood 25 to 11 in favor of the high school. West Bend is great on barn fires. The third one to go up within a short time burned Friday. It belonged to a Mr. Hofstadter, who worked in Warner's wagon shop at one time, and two horses were burned in it. Incendiarism is suspected. The price of admission to the normal school commencement exercises has been fixed by the class at 25 cents. The proceeds above expenses for the Jhouse, programmes, etc., will be used in the E urchase of the Encyclopedia Brlttanica jr the school. Judge Carr is one of the speakers who will address the North Iowa Veterans' association at Mason City, June 6-7. The meeting is to be quite important and Mason City is making great preparation. The judge will be equal to the occasion. Harvey Ingham is on the programme at the LeMars editorial meeting for a paper on "Newspaper Libel Laws and Improvements Therein, that Iowa Might Adopt to Good Advantage from Other States." The meeting comes tomorrow and Friday. Prof. W. H. Dixson visited Mason . , .„ ,!!„„;,„ froi. w. ±1. uixson visiieu IUUBUII The Baptist society will serve dinner <,. & week Friday and spent the : enmn r'nnvnniellt DIUCO tne uav OI ,-,•'• n &« _i.__i_ (.!,„„„ ;„„.,«,.f- at some convenient place the day Ringling Bros.' show, June 12. Will. Chaffee was quite dangerously sick last week with a neuralgic attack. Dr. Kenefick brought him out. The Bancroft Register has been sold to a couple of bright young men. Bro. Ellis now goes to farming for good. The I. O. G. T. will hold their meeting in the lecture room of the Baptist church. Friday evening of this week. The G. A. R. post are requested to meet at memorial hall and march in a body to the * Baptist church Sunday morning. It is understood that Mr. Ryan will not endorse any of the Algona candidates for the postoffice, giving them all a free field. Fred. Waterhouse is out again after being laid up with his knee that was dragged on the ties over at Rodman two weeks ago. Dingley's drug store is moved, and the very handsome new oak cases open to view. Frank has spared no expense to put in a fine outfit. Orville Minkler has bought the old Taft property in the north part of town. The city ought to open the street through it, that is now closed. The young men of the Y. M. C. A. will give a strawberry and ice cream supper Friday evening at Starr's hall, doing the serving themselves. All are invited. The regular annual business meeting of the Ladies' Aid society of the Methodist church will be held on Friday at i 3 p. m. at the church. Members please take notice, J, W. Wadsworth is the right kind of a city dad. He attended the Fuller case against the town as a witness, and ........ didn't enter his name in the book for |||Slwitness fees. ifjlf fft Letters remain uncalled for in the !&pp|Algona postofflce for Miss Emily Anderl Kri IMgfBon-W/S. iMgPeter Ch. Davenport, Mickel Kripp, ,,^ . Nilson, Edward Palmer, f Mrs. E. Reed. 1 The Ringling Bros.' circus comes Monday June 12, and not June 16, as stated last week. It will be the biggest show that ever came to Algona by far. They, travel In 60 cars. The farmers have had as fine weather for sowing grain and as fine weather for planting corn this spring as they ever had. The time for plowing corn ground was a little unpleasant. The Ladies' Foreign Missionary society of the Methodist church are planning for a " Festival of Days" to be held on Saturday, June 3, Look for extended announcements next week. Marriage licenses have been issued to Peter Hedricksen and Flora Wheeler, Luther Johnson and Maggie H. Clemenson, Wm, L. Hautelman and Christina Wehspann, Wm. H. Jentz and Anna Meyer. The storm Sunday night _is reported to have done some damage in the north part of the county. Over in Palo Alto a number of barns were wrecked, two on the Blairgowrie farm going down, each 300 feet long, The normal school commencement exercises are published elsewhere in this week's issue, Let all the friends of the normal be present, not only to show their interest in the school, but to enjoy an excellent programme. Gen, Greene has issued an order in 1 which an encampment is arranged for the Fourth regiment, to which Company F belongs, to begin Aug. 7 and fast six days. The place where the boys will meet is not decided on. The road meeting Saturday was not very largely attended, the farmers being busy with their work. Those present discussed the resolutions adopted at the preceding meeting, and adopted them substantially as they were. One of the successful new business institutions of Algona is Studley's drug store. New goods and new prices have given it a healthy patronage, and our readers will do well to watch its advertisement each week in these columns. S, S. Stebbins says he guesses he will have to sue the town. His horse stepped on the old water mam ditch on Thorington street last week, and the mud was so soft it went in up to its ears and he had hard work to get it out. Last Friday as O. F. Hale was kneeling behind a horse in h" -to at West ±"o "" .__, .„>>>' *•«. Ymnlrnr,. he day in the public schools there inspect ing methods. He speaks very highly of Prof. Wilcox and of the schools. Mason City stands high among the school towns of the state. An Anamosa report in yesterday's Register says: "The penitentiary folks say Kenna is probably in Texas again by this time, as he is one of the smoothest men in the 'pen.' He was dressed in citizens' clothes, excepting his shirt bearing hiscell number, 2265." Tom Gannon was at the shooting tournament with a heavy double barrel gun and only a left arm to handle it with. But he made some good scores and even in shooting at double rises kept up with the crowd. For a single armed man, and a left arm at that, Tom is an expert, whether at base ball or shooting. Judge Carr remarked that the jury in the case of Wheeler vs. Algona was composed of the youngest men he had overseen impanneled. Henry-Merrifield was the oldest one of them at 45 and the remainder were under 40 and most of them about 30 years of age. It was a jury of young men, and a good looking jury. Treasurer Lantry is the possessor of two curious canes. One is made of leather and bone layers with an onyx head, which was made by a prisoner in the California penitentiary, and the other is from a cactus stalk whittled out by our old Milwaukee conductor, Henry George, and sent to him. Harry brought them. The social union club meets Friday evening with the following programme: Paper by J. R. Jones, " The Influence of the World's Fair on the Nation;" paper by Miss Edith Clarke, "The Supernatural in Shakespeare;" recitation, Ernest Wheelock. Music will be furnished by Miss Agnes Randall, Misses Maud and Kate Smith. Algona's well-known character, Lee Horning, is about to depart. He was up town yesterday but complained of not feeling well. This morning Dell Whitehill coming by his house tried to rouse him but failed. S. Benjamin was called and climbed in at the window. Lee was cold and helpless but still alive. It is not likely he can recover. The three tramps who had. been arrested on suspicion of breaking open the safe at the Northwestern depot last week were before Judge Carr Friday for final hearing. There being no conclusive evidence they were let go. They had one night in the Algona jail and were entertained by that star performer, Kenna, in his great soaping act. While business was proceeding in An/1mr 'Snnli»A "R Bend mixing somet^ was kicked on the a of the head and \ cheek bone was orusi^ thoughtlhe skull was bf . \ bucket, he and side The wa8 -tie was the court house Monday 'Squire Raymond and J. W. Sullivan went over to Justice Clarke's office to try a case of assault and battery from Hobart. Andrew Mitchell was the defendant and Jas. H. Jones the prosecuting witness. A fine of $5 and costs was assessed and paid. It is said Mr. Mitchell will appeal. Last Wednesday evening E. H. Clarke, Edwin Blackford, and P. E. Smith went to Burt to institute an Odd Fellows' lodge. Others attended from Wesley and Bancroft, and about 60 were present, according to the Monitor. At midnight a banquet was served and the night was enjoyably put in. The Burt lodge takes in the leading citizens of the place, Uncle Benjamin found a jewelry peddler up by the Rutherford house Friday morning doing business without a license and proposed to him that he visit the mayor. The peddler objected, but Uncle Ben. secured his grip and said that would visit the mayor in any event, and the peddler followed, not without animated verbal protests. His honor told the peddler to get out of the city limits quick, and let him go, J. A. Carlson appreciates what "the law's delay" means. Last Friday he came into the court room and got a marriage license. They were just securing the jury in the Wheeler case against the town and he was called. In spite of all his protestations he became a juror, and sat until Saturday night hearing the case. Sunday he went home and was married to Miss Olive Philquist, and Monday morning was back again on the jury. • Harvey Mathers is said to not be recovering 'from his paralytic strokes. His physical health is good but his mind is affected, and there is little prospect -of his ever again getting right. He was painting a drop curtain at El more for tne opera house there when he had the first one. Harvey has been quite« character in Algojia, and his permanent disability will be regretted by many old tirne friends. He lives with his parents at Elinore. The directors of the opera house have elected a manager for the ensuing year and Melzar Haggard will occupy that responsible position. He will continue the policy of the past year of allowing only first-class entertainments in. the house, and will have them far enough apart to not make them a too heavy expense to those who attend. C. H. Blossom has done the company most excellent service during its opening year, and Melzar will be equally popular, and successful. The Thorington house is again on an up grade, The papers were made out last week by which O, W. McMurray gets the property, and he will begin at once on the work of repair. He says it will require a considerable outlay to put the building in shape, but he intends to fix it right and open it. He will make a popular landlord, and will undoubtedly do his share of the business when he gets ready to open. In any event Algona will profit by having the Thorington occupied. The supreme court last Thursday affirmed the decision of Judge Thomas in the Schichtl divorce case. This gives Mrs. Schichtl all the children and compels Mi*. Schichtl to pay a monthly allowance for their support. Mr. CHg- gett of Mason City acted for Mr. Schichtl throughout and gave the case close attention, nnd this final settlement fully vindicates Mrs. Schichtl. The children under her care are being carefully reared, and for them it is undoubtedly fortunate that the decision has been rendered. The meeting of the state fish and game association is to be held at Clear Lake next week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and will be attended by all the nimrods of this section, Charlie Grimm was over to our tournament Thursday and says no pains will be spared to have it the best meeting ever held in Iowa. There • will be target contests each day and some good records are expected. John G. Smith, who is president of the state association, is doing everything to advertise the meeting and make it a success. 4 Being a prison bird sometimes has its advantages. Last week when the attorneys began to question Kenna closely he practically told them to go to thunder. The attorneys looked at Judge Carr, but the judge suggested that there was nothing he could do. He couldn't fine for contempt or commit to the jail, and Kenna was the big man of th'e occasion. He told what he wanted to and didn't answer except as it pleased him. He was a pretty shrewd witness, and enjoyed the situation. His visit to Algona has been in all respects a triumphal tour. E. P. McElroy spoke to a good audience Friday evening on "Teasles and Chestnuts." He described the teasle, a burr that is cultivated to use in dressing woolen cloth, no machine having yet been invented that will take its place. Then showing the good and bad uses of the teasle, he applied the lesson to human teasles, and in a pleasant way discussed some of the peculiarities of human nature. Those who heard well enjoyed the lecture very much. There was some complaint of the acoustic properties of the room, however, by those at any distance from the platform. The Brunson boys were disappointed in their advance man, and persuaded C. B. Matson to go for them fora week. He relates varied experiences in dealing with newspapers and hotel men. But the worst time he had was with an editor at Lake Crystal, Minn. That gentleman told him that the fake of a balloon ascension had been worked in that town too often already and that no such traveling frauds as he could get any more space in the paper. But Bro. Matson held his own and by dint of telegrams from Bancroft finally persuaded the editor that the balloo'n ascension was a sure thing. An entertained audience witnessed the home-talent dramatic performance last evening, and enjoyed some clever acting. Misses Edith Clarke, Maud Cowan, and Emily Reeve, each in her part was perfect, while B. W. Haggard played the heavy villain, and Wilfrid Jones the old man in a manner to do credit to professionals, and Fred Clarke made an ideal newsboy. Mr. Hill, Geo. Hamilton, and Irvin Dodge were all excellent, and barring a few hitches in scene shifting, and a tiresome delay in beginning, the entertainment passed off very pleasantly. There is some talk this morning of a repetition, and some of presenting the play at Garner. It is well worth either, and if either is done the public should give it a liberal patronage. The old Algona cigar maker, who went along with the Uncle Tom show, persuaded the boys to let him make the balloon ascent at Elraore. He went up all right, and got pretty high before he succeeded in cutting loose, having tied one hand to the parachute to insure his not falling off, He came down all right until he struck the ground. Here there was a trick he had not mastered, for instead of jumping and running as he struck as tie would in leaving a moving train of cars, he curled up and came to a dead stop when he hit the ground, and then rolled head over heels a few rods. He came out of it none the worse for wear, and is g_oing to make balloon ascensions his business hereafter. T HE multifarious dispositions existing in the human family simply illustrates the various kinds of food the said family subsists upon. If you want good results you must use good material. If you want good health you must use good food. Pardon my frequent reference to this matter, but the Sanitarium foods stand high in the estimation of all knowing people, sell them and here is the list. * New State Bank Block, Algona, Iowa. I Beans. Split Peas. Peeled Wheat Flour. New York health flour Lima Beans. G-reen Scotch Peas. G-ranula. Pettij ohn's California Breakfast Food. Wheatina. Friends' Rolled Oats. Schumaker's Cracked Wheat. Heckar's Farina. W. F. CARTER. FEBSONAL MOVEMENTS. J. W. Hay and family are in Chicago seeing the sights. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Russell returned to Omaha Monday. C. C. St. Glair is at Council Bluffs attending the state bankers' meeting. W. H. Ingham went to Chicago Saturday night and will remain a week. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Blackford were over from West Bend to spend Sunday. Mrs. W. A. McNee has been visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Robison at Bancroft and her sister, Mrs. Wilbur in Algona. Harry Lantry has returned from Toronto after a pleasant trip. He will visit in Algona and hereabouts a couple of weeks before starting out again for the land of the setting sun. Sheriff Lewis of Spencer was over last week attending the Dailey case, and made this office a pleasant call. He takes no stock in the charges against Warden Madden at Anamosa. IN selling a stock of goods to anyone there is always a big discount given them on remnants. Now we propose to give this discount direct to our customers, and all remnants and small quantities of goods will be put on a table, marked in plain figures, and sold regardless of cost. There will be dry goods, clothing, boots and shoes^ hats, etc., in fact everything that is in the store in small quantities. Remember this stock must be sold on account of Jas. Taylor's sickness. Yours truly, 9tf ' T. EAKLEY. SEE E. Reeve & Co.'s and bonnets. trimmed hats OUR vegetables are always nice fresh. Langdon & Hudson. and TOWN property loans. Skinner Bros. PINEAPPLES at Langdon & Hudson's. WE have a fine line of changeable surah silks. Geo. L. Galbraith & Co OUR teas are equaled by none, don & Hudson. Lang ALL kinds of carpet made at the weaving and dye works, W. T. Cun ningham.—52 " MAY BUD" tea is don & Hudson. the best. Lang Can I Have the Ear of those who think of using Barbed Wire. Why ? Because I am agent for the Baker Wire. the lightest and strongest wire . in the market. Then after examining this wire I have a word to say about GASOLINE STOVES. Have you 1 seen the Reliable for 1893? The most simple, and require less repairing than any stove on the market. Remember I have a good assortment of the well known Heath & Milligan Paints. My 20 year's experience in hardware has taught me that the best is always the cheapest. Please call and get prices on Milk Cans, Metal Roofing, Pumps, etc. It will cost you nothing to get my prices, and may save you money. J. W. Robinson. A Prisoner Escapes LATEST styles in millinery goods and the lowest prices. E. Reeve & Co. TOWN property loans. Skinner Bros, SANITARIUM foods Langdon & Hudson's. of all kinds at IT is said that the prisoner made his escape from the Algona jail by soaping himself with some of that fine toilet soap kept at Studley's Modern pharmacy. FRESH vegetables every morning at Langdon & Hudson's. FOR real estate time loans at the very lowest rates, make inquiry at the Kossuth County bank. SPRINGFIELD flour Langdon & Hudson. takes the lead, WHITE SWAN flour sold only by Langdon & Hudson. FOR SALE—Full-blood young Hoi- stein bull, cheap. J. J. Wilson.-8t8 LADIES' and close at 50 cents braith & Co. Misses each. gossamers to ieo. L. Gal- FARM loans, 5 ,per ct., Skinner Bros. FRUIT of all kinds at Langdon & Hudson's. FOR SALE—Three miles from Algona a fine two hundred-acre farm. W. H. Conner,—Tt8 NEW pattern of don & Hudson's. glassware at Lang 1 - BRING In your faded hats and have them colored a.t the weaving and dye worjjf, W. T, Cunningham.—58 MR. JAS. TAYLOR'S stock must "be sold on account of sickness, The doctor says he cannot attend to business for at least two years. Our old merchant, Mr. T. Barley, is here to close it out, and he says unless it is sold to some one at wholesale by June 15 he will commence to sell everything at wholesale prices, ahd in the meantime he will make special low pricos to all who want to buy large bills, and will give the goods at wholesale to any merchant who is in business or who contemplates starting in business. This is a fine opening for some one to start in business, as Mr. Taylor has had a fine trade and a good, growing business. It is a splendid chance for our country merchants, as Mr. Taylor bought hie goods in large quantities and from the best wholesale houses in the country and of course could get them cheaper than merchants who could not handle them in such large amounts. It seem too bad to h^ve a store of that magni tude closed out. The old saying ap piles here that what is one man's loj is ajnjptfcer mjva's -From the Algona Jail, But you do not escape from the jail of extravagance and bad judgment unless you buy your Drugs and Medicines at Studley's Modern Pharmacy. Best Grade made High Flyers- Matson & McCall have just received a large stock of the latest paterns in Hats and Bonnets which may well be termed the High Flyers oi the season, Although away up in point of beauty, they are very low jn price. in <D •a W • rH -d 49 IBS. WASHBURN CROSBYCO'9, GOLD MEDAL. Minneapolis, We keep It and sell it at $1.90 per sack Our best make ol flour. 1.00 per sack Buckwheat Hour (35 Ibs) 65 per sack Graham (25 Ibs) 55 per sack Bolted corn meal (25 Ibs) 30 per sack COOK BROS. OF HOBART, Dealers In general merchandise, handle our goods, and sell at same prices we do, and their customers tell us they can buy anything they need in the grocery line as cheap of Oook Bros, as in Algona, which is » great convenience to west slders. JONES $ STACY, T EGAL BLANKS- TEE BT4W4RP.

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