The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 24, 1893 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 24, 1893
Page 4
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Twenty-Eighth Year. 83Y • Terms to,Subscribers: , one year ,.11,00 ,,*lJt ffiofithH 'I G ', three mouths 40 -jjMljr aa<Ire«R at aup v-e rates. it by draft, motley prdur, express orjler, ,. pf advertising; sorit on application. WEDNESDAY, .MAY £4, THOSE who haveattended the worjd's npt endorse all that has bpen said about extortiopate charges. J. W. Poxsoe of the Mpnticollo Express ,wjri>e8 that living uud accommodations are to bo had at very reasonable rales. And Lafe Young,in a report from Chicago says that one can easily avoid the robbers. Carriage'suro very expensive, but all kinds of car fares are cheap. Some restaurants on the 1 grounds waul •the earth, but by u. little mauagemeot inoais cun be had UK cheaply aw over in the city. Mr. Young nays that now is thctimotogo while the Crowds .are small, there being more, already pn display than oould be inspected in six mouths. AK to swindlers they are in the bauiu proportion,as at u cpuuty ftiir, and "a man who lias senao enough to Jcpou. in the middle of the road need pot bo swindled at auy kind of afair." Mr. young spoahb highly of the Iowa building, and commends Jiuflalo Bill's wild >vofat show as an lonya exhibit, Cody being born iu beott county, iu conclusion ho bays: " Chicago ib a^roul city, .inude 90 uy tho unparalleled energy of its people. Jforu jgebiuB uud Uis worjc mid the ro'uaieat uiarjt- ct. Here lietter beefsteak euu bo had 'than In Iowa where tlie ope is pu bis native heath; /ichor creuni can bo found than where the (JO.wiB on the bhit'jjrass. Hero liuin'uu life and energy iiro at, their highest tcusjon. The typlcu.1 Chicago eitUen, dead at.85, has seen more and doiie more than the mau on the prairie who Is coffined 'at SO. The man wliodoeB act keep up wjth the prpcesBioii Is forgotten witlifn ?A hours, uud the .distinguished man ol yesterday may" bo the extinguished buck number of today. A Chicago niuu may Ipc toler&ited if he has no money. He may worry uloiig without brains to a limited extent: hcniay Nourish $o a dogreo without conscience, but iu no case is lie'iu it 1 without'energy! Chicago was nyt originally in the divine plun. The morata? bturs hud sun# Jogothor'alongtime bofore Kugeiie Field, the sweet singer'of ,Cbiea#o, oi>ened up 011 the Lake side. The creator thought for u time that lie gould'got alonj? wjtti bortoui aud -Gomorrah, but the .exigencies pf.the humun family subsequently taiulc Chicago u necessity. No oilier city '•jypuld Imye had its ideas expanded jvith the progress and gi-pjvth of the /qlr as Chicago rnas done, At no other city in the yvo.rld would .the fair haye boon such a success. Jiei-e by the fake side, in the 'censor' of the •great western world, euu the material uud .mental congress of all nations most filly gather." ick i)S the Charles City Bchools told tlujgraduiiliHgoluss Jusi yyeo^ soiuethiiifj not in the eonyentioiiul .order. JHesuul: ".Girls, in preaentiug you these ,4iplo.inuii, if, by their signijieunee you are 1 l/j allovy .mothers to do all the yyui'k, 'i nil the bread, uud sweep all the floors i you can r.eiid J..,aUu or dejjioiistru</c tlieoreui in geometry, then lius your I ljc:uu a most unfortunate course, und .In all the U'ochiugs you haye ever rowi yed at.wy lmud.s, J trust thero baa beun no U;a- «QB thai, has you /ro.ui .the diaiipun. jlio/K, y/i'oiii tliiis gruduaiiou you go out .into the world too niVe to curry >yood and avyill the lions, if need be, then 1ms our seUoyl /ailed in its purpose uud B0>yn yyrg^ig Beod." royal CuiiaUiun cmn/uitisiiju on liquor • been i)i i)c.a. Jyj.i>ine.s in day4nd;flhowed ,ps;the^Hl,of jtere^s by the 'Jjjg Tree ^Jeatuurant.' ^n niug it over .we find .that the prices ^.. very reasonable.and,that ,one ,p>n .get^an •excellent mual for,00 cente. He.aays there •are a number of .restaurants on thegrounds that have u similar charge." -F.jR.Conaway v.Ujited the .world's fair on the ,way to the repjibltoaD club .meeting and he .says: "J.f Bflkei&cgs ,is art tuen .the exhibits iu tli^arLgaUories are a Uowi- ing success, 'fhe luajority of thf- lornis in oil haveuot.eveiiso.jnuoh on as a pathiug suit." Xhe uatipupl editorial .association jtape.ts,A8lipur.y JF'ark, ; N. J. .A big .time was had last week at the golden woddiug of JMr.. audit's." 'f- 8. l j arvin. M.r, Parvin ,is oue of Iowa's pipueers .in many fields, aud is the loadiug meinber of tuo Masonic fraternity iu the west. MMMWMMBIM Iff THIS 1 J3ancroft will observe memorial day. Livermore is to have a cbampion ball club. Spencer had four rape cases last week before Judge Thomas." I'Yauk Anderson, aged 27, shot himself at .Spencer hist week. He had been drinking. T)J(! Hotel'Orleans will open this sen- son .at.$2.a day or $10 a week, and will bo run in (irat-elass style. Henry Thompson and Cory Kidgway are to run tho now opera house at Wlnttomore. They liavu leased the hall. Many old .citizens will be pleased to learn tbat Mrs. -O. C. TiUbetw of Fcuton bus received a peusion. of $12'a mouth .and .$200 Humboldt is .discussing the dry closet system for its DOW sehvol house. It will .make no mistake by adopting it. "Albas it and it worlts to per/octiou. Many of our .readers remember Prof uwjwu.ll who lectured on prohibition >d who..has been conspicuous in the state. He died suddenly at Asbton, fo. D., a wcej< ago. The m;xt annual meeting of the Al- r .wi.dibtrigt J'^jworth league ,will'.be held at Britt, "Col. K. S. Ormsbv is ivesidcut aiid Gardner Cowles is "first vice-president. Spirit .Uke Beacon: Mrs. T. J, (ifiKizs is visiting friends in Algoua Pr. S. G. A. IJoad, for nearly y(j years a .resident of Algoua, aud formerly a land holder in this .township, diod last "•"" | - " •' large .crowd, jaaany being obliged ,to stand, and we have no htjsitenoy iusu-y in^ it ,w»s an oxyeptioually good enter tjb inmj^nf The Webster City Fr.eeman .says the cowboy rage from Uoadron" to the .world s Mr is Jo be near us: The route,,wi!l lie through or... near Webster City, as Port podge and Waterloo ,are two of the jxjin.ts _at which the riders must register. Each rider is .allowec two horses and only two for :the-.entire W.P- The rider, with saddle >anc blanket .is to .weigh 1§0 Ibs, or over. Ihe start will be from Chadron, June 13, And £he firel rider to reach- Chicago will find fj,000 .awaiting him. -There are 12 points on the route at which each rider must register. Rowlock jput ior the cowboys riding through Webster City. Liyermore independent: W. M. Madden of Chicago, traveliug through this .section in the capacity of .salesman for .a hay press company, stoppedI of? at Algona abou t the middle of April. He entered a bus and it being .dark, was struck on the foot by a valise, thrown by a person also about to enter which inflicted_a wound that proved fatal, blood poisoning setting in. He -was at the time carrying accident insurance aggregating to tho amount of ®20,OuO. which the company refuses to par, claiming that his death was caused b"v bis foot being frozen which resulted in this blood poisoning. This could net be possible a» tho thermometer stood at from 28 to 80 degrees above aero. Eiarnetsburg Democrat: This morning ooourrod at St. Peters church, at Caledonia, Minn., the marriage of JMr." ly of Whittemore 'and Thomas Curmodj .. Miss Susies R. iS'ow of the foYinJr The marriage ceremony was mm tof Promptly Voiced #nhlio 4Senti- aent by Acq tutting Him. Wo Substantial Tsotinaonr Addttoed W Show liis -Connection jn 4he jMta* ter—Other-Cases Ttiwi. ihat .rental. The evidence ,-Showefl >a dispute as to tho contract and that the bmlding^was .worth^0 .a .month,<and W6lpert.-was,-givan -tho «dlff erenco'for ^a year. W. B, Quartan was -A or Wolpef t E,'Clai>ke for Purvis. "The case of tin- «tnte -against -Sinn and his,wife.for burglnriaiijglihe JNorlih* ^western depot itt Ln^HrnoJis-on .today. •Qtiurt wil dolose this week. -.The-ctwe against Bevecley Watkins was wmtinut.'d again. Kim SAYS ADIEU fie jkfede His W«y that «f the fiteel "Oag'eaM Jail, Thursday Sight, with Apparent Ease. Judge Oarr i«*»t»rt 'OOSDUOTOE. Monday, «nd expected te *»*#^ *»*> (*«i« Arrested Twice B, Wailey«n -for day tavr&ias, but:Sterifr Gratam; delayed .till Thursday in arriviap Kenua, ,aad c quence. The flase »wa s uj«au«u, nil 1 l:at{' AiStove Poker and * ;flar *>{ Saap Were Important Factors—Not lak^y to be Caught Again. SHeJtllirerent I > uBBeiie<M - KviUeiitly SB 'The Carroll Herald lias the .following story lOna.conduotor on the main line of the Northwestern which it says came quence. -iiie catv -was ^wmni, JMW- ui '•ae-""rtnwesiern wnien it says came ever. Thursday, Cwunty .Aiterary aR»v- * rtmi the St - l«uis Globe-Democrat. mi °- ^-^9° '^'W -Jwjpupucan says' J.Iic oaij,or of the Algonii UJ^JSK D>iS MpiNjss, in discut;8in> the gubernatorial situation, makes some'.excellent suggestions uud (3videutly had a picture of lion. James JO. Blythe before him at the time. Burt Monitor: Glcnford'b Uncle J.oui s Cabin Company ^ave a realistic production of that famous drama to our po,opie Monday evening. They were grgojrfjd with a large .audience and tho entei'taiiuiienl was lirst-class in every particular. ' ' 'J'he Oariicr Signal rjotes the damage cayc of Wh.;eler against Algoua and says: Garner paid for a horse injured under similar circumsUnces several The < better way out of „ .,.,„ „, pay at tho cud of a lawsuit. ,,,, v««iouM,j.^vv;£> DwVUJJiti The city dads dooming- it a out of "a bad hole'' than to J.uVeriu: News: Mr. .1. B. Patterson. Liu; painter and decorator from Algonti is Hero with his painting crow and isdo- Inga line job on Uandcr Barton's new residence. We would adyi.% those wantuife'- painting done to call on hiuj at Wio f.urimer House. ]'ift-fti young ivsyojjuV'd /or Joyyu al, the wo4d's editoriiil congress al, XJhicugo, und /s >it .the J'.e/y/urs ^jeetintr to/tj.orr.ovy. wioerutii: yyebii.l,er Oily W'.'snii.'uljlo ua uro nrnuy .o/ tlie tif i,he ;noder;i ^rohibiUunibi., in- j us arc;|iuny o/ Uie ^'ui.'estieb nf )'/id ntfeiisiy« us liaye i^ee;i Uie u.c s nf t.h.ttt _ jsburg Oemoerat: The Joyva Juycnile band will yiye a concert at ufore l.Qiijf Miss "V^al- MI -uniiT' 01 " 1 s A' e " t yttlMrday with Miss Wilkinson of this .city bum. JJonloj), yvho iittcudcd the ' jviac- 'enjntrs ugo, sneaks yery highly of it id .lJ]CA.w«nu,/iy Uiat prciiented it, .Spirit />k,e wa.uls a good hotol. J.iuaj.'0.ii su.yb: No o/ie thj/ig has ypcnrcr s/j mucJj' us the . * V ~O ' V"-" ^tA**/*^* H <iO jJtJI mi Ilpr^lji by J.4«v. Father Fiichenberger of that city. Mr. aud Mrs. Carinody wit!, of course, make Whittemure their futui-e home, where the groom holds a good position,aud where he recently erected a^ neat .and comfortable residence. .Mr. Carmody is a young man, the superior of whom would be difficult to find. ID- telligeut, agroeable, energetic, and of excellent business qualities, he has during the past few years, made a record in this community that is ,a credit to any young inan. The bride js not known in this section, but.all acquainted with Tom know that he could not make & poor selection. The Democrat wishes them every success in life and the sweetest felicity. JEmrnetsburg Reporter: Passengers on the Milwaukee road don : t want to attempt .auy "monkey work'- with Conductor Ceo. .McCulloug'li. George is a tractable " cuas," courteous in his treatment of the patrons of the road, and kind .a heart .as ever beat in ,a human breast. But the best way to .get along with him is to concede tohitn the right to run his own train, -for if you ooirt that stub finger will get nervous aud there AH likely to be" trouble. 1 he other day a great, big, burl y passenger got aboard Conductor McCullough's train and when he presented Ins ticket George told him that the fast train did not stop at the station -he wanted to get off at—he was sorry, but he was not allowed to atop. The burlv passenger told the conductor tliat he would show him that the train would stop, to which the conductor replied: All right, we'll see." Mr. McCullough went to the baggage car and fastened the stove poker to the bell cord. When the station was reached, the passenger jerked the wrd, but the bell would not ring and the train did not stop. /Jwrge was good iiaturod but obeyed ' W/J? M.n - |f|ji| conflrjiiei'l, (I, w|ij )H tJ l)t> >(*!'/'« .vJiiiii.') l.jiu tif jif'f)|»iWliJf7 li'vya, ii ') ^Iv.i \\ ;'i;vy |.vvj»)s )/J »!i', J ,.,.„ I f()iM-'|l))>i' I)|M|. fild'll WJ|HJ fill) Hf MSitiJM))i:(J i)i Ijit: iiUlc ii( (inV||." RI'll^l f*l FIT i'ii II- V- I ... ,"• -T- l>rv«'l In like jneosure 'by a yko dey.ojo^icnl. AwusLw;/;iu tjoon gu.r Mdfivsu »jcn ftj'u getting liiterebi,- ed j« tins inuiUir, w ,d 17 /jriyateeapital |.s not put ifj) a JoL'tiJ coar : • • • Jiolg an<J ujsHurw succvati. . vyiirtji Jeuyuo t,'f/^u^i»n t)t lust ww oV el,o ,i ri ending i.t tl) u wf) ^ (; (fy tbu Mutl J-ast Thursday was one of tho delightful days of the week, and especially pleasant for the experts with thcguu who assembled at the {/-rounds in Call's pasture. Among these wore Grimm of Clear .Lake, Wilson and- Shadbolt of KujiiUilsburg, fciundstrain y/ J3i^u;roft, Cannon Q! JJurt'alo Cu/itcr, WJlcox and of 13url, J^oltou of CoryvAtb, a»d Morlensow of JMtl, «,ud .ai)f Hum hold (,. A comfortable sluid JiaxJ been erected, and Kd l^lrcjjer hod a supply of rofrcw)i;nc«ts there. ie u-ajja worked well, UJK] except that " '"••"lugers wnfti d}siip[wi»tc(J jn / w t liyo binjs as they expected, ,.,.Y •••• <= i- -r »( ^IcasanUy. 'J lie /irst attixfl was at W birds, ajngle. " w " ' '"' Wgr^JnoH uud fc" ' W. ft. Ww4 mond.for tho •Quariou. and S. S. Seesimis for JBaiicy. The testimony for -the tttate -was sal>- stautially as given before the j-rand jury. Kenua told hi? su>ry -well mnd *roved-n cute .and knwtvimr "WitoBEs. 1« swore that Daiiey told him iiaw to ;et out, haiuied Mm the iron to break the wall with, and stood by the west wall of the jail as he escaped aad told him which way to go. Thecorroborat- ty consisted niainiy of Siier- n trraiiam s statement, fie «aid that when he.told .Dailey that JKeuna Md t him Jiaitey was greatly ex- auuoug other things said he | t know why Jtenua had g-iven him I away. Sheriff Graham and J. W Hiu- chou lilso Mjstified to Ihiiley's goin<- to tiie hois wherelienna had' escaped 1 be- jore the jail door was unlocked, when iie returned with them after he suspected the prisoners were out. . Even without defense Jlenna's 8torv tnat Dailey stood in broad daylight and told him where to go was improbable enough to shake confidence in it, and Dauey in hie testimony said that what he .told Graham was that he didn't know why Jtvenua should put it on to him, or words to that effect, and not that he didn't know why Kenna had given lain away. As .to running to the hole in the brick wall he said he had .talked with Mr. .McEnroe aouie time before that, and thev had agreed that there wa* the weak place in the jail, and wienie suspected the men were out he natm-ally went right there .first. Mcknroe testified that lie had talked about the ferick wall being unsafe to several before the escape. This seems plausible, for if Dailey had let the joien out of the hole it is the last place he would have gone to when the pas-tv searched the jail. In .addition to this Gw. Smith testified that on the .afternoon of the escape Dailey was iu the city well at work from 1 till 4 o'clock, aud Sheriff Jjewis of Spencer testified that f row) 4 o'clock till C:10 he was with him in the court room and on the court house balcony. A. E. Do.ughertj' testified that he was sitting so as to see the west side of the court yard, and saw two men walk away, but thought thev were ail right, arid that Dailey was not there. Julius Ploth .and C. B. Mat- thows testified that the ni^ht before between 10:30 and 11 o'clock, they and' Charley Cohenpur walked up the south walk to get a drink, and that as they oarne in sight of the jail window two men were ktioeling near it, and that the light inside was plain enough to show that both were strangers to them. J. his evidence satisfied the jury that there was nothing iu the caee, and Dailey was acquitted. The verdict voiced prevailing public opinion. There was wmothmg unreasonable-from the start in Kama's story. No sufficient motive could be given for Dailoy's alleged at- Uoiis, and the circumstantial evidence instead of tending to corroborate Kenna all tended to show that Dailey could not have ibcuu present when they got away "The Omaha correspondent sa.ys: A friend tifinine traveling toward Council .Bluffs on the Northwestern last -week had his mileage book retained by the conductor. After aakiog him a few questions the conductor put the book in his pocket an d said: "See you later." After about half an hour'my Mend asked him for the book. "The official declined to give it up. My friend then a«ked permission to copy something he had therein, which was also refused. At the next station the traveler stepped Off the train into the telegraph office and sent a-message to the chief of police asking for.a policeman to arrest a thief on the arrival of the train. The policeman was there, and my friend stepped up, introduced himself, and pointed out the conductor as the thief who nad .his property in ibis possession. After much persuasion the conductor was taken .up town in a hoodlum -wagon to a judge, who took up the case at onoe. The charge was made and the conductor fessed up" : to .having a book taken Irom tho man making, the charge. The case;was soon concluded, the book returned, .and the conductor was fined, having in addition to pay the coste amounting to $7. As they were leaving court the conductor'said to my friend: "I will smash your face for this.'' Whereupon -my "friend called another policeman, had the conductor •re-arrested .and .taken -at once before the same judg*-. and had him bound over to keep the peace, at more costs. The conductor and my friend then paused outpeaeefully. ,'HT HQHQE Qr.TSE HEAD. Memorial .liajr to Be Observed Kcxt TuebUay—Tlie .JKrotsramoic ol Jixer- Meuiorialday comes.nest week Tuesday and the following programme is announced: commencing luvocati&p, .R«v. W. £. Davidson. Music, glee club under direction of D. a" oinlth. .Exercises by. James g. Taylor post, G A R.,readmgpl orders, salute to the dead! CJX-. Music, glee club. Addiess, JH.»i-vey Music. "America. , KBv. Bag-Bell. Formate. A. K. hall at 1:30, march to cemetery. .JSscort, Company F, Woman's i^Mrf corps .i» camaKOs. j Deeoi-atiin ttf roll of iionpr^lrlbuteg'u.^ so^ei'S^urief l^whet'e. fixwcisee by the post. Ad Salute by Company F. i oe procession will marcli under orders of the marshal, Capt, D. D. Dodge, aasisttd , A genera) invitation is extended to all to wwe iind join with ue in tnourniug and pay- in g littinx tribute to our natioo-s dead aud tlie stwirinoes uudergooe that » nation juigut me, phwuixlike, purified and iutorneciue the tff))ji ^ Ih: West Q unjjy smjlh 8. seeou/3 an<J 7, iw«j t K> Wrds. WJJsw ft, r ' TJic- Gco. K. Clarke's scheme of .garnish ing all tho railway <x>mpu,nies owing anything to the wrnpany which is ibe- ing sued for injuries to Mrs. Crahaiu proved ButxjcBsful i« bringing the^ase to JLpww for trial. Judgc<3wk appeared for the compauy a«cl had the case transferred to the Umted States court at i'OH Dodge, <tud jt will be tried there. 'J he wwpauy hopud tx> force Mr. Gee,haw to «uu }« Jilwois, where the ox- ponse and trouWe would bu,y^ peeu much greater \» Mm, and if the case had .been brought in the 'Fort court by hjiw at /jrst it wouM 4)s)iiissed, As H is Jt wjJJ be , the ashes of * warlare, a of the ,, iL . all those having some flowers that they cau spare, kindly seud them to the G. A. K. hall on Monday, May 2D, iu the af ter- uow or early on tue xuorafug of May 80th, so Uie ladies can tirrarige them iu beautiful and suite We boquete to place ou dead OOM- 1 graves, Memorial day, (JoMMjrj'jBi! o> r FJUJWJEBS. SCHOOL OOMMEgQEMEHT. of Kx.vrvl»f»i ut the Op T Clowe o/ a fjuece»»- til! I(T V H »l ml »!;»/// j;;/ WWd tfih)l>^ i ( ttr , wiui ',1 tit, W«J«t mt] ul. It) Wni Waal, H.,ni H)ii I)) )IK» C'<wnf»ft grand jury hear/J school commencement will next week Thursday, June J. The following programme will be given at the opera house at 8 o'clock p. rn. fu vocation. £&&!., !!^? the Wild Ptowen* itenna broke Jail «gain lastThursaay .night. Heeame ; up Tnureday morning .to testify against A, F. Dailey and -was •put in the cage to wait till Ffiday morning when Sheriff Graham intended to return him to Anamosa. :He slept in the east «age with one Of the teamps, who was arrested at the Northwestern depot suspected of blowing open the safe. That gentleman told next day how Ivenna went through our patent burglar proof steel jail. He first took one of the heavy Wires out from under the bed he slept on. Bending one end like a hook he fished up a stool, table, and stove poker. With the legs of the stool he pried on the bottom of the cage door, springing it open lar enough to get a, wedge in. He used the stool bottom to hold the door open and to catch it each time as lie pried it a little further. The case door slides and is fastened at the top and has a pad-lock at the middle but the bottom is not fastened. He managed to break the middle lock and the door was fast only at the top. He sprung the door till it was oijen nt the bottom seven inches. Then he stripped naked, took a cake of soap and lathered himself all over und squeezed through the opening. Once outside the cage he took the store to pieces and used the heavy iron grate to break the lock on the door that leads to the old stone cell where he made the hole he escaped from before. He evidently had a hard time to pet this door open, but succeeded and then went out through the same hole in the brick wall that he did before and probably out of the same win- i«°t V ^ D tj b ? Bement - He offered to let the three tramps out with him, but they preferred to stay, and were interested spectators merely. The tramps say he got away about midnight. Jt was not till 6 o'clock or later in the morning that his escape was discovered bjBert. Salisbury, who took breakfast to the prisoner. .No clue was had to his probable course, and at JB unlikely that, he will be caught again ^Sheriff Graham says he cannot afford to chase after him at his own tiXJ36IlB6* . Henna's first escape was when he jumped irom the car window at Emmetsburg when Deputy Mclnroe was bringing him to Algona. His second escape was at the time he swore A P Dailey assisted bi m . The story of his capture an Texas is well known. He has now escaped a third time and according to the old adage it is "three times and out" for good. He has a £,vf i h , C £ rd BB a jttil break er, and the Si^ile'^^ft^^SS agreed were sufficient shows that he is •tSfl^E 6 J u 6 ? ot unli kely that he told the story he did about A. P. Dailey yuijn a view to spending a night in the • tp 6re a « aln ' after his penitentiary A great deal of discussion as to the responsibility for the escape has been i"^. u _ lga . d ^ but . DOW tbat the bird is ^ 1B °f little consequence. If ..— „. Oraham had taken him back to Anamosa Thursday evening instead of waiting till Friday, he would of course have had no opportunity to get away. But the county ought to bave some place where even expert prisoners can .ue kept with some assurance that thev cannot pry off the doors and punch out Srien a ci B is VXfl ot Bt001 . ^ A ^ ona ' 6 «' "L E ^,!?^- ^^Spirit iS^SSi same trouble. Bei The only aing tKeyca"^: Tt&££*,£~££ tei a gh g tTla 3 n a . lUDUlit buM6 «• « t)w HI; }Mf]jwt»)uwl. H W»H r '''Hill ".'(irk cliii- |'. i; J („ ,)„ no |,|,V M )„;,.„ in • • .-- - j-( ??i Mri't MHM * M flirl }V||) )|l! IHiD'lii |,| „„. hill II (' hviryiHir iilll i:n||w l'ili ; >' ill |||i! llfl|.<r||ilil||. }\ nil ill 7. <Jrj,,iii, r«, but Uiitt WHM „„ . and Oration, " Of»Uo», . x Caliber," Myrta Puteh Wheelock. Joln the Dance '" SPIEIT LAZEOHAUTAUQFA. ti the for Absembly-Some of the Attractlonu Secured The advance circular of the Spirit Lake Chautauqua assembly, j Mt received at this office, contains the announcement of a pro •U Instrument- MurgarotRuther- II'' - ' I IMTMI r j "III (** "I IM M f| fl) ji't'ljiiis ii llnij.-i:|iififj |nui|nt fur uii nviiu- nitj "''iiit'rlitiiiiiiiiiil. HI. .Inil'«( - Nint niii imiimlib im iirciiinj- t 'Mi' ' '-/) (Mill 9 MlJ|)l), Hlllilll, Wi|n()|n7Hl|\'4ijll/ni()|'|, Illlll f ijHMKijl Ii, n n 1 |,w(i WilHiiii iimj niiriiiil. ifi ,,.. nM'i Woi)il«, riiiinifiii f liisi-ni jiiiiiiMi ; i' Miniu IVIIM id. |( fifiiiiiii, fciiiiiiii iiini vyiliJiiii yui. H, ftioi'i'- nilhuil Illlll I'urloll 0, l'f)Hlllil)l Illlll "' ,,..•!)' fiinr WHH u|. |fi ,, fl, VVilmin ||, niiil W , ript). WilHiiiHHii] Diiriiiil. u-ftli 0, , |l|ii||i|(!i| H'lilll/y Mini wim Iliiof) |,y ' 'iti'i' $!ff)0 iinil CHWI.H, iinrt If Uiu Unit Is not imlil wiitt (II'I|O,HK| i,o ninody fJiiys' liiii!iiii!iii, ui, Imnl lulu/I', iiiionn linn .Vi;|. iirmiijjtul vvhlnli Moral Training Frank "Twilight HBlfil" fadies' to tho normal of (Hplomus to commercial ; -—«*i*wi*o icusb OI gOOd famous ler, WlitmlMi' vw Tliu jury itfl'U 1 \tu\\\u mil. n ftnv liiiui'H lu'iHiyiil. in Miiinlny uvmilny- u vunllol, (if *!oil fur Htm, WlHUilui' foe InjucloM In I'liu ililuli mi 'riioi'iiigltni sli'i>u|., 'I'liia U HIM (iiisu yvlun'p liu ilrnvu liia loiiiu liiliMiiiti (if l ho wnlur uiulii illloliuH " 'nil luul mi IHHW sul, up (in l(, to \vani ' ' "'a. (.'il-y AHuruoy .iiwlyu WHH ti,V Dun, :|i), Clni'lio fur tho oltv, '.V oluiiuuil lli»(. WlumUM' wua miyil- ...„(., Hint' IIu» btiwit. \M\\\\D liyliloil tho v»y» tun! HUM'lil» iujui'loa woro slight, i mi loiulovwl him i^o, \V, \i -g«»\rtou '" Umt'WhwWhml i, Tho town is 'ho miislo willbo furnished by the ' liiloiiLIn Algona. Mrs. Amy Hod- Hooloy vyill gjyo tho instrumental , i iui "° "J-," 08 , fiutn'totto is composed ofMlssoH J.tiuHlivll and Tweed, Mrs lowyoMiiul Vonpor; tho male quur- ,»M.O, Moam-8 Morso, Doxaoo, Hampton, Ulmhw; tho^loublo miartotto, Misses VuHpoi-, MiiflHra Smith, Chapinf°Prank Illlll O, A. Tollklr. Thn nnn«n,l,«..!.i;V- •s, Oi und , , the MolYtitt. Tluio to ClUcnBo, ff Sunday, May 7, tho Chi- koo & St. Paul ho Imvu niHl Dttkotn division very toritaiv, Tho train will ui-rive at Chi- Sn. m. and will have 1 ili i' l H !i; Ml wi|| <lu.v In utvi! ii o mt'. »'|ll he in -'i', ilu.v ttiul nui'l, uf viii Tim M|i, . jH«,n mmi wniil uuiiilim Im'lliiuii n)»niirtiiii|i oidti w Ij.v I m i ! ]ihmyn, Mihvuu , ii.v d'tdn Aluvim In ur sriaifiU. t'h Uvdlvw ,yuui'a t will Im \\\\ snU> fn\iu ' Nuv. |a. (\\\\\- lu \\w waw of H, \Yoljx»rt a v l*«v\'U Uu> jury jj'ftvt* ixUviwUtt' » v N W«Uy ^W|4 8 «peei«tty o/ choice but- U>v at Uve Operst Hinjisa Grocery. U tette; the Masonic"' 0 ^' n '' !a ff 0 Lady qua?-' Us i ShippBros.'R q ", i } r ^ tte ° f Minneapo- Uingers; thegreat''?n;,r' nel A 8l l Hand s °ll bumtion of New y^ ans ° 1 ? 1 -R°bertson com- livte of Italy, the phi ' Mlss Hattie Brush 1st, and a long list o^T onul con t"»lto solo- numerous for even ' ° 1 ' attl 'actions, too The assembly chorus' 10 , D1 'i°fost menton. Pro*. W. S. Weeden d"! 1 , 0 , 11 'I 10 direction of school of elocution anV^^uy. Pa.; the Gale Barber i the (XW ttt ,S l V, by Lucia sohnnl iim.^ini i_..^. f ^S. n nn^l o.. —j_" ...„..,. .. ... ,„ , 14l , utivo sieeoino' ours tluwigh u'om Sanboru to Chica"S \iV) >" nT ' 1 ? < ? u «i»S-chnir car trow WHoMl to Ohioago. Tho train wm ruuovory day iu tho week between hanborn uud Chicago, and daily excel .MUuKv west of &»uboru. Full '«....<.:-" ««rs will bo furnished by tut Call on him, J agent. school normal art school, by .D'rai The student of the' who give* the anw to the world's f air f; M'toagreatpr" ' Queen EstherT" too big a tUing to newspaper article • a - . C. and Sunday fl. C. Jennings; the oard: tho kinder- other departments , of tho assembly -Jo schools of Iowa 'citation will be sent 1 of expense. There •Won of the cantata, ict tho assembly is of iu an ordinary -,-_. our readers are re!. C. -:to the secretary and .;««len, Spirit Lake, Wai— A carload of good* 011 itoSyeai-soldr ""' ^ here for the W, T ^52JP«>] mod'"-' — 1$" --' horses, fram from 1190 to und sj&und. two wejeks. ENNESfiEy. 1 Bros*

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