The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 17, 1893 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 17, 1893
Page 7
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THE UPPER ttiiS MOINPA ALG<>NA, tOWA, WKPNKSDA Y. MAY 17. 1H93. AN ESSAY OX J. OAESAR. What a Detroit School Boy Wrote About the Great Roman. A boy in one of the public scMols, Says the Detroit Free Press', recently handed in thifc' composition on Julius Caesar: "Julius Caesar was a Roman citizen. He wasn't much, at first, but he growed Up •with the country* and after awhile he bunched the conventions and got elected boss.. One Fourth of July or something Caesar went tup to tlbe Capitol to see about a bill. A man met him on the steps and told him to beware the ides of March. Caesar laughed "Ha, ha," and told the man to depress the front of his westcot and went on Into the big joint. Some time afterwards he came out again and adjourned to the S. P. Q. R. saloon, where a lot of Ronviu senators, members and office seekers were leaning Up against the counter. Caesar offered to pay for the drinks, but nobody accepted his invitation, and he dropped to the fact that there was blood on the moon. Tlhen somebody said something about his not having paid his ferriage when he crossed the Rubicon, and butcher knives began flying through the atmosphere. Pretty soon Caesar saw Brutus his next-door neighbor, coming at him with a sticker and Young Ewards was found to be the Brute?" he exclaimed, and laid rigfht down, and In a few minutes the patrol wagon drove up to the door. Jxist the same you bet, Caesar was no slouch. Vale Jule!" riij-slclans.Hnvo Found Out That a contaminating and foreign clumoul in the blood, developed by indigestion, in the cause u£ rheumatism. Tnis settles upon the sensitive siiIj-ciUuncous covering of the, muscles aud ligaments of the joints, causing constant and shilling pain and aggregating* as a calcareous, clunky deposit which pro- ducus stillness and distortion of the joints. No fact, which experieiu-u lias demonstrated in regard to llostiutcr'« dlomacli Bitters, has stronger evidence to support than this, namely, that this • mc'lli'lim of comprehou- sive uses chucks Uiu lonnidable and atrocious disease, /lor, Is it lu*<i positively established that it is preferable to the poisoas often used to arrest it, since the medicine contains only salutary Ingredients. It is also a signal remedy for malarial fevers, constipation, dyspepsia, kidney aud bladder ailments, debllllyiuid other disorders. Bee that you get the genuine. It Is Not What We Say Bat what Hood's Sarsaparilla Does that tells the story— Hood's Cures Miss Uzsle lHay Davis llnvi'Hilll, Masa. After the Grip Nervous Prostration — No Help Except In Hood's LEARNING TO TALK ENGLISH. Sure It Suveil Her Life. . ( "Have been suffering for two years past with NERVOUS PROSTRATION which was brought on by a very severe attack of grip. Had Cold Chills almost every day for nearly three years, Have now taken, on the recommendation of ray druggist, three botttus of IIoou's Sarsa- pariila. What live doctors of both Boston and this city could not do, those three bottles of Hood'sBarsiipurlJla have done for mo. I am now well and can \yallc without a cauu. 1 feol grateful to HOOD'S SARSAl'ARILLA, as I believe I should not now be alive if it were not for Ihis medicine," Misa Lizziy MAY DAVIS, iliivorhill, Mass. • •..i I,, .1 """-••••-' ' ' • < HOOD'S PILLS act easily, yet promptly and ciliciuiitly, ou the liver imd bowels. !i5c Cores Consumption, Coughs, Croup, Bar* JUll^lWU, *>UUgU0) V*UU£F, K7W*W (Threat. Sold by all Druegitt* on a Guarantee, roi a lama Side, Back or Chest Shilob'a PerouB Matter will giro peat Mtbfacilm.-*} eeata, OPIUM Morphine Habit Oared In 19 to 30 dara. Nopay till cured. DR.J,8TEPHEN».U»banop,Obi«, CT»_.__ ^ m t . yiicif.n). Tboaividi ourea. 3*ni lain SNYDER, M. D., BEST POLISH IN THE WORLD. NOT BE DECEIVED with Pastes, Enamo'kf stain the hands, injutt , red. Tho Rising F* * 9 . iiant, Odorless, a- traces of F h P a , cka S° contains six oui vn cVep. ... tenett will make soverallsh ' , ftV y 4 5Al Hi. . which •„„ i aud -bum 9h ia Bril- HAS AN The Efforts of Foreigners Sometimes Result in Queer Compositions. TONS. 3!F$R Tho struggles of foreigners with the English language have become ptover- bial, especially since there was given to the world that funniest of all books, "English As She Is Spoke," which, as is well known, is a free translation of the real title, which is, "The New Guide to Portuguese and English." The peculiarity of the book, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, was due chiefly to the fact that its author had produced a book of French colloquial dialogues, which, with the aid of a dictionary, he put word by word into English, though he knew literally nothing of French. Necessarily he carries over bodily idiom after idiom, and as his knowledge of English was scarcely greater than his knowledge of French, the jumble and confusion that resulted may be easily Imagined. For example, ono of his familiar phrases is: "It must never to laugh of the mihappies," and another: "He burns oneself the brains," which any French scholar will recognize at once us literal translations or rather traductions. The author gives his readers the following humorous anecdote: "One-eyed was laid against, a man which has good eyes that he saw better than him. The party was accepted. 'I have gain over,' said the one-eyed; 'why, I see you two eyes, and you not look mo who ono?' " All Callfornlaus ' are familiar with Chinese English..and of late have been much acquainted with the attempts of the Japanese to master the intricacies of English, some of which, by the way, are very a musing. The Japanese, it is to be noted, are not uniformly polite letter-writers, the kitchen buy who desires leave of absence or an increase In his wages approaching the subject with a lavlshuess of compliment and an extent of circumlocution which would do honor to a trained diplomatist. India, however, if we may judge from a number of recent publications on the subject of bobu English, as it is commonly known, will havo to be awarded tho palm for queer English. The East Indian is ambitious aud is a diligent student, but in many cases ho becomes enamored, seemingly, of verbal forms and niceties, and uses words .to tho- detriment of ideas. For example, a student during an examination was required to write an essay upon the horse, which he did hi the following -' sumlnuu-y fashion: "The horse is a very noble animal, but when irritated he ceases to do so." Henry George's "Progress and Poverty" was boiled down by another essayist in this way: 'Tho rich man weltei-s on criin- ; sou velvet, while the poor man snorts on flint." The book of all East Indian books for extraordinary English is the memoir of Onooeool Chunder Mooker- jee, judge of the high court of India, published by his nephew shortly after the death of his uncle. We can select ouly a fow gffms hero to show the character and stylo of this remarkable literary production. The learned judge was stricken with illness while on the bench and ills biographer says: "All tho well-laiowii doctors of Calcutta did what they could with their puissance and knack of medical knowledge, but it proved after all us if to milk the ram. His wife and children had not tho mournful consolation to hear his last words; ho remained sotto voce for a few hours and then went to God man was naturally charitable, and this about 0 p. m." Such a distinguished is .the ,way his eulogist sums up that side of his character. "The Hon'ble Mookerjee did bleed freely, but he was not a leviatilian on the ocean of liberality.; the mode of, assignment of his charities was to such men as we truly wish and recommend and exsuscitato enthusiastically. Ho used to give monthly to many''relics who had no hobbaboy-hoy even to support, them and had no other source of sustenance left to them by their consort." to the end of the bridge—found that thirty-seven feei had ImniCd and dropped 1 iuto tho water and' put the firo out What I sa.w made me so weak that I did not have any strength to move andsat down on the end of the remnant'of the bridge. The conductor soon came to -where I was and I related to him what 1 have now told you." HOW TO PREVENT CONTAGIOUS DISEASES. SAVED BY A.SPIRIT A r OlCE. An Indiana lOugfaeer's Story of His Narrow 10seupo From Death. C.'W. Moses, of Garrott, Inil., who, by tho way, is the son of- ;i mcthodlst minister and himself a member of the inethocHst church and pot a spiritualist, was in Fort Wtij-ue the other day and narrated to a News reporter tho following remarkable. .Incident: "It /was in 1885," said ML-. Moses, "rind I was running from Gurrett, Ind., to Chicago on the night rim .and pulling the 'limited. 1 I left, Garrott at la, m. for Chicago on the night in question. AVe loft Garrett hi, good condition, but a few minutes la'te, and I endeavored to 'make up' lost time on what is known as 'Suman's grade, 1 'which is 'twenty miles long and terminated at Salt creek. Tho last three miles is perfectly straight to the Salt creek bridge. AVheu my train reached this straight track I noticed a white pillar or cloud occupying the place of the bridge and reaching quite high. I took it to bo fog, but neither above or below the bridge was the same visible. I asked my fireman if lie saw it, and he said 'Yes,' but thought it was a. fog. About this time I felt as if some one were in the seat behind me, but on turning around .no one was . visible. I then folfc a hand upon ™y I'iglit shoulder aiul then heard my mother say: -'Charlie, that bridge is burned.' I felt the fingers very plainly upon my shoulder. I knew my mother's voice. Can anyone; forget the voice of a mother? At once I applied the air; or, at least, as soon as I recovered my astonishment, Tho train came to a standstill about twenty feet from the east approach of tho bridge. I told my fireman that i 'would take my''torch and walk across the bridgo and that he should not move, the train until I signaled. I walked about uf teen fee* when I came Germs are east over the surface of the earth by the Winds. They arc taken from one country to another on the wearing apparel of the people; on all parts of the body ox- posed to the atmosphere, as hair, nails, hands; by excretions; exports and imports of every description. It should be remembered that these organisms can manifest life after an inactivity of years, generations, centuries. "Whenever (lie proper conditions exist:—heat, moisture, darkness— life becomes active, unless they are subjected to the heat required to boll water. They are taken into the body through the mouth, with food and' Avatcr; through the nose and mouth, in breathing and swallowing; through (ho skin, in cuts, abrasions and bites, and through other external passages of tho body. They develop upon the unclean. Thero appear to be very few exceptions where the normal juices of the body do not render these organisms harmless. Keep houses well ventilated, especially cellars. Let the sun's rays stream into your rooms. Prevent dampness from cellar to garret. Burn all sweepings. Sleep, at least, eight hours and cat wholesome food. Bathe at least twice every week. Clean teeth and mouth immediately upon awakening for the juices Which havo accumulated during sleep contain germs and their products. They should not. be SAvallowcd. All fruits and vegetables, when eaten uncooked, should bo previously washed In pure water. Combine all these conditions, for they will prevent tho growth of germs and give every mind perfect assurance of health during epidemics. RESOURCEFUL AS A REPORTER. A Gennan Fiddler Who Has Determined to See tiie Great Napoleon. Wonderful as are the parts which a modern reporter will play, in order that newspaper readers may gratify their curiosity, he never, according to Household, did anything older than the part a German violinist played to gratify his personal curiosity. In 1808 Napoleon held, at Erfurt, the congress of princes. In the evenings the emperor amused his guests with music and ai drama played by a French troupe brought from Paris. Spohl, the violinist, was intensely curious to see tills assemblage of royalties, and betook himself to Erfurt, thinking he might wiigiglo himself into some corner of the house. He discovered, however, that tho public were excluded, bluo blood alone being allowed to cuter, The fact that tho whole house was reserved for sovereigns and their suites would have discouraged a less determined man. But Spoilt was persistent. Having a friend who was second horn player in the orchestra he persuaded him to feign illness and to aslc the bandmaster to allow his friend, the violinist, to take his place. The request was granted, and Shopl sot himself to work to acquire his friend's part. On taking up the hora he discovered that he had sot himself a difficult, task. It took him a day to produce tho simple notes. On tho evening of tho performance tho muscles of his face were strained and stiff, his lips swollen and -black, and lie could hardly get through 'his part,, which fortunately was not. very elaborate. One thought cheered Shopi as ho took Ins seat in the orchestra, he would enjoy a fine view of tiie princes, arid especially of Napoleon, who was to sit in tho center stall of the first row. But to his dismay lie learned that the emperor had issued a; formal order directing the musicians to play with their backs to the audience, and under •spijou; .IIOTO ta"1 °1 soomnsranoap ou .-.wino oin 01 iimbo BUM.' '^spirjoTA ouj., • : geuoy. Pulling out a pocket-mirror, ho placed it before him in a proper position, and thus obtained an excellent view of tho audience of sovereigns. U. B. Government Baking Powder Tests. The report of the analyses of Baking Powders, made bv the U, S, Government (Chemical Division, Agl Dep'O, shows the Royal superior to all other powders, and gives its leavening strength and the strength of each of the other cream of tartar powders tested as follows: MlAVENINa OA8. WILL NOT HOW. Oxford and Cambridge Flatly Refuse to Attend the Chicago Regatta. Chicago, May 11.—It may now bo announced with certainty that the rowing eights of the two big English universities will not come to Chicago this season. The special university correspondent of a Landon paper says. "Both Oxford aoid Cambridge have flatly declined to go to Chicago on any consideration, and President Fletcher, no behalf of the O. U. B. G., has curtly declined a. match with either Yale or Harvard University; and little wonder, considering the treatment received by that body after going to an infinity of trouble and making every preparation for a similar race last year." John McLean, charged with obtaining money under false pretenses, was found guilty in the circuit court at Sparta. Sentence has not yet been passed. Suit h«s been commenced against S. and John O'Brien by A. L. Osbora at Ashland, to recover $3,720. BOYAti, Absolutely Pure, The OTHER POWDERS TESTED are reported to contain both lime and sulphuric aoid, and to be of the following •liengths respectively, . . • Per cent. 13.06. 12.58 . 11.13 . 10.26 . 9.53. 9.29. 8.03. 7.28. 4.98. 151.1 133.6 123.2 ,114. , 111.6 , 96.5 , 87.4 . 65.5 Royal Baking Powder is absolutely pure, and of •eater leavening power than any other powder. greater leavening power AlXSTJfiUY OF THE MODEL. YELLED A Woman of Magiiiliceut Figure Whoso Name Was Never Leurued. For n. number of years the most highly prized model in the National Academy classes in New York was u young woman known ouly as "The A'ellcd Model," says the Washington Post. No one over saw her face. She was heavily veiled when she applied for and secured employment to pose for the class. The artists engaged as instructors for the school requested her to uncover her face. She refused. "I am ready to pose nude," she said, "but I must remain unknown. If you are willing to employ me for the ligun only I shall be glad of the positiou, but the pupils must paint and draw some other head than mine." The artists demurred to this cxtraod- inary proposition. But when the mysterious stranger requested the privelege of standing before them hi a state of nature they were so delighted with the symmetry of hr figure and the exquisite purity of her flesh that'an engagement was at once effected. The veiled model posed at the academy for several winters without disclosing her identity. The Iwsavy drapery wound around her head was never removed either on the street or on the studio platform. Those who painted from her could yet an occasional gleoni of jet black eyes shining through the veil. The more curious of the pupils at first tried to follow her home at night to ascertain her name and where she lived. But one night when they tracked her nearly to her home she suddenly stopped and said quietly. "Gentlemen, it is my secret. To make it known would cause me great grief and mortification. Let it be as it is. I appeal to your honor." After that the mystery of the veiled model was respected and she came to the studio and left it unmolested. Nobody knew her name, where she lived or anything about her. At the end of the week she received her money and departed silently to turn up on ime next Monday evening. One night two years ago she faded into the darkness as usual at 11 o'clock. She was never seen never heard of again. She utterly! disappeared, and from that day until now the mystery of the veiled model has never been revealed. DAKOTA EARTHQUAKE. Madison, S. D., May 0.—Tills section was visited by an earthquake at 5 o'clock this morning. The shock lasted a minute. Houses were shaken and people awakened. No damage was done. It was also felt at Howard and Carthage. jf Mrs. Edward Policy, who died and was buried at Undue twelve years ago, has been exhumed and will be taken to Frecport, 111., and bulled In the family lot. WORK FOR, WORKERS 1 Are you ready to work, and do you wont to make money? Then write to B. F. Johnson & Co., of Richmond, , r a., and see If they cannot help you. Remember that in Garfleld Tea you have an unfailing remedy for Indigestion, sick headache and every attending ill that an abused stomach can make you suffer. Every druggist sella .it ; 25 c,, 50 c. and $1. The marriage Is announced ot Miss Emma A. Caswell, of Appleton, to Luther C. Wood, of Chicago. The ceremony took place at the bride's home. Is TOUH blood pure? Take Boccliam's I'ills. la your liver out of order? Use Bee- Tills. 25 cents a. box. F. R. Evans, a well-known Welchinan of Racine, fell from a barn and sus tallied Injuries from which ho may die. His right arm was broken, his skull fractured and he was Injured internally. WHEN TRAVELING Whether on pleasure bent, or business take- on every trip a bolllu of Syrup of Figs, as it uc'ts most pieasuiitly and effectively on the kidneys, liver and bowels, preventing fevers, Jjumlaulies und other forms of sickness. For .sulu in 5U cents und $1 bottles by all leading In the case of the State vs. Frank Cone, at Racine, the defendant failed to put hi an appearance and his bond of $500 was declared forfeited. He was charged with bigamy. It is expected that 400 members of the thirty-second Wisconsin regiment will attend the reunion to be held at Ripon In June. I afflicted with sore eyes use Dr. Thompson's Eye-Water. Price 25c. The Odd Fellows of northern Wisconsin celebrated their anniversary at West Superior on May 3. Delegations were present from Ashland, Hurley, and other points. • 'THE BEST THING YES.' That is the way a young man put It who made arrangements to work for B. F. John- sou & (Jo,, uf Richmond, Va. You can get further information, by dropping them a card. Considers it a "household necessity.' Mr. A. J. Whiting, Nu'.vion, Kansas, ueeeu Unites liis opinion thus; '•! have used Dr Bull's Cough (syi up in my family 1'or the last eight yearn and consider it a household necessity." St .Petersburg, May 8.—The Russian government proposes to convene a commission of Jewish rabbis in September next when the whole Jewish question will bo brought into consideration to assist hi bringing it to a settlement. In 18BO "Brown't BroneMal TrocW were Introduced, and their iiuccees as a care for Colds, Coughs, Asthma aud bronchitis has been uu- xmrallolod. DON'T LISTEN to the dealer who is bent on bigger profits. Tho thing that he wants you to buy, when you ask for Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription, isn't "just as good." Proof of this is easy. The only guaranteed remedy for the ailments of womanhood is the " Favorite Prescription." K it ever fails to benefit or cure, hi making weak women strong or suffering women well, you have your money back. Anything "just as good," or as sure to bring help, could be, and would be, sold In i just that way. | This guaranteed medicine is an invigorating, restorative tonic, especially adapted to woman's needs and perfectly harmless in any | condition of her system, 1 Ib builds up, strengthens, .regulates, and cures. For periodical pains, bearing-down sensa- rHons, ulceration, inflammation—every thing that's known as a "female complaint." it's a remedy that's safe, certain, and proved. Agents Wanted for the MODEL 0, Weight 30 Ibs THE DERBY FOR '93-Morgan & Wright Pneumatic. rjdqi- without reiuovliijt tlio Ili'o, and lire Jiilly explained uud Ulustruted'iu ouv catalogue, gngkes. lor uuuiuy und BiiuiilioUy Uutro in no odiiuf. for uoi'vlco uono cuu bo lundo better. i, also taueuut x<><>2-< WitnteU 111 Vvovy 'fu DERBY CYCLE CO., 161, 162 anil 163 South Canal $1., CHICAGO, "German Syrup" I am a farmer at Edom, Texas. 8 have used German Syrup for six years successfully for Sore Throat, Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Pains i» Chest aud Icings and Spitting-up of Blood. I have tried many kinds of Cough Syrups in my time, but let me say to anyone wanting such a medicine—German Syrup is the best. We are subject to so many sudden changes from cold to hot, damp weather here, but in families where German Syrup is used there is little trouble from colds. John F.Jones. • THE NEXT MORNING I FEEL BRIQHT ANB NEW AND t*ir COMPLEXION 13 BETTIB. Ky doctor «ayi It note nantly cm the stomach,, Mrjl. anditldnoya. and Is a pleasant laxatlvo. This dirtf la made from herbs, and Is prepared tor use u MiOf as tea. It la called L&HE'S MEDICINE All ,liU|tKl«" «»H " »' «0« « nd •' f" I**'!"; " 7™ ••»"* It, ..nd y.,ur .iMr-u for » fm wmple. Unj'i J.mllj k •torn In iMXieli nib d»r. In ord.r U V. k»IUir, UJU If t." V.Umi ORATOR >. WOOPWARP. I-RorJC. T. Carpets If you are a housekeeper you will hardly care to ignore this store when time for getting Carpets arrives. Not all people who trade in this establishment realize that above the second floor is a stock of Carpetingsthathas dimensions of great interest and that as a money saving corner it has no peer in this state. Kinds that have a touch of gract and beauty rarely met anywhere. They are selected with as much car* to right colorings an d right combination of tones as the most refined bilks. Why not a carpet have th« same blending grace ? Body Brussels £1.00 a yard to $1.25. They lire the backbone of the carpel) utock. Prices: Heavy Tapestry Brussels, 60 to 70o. Best Moquettes, 1.00, 1.15 and 1.45. Best Body Brussels, 1.00,1.15 and 1.25. Best Ingrain, 40c, 50c, 65c to 75c. Best Axiuiusters and Wiltons, 1.60 and 2.25. GIMBEL BROTHERS, Milwaukee. I Every Month many women suffer from Bxetiilva or Scant Mon«tru»tlon; they don't know who to confide in to cot proper advlMi Don't CQpflde in anybody but try Bradfl eld's Female Regulator '•Specific for PAINFUL, PROFUSE, SCANTY, SUPPRESSED and IRREGULAR MENSTRUATION. Book to "WOMAN" mailed free. BRADFIELD REGULATOR CO., Atlanta, Qa. Sold br all I ELY'S CREAM BALM WIM, OUHE CATARRH Prlctt 50 cents. Apply Balm In each nostril. KLX BKOS,, 68 Warren St. Mew York. Onttuonuff results of Cures ConutiputionTTieuLoTei) GoumlexfouT Saves Doctors' Bills. Samplefrco. GAiiififlLi>TF^Oo.,S19W.45tfc8t.,N.Y, Cures SickHeadacne THOMAS P. SIMPSON,Washington, D. O. No atty'H foe until Patent ob- luluod. WiUofurluvuutor'BGultle. The Best faterpof Coat. The FISH BRAND SLICKER is warranted water- proor,andwfflkeepyoudrylnthohardestetorm. The u«w POMMEL BLICKElt U a perfect riding coat, and eovers tho entire tadqie. Bewareofimltatlons. D on 't "Flih Brand" is not on It. Iltaatra- A. J. TOWEB. Boston, Mass. buy a coat U "the* . tea Catalogue tttt. (THE LATEST SENSATION I World's y»Jp Souvenir Flaying Curds, consisting of • Cook of ts Oirds, viz.: King/Queen, Jack, aud Spot Card*. On ttu /ace of each Card fa iu/u>t/rap/iea,to •**>«*! fV)//>**« f)tlM f\f tK* Alt fUtfjI'f^t HTsiitnMiZl CVui^^u. $76.00 to $350 00 'M monthly working for B. F. JOflNSON & 00.. Klcbuiond, Vu. MTEIITS, TRtnE.HaBi(S. \

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