The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 17, 1893 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 17, 1893
Page 6
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THE UPPEttMSS ALGOKA, IOWA. WEDNESDAY, MAY 1? 1893, •it '.'51 THE OLD JOHN BULL A FAMOUS LOCOMOTIVE AT THE AVORLD'S FAIR. IT STEAMS THROUGH FROM THE EAST, DESPITE AGE. Something of Interest About the Remarkable Old Engine—Brought .to the • United States In 1831—The Stourbridge Lton and Tom Thumb Date Back to 1820. tried by Horatio Allen In August of that year. Peter Cooper's experiinenta engine Toni Thumb was also built ahc tiled in 1820. This was built at the St. Clatr works near Baltimore, in 1830 (lie first successful American built locomotives were turned out/at the West Point foundry for the South Carolina railroad, namely, the Best Friend and the West Point, and in iS31 the eattie works built the JDe Witt Clinton, which, as we understand, Is the engine which the New York Central railroad will reproduce and send to Chicago with a train of cars. IT AVAS ALL A MlSTAKK. New York, May 12.—A very remarkable passenger train lefd the Pennsylvania stedou a few days ago for Chicago. It consisted of the locomotive John Bull nnd tAVo passenger cars from the earliest equipment of the Camdeii & Amboy railroad. It Avnls a, matter of a good deal of conjecture whether or not the schedule could be kept, or the locomotive could be run through to Chicago at all. The train was on time at Leetonia, Ohio. Tho engine had been overhauled at the Meadows shops of the Pennsylvania, under the direction of Mr. Hayward, and lie Avas very confident that it could not only run to Chicago AAlth its train, but could run six mouths continuously, If necessary. New tubes have been put In and the boiler has been tested to 120 Ibs., and carries 100 Ibs. The engine Is, hoAvever, essentially the original John Bull as imported in 1831 for the Camden & Amboy Railroad & Transportation company. Id AVas built) by GJcorge and Robert Stepheuson at NeAVcalstle-on- Tyne, and arrived in Philadelphia in August, 1831, and AATIS transferred to Bordentowii, N. J., Sept. 4, 1S31. The original dimensions of the engine were: Cylinders, 9 in. diameter by 20 in. stroke; one pair drivers, 4 ft. 0 In. diameter, and one pair wheels not coupled, of the same diameter. The hubs were ' of cast Iron, spokes and rims of wood, 1S31, and the flrst public trial AA'.IS made Nov. 12 of the game year, Isaac Dripps, acting as engineer, Benjamin Higgins as fireman, and R. L. Stevens, the founder of the Camden & Amboy rail- tires of wrought iron, and the total weight Avas about 10 tons. The engine Avas first put under steam Sept. 15, road, as general instructor and conductor. The John Bull remained at Borden- until 1833, the road being worked by horses up to that year. Then steam locomotion was adopted and the John Bull ran In regular service until 1800. The engine was considerably modified, but we are told that she appears now as she ran in 1830. In 1870 the engine was furnished up and exhibited at the Centennial in Philadelphia, and in 1883 it was shown, at Chicago at the expos! ton of railway appliances; then the Pennsylvaniai Railroad company presented it to t;he United States government for the National Museum at Wash ingtou, and the company has now borrowed it from the government for the world's fair at Chicago. The present weight of the engine is 22,000 Ibs. in working order and of the engine and tender 32,000 Ibs. The two pntescnger coaches arc of the original rolling stock of the Camden & Amboy, having been built In 1831. As they appear now, they have boon, of course, a good deal restored. The frames and most of the wood work, and nearly all of the- Iron work are, however), the original material. The geate arc now butt carefully copied from an old one which 'was In existence, both as to size, shape and upholstering. The floors are now, as are the wheels and axles. Wo are told thai, one of the trucks was found in a marl pit in New Jersey. Tlie cars are 30 ft. long inside, 0 ft. 0 in. high in the middle, 5 ft. 8 in. at tho eaves, and each one has scats for 48 persons, but wo are bound lo say that tho soa.ts arc exceedingly narrow and uncomfortable. Air. Forney, who rode some way with the writer of this, thinks that they are very much like tho Halo & Kilburn scat. Wo should bo reluctant, however, to enter into any comparisons. Over tho Now York division the train was in charge of AY. T. Bailey, who is the oldost passenger conductor on tho road and has thus had 35 years of active service. The gig top on the bade of tho tender was occupied by Mr. Jonas Ilagor as brake-man, who hold the same position in 1849. Mr. Thomas Gallagher acted as roar brakeman, In which capacity he also had served in 1840. Tho engine-man was Mr. A. 8. Herbert, who ran the John Bull 40 years algo and has boon running an engine ever since. J, W. Sanforcl, who lired, began his railroad life as fireman in 1855 and is now master mechanic at tho Meadows 'shops. The popular interest displayed in the passage of this train seemed really remarkable. At all the towns and villages the crowds collected were very great, and it was especialy gratifying to see tho groat numbers of school children, who had evidently boon lot out to give them a chance to see tho old train go by, Qf course A Very Good Reason AA'liy One Mail Refused to Pay a Child's Car Fare. A gentleman, accompanied by his wife and children, boarded a 4(h avenue car at 23d street yesterday morning. The Avife and children found seats inside the car. Avlille tho husband sought the front platform for a smoke, says fhe NOAV York Herald. AA'hen tho conductor called for the faros (he man gave him two dimes, at the same time explaining Avith a, jerk of his thumb over his shoulder that he was paying for the other throe members of Ms family seated inside (he car. Tho conductor rang up the four faros, and then extended his hand, with (he remark: "You owe me another nickel." "AVliat for?" laconically inquired the man, blowing a whiff of smoke around tho comer of the car. "You'll have to pay for that other child In here. She's 5 years old, isn't she?" "Yes; 1 guess .she's nearer 8." "Then why don't you pay her faro and not, keep me standing hero all day V" exclaimed the conductor, with consider,: able emphasis. "Because I don't Avant to, (halt's why," replied the man on the platform with a grin. "Then I'll have to call a policeman,'said the conductor, spitefully, ringing the bell to let off a passenger. "All right, call a. policeman; call ten if you want to. There's plenty ot them." AVhilo this dialogue. Avas going on the passengers shot many indignant glances toward tho front of tho car at the mail Avho Avas so mean that ho would not Tho wife's face turned red as a poppy a.s she heard an old lady in black exclaim. "That, man's too stingy to live." AV'hen the car reached SHi street it came to a stop, and a policeman who had been signaled to by the conductor came on board. "AAliy don't you pay the child's fare,' sion Russia sends to this country. The tntth of the matter is that .our sturgeon eggs are exported to Russia and Ayomah and she's got on a nightgown. I'll have to see about! this," and -rtW) his' revolver ready hi case of. accident other countries where the civilization j he stepped oiit of the silwidow and Is equal to caviare as a delicacy. If-spoke to the ghostly wnlfcer. _ you KVIT Avant to see the sturgeon, in all its glory go to Sandusky, 0. They ROUSED THE IOAVA VOTERS. "Gfod'evening," he said anxiously: "No excuse hue good) raoniinrf. of sturgeon there every year." FEW PEOPLE ARE SOUND. catch aiul dry and smoke and take the | you're going to mhrket, maybe you'd eggs out .of somotlilng likd 3,000 ton's better go: and put on an ulster.™ U - ." ' Ordinarily Charlie would have been - more gallant, but tills was anything but ( AVHOLLY an ordinary affair, and he dlu't require neAvspapor instinct to tell him so. TOo sheeted figure made no reply, Nearly Everybody Has Some Organ. but moved agan and came -towiml him. AA r hich Is BeloAV Normal Condition. (The cold chills chased each other dowii ; ' ' his back, and he looked for a policeman The aiutopsy performed the other .day with the usual result on (he body of a murderer disclosed the | "Stand back," he said; "(his pistol fact that he was a, very much diseased an't loaded, but it might go off." mini. Judging from fhe statement of) Bnt on Jt came, and Charlie found How Congressman -Allen Surpi Is."d a Democratic Politician in the 'f4 Campaign. J. J. Klchardsoii, the member of (he Democratic. National committee from Iowa, It. tit tllie Ebbit, says the AA'ash- Inglon News/ Mr. Richardson Is 1 power. Iowa politics and was in a manner largely responsible for Governor Boles' triumphant, election. He h;'ii servrtl on the national Filit-e *34 the physicians It seems as though near- 1 th' 1 * his legs wouldn't move In spite of he could do to make them. ste P more and he stood face Tho reason of It Is that all nmian beings are constantly liable to j Injuries which are ivpt. to 'bo penmi-i to fn ^ c wth llis strange discovery, and nent. Our lungs are affected by the Charlie saw Hint t was not only a worn- lust wo brerithe. The exposures to cold »"• uut «• young and handsome one and which we must encounter now and UL> hegati to feel better. hen leave their tiller. Of all the poo- 1 " T . b °£ J' om ' pnrdon," he said, "but tho >le whose bodies I have dissected after nl K"t air is cool, and you appear to be loath not less than one-half ex- 1 dressed rather lightly. Can I render ilbitod indications of an attack of piour- - Vou !lllv "sslstance? Is there any om sy Jit some- time in the past. Doubt-, 111 tlle house that has frightened you?" ess most of them never knew that they | stin uo answer, and Charlie embold- lad suffered from the complaint. Be- l>11( ' d I)V llis own words stepped to tho ginning life as a squalling infant, ono J' oun K woman's side and gently took goes through the world mooting in- . nor l '- v tlle !U ' ln jury alfter (Injury through exposure,' She turned her face to' him, and then accident and disease. These injuries, Wlc mytory Avas'sovlod. leave thdr tralcos on various organs of I "Another 'La Somuambula' of the the body. AAlien an formed (hey are apparent to the eye of , the physician. However, even the' vital' " 1>ve 8 ot lo tllko llor m tho house organs may work well, notwitlistand- 1 JluyllOAV ' tilat>s plain," he said to him- ing the existence of acquired abnormal!- , sclf> nn d-lie gently led the wiling walk- autopsy is per- , sf nRe ' Avitl1 a reporter as first tenor ent to the ee of , nlld lf adlng man. AA'ell. this Is a go." ties. Though you youreslf have every | cl< bllck to tllc do01 ' nml mn S the boll appearance of being sound and healthy, nml ran " lt with n 40-horsepower draft. you are not completely so in reality. Tho next minute the beautiful sloop Do you not wear eyeglasses because | Avnlkel> was "° longer asleep, but wide the shape of your eyes is not normal? awake, and Charlie had a plump And are there not gold fillings in your J" ouu ff woman in his ami in a doadfaint tooth where they decayed? "As I have sajd, none of us is wholly and he made a dash witlhi his burden nto the hall, only to moot a. healthy sound. An autopsy would not give elth- >' olin S man oven more en deshabille, or you or me a clean bill of health. "Whnts this', ho shouted, making a As we advance in life, tho complete Integrity'of our physical structure is more and more impaired. By the time grab at Charlies throat. "Shut the door you idiot," gurgled Charlie, dropping the girl on tho floor said the policeman, marching up TO tho eool but apparently mean man. "Because she isn'ti my child," calmly answered the man. Tho policeman looked at the conductor and the conductor looked at Hie man and the passengers looked at each otihor. 'llho delightful \silenco whufli followed was interrupted by the little girl herself, who called out to the conductor: "AVhy don't you fake my car fare? t want to get out at Bond street." Tho policeman looked daggers at tho conductor, and tho man and his wife smiled audibly, and (he passengers with one accord began to study the signs on both sides of the street, as the car proceeded on its way down-town. wo reach old age Id has got to be shaky I and almost putting his foot on her, AVliat, then, keeps us from dying? it. nrto1 ' tne mauer of - si c semper tyran- is a power of resistance inherent in tho , nl f' individual. Nobody knows where that WIl!lt dops this moan?" again shout- power lies, but it exists. People of torn- wl the youi1 '- man nn d Me remainder perato and careful habits live longer' 0 * tlle fnra!ly Ambling, down st atrs, than others, because they avoid Injuries none of thcm flxed to spc company, and exposures. AVe often find abnor-1 " Let K ° of lrio nnd shllt lhnt floor ' „..., "" "-" ytou" wheezed Charlie*. malltles in the skeletons of hum'an be- n " (l! rU " tdl lugs. Occasionally a man or woman I i°"dontwi want to raise the neighbor- --- n - • - ~- -••-•-"--••.•--,1 ••• *ftmAl. \Jt. »V/l4illiil - - .- _ . will have twenty-six ribs-thirteeu on ho . od a , n<1 brtog tlle P atl ' 01 wagon,a side— instead. of the usual twenty-four s , ' you? " This is regarded as a. reversion to a! bome of the offller members of the primitive type of structure, Inasmuch i fnrnily by Hlis tlme had 1<escuocl the as many monkeys have thirteen ribs on ' re P ortor nnd shllt the door, and while each side. The anthropoid apes have tlle mothfi1 ' nml M"™*" rarriod the only twenty-four ribs. Of -all mammals ™ lconsclmls Pirl up stairs Charlie told the bat has the least number of ribs . the fa(1her and son llow he liad mot the was. ht and Man at his full development has the ° nmK lndy and whnt th ? t 1 ' 0110 smallest number of bone* among mam- ' Both men knw hlm by s1 " innta, and rodents possess tho greatest had mot hinl on >diail »'° and elsewhere nlld '* wns . " of diffl(!lllt to px P lain tho " a Ilote wn " Him, and he AMERICAN STURGEON FISHERIES. How the Flesh of the Leaping Fish 1 Came to bo Called Albany Beef. ' "Why is sturgeon called Albany beef?" said a Fulton market; lish dealer to a reporter of the Now York Sun. "I don't suppose anybody oven in Al- lm.ny could toll you why, but I happen.- to know. Sturgeon 'Isn't a.s staple a, product, in the line of fiwli as it was when it got. the name of Albany beef, but there are a'great many people who would rather ha.vo it; to-day than .salmon. You trace, them back, though, and yon will find'that they come from Albany, or their-folk did. If (hero is any kind of sturgeon better than any olln-r kind it is'i-Iudson rlvur sturgeon. I don't, know .who tho first: person vs-as who had tho .nerve to taokle sturgeon as something to eat, but ho was undoubtedly a< resident of Albany. 1 think so, because tho first place whore the business of r-atohiiig sturgeon as an article of food and domestic eoim'noroo was Albany. People, at largo didn't slop over to any alarming extent about sturgeon when it first came on the market, and (ho Albany sturgeon fishermen found themselves quite frequently left number. All mammals luivo soA'cii bones in the nock, with two exceptions. ,., r . . , , „ «, Tho sloth has nine and the sea cow . ™™ ! } . o _ w '! rt ^ d . tll ?_ ofl ! < V° noxt dn /' eight. No matter how long the neck is it ahvays htis seven vertebrae. The giraffe has only as many bones in the, neck as a man has; the difference is (hat they are longer." wns invited to> call that evening on thn >r and tho young lady. Ho called, of course. Ho saw and In the, receiit campaign Avas OIK; of the most Indefatigable workers about the headquarters In Fifth avenue. Mr. Richardson is a, native of A'ermont, but AA'ent to lOAA-a. in his oar'.y manhood. He, resides at Davenport, Avlicre he edits fhe leading 'daily paper of his adopted state. In spoking of some of the prominent democratic- out tors in the last campaign Mr. Riolmlsoii told a good story on Representative Allen, of Mississippi*' According to the story Congi'osman AA'. C. P. Brecklnridge had been announced to speak In a small hamlet In the interior of New York state, and being unable to fill the appointment Mr. Allen was Induced to go In ihils stead. AVhen Allen arrived at. the village depot he AA'as met by the chairman of the town committee, n gentleman AA'ho was remarkable only for the originality of his profanity. AAlien Allen explained to him that he fluid been sent :'.< a substitute for Mr. Breckiuridge the chairman was disgusted and took no pains to conceal tho fact. "AVell, I'll be blankety blanked blank." he exclaimed savagely to Allen as ffhoy walked toward the town hall. "That Is always the AA-ay hiore; they promise us'a good speaker, and then send us some blankety blanked blank feller AA-O never heard of. fan you speak?" Allirai remarked meekly that he would try. AA 7 hen tliiey reached tflw hall and had mounted the litt.le platform the chairman addressed the meeting somewhat as folloAvs. "Fellow citizens and ladles:—! regret to say that AA'O shall be greatly disappoint od in not. being ablo to Iwar from tho groat sliver tongued orator of the famous blue grass region of Kentucky, AV. C. P. Breckinridge; but the national committee, however, sent u« in his stead another eloquent orator of the sunny south, AA'hose name is a household word from Maine to California. T refer ladies and gentlemen, to that brilliant statesman, Mr. " Then, leaning OA-OI- to Allen, ho said In a hoarse whisper that could bo heard all over the hall: "AVliat tho h—11 did you say your name was anyway?" Mr. Allen grimly gaA'O Biis name and leaving her evil brood to hatch at leisure. In due time these horrid little maggots come to»llio and find themselves cradled in a larded of fresh meat. Enclh poof spidi'r is still alive, and, his juices afford nutriment for the ichneumon-grub until. it is ready to pass into its chrysalis stage, theiice to emerge as a winged fly, fully prepared to cany oiit the traditions of Its ancestors with regard to spiders and fulfill the purpose for which they liave been created, according to ichneumon beliefc. AVISE DOG FOlf ST. LOUIS. before the meeting had concluded people were remarking: "Gee- whiv can Bret'kinridge beat him?" SHE NEVER TOOK ADVICE. Disregarding the Young Man's AA'amlng She Stepped Into tin.' Slush. WIFE AND AVEALTH. mother, he saw tho daughter, blushing and beautiful, and now if Charlie is a bachelor mucli longer there will bo j a breach of promise, siut or some It was 3 o'clock n the morning in other dreadful calamity, for Charlies tho oflico of a newspaper. Every fel- J low in the crowd was a bachelor, and each ono was informing tho other in all seriousness Ittiat he should many. "AVat for?" inquired Claude Brown of Frank Jones. "Because," replied Frank, "it Is only proper way to live." "Well If you think it's such a great- snap, why don't you get- married?" mind is made up.—Philadelphia Item. THE CANALS OF MARS. Prince Krapotkin Gives an Explanation of tho Popular Error. As to the so-called "canals" which are so much spoken of now, and two supposed to bo tho work of human beings, "Thmuleration, man! how's a fellow , Mr. Lockyor has already shown in a to buy u whole steam boat when he 'very Interesting paper "how tho incor- Imsn't enoush money to buy -a splinter 'rect. translation of the Italian cairnli off a stage plank." i, y "cnmals," instead of "channels," has , "What's the matter witlh marrying ' created a misunderstanding as regards a rich girl?" | their real nature says, tho Nineteenth the roa|dor knows that the John Bull was neither the first locomotive run in tho United States nor the flrst ono imported from England; but it is believed to be the oldest loco- inolive now In existence in the United States, for the restorations have been so few that we may say that tills engine is the original John Bull and is not a copy or model built to show what the John Bull was like. As we have stated, this engine was brought to the United States in 1831, but the Stourbrldge Lion, built by Foster, Rastrick & Co., arrived to New Yorl$ in May, 18?y, and was with more sturgeon on their hands than (they knoAv what to do with. This was unpleasant,' and they were in great, (rouble of mind-over It until they learned that. (Ihoy Avero making a groat mistake in killing their sturgeon as. they caught them. All (hoy had to do Avas to keep them alive, and tether them In tho river by ropes lied around their necks and fastened to tho piles at the AV-harves. Tho river front, in time came to be a regular pasture, so (o speak, for captive sturgeon, and some ono gaA-o (horn (hem name of river cattle, From that it AVIIS easy to refer to them as beef, and honco (he name of Albany beef. "Albany is no longer unique as a sturgeon fishing place. In fact, sturgeon fishing amounts to very little IIOAV- adays In the Hudson river. Lake Erie is tho great, sturgeon-producing Avator. Lake Ontario gives up a, good many, and sturgeon pastures aro numerous along tho St. Lawrence river. Over three miles of rope aro in use. to tether sturgeon off Oswogo nlonk during April and May. But (hey tfot rid rtf them all. The meat Is all sinokod and sent to Michigan and Oaiiadian lumber regions, whero it Is the staple fish diet. The eggs; of the Lake)Erlo nnd Ontario sturgeon make/ the caviare that you aro under the Jtnpres- "AVhoro's- the girl?" quered Charlie. Century. Tho ftu-t 'is that fhe conti- Smith argued aAvhile against mat- nenfs of Mars—which aro easily dis- rlmony, and at 3:30 started for home, >tiinguished Iby their brighter reddish Ho was thinking the conversation over, color from the darker and greenish and a.s ho trudged along it occurred seas—are intersected by many sinuous to Win that a bachelor was not only, fines which may be considered as fiords a knot on a log but that he was very lonesome knot. , a and inlets, as well as by straight, lines, ! which at. a certain period of the Martian Rinks of artificial evident. canals" is almost His way led him through the aitsto- year have boon seen as double lines cratic portion of tho city, and as he by so clever an observer as Schiaparol- passed a fine house his reverie Avas dis- li, and as single, linos at other periods. m« lock, and (tlio matrimonial line of Thait these lines, Avhk-h ran for immense thought was knocked all aAvoy by tho distances parallel to each other and roportorial instinct, and he saw instead 150 to 200 miles apart, cannot be "the of a blushing, blooming Mrs. Smith a burglar cracking a millionaire's dining room and making off Avith his silver. ( He thought of the beautiful scoop ,ho. .. . . , .. . was going to have on tho other fellows U1 " m lh ^ )J ^ 1 l l ^ om( *,™ '™! and slipping into tho shadow ho wai'.ed and listened. Click wont the lock again if tho burglar AVIIS nervous and was more anxious (limn ho AVIIS to preserve 1 the ordinary burglars quiet. The reporter ,'isc.rutinizod the d He Avho had much occasion to bo abroad on tiho day Avhou the snow, rain and wind made merry with tho population of this toAVii saw some queer sights and heard some queer things, .says the NOAV York Times. One of the worst crossings in the lower part of the city was at the intersection of Broadway and Fulton street, wjliioro tho slush and snow formed an expanse of .something which told nothing of the depth of tho mixture. Hero and there Avns a hummock which might furnish solid footing, but probably AA-ouldii't. A young man essaying tho crossing stopped half way between the surbs and, deciding that thla rest of the ford was impassable, turned back. As he did so ho ran into an elderly woman who Avas close behind him. A Canine AVhich Shows Possession of Intelligence Far Above the Average. There Is a gentleman in St. Louis who owns a dog ho wotilfl not sell for .10,000 says the Globe Democrat. The gentleman Is a paralytic,' having lost the use of his lower limbs, though he can use his arms and hand as well as anybody, and his mental faculties are uuusually bright. The attendants aro accustomed lo bring Ills' monls and place (hem on a little rolling stand by his bod, and he helps himself when lie pleases, nnd, In order to attract attention to his wants, keeps a large cano by his bedside with AVhich he knocks on the floor. The dog is greatly attached to tlikj Invalid, sloops under his bed nt niglht and sits in the room most of the day, hut is a born thief, • and nothing has ever been able to break him of his propensity to steal. On several occasions, a. few mouths ago, (he invalid detected the dog stealing his breakfast from tihe stand and gave him a. sharp rap with the cane as tin incentive to honesty. The canine apparently took the hint, but n few days later, seeing I lie di.g devouring, a. pioL-e of toast from the plate, 'due gentleman put: out his hand for his cane, when, to his astonishment, he discovered it: AVUS gone. He looked roini'l, and (hero wa.s the cano on (ho olilior side of the room, lying on tho floor. So he cuffed (he dog with his hand and drove liim away, and thought little more about the cano, supposing, naturally, that if. had been (thoughtlessly moved by ono of the family. The next day, hOAvevor. he was roused from a doze by him ring the cane fall. Ho cautiously opend one eye Avlthout moving, and saw that the dog was dragging tflio cano aAvay. Curious to Avitncss AVliat would folloAV ho a Aval ted devolopnwaits. Alftcr the Idog lmd| dragged the cane to a safe distanc he came back, took hold of the bottom of (ho stand, AVhich moved lightly on rollers, with his mouth, and dragged it five or six feet from tho bed, then helped himself to Avhat 3io wanted. Tho cunning of the dog in getting a "Beg pardon madam," said he you'd better not try'It." The lady gave her skirts an extra twitch and glared at. the youth. "I Avant you to knoAv," she respond- dinner Avithout running any risk of a beating at tho same time was so amusing that, afrer Avatohing the performance the gentleman burst into a hearty laugh. The dog AA'as startled, but kept on eating as fast as he could s though perfectly Avell aware his master could not get at him. The owner did not. have the heart to scold the dog, nnd now ono of his principal amusements, after '.h,o has eaten his meal, is to protend to go to sleep and watch tho 'dog carry awny the cane, pull back the table and liolp himself to Avhnt is loft. SAA'ED BY A PAWN 7 TICKET. A Philadelphia Society Swell Who Feared Disgrace if Ho Died. A young man well-known about, town in Philadelphia, who has apartments on Spruce street, came very near passing in his chips" a short, lime ago, but anxiety about a pawn check probably saved Ills life. Ho Avas suffering from a severe case of pneumonia, and, according to tho Record, his; physieions despaired of pulling him through. Tho grim reaper was aiboufc to cut him down, when tho young man suddenly recollected that during a, financial embarrassment previous do his illness ho vice and I don't need it. now. Lemmto by." Tho young man jumped aside and she who would not be befriended wont ahead. There was a splash, a half- Hinotherod cry, a wild scramble and she stood on the sidewalk. But the slush had gone above the tops of her stout, walking shoos. Grimly she look- ad back at her advisor, nnd tho wind brought, her remark to his .cars: "I never took u man's advice, but I wish T had that time,"she said. NATURAL And, after all thaiti has boon written In ko did not a simple optical illusion for a reality. Id also seems difficult to admit that the double linos represent parallel rivers or inlets, Avhlch periodic- uKv are free from snow become cloudy and discoveed that the robber sll -'J-' ll ' 1i " 11(l was not on tho outside, but was ovl- dontly within and was working his filed with' Avator—tho lines aro too adar to be rivers or So tho explanation is still to bo found and now hypotheses awy out, "and'he'Velt'ir'tluid "oT'cxeiie- !U<1! Iimv lll!ius ' dis(>usspd - inent. at the. thought of being able to According to one of them tho lines, capture them and with the boodle on hoth single and double, which Intersect his person. the continents m:i|y bo cre.vicos of tho Ho, slipped his revolver out of his s " lid mist; silllilav "'•''vices have been pocket, turned it on the door, and an "''lained in our laboratories, when ex- instant afterward tho door spruu" and l' wiulwlts llilvo bouu m! ' a " witjl lwks Charley was ready to cry, "Throw up !llul * rl:lss iu ordor to hllitilt(! tho c< rev- your hands," when instead of a burg- Iws illld mountain chains of theo ai-th's lar what, appeared to bo a ghost came ' s >"-fuc». In such ca'so the channels out. . would bo natural crovieos, widening by "It can't bo a. ghost," ho whispered' lho immense masses of water which In an assuring (ono to himself "for' 1 )OUV Iuto tliem dlll<1 "g the thawing ghosts don't unlock doors. They just' 01 tuo snow-caps; they would bo sort come rlsHiit. through them, but if it is'ut - ot canyons, periodically filled with wa- a ghost what the duoce is it?" ter. Ono fact is, however, certain. Tho Ho hadn't long to wait for whoever sam o double channels ha.v£ been seen or whatever it was came out into tho llus year by p ° 1TOtil1 ' who remarks that vestibule and (ho steps lowly, as if , no unprejudiced observer could fall to uncertain of the movements, a ml when • recognize them; but their positions and about half way to (lie pavement stop- ! tl10 slwipo of SoWaparelll's " rt ' " eem to differ fro Sea of the pert. "AVhew," said the''r< Sun" seem to differ from what they ere lu 187T- ENEMY SPIDER. OF THE, The Ichneumon Fly of Ceylon and Its Strange Method of Reproduction. A writer quoted by Leisure Hour givfts an interesting -account of tllie curious habits of tho ichneumon fly of Ceylon, the natural enemy of the spider. This insect Is green in color, and in form resembles a wasp, with a nmrvelously thin waist. It makes its nest of wMl-workod clay, and then goes out on a hunting expedition. Its victims are invariably spidoi-s of various kinds, but all an; subject (o the same mode of treatment. A scientific injects some poison wlhieh effectually paralyzes tho luckless spider, who is then carried off to tho nest and (hero fastened with a dab of moist clay. Another and another victim is brought, to this chamber of Iiorrors. Then the prescient mother ichneumon fly proceeds to deposit, her eggs, ono in tho body of each spider, which can just move Its logs in a vague, aimless manner, but can offer no resistance. This done, the fly returns to Dior work as a mason. She prepares more day and buildes up (ho entrance to this ghastly cell. Then sho commoiices a new coll, which sl.fc furnishes in like manner, and closes; Mien she adds yet another cell, and so proceeds until her store of eggs are all provided for, and her task hi life being accomplished she dies, raise tho necessary cash. The puwn ticket was even, at that moment under his pillow. AVI Hi remorse gnawing at his vitals ho hastily summoned his bosom friend, to whom ho confided his plight:. "I don't want to dio and have any pawn tickets found on me," he exclaimed. "For heaven's sake, got it out." Tho friend took tho ticket and hurried away with all possible speed to execute his commission, fearing ho would return and find tho owner of the watch a corpse. Strange to say, tho experience seemed t-i hav an exhilarating effect upon the sick man and ho began to mend at: once. Today he is as well as ever, but ho swoairs ho will never pawn anything again. AN HONEST AVRITER. A correspondent, says ho had a unique experience in a restaurant the other tho es- > cautiously "tip- day. Not having patronized tablishment before, -In j • ---- .........j »,.ji ( , 11 1*pod a waiter before commencing his dinner, and then asked him what ho could recommend from tho list of dish- os figuring on tho menu. The waiter pocketed tho coin and whispered: "You want rny honest advice, sir?" "Yes, certainly," "Well," s'qld tho waiter, confidentially, l should recommend another reo- taurant."-Dra,ko's Magazine. West Superior, AVis., May 11 _«„ perior people nro excited over the a " seuce of a prominent party of slv Si, porior people who l>ft Ap"ril 1 2 i V Nt Clams, near Gimfliu_Lal e, ou (he Ca !

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