The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 23, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 23, 1892
Page 7
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Tflg UPPER PflS M01NE8 4 ALGOlS A, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MARGH 23,1892. Miss Lottie Htmtlej I the slater of Mr. VV. 8. Hnntley of Cortlsn*, H. well known caroenUr and bnUdtr. Her nk itatement below glres only the abaolnlfl nth concerning her Illness and njarvelona recoT- r by the aid of Hood's Sareaparllla. She says: |0.1. Hood & Co., Lowell,Mass,: 1 "Dear Sir: Twelve years ago I began to hay« norrhages and foar years ago became so low at the physicians told me There Was No Hope hd I should soon dla. I could not be moved from ' ' bed. Under my face were napkins continually Idened with blood from my month. I could it nothing and had no action of the bowels for The doctors said the cause was ulcers in he stomach. At this time in anted to make one more onld lake bald be my mother said she trial, and asked It I told her i WILD BOY OF KUDOS' Aii Instance Showing How Hapidly Man May begenei'ate and Live .' Like Animals. Human Beings Have Been Found in Three Very Distinct Forms of : Betrogression. With Animals, BmifaingvWild, With Lost Men. tal Faculties. water. Another ctild caught in a wolf den in the same neighborhood was even more savage. He would only eat taw flesh, on which he put hia hands as a doi puts his forefeet. He drank in the man ner mentioned before and habitu ally ran on all-fours, from which, hie knees and knuckles wer quite bard. Though reclaimed by hi mother, he was quite untamable, and a last lived in the village streets like a pariah doer, going every night into tb jungle. A third boy caught near Has- anpur, could walk upright, but preferrec to go on all-fours, and ran so fast in tha position that ho one could cafch him. Hi could not talk, but. was induced to weai clothe?. But he still remains so inhuman that few people would keep him. for air time, and for three nights in succession, wolves-were seen to come up and awake him. In each case the boy played will the wolves, who capered round him anc licked him .—London Spectator. Hood's Snrsuparilla.' A Waste of Monev finding It would comfort her. I began taking In a few dayi the bloating began to subside. eemed to feel a little stronger, but thought It Illy fancy. I was eo weak I could only take ten 'ops of Uareaparilla at first. In two weeks I was 'B to lit up a few minutes every day; In a nth I conld walk acroea the room. One • I asked what they were to have for dinner, and lid I wanted something nearly. My mother was »happy she cried. It was the , : lrst Time I Hod Felt Hungry for Two Years. . ; on with Hood's Sanaparllla and In six nthi was as well as 'ever In my life. It t> now ar years since I recovered, and I hav« not had a y'i ilcknesB since, nor any hemorrhage. If ever inman being thanked the good Lord on bended i It was I. I know that Hood's Sarsaparilla 'Stlonabiy Snred my Ufe." ' ' Hood's Pills Cnr " Liver Ills ««I Hate to Ask '• '$be delicacy of "the _ „. . itf?*' excuse* for -a woman who neglects , T fr! Oh, Wojhan! False modesty 'and procrastination are responsible for much of your suffering We can- excuse young, but there., is' the :ly 'ottered .''.assistance of d ij r ,"> Lydta E. Pinkhanfs Vegetable '<Coinpotitid b the product of a life's practice .o£. a woman among' women, and'^n/unfailing cure for Roman's ills. ' -**"*• ^'emoves at i onc'e, thole pains, aches, and .nesses, brightens « spirits, and invigo- tes the entire system. ..A unexcelled remedy 0 ior,;Kidney Troubles. 1 -ii«lft« wit It, or itnt "la 1 ,, form df-Tllli or '^nrccointofSl.OO. Illl, Stic. Corre- ift.freely uiiwend. • confidence, * km. Co, Beauty often depends on t ||||pUimpness; so does comfort; | y/jjJBO -.does health. If you get !||thih, there something Upw-on'g, though you, ipay feel •i||W> sign of it. ' ' |||! Thinness itself is a sign; |||sometimes\ the , first sign ; ^sometimes 'not..' || The way to get back ' ilumpness is by CAREFUL ||IVING, which sometimes in- f<?ludes the use of Scott's jimulsion of cod-liver oil. . Let us send your-free—a |}ttle book which throws much Ight on all, these subjects. Is, 131 South sthAveaitt, muUfcn of cod-lm* eyerywhere do. (i. «a .ELY'S' lluys Palo and jlnilaumtlon, >alfl the Sores - Kestorea tho jjnieg of Taste ! »nd Smell, ,„•—• wmrwWtot} THE CURE, H AY-FEVER 'i*, 1 '" 1 *,, 1 ,' •EPHed i"to euoh nostril uud ia ,,, , . Jris tliosmmipofdysjiep sm.siuklicuilttcho, constipiitloii, piles (jjlious^uvcr, chilisniuljiinudioo. • m fiave a specific effect on the llv«ir, re-" toriug It to healthy action. 85ots. ANAKES1S gives Instant relief, imd la an INFALLIBLE CUKE tor 1'ILES. 1'rico, ft • at driiKKibts or by mail. Humpies tree. Address "ANAKIOSIS," Box ailO. NEW YOIIK CITV ifST POLISH IN.THE WORLD. QMS! NOT BE DECEIVED |th Pastes, Enamels, and Paints which - 'n the hauda, injure tho iron, and burn The Rising Suu Stove Polish is Brll- at, Odorless, Durable, and the con- uer pay» for ao tin <$ glow package i every pujcbase, •...•*••* - »• But meantime, let us give, as we find it recently quoted in the Anthenian paper, a tale which cotnen from Theesaly, of the wild boy on Mount Pindus: "Demetri- adese, worthy of honor, the warden of the king s forest on Mount Pindus, was out shooting on the mountain. Being tired, .he left tho chase of the deer and turned up a path which led. through a steep glen to «oirie shepherds' huts, where he hoped to drink a cup of milk of Pindus, milk which is famea to be the best of any; While he was. walking quietly up the path he heard a rustling in the underwood, and stayed to listen. Through the branches he saw an .unknown animal moving very quickly in the same direction as himself, and made .ready to fire, but was stopped by shouts of the. shepherds on the hillside fbovfl, who called to him not to shoot. He then.followed this sirange creature, which had the form, indeed, of a man, and was wholly naked, hut ren very t'ast, sometimes on its feet, but more often on all- fours, ; and reached-the sheep cote before him. There he found it eagerly drinking the buttermilk from a trough into which it had run while the cheeses from the morning milking were being pressed. When it saw him near,., it ran into the wood, and the chief of the shepherds told him its story. • > 'He is a bo.y,' he said; 'a •W : allacbian, the son of a Wallachian, who lived at CaS- tama, on Mount Pindus. The man went back to Walhchia to seek work, and there :he.married. He lived (here some time, but afterwards came bacfe to Mount Pin- dus. Six years he was absent, and he brought back four of five children. Then he died and Wft liig. wife"'and •children to the 'five roads,' i. e. to fortune, The woman saw no way of keeping tier children ia Castanin.soshe distribu'te'fTtheniamoae her neighbors and .. went 'back . t& • her own country. But ;bn'e of'them Van away from tho person with whom he was left,* and4ias'lived'in this part of the foresti f jr.vfour'years, •: He Jives even as you sa.w him, withouh-clothes. In summer he iives-'well, and drinks our buttermilk daily. In winter he. lies in the cav,.es, aud lives; on roots and nuts. He has learned no form of speech, neither has he a name. The forest warden determin- ;eclnot to leave him to endure another winter on the mountain, so bade the shepherds to catch,tha boy, and fastened a rope to' him and took him back to Trikalae, where he clothed him, and has clone what he can to civilizeJiim. He always keeps him with himself, or uu-Jer 'who can talk, 1 because he 'seems unable to learn to-speak any word, though' he imitates the voices of many wild" creatures. $f'6r<does he learn to understand the names ot things. But animal sounds he mimics well, and he has learned to ride. As his real name is not known, his guardian called him Sc'to'n.-' "• ,..-; • r . ?• ,. • Rttlapsed man is found in (Jj'ree' forrns-- one,.tbe most marked and least'human,'is that which ensues when he has., aa a child, been carried off and kap't^of ten'-fo'r several years—by a wild animal..-..This is the acute forta of relapse, and exhibits all the symptoms of the Pindus'boy, wi%'seyerdl others, among them t> wholly, carnivorous appetite, the' voice of.a wild beast, extreme ferociiy, and a temper quite impossible to harmonize. The second and milder form occurs when.a young ohild has run wild of been deserted and manages to keep itself alive without human aid, to which form the case of the Greek boy belongs. The wild boy . of Hanover,' found in the last century, ate nothing but roots and nuts, and, was .withou t s peeeh. The third form now very rare in Europe, but not ••• uncommon in the Ardennes and other 'districts where the wolf.still lives, is clearly the result of .the mental malady of lycanthropy; sufferers from which are yearly brought to be touched by the holy .stole of St. Hubert, who, if less potent than his votaries imagine to drive the latent poison of hydrophobia from the tainted blood, can still minister to a mind diseased, and with mystic and consoling rites cures sufferers who exhibit beyond a doubt all' the worst traits by which relapsed man is marked in the completes!' form of retrogression. What these characteristics are may be judged from the, curious complete instances of- the capture of children living in wolves', den in the province of Onde, collected, it is believed by Col, Sleeman, the • able •pfficer who took a leading port in the;. siiperes- sion of-the thugs of India, In ,the 'first case, which occurred near the Goomtee nver,- in a distiict where wolves "abound and are never killed by the .natives from fear of the ill luck which their death will bring upon the village, a native trooper saw a large she wolf leivve her 'den, followed by three whelps and a little boy. . The boy seemed on the best possible terms-with the old dam and the three whelps and the mother wolf seemed to regnrd.allfour wjth equal care. They nil went down to the river and drank, atter which they were, chased by tlie trooper, but they escaped o've'r rough ground into a den, the boy running on all fours quit o as fast as the young wolves. Tha man then got tis- sistunce nnd dug the whole party out; the wolves and boy bolted together, and the boy was caught, fastened to a ropo and led to tlie village. He could not speak, but growled and snarled like a wolf, and tried to bolt into every hole or shelter that was passed. After four days he was sent to an English officer, Capt, Nicholetta. Though kindly treated, he never learned to specie, ran a,way fro.m grow,n up : people, flew at; the children and tried to bite them, and ran to eat his food on alMours. But he was f rienJly with a 'pariah clog, and would let it share hia food. He would suck up a whole pitcher of milk without drawing breath apparently. He peyer laughed or sniped, and, destroyed ,all olothesgiven him. Two and one-half years after his capture he died, and just before his death spoke once or twice saying his head ached, and pronounced the word for For Tired Women. What is the response here to the hundreds of drawn, tired faces; the hundred? of broken down . women who, instead ol ripening into a vigorous old age, wither and droop into different stages of inca pacity nnd Huffiering? The answer is here: Learn bodily economy: Spare your forces as money. you spare your Watch your bank account of muscular and nervous strength. First, breathe slowly, breathe deeply, breathe quietly, breathe pure air. Second—Stand well, not on tho heels, not on the toes, but flat on the balls of tho feet, the body poised slightly forward, the chest well raised and air-filled. When you stand this way you rest part of your body, even though standing muscles are fatigued. Above all, when you rest, rest! If you have a few minutes to sit or lie, do nothing else in that few minutes. Allow your chair or couch to receive the whole of your weight. In this way you will double the amount of rest you get from five or ten minutes freedom from work or care. Do not, while sitting or lying, allow your mind to plan what work you (rill do next, how you will do it, how soon you will be sufficiently rested to get up, but simply rest and grow heavy. The greatest rest grows from freedom of mind, We can keep our minds free if .we will but learn how. Let them take up one thing and be content. Nothing is more sure to be slow poison to the system of American .women, with 1 heir consciences and their nerves than th) game of "laps and slams." When you stir'cake do nothing, else;, when you bake it. rest if y_ou need ;t. Dp not stand around wasting muscle and nerve "waiting." - - - . • Plan your work in your brain; then let your brain rest and it will be,again ready for work when your body is tired and its work is' done. • Cultivated women .do not, work with same good result physically • as peasant women,.'for the latter, .work, with their minds, free from all thoughts but of their work while the former work wishing often they were anywhere but where they arfi; .or; if not this, still their minds are working in different lines of ihought. When you find you are not taking ;hings one at a time and simply and ;herefore there is confusion, and fatigue, stop'bhop. Take ten minutes' rebt; lie down.with thought of your weight only and you will be astonished at the results. Every thing, will bb.. clear and you will start fresh as after a good sleep. Th<3 day that is most full of pressing care is the day when you cannot afford to- take atrleast one rest. To prevent this confusion, cut off each duty from its successor; begin anew with each task and get a deep, slow breath before each new work. These are simple directions, but if followed they surely prolong the lives of all faithful housekeepers and a set of fresher- faced old ladies will, grandmother the next generation.—Me. Farmer. Fell Eleven Stories. NEW YoisK.March 15.—A remarkable escape from instant death occurred In the new Franklin Trust Company building, at Mohtngue nnd Clinton streets, Brooklyn, this morning. Thomas McCue fell eleven stories down an elevator shaft, a distance of 120 feet, and was able to get up and walk away A Destructive 1'lre. N,\siivir,T,]-:, Tenn., March 15.—The town ot f Mount Vleasimt was Inst night visited by the most destructive fire in tin; history of that town. The principal business part of the place tvns burneil. Loss .8:]0,0(M); insurance not known. Th« Only OB« Brer Printed—C»n Toil Find the Wor.** n«r« Is a 8-loch dispUy advertisement In this paper this week which has no two words alike except one word. The same Is tru« of each new one appearing each week from The Dr. Barter MedlcIneOo. This house places a "Crescent" on everything they make and publish. Look for It, send them the imme of the word, and they will return you BOOK, BEAUTIFUL LITHOQItAPHS Or SAMPLES FRBB. William B. Merrill of Denver, Col., was sentenced to H years Imprisonment at hard labor for perjuring himself to secure a divorce. To Inaufirurut* MB KdncaSlonal C DETROIT. Jlich., March 15.—Jerry Simpson lias accepted the invitation of the People's party of this city to come here and inaugurate a campaign of education. No definite time has been set, however, when lie shall arrive. '"James Morarity, a prominent farmer o ;he town of Bushford, has been arrestec on complaint, of the humane agent, who charges him with cruelty to animals. He is accused of starving his stock. How to Manage a Manure Heap. Cow and pig manure are less liable heat thar stable manure, and it is a to good plan to make a pile consisting of a alternated layers of these three manures, or, if there is nothing but stable manure, some weeds or sods or clayey soil should be mixed with it. Pure sand will not answer. At any rate, it is known that clay mixed with liquid manure will check decomposition, while sand increases it. As a rule, sods, either fresh or niore or less decomposed', are the best things to mix with stable manure. Pat a layer of manure at the bottom a foot thick and then six inches of sods and then six inches of manure and six inches of sod on top of it, and so on till the heap is five feet high. It is usual to make the pile five or six feet wide. There is no danger of such a pile " fire- fangiug." It should bs made out of doors. It is a rare thing to have rain enough to more than saturate it. And there can be no loas unless the water that falls on the pile leaches through it and runs away. Such a compost is valuable not merely for the plant food that it contains but for the bacteria or nitrification geams or "yeast" which will grow in it and which when spread on the land will, in favorable co^- dition, cause nitrification and othet desirable chaneres in the plant food of the soil. American Agriculturist. THE THUMB. Character of Pooplo as indicated lit Their Thumbs. There is as much character in the thumbs of people as in their faces. A long first joint of the thumb indicates will power; a long second joint indicates strong logical or reasoning power; a wide thick thumb indicptes strong individuality, while a broad knob at the end of the thumb is a suru indication of obstinacy. The thumb ia the characteristic feature of the human hand, a characteristic iu which it differs from the hand of the monkey, and of all parts of the hand uo one is so strongly individual or tell-tale as the thumb.—St. Louis OHobo-Derno- irat, f Why lie was in tho Hospital. At one of our lunatic hospitals the other day an inmate gave nis name as Brown. "What," asked a waiter, "Brown who was iu tho leather-board business i 1 " "No," said the inmate, who seemed to enjoying a lucid interval, "I was in ;he leather-head business. If I hadn't joen 1 shouldn't be here."—Boston Transcript. The Algerians know what a real plague of grasshoppers is. In one district of that country alone pver fifty thousand gallons of the eggs of the pest were gathered and burned last year, Tlie The pleasant effect and pefcct safety with which ladles may use the California liquid laxative Syrup of Figs, under all conditions, makes It their favorite remedy. To get tlm true and genuine article, look for the name of tho California Fig Syrup Co., printed near the bottom of the package. The attorney-general of Penusylvanla'will :>robably file a bill in equity to test tho legally of the Reading railway deal. A slight cold, If neglected, often attacks the lungs. BBOWN'S BRONCHIAL TROCHES ivo sure and Immediate relief. Sold only in boxes. Price 26 cts. J. D. White, a postal clerk, brother of .the general superintendent of the railway, mall service, pleaded guilty at'Dubuque, Iowa, to robbing fee mall. Made to Look'tike New. Dresses, Gent's Clothlbg, Feathers, Gloves, etc., Dyed or Cleaned;. Plush Garments Jteamed, at Otto Pietch's Dye Works, 248 W. Water St., Milwaukee. Send for circular. Bishop Henry M. Turtier, of the African ilcthodist church, says that the only way to ettle the race question IB to send the"'ne- groes to Africa. If afflicted with Sore Eyes nse Dr, Kaai Thompson's Eye Water. Druggists aell U25c. The Standard Oil .company Is said to pou- ess all the gac leases in Indiana with the exception of those Peru and Ko- :omo.' RATIONALLY TKBAT' Youu. Ciild.from t.lio itart'hy usiug 1 Dr. D. Jayne's Expectorant, and y.ou may escape Lung'Troubles' not''so asily gott'eu rid-of. " •' •' '• At Jersey City, N, J., the Uulted Cardet jining company's works we're damaged S15,- 300 by flre. , ANY book In '{'Surprise Series,'V(best au. hors), 25 cent n.bvels, about 200 pages each, ent free, postpaid 1 , by Cragiu & Co., of 'hiladelphia, Pa.^ on receipt of 20'wrappers if Dobbins' Eledtric Soap. Send 1 cent for satalogue. Two robbers', overpowered the agent In a mall Wabash station near Adrian, Mich., and stole the money drawer, containing $50. ONE dose .of .Beecham'/f Pllla reliaveu »lck >eadache in 20 minutes. For sale by all rugglsts. 25 ccnU a box. The executive committee of Western Jnion recommended the declaration of the egularly quarterly dividend of 1J£ per ent. • , To THE RESCUE WITH HALE'S HONET or HOBEHODNB . AND TAB before' the baby traugles with croup. . PIKE'S TOOTHACHE DROPS Cure In one Minute. The Ean .Claire opera hous« ihtrlffe sale for $lJ3,500. was §old at a ELSEWHERE in this issue we publish the particulars of a remarkable cure that fairly outrivals the celebrated case of John Marshall, of Hamilton, which created such, a sensation throughout the country. Thejmr- ticulars of this case are vouched for by the Albany Evening Journal, recognized' as the leading newspaper at the New York State 'capital, and one of the leading-papers of the United States. There is, therefor?, no room : to doubt that the particulars of the case are accurately and carefully set forth, in every respect true, aud must therefore prove of the deepest interest to our readers; we .therefore commend the article to their Careful perusal. • The election in the Province of Quebec resulted in tho defeat of the Mercier party. De Boucherville's majority in the new house will be about thirty. A MAN who has practiced motiiclne ror lore? years ought to know salt from sugar; read what be eaya: TOLEDO, O., Jan. 10,1887, Messrs. F, J. Cheney & Co.—Gentlemen—I have boon In the general practice of medicine for moat forty years, and would, pay that in all my practice aud experience have never soon a preparation that I could prescribe with as much confidence of SUCCOBB as I can Hull's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by you. Have prescribed It a groat many times and its effect ia wonderful, and would aay In conclusion that I have yet to find a case ol Catarrh that it would not cure, if they would take It according to directions. Yours truly, L. L. GOHSUCH, M. D., Ofllco, 215 Summit St. We will give $100 for any case of Catarrh that cannot be cured with Hall's Catarrh Cure. Taken internally, P. J. CHENEY & Co., Props., Toledo, O. rug{,'iata, 75o. "LiFE hus been n burden to me for the past 50 yours on u'-count of grout suffering from very sovoro and frequent headaches. Brudycrotluo hus clono wondors for me. I am now a new man and shull proclaim the merits of your medicine to all I can roach," Georgo I 1 , fowler, Attorney at fiaw, Palatka, Fla. Of all DruggiiU. 60 cent* "Beauty without grace la a hook without n bait." That's what the French think. Whether it be true or not, there nro many American women who do not even possess the hook—beauty und attractiveness arc denied them. Why ? Because they're languid, cross mnd irritable. They know not what it ia to bo without pain or discomfort half tho time. That's it; suffer in silence—misun- derstpod—when there's n remedy—Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription—at hand that isn't an experiment, but which la sold, by druggists, under the guarantee that if you are disappointed in any way with it, you get your money back by applying to its makers. A signal service to weak womenkind is the finding of lost health—the building up of a " run-down " system. Nothing does it BO surely as tho "Favorite Prescription." None like it I For overworked, debilitated women, teachers, milliners, •eamstrosses, "shop- girls," nursing mother*— on* ana aU are cured by It A. Perfect KIJUMJCBS, va The Eev. A, Antoine of Eofugio, Tor., -writes : Aa fox as I am able to judge, I think Pastor Koonig'e Nerve Tqnlo }s a perfect BUOOOBB for anyone who has Bufleroa from a most painful nervoutmeafl as I (ltd.. 'I feel like myself again after taking the Tonio. ' \7BST 8n>B, Iowa, Oct. t, 18M. I was Buffering from nervousness, brought on by overwork, for about .'three yoarn. I could not sleep nighte, I could not ^ork, and my memory got Impaired; I. .commenced uaiug Paator Koenlg's I<prv6 Tpnlo, apd,- after giving it n trial. I feel much bott-er, my sloop -has returned, aud I am every way weal pleased with its effect on me. THOMAS DOWL1NG. I . Wp6D&lD:E;,Mmn., Nov. 27, 1890. Pastor Koenig's Nerve , Tonio cured me of heart trembling" and •• -Jswlmmlng in the head." ' . : • i ANDREW JANSEN. !— A Valuable TSooTc on Nervous Disease* sent free to any address, and poor imtiouU can also obtain tills ineUlcliie tree of clmrto. This remedy has been jprepared by the Reverend Pastor KoeniKt of Fort Wayne, Ind., since 1876. and U now-prepared .under his direction by the KOENIG MED. CO., Chicago, III. 6for8G< FREE 81.75. G Bottles for S0. IVIOTHERS' f f MURES CHILD BIRTH EASY. 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Minn. SAMPLES FREE I !S|I?;i«HS||!!Si|!M!!!|!!(?|!|!!M!i!!M...!!.^!u7; " S3;!!: • IH ST. JACOBS OIL THE GREAT REMEDY FOR PAIN, CUKKS RHEUMATISM, BACKACHE, SCIATICA,, BRUISES, FROST-BI 1 NEURALG1 just Flower' 1 I havd been troubled with dyspcp* sia, but after a fair trial of August Flower, am freed from thevexatiou* trouble—J. B. Young, Daughter* College, Harrodsburg, Ky. I had headache one year steady. One bottl* of August Flower cured me. It wa» positively worth one hundred dollar* to me—J. W. Smith, P.M. and Gen Merchant, Townsend, Ont. I hav« used it myself for constipation and dyspepsia and it cured me, It is the bestseller I ever handled—C. Rugh, Druggist, Mechanicsburg, Pa. ® D ON" * DELAY flip's BALSAM ^ »?°2 '"I'i 8oe the «*c«Ue nir the first dq». Bold by d*J e bottles. BO ««nte md MJO. Private Dalzell. Private Dalzell has issued a eali for a convention of old soldiers to meet in Minneapolis the day before the Republican convention, for the purpose of seeing to it that no man' is nominated for President who ia not in favor of largely increased pensions, and of giving the old soldiers the preference in appointment to all offices from the cabinet/Sown. Private Dalzell should take E,EID'& GEBMAN COUGH & KIDNEY CTJBB. This is the best remedy for all manner of complaints that come from a cold. This great remedy is the only cough remedy on the market that contains no opiate or narcotic. It is a sovereign cure for pneumonia, croup, bronchitis' and all other maladies that come from a eold. Get it of any dealer. Small bottles twenty- five cents, large ones fifty cents. REMEDY Co., Peoria, III THE ONLY TRUE IRON ATONIC Will pnrlfy BLOOD, reenlata KIDNEYS, remove tlVEB disorder, build strength, renew •ppetlle, restore health and Tlgororyouth. Dyspepsia, Indlficstlou, tliattlreif feeU Inffabsolutely oradloatett. Hind brightened, brain t^ power inoreasoci, •^ bones, nervei, rnu*. cles, receive new force, •ufferlng from eomplalnta pe. collar to their sex, using.H, find - ft lafe. apecdy cure. Return* roae blocta ou cheek*, beautlflee Complexlooi. Bold everrwhere. All genuine good* bear ••CrcMenb" BelidM 2 cent stamp fo ~~ p»mphlet. P«. HARTER HBPICIBB CO.. St LlMtU. H». MADE BY THB 5)UTCH PROCESS are "Treated with Carbonate ol Soda, Mtgneili, Potash or Bicarbonate of Soda." The use of chemical* can be readily detected by the peculiar odor from newly opened packages, and also from a glaai of.water in which a email quantity of chemically treated cocoa hai been placed and allowed to remain for lereral dayi. for mow than On* Hundred Yeart the houie of Walter Baker 4 Co. have made their Cocoa Preparation* ABSOLUTJSJLY PVKE, vfing IfO P<Ue«vi f recta*, Alhalit*, or X>y«s. W. BAKER & CO,, Doreh6stir,Ma8»,_ PENN MUTUAL LIFE Yon ettn hero g«t more lift insur»uoe, of • better quality,, on easier terms, nt las* cost th»n eluewher*. Address 921-8-5 Ohestmit St,, Philad'*, Patents! Pensions! Bend for luvoutor's Guide or How to Obtain a PateuU' Send for Digest of IVunloiiuud llouiitv Laws. A'atrlch. O'JKun-vell, Waalilugtuu, 1>. U. PILESJH namly J'rce. Iiixtaiit ITiuul cure iu 10 Uuyu, Never returns] no purge; uo uulvo; no suppository. A victim tried In vain ovory reuiudy lius discovered a siuipl* cure, which he will iiiuil 1'ree to hia fellow sufferers. Address J. H. lUKYiiB, box 8200, New Yorfc Pity, N. Y. i1 nln FOR YODR CHILDREN V I U U U YOUTHS ENDQWMENT ASSOCIftTlOM.' Incorporiitecl under the etute lawa for the endow, tueutol clilldiou, auy oluld from birth to 16 yeut eligible to membership, Eamhijts Mo per day per iharo, cei tlflcates wature »t Me 13 toil years Eudow. meot Fund ilouW? jue amount that any othor e«e>

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