The Record-Union from Sacramento, California on June 22, 1886 · Page 3
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The Record-Union from Sacramento, California · Page 3

Sacramento, California
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Tuesday, June 22, 1886
Page 3
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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Fourth of .Inly. The Qvitation Committee on thecelebratie I of the national anniversary met again ia-st evening, judge Henry presiding, Ingram reported acceptances receired from the State Treasurer and Secrc- tary oi State. Sab-committees reported the acceptance of the Pioneers, Hussars. Odd Fellows' Battalion, all the city and county officers, Chief of Polios Diflman and force, the inmates of the Orphan Asyluiu. G. J. Cross, as a veteran of the war with Mexico, with two llafts. Other veterans reported that they were to parade with other organizations. A committee Irom the Caledonians appeared and stated that their club would turn out in full highland c.istime, a delegation in sashes, and delegations also in carriages. But the committee added that the music necessary would c iSt the club ?">". Half of this the cmb would pay. but desired the General Committee to aid them to the other half, in rapport of the request, they said that last year the committee, feeling unable to contribute half the expense of securing pipers, who have to be brought troni San Francisco, the club was unable to appear aiid thereupon contributed .$-■"> to the Gen eral Committee, I'nder the circumstance they hoped the committee would be able to assist the club this year, otherwise it would scarcely feel able to turn out. It was voted to recommend to the General Com mittee the appropriation asked lor. Reports of progress were made regarding the Typographical Union and Pressmen's Association and other organizations, and the i ommittee (hen adjourned to the call of the (hair. The Exeeatire Committee of the Mardi Gras Association mnt at the Court-house last evening, J. 11. .Miller presiding. Secretary Buckley read several rejwrts of subcommittee», and reported everything working well, The programme is bong arranged, I las yel is niit to be made public. The night parade will be on agrasderscale than anything heretofore attempted in Sacramento. Police Court. In the T'olice Court yesterday the cases Oi Fraiik Kee and Charley Ah Chung, charged with conspiracy against Lin Doy, were ar^v-ed and submitted, and the defendant held to answer in $,">OO bail each. The case of H.W.Voight, for an assault to murder, was set for heating to-morrow. GeorgeGroff was convicted of the larceny of a pistol and fined $10. or ten days. Ah Charley. Ah Lin and Ah Jim, Chinese servants who were arrested for misdemeanor i:i using city water for irrigating their employers' premises outside of the hours aliuwed by city ordinance, were pronounce! guilty and fined $50 or fifty days cucl}. Pretty heavy sentence under the circumstances. The employers should have notified their employes of* the law in the premises. Jacob Judd's case of battery was continued until this morning row Anderson and Jack Wilson were held to answer for burglary in entering the Standard Oil Company's cellar and stealing a can oi oil. Bail, $1,000 each Wins: Chee's easy of burglary went over until the i.sib. County Hospital Items. Two ox three days aco a man named John sii!/!i was received at the County Hoepil .:m A. Keitbiey's ranch, north of the American river, near Lincoln schoolhouse, suffering from injuries received in consequence of his falling from a hay wagon. His spine was injured in such a manner that yesterday one-half of his body was paralyzed, and it* is not expected that he wili recover. A man named Rosenbaum was taken to the hospital the latter part of the vnek, he having, "while crossing the American river railroad bridge, jumped to the ground, a distai'.. oi twenty-fiya feet, to avoid a train that W;i.s approaching. Mis fall caused concussion of the spine, and he will not be able to get about again for some weeks. There is another patient at the hospital who got I nrt a few days ago near Arcade. He was walking across a piece of trestlework, when he slipped and fell through fracturing a rib and otherwise injuring himself. The McCurdy Case. . l-c:iic weeks since the Bsoobd-Uxiok gave ;i detailed statement of the murder of Charles Freher, in Lake county, <>:i July '-, 1884, A one-armed man by the name of KcCurdy was arrested and convicted of the murder, and was sentenced to b° banged some time since. He was reprieved until the 2d of July next — one wee.; trom next Friday—to enable his attorneys to present facts to the Governor which would show grave doubts of his guilt and pointing to the twin brother of the deceased a the cue guilty of the deed. The brother of the deceased, Frederick Freher, rday appeared before the Governor, and was also represented by R. M.darken, of this citT, ana asked that the commutation asked for —imprisonment for life—be not granted. They reviewed the testimony given :•.". the trial, and claimed that there were no grounds for Executive interference. The Governor has not intimated what he will do ::i the premises. Tii - ' Hm I'1 boy.—Last evening about 8:30, as Dr. G. A.White. Superintendent oi the Oonnty Hospital,was returning to that institution from the city in his bnggy. accompanied by W. H. Colter, the horse became frightened at some material on L street, above Tenth, and, the doctor pulling aside, the animal swerved so suddenly thai the vehicle was upset and its thrown :>ur. Coker was not hurt, but Dr. White received a severe injury to his right hip. A hack was procured, hi which he was conveyed to the Hospital. The buggy was badly damaged. N'otaktes ArroiNTKu.—Governor Stonenun appointed Notaries Public yesterday a?follows: Emerson EL Keek,Marysville; g N i> Mellon, Moore's Station; ('. L. X. Vaughn, Arbuckle: A. H. Bar, Callahan's; T. I. Ctaotherß, I'Wiah; R. W. Graham, l.iwrmerr: Jam-.- Cass, Cayucos; Peter J. Shields, Bacramento: A. O. Perkins, Santa Barbara; Clay W. Taylor. Shasta: Fred.W. Bell Eureka;" C. W. Bylvester, Riverside; Mi!o H. Turner. Walnut (reck; If. C. Gardiner, Crockett. The Harlan Trial.—The taking of testimony for the prosecution in the Har. Lan murder trial at Woodland was resumed yesterday afternoon in the Superior Court. M. M. Garoutte and C. L. Hollingsworth testilied as to the movements of Harlan. Barnes. Sill and O.ift immediately preceding the homicide. W. H. Soule and Chas. ti. Wheeler testified as to movements and declarations of the defendant immediately after the homicide, and outside of the hotel. iNijnr.Y Aeoct Haten.—A correspondent, writing from Uocklin, asks, " Was Jlaten, who killed James Lansing, executed or sent to State Prison/" In reply the inquirer is informed that the death "-entence of Raten was commuted to imprisonment at Folsom lor life, and he is i»w an inmate of that institution. O'Ne\l .'.. Son, Second street, between L and M, have fitted up a carpet cleaning establishment, using only the best machinery Ctapets cleaned and returned the same day. They a!s-> have a large lot of light wood at $4 a cord. Sm\i l musical instruments of all kinds— violins, guitars, rlutes. accordeons. etc.. a specialty. Also, all the latest sheet music. Cooper's r^usic store. Thz la^ee^t stock of accordeons will be found at 1.. K. Hammer's Music Store, 820 .1 Mreet. . Moxin, a most refreshing drink. Try it, at the Scxia Fountain. Go to the auction sale of book- at the Publishers' Bookstore. 424 J street, tfafe evening. Fixe confections, ice cream, water ices, cabas; etc., at W. F. Peterson a. 620 J. Oriesial beige laces at Clunie * Kiley's.- UZZA F. FRENCH. ' Efforts to Have His Death Sentence Commuted. On the 12th of March, 1884, V/://i V. French shot sod killed bis brother-in-law, Wells, in the town of Oleta. Aniador county. The feelingWSS so intenseapihist the murderer that liis counsel chained he couid not have a i'.iir and impartial trki! in Amador, and :i change of venue was obtained to .-::: i Joaquin county. After a trial erf en.- week's duration he was found guilty of murder in the iirst degree and sentenced to be hanged. The day of execution is set for June 29th—one week from to-day. From the evidence on file with tin Governor it appears that the murder was committed as follows: French was sitting In front Of B salo oi to Oleta with a shotgun in bis hands. Wells, who had come to town to do some trading, ranie up on the opposite side of the street, accompanied by his little son. when French called out to him to stop, saying: " You — — —, I've got the drop on you now ; you once had it on me." Wells pleaded with him not to shoot, that he was mistaken. French repeated the oaths, sajijng he would kill him. ordered a woman who was near n window back of Wells to get out of range of the gun, and commanded a bystander to take two little girls away who were in the street in range, then deliberately raised his gun and tired. Seven buckshot entered a post behind which Wells tried to conceal himself, while one of them passed through his brain, when he sank to the sidewalk and expired. A bulldog pistol was found in each of the outside coat pockets of deceased, and defendant testified that they were bought for and intended for him, and an attempt on his life was momentarily expected. These threats and demonstrations were testified t© by the defendant, but were unsupported by any of the other witnesses. Several eye-witnesses testified to the shooting. French's relatives are a numerous family in Amador county, and they have spared neither money nor influence to defend him. His counsel are amongst the ablest criminal lawyers in the State. They tried to obtain a new trial, and failed. They took the case to the Supreme Court, and the decision of the lower Court was affirmed. A rehearing before the Supreme Court was granted, but with the same result. Nothing more was left but to appeal to the Executive for clemency, and a strung appeal was yesterday made to the Governor to commute the death sentence to imprisonment for life. J. C. Campbell, an attorney from Stockton, appeared on behalf of the condemned man, and made an eloquent appeal for mercy. lie said French was old and a confirmed cripple, and if executed it would be the first instance on record where an individual had stood up on crutches to be hanged. He reviewed the case must thoroughly, claiming that the jury brought in a verdict of murder in the first degree without a recommendation for mercy or fixing the penalty, under a misapprehension of the law. He presented a petition, signed by several hundred residents of Amador and San Joaquin counties, which was headed as follows : George stum man. Governor : We, the undersigned citizens of the counties of Amadorand San Joaouin, most respectfully request your Excellency to commute the sentence of Ezxa V. French, who was convicted of murder in the first degree by the Superior Court of San Joaquin county on the day of , 18So, and by said (Hurt sentenced to suffer death ; and we ask that Mich sentence be commuted to that of imprisonment for life for the following reasons : Hrst—That said French is now old and a cripple for life. Second—That we do not helieve that the evidence in the case justilied the iDlliction of the death penalty. Third—That the jury who rendered the verdict in the case rendered a verdict of " guilty of murder in the first degree :" and we are now informed that the jury were not aware of the effect of their verdict: that is, that by rendering said verdict that the defendant must be hanged: but that when rendering said verdict the jury thought that the Court had the power to sentence the defendant to imprisonment for life, and that it was under such misapprehension thai the verdict was rendered. Mr. Campbell also read the following letter from the Judge before whom the case was tried: Stockton, June 18, 1886. 7b His />'■■//' /.'<7/. Qeorgt Shjncma*, Governor: Mr. Campbell informs me that the application of Izza P. French, lor pardon, will be heard before your Excellency to-morrow. At the time 1 passed upon the defendant's motion for a new trial, I regretted Unit undex the law the i Sour) had no discretion as to the penalty which should be imposed on the verdict, which was silent at to the penalty. 1 stated then that in the event of mi affirmance of the judgment by the Supreme Court, I should give him i French) the benefit of the then condition of my mind by Mating the fact to the Governor. I now beg leave to fulfill my promifc. and to say further that I have never changed my opinion, either as to what discretion the lawoeghtto.clothe the Court with in such cases, nor as to how the Court would have exercised it voder all the circumstances in this particular cafe. Ido not desire to be understood as intimating that the jury did wrong in not specifying the penalty, nor that they are mistaken as to any muigatine circumstances, or that the defendant does not deserve death ; but I do want to say, distinctly, that under all the circumstances of the case I would have Qxed the penalty at imprisonment for lift if I had hail the power so to do. would do so to-day if 1 could, and hope that your Excellency will see your way clear to commute the sentence as prayed for, and I shall ever remain, your humble servant. A Van R. Pattkrson. W. J. McGee, District Attorney of Amador county, by order of the Uoard of Supervisors of that county, appeared before the Governor in opposition to the granting of the commutation. His argument was calm, clear, pointed, and to the elfect that even-handed justice should be dealt out alike to (he dead and the living. The killing of Wells in Oleta. or Fiddletown, as it was formerly called, was beyond any question of doubt a cold-blooded, premeditated, unprovoked and willful murder. He did not appear before the Governor asking that the hand of the executioner should be permitted to do its work through malice or a desire for revenge. His position was unfortunate; he had a duty to perform. French had received all the mercy that he couid reasonably ex- He had able counsel, a fair anil impartial trial bi fore v jury of his peers; he had been found guilty as charged; had been sentenced to be hanged, and the decree of the Court should be executed. Xo mercy had been shown Wells, when he begged French not to shoot. He was shot down npon the street ; his soul sent into the presence of his Maker without a iiloment for prayer. French has had nearly three years to prepare for the awful doom thai awaits him. Ho said if this matter is to be decided on sympathy, then let that sympathy be accowed alike to the dead and the living. Yes, W-t us go to that lone and lonely churchyard, of the little villace of Oleta, and there, standing by the grave „;' that pooar old gray-haired man, Peter Wells, uninaiktd by a monument, and adorned by a single flower, placed (here by loving hands, a mark of love and affection,! with the evidence of this man's guilt in one hand, let us with the other write this verdict of sympathy. Whenever we will have done this, public justice will have been satisfied, and a broken law fully vindicated. He exhibited a petition signed by twenty-seven oat of the thirty-three Imsi- Dess men in the town of Oleta asking the Governor not to interfile. John A. Kagsn, of Jackson, ol counsel for defendant, also addressed the Governor at some length, reviewing the ground went over by Mr. McGee, claiming that popular sentiment was not so much against French in Aruador county as it had been represented to be. Of the names signed to the petition presented by McGee from Oleta there were bufctwo or three business men in the entire lot. He thought all the Governor should consider was the statement of the nine jurors and the letter of Judge Patterson. After some further remarks, which took up the entire afternoon, the Governor took the matter under advisement. Tin: lists of daily arrivals at the Palace Hotel, San Francisco, ratilies the wisdom of the ucw management of that famous hotel when it concluded to set apart a number of rooms for transient patrons at a dollar a day. The regular rates are the same as at all the other first-class hotels in San Franciso >, and the Palace is kept on both the American and European plan. Beli. (fc Co., of this «ity, are to hold an auction sale this evening, at 7:30 o'clock, at 4J4 J street. Books by the very best author will be sold without reserve to the highest bidder. Parric- wanting a good library have a grand opportunity. Do not fail to attend. Call and see the New Style W beelock Pianos, made to order, ami just received at Cooper s Music Store. Also, at the same time see the musical wonder, the Little Giant Mathushek. Celkstina- : fetation! and other;telfploying instrument-, and rolUot niu-icfor the"same, at Cooper's MusjoStore. <EU J st.» Ali over lace- for yokes, and ail kinds Of embroidery. Clunio .V KUey, corner X and Eighth streets Closing out pattern -uits of all kinds. (limit' A; Kiley. Gaum German milk and cream bread, at Peterson's. C2OJ street. Go to the great auction sale of books at 424 J street. * CITY TRUSTEES. Report of Iho City Expert—Duud Coiu- missioners' Doiugs. The Board of City Trustees met in regular session at 10 a. x. yesterday, all the members present. A delegation of citizens who live in the neighborhood of Thirty-first and V streets, appeared before the Board and stated that the open canal was being made a sewer of by the winery, brewery and slaughter am that locality. The Health Officer was instructed to look into the matter aiid abate the nuisance. W. B. Miller and F. W. Aver put in a proposition t'> letter and number all the streets at their intersections in the city. Their bid, if accepted, would entail an expense of about $250. Their proposition was backed by a petition asking that it be clone. A had;man by the name of Oilman had a coupling, so it is stated, broken on his hack caused by a wheel dropping into a chuck hole on Second street, and he put in a bill for $200 damage. One of the Trustees said he understood the actual damage was something like $10. A bystander said that the amount of the bill was nothing. It was reasonable in the face of the /act that it was presented by a hackman. If it had been presented by a plumber, he added, it would have been $2,000. The bill was rejected. The Chief Engineer of the Water Works reported 30,053,750 gallons of water pumped last week. The official grade on X street, between Twelfth and Thirteenth, was changed. A resolution of intention was laid over to improve S and T streets from Front to Second, and Second street from S to T. City expert Hopper made his report upon the books of the various city officials. The books of all the city otlicials were found correct, a few errors of a few cents only being found. The following items are gathered from the report and shows the business during the year: City Treasurer Porter paid out 566,---088 80, and had $172,987 remaining April 4th. A. S. Woods, Clerk of the Water Works collected $53,531 !.">. Collector Putnam collected $230,0,") I st. District Attorney Buckley, Sl.o*o -J.J. Police Judge Henry collected 83,005 50, and paid it all over to the city excepts $537, which went as fees to Clerk Baker. Harbormaster Kidder's accounts show that he collected and paid to the city 11,801 20. Justice C. >". Post has paid into the City Treasury during the past fiscal year $753 45, fees collected. Superintendent of the City Cemeteries, #2,.H!1'. The sum of $l(is '>{) is still due from ex-Soperintendent Lanfkotter's bondsmen. Street Commissioner, $9,767 00. To the order of the Board of Education warrants were issued to the amount of $io.->,g;.~> 93. The accounts of the City Library Trustees were tiled. The amounts disbursed were : $1,080 for salaries, $1,050 on mortgage, and $2,952 is for books. The Bond Commissioners have on hand bonds due in ISSfi, §75,100 ; l>:io, $lUS -W0; 1898, $13:;.400: 1903, $104,300; total, •>175,200. Coupons past due, $470,154 ; not due, $319,678; total, $798,832. Cash on band, $19495. Total, $1,296,yj4 52. From the organization of the Commission to June isth the cash receipts have been : From city taxes, $212,08020 ; from coupons redeemed. 51W.144 ; total, $321,274 20. The disbursements were: For bonds purchased, $156,885 S2; for coupons, $232,433 4<i ; expenses, $2,GG2 40. With the balance of $1!),2'J2 52 on hand, the amount paid out is $321,274 20. Sacramento Day. The committee appointed on Public Decorations to make the necessary arrangements for a proper reception of tbeG. A. R. visitors on •'Sacramento Day," August 1 lth. met in the parlors of the Golden F.asle Hotel last evening. It organized by electing Dr. F. F. Tebbets Chairman, and O. P. Dodge Secretary. The committee after a short discussion, adjourned to meet at the same place on Monday evening nest, at f* p. M. The f.illowins; postal has been forwarded to the address of the gentlemen whose names are subjoined : a*< BAjunrro Gesekai Cojixjttke,G. a. k. i sk rambnto, Jane 19, 1888, f Dear Sir: You are respectfully requested to BGtwith llie Committee on Invitation and UeeeptloD on the occasion oi" b'ticrnmento l>ay, G. A. 8.. Angus! 11th. A meeting will be held onTuetdai evening, Jtane l-j. lss«. utx o'clock, in tlit' parlors of the Golden Eagle Hotel. Your attendance is particularly desired. Respectfully. Jos. Stkhkns. Memboroi' Oeneral Committee. Hon. l.eluud Htanford, Governor George Stoneman, Hon. .1. i). Hrown, Hen. <.o>ri_'e I'oMiy, Hon. Newton lioctli, Hon. T. 1!. McFarlanil, Hon. \V. (;. Van Fleet, N. Green Curtis, W. P. Coleman, N. I>. Hideout, 8. C. Demon, Dr. tt. 1.. Simmons, Dr. YV. K. Cluncss, s. ('. Carnngton, C. K. McClatchy, Albeit Gallatin, .las. MeXasser, T. M. Limlley, Chris. Green, A. P. Catlin, L. Williams, Tlmmas 1.. Thompson, General .1. T. Carer, l"r,ink Miller. .1. H. Carroll, Urove L. Johnson, J. B. Wright. 1.. P. PatKtt, J. It. Watson, J. W. Armstrong, Dr. T. W. Huntiiiglon, W. P. Kuox, A. 1.. Hart, W. A. Henry, W. 0. ISowers. C. H. Cummini«i, E. (.. Messing, General H. O. Wilier, W. T. Weleker, U. .1. oiillahan.E. C. Marshall, Thos. L. Thomnson, K. K. Crocker. John Weil, C. McCreary, Fred. Cox, A. C. Freeman, (ieo. A. I'litnam. K. J. Vuu Voorhies. Rev. E. K. Pille. 11. i>. ISeutty. l'rof. M. Kahcock, I'rof. Anderson, Wm. Hani. Hall, Colonel T. \Y. Sheehnn. Rev. Father(irace, Rev. Tanbcn haur. Hon. W. J. Davis, Hon. C. T. Jones. T. J. Clnnie, Felix Tracy, Wm. Johnston. .1. A. \Vi«odson,K. .M.Clm'ken.S. Hrentis Smith, Jeflenon wilcoxson; General John Me- Comb, Kolsoju: ('has. Crocker, c. M, chase, Colonel C. Fred (.'rocker, San Francisco: Dr. Obed Harvey, G<ilt; General John Bichvell, Chico; Judge Keyaer, Murysvillc: Hon C H. Garroutte, Woodland; J. f. CarFcnter, I'lacerville; L. l>. Freer. Oroville: L. I. Shippee, Stockton; Marion Bipss, Uridley; 8. S. Cone. Ued BluiV; Jesse D. Carr. Salinas: Hon. Joseph McKenna, Saison; c. F. Reed, Knights Landing; W. S Green, Colusa; General X. P. chipman, Kcd Bluff; (lay W. Taylor. Shasta; Judge Bush. Redding: Ed. E.Leaks, Dixon; J.T.Whitney,Rockliu: J. D. Pratt, Koseville; G. D. AMrich, Lincoln ; C. P. Berry. Wheat land: G. D. l'rosser. Loonii-: 8. Griffith, Penryn; Charles E. Green, Davisville; J. 11. Bombam, Polsom; F. B. Chandler, Elmira: Allen Towle, Alta; J. H. Neil'. c.lihx: Judge Ixitt. Oroville; S. O. Lewis. J. F. Kidder. Grass Valley; Judge Nilcs Bearls, Hon. C. W. Cross. Nevada City: W. 11. Kniger. Trnckee: George llalsey. George W. Towle. Dutch Flat; W. H. Hum. i.'olaken; George D. Kellogg. Newcastle; Charles ( adwalader. Ued Bluff. Arcnos Sale ok Bjoks.—Bell it Co. will sell at auction, commenting this evening, at S o'clock, at Xo. IH J street, the entire stuck of books contained in the store, withont reserve. The works are all nicely bound, ami include Guizot's History of France. Dickens' complete works, complete works of Sir Walter Bcott, Knight's History of England, Humes History of England, Irvine's complete works, Thackeray's complete works. Cooper's Sea and Leather Stocking tales, Schiller's works, Lord Lytton's works, complete works of Carlyle," Ruskin'a complete works, Chambers' Encyclopedia, etc. Concert this Kvknik<-.—At the Plaza this evening the Hnssar Hand. O. C. Holbrook conductor, will give the open-air concert, commencing at 7:43. The programme will be asfollows : March, "Dream on the Ocean," Reeves: overture, "Xabucco," Verdi: waltzes. "Approach of Spring, •■' Zikoff; song. " Cricfcet on the Hearth." Stewart, by Coates : selection from "Mascot." Audran; baritone oliligato •*Ca33andra," Pettee, by K. A. Platt; schottische, " Linma,' 1 Pettee; selection, "Mikado," Sullivan ; galop, " Prestissimo," Ripley. Off the Tback.—The passenger train for Delta that left this city at 10:30 &. m. yesterday got into trouble at Harrington, above Dunnigan. while taking the side track to let another train pass. A defective frog caused the tender of the engine, the mail car. baggage and express, smoker and one coach to leave the rails. Word was sent to this city, and the wrecking train immediately left for the scene. Cars were also sent to transfer the passengers of the down train, if it should be necessary, and take them to Oakland by special train. A Fink Entertainment. —A social and literary entertainment was given by a number of children at the Y. M. C. A. Hall, last evening, for the benerii of the Women's Christian Temperance Inion. The programme consisted of vocal and instrumental music and recitations. The little folks who participated were all under fourteen years of age. The programme was well rendered and very pleasing. An adnibMi'ii <it 2"> cents was charged, and refreshments seived free. Dr> not fail to attend the auction >ale of book-at 424 J -treet, thi.- erening, Bell & Co., auctioneers. The " T.ittle (iiant'' Mathtuhok. Only piano with solid iron frame v ith tuning pins bushed in. A new invoice this week. Coj}k.t s music store. » Leavz your orders for ice cream, water ices, etc.. at Petersons. 02* J street. » Ten different makes of pianos for sale or rent, at Cooper's music store. BRIEF NOTES. The Jeftrov.---I.ewis theatrical company ■wont ; > Nevada City yesterday. Governor Stoneman has commissioned William ilrain. of London, Km;., a Commissioner of Deeds for California. Yesterday was the longest day of the year, thopgb t!u-re is scarcely any dillerencc in its length and that of to-day and to-morrow. George F. Wittenbroek was yesterday, in Department Two of the Superior Court, granted a decree of divorce from li-.ra Wittenbrock. Felix Rnckert, a native of Germany, has been admitted to citizenship in the Superior Court, on the testimony of Charles Iser and W. Eberbardt Robert Wilder, who was arrested In this city a fen' weeks ago for burglaries committed at Auburn, has escaped lroui the jail at that place. Mrs. Frank Aschnauer died suddenly at her residence on the Riverside road, last evening. The old lady had been in poor health for some time. The County Board o*f Examiners will meet at Pioneer Hall, at !> o'clock this morning, to examine applicants for teachers' certificate:-, and will be iv ses3ion three days. A baby fell out of a car window in the depot Sunday, having been allowed by its mother to lean out too far. It was badly scared and a little bruised, but no bones were broken. Charley Ah Chung and Frank Kee, held to answer in the Police Court yesterday for burglary in *v>oo bail, were released i'rom the county jail in bonds given by 15. N. 15ugbey and JoLo Millikin. William Bird, the member of the fire department who was run over by the hook and ladder truck while running to the fire last Friday night, was yesterday considerably improved in condition, and it is believed wi'l soon be out again. A young man yesterday refused to give Deputy Assessor l.lair his name when called upon for his poll-tax. Mr. Blair therefore had him arrested and taken before Justice Post, by whom he was fined 98 for costs of Court, and had to give his name and take a poll-tax after all. The o]>cu air concert committee met last evening to consider the application of ministers of the city to have tlie Sunday evening concerts held at an earlier hour, so that they would not interfere with church i service. The committee finally voted —-11 I tn s—not5—not to change the hour. Miss Mary Backus, daughter of Postmaster Backus, of San Francisco, died on Sunday at Watsonville, to which place she had gone to spend her school vacation. She had an attack of diphtheria, which proved fatal in a few days. The young lady had many friends in Sacramento. The residents of Brighton held another meeting Saturday to consider the advisability of levying a special tax for the building of a new school-house. It was finally decided, as the crops this season are not very good, that it would be as well to repair the oid building, and use it for a while longer. An important meeting is announced to be held at Jr. m., to-morrow at the Board of Trade rooms, for the purpose of considering plans for the advancement of the interests of Sacramento, and of the central and northern parts of the State. All citizens doirous of promoting such work are invited to be present. Geo. Davis was arrested Sunday night by ex-officer Strader, for peculiar operations about Chris. Dwyer's saloon, ut Second and L Mrcets, and at another house near by. indicating that his presence boded no good to the occupants of the premises. When arrested he produced a razor and threatened to cut Dwyer's barkeeper, who had hold of him. Edward Wise was arraigned in the Superior Court yesterday for burglary, in entering the Western I'nion Telegraph oilice and robbing the money drawer. He pleaded guilty, waived time and was sentenced by Judge Van Fleet to a term of two and one-half yean in the State Prison at San Quentin. Deputy Sheriff Karcher will take him to that institution to-day. The alarm of fire or S:2<> r. m. yesterday, from box 41. was iv consequence < f a blaze iv the rear portion of John Farren's blacksmith shop, X street, between Eighth and Ninth, that portion of the bailding being used as v residence. 'J'ho tiro destroyed the roof, and caused damage to :':'- amount of about .•?.".'mi. Insured. The origin of the blaze is a mystery, aa it is said that there had not been any iire or light in the building for some lime. It is expected that new wheat will be coming down the river on barges about the Ist of the month. In this connection it may lie mentioned that an extensive grain dealer of San Francisco has made the following announcement: " Having learned that some farmers intend to put their new wheat into old sacks, I now give you notice that I shall accept new wheat only if in new sacks. All new wheat in old Backs will positively lie rejected when received at Port Costa." " The Chinamen arrested for ham-stealing are having a great time in endeavoring to shield themselves. At tirst, they all denied being connected with the burglary of the car, then one admitted his guilt to the officers, and another, to save himself, did likewise, and the two laid the blame upon a third, who thereupon gave a full account of the whole matter, and other arrests followed, making live or six parties now under arrest lor the matter, including one who gave the officers the information upon which the first arrest was made. Painfcl Accident. —Last Satin day Mrs. Gilruer, of Whisky Hill, was removing a grape vine from a cherry tree upon which it had climbed. She reached up as- far ns possible, seized a portion of the vine with her left hand and struck a sharp blow at it with a butcher-knife, but the- knife missed the vine and struck her hand just back of the knuckle?, making a severe cut which severed the tendons leading to the index and middle lingers. City Treasury.—The following were the receipts for the week ending Saturday, .Tune 10th: Clarence Nelson, cemetery dues. $20; A.S. Woods, water rates, 51.070 ; W.A.Henry, Toliee Court fines, $8250; Geo. A. Putnam, city licenses, $542 88; K. 11. McKce, sale of hose, school tuition, etc.. $233. Total receipts, $1,903 38; total disbursements. S4.'Jrt! it ; amount in City Treasury. $217..->SI 00. AkSMTB.—The following arrests were made yesterday: Ah Lin and Ah Jim. by officer Kent, for misdemeanor; Nfrs. Shay, by officer Farrall, for disturbing the peace ; Charley Chun, by officer Agner, for misdemeanor; Geo. Harber, by officer Sullivan, for threats against life; Geo. E. Creason and Eugene Sewell.l by officer Sullivan, for carrying deadly weapons. The Borland Hotel.—The new addition of 30 rooms lias been completed am! all furnished, anil the popular proprietor. W. A. Freeman, ably assisted by that prince of pood fellows. Harry Hollistcr. is now ready to accommodate the many patron* of the liouss who think that Auburn is ju>t the best place in the State, not only for a season but ail the year found, and the Borland Hotel the l>est to stop at. There are now seventy r00n.9 in the hotel well lighted and furnished. Many of them are arranged in suites if de-ired in that form. The depot fa just across the street, the mountain scenery romantic, and it is just the place to dream away the lazy Indian Summer and build the system anew. John Breukep., the well-known furniture dealer, has opened a large branch store at !U6 J street, opposite the plaza. The stock con<ist> of a fine and select lot of furniture ot the best make. Mr. Breuner ha 1- been very successful in securing one of the best "location* in the city for a branch store. People who market at the public square will recognize this fact. * Ice cream, all flavors, at Peterson's, 620 J 3treet. • ADVEKTISFMENT MENTION. Koti c—Occidental Encampment. Notice—Concord ].< ' • ■: part; to-night Bdence I-ori^r. K. of p. —Lawn Tennis Club. - Hoard of Trade meet I ng. Auction. Sfc—Books, to-night, 121 J street Business AdvertlMmenr*. poor. i & Klley—Crepe & For sale—House biml ;••'.. d H .■;> I, Auburn. :iilr_'--<> Kc»i & - ■:> .v De Young -Firework*, SOS X street. Red 11. Labln—New clothing. MARRIED. Oakland, June IS—By Rev. S. B. Morse, John Brad way to Florence M. McCrillis, txrth of Sacramento. BORN. Sacramento, June I—Wife of Edmond Fogarty, a son. Berkeley, June I*—Wife of H. W. Chapman, a Km. DIED. Sarramenro. Jnne Ml—Willie, youngest son of Wm H. and Norah Barker, a native of Sarramemo, 9 months and 19 days. iSan Francisco papers please copy.) [Friends of the family arc inrited to attend the tnneral. from residence of parents. Third street, iKtwcen M MttA N, this afternoon iU 1 o'ciock.; * «'irramcuto, June'J'—ratrick M.CiirthT<l'rotlier ■ of Timothy nn'l Jaf-n McCarthy), n native of Ireland, S';years. 'Funeral notice hereafter.; Sacramento, "June 19—Infant son of M. and F. Watwnvills'. June 1?-May, daughterof ?amucl \\. Backus, 1' years. 1 months and 28 days. How Our Clothing is Made and Why it Pays to Give it the Preference. ¥HE advantages we offer to Clothing Buyers are telling and important. They arise in part from our ability to get the best the country affords, and from the determination to so suit customers as to have their trade permanently. One of the first questions which buyers ask about clothing is, " How will it wear ?" The point is a vital one. Much hinges upon it. Clothing that falls short in quality is costly at any price. is hard ofttimes to detect poor clothing. When new it's likely to be so ironed and pressed into shape as to look better than it really is. How is the buyer to know how it will wear and keep shape after the first newness has worn off? How is he to tell whether, like a well built-house, it is thoroughly stayed in those parts which are closed to the eye ? He can't, except by buying and wearing. With most people Clothing is too costly an item of dress to experiment with. Unlike most dealers we have nearly all our Clothing made to order. We pick out our manufacturers. We pick out our cloths. We say how this kind of suit is to be made and how that. If when the coats, pants or whatever they may be, are done, they are not up to the standard of excellence, back they go to the makers. People look to us for the best goods and isc cannot afford to keep anything else. In point of price our Clothing will be found, quality considered, always as low, and, in most cases, lower than that of other dealers. In point of style nnd fit it ranks second to none, many of the leading manufacturers of the country being engaged upon our work. This season our stock of afl kinds of Clothing is unusually large, and we are sure it will pay anyone in need of goods in this line to at least see what we have. 4:00, 402, 404:, 406, 408 Kst., Sacramento. R. J. VAN VOORHIES, S, E, Cor. Eighth and I sts. Jgß^ <S- Physicians' rri'«i-i-::i'iinis^W^sPßß^ Accurately Prepared. jeli,-:;;ilru -\A7"u sc.a."\7"h it : Frenoli "Villa,! Frencla Villa, ! WHAT IS IT? ASITERIOR QUALITY OF SOAP; IT EXcels for the TOlLlir. LAUNDKY or BATU. It costs uo more than nny good SOAP. »-The WRAPPERS are valuable. Savethein for the GRAND DISTRIBUTION OF PRIZES to be nwarded purchasers of this SOAP in October, valued at Come and see the GRAND PARLOR ORGAN, now on exhibition In our Show "Window, to be given as a SPECIAL PRIZK by us to those who buy •' FRENCH VlliliA" at our store. We issue a Coupon with every Three Bars of SOAP Twenty such Couponsentitles the holder to a full ticket in the Baffle of the IJRAND PARLOit ORGAN, to take place SEPTEMBER, :wth. Every purchaser has an equal chance to win the ORUAN, besides, the WRAPPtRiJ around the SOAP count just the same in the GRAND DISTRIBUTION OF PHIZES made by the manufacturers. «B» Remember, no other Houre oflers this SPECIAL PRIZE hut T.H.COOK&CO THE LEADING GROCEE3, ai>fi-:'>p<'i!i >LE ROK LE rji ROI DES SAVONS! Tilings brought from afar are thought to consider some hidden virtue, but the best things are more frequently near home. NEW EVERY MORNING. "The very be^t Soap I ever had.'' " Had rather do without a washing machine than the King Soap." "As to the Soap, we were very much pleased with it. lam sure it makes the clothes white." " I tried it this week according to directions and like it very •well—better, I am sure, than any soap we have here." Let tlie Soap Factory Band Play. CAPITAL SOAP CO. d23-.".p6m BUY JHE WRJHGER s ta hv a e ts §s^l >®ihs MOST LABOR fcsIkfPURCHASE GEAR I <<?"? I*>,,'■! 'nWSavei Imlf i.c labor of otbei "W^m^mlß wringers, anil costs but little more. fL, 1 rUDIDt Boon not <;H X ASK ■ "S^tfEXmrlntTho clothes. Solid White Rubber Rolls. Warranted. Asenti . ! wanted everywhere. E.\V.MELVli<.Oflice,6V2Jst I jel-3ptf INTO OBINSSE. r THE AMERICAN LAUNDRY, Nineteenth and I streets. /~vF7ICE-SAWTELLE'S BOOKSTORE 70j ; {J and 710 J »lreec White Uo'.p only env ' ployed. jnl2-Bplm THE"WOODBURY" FRUIT JAR Is Better Than "Mason" or "Gem," ■ flHr* wilt -vSVMiSI BECAUSE alter fruit pools, cover Is not loose, and does liot need any screwing down. BECAUSE "Mnson" nml 'ilher jars have a rigid lock, and will Imrst by fermentation. HECAUSE the cover dim not lOMen, while cooling, and let in air to mould tup of fruit. BKCAt'SK there in no air space between the cover aii.t fruit: then-fore uo fermentation or moulding. BECAUSE fruit can be cooked in jars with cover locked on, while ' Mason's" would (ly to pieces. BECAUSE there is no iceial iutide the jur to form a poisonous corrosion. BECACSK ]»isonous oxides form inside the zinc covers of " Masons" jur from fruit acids. BECAUSE enough poison to kill tell adults has been found in the cover of a " Mason" jar. BECAUSE "Mason's" covers have to be cut off, and spoiled wlt.i knife or file when stuck on. BECAUSE the •'WOODBURY" JAR can be opened by h child, with oue haud, after st»ndiuK four month?. BECAUSE it you set fire to apiece of paper, and put into "WOOMJUKY" JAK, it will seal the cover air tight. BECAUSE it seals itself in the same way after the hot fruit has cooled off. BECAUSE the nuisance of recookins; half- SDOile'l fruit i« done away with by the use of the •'WDODBCRT." BECAUSE the "WOODBURY" JAR has been tested and tried in every way, and pronounced TIIE KF-ST. BECAUSE housekeepers fee at a glance wherein it overcomes all the objections to "Mason's." BECAUSE ladies will buy the " WOODBURY" of your competitors, if you do not keep it. Pints $1 75 per dozen Quarts 1 5O per dozen • Half-gallon... I 75 per dozen k aj-.\«k your Grocer for It. Take no ' other, and if they ilon't ke«-i> it, semi ; your order to us. I Sacramento Glass and Crockery Co., 629 J St., & 920 & 922 Seventh st, '. SACBAMKMO CAL. jeVi-aptfruTlv* "STILL ACHIEVING, STII.L PURSUINGT j Aptly voices my position in the Furniture Trade of this Section j The Last Victory Achieved is Marble-top Bedroom Suite, $45. This stands ahead of anything in the market, and is a fitting companion for the ELEGANT SUITE I SELL TOR $18. And the facilities for Ft RNISHING YOUR PARLOR are equally sood ; for my stock shows a very handsome Parlor Suite of Seven Pieces, FOR $4O! *»-The WONDERFUL LOW TRICES quoted in this advertisement ms 7 fsuse tome to uk WHAT THE GOODS CAN Bi'. My answer "is to call and inspect them for yourself; it will cost you uothiug, and you certainly will be rewarded for your trouble. JOHN iREUNER, PROPRIETOR OF THE LAEGEST AND CHEAPEST FURNITURE HOUSE IN THE STATE! Nos. 604, 606, 608 X street, Sacramento. mr!o-3p FIIWOIsMAGpIP S WACHHORST. CS. dLjLEADiNG JEWELER OF SACRAMENTO.&jg SIGN OF TOWN CLOCK. KTo. 81S 3" street ....f024-3iU| Saoraxaouto gs> 3aLXiXJKT3E3 cfc JE*l*O3Et^iJEl.&r, « I^VjTVATCHMAKEItS & JEWELERS, 438 J street, bet. Fourth and Firth. Ej% &UmM *Sf Dealers in WATCHIS. JEWELRY AND DIAMONDS. Repairing in all "■ 'Bit'W braiithes a Specialty, under Mr. FLOBERG. Agents lor ROCKFORD WATCH COMPANY, aa-apli 411 and 413 X STREET, SACRAMENTO, CAL. FDRNITDRETND CARPETS! I IMPORT ALL MY GOODS DIRECT FROM EASTERN MANIFACTURER9. AM) KEEP THK LARGEST STOCK AND SELL MORE GOODS THAN ANY HOCSE ON TH?. COAST. By visiting my store, you will see who does the business. The following goods, and a thousand others too numerous to mention: FURNITURE. CARPETS. HKituiiOM SUITES, In Walnnt, Aah, HODI BBUSSELS CARPETS,- Clierry, Ma file, Cedar and Hoe; ROXBtIRY CARPETS, PARLOR SUITES AND LOVSGE3, SMITH'S CARPETS. BOOKCASES. THREE-PLY CARPETS. SIDEBOARDS, HAND-LOOM CARPETS,- WARDROBES, TWO-PLY CARPETS, DESKS OF ALL KINDS. HEMP CARPET-S TABLES OF AI.L STYLES, LINOLEUMS, CHAIRS OF ALL DESIGSS, OIL CLOTHS, MATTRESSES OF ALL KINDS, MATTINGS, BEDDINO—ALL KINDS. WINDOW SHADE 3, ETC. W-Soncl for jyS'ty-xxr DE*r-±oo X-iisit. ial6Spem MCSCSLLANEOITS. v *'■- * 16 f '' GAS BILLS REDUCED IS to 4O per cout- By attaching to Uas Meter THE National Automatic Gas Saving GoYcrnor! Insuring at the same time Greater Brilliam'), Steadier Flame. THE GOVERNORS Are Reliable and Durable, BEING COXSTKI CTET> ENTIRELY OF BRA--. Every Governor Warranted for Ten Years. »-PRACTICAL DEMONSTRATION OFTHE VALUE OK THE GOVKHJ.OK CAN BE SEEN IT ALL IIMEB AT TOM JSCOTT'S, Vo. 3O:s J STKEET, SACRAMENTO. For further particulars, apply to L. F. BASSETT, CIVIL AJiO SANITAKY KNGIXKEE, SACIIAMENTO, CAL.. Agent for High Class Sanitary and Economic Appliances. je:;-Splm Prepared from the Active Medicinal Properties Contained In Mandrake, Dandelion, Butternut. Black Root, Bog Bane, Bitter Root, Blood Root, Oalisaya Bark, Barberry Bark, Sweet Flag, Indian Hemp, Wa-a-Hoo, Golden Seal, etc. For the Speedy and Permanent Relief of the most hopeless cases of Dyspepsia, Jaundice, Chills and Fever, Disordered Digestion, Sick Headache, General Debility, And all other diseases arising from a Billots State of the Stomach, or an inactive or Diseased Liver. EEDLKGTON & CO., San Francisco _ Wholesale Agents. «- For sale by all drmrgists. 015-3plyAwly-t.">orSp _ WATERHOUSE & LESTER, — IMPORTZRS 07 — AXD OAKKIAOE TRIMMINGS, 109, 711,713 and 718 J Btr««t, Sacnwneßto. Mom. 18 to 22 Beale Street... —JBan Francljco No. 1» Front Strwt Ifel-tfl New York INPWSPAPER Thebert book for an JM*-\li»l r»l BIV a< ivertlser to consult, l/|an>f«Mnn||>fl be he experienced or iHDVbRTIbINt otherwise. Is contains r " ~.l»tB of newspapers and estimates of the cort of advertijins. The advertiser who waits to spend one dollar, r.nds in it the information be requires, while for him who will invest one huudred thousand dollars in advertising, a scheme I* indicated which will meet his every requirement, or can be made to do so by slight changes east'.y arrived at by correspondence. One humtred nnd nfiy-threo editions have been issued. 8»ot. post {mid, to any address for 10 cents. Apply to GEU. P. HOWKLL&CO.. NEWSPAPKR ADVF.ItTISING BUREAU, in Spruce street ifrintlnsHouieSquare), New York. fe2-ly<fcwly JAMES WOODBURN (Successor to Woonr.i it> & Baenf.->, No. 417 X Atroet Sacramento Imtorter and Wholesale Dealer in FIXE WIIES, BRABDIES AMD LIQUORS. Havlnz purchased the interest of my late t-artner. W. R. BARKES, will continue the business as heretofore, an 1 hope to receive, as form- I erly, & Hbsr»l patronage. JeH-4plin SUMMER RESORTS. SODA SPRINGS HOTEL, PLACER COCNTV. THIS DELIGHTFUL HEALTH KBBORX 13 FiSuale iv the high Sierras, with Bracing Air, Magnificent Scenery, tjnanrpund Mineral Water and Excellent Fishing and Hunting. The house is situated close to the bank of the American river, and is reached via the ('. P. R. X.and Soda Springs Station; thence to Springs ten miles l»y sage. lieitip an Interesting and attractive (irive. The Hotel i:t thil Snmmei K.-~.>rt will be opened on loth of Jane. JOHN MILLER, Proprietor. B. F. B.~)PT, Clerk. je- t:' GLENDALE HOTEL, !::■.!. CUITON CALIFORNIA. TIIK EUUSASTXST RHSOKT POB INVA- Udnaiid Toorfetaia the Moantaina, Wariu Clin-iate. Finest Water In the State. The Table is supplied wich the be>t the market aiTonls. Rooms larf;e ainl airy. To reserve rooms adirt-j. vjm MKS. S. A. PETKRMAX, Bine Canyon. BARTLETT SPRINGS, Lake County, (..'!<>•:>», THIS CELEBRATED WA- i -^.^^ toriii^-plafe ami !■?*■«!'h Mx™^^~ , Resort lias been ronii>U*tely gS^igmk^^renovated and greatly 'm'BJf«l^l^TT' proved, and Viist-«-!n-> '■•' ' **t^*' -y^- — '■ modutious larsoly tnrriUMirt BOARD AND LODGING : From #10 to $18 per \V«ek. ALLAKI> A VOINT, Manae^rs. myl-lmTuThS MISCELLANEOUS. S^ 3L> A. C3r S ! l'ricert the Lowest. BUNTING FLACS (ALL -IZESi. COTTON FLACS (ALL HZC3). *3-Agents for the CALIKORN'IA FIKKWOKKS COMPANY, whose tfoorts are known to be superior to ali Eastern manufactured. Every article guaranteed. Send for Catalogue and I'rice L&t Kf- Country Orders promptly attended to. NATHAN * DeVOUMi '405* street. )e!9ti >jy">is THE LONG-FELT WANT Of n Cheap Luxury in Food! SOMETHING THAT WILL PLEASE THE PALATE AND STRENGTHEN THE ENTIRE HUMAN SYSTKM, HAS BEEN FOLNI> IN W-FOR SALE KYERTffBEUE, m27-"plni FARMING LANDS A. LEONARD* SON, No. 1014 FOPBTH STEEET. •4,800— 4O« acre*; 8 1-8 mlleK from Folsom: all under fence: I'JO acres cleared and ' cultivated; House of T rooms; 2 large Barns: small Orchard and Vineyard. 80.000 2li) acres; 2 1-3 miles from App'.egateStation, Placercounty: :v> acrescleared: Bear River Ditch runs through the land; win raise Alfalfa and Vegetables; 3,000 to 4,W> cords of Wood standing. SB.ooO—Boo acre* near Latrolw, El Dorado county: all under fence: well wauied and timbered; unexcelled for a &oek Farm. • 1,600—160 acres In Bit; Vailey, Modoo county: one of the most fertile spots in the State: part bottom land; the biggest bargain yi«t offered. •J'S.Jioo-.'ja acres: 11 miles from Sacramento, on Stockton road: Rood Hou«,;">rooms, and Barn: 3 acres choice (Irnpuvlr j:-, and 15t> yonag Truit Trees 52.000-IGO acres near New Engluad Mills, Placercounty; well tlmbwed. •5 SO per acre; S4O acres Swamp in* Overflowed Land, oa Sacrmento rirer: 6 miles from Sacramento. jelj-up Edwin T. Earl, FRDIT PACKER and SHIPPER. F.ACRAMENTO ANTJ SAN JOB* LOS ANGELES AXD RIVF.HSIDE- Office: Cor. Front and J st*-. S.cramepto, \ je-i-Sptf

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