The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 16, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 16, 1892
Page 7
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9 MOINES, ALGOft AI IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MARCff _1$,1392, .Rain way to a clear complexion, | from blotches, pimples, erup- , yellow spots, and roughness, fy your blood, and you have it. i pure, rich blood, an active good appetite and digestion, iue of health follows. Doctor pse's Golden Medical Discovery Is yoa all of them. It is the Sid-purifier. There's no lack of 'i, but there's none like this. ^guaranteed to accomplish all * claimed for it. In all dis- arising from torpid liver and Are blood, it benefits or cures, he money is refunded. With |prdinary medicine, it couldn't lone. But this isn't an ordi- medicine. is the cheapest blood-purifier If through druggists, because you pay for the good you get. fan you ask more? fie "Discovery" acts equally $< all the year round. »,.,.„•» GREAT COUGH CURE, this success-. lljCONSUMPTION CURE is sold by dreg- rlsujftjn a positive guarantee, a test that no other Gujtlcan stand successfully. If you have a E&JJGH, HOARSENESS or LA GRIPPE, it (rillicure you promptly. If your child has the CfcOUP or WHOOPING COUGH, use it iutclely and relief Is lure. If you fear CON- BUfMPTlON. Son't wait until your case is hope- fess^biU take this Cure at once and receive Immediate help. Price 500 and.*$ if&k|your druggist for SHILOH'S CURE, Iffjypur lungs are sore or back lame, use Bbubh's Porous Plaster*. p Woman's IllRemedy ' Woman's |||)iseases.' Lydia E. Pinkham devoted a life's study to the subject of Female Complaints, working always from the standpoint of reason, with a firm belief "woman best understands a woman's hat she has done her work well is |ajnfy indicated by the unprecedented |'cce!|s of her great female remedy called ytiiajlsE. Piiit/iam't Vegetable Compound, o?|j)Vie remedy in all — lejworld has done so j,iich to relieve the stirring of her sex. tlj^compouml goes to tlielyery root of Female Complaints, drives out and re-invigorates the entire system. ' jli icll It, or I'tit br/limil, In form of 1'illi or pjxeuacs, nn receipt oflS.t .OO. Mirer' I'illi, SJ&c. Oirre- E iilonM freely iiuwcreU. mi In roufliliMice, 1VK. I'INKIIAM .Mil). CO., jf.hii.v' I/VNN, MABB. Common Soap Rots Clothes and Chaps Hands. •IVORY SOAP DOES NOT. Over. ooiuea Sick Il«a<lurhep , HANKINSON, CARTIIACIB, Mo., writes: Jrquhled with Constipation and Sick' ft yea* ago, and two bo«» QJiB- completely cured me. ln Youngstown, 0., reports a cure hy using Garfleld Tea, after the had given her up to die. IJIi Quinine, It (Garjleld Tea) Is a lj}c for La firlppc. POLISH IN THE WORLD. | THE LATEST NEWS. _ BEBBT, the English- hangman, has resigned and threatens to make a lecture tour through America. HON. Samuel T. Shelton, one of the pioneers of Warren county, died at Cam- ineron, 111., Sunday. A TERRIBLE severe storm passed all over the northwest, damagingconsiderable property. WILLIAM LINDKE, the millionaire miller of St. Paul, is dead, at the age of 57 years. THE Quebsc elections resulted in the re turn ot fifty-two conservatives and twenty- one liberals. THE corner stone of the new $70,OOC Natural History building of the University of Illinois, at Champaign, was laid Wednesday. COL. John T. Chidester, the original overland mail carrier, died at Catnden, Ark., Sunday of a complication of diseases abetted by oid age. IT is estimated that a larger acreage has been sown to wheat in California than ever before, and tte present outlook is for thfi largest crop in the history of the state. Ex SBNATOII JOHN C. NEWMYER, oi Pennsylvania, suddenly became insane Friday, while on a railway train. THE price of salt has fallen about 40 per cent, as a result of the collapse of the Western New York salt combine. THE Canadian government is buildine three revenue cutters on the great lakes ol such a nature that they win easily he turned into war vessels. CORNELIUS VANDEUBILT i« to build a new ( mansion. It i3 to cost, together with the improvements and grounds, at least $2,000,000, and will be the fiaest private esidence it) New York. iM JOHN WOHSLEY, one o.f the" early settlers of Winnebago county, died at Rock ford, 111., on Monday, aged 92 years. BUTTER was steady and a little lower on the Elgin board of trade Monday, Prices ranged from 27 to '2Q cents. One year ago 34 and 35 cents was the quotations. FOREIGN. OWSH 'BE DECEIVED - Mtes, Euamols, and Paints which <he hands, injure the iron, apd burn PUe Rising Sun Stove Polish la Brll- | Jap-loss, Pursple, »nd (b« con- f P»y» for no tin O x Bv^ry purchase, EMPEROR WILLIAM is said to hav< threatened to "pulverize Russia." THE "foot and mouth disease" hai broken out in twenty-seven places in Eng land. A SIX-BTOKY cotton warehouse was com pletely burned at Liverpool Saturday morning. The loss will be heavy. THE Tories are overwhelmingly defeat ed in the county council elections in Lon don. IT is stated from Warsaw that Eussisi is billeting troops in private houses, fear ing an insurrection. Eight newspapers in Gennnny havi been 6eiz"d for condemning tne Emperor'i Brandenburt! spe ch. ALL the Xerts anarchists under arrfs for inciting a mob have been acquitte'd bj a court-martial. IT ia reported that the pope wishes t revite the concordat, in order to eitablis! belter relations between France and th Vatican. A iiuiuucANE which passed over Lisbon unrooted houses blow down trees find caui-ed the death o? six persons flying debris. COUNTESS DE VALMY, whose sou, the Maiquis .f« (Jaux, was formerly tbe Kus bap' 1 of Mmp. Adeliua P&tti, ia dead, a tte age of 90 years. ENGLISH authors have taken up tht matter or erecting a monument to Jime RufSell Lowell, and have appointed a committee to raise a private fund for tha purpose. EVAUB BBOAD, Gladstonian, -was on Friday plected member of parliiiment from Souih Derbyshire, to fill iha vacanc; caused by the deatb of Henry Wardle. CRIME, CHABLES WALL was hanged at Tunk hannock, Pa., Tuesday morning for th< murder of his wife. Ru?us T. COLLINS has been convicted o wife murder at Gordon, Ga. He paid i negro $50 to shoot the woman. FAMILIES of the Italians lynched ai New Oileans are preparing to sue tha city for damngex amounting to between $150,000 and 8200,000. JOHN OIES, an old citizen of Burlinsr ton, Iowa, hanged himself Wednesday because of his poverty. DR. MCADAMS and William Barneti have keen indicted by the Grandy county, HI. grand jury for bank rubery and murder, jespectively. BOB MusemAVE, the life insurance swinuler, has been rcfased a new trial b.i the circuit court at Terre Haute ano sentenced to ten years in states prison. JENNIE CHAPMAN was nrersted Weilneadnv at. Terrn Haute charged with s'ealing 8990 from Thomas C. Walton, of Indianapolis. Walton lost, his pocketbook and accused (he woman of having it. FIIANK VAN ZANT, of New York, who lost between ihree and fourmiilions in the Blue Bird mines in Montana, committed suicide in London. WILLIAM BEHAND, of Chicago, was phot and killed by an unknown person in a notorious dive in Ss. Louis Sunday night. MKS. JENNIE McCiiACKEN, wife of a o busmen* man, comtuittfd suicide at Richmond, liirl., Sunday by taking cyanite of potassium. RICHAUD SOANLAN, of New York City, Found bin wife in a compromising situa- :ion, and in the quarrel whict ensued ;hrew a lighted lamp at her, resulting in r burning to d ath LIEUTENANT HETHEIUNCITON, Jhow shot i\\« wife's English »ieuucer ac Yoka- iiiuia, will bw tried by tbe American con sul (here, with rigbt of appeal to the American minister and then to the United States circuit court of California. AT Newport, Ky., William Sprott was shot and insumlly killed Sunday mowing. The bhooting was dona by one of three brothers named Colli. Sprutt had incur- rnd thd unaer of the Colli brotners, who wem arrested. At H • insville, Ky., Mr*. Jennie Dur- roll, colored, is undir urrent for the poisoning of her three «trp children. The children are in <t critical condition. FIBBS AND OASUAtTIBS. Two men were tilled and two injured, onof itulii, by d dynamite explosion Minn. AH extra engine collided with a westbound train at Rockville Md., killing Brakeman Tea tors and Fireman Buck- ales. AT Buchanan's camp npar Winnepeg, JBdward Errickson and Frank Savage were accidentally killed by an explosion, apparently of an empty glycerine can. FIRE in the United States C irpet Lining company's works, at Jersey Citv, caused damage to the extent of $15.000; many of the employes narrowly escaped with their lives. ASA result of a runaway at Minneapolis, Saturday morning, while returning from a road house, Lottie Mitchell is dead, Emma Erickson fatally wounded, and Herbert Bedford dangerously hurt. ON Thursday morning, C>nductor Me- Gill and Brakeman Mytrswere instantly killed in a collision on the Big Four railroad, near Acton, Ind. FIRE debtroyed a six-story buiding in Chicago Wedmsday, canning a loss of $125,000. Among the principal firms oc- C'ip)ingthe building wera the Chicago Paste company, the American Fruit company and the Costello company. CONGRESS. FRIDAY, March 4. SENATE.— The pure food bill was again taken up for consideration, Mr. Vest stating bii position in regard to it, but no decided action was taken on the bill. .— An animated colloquy vras entered , into between Speaker Crisp and ex-Speaker Reed over the question of "no quorum," the speaker holding that mem- b?rs were not present unless they voted. Mr. Reed took trm opposite view, holding that members present should be counted. An evening sem-ion was held for the consideration of private pension bills, but no final action was reached. SATURDAY, March 5. HOUSE. — The bill was called up by Mr. Hatch appropriating, as a deficiency, $110,000 for carrying on the work of the bureau of animal industry, and $1,000 for experiments in sugar production. Afier an animated discussion on the, merits of the bill between Messrs. Hoi man and Hutch, it was passed. The house then went into committee of the whole on the invalid pension bill, and after some time spent in consideration of the same, the house without disposing of tho bill, adjourned. MONDAY, March 7. SENATE — Among the bills introduced, was one by Mr. Sawyer, to authorizj the establishment of a postal telegraph service. A motion by Mr. Morgan to recognize the vote whereby Dubjis was declared entitled to retain his >eat, was laid aside temporarily, as was also one to reconsider the vote by which Claggett's claim was rejected. Resolutions for opening to set tlement railroad land reservations in Florida were taken up, but no quorum being present, the senate adjourned. HOUSE.— The Bland free coinage measure, was again brought before the house, and after a sharp contest, it was finally decided 10 pet apart three days, be ginning March 22, for the conriderat ion if the bi'l, bv the overwhelming vote of 190 to 84. The pension bill was then taken up. A rnotion'by iVTr. Gr-int to increase Uie appropriation from §133,000,000 to $144,000.000 wns defeated. TUESDAY, March 8. SENATE: — The Behring sea arbitration bill was dt-seussed and referred. Ssoator Stanford introduced a measuse to in- cre.ise the opium duly to $5 a pound. The bill was passed prohibiting the sale of firearms to Indians ou resiiv ttions. AJtor bri< fly discussing the pure foo.t bill, an adjournment was taken as a tn»rk of re- sp'Ct, to the late Congressman Kendall. HOUSE: — The death of Congressman Kendall, of Kentucky, was announced and the house at once adjourned. THURSDAY, March 10. SENATE — 1'iim evolution o Mr. Morgan instructing the judiciary committees in repoit on the legal propositions involved in tne Idaho contest was passed. On motion of Mr. Teller, the secretary of the treasury waa called upon for information as to tne amount of treasury notes issued under the act of July Ist,'l89 f ), and th amount of silver dollars coined. The aerl cultural defiency bill, appropriating $150, 000 for the bureau of animal industry and $10,000 for the experiments in eugar.culture was passed. Bills were also passed to survey and mark the boundary between the states of Nebranka and South Daaota on Pine Ride and Rosebud Indian reserva tkirB; making Laredo, i'exas, a sub pos' of entry, HOUSE. — Mr. Montgomery, of Kentucky addressed the house in favor of the free wool bill and tariff reform, advocating lower rates. A favorable report was made of public building b : )ls, as follows Wilkehl'sr'-e, Pa., $100,000; Helena Mont., $150,000; HttRtingn, Neb.; $60.000 Fond du Lie, Wia., $40,000. The bill for repairing the Marine hospital at Chicago was favoably repirted, with the amoun reduced from $75,000 to 830,000. The bill for thi sale of the old custom house site at Louisville. Ky., was also favorably reported. The Only On* Kter Print**— <5»n Toa find PRUDBNTLT BKEAK L)i- vouu C'oi.u by llii, timely use of l)r. IX Jayno 1 * Expectorant, an old remedy for Sore Lungs and Throats', and a certain curative for eolcU. Charles Keeple, aired 11 years, hanged himself at Freeport, Pa., becauae hia futlier reproved hltn. SAVE YouiiSBLVBS,COUGHS! .t^^n ouuaisx ot IIOKKIIOUNU AND TAH prevent bronchUie and consumption. PIKB'B TOOTUACHB Dnops Cure in one Mluute. A bill to appropriate $50,000 for a State exhibit at the world's fair waa Introduced iu the Mississippi legislature. Florid* uud the Quit Vomtt Tbe arrangements of through Bleeping ear lines of the Louisville & Nashville Kali- road are more perfect than ever this season. That company has through sleepers from the Ohio River gateways to Jacksonville, Tampa, TbomasvTlle and tbe Oulf Coast Re- torti. The time made from Chicago to Jack, epuvllle is In the neighborhood of six hours quicker than by auy other line. Folders aud other information cheerfully furnished h v George L. Cross, N. W. Pass. Agent, 2i£J .ark street, Chicago, 111. "This Is In full of account,'\«ald the barkeeper as he took the change out of a lilll. "Also," replied the custcmer, "on account of a full" " How's ThliT AT* offer One Huuclrod Uollara RewarA for my case of cs4ni'rb tbat caiiuot bo cured by toklug flall'ii Catarrh Cure. F. J. CHKNKV & CO., Props., Toledo, O. We, the uiulurtlgneil, ImvoknowuF. J. Cheney 'or tbe last fl/toeu years, aud believe blui per. eotly bouorable Iu till business tranuivctiom, mil nnauolitlly »l/le to carry out e/uyobUfiatioui uia.le by tbelr arm. .Vest*'IVnai, Wholesale TUroeglsto, Toledo, 0. >V«,ldlng, Kluiiau £ ilarylu, Wliole^ula JJrug. Klsls, Toledo. Ohio. Hull f Catarrh Cure U taken Internally, wtlng J r *?r7. ."iV 081 ^* V 1001 * ***<* uiueous »«via«eij of 'W f^ play lliis paper this week which has no two words alike except oiie word. The same Is true of ench new one ftpiiunrlmrom-h week from The L)r. Ilnrter Meilk-lneCo. This house placed a "Cre*cent" on evoryllilng they make and pnlilish. Look fur It, Bend them the immo ot the word, and they will return you HOOK, BEAUTIFUL I.ITIIOOltAI'IIS or 9AM1'I,B3 FIIBB. At Newport, Ark'., a Mrs. Swenrlngen was •hot ft tew hours after her marriage by an unknown member of a charivari paity. BrinciTAM'a FILM take the place of an en. lire medicine chest aud should be kept for use iu every family. 25 cents a hoi. A dividend of 1>^ per cent, on tbe preferred stock was declared by the Chicago & Northwestern Hallway directors. CHAOIN &Co., Philadelphia, Pa., -will send, postpaid, for 2 Dobbins' Electric Soap wrap- purs uud ten cunts, any volume of "Surprise Scries," (best authors), 25 cent novels, about 200 pages. Send 1 cout stamp for catalogue. Tho Rev. Harrison Thompson, aged 73 years, of Lebanon, III., committed suicide Jumping Into » cistern. lie waa deranged by grip. _ Tile "Throat. — "flrown't Bronehlal Troflict" act directly on the organs of the voice. They liavu an oxtrnordiuary effect In all disorders of the the throat. It U estimated that fully forty of the sealers who were driven ofl Hie Newfoundland coast Saturday have perished. Made to Look I.Ike Mew. Dresses, Gent's Clothing, Feathers. Gloves, etc., Dyod or Cleaned, Pl*isli Garments Steamed, at OttoPlolch's Dye Works, 240 W. Water St., Milwaukee. Send for circular. E. S. Do Cobnlii, a fugitive from justice. was expelled from tho English House of Commons. _ Mil. .IOHX CX FEBIMAN, Albion, Illinois, wihus on lUili, Jslll: "My wife has been u grunt, sull'urur from huaducliuB for over 20 years, and your UraUycroUno Is tho only modiclno Unit bus over relieved bcr. 1 can gut you all the recommendations you want from here. We tukc great pluusuru In rocotninendltiK It on all occo llous." Of all Druggists. Fifty cents. Mr, S. G, Derry, It. I., Widely known as proprietor of Derry'a Water- nroot Harness Oil, lella o£ hU terrible sufferings (rum Eczema aud his wonderful cure by llood s 8ur«a|mrilla. " Uentlcmen: Fifteen years ago I had an attack of iollummutory rheumatism, which was followed by J£czema or Salt Rheum breaking out on my rluht leg. The humor pprend o'l over my less, unck und urmf, H foul imiai ol (lore-*, swollen mid iicliini; terribly, ciiu-ni!: In- tenn« pain if t lie eklii wut broken by ecratchiiip, and i)Ucliar|;lngconslanlly. It Is linposxililu 1.1 di'gcrlue my 13 years of Bgoiiy uucl lorturo. 1 spent I Thousands of Dollars Jn futile efforln to get well, und WHS ill-conrnsed ii nd ready to die. ft thin lime I \vna unuljle to lie down In bed, had to Hit up all the lima and wan uir.blH to wulu wi.liout <:ritii'.ho4. l had to lioltl my arms nwny from my body, mid Imd 'in liave my nrnis. buck und legs bimdnged by my fuliliful wil'M uyico u day. "Finully a fiiHud urged me to tnko Hood's Sar- eananllu. 1 begun by Inking half n teuepoon- lui. My Stomach Was All Out of Order But Inn medicine soon corrected tms. and in elx weeks I could seo n chatiifi) in ilia condition of Hie humor wlilch neurly covered my body. It was driven to Uie euvfuce liy thu tiarxapuriUa, th« tmreu HIIOII li«»lud, and Ihu tculeti tell off, 1 WUH soon able to f.'lve up bandages and criilclipp, and a huppy man I WUH. I had been taking Hood's bartmparilla for peven montliK; and einco Ihat time, 2 years, I have worn no bandages whatever and my legs und arms are Hound uud well, The Delight of .myself liHll wife at my recovery It ls Impossible to teil. To all lily blieihe't'g friends In Boston and over the country, I recommend Hood's Sarsaparilta from personal experience." 8. O, Dually, 46 Bradford Street, Frorldence, R. I, If 700 are Bilious take Hood'* Pills. JCIST OtJT. Our nicycle Cnta'opue for 'K, which Includes llio beat In the world, Thu Sprinter Barely combliiea more good points than any other ono whe«l on earth. It h««a 80In. front wheel antl 28 In. rear, tangent ipukea, hall beur- IDKH all over, lonir head, long wheel hue, [lumber frame, hullow rims, Luuuric ctiahlon tire, hulr round, IX in. wide, very light and ro- illlunt, price SIBA, or with •Illunt, price gl^. or with pneumatlo llrcsjlkl, welglit W Ibs. The liullcu 1 Sprinter In o good ilstcr, and double drop frame. Ploa.-c do not lose ulKht of the fact that re ftre inanurai-turinf? Ilaby Carriages,lU'cllnliig Llmlrn, Invalid Honing Chalra. Ko- frlgeratnra, etc., and wa carry tb9 mrucat «t< etc of Bicycle Bumlrlea of auy house In the country. Llhernl rllscount* and epeclAl Inducemunta are ft ten |o the trade. i-UlllJHi; MFC, CO,, S81-8-6 No. Bth Bt,, Phila, Ct, A Perfect Biieceft»* v n The B*T. A. Antoina of Befagio, Tex., -writes : A* for *t t. am able to Jadga, I think Pastor Koentg'i Nerve Tonlo 1» » perfect «nooe«i tor any one who hue suffered from a molt painful nerronsnesi a* I did. If eel like myaolf again liter taking the Tonic. WBST BIDS, Iowa, Oct. 4, 1890, I Tree Battering from narronineag, brought on by overwork, for about three ten™. I eonld not ileep nlgbU, I oottltl not work, and my memory got impaired ; I commenced nslng Tailor i Koenlg't Notre Tonlo, and, »ftef giving it n trial. / I feel maoh batter, my sleep baa returned, e.nd I f tm eTery vay well pleated with Us effect on me, THOUAB DOWL1NG. WOODBIDB, Minn., NOT. 87, 1890. Faitor Koonig'B Nerve Tonlo cored me of 'heart trembling' and *iwtmmtng in the head.* ANDREW JANBEN. '—A Valuable noort en Werrons DUeiMicit Bent free to any addrenB, "German Syrup Justice of tbe Peace, Geofge Wilkinson, of I^owville, Murray Co., Minn., wakes a deposition concerning a severe cold. Listen to it. "In the Spring of 1888, through exposure I contracted & very severe cdld that settled on my lungs. This was accompanied by excessive tight sweats. One bottle of Boschee's German Syrup broke up the cold, night sweats, and all and left me in a good, healthy condition. 1 can give German Syrup my most earnest commendation." 9 FREE »nd poor Datlonbj can »!BO obtain this medicine free of choree. Thli remedy has been jprepared by tbe Reverend Pastor KoenlR. of Fort Wayue, Ind, ilnce W& and unow prepared undorhls direction by the KOENIC MED. CO.. Chicago, III. Sold by DrarelBto at 81 per Bottle. 0 for 05, J,arce 8l».o, •I/IG.JD Bottlon for «9. Both the method and results when Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant and refreshing to tho taste, and acts E intly yet promptly on the Kidneys, iver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is the only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt in its action and truly beneficial m its effects, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the most popular remedy known. . Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50o and $1 bottles by all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it. Do not accept any substitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAN FRANCISCO, C/tt, lOUtSVILL£. KY. NEW YORK. N.V. Attorney General Garland, • Attorney General Garland has finally concluded to settle down in Little Hock nnd spend the balance of Ins clnys with his friends and neighbors. When a, man wants peace and qnfctness he almost always reverts to the scenes of his youth. When he wants health he resorts to some simple remedy that he knows will do him no harm but that acts quickly and effectively. Such nn one is REID'S GKKMAK Couon & KIDNEY CURE, This great remedy contains no poison but it will give relief at once to the patient distracted with the worsb cold or the hardest cough and it does this, nob by drying up the disease but by stirnulantig the system and invigorating the Whole individual. Jt is the best milady i'or this, class of diseases that is on the rtiiU'lcet, It is of unrivalled excellence tor all maladies of a pulmonary character. Get it of any dealer. The small bottles cost twenty-five cents and the large ones fifty cents. SYLVAN REMEDY Co., Peoria, 111. II flnn FOR YODR CHILDREN V I U U U yoUTH8 ENDOWMENT ASSOCIATION. Incorporated under the state laws for the endow, mentor children,any culm from birth to 16 years eligible to membership. Earnings 2fto perdny per •hare,certificates mature it use 12 toil years Endow E.I'L'J', 11 . 1 ,'.'!'. 1 .?. 1 ."? 1 .?- 1 .."?.*" 10 "" t"»t »ny .other com, (or Tt Cm-en Cold", Goaglij. Sore Throat. i_-—_ InlluuMr.ii, \VlinopliiK Conifli, lli\>>nhlHi and Anllmm. A certain cure lor OotiKiiinpuonlu &ri j (tax"!, and » MIM rvllnf In advtincotl s In KOI. atimce. You will ttoe tho excellent jlleot- t nklnp (lie Ill-ill dona. Bold by daalera ererrwUe arue bult.j\«, BO oeut* and HI .pa. RELIEVES all Stomach Distress, REMOVES Nausea, Scnao of F CONQKSTIOX, PAIN. REVIVES FAIUNU ENERGY. RESTORES Normal Circulation. CUfc. WARMS TO Ton TIPS. OR. HARTEB MF.Oir>l»U? O«. c * • mill, ttsf Kennedy's Medical Discovery Takes hold ifl this order: Bowels. Liver, Kidneys, Inside Skin, Outside Skin, Driving everything before It thai oufh* to be out. You know whether you, need it or not. Bold by every druggist, and mannf aolureft *4-< DONALD KENNEDY, ROXBURY, MASS. amd MOODT'I IMPBOVID TAILOa Cnttlij, u»- u 4. es, Sick Head- GRATEFUL — COMFORTING. © , od does no "B" lif <W» ••»••• EKaw.T.i I«WlTiny Pillsf PILE! FAT FOLKS REDUCED nnMrB. Alice Maple, Oregon, Mo., writeai • j ",' ' i My weUhtwasSal pounds, now H In 10B, • redaction of 125 lbn." For circular* uddresfl. with 60., Pr.U.VV.y.BNYIlpin. McVlckBrVi'lieotro. (IhUmo.Ill. 1P^ a HDDS S ^*> ^*« tree. Instant Relief, Fino1 our o in 10 dnys. Nerer retarot; no .. purge! rio >alve; nouuppoBltory. A tlotlm tried In ram every remedy Imi dinoorered a ilaiple •are, which lie will mull free to hln fellow nutrerors, AddreM J. 11. KEKYKII, bo» 8280. Kew Yor« Olty. N Y., M *J N T0 TJ{ '» VKL - We pay IfiSt, $100 u monlli uud expuntu*. LLIN ii, VVI« P nil PILES ANAKESISuciTOslnaUnt relief, and is an INFALU. BLE OU1US for PILES. Price, SI; at druggists or VT mall. Uainnlos free. AddreuS v^bi^mcvKiajita," Box *I10, I^BW Yowt CITY. • « £* ** » V i» F3 T~. JL^tta f««A 19 «J f X disabled. $2 Te« for Increase. 26 years »i. I perlenoe. Write' for laws. A'. W. MoOoilMIOK * BOMB, WASHINOTOM, D. 0. and OlHOiMmn, O. T?TVrOT/^'Vr. JOHN W. MOUH1S. Jl/l> OlV^i.>l Washington. D. O. ' r Successfully Prosecutes Claims, Late Prlnoipul Kzumlner U. 8. i'eunlcm Bureau* » yri. In late war, 15 adjudicating claims, att'y stuoa. WIS. PUB UNION 16-11. iT> ATE? lil "T 1 0° PATE N TS Free. BREAKFAST. '"Sr a thoroDgh kuowledg. of tho nataral lawn jhloh gotern th* operations of dlf-entlon and nutrl.' Ron, and 117 a car«fal application of the fin. prop.r. U*a ot well-ooleotod Ooooa, Mr. K|<pa Liu provided »nr k>rtmkfi»t table, with a dolicatoly narored her- Vajst* which may lavj D. many hi>uv/ doctor.' bill.. . i it by the judlelon. Die ot tuoh artloloa of diet that a uoimltutlon may b. gradually built up until •trong onout'h to regl.t every t.ndouoy to dl«.ai*. Uundrortu of gubtle maladlei are flouting around u| ready to attack wherurer there 1. a weak point We may men pa many a fatal .haft by keeping oor. l.lve. well fortified with uure bluod and a utuuocll nonrlshsil frame."— "OlYil Service Qanette.'' Made .Imply with boiling water or milk. 6ol* only In half-pound tlni, by Grocer., labelled thun I < ff» A €O., HoDoeopathil Ob.oml.ti, I.OMPOII, ENQLAMP. no Habit Our«d In 1O O |T IT n Q O EL L U O r— 100,000 ~i LROSES&PLANTSJ LA-CROSSE-V/IS. A Monttl an(1 E To Agentu to Sell O i OAK8 T0 CHEAPER THAN BARB WIRE, HUMAN0E Rfflr N ;A LVISIBLB ' . « 0. BISIKO & 00., eiun, ft . .„_- . «,r»iu,itiiu>. SAMPLES FREE I PISO'S CURE FOR C'oniiiruiHIven und peunlu wbohuve weak lunxnor Asth- I ma, should use HlBO'u Cure for Coniumptlon. It btti turetl 1 tbiiixuuUi. U bus nut Injured ono. It l» not bud to lufco. I ltl» tlio beaicouuli arrup. gold everywhere. »rtc. CONSUMPTION HARTMAN WIRE PANEL FENCE, !J u .<*f??, 0 "!,«*wwi viappt'aWtclM

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