The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 3, 1893 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 3, 1893
Page 7
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THE OTPEft DES M01NE3, ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY* MAY3 4 1893, If II 1-S.9. GTATJS OP OHK>, CITY OF TOLEDO, ) LcoAs COUNTY, f FBAXK J. CjiExciruiAlsea oath that ha la the lonlor imrlni-r of tho flruiof F.- J. OHKNBY&CO., doing 1ni6i:io»3 in tho City of Toledo, County ftud Slnto atciroraM, uud that said firm will ]>ay Mia sum ol OUT! IIUNDUEU DOLLAR!) tor oiun ftnd 6-vury en»e of Catarrh that caunot bo cured by tho use ol llALt/s CATABHU COKE. JFJJANK J. CHF1NEY. Sworn to before me and subscribed lii my presence, this Cth day of Uccnmt.or, A. D, 1SSU. , —<—-, ' A. W, OIJ-3ABON, •j seAt. (• Nuta ry .Vutilio. Hall's Catarrh Ctire Is taken liitornntly and ftcta directly upon tho blood n.»d mucous surfaces of the system. Soml for testimonials, free. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. ? frv Druggists, 73 eouts. Hood's Cures Even Galled Incurable Terrible Siege-Sciatic Rheumatism Mr. Arthur Simon Of Gralutca, Ohio. •' "They said I -was iucurahle, tlie doctors did, but the result has proven that Hood's Sarsaparilla was able to cure. I had Sciatic Rheumatism aud was couilued to my bed Biz mouths. Three physicians did not help mo and • I Was Given Up to Die. When I was iu this terrible condition, unable to move baud or foot, I began to take Hood's Sarsaparilla. The flrst bottle had ^little effect, and while taking the second, I gained so rapidly that I could sit ip iu my chair. My systeurhad been so run down by Other medicine, that it took me quite a While to recuperate. By the time 1 had token tour bottles of Hood's Sursaparilla ICc.ould walk around, aud now, as 1 have taken six bottles, I am cured aud can do a good day's work. 1 do not feel I can praise Hood's fcarsaparilla enough." AKTUOB SIMON, Galatea, Ohio. HOOD'S PILLS are the best after-dinner PHls, assist digestion, cure headache. Try ft box. Bllli**: It Com Colda,Cough«,Bore Throat,Cronp,In9n*a- lft,Wliaoplnf Cough, Bronchitis and Asthma. A •erUin cure for Consumption In first stages, and • lore relief in advanced stages. TTse at once. Tva will see the excellent effect after taking the flrst dose. Bold by dc&lcri everywhere. Ziar£t tattles CO cents and $1,00. r A remedy -which, It used by Wives about to experience tlie painful ordeal attendant upon Child-birth, proves an infallible specific for, aud obviates tho tortures of confinement, lessening tho-dangers thereof to both mother and child. Hold by all, druggists. Sentby express on receipt of price, Sl.BO per bottle, cliargea prepaid. BRADFIELD REGULATOR CO., ATLANTA. rlA. Cnrea Consumption, Coughs, Croup, Son Tlurolit. Sold by all Druggists on a Guarantee for a lama Side, Back or Chest Shlloh'i Porou> PliJtor will givo (Teat aatisfmctlon.— •*» ount* LLY'S CREUM BJLM OUltIS CATARRH Price KO cents. Apply Balm iu each nostril. ElA BKOS., BO Warren St. •New York. VFEVER OTOrooinei msults of ;on»iaont<»lo'' Coiiiiilexlon, Buvca Dpctow 1 Samplofreo. GAK*-JBLuTEAC!o.,31»W.WthSt.,J«.y Efl. Samplofreo. GAK*-JB Cures Sic TTIOM A S P. RIMPSON.WiishlngtOB 1). O. No ill ty's Tec until Putout oti lulued. Write iurIuvuiiloi <( H(Ju[<l* BEST POLISH IN THE WORLD. DO NOT BE DECEIVED With Pastes, Enamels, mid Puijits which ftjvin the hands, injure tho iron, and burn '* t Tiio Itising Sun Stovo Polish is Bril- li'niit, Oiloi loss, and purablo. Each packsRe contains nix ounoos; whon moistened will I^tinafce several lioxea of P^ste Polish. \S AN ANNUA\ SALE OF 3,000 TONS A BEGGAR A TRAbfiR. Canatll.ifj Unhappy Experience of it Mcndlonnt. What they call tramps in tho United States and Ontario they call beggars or quetoux in the province of Quebec. There are two sorts of beggars— those who carry a bag on theif back and the other sort who have a horse and cart or sometimes a team oi horses with a big wagon. In the summer time in tho country, one sees whole families in these large vehicles. They use them as houses when it is fine. The country beggar always tties hard to collect money only, but wher. he cannot succeed he condescends to accept other things—• eggs, pork, butter, flour and the like. One of-these beggars, with a vehicle, was bogging a few d".ys ago in a parish near Quebec. Among the effects ho had collected from different, farmers were two dozen eggs. Arriving at a country store, the beggar stopped and bartered his two dozen Rggs for a pair of stockings and some food. In the store at the time of the bargain stood a man who seemed harmless in the eyes of tho beggar. As the beggar was about jumping on his wagon, rejoicing, with the stockings and food in his hands, the harmless man gave him a gentle tap on tbo shoulder and addressed him thus: "Have you got a license to trade? ' The beggar said he was no trader, but a poor beggar, and that it was mocking him to talk to him about a trader's license. Tlie harmless- man, who, by the way, was no other than the provincial tax-gatherer, said to the beggar: "Did I not ".vitnesj a moment ago your transaction with tho country merchant, when you exchanged eggs for woollens and food? My clear friend, you are a trader in every sense of the word, and I am under the disagreeable necessity of making you my prisoner on the charge of having traded without a license." And tho beggar was inarched to the capital to answer the charge. A True Story. A commercial traveler tells the fol- iowing "true story" in a Boston paper. "My wife and five-year-old daughter were with me once on a trip, and on a Sunday we took a drive and got into a cemetery. Naturally our conversation drifted to a little daughter we had lost a year ago. One of the first things to attract our attention after wo ' entered the cemetery was an open grave, dug for a child. We walked up to it and stood for some moments looking at it. The memories it evoked were painful indeed, and my .wife broke down and cried bitterly. Little May took me by the hand and led me out of earshot of her mother, then she said, while her chin quivered and her eyes filled with tears: 'Papa, why don't you put me in, cover me up aud take mamma home? 1 . I waS astounded. I bent down to kiss her, and she whispered: 'Tell mamma good-bye for, me; I can't do it.' The child actually thought that we had come to the cemetery to bury her, and that she was standing beside her open grave. It was the most magnificent exhibition of nerve I have ever witnessed." lioots Miulo of Hum in Skin. In 187G a firm of boot and shoe makers in New York city mude a pair of boots from, human skin, which ^hey desired to exhibit at the exposition then in progress in this city. If I remember rightly, they were never put on exhibition, which goes to show that there was some humanity in the Centennial managers if not in the makers of the ghastly footwear, Afterward they wove sent 'to the late Professor S. V. Baird of the Smithsonian institution, who would not allow them shelf room. Tho skin or leather from which these awful relics wore manufactured was taken from the breast, stomach and back of a man who had died suddenly and had been taken to a medical college. 'In general look the boots were of a light- brown color, somewhat heavier than if they had been made from calfskin. The dark color was said to have been tho result of tho tanning process. The leather was very porous, much more so than that made from eithtu 1 cow or horsehide. — Philadelphia Times. The Longest Wny 'Round. John Christ, of Shamokin, Pa., owned a dog which was getting old and had outlived its usefulness. In order to rid the animal of its sult'er- ing without much pain he bethought himself of dynamite. He bound the dog to a tree in the yard, the dynamite was attached, and, after applying a match to the .fuse, the owner made huste to get out of the way. He started for the kitchen, but the dog broke loose and started in pursuit. Both crossed the threshold of the door when an explosion occurred. The dbg was blown to fragments, while Christ, strange to say, escaped without a scratch. A Novel IJeiir Trap. The early settlers of Bethel, Maine, were much troubled by black' bears, which killed the sheep, robbed the beehives and raided the corn fields. A farmer whose corn, being in the milk, attracted the bears placed a tub of new rum and molasses in the field. The next morning he found a large bear stretched out beside it, beastly drunk. The tub was empty. When bruin woka up he found himself securely chained. Suggestion to 1'oot*. Friend—What is the title of the poem you have written? Poet—It is Why do I live? Friend—If you take it to the editor your&elf, instead of sending it through ib,e mail, perhaps you wo«'t Uye,^* m ~ " "' free Trip to Chlcftgo. Separate W-O-R-L-D-'B F-A-I-E and use the letters to spell as many woid. an you can by using the letters as mnny M.nes 63 yon wish, either backwards or forwards, but not use the same loiter In making any One word more times than It appeura In "World'* Fair.» It Is laid SEVENTY-FIVE small EiiRltsh words can be spelled correctly from tliu ten letters contained In "World's Fair." Ex- amp'.ei Wad, waif, soar, Idol, etc. If you are good at word-making you can secure a FREE trip to the World's Fair nnd rcMurn, as The Scott Seed Company will pity all expenses, Including R. B. fare, hotel bills, nd- mUslons to the Columbian Exposition, and JiO In cash for Incidental expenses, to the first person able to make SEVENTY woicU from the letters contained In "World's Fair," as above. They will also give a FREE TRIP to the World's Fair and return, with $25 for Incidental expenses, to <he flrst person sending SIXTV words as above. They will also give a FKKE TRIP to the World's Fair, and return (without cash for Incidental expenses) to the flrst person sending FIFTY-FIVE words. To the first person sending FIFTY words will be given $50 In cash towards p:iylns expenses to the World's Fair: to thnJIrst •ending FORTY words will be given S2!> In cash' toward:] paying expenses to the World's Fair! to each of the flrst FIVE uer- ions sending THIRTY-FIVE words will be glven'SlO In cash, 1 and to each of the flrst ten sending THintr words will be given 15 In cash. Only one prize will be awarded to the lame person. Write your name on list of words (numbered) and Inclose the same post-paid with (Ifloon United States 2-ceut Itamps for a largo package of our Choice English OJttugo Garden Flower Seeds. This combination Includes the latest and most popular English flowers of endless 'arlollos (same as will be contained In the elaborate exhibit of English flowers at thg World's Fair). This "World's Fair" Contest will be carefully and conscientiously conducted solely (or the purpose of introducing our b usluesa In the United States. You will receive the BIGGEST value In flower seeds ever offered, and if you are able to make a good list of words and answer promptly you will have a first-class opportunity to secure a free trip FROM YOUU BOMB TO CHICAGO AMD BZTUBN. We are spending a large amount of money to START our trade In the United States and want your TRIAL order. You will be more than gratified with the result. Send to-day, and address THE SCOTT SEED COMPANY, TORONTO, CANANDA. DANGEROUS SEA BATHING. Narrow Escape from the Teeth, of n. Shark in Burmese Waters. General Faske, the author of a book of travels hi lower Burmali, says, according to the Youth's Companion, that the residents pointed out to him one particular spot on the sea-shore where bathing would be perfectly safe; it was a triangular area of water bounded by a ledge of rocks leading to the lighthouse and the sunken reef that joined an angle, with the shore. Men had bathed there times •without number, though a hand dangled in the water outside the reef would have been snapped off in a trice by a sliark. Provided with towels, we were soon on the beach, and I, more impatient than my companions, AVUS the first to traverse the mervcning strip of sand and throw myself into the Avater. Rising again, I began to sAvim parallel with the shore, Avhen I saw my friend, who was on the point of following, stop short, AVlule he called out: "Come in as fast as you can!" Fully comprehending the danger, I made for the shore Avith all the .strength I could muster, crying out to him to throw in the largest stones ho could lay his hands on. I kncAv ho had seen the back Jin of a shark-, my splash, to the expectation of a meal. Fast as I could swim, my progress Avas but crawling compared to the dart of the fish, Avhich presently laid hold of my ankle, his serrated teeth cutting to the bone like a raxor. I thought I Avas Avithin my depth, endeavored to touch bottom, and sank. The shark had instantly relinquished his hold, but I fully expected another attack. I reached the shore, howevr, •without further molestation, for the creature Avas darting about in all directions, confused by the pieces of rock, Avhicli my friend continued flinging at him Avith unflagging energy. In groat pain, and rather faint from loss of blood, I scrambled to the sand, and lay there exhausted. The next thing I knew was that my foot Avas tightly' bandaged, and my faithful friend was by my side. The appearance of the sliark iu this hitherto safe expanse of Avater was accounted for by an abnormally high tide, which had brought him iu and left him there, unable to make his AA r ay over the reef after the sea had sunk to its ordinary level. What Is Mouey Weighed against that huullli it BO ofteu t'ullb lO'buy? Dross indued. Yvhilcwucau nunu of us claim a totul exemption irom tho tjroalesl oi' nil ills to which ikbh is huh-—ill Ueullli, wu way do much to lessen the chuncos oi'incurring it. aud this not alouu by Hie udopiiou of such suuilui'v measures us ur'e u> bu i'ouud iu daily exercise, regular 1 huuI'M, pruileucu iu eating and drinking, and a wholesome diet, but also by resorting Iu judicious preventive medication wlieu the sysleiu is threatened by unliealthlul in-, llueneus. i'or iustuuee, residents or eoJ jouruers Iu malarious localities should use Jiosletter's Stomach Bitters as a defeusu against chills and fevers, uud persons who incur much out-oi'-door exposure should employ it us a safeguard against rheumatism. Travelers in the tropics liudltiuvulu- able alsu as a means oi' arresting liver complain tain! conslipttioii, and counteracting the debilitating influence of a torrid climate. The residence of Alex. Robson at Fort HoAvard Avas destroyed by lire. The loss Avil! reach $2,500, upon which there is no insurance. WHEN TRAVELING Whether on pleasure bent, or business, take on every trip a bottle of Syrup of Figs, as it acts most pleasantly and effectively on the kidneys, liver and bowels, preventing fevers, headaches and other forms of sickness. For sale in 50 cents and $1 bottles by all lead- Ing druggists. For etreJHthenloR ana clearing me TOlce, use •'Urottiu'ti iirouvjuiul Tryoheg"—•"! U»Y9 cp,w- rnijuUvU them ig fueutiu wuo were puWlo epet* MB, uu<J.they have Pure grape u'cam of tartar forms the acid principle of the Royal exclusively. The Royal imparts that peculiar sweetness, flavor and delicacy noticed in the finest cake, biscuit, rolls, etc., which expert pastry cooks declare is unobtainable by the use of any other . leavening agent. — .. r lif*& EFFECT ON WALL STREET. Financiers Regard Carlisle's Statement as Vague. Now York, April 21.—Secretary Carlisle's statement on the gold situation is the general topic of conversation hi Wall street today. It is not favorably received on the ground that it is hideti- uite. At tho sub-treasury tills morning $2,000,000 in currency •Avere deposited against the withdrawal of an equal amount of gold. One of the features of the situation today is tho callbig in of loans by foreign houses Avhich intend to make additional heavy shipments of gold next Aveek. The result Avas that call loans rapidly advanced from 5 to 12 per cent. The banks are groAvlng more conservative and it Is more difficult to secure accommodations. Milwaukee, April 19.—A cable message received by Adolph Quontln announces that Dr. Ludwig Loehr died yesterday at Cassel, Germany. Dr. Loehr formerly lived at Theresa,. Wis., and was well known in Mlhvaukee. He married Miss Delorme, widow of one of the founders of the firm of Delore & Qulntin. Dr. Loehr served in the union army and Avas sergeon of the ninth Wisconsin regiment. His age was 00 years. "An excellent remedy" is what Mr. W. H. Awes, 712 S. 17th St, Dt. .Louis, Mo, says ol it, iu these words; "1 have used l)r. Bull 1 !) Cough Syrup aud found it to be an, excellent remedy for coughs aud colds." The Neccdah ralhviay extension will not be commenced as soon as many conjecture. It is said the company has not concluded to build, and will not come to any conclusion until after an official meeting about the first of May. Julius GlodoAVski, of Stevens Point, had his skull and jaw fractured while attempting to board a freight train at that, place. Becoham's TiUs cost only 25 cents a box. They are proverbially known throughout tho world to be "worth a guinea a box." Jacob Braunsteln, of Edgerton, Avhtlo attempting to board a train at that place, fell between the cars, the wheels passing oA'er Ills left hand. Amputation was necessary. Miule to Took T,llto Now.| __ , Gent's CMoUmig, Feathers, Gloves wti!., Dyed or Cleaned, I'liish GannoiiU Steamed, al OUol'loleh'u Ltyo Works, 340 SV. Vvaler St., Milwaukee. Send for circular. YOU OAN SEE IT, perhaps, one of Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets — but you can't feel it after it's taken. And yet it does you more good than any of tho huge, i\m .A--" \Tip^Vr^ old-fashioned \V1 ' ^' -J5 P' 119 - with their \m. .-^i*--'*'^ griping and vlo- lence. These tiny Pellets, the smallest and easiest to take, bring you help thnt lasts. Constipation, Indigestion, Bilious Attacks, Sick or Bilious • Headaches, and all derangements of liver, stomach; and bowels, are permanently cured. A SQUARE ofler of $500 cash is mude by the proprietors of Or. Siigu'a. Cutiirrh Remedy, for any case of Catarrh, no matter how bad or of how long standing, which they cannot euro. IVO MlLROY, MlFFUN Co., PENNA. To the Editor oj the New York World; "Mrs. J[ohn Gemniill, of this place, was thrown from a wa S° n " sustaining a most serious injury to her spine, and was A HELPLESS CRIPPLE FOR 19 YEARS, unable to walk. Her daughter providentially procured two bottles of ST. JACOBS OIL, which Mrs. Gemmi!! used. Before the second bottle was exhausted, she was able to walk about, and has been CURED." Very truly, M. THOMPSON, POSTMASTER. WHEN IN WANT OF A FIRST-CLASS ADDRESS J, I. CASE THRESHING MACHINE CO, CATALOQUC FREE. . WISCONSIN. FOR JUDICIOUS INVESTORS Eighty Million Dollars Profits on Nine Famous Mines. THE KELLY MINE, BOSTON AND MONTANA, CALUMET AND HECLA, GRANITE MOUNTAIN, HOMESTAKE, IDAHO, IRON SILVER, MOLLIE GIBSON, ONTAKIO, - f 5,000,000 2,075,000 36,350,000 - 11,960,090 4,841,250 2,344,050 2,500,000 1,800,000 12,873,000 The Chance 'of a Lifetime for Hen of ' Moderate Heans The Silver Sunlight Mining and Milling Co. own four Mines and a Concentrating Mill in the same mountain, upon the same vein and in close Proximity to the celebrated Five Million Dollar Kelly Mine, as shown in the map, nnd their prospects are exactly as good as the Kelly, Colossal fortunes await the first lucky stockholders of the Company, The Silver Stinlfght Mimng and Milling Co. is Incorporated and has a Capital Stock Of #2,000,000—2,000,000 Shares fully paid and non-assessable. HON. L. BRADFORD PRINCE, Preit., t «OV»»MOR OP NSW MIXIC9-, General OHlceai 8AHTA FB. H. U.< »HO OHIO»«O, ItU Registrar and Transfer Agent*. THl OHIOASO TITL» «NP TRUST OOUPANV. BANKERS, PIB8T NATIONAL BANK, SANTA PHi OHBUIOAL NATIONAL BANK. OHIOdQO. A Limited Number ol Shares now offered at 25 Cents $ Share. NP order taken for ks$ thaq $$joa JP9 R9t W to §en4 for Prospte to aud fyg laforroatton to , -tl. {-0,3'& '* )! -,i ' H* <• w wx. m*.*j^mmt^.'wnt •&?**' • j ' "German Two bottles of Geraian Syrup cured me of Hemorrhage of the Lungs when other remedies failed. I am a married mail and, thirty-six years of age, and live Avith my wife and two little girls at Durham, Mo. I have stated this brief and plain so that all may understand. My case was a bad one, aud I shall be glad to tell nnyr.n? nbout it \vho will write me. Put UP I,. SCUKNCK, P. O. Boxd.5, April 25, 1890. No man could ask a more honorable, business-like .statement. a, tor nyi It acts gently on tb« itomcoh, llvw •uier* «nd la« pleasant laxative. Thti drink » JTOm herb*, end U prepared for use u MiU9 LAME'S MEDIGIHl MILWADEZK, April, 1893. Carpet Economy Extraordinary profits is ancient history now, even in the exclusive carpet houses. Art and knowledge and—the dry goods stores, have united to protect the actual consumer—the housekeeper. In short, the dry goods store has been the medium through which you have benefited. The hand that guides thq{ store pen has often droppe4 fine words for your benefit It has helped you trade profitably. It will not misguide you in carpet buying now. Body Brussels, 1.00, 1.15, 1.26. Axminsters, 1.50 and 1.75. Wiltons, 1.75 and 2.25. Moquettes, 1.00, 1.15, 1.25. Ingrains, 40c, 50c, 65c, 75c. Tapestries, GOc, 70c and 90c. GIMBEL BROTHERS, Mi'-waukee. Woitrtted Publication!. it H MAP 9. t«orl " ' n, . . .^ldkho. Wuhlnfton and Ortfoa, th« FREE GOVERNMENT AND LOW PRICE] . NORTHERN PftCIFICR, R. , iTttdl now c-pno *u lottlect. »i *. U. J.ittBfWi.1"* O«i-. ». Tlie Best faterpof Coat In the WORLD I Tlie riSJI BIUND SLICKER Is warranted waterproof, and wlllkccp you dry In tlio hardest storm. The new rOMllEL BLICKEK la a perfect riding coat, and covers the entire saddlo. Ucwurubflmltutlons. Don't buy a coat If the "Flub Brund" Is not on It. Illustrated Catalogue free. A. J. TOWElt. Huston, ilasa. f" "y return mall, full flc« En Bcripllve circulars oi EW bnA MOODY'B IMFBOVX9 TAILOtt SYSTEMS OF DBSB8 OUITIH9. licviseit to date. These, only, are th» genuine TAILOB sraiEMS Invented and copyriKbted by EBOJ.D.W. MOODY. B«ware of Imitations. Any lady of ordinary Intelligence can easily and quickly leara to out and make any garment, in any style, to any measure, for ladles, men and children. Garments guarao- _ _ _jg ilii Bloat beautiful and unique ftuck of PluyiHK Card* •Ter put oil tbe market— tho best-uolliiiK ncvc Ity yev broduced. Agents wanted. Bamplo Duuk, 6U ceuti, Bp«oi»ltjr Puhl'iig Co., U) H. Uabtud St.. Cniuavo, UL AMD HEAD NOISES COREI htWbh E.rCoihton.. Wbl,p,r.lw»nl (t(I S Trice SScla.a by mull, Bto' —, Uhurleatowu* Mas* Exiunlnutioii aud Aclvf 10 as to I'atontabllUy of ID« veutlozi. Soiulforluvi u tors'tiuldo, or How toGet n l j ac«ut. X'ATuioic O'k 'AwuiiLL, Wusliluutyu, D, 0, > cuteJ. S-iuil Oo to «t«upi_ _ O. W. V, fsNVr»15l:j M, !»., Midi Bwt, R-IH \

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