The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 3, 1893 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 3, 1893
Page 2
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ALGONA, IOWA C 10NDENSEI) NEWS COXDKXHKD XJOWS. The Mississippi | s very high ,ut st Louis. the Saul a. Fo railway strike has beei declared off. Nixon & Co., paper dealers at Da v ton O., failed for $20,000. The loss by the (ire started bv Hull strikers is fl,000,000. Troops are slill guarding the co,, vict miners a,t Tracy City, Tenn JUtsscll Bros., ^.w Y OI . k printers, have failed, owing ij!:!5,ooo. The bank of Wiimot at Wilmol, S I) has failed. The debts are flOOOO " Cotton in Louisiana, has bc«-u grciilJy Injured by Ihe recent cold spell and frost The volunteer militia, of Delaware wm disband for lack of an appropria - Striking boilermakers a,I. Boston have can-oil tiinip <,.,t..i. „„,! .,.,,, , and will return to JHEtJPPEBDEsMoTN^Ar^.. ^ Over 430 delegates attended the Inms-Mississippi eongress at Ogden, - large number of Lagonda, O., b:inh PH. /Ifiiiftmt.... tt ,. „.- . bus, Ohio, and companies pass m(o the hands of tlie receivers The United States supreme'court h rendered a, decison against tiio Norl em Pacific Hallway company in its st to prevent the operation of saloons Kitlitass county, Wash. The compai set up unit the sale of liquor to I employes, who handled dynamite, ws dangerous and improper. Baron Nathaniel Koflischild has give is chateau and estates at Kelehena i 1he Syrian Alps to be used as Hwpitnl for sufferer* from lung disease.., le will make the necessary alteralion n (he chateau and place in it 500 bed for the use of patients. The value o lorl i 1 "' 01 ' 0 ''^' iU quostiou is C,000,00( In a, tesl caso it was decided that (hi oil- ax of $2.50 imposed by the cih larter of Kansas City, Mo., upon even ialo person over Ihe {1 ge of 21 who i"* o vole at any general election ay be enforced. The outcome will *'!** Uloasailds of Collars into (he cil.v The Hawaii commissioners at W-isli Bton say the advices they have' re n°±±^!!^? ™ !!" '"V^ *<>v- .... :i railroad murdered at Leav- Twelve thousand miners in (he Pittsburg district will strike unless granted fin increase in pay. fa'-'mtu 'At Philadelphia .150 Chinamen regls- crcd in nno < ,,,,,i«.. *,.. _". . . ('.„.! u", w "' k ' 1 "'" 1 -" Commission- Carter called on .Seeretarv Gresha and retm-ns to Honolulu by U,e ! steamer satisfied that all IH well Obituary. At St. Louis, Patrick M triath, ex-president of (he builders' e cl.ange, aged fifty-elght.-At Logan S;, "A ; J f hanl Tymr > n ^ «w", aeven.—At Kai-atoga, N Y ' Arthur Mitchell, formerlv of ""- 1 nfty-eight.-At Pitt'sburg, JIUl/11'r Mlrv ,»il,, . MAY 3,1893, (he one they wanted. Before Powei could reply the Mexican, who was sil ting on his blankets in the shade o the house and within hearing of th conversation, started to nm up the hil and toward the brush. The white me began shooting and he fell do.-id He md come I,, the house on foot , few houi* before and had obtained per niason to rest (here until thev had •opaired the boat so they could jm »i across the river. ]„ his roll of uicts they found the piece of bullion i Gribble's blood dried upon it. The 1. eves had tried to cut it in two. b nd faded and they had separated, he leader doubtless having given the (her two the slip. The dead robber •as-found Io be Ynoeintc Valcnzuela trusted JMoxieaai employed at the line. The oilier two robbers ever discovered, nor were the ra- able (o even fasten suspicion i.vone. L HIS LIFE IS IN BOLD ATTEMPT MADE TO DEI! MK. GLADSTONE. THAT IS WHAT A WEAK-FOUND- ED IJUMOit SAYS. FOX BAH.VKS CAUGHT. Tennessee Moonshiner Tells ..f His Kduetitetl Mule. Vrrest of a Man for Firing a Ilevolver rad the Discovery of a Diary Fiil«i With Havings of a Lunatic-Had -i Kecord of Gladstone's Movemouts- AVill Be Closely Guarded. Instead of waiting to reload, 1 dreamy knife and ran up to cut the animal's thronit. I had got within ten steps when it suddenly sprang to its feet and I found myself face to fa witli a. wounded buck witli an enip gun in my hand and niv onlv weapon hunting knife. "You know no auinial is more da ,wrous to tackle than an infuriate deer, but there was no chairje to r (rent. Throwing aside my rifle. I awai ell his onslaught, it came at, once U)u know since I got that wound a Yellow Bayou, in Louisiana. I !i-ivo ha •••cry little use of , ny ] ( ,f| .,,.,„ ; l)u stepping quickly to one side. 1 grabbc his horn with my left hand and Iriet to thrust my knife into his throat '.nil him slightly, which only nude hin madder. He reared and struck mt with his fore feet, inflicting cuts froii which the blood flowed profusely. "J knew my only chance was'to hold m to him. for if I turned hi;,, loose H^i Webile/exlcongS,:^ oTYhe r oi me Goiu-y . The works of the Hydraulic AVater " , G ™ urt ' hands of the sheriff £rn';?Mi n S?s^:' lS5 vSw^*^^**?** sion over n,."1.1. a l.'''. Ih ' u ^ dwais — CT ~ „...,.; imjiuiyuu at indeiiien- donee, Mo., and Bceton, Mo., by n cyclone. No li v ,^ were lost. •p^'ir. P ' Iluuti "«' 1011 . of Hie Southern iacillCTOiul, has boughl; the Fuene coal mtacs in Mexico, for $500,000 Dr. Mcyickor,. of Philadelphia, do- clines to become bishop of the Episcopal Dioceae of Massachusetts. C. W. Welton, of Lewis ton, III., has been as-rested for the abduction of Orpha Kelso, a 13-year-old girl A store building was blown do^-n at Pax on Ind., and Mrs. Wolf was struck by a brick and fatilly injurtfl Iri*!! nl-- 1"> T;I . «|"jt~S= on the infanl; damnation question n was decided to negative tnte ^iure nnd request the general assemblv o land down an overture strikm^ out til reforoiH'fi to ui« ^,.,,4,..,. " h . IR a " --,,„ ,.» t viui'i.uru Hi] reference to the election )epnly n,|, (Hl Slat ,, s awmutu , rnes arrested and brought to ciia anooga a few days ago James Barm, he mosl notorious moonshiner in a this section. The prisoner is small o sender built and about !50 years of ' His lace is covered with a light be-ird neatly trimmed. His hair is h ,,g a looks as (hough it had not been e ^^."•Ithacoinblnyo,,™. W heu .111* IK'tlllli' 111't l't-11 *i 1 1 i 11 ni.iitoiial led Barnes into thi 'i-M office he was smih'm- Joking and continued in (hat humor 1 lie was taken to jail. Barnes ,„, - uo '»J'*teiy of being an illicit dis- 111 i and moonshine whisky seller, and o a limes reporter he said ure P. Frey, treasurer of Mound City Camp, Modern Woodmen, of Joliet is said to be short in his accoun.s ft 000 - *" —"' Jl'UIM£)O, Bullion Across Arizona. 1800 until recently Arizona lri< Q favorite • - - Bx-Goven,or Gray was banqueted a. diana^hs on the eve of his depart- e lor M,-x,co as American minLstw. AVoo1S(K * l - t «"bber company hl} vubber trust, known • ,7. . -"v/u! Jjt-.xicans ami ^.s omul in that way. 1 But be £"* HMJ, miiny a bar of bullion s to •" 1|1U "'- S t0 t -"' 1 ' ailroiul ''rancisco Chronicle. Years'^afte^ toe bones of its custodian would II ill Minn *-ili )•->,»:.. 11 va E^'JinST,;,:!;"^ n-ratod, ni,,l, h, M1 ,.„„' S," £ o««t mil,, I „!»•( „„•„,,, ,„'„ *, '."STS'L^^'-S •uned Pete. Well I ™n tt , ,. "<-il, 1 pui tWO CJlllotl ^f"r-j^-i-a Ukus the liquor from him and puts tht " "i fhe saddlebags that heic „„ • - Jle comes back I hats all I had to do with it. ,.,.„, * homo I give him a , • •-•- ••- Hkes it, vou bet it no'^aSl^'L^i ™«™J«S Passes. 'a£r m «SJ 1W ^ ""'" " ^^A^™*™** who successfully conducted a m tins cltv. He ii'i/i -P™,, f cagei r e Wr in°"Yo^ tIl!l to see tli- J ' london, April 27.—The Garotte today contains a most sensation ai article headeil "Butuors of an A> tempt to Shoot Gladstone," the tm- mod in the headlines being the Li.™? iu use for that purpose. The ntnt KM V« illnf*l» rt 11 -. -*-j-*^ JJ*l^vJ ••'a.i!, ui.u uie alleged attempt upon the fv-r^^MSf •*^'Lrff-rsysrsjs*"- Jbe story is based upon the fact that a man who is now in custody on the charge of <«••<---- - •* book containing and supporters of So^ mUy ^^ fl ™ ™HOU fi -,7* ,? ° C0uutl 7 Imvo been made as to the truthfulness of this story it has been learned that Mr 01-1,1 stone, who attended a dinner n-n v S tlS^n' WaS Walktag hoiue «SS ^ S^^^^^r occurrence -m/i r, n UJU o ot the nan who arrested him stated tint ?,, man had discharged the Tevo er n he Horso «„„„,„ parade uea *°" C1 i'' •• '• tummi nnn 100 would soon gore me to death I ,'ot in several stabs. !iei ,i was dad o see that the animal wa.s apparently weakening Iroin loss of blood, but so mri T ; W °, struwlwl nn(1 foi'tflit on in 1 I sank exhausted to the earth r thought my time had come, for I •was played out. I heard the snort* and wsps of the animal, but (o my surprise ins attacks had ceased when I sauik • own. I partially turned on my side, md to my great joy saw that the deer was also hors du combat. •tl'lis™/^ 011 U1<VSClf t0 lllln !Uld across hi*' throat.* \ 'then' 1 ^ about rying to stop the flow of „„ Wood. I had my hurts on face ' •inns and body, and was very I Was nonrl,- ., ,.,:,., fmm » r it to escape a second 1*«. remains unsettled.' Mr* Quarli' •Jajn.a *->.* has once been in ' ami cannot again be tried for oU'ense. DialogueandSong-Tho Seasous-Mol to Davis, Alfred Ililton, afcr^ BASEBALL BEGINS. Thousands Witness iho First Leasnm Game at I'it.isburg. , Pa., April 2T.-Seveu six hundml people opening of the baseball s e today. The day M- U S brigM he crowd was enthusiastic I'ittsburg had a bad case of »«* ties and was not In it from the start" Pitlsburg 2, Cleveland T. York, April 27.-ltaiu ,.. - -i-ening games between elphia and Brooklyn at Philaueintii,, nd^B^tou and New York at New Cincinnati, April 27.-Over S r- veil louHimd people gathered and saw the ds win the opening gmnes of the ason. Chicago's errors were frequent .md costly. Cincinnati 10, Chicago ,1. St-Louls, April 27.-The largest crowd h t irisr " cssod a same of bus ^ m tins, city were present at th 2. Washington, Apill 27.-The champion-111" season of the. (national. ' --. .-„ myself into the sadd'le sol mff fbr^ place of rende.vous^i^rnmr . | Hatch had reached there ahead of me, and also, fortunately, ho had a sr^^rrtrr, I snw.-j^r^-s i , , ^v^ tlk) uutwoeu me wash- logton and Baltamore clubs. The Bal- tnnore's errors proved disastrous AVasliington 7, Baltimore 5. TO INVESTIGATE CIIAltGES. Hc-ichstag Lookmg into Aceusatlons ^ Against Hen' Miguel. "I laid 'up for a week before I was >'" to return to the ~, t -^. v»«» v^,V* \\f ation "n7 fti~,ri ""'" sca of mlsappropii- aS«f i£"'^.Jnudo by Herr Ahlwai-dt lass much Captain Duraud showed many VO1 l*f\/l JTI -i-1, ^ - . ' ***•••"»,' « ii, i *i " " "•*' " ilu ^y tho ivvon- -^or J wi; h "vhToYpSr^s; ""Jfi J Ifl/'/.' Jl.lS S't 1 ,,. 7; , a. divoco at. Si, mx ;i,'.,i liS >s . D from her husband. The la.lter is th" «on_ of Henry Pfaff, , llL . ^^ Nayajo Indians in ,s ;m .7^,. ( . ounU N. M. are reslless. A call has bee bSv^r^ oiuj ^ ™ i - .-The Jury disagreed al, Lafayel.e, Ind. .y««'N«;«'l'I'.J.Clark.,.l la , WM i wltl S:y;; u ' 1 m tlii> riot «»^ ^-^ A^ V!" ''V'? S( ' ( '" J ' I ' (I -?1.."iW» from me safe SL? 1 ;..^""^ LlIll . lliL : r «»»i»"v «• of s to ; e sudden rise ,. --Jzeu from poverty dn-ecled suspicion <he matter ^vas allowed to ol the latest and boldest of I He i/mH^ lnsWc of Ul ° I" 180 " walls. -lit LS not regaixled a.s a I 111 ii... i-itit- mi one of oe lobbenes occurred in 1SSS, ^S 1 ^ S *™F?* ao » toat the oye. attendan 'e THE TWO DUMAS. it«,, n ""' "i'" 11 tois slender fouuda- or I cStone' ** !lttempt0d ""'^ • ( '-^Tiaiistone was coustruoted !i?^ r ' SilyS tho mfll1 «udoi The main's -no "niuu ia ivimam 'J Among some of the entries JlMlll 7 CI1<«J. _ 1 - »*-«J I'l'iyd tin. ."Mexicans from any altein J 'ts repetition. The Vulture ' I'Voperly of Senator Tabor, was ! tin,,, W or,:ed by an ICnglish syiu ,o ", , 1Ulln nilnu ' d "I'ilJWe ass "ii'iK'ndo,,,. iu taking : ,way the In ''.''''''^•"'^M-iiardofnvetotenn,; i-Mi.uiy aix-ompanii.-d it, ridiu K - -ft :ii aiiead and behind to prevent •' Oni'. ll n!oi-iih . Si "" l( ' lh '° ft ''" U " ''"'' '. with one coinpanioirin a bu"'.'\ '' 'o Pheenix win, foriv-Tw omuls of « ol(l bll]liul , Hjs wmi ;-; ^ . ! . '•"•o^meii on horseback, Ivanci- and ..... i,,, U :i ^ ul , yai'lls l( o I'wir, but i, afterward develop,, '•H limy were riding loo-,.|h lT . w ,,., .1 l...i . I,. .. • , . ' ' *" ' of Ihe Hi- K our mine at Cenlralia ill' rura kiiiwiiij ''- w '^™«««« A mob tried Jnlin l',.|ers,,n, a, m-ro charged with erimi,nl assault ,?„, ha»K,Ml him. The lynching lt ,ok' pi'! iu Denmark, S. c S,ml SIOl ^,V" yi J '"-' "'" "" li(V '•"'''•" himday mghl d.-m<-,-« and made I went v- diredh- r, • ' , "'- '"' «ix arresls. Fines were imposed I r s - ™" K ^ U "'"' " bulU k '» >^ unlawtul assemblv. i , M '"' ' , Wi '« » <-li""l) of greasowood 1 l1 -'- ' ' '' """ |K ' |1111(1 towo bushes a deadly tin "a^puiuvil in „„ u lem ,, y Uuv(> '^j,,,.. — •••"- «"ii«it; iui;(!iller. \\liei | IK- <'ayalcade iva.-Jied a. louelv ,,h,c ( |i" il:"d l -,s l .r,. 1 ,earNegro \Vel| H the ,•,,„ ; an abrupt turn to the right, „„„ Iy lacing the turn, about (en rods ( 'l^Me huilr' 1 ' 1 I " U ' anl M " Xl( ' 01 'v ^n^M^t^!'^ I'**- 'V d:,y!Sfu«M!!onmi" k ; pof .'"''', ",!'"". Jm ' u »•'"' ""Han iraih-rs wm! ^ -.Mui-pliy, a' well-Unown eitixen ; uuM...s 1 ness .nan of l.agro, I,,,,., hl , s t e «kln« 7h,' lOvh.;"'^"" wlll!ik J'«f^ Henry Villard is about to exK«r\vi,rr i vm.M.''r i<l< ' a! " his ° w " • i i ' J M 11 (J Illt'i'lllS 1(1 ill) I n 11111 f • t' i — -i"-j --'»i> 11 n 1 Will. Ihe ivsulls is n,,, hll((W11 . i C ' m T' , M' U '""-"^"''* overtook s^^:^^\^^£^rffi at the h,a,i of'u;;: e'^eern' 1 ''' 0 """" ' S ^.J",',..! 1 . 1 , 1 ' .^' <ll( " "»>""S" 'nmde Oas in an oil ivlinery „, ,.,,„.,, ,, | , 'V"l; fir,, and fatally |, urlllM , ,£,,.,,„;',,„ U-rbyk,. and Jsaae .\l,,„,,„, Thl , j^.:,,,, ter.s ey,., s „.,.,.,. | MlnilM | (|U| .1. .1. La Kevre, swindlin- ,„.,, Hie easl in U,,. j-'uis,. ,,|' airiest Kwit t,, IJIm-hw,.|r« Island fn,m' \e W : Late iu^hc''^;''';- " ( ' Ki "! ""' " l "*"»-I s.'^.iT^'s.'rrr ' ! r!""'r™ ^''^ ™ ™" as-,;:,„',;;-;:H f" :;! i : ;'; : ,"X-Krir :' doing much d.-ii,,,,--!i. (o ,rl ,- "" ! wh ' ' S '"'" '"'" "" ' hree .\ew Vork murderers" .) I enfor Osmond, .1. ,-. jj,,,,.,,,.,, a|i(| AJill1 ,- ';; ,, ,, s Johnson .-have lieen seiilen,-ed ,, .-, Irid by eleeiririiy tin: week i,f .tune i" ' wen- It •« «al<l linn «;,.v. Flow,,- has ,|,.. Till , n", J"/,"""!'""" "'" S """-'"-" "I" <•=..•- "I' Ih. Ji*Ie ^V. Harris, under seme,,,.,. ,,f ,,,, „ i),,. ,. v lor the murder ,,f his youn- wir... ' lound Mrs. Uenjamin Thomi.son, of KeU-, 'tnicl;, Ifim., entered her burning dwellii,.. l() havi'i- -save her ehild, and j,e,-ished. Tl,e H,||,| lion. \ lad been re.sened wiihoin ihe mother's • i"ii, a knowledge. ' J)( , ; ^^~'^^^ •i-'-'i to e\ade arrest, until now. A haiidsoine illustrated" p- giving jj- — • - ' 11 """ nomc I'ule bill has m<wr>/i =.:: ~~-~-;' '- Who is Interested in tl i ' " ^ '""•' o'iv-s, and desires a'cUv T"^ <-< ii •»•»«*. LIIIJ nothing of the kind o prove it, what says Sir mvi.r • °°° GfcwlKtoue's speech of last mg What says Saunderson? -.HKl th?" • iustractocl tt>° -Taller 'to »n.iid the prisoner with great care •.'Wsx-r^ r %« p'E »,.r"cs sxsr- l.on-huntin M - T , Jlwl , 8h llu] -; . • •Wm with ,,, effusive Ian- , e ;;;;; ^w ««,t she knew 1 ^: "risKV'ion^r" 1 ^ fr0111 " AJl ""' i-iiMo (o the ".Mousquetairoy." added- liope you vdll allow me to , t ! .vou a. card for my next.soiree ""M"" «'»". in no way conuec.ed with" the writer you allude to," said tie wyaut, with a cold disdain It o a.-'Hime, snubpruof coat of m-ill eoi.w '^'«f. "Oil, I though, you were, th !' Mr. Dumas!" bewildered lady. excepting that which documents laid before the com- and extracts from tlie mauian adjourned. by the president of tlie documents ITHIO IXTUODI-CTION " OF T F,\\Y SON. stage .stamp. The i as the k nr ii-i.- '"'.""'-' '"''"-'• Qliinalei „„ ,„ ™- ^»,^ ^ss'^^'rK' sf^iT'rrs,™,™ *;....,• .„ j.,,,™,. „» , tal ..r™,,,-;; A'OK.'i.;. es- vi«. i'" , illiaj " Haxhtl, .son of the *• AIM, had a i.romising voice a.s a 1'o.v, and either Diaries or -' suggi-Nied that he should i'falheSbSer'ul^m 1 ' 0 10ld t-o Wic choice of any line of ][(••.' ii,, ««"•«! with hiin io iho l ; ,st; ho "^ j' H.-0 lus son it g.-ntleman ,,n,l Io be| world!'' <">L^ n yT^ lli " f Ul °! ule'l'eo'ii '•"'! ( ' 1 '. (li( ' (i "'ar'iu/took'up 1 uic legal profession JW.MAS 1 PKDKJitKJO. ^••Vonrf.,Cher was a quadroon, was he l-'uie^iier 1 1!!!!!::: 1 :" 11 .::!'' i " iiiiiiv '-l ^<' m.Ml |iass o| || U . |.; ;l n.| ( , • '••• I ressing ( ..n n,,. ,,..,,, , ij'.V reached I|K, <;j],, ,„, ; '. ll( ''"'-vr day, Here thev' 1 liorse mired in ihe I aiikc-ls and Uie bul- ''/ rlild('n n W " ""' riv( ' r " a ''"ol. Al a largely attended meeting ,,f ,-,- '"° '" ill ' s "•Ulioiit foo!|"or w-l'le'r "n"! ' im-sentative demoerais ,,f si. l.onis, i, '", .'7'"« "> nwh him across i . d! !' ' was ilcc.ided Io contesc Ihe re.-eiit <-i U "I"" 1 ' W| s swolh-j,, ]„. Jm ,, ,„.,.,..," SoS"^ 1 ;.,;:;;/ 1 - -« r - •» srirr.'u.ras'^-j" i; " ;; .... SIK'!'^ wh/ s < i i "-i-i- i JlO |)U|'- 'Jhe recent A. O. y,,,, ;s Cailnre ai o f ilu , I, , ,' ''"'" M1 <>""<1 tho bank Joe loser, N. Y., caused the failures ',,,,,T .'VV f ""- V n * w '""'-' ot the Cn.-sc.ent (Joal company, Die. Ohio wmeVMi.v !',', '^ voru() '' I'owers had ' Coal Lxchangc company, and the Jack- j,,,, U A t«) i ,' V OI ' U °" " 1)0! >t- UI souvWe Store company, all at Colum- £" j J ' oiJu'i- ^ cunlinued: "'.Mid Vour a I her:' "A mulatto," was" Hie Sr'v'.' '•A''.! y«mr givat-grand 1 Jlu .' . Ai ""H point Dnnia.s fixed "" im-ivmg <.ye.s ujmn (,, H , lllorn ^ ! "'•••""I w:,rn,ly re,,lio,|. - A n apol Alv 1 '«!•« -.«, begins where ymini |, H , uil . AKOUM) T0\\'\. Ij'Klil l-'reedom'.s gU-a.ning torch, in-r banner is unfurled, < ; '"Iiimbia beai-s tli ( . ji^,,^ -N'o\v Hash if round I lit* world- So give no Uussiaii C^ar ' '.''he aid of peoples free To carry on |i| s rule Of blood and tyranny. and A j^t *<t,,. Will on CU ' 01 (' " IUl "' ) « M! '« 1 «^ w'Uiout cause, espjclully in „„„„„„,., Uco, wot life littlo ixsu mites >ody llco HATTLW WlTir A BKKI{ Experience of a Texas Hunter will, 0"o of These Animals. While in DallaZ'Tex., a St. Louis G obe-Denmcrat reporter met Captain 0.« IJimuui, who .-« good many yeals was noted a.s one of the best «™.iin' SrdeV:' 1Ul "^ ° U HlC "°^"«-. is a bi-other of J. ^ ^^rand, lonnerly a noted Indian ligln , huug, mi educate,!, polished ^,1. IT ;, '°- H , lTml «^^l,.ims in Ii - ie.xas leg.slature, and who marrie.l I a noted Spanish beauty iu S; some (hue, i u u, 0 40^ T -mHlm,der.I.A.Dura,,dintheTeSs ,,,',, 1U 1S(ia Ulul 1S04 ' illld often "-'I- and sconled with his brother, Ous '"urnl, m days, and witnessed a """or of exhibitions of his wonder- Hil marksmanship with the rifle -is as of his inlropidity. is Burand is still ranching in south- A'd.S *^iU I'C'CdliiH'" £*';lVL' 'Ul 'tc «;''»'• of a, recent adventure lit- had" i <1 up on Devil's Kiver, near lieaver J-iKe, while on a hunt with a compan- oii.n that section, where deer and 1 an, '^"i'o ;ll 'o «liH unite plenliful I "\Vo brokt- camp one morning earlv " | said Duraud, •• and had proceeded p'e'r- Jmps Ili-i.. miles wlu-n we separated agreeing on a place of mix'lin- in ti u ' uv(..iilug. After riding an hour or uioiv ''.v myself I descried a small herd of deer some distance Io the left of the <• I was traveling, .,nd a.s 1 had Hit- wind of them -mil th, ,- i i '"-'"' cUI| i iitcj had not seen me, I determined to try Io stalk -iK'in, the surroundings being favorable ' '. " ! '' tl "^l"- I carried the sanu- II i He i have carried for forty years, \\hich you may remember I had when you and I were together during the war, a hunting knife, and no olher weapon. "Afler a long and weary crawl «"'»trh the grass and over the rocks 1 ad tho satisfaction to discover (hat J had succeeded in approaching (he Kami: near enough for a shot at Ion- range. However, f don't remember over missing u deer with thait gun when could get williiu 200 yards of it, and 1 luivt- killed them further than Ih-a After resting a few moments to s(i-a<h' iKTi 1 *- l dl ' uur !l boa<1 Olt tt miifepia Hred. My good" luck had not do' serted mo, and tho buck fell "Now, as you knew, I have vnvt^n/ 11 ^'? 1 ° SO dn - vs f ' f K ^va,tl ^l^r^LS' 111111 lir8 ' kll< " Hale "ixjtivoKKl I from I^urope with UU imt ^ hl »" of Teniiyson. \v7 - the king at. once. ^Ve M-IS^S «1 the volume, which Lowell ud bor ™™ from him, from hand Io L,, " and because we could no! have book, wo copied it and had shrrT 1 ' 11 ''' Tt AV "" a v ^' ««« hi M.nce, it seems to know where !],, l"Wl>t was (o break forth. , !y „ s , t'.kon I always like to s.,y tint ..--t as well Hiat .Taines I, was fo bo one of ,he Jiving poets of tineas wo know now that ]lo has be, CHAXGR L\ THE KMADING. 1'Jouting Debt to~b7 Li (1 uidated-Col- lateral Trust Loan I I -I'hiiadelphia, p u Am-n <>- r,-, i "-», j. ti., j\pru tm >^ . —-Tliero. ^or^^^^.'^'^tW.aft. the l«iny for a syndicate, neaiiea by Drexel & Uompaiiy and Brown Brothers fe ss^-r;;s 0 rz£r r; e fs™s s ,;s" ™*3S£Z i S HAS IU3SIGNI2D. i- .Bloiuit Will Probably He His Successor. OUT ON BAIL. -Move in the lUt-^iT .Murder Judgu Bailey Coming to Madison Kau Claire, wis., April ^.^ ous order of the court The argument i u Jlei . c , JTssrsr?. r;,5 ' s ™ an •Wiiii has been in the is not surprising to hear that to return, home ^ ,, ""iia, Suui-iiy. jVlr ^h l 'pSouL WlOI) leUt> ' lf Sr^-^^-s -mapp;;;;;rfs v; ;|!-^.p-ident T!" il , f 5' r ^h'm from o 1 V 5 '^ »!•; 1 or a pro- u-ansmitted (o this of courlj As a testi- appree.iation of Mr. it'orlw in (heir behalf in this case. Quarles ordered of $1, to him upo u ]lis United Slates. for the vei-dlo: i I't'w (rial a 'as void. arr and Ui« Of -— .„ which Uie Una. )» becoming hn-ol\-e t i -i lv a'lor a long argument it ('i I I \ll\\-li t . . i i ! . isH" i; «"'«-s re r;p the s->!>",' K , U '' n ' c Ule wiuftUhtr f. *•»*« I M Jilt 1 (_*(_• \lj'(; "xvi-jis; i-t'ti in.,1. .1 '-i litt.Ul'y A\-JU now • 'on „„, Jarge nmuber „, .vonu-fm,,,,, ^^ n *?. l ™"S* m ™ Iho Stales and a S ti descendent of was upon the f the United M ^... - power "oighboriug ofltceis. It of governors of amoiis army f. --•- rf v/i. i j >v q,iy UIlClGl* Q1M S SW'^/ 5 ^ Wither S

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