The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 9, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 9, 1892
Page 7
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M01NES, ALGONA WEDNESDAY, MARCH 9, 1892, A RESCTJfc AT SB A. Described by a Sailor who took Part In th« adventure. We left New Ifork one cM December day in one of the big trans^Atlanuc liners bound for Liverpool. A gale was blowing from the westward and with all our cBnvaes set, we wete making about twenty knots an hour and every indication seemed to point to a quick, passage. There was a heavy sea running, but the big 6hip_ seemed to jump Irom wave'to wave with the speed of a grevhound. Everything went, well until we got as far fast a,s the thirtieth'meridian when one morning the officer of the watch caught sight of a large bark flying the American enough that he forgot it. 1 drilled him with this truth. He worked for me three years, and during the last of the three he w.-8 utterly changed. He did not forget a thing. His forgetting, he found, was 'a lazy, careless habifc of the mind, which he cured.— American' Grocer. About Seed8. It, is a good time now, when the other work is not urgent, to secure a supply of whatever feeds one needs for his next sea- eon's planting. Look over the old seeds left over from previous years, and if you have any_ doubt of their vitality sow eome of them into boxes or pots of earth, and expose themio a suitable temperature in tool tirofj Sits the nail on the head of Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pel- FThey do the right thing in the [way. They cleanse and regu- 'lie liver, stomach and bowels Iroughly and effectively, but ' • and. gently. They persuade, than force. One tiny, nugar- fd Pellet's a gentle laxative; to four act as a cathartic, re the smallest, but the best, e's less to take, but there's t. good in'it, when it's taken. |'ro tho original Little Liver Sand they've never been equaled. Headache, Bilious Headache, tipation, Indigestion, Bilious pks, and all derangements of |iver, stomach and bowels, are ented, relieved, and cured, ley'ro the cheapest pill you can |because they're guaranteed to 1 satisfaction, or your money is aed. mas CURE.JJ s GREAT COUGH CURE, this success„ JNSUMPTION CURE is sold by drug{•on a positive guarantee, a test that no othe^ tcan stand successfully. If youh^Y 6 .*'- JGH, HOARSENESS or LA GRIPPE, it ifctare you'promptly. If your child has the ngCfeQUP or VHOtfPING 'COUGH, use it • ni&cMy and relief is sure. If you fear CON. in c P lUMPTION. don't wait untfl your case is hope- ose , Ssfbut take this Cure at once and receiv« ^^^^Stf^I^H^cS 1 ^ lungs are sore or back lame, usa Porous Plaster 1 -. 1LD BIRTH • • • MADE EASY! " MOTHERS' FRIEND " is a scientifically prepared Liniment, every ingredient of recognized value and In constant use by the medical pro- Is' fession. These ingredients are com- 1| bined in a manner hitherto unknown SMOTHERS' ensign in the mizzen rigging, union down. She lay directly in our c< urns and as we drew nearpr v, e could see by the aid of our powerful glssses that her f 're and main masts were gone by the board, taking with them the mizz j n top insists. Soe appeared to be almost water-lowed and rolled heavily in the trough of the tea. We bore down on her and hove to abou^ an eighth of a mile to windward, and sig rating, learned that she WBB the "Oo-'an Queen," bound from S>m Francisco to Qiieenstown and loaded with trrain. She had deen caught flat aback in a squall and been distnanted. Being almost un manageable and rolling heavily, she had sprung a leak. Although all hands_ wer.fc to the pumps and turned to _ with a will, tbe water was rapidly gaining, and it appeared to be the matter of only a couple of hours at the must when she would sink under their feet,. Aa their boats had all been ptov-*, and the sea was running dangerously high, our captain called all hands uh to the b-idge and said:' "My lads, I don't know whether a boat will live in this eea or not, but; there" are men aboard that ship, which (as you can plainly see) is liable to go down at any moment." "Who'll volunteer to man a boat?" As one man, all bands stepped forward, but the cpptain said: "J only want eight men." L md cries were imme- diattly heard, mch as "Let me go!"—"t sco^e fiist, captain," etc. The third officer, who had signified his willingness to take churee of the boat, lost no time in picking out his men. All mperfltnus gear hwving been passed out of one of the big li'e boats on'the lee quarter, men were stationed at the falls and th- crew jumped into htr. Then everything being in readiness and watching for a gi/od opportunity she was dropped quickly on the top of a bitr sen. iind m another moment was well on her way. As the sinking ship lay to leeward, they were not, long in reaching hei, and pulling up under her, quickly got, all hands aboard and started to return to the steamtr. Then began ono of the most rmignificent struggles I have ever seen. Sometimes the life boat seemed making absolutely no headway whatever, at o hers she tras lott sight of entirely us she saok into the trough of the sea. Then, again, you could see her standing nltnoat stationary for a moment on tho crest of a big wave and suddenly plunge downward on the watery slope with the speed of a race horse. Finally, after two hours of almost superhuman exertions on tho part of the eight, brave fellows at tbe oats, she maa- " to draw near enough to us lo catch a th« bouse or green house, or hot bed; by counting the number of seeds planted, and marking each sort with a tag, one can tell, tvhen they come up, very nearly what per cent.of each kind of seed-is good and ran regulate his seed sower when p)anting accordingly. The very best seed that can be obtained will not all come up, and it is a matter of considerable importance to test all seeds that are to be planted largely, so as to kniiw definitely how much will epnie up, and how much we ou^ht to plant in order to secure a good stand. T'oui with onion teed; old seed should not be used at all, it is too slow and uncertain; but if we get a good article of last year's growth about ninety per cent, of it should come up, and we will need to sow about four pounds per acre for a full cmp of onions on strong 1 land; but if on trial we find that for some reason, of the best seed we have or can buy only seventy-five per gcent. will come up, we shall need to set our machine so as to sow fiVe or six pounds per acre in order to spcure a full stand, and so with other seeds. The kinds of Beeds that will usually prove good after tevercl years' keeping are celery, squash, cucumbers, melons, cirn, grains and many others. Onion seed is one of the kinds that depreciates most quickly. The seeds will not always come up as well in the field as they do in our trial pots and boxes; this ia because we cannot cover tnem so evenly_ in the Held, nor can we control the conditions of temperature and moisture in the field so surely as we dj in the greenhouse or hot-bed. So that in general we shall be safe to sow a larger quantity of seeds than our tests show- will be needed, and if too much of it comes up for a good crop tho surplus can be thinned out without much labor, this is far better thaoi not to have enough plants. Seedsmen are often unjustly blamed for fhe failure of seeds to come up; the conditions must be right as well as the seed good in order to insure a good result; good seeds oiten fail from being covered too deeply in spring or not deeply enough in hot weather, or from being smothered under the heavy packing of'the soil afier a heavy rain, or from insufficient moisture after seeding. It is ofien very provoking and a serious loss to the farmer fo have his seed fail, but before he lays all the blame on the seedsman or wishes him ill ho should make sure that ahe difficulty does not lie in the The Most Pleasant Way Of preventing the srrlppe, cold, headaches, and fevers is to use the liquid laxative remedy Syrup ol Figs, whenever the system needs a gentle, yel effective cleansing. To be benefited one must Ret the true remedy manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only. For sale by all druggists In 60c. and'$l bottles. It's bad enough to bite oft more than you can chew, but it's worse to try to chew It. Tabslcy—"Does your wife ever choose your clothes?" Wickwlre—"No; the merely picks the pockets." A GAtLoriNO CONSUMPTION may be avoided by the timely use of HALB'S HONBT or HonsttouND AND TAn. PIKB'S TooTHAcriB DROPS Cure in one Minute. Five things are essential to success in life. One is a good wife; the four others art, money. The Only One Ever Printed—Can Ton Find the Wordf There is a 3 Inch display advertisement In this paper this week wlilcli has no two words alike except ono word. Tho same Is true of each new one appearing onuh week from The Dr. Barter MculclnuCo. This house places a "Crescent" on every Llilng they make and publish. Look for It, Bend thuin the name of tho word, and llicy will ruliirn you BOOK, BEAUTIFUL LlTllOOltAl'Iia Or SAMl'liBS FKBB. "Do you know,I don't think much of Mawson V" "You don't have to. You can size Mawson up in two seconds." Cfttarrh Cun't He Cared With LOCAL APPLICATIONS, as they cannot reach the scat of the disease, Catarrh Is a blood or conBtllulloual disease, aud lu order to euro It you have to take internal remedies, HaU'B i.n- tarrh Cure in taken Internally, and acts directly on the blood and imicoue ourfacoa. Hall's i o- tarrh Cure ia no quook modlolne. It wan iire- ocribed by one ot the beet phT8loln,u« lu lhi« country (or yoarn, and la a regular proBcHptiou, It Is composed of the beat tonloa known, combined with tlio beat blood uurlfleri. Rotlnn directly on the znuooni anriacei. The purfeot combination of the two Ingredient! is what produces inch wonderful results in curing oa- larxh. Bend tor testimonials, ire*. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props., Toledo, Ohio, Bold by druggist), price 7So. StJacobsQil AFTER 22 YEARS. Newton, 111., May 23, 1888. From 1863 to 1885—about 22 years—I suffered with rheumatism of the hip. I was cured by the use of St. Jacobs Oil. T. C. DODD. Valuable Botfft *n Wervons PseiiHes fient free to any address, and poor pntlonts can alao obtain tills inodlcluo free of olmree. tcs ( ?' if WILL DO' all that Is claimed for evel;Ji|iltANDMORE. It Shortens Labor, isedtlp|LessensPain,t)iminishes Danger to aby K^ilLifc of Mother and Child. . Boole '••'•Ufa " MOTHERS " mailed FREE, con- 't v;';£|?ialning valuable information and L crioj Ij^yoluntary testimonials. ' prCM on receipt of price $1.50 per bottU IEUO' REGULATOR CO., Atlanta. Q*» BOM) BY ALL DBPQOISTa scenpl si! thlj e loss of flesh is a trifle. think you need not ' '' IjBut, if you go on losing |||if some time or lose a good |J|||i in a short time, you are Srannine r down. Is that a i n ng irr!|i« ? to your healthy oJrp||ight and generally you get *-*-<&*- to health. book On CAREFUL LTV- will tell you what it is to there, and when Scott's Sjjrjulsion of cod-liver oil is "*ful. -Free. : SCOTT & BOWNK, Chemlm, 133 South 5th Avenue, itYfjjUf druggist keeps Scott's Emulsion of cod-liver " ''~~'l druggists everywhere do. f i. Overcomes __ __^_ ___ ^_ _ __ _ yf uuu eutinKtvares Sick Headncbet - — >8Uomplexion,jcui'«»GonstlpaUoii. -la relief, mid U an INFALLI BLE CUUE for PILES. Frlce, $1; at drugKtutB or by mail. Harapie* tret. AadreSa "ANAWE SoziMU, N»w YORK POLISH IN THE line »nd was slowly brought under the_lee quarter. As it, was absolutely impossible fur her to ccme alongside, a whip was rore through a block on tbe end of the m:<in yard arm and lowered into the boat. The men, aUer making the end of the line fiist under their arms, were quickly hoisted aloft and lowered safely inboard. As soon as all hands were on botrd, the boat's painter was cut and she quickly drifted astern, capsized and sank. Tbe rescued men were taken forward into the forecastle and wt-11 cared for by the crew, The captain of the wrecked bark was taken below to the cabin and putting on a dry Rhift of clothes, came on deck again and started to tell his story. He s l had been at sea for thirty jears, and being a steady and temperate man. had rrmnaeen to save'quite a futa of money. He had gone out ro San Francisco flrsb mate of the American ship "Harvester " Seeing-the "Ocean Queen" for pale there, he had managed to buy her cheap and getting a cirgo of grain, had set sail for Queenstown. After a quick and pleasant passage around the "Horn" she had started on her long course northward. All went wejl until a couple of days ago, when- the ship being caught aback in a squall, the second mate who was a young man just out of his apprenticeship, lost his coolness and self possession just at a critical mo ment when they were needed most, and Viptore either the captain or the chief i fficer could get on de'ck the fore and main masts bad gone by the boaid taking with them the mizz^n-iopmast. They tried to set the spanker and heave tbe 8hip to, but tbe sea being very high and the ship having nothing to steady her, strnined he tvily a> d soon sprung a leak. They were on the p_oint of g.ving up all hope when we hove in sight, and rescued them, "And now every ceut I owned," continued i he poor man, "and had saved for thirty long years, lies at the bottom of the ocean. Upon the arrival of our steamer at L v-rpool, the crew ot the life boat received a reward of a sum of money from the board of trade and a medal from the Riyal Humane society.—W. L. Alden. Jr. late U. S. N. MEMORY. Some Good Advice Which Every Young Alan Should Remember, The following advice every young man will do well to remember: A successful business man says there wera two things which he learned when he was eighteen, which were afterward of great use to him, namely, "Never to lose anything, and never lo forget anything," An old law- jer sent him with an important paper, with certain instructions what to do with it. "But," inquired the young man, "suppose I lose it."—"You must not lose it."—"I don't mean to," said the young man, "but suppose I should happen to?" I I Pastea, Enamels, and Paints which i the hands, injure the Iron, and burn the nisi ng Sun Stove Polish is Brll- ,t, Odorluss, Duiahle, »nd the con- ir pays for no tin or (1»M package crery purchase. SALE OF 8.000 TOMS, UjNIQN. 46-W, —"But I say you must not happen to shall make no provision for such an occurrence; you must not lose it!" This put a new train of thought into tie young man's mind, and he found that if he was determined to do a thing, he could do it. He made such a provision against every contingency that he never lost anything. He found this equally true about forgetting. If a certain matter of importance was to be remembered, he pinned it down on his mind,'fastened it tV'pre, and stay. He used to say: "Wnen a man tells me that he forgot to do t-ornething, I tall him he might as well have said: 'I don't care enough abput your business to take the trouble to think about it again.' " I once had an intelligent young man in my employment who deeinrd it sufficient f souse "for neglecting any important task to eay, "I forgot it." J to!4 him that would not answer. If he was sufficiently interested he would be careful to remember. It was because h 6 did not care careless way the seeds were planted, or in the unfavorable condition of the weather at or after seeding time. Those who lay their plans out now and order their seeds early will be most likely to secure the best stock the market can afford, and will find the seedsmen usually very glad to take orders at this HPason of the year before the rush and Hurry of spring trade begins,—Mass. Ploughman. THB KOH-I-NOOR. This r,urjjo Diamond Sal') to Have Been Found In n Ooloonda Mine. Koh-i-noor (mountain of liarht) is the name of a.very large diamond now in possession of her majesty queen Victoria. Its early history is not accurately known, but according to Hindu legend, it was found in a Golconda mine, its earliest owners being the successive rulers of Hindustan. After passing through various hands, ifc came into the possession of Nadir Shah, 1739, who gave it its present name. From him it passtid to tbe monarchs of Afghanistan, the last of whom gave it to Runj^et Singh, the ruler of Punjaub, and on the annexation of this territory bv Great Britain, in 1849, ifc was surrendered to the sovereign 'of Great Britain. Ifc is said to havfl weighed 'originally nine hundred carats, but has, by cutting, been reduced to ono hundred and twenty-three. It is valued at one hundred and twenty thousand pounds sterling. Letters of Introduction. The person to whom the letrer of introduction has been given should leave it at the house of the person to whom it is addressed, together with his own card, on which is his ad Iross. His part is then done, except to await tho pleasure of the one whose acquaintance he seeks. The latter ought, acoording to good form, to extend (within twenty-four hours if pas- sible) some kindly attention, sucb it" to call, a note of invitation, etc. Blade to Look Like New. Dresses, Gent's Clothing, Feathers. Gloves, etc., Dyed or Cleaned, Plush Garments Steamed, at Otto Pietch's Dye Works, 346 W. Water St., Milwaukee. Bend lor circular. Ihere is never any difficulty in finding people to play the first fiddle, but O how tiara it ia to get the rest of the orchestra." For Coughs and Throat troubles use BUOWN'S BRONCHIAL TROCHES.— "They stop an attack of iny asthma cough /ery promptly."— 0. Patch, Miamiville, Ohio. Teacher.—"Now, children, what well- known prbduct is raised in Ireland?" Bright 'joy— "'American citizens." 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It is very Important that during the month! ot March April May the blood should be thoroughly purified and the system be grren strength to withstand the debilitating effect of the changing season. For this purpose Hood's Sar- taparllla possesses peculiar merit and it ii the Best Spring Medicine. The following, Just received, demonstrates the wonderful blood-purifying powers: "C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.: "Gentlemen: I have had salt rheum for a number of years, and for the past year one of my legi, from the knee down, has been broken out very badly. I took blood medicine for a long time with no good results, and was at one time time obliged to walk wltb crutches. I finally concluded to try Hood's Sarsaparllla, anc before I had taken one bottle the Improvemen! was so marked that I continued until I had taken three bottles, and am now better than I have been In years. The inflammation has all left my leg and It is entirely healed. I have had inch Epileptic Fits, Falling Sickness, Hysterics, St. Vitns Dance* Nervousness, Hypochondria, Melancholia, In- cbrlty, Sleeplessness, Dizziness, Brain and Spinal Weakness. This medicine has direct action upon the nerve centers, allaying all Irrltablll- les, and Increasing the flow aud powcl nerve fluid. It Is perfectly harmless nd loaves no unpleasant effects. REr This remedy baa boon prepared by the Reverend afltor Koenlg, of Fort Wayne, Ind.. sine* 1876. and a now proparod undor lilB direction by the KOENIC MED. CO., Chicago, III. SoldbyDruKei»tsat»lperBotUe. GforSG, Imreo Hlx«, 01.75. 6 Bottles for 89. MADE BY THE DUTCH PROCESS are "Treated with Carbonate of Soda, Magnesia, Potash or Bicarbonate oi Soda." The UBO of chemicnl« can be readily detected by tho peculiar odor from newly opened packages, and also from n glass of water in which a small quantity of chemically treated cocoa has been placed and allowed to remain for several days. For more than O'ne Hundred Tear* the houie of Walter linker «t Co. have made their Cocoa Preparation* ABSOLUTELY PVXE, vting HO Patent Prooei*, AlkaUet, or Dyet. W. BAKER & CO., Dorchester, Mass,_ April May benefit from Hood's Sarsaparilla that I merit." concluded to write this voluntary itate- . J. TEJIPJ.IS, Kldgeway, MicU. Hood's Pills act easily, promptly aud efficiently on the liver and bowels. Bent dinner pill. f FAMOUS ODELL TYPEWRITER e£ Itlsnsedb; • 8Tel7 R , eu; au Btore, Law "Vyor. Mlnli * f ter, Docto-, *fi everyPub.l « Bchoo1 1 •duptlng It Editors an all the Qoi eminent O: (leers, b • cause of Its clean prtn simplicity coplea. r N Uachr* i quired; w „„,„... Sent to any Cow In the O. 8. for»l depoilt, b»l»no« O. O. D. {object trial. Order now »nd get the Agency. ODKLL TYP ] do your work in ono h'onr's practle*. th . W1UTKK CO., 961 nd ge (e 3M DMrbora Stnet, Ckiwca, 11 Tutfs Hair Dye Gray hair or whlnkers clmnjfed to a gloMJ black by asInBleapl'li ci * tlonorthls:t>ye ' ** Imparts a natural color, acts Instantaneously and contains nothing inj urJoui to the hair Bold by druggists, or will be sent on recelp of price, «iroO. dffloe, 30 Park Place, N. V. "August Flower" " I am teady to testify tinder oath that if it had not been for August Flower I should have died before this. Eight years ago J. was taken sick, and suffered as no one but a dyspeptic can. I employed three of our best doctors and received no benefit. They told me that I had heart, kidney, and liver trouble. Everything I ate distressed ti 1 e so that I had to throw it Up. August Flower cured me. There is no medicine ual to it." LORENZO F. SI.ESPBR, Appleton, Maine. WE ARE THE PEOPLE ! At Leant Th»t'» •What T>-->T All Tell UH. Who would not get a ''big heurf" with auoh n Una of Bafatlea as wi hare to oflar? 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Mr. Allaire Is a practical chemist, a mlcroscoplit >f learning and authority, and a gentleman of wealth and standing. After J full and cttrcful examination he says: "I am acquainted with tho formula of UIHD.'S QEUMAN Couaii AND KIDNBT Cun». and know that the claim that Is made—It contains no opiate or any deleterious drug' —Is strictly true. It Is an exceedingly valuable remedy, and I am glad to know that It Is meeting with such a largo sale." Mr. Allaire is in no way interested In the Sylvan Remedy Co., and his high character makes this testimony of value. He will Indorse this fetatemunt by letter If any on* wishes to write him. Got this great remedy of any dealer. Price twenty-five cents a bottle.- SVLVAN KBMBDT Co., Pcorla, HI. LITTLE '"LIVER ' PILLS DO NOT OBIPB HOB 8ICKCT. Bur* curt for SICK HEAD- ACHB, Impaired dlititlou, ctiuiU- patton, torpid glfintls. Th«7*rguM TlUl orgaoa, rai&^vt nauMa,dla* ' Act llk« miRicOQ Kid- It«in«<ly Fri>e. Inntiiut R^llrf. Final cure In 10 daya. Never returns! no purgar no «»lve| nonuppoaltory. AvIotlDi tried lu tuia every remedy hits discovered a slmpl* cure, which he will mull free to his fellow snfiarara. Address J. H. BEEVES, bo* 8200, New York City, N. Y. PILES Tin Oldett UedldM in tht World ta probably DK, ISAAC THOMPSON'S CELEBRATED EYE-WATER. I'his article Is • carefully prepared physician's tiro- loriptlcm, und has been 111 const»nt n»e for nearly a century. There «ro few dUeasee to which mHnkiiid •re eubject more dlstromtlng th«n tore eyei, und nonb, jierlmpa, for which more remedial have beon tried without euccena. For all external InQmnmntlon of the eyes U la an InfulUblo remedy. If the directions are followed It will never full. We particularly Invite the attention of physicians to Its merits. For Bule by nil druggists. JOHN L. THOMPSON, SONS &00.,Tuox, N. Y. Established 17IH. tin (in FOR YODR CHILDREN IP I U U U youTHS ENDOWMENT ASSOCIATION. Incorporated under the stnto laws for tha endow, inentof children, any child from blnli to 16 ycurj ellRlble to membership. Earnings 2So perdny per •hare, certificates mature at aije 12to2l years ICiulow- merit Fund iluuhle the amount that any other company of the kind linil at fiuno age, Send tor circulars. AGRKTS WANTED, Address K. l'\ Goodwin, Sec'y, Homo Offlce, 606-607 Globe Iluilillut;, Mliineapolla, Minnesota. complexion Oonquu Iliona nervona uli- ixlers. Eittbllib ul- urml OIILV AcrnoH, by purifying 8125^0 A MontD and Eipenses To Affenu to Sell CIGAIJS TO DBALKB3, SAMPLES FREE I Bonntlfy blood. Po The dam Is nicely >d|uttrd toiult CSM, M ens pill »«verb.loo much. Each vl«l contains «. csrrird In »«4 Bu»lneii» »«"'»«"•« Soldev y. . pockrt. ll». U»d pencil. conrenlcnca. Taken esiier ttan i sugar. Vbcr*. All genuln* (oodi bear "Cmcent. ' B*nd t-t»at rtamp. You get 38 pag* book with lampU, OB. HARTEI MEDICINE CO.. 8t Ual«. M*. FREE lijr rclura oinn. (nil deicilpllu clrculini of FAT FOLKS REDUCED ople. Oregon. Mo., write* ma 820 poundi, now it U 19Qt olroulara eddrebB. with 60. iker'pThtfatre, Olxlofttco.UC POSITIVE CURE flH()'l'HH:«H. nn Wnrrmi St.. Ni'w York. 1'rlcoROcU. 11.4 UQODY'8 IMPROVED TAILOB. 6VB- TKMSofDresi Cutting. Ko- vi.t«(l to diie. Aaj M/ on I geocecii quickly &u« •••11; l«»ri to cut to4 m a k t *»y X«rtncn( |« any itjte, U toy meuura, fur La4 tci. Men eod Cbl(- guaranteed 14 fit perfectly WJtllOUi tFTttlf 'uToOOYiOO 1 "That fellow." TOUDK De Vere it» rerr promlaloc «'AbT How much did you lend cur* tick headache, dU- ordered lltar tad »ct like msglc QB the TlUl prg»n». For »»!» by all druggloU. It doein't always prore »n offlci»l U burn- with public «»1 when he flre» « lot of A new parasite has been discovered which Infects paper money and is found nowhere else, It ia invisible to the unassisted eye, .does sot attach itself to pert eons, but njuUipJies §t a rapid THE COST IS THE SAME. THE HARTMAN Ooeti no more tbnn an orUluitry oluumy wocixl I in a ibort time. The Hurtmsu Fdiiuu U »rt nt and lBprtotlcallyeve(|uotiu« //,i{/.sVA'I MAILED FREE. Addr««l JTOVir n«MM«t WltfUl T. P. OAN8E, General Weotorn 8»le* «r*.i*»w u*uu«« PICKET FENCE « »JH .rot er fa •' CAN I ASSIST YOU. MAPAH1" This Is an overy-day ooourrenoe; she U taken with that <*aU r gone" or lulnt feeling. The cause of this feeling to some derangement, weakness, or irregularity incident to her sex. lustwnt reMel may always be found by using

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