The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 15, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 15, 1949
Page 3
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JESDAY, MARCH 15, 10-19 ix Informers Good Year ('Squealers' Who Tell lOn Tax Dodgers Try | For Federal Rewards . By Charles Molony WASHINGTON, March is, w>— informers, whose inning conies •< Ihe Income tax deadline at Binlglit tonight, should hit the Ikpol this year. pfficlals acknowledged today that Prospects favor a record piiy- for evidence agaius. tax eva- • s because: I. There will he $500.000 available •fiscal 1949 (ending next June 301 Paying Informers. This is five ics as much as Congress ever In-ided for (lint purpose before. I. Tlie top limit on payments to lormers, 10 per cent of the taxes •overed. on the basis of their •onnation, has been dropped. It been replaced by a system of k'ards decided on by officials as |r In each case. I. over 40.000.000 persons will be pject to federal income lax pay- nls and, with rates high, temp- lion to cheat on lax returns will strong—loo strong for many. . The chief notivntions for 'tax •ormlng seem lo endure and perms to grow. They include palrlo- I desire lo prevent evasions by •icrs. dtsgnmtlement of employes. Irilly feuds anrl jealousies, and •men scorned. Got Most in ID18 informers have been getting a -in on tax-evasion r weries for nit 15 years. The fiscal year 1948 hded last June 30) voughl tlieir :gest haul to date. •They picked up $90.875 then— |it $25 less than the total sum ailable for rewards—while Uncle •in rang up a record $2,351.000 in collections that couldn't have Jen made without informer aid. IThe biggest reward recorded, an 11.000 sum that was split among ree people, came back In the • <i-1930s in a case where the gov- iment collected $2,600.000. JThe Internal Revenue Bureau Jesn't pay off on a mere "com•lint" or plain "tip" to the effect "so and so is evading taxes." former has to produce some- S that will serve as evidence I court. He also has to ask for a hney reward to get one. • The "woman scorned" motivation In be powerful. There was the •se of a bride-to-be who got left tnding at Ihe church. This sweet Father of His Country \\ith arms upraised in characteristic fir-lure, this lifelike statue of Mahatmn Gandhi father of Indian nulei ,,,rlc,u-e. ,s near complc- tion m London, fhe wnrh of Hnusi, sculptor Atn Brown, u will be casi in bronze. Music Hath Charms — But So Does the Clink HOT SPRINGS. Ark., March 15 M'l—A middle-aged man was bcfoiv Ihc bar here, charged wiih vacancy. 1 How can I be a vagrant when I put from six to eight dollars in the juke box- every day?" lie pleaded. "Why do you do that?" as/rod Municipal Judge' Fred Johnson. "I must have music. My nerves are shot to pieces and music always quiets me." was Ihe ex :lanatlon. The courl thought a 30-dixy st.iy in jail would be a more su'itablc;, j soothing remedy for .shattered' nerves. young thing, say officials, turned In not only the balking bridegroom but also his father and several Gibers in their family. Tax agents get their biggest kick. however, over the case where the bureau nicked an informer for ex- Ira taxes, He owed the extra amount on a reward he'd received the year before but hadn't reported as income. MOV TO NEW LOCATION 112 No. First Street • Behind Lemons Furniture Store Bian Heath Co. Same Phone — 828 U.S. Tax Collections, In $1,000 Bills, Would Make J 4,652-Foot Pile WASHINGTON, March IS. [it;— Im-omp-t.'x day note: The gcvcrn- inenrs tax collections for last voa : - slackcd ii. $1.000 bills, would mnk- a Pile H.652 feel lush. That, said Rep. Mack iTl-W;islil j, would be "about 2'.. ii'ilc.s lilRli. or 28 titne.s n s tall a.s the Washington Monument." Mack prepared this Intcnutme st'instic in observance of the fact that this is the last day for tux payment*. II you made over SGTO in 1943 and don't file a return by lo- nktit yoiire subject to a penalty ->l 55 nor cent of the tax. The Revenue Bureau said most t!>xi>aypr.s have paid up quickly in I lie expectation of getting refunds. i but a lot ol people always come | puffin; in on the last day. 1 The Washinfiton congressman < had no. fip.ures on tills year's lake. • Bin he ob.'crved noslalglcally thai during the first three years of President Gc-or:re Washington's administration, the government tapped ilx citizens foi only $4.418,013 in taxi's —a puny 12 1-2 Inches. Morrison Man Heads State Farmers Group LITTLE BOCK. March 15, im' Raiph Hudson ol Hnrrison has beon re-elected president of the Arkansas Farmers' Association by the organizations board of directors. Other officers: Joe Hardin of Onuiy. (xisid chairman; Joe Reed of Sp.'in»a.ilc and Walter Mnv of Marion, vice presidents; Elmer T Miller of Little Hock, secretary- treasurer. State Police Arrest ',456 During February LITTLE ROr'K. Mai-ell 15. IIP, — Arkansas stale Police made 1,4.56 arrests in February. ! Of this number. 1.175 persons wer- convicted, Herman Lindsey stale Police director, said yesterday In Ins monthly report. 1 During February, tiie State Police recovered $02.050 in stolen . property including s tolen automobiles valued at $-H/f50. Ail foliage and fruit of the co- [conut tree comes front one bud. STUDEBABCER CUT HAULIN® Top pay load per fruefef Top mileage per gallon! » Am*rKo's beslloobing and finest new trucks! Outstanding in itroemlined distinction! I Big, completely equipped, wsother-tight cab—head room, leg room, hip room lo spore—foor-confrollod air tcoop" ventilation— amazing new wide-ranai visibility! i Tim»-«aving new "lifl-rh«-hood" occBsiibiliry— an . • gint, ignition, instrument ponel wiring wilhin eaiv otm % reachl New spring design provides a ride that's a marvel o» comfort, loaded or empty! N«w tiTucrura! operotina •conomy-contribot. to lawtr hauling coslil slylcd niw SlWekoki, pkk- xpt m W-ton. %.ton and 1-ton models. Stake bodies also available in these nvxi- cls. Only trucks nith automatic overdrive-optional at catr., cost on J,-ton and !i-lon models. Railroad and Ash us Powerful I VS-lon ond 3-fon Sludcbafcen an ovoH- obl« In 4 wheelbosn for 9 foot. 12 foot, 14 or 15 fool »r.d 17 or 18 foot bodia. Shown htrc-, 2-n Studcbalcer '43cr tniclc with 15 foot , W abash Rail Workers Go Out on Strike ST. LOUIS, March 15. MV-Opc- riWIiiB employes of tlie \V;ib:ish n>\ilroad went on strike today nt fi ft.m (CSTI Tlie walkout was ordered atlw a breakdown In negotiations conduct, eti by a federal mediator. A total of 3.500 to 4.COD employes are affecled. Tlie i-ullrond operates] over 2,foo miles ol truck In tmvii. .Missouri, Illinois. Ohio, liidlniiii niiii Michigan. Jack Donnelly, viuc prr-sldeni u i tlie Brotherhood of F.iiKlnrei'.s an 1 spokesman lor the other blot hir- lioods, snld Ihe.strlke resulted "frmn a long standing dispute Involving time claims, working conditions n:i j other things—but not ivngrs." decree H, sido. Wabash vice president hi charge of operation..; sain all ellorls lo foreslall (lie strike failed during n lengthy noHotlntm.; ses.ston conducted by a federal' ii'od- iator throughout most o[ Ihc nlRhl. He said Ihc next step is up to tii- Rnllwiiy Mediation Board, El Dorado Jury Favors Cfwsfn^ Of Road House !?L DCRAIJO. Ark.. M'lrch 15 11\ —The Union Comity Grand Jury ypstcrriny recoininen<le<l the c| as in; of one niahl spot nnd further InvcstiBi'lion of another. The Grand Jury recommended Hint thr Ace "f clubs <n>. orator. Mr.s. Violn Rusliton iv,'s slain Feb. 22, ue closed pci'inanciH- ly. Don Stokes U ta po on trial in Circuit court here Wednesday on a charge of murder in the fat^l shooting of M rs , Riu-luon. a -to- wir-old divorcee, a t the club EIC p- El Dorado. Also ytsterdny, Circilll Judge Oils Jo:;es cited two men for coiilcmiit of court In iittcmndtig lo rcop™ the A-e of Ch.'tis. They sro Eugene Dull. Mrs. Riishtoii's son. nnd j. s. 'niomr-s, E! Dorado attorney, who owns the club. The Grand Jury called for further (nvcstlRtitlon ol the operatinns of the River Boat Club, which flonl-v oil lite Ouachltn River. The Hh'cr Boat Club «'«.«> raided winle docked in Union Countv li'.v (ail and owners Hnrold nixi "s. V Jordan xvcre lined for ganung, Small Docket Ready For State Supreme Court LITTLF ROCK. March If,. M'l The Arkansas Supreme Court is pfrcut to rim out of business. Supreir.e Court Clerk Carl Slc- vcnajii .said this morning thai when he prcpa-cd Ihc list of ten ca.w.s for siiljiiibslon lo the court next Monday there would remain only Ihree case* rcndy for siibinfssioii. Tl'st. does not mean that tlie court is mdilnp: up with its dnck- et, however Stevenson said there arc about 25 cases in which briefs must bo filed before Ihcy can be submitted and about 18 others u-liich arc ready for submission but Econometer 500- ,450 <00 350- 300- 250- 2W- 150 Corporal* proliri alter ,fo«! (309) Unemployment (22) - Charl above shows the percenl- agc of increase in 1948 of leading economic factors over the 1939 average, which is considered as 100 per cent. The only major decrease was unemployment, according lo Ihc President's Council of Economic Advisefs. A Real Relief For Stomach Distress, Acid Indigestion Yes, this fact has been tlme-teslec and proved by Doctors. Better day^ will be yours, too. So why wait when there is no need lo continually swell- , er alkallzcrs H 1 cV! c V lily rctort1 digestion. Instead, SSS Tonic willi its highly po- Icnt ingredients works to tone-up Ihc stomach so It may release its own digestive Jutco (hydrochloric acid) Us S u r e C repaTr. f ° 0d ^ b ° dy USe an(J SSS Tonic has helped hundreds of thousands of people, wiihoiii any organic trouble or focal Infection, to really feel better, more vlg. orous. betler able to enjoy living. Take none less than thti eftco- "vcly-pjroved medlcfne to relieve ln«l m ' ser S'-. T al;c SSS to tone-up -MM stol r? ch j whct «'e appetite, ylld-np olnod strcnglh! Get SSS ionic from any Dni" Store today. Take Only The Beit <ARK.) COURIRR NEWS . Gets New Start Fivc-yciir-old Jc-rry lUnuljy of Moiia learns lo walk with tho aid 'if ICK iM-aces and Nurse Maxinc Hikes Jerry is one of $2 Ark- IIISILK children ivtriviiiB (real. iioiH ai the Clnlitri'ns Ci mMli-s. •-'in L'eniiT lit Jacksonville. Ik is .1 vicinii ul 1'olio. Tlie Center is n suil.-wiclr p m . .UTI ol (he Ai!t;ins;is Associiitiun lor the Cri)iplc'd. arc listed for oral arguinciU. He said (huso could be submitted i wo nl u time us the eouri ha.s u nilp tlint it «:ll hear only twu ornl arguments each week. Lion Oil Mokes NewWogeOffer In Strike Talks Kb DORADO, Ark., March 13. !,T>) — The Mon oil Company made » new offer early today In »„ «ff O rt l« settle a «-K(te dispute wllh m>- proMimitrl.v 420 production workers In its chemical plant. The olfoi was announced by Mor. rls Akin. Ktlpore, Tex., a lepxwnl- ntlvc of the CIO Workers Union Tlin company confirmed one hud 1)C"!ti mrir!e. Neither Akin nor com- pnny reiirfientnttvfs would dLsclcv^c dctnlls, I'l-evlonsly the company hnd of- fernl nn eight cfnt an hour wage Incicase hi contrast to the union's ITQIIPM of 20 cents ml hour for tlio employes. Nog«tluilo) ls «- cre rr-AimicxI ye.T- tevday and ronllnnrrt until nftiv nildnlRlit. when the conference nd- Jounicd until tonlRht. Aktn did not commit, himself on the union 1 !, [ittllude on the company s now offer. THRMl Loncy Is Grandfather POItT SMITH. Ark.. March 15. M'l—Kbrmcr Oov. Hen T. Laney, the ratlin of three .wiw, now Imn » in "'iddiuujlilor. ft tliiiU'ln.M', Undn Helen, w.m born here Saturday to Mr, and Mrs Ren T. Luney. Jr. I'lie Friendly Ynrd K. ('. Rdlilnson I ami IM> i Still & Young Motor Co. With the Courts Ch»nctrj Welch et »1, »uit »g»lngt «n delta. ol 18(« levee Uxei. ^hete'll Be Abouf These SCATTER PINS . 00r ond e ™ 1 -'°" a - r ' S '" V *'. ' OP *'' ° r *»• , l Many can b. worn at one. .50 boy a »,. E xqu [,[|,| y d »imulate«| NO CHARGE FOR CREDIT _•£?£• ttHEIFUS Muni llrnlfm .., Witar nin :iiii\\ \i\i\ vr. n»ii ii Ktunii, <tr»iriiti lit ttutmtc From, the Caterpillar Comes the Beautiful Butterfly Those winter clothes can be made to fit into the freshness o{ Spring with the touch of Hudson's craftsmen. 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