The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 26, 1893 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 26, 1893
Page 7
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THE DES MOINES, ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY. APRIL 26 1893. Hood's Cures Sir. Elmore Y. Sltelt Of Akron, lud. CANCER ONJHE FACE. Entirely Eemovcd by Three Bottles of Hood's "I wish to maUu thla statement for the •benefit of people that may be suffering with that dreaded disease, cancer. For five years I have had one coming on my face. 1 tried having it burned' out and several •other remedies, but all of no avail until I •was induced to try Hood's Sarsaparllla. While Inking the first bottle I could see n marked change and the third bottle almost or entirely removed the cancer. I can't say too much for Hood's Sarsapnrilla. For years Iliad to be careful about my diet but now I can eat anything and digest it all .right, sleep well at night and in fact feel like a new man." ELIIOUB Y. SIIELT, Ale- ron. Ind. "The above testimonial is wholly unsolicited. I sold Mr. Shelt Hood's barsaparilla and can vouch for the truthfullness of his statement. He is an old soldier and a respected citizen." J. E. GAIIW.OOD, Druggist, Aliroii,.fnd. ""HOOD'S PILLS are purely vegetable, and do not purge, paiu ' or grlpo. Sold by all druggists. The New Bread. f The favor with which the new bread. made with Royal Baking Powder Instead of yeast, has been received by our best housekeepers and most expert bread-makers, is really wonderful, "ft saves all the hard and tedious work of kneVKding and molding," writes one. "Less than an hour from dry flour to the most perfect lonf of brend I ever saw," writes another. "Fresh bread every day," says another, "and that tho lightest, finest, and most wholesome, is something to live for." '^Ve relish the bread better thnn the did kind." "It is ahead of any yeast bread I ever baked." "The bread was whiter and sof t- or." "Best of all," writ°s an enthusiastic housewife. "We can eat the Royal unifermented bread when freshly baked, or even when warm, with perfect impunity. It Is actually an anti- dyspeptic." "This bread has a 'nutty* tnste that is peculiarly pleasing," writes still another. This owing to the fact that the active gas-producing principle of the Royal is derived from, the puro grape acid. The great value of this bread arises from the fact that hi it are preserved all the most nutritive elements of tho flour, some of which are decomposed and destroyed by the action of yeast. The loss of these .properties is what makes a fresh yeast brend unwholesome. The use of Roysil Baking Powder instefld of yeast is found to make a finer, lighter bread, devoid of all dyspeptic qualities. The same gns— carbonic— is produced as where yeast is used, but it is evolved from the baking powder itself and not from the flour. Thereby the bread is made more wholesome and actually anti-dyspeptic. Tho greater convenience, where a batch of the finest brend can be made and baked In less than on hour, with no danger of a sour or a heavy loaf, must bo nippreciated by every one. The receipt for making this bread is herewith given, and hovisekcepers will do well try out it out and preserve it. To make one loaf— One quart flour. 1 teaspoonf ul salt, half a tofispoonful sugar, 2 heaping teas-poonfuls Royal taking Powtler, hnlf medium-sized cold boiled potato, and water. Sift together thoroughly flour, salt, sugar, and baking powder; rub in the potato; add siiflicierit water to mix smoothly and rapidly into stiff batter, about ns soft as for poundcake; about a pint of water ro a quart of flour will bo required- more or less according to the brand and qualify of the flour used. Do not mn.ko a stiff dough, like yeast broad. Pour the batter into a. greased BEHAVIOR 1 . WHEN SLAPPED. It Cure* Colds,CoufthB.Soro Throat,Croup.Inflata- Ka/Wliocpinjr Cough. 33ronohitis and Astbnu* 4 certain ours for Consumption in flrst ata^on, an4 * irure relief in tdvanccd stages. "CTae at once. Ton will nen the excellent effort after taking th« first dose. Gold by dsnliirs everywhor*, battloi £0 cento and 61.00. A Pure Norwegian Oil is the kind used in the production of Scott's Emulsion — Hypophos- phitesof Lime and Soda are added for their vital effect upon nerve and brain. No mystery surrounds this formula— the only mystery is how quickly it builds up flesh and brings back strength to the weak of all ages. Scott's Emulsion will check Consumption and is indispensable in all wasting dis- «ases.' _grep»red by Bcott & Bowrie, S. Y. All drngginta. * * • • /N CHILDREN For over two years my littb girl's life tvas made miserable by a case of Catarrh. The discharge from tlie nose was large; constant and very offensive. Her eye.v became inflamed, the lids swollen and very painful. After trying various reme- tle seemed to^S^k£ffl aggravate the disease, but the symptoms soon abated, and in a short time she was cured. Du, L. B. RITCHEY, Mackey, Ind. Our book on lilootl ami Sldn Dissases mailed tree, SWIIT Si'Kcuau Co., AUauu, Ga. Ward McAllister Makes nn Authorltatlvo Statement. A recent deplorable incident has led to a discussion in the clubs as to the duties of a gentleman who has been subjected to unbearable insult. On that occasion, it will be remembered, one gentleman slapped the face of another, who replied with his umbrella, the result being a series of appearances in a police court, Many men are undoubtedly desirous of learning what is the absolutely correct thing to do in such a case. The New York World is happy to be able to decide this nice point of social deportment. Ward McAllister consented, after some hesitation, to define the attitude of himself and other male persons of irreproachable fashion. His statement, shorn of some verbal adornments, is as follows: "The upshot of the discussion to which you refer is that the best authorities have decided that a gentleman who I'eceives an insult either by word or blow should repel it at once either with his fist or some appropriate weapon. Some high authorities recommend tho decanter, but others consider this too 'effective. Tho question of the weapon must depend largely upon the physical powers of the aggrieved person and on the amount of provocation received. A consumptive gentleman might, bo justified in using a decanter in a case where an athlete certainly would not. "It may now be laid down as tho unwritten law governing these un- pleasantnesses that a gentleman iu- eultod, not in tho presence of ladies, should immediately engage in a personal encounter. This is a great change from the convention of tho past generation. Twenty years ago it was proper to pay no attention to an insulting remark or even to a blow beyond remarking, "You shall hear from me later, "or words to that effect. If the gentleman insulted felt that the aggressor was unwortuy of a challenge he iniyht follow him outdoors aad kick him in a convenient spot. This was exactly the course followed by an eminent citizen who was called a cheat while playing 1 at cards in tho principal club of this city. "It wan necessary, however, to indicate in some- unobtrusive manner that an insult had been received. How ncccs«.u'y this is illustrated, by tho case of a well-known southerner, the proprietor of n New York hotel, in whose 1'aco an oll'onded compatriot There are n largo number of hygienic physlonns who claim that disease is olwiiys the result of a transgression of Nature's laws. The Proprietors of arficld Tea are both physicans, and have devoted years to teaching the people how to avoid sickness by following Nature's laws. Thoy give away with every package of ffarfleld Tea :i little book which they claim will enable all pei-sons, if directions nro followed, to avoid isckness of nil kinds, and hnvo no need for Garfiold Tea or any other medicine. The jury In the case of Mrs. Grundy against tlie city of Janesville returnod a verdict awarding the plaintiff damages to the amoxuit of $5,000. Mrs. Grundy sued to recover for injuries received through a defective walk. etc., Made to Look I, Ike New, p, Gent's Clothing, Kuiilliurs, (Move* IJyeil or C'lc'iinud, I'lush tliirinoiHs , Vvcnmet!, nt Otto I'ieU-h'a Uye Works, Jill W Stale St., MiUfuukue. Send for clruulur. William Smith, of GHddon, was sen teuced to thirty days in the county jail on a charge of larceny. Are You Coining to the World's Fair? If so, to secure iiccoiiiinodatious find' save expense write;-to tlie Du La Salle Bureau of Information aud Accommo elation, established under the auspices of the Christian Bros, for the caro and protection of strangers visiting tho World's Fair. Address Do La Hallo Bureau of Information and Accommodation, Wabnsb. avenue and 35th street, Chicago, 111. 4 1-2x8 inches aud four inches deep. filBinpr about half full. The 'loaf will rise to till the pan when baked. Bake in very hot oven 45 minutes, placing paper over first 15 minutes bakinp;, to prevent r.rusliug too soon on top. Bake at once. Don't mix with milk. Perfect success requires the most (j'irofiil observance of all these details. The author of the receipt emphasizes the statement that Royal Baking Powder only can be used because it is the only powder in which the ingredients are prepared so as to give that continuous action necessaiy to rjiise the larger bread loaf. To every reader who will write the result of her brend making from this receipt to the Royal Baking Powder Company, 100 Wall -street, New York, that company will announce that they will send, in return, free, a copy of a most pi'nctical and useful cook book,' containing one thousand receipts for nil kinds of baking, cooking, etc. Mention this paper. took occasion to expectorate. The llllt'T ttAlir Agones ranS HflUr K ' : '" |le "I.".........'.'....." 1" Ib^'J, fri- AT ONCK. Sushlock, I'm. res hy nmil for ~'c. •fitamp. llini^. eiiM>. Uni-iviilli'il O.ily (juoil one evor inviMiieil. lienin \M-ii;hi9. Sales unparalleled. Sl-Jn Dny. WniH finlck. J1UOIIAKD &VO., Hoc OH, I'hll., PH. Usually, however, tlie letter of condolence, if short, earnest and sincere, is nn olive branch of promise borne as by a very messenger dove of peace over tlie wild, whirling waste of snow. The simpler it is, the surer its errand, of mercy. Tlie sooner it is sent, the more speedily its'.tender balm is laid on the aching heart. On the whole it is al- waiys very nearly safe to trust to the early friendly impulse, and to disregard tlie later detaining hand of caution. Bnlyallon Oil lins tliii cnvloblo (lialinotlon of liuiiii; a synonyin for curn nf rliciiina- tisin, nuiiriil^ln, ji'tinl, :iii(l Idiulreil tilTectloiis sui'li us scinlic, liciliiiiloui'uux, etc. It U tfrowliig inoro jiopiiluL' ihiily. Tlio people will luvvo it, 2a els. The spring rise of the' Missouri carried out some of the false work of the Nebraska Central bridge at Omaha, delaying construction. Cares Consumption, Coughs, Croup, Bar* (Throat* Sold by all Druggists on a Guarantee. fora Lame Side, Back or Chest Shiloh's Porous Plaster will eivo stoat wtisfaction.— aj cent*. Horphlno Habit Cored in 10 toSOdays. No pay till cured. DR, J.STEPHENS, Lebanon.OhioI BEST POLISH IN THE WORLD. DECEIVED kith Pastes, JSnarnels, and Paivt? which tho hands, injure the iron, and burn The Kioto Sun Stove Polish is f, o Jpilessl and Pi/ le, Eaph Full orForll Are those dlsordurs wliic-h, beginning wltli un.uppiu'onlly Irivliil iniiclivily pi tlio kid- novs or liiiulilur, luriniimtus in lirlglil'tf disuiisu, diiilir.lusiind cj-Ktilis, The first two nol only inlumiul lliu fmitlioiisof tho re- nrl organs, hut dustroy lliuir structure with us nuii'li cjt-rlainly as' tubcrc-uhir consumption duos Hint of tlio lungs. Hosteller's atoimioli Billurs is nn excellent diuretic, pronioling Ilio lU'livity of tliese organs witlimil. over exciting iliein, tlius averting Ilio deadly imihulics 'in wlik-li tlieir inaction is so pi-one to culminate. Tlie'removal from Hie lilood of impurities wliieli the kldneysi should, Init do not, when inactive, ei'crulu, is niuillier benclU-on t ell'eet of this lucomiinrublu iiicdicnU'd stimulant and depurent The Bitters is, in all eases, too, n line icMoiiiIno of \igoi ami aid to digestion, remedies malarial disease, and bauish- ea liver complaint and constipation. hotel proprietor, who was of delicate physique, omitted to remark: '.Sir, you have insulted mo. You shall near from me later,' and, in fact paid no attention to tho incident. When lie referred his case to a committee of experts they decided that ho had no right to issuo a challenge to a duel as he had not declared himself insulted. He had to swallow the insult, so to speak. The duel is no longer possible in America or in England, the ordinary criminal law being applied in these countries to duelists, and the code of honor, which was held in high respect in my youth, being disregarded. The need of the change which I have described to you- then becomes apparent, don't you see? A gentleman is required to demonstrate that he is not a coward. If he cannot fight a duel when his face is smacked what must he do? He must repel the insult with his hands or whatever other weapon tho exigences of the occasion may justify. Being a man of somewhat advanced years I own a preference, for the decanter. "The by-laws of that club in which tho gentleman accused of cheating at cards behaved with so much tact provided that gentlemen who light on .the. premises shall be instantly expelled. This rulo would no doubt be literally enforced if any unpleasantness of: the kind I have described should occur to-day, but tho sentiment of tho members would bo in favor o£ readmitting the striker if it wore proved that thero was no very reliable foundation for tho other's remark." KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly-used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the'needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure _ liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting In the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and feyera and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met with the approval of the medical profession, because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from •very objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs ia for sale by all druggists in 50c and$l bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, and being well informed, you will not accept any substitute if offered. "Unlike the Butch Process No Alkalies — on— Other Chemicals are used in the preparation of W. BAKER & CO.'S tuJtich ia absolutely pure and soluble. There is much advantage in going over a cpru or potato stubble with team and harrows as soon, as tho suv- i'aco is dry enough to work. It breaks down the state of coru-stalks, uprooting many of them, and so' lightening and smoothing tho surface that tho plowing which comes later puts tho land in belter condition. This; is. besides, a light, easy job for tennis that have been idle most of tho -winter. It helps harden their shoulders and is much bettor tk--\£ sotting them to the hard Avork of plowing at first. I'llK-AII I'll8 Stopped In ii i .Nrrvc IU-M.iit-1- Nil I-' u Mtu ve oil*- i'iir»--. Tiv-i - ' I" KI Kii CUM'S. baud lo IJr 1'hiliu, I'u. y Dr. K tlht'N *«Vral . W) urn: IDI- K luu, aJl Aicu oC. There is no green foot), equal to chopped onions, both for the adult stock and young chicks. Onions are not only invigorating, but are excellent when thfei fowls are subject .to, colds. t'llro.ivn's ISrouchliil Tn><'li««" are wldelj known| onty ''» i Wor fvoni (Kln-lruuiu remfily for Hrouchitlu Counhs iiml .'lliroiu U'uublcs. Sohi frequently prevent ' hogs (he gui" thtit they would do. If glvojj free access, tp - • ttj "*" In most cases the silence is a mistake. Occasionnly it is belter than speech, wo grant, particularly when those of whom we think are mere acquaintances, not even in. the outer circle as yet of friendship, or when the sufferers are specially shy of manner' and reticent of nature. \the strcnylh of Cocoa mixed jwitli Starch, Arrowroot or ______ ' Sugar, and is far uioro ceo. nomlcal, costing less than one cent a- oup, It ia delicious, nourishing, and EASILY PJGBSWP, =-— - ; - "• • Sold by Grocers evflryirhtr*. W. BAEEE & CO,, Dorchester, Mass, VOLUMES COULD SE WRITTEN, filled with the testimony of women who have been made well and strong by Dr. IMerce'a Favorite Prescription. It's n medicine, that's made especially to build up women's ; strength and to cure • women's ailments — an invigorating, restorative tonic, soothing cordial, and bracing nervine; purely vegetable, nonalcoholic, and perfectly harmless. For all the functional derangements, painful disorders, and chronic weaknesses that afllict womankind, the "Favorite Prescription" is the only guaranteed remedy. It must have been the medicine for most women, or it couldn't be sold on any such terms. Isn't it likely to hs the medicine for yon ; Sold by (Iriinrptots everywhere. Flower" 1 ' I have been afflicted with biliousness and constipation for fifteen years and first one and then another preparation was suggested to me and tried, but to no purpose. A friend recommended August Flower and words cannot describe the admiration in which I hold it. It has given me a new lease of life, whick before was a burden. Its good qualities and wonderful merits should be made known to everyone suffering with dyspepsia and biliousness." JESSB BA.RKKR, Printer, Huinboldt, Kas.® cb'MPLE'xioN is'BEtTER. MORNING I FEEL BRIGHT > Nitr ~ THE NEXT NEW AND My doctor nays It nets Rently on the ototnaoh, llrrt •nd kldnoys. nnri iso pleasant laxntlvo. Thla dr*-J la mndo from herbs, aud la pi-oparud for USB as eiuitj as tea. It Is called LUKE'S W. L. DOUGLAS 93 SHOE No w AV P . •• *M we»r them? When next In need try a pair, they wflgmyou more comfort and service for the money, •tu My other make. Best In the world. .$3.00 .$2.50 ,42.00 FOR LAD'ES $2.00 I _ I'owdcroil mill I'erl'umcil. _ (I'A-niNTEU.) . jho strongest and purest Iiyomodo. i" Unlike other Lye, it being n, Una /' jiowdcr nud imokod in a can with '"'removal lo lid, tho contents aro always ready lor UBO. Will make tho best perfumed Hard Soup in 20 minutes tMlioutliotling. It Is the liost for cleansing TVftSto-pipoa, disinfecting sinks, closets, wash- ii]R bottles, paints, trees, oto. f'KNNA. SAl/J' M'li'MJ CO., Qou. Agts., I'liita., 1'a. SromlHo'JMlii t mci&Ui. K»rni- (ky pr»c- ' " Usluj pbtiioiu). N. iur»lnj.J«v - - . ...jnKBUiU cur-i'i. 8*nd 6c In »tAmn»l \ . __ O. W. i''. SNVDKK, M. »>.. MaU Dept. W. L, Douglas Shoes are made In all the* Latest Styles, ~ , If you want t (In* DRESS SHOE don't pay $6 to $8( iry my $3,50, $4 or $5 Shoe, They will fit equal to cus- t»m made and look and wear as well. If you wish to •conomlzt In your footwear, you can do so by purchasing V/i L Douglas Shoes, My name and prlco Is stamped QQ o/' I VjG w the bottom, look for It when you buy, Take no sub* **" •"•ute, I send shoes by mall upon receipt of prlceJ tage free, when Slum Dealers cannot 'supply you, 1 '. Ij. DOUGLAS, Brockton, Blaai. " , April, 1883~ Ovoroomrf jin in i ii BwsGpsBS, Cures Coiistliintioii, UmioivH Co\iipH-xii»i, Hiivi-H »o«tor» Dills. Bamplofrei!. OAUb-iKi.uT«xCo.,.U 1 J n•. istli bt., I>. > GuresSickHeadache *>y return moll, full d»" iBcrlptlvo circulars of )DY'B NEW and MOODT'S IMPROVE! TAILOR SYSTEMS OF DRESS OUTTINO. Revised to data. Thotio, only, nro tbe BcnulncTAILOllByBTEMB Invented and copyrighted by PROF. D.W. MOODY. Boware of Imitations. Any lady of ordinary Intelligence can easily and quickly learn to cut and make any eiwment, I n any style, to any measure, foi .adlca, men and cmldren. Garments guaran- tccd to fit perfectly without trying on. Addrc.f UOOUV & CO. OWULNNATJ. O. SffiP/M with Vegetable Itemedlex. llav» lorn* r»pldly disappear, and In tun days at least two- thlrdi of all symptoms uro removed. liUOK of testimonials oi miraculous cur CM cent IflUSIS. Ten Days Treatment Furnished Free by Mall, ILL I. (till I SOU SPECIALISTS, ATLANTA, CEORCU JOHN 1V.MOHIHS, \Vaslllllnt»") I>.O. 'successfulIv Prosecutes Claims. ..UePrfnclIml Examiner U.S. Pension Bureau. • t war. 15 ttiUudicatlue claims, utty suioe. FARMERS onTr. vnrrw <-T» iTTV SHIP YODK Crl*. A.1XX — iYOURSELVES;— rket pri ua ASvlBe usby mall, giving car number, BO we can look Suiter Its Inspection, sampling, otu., npou urnvul.- H i ---- ...... Ooramlsstbn Jlorc hunts tlonsuro 10 iv.vrii it \YUI IKiVC-rl-'m yiei)•if'IP-'Wnj- Invite t.'" i't! ill tin Of iilivjyuiiui'i m its jticMts. Foi' Fttloliy|i)l|i|'llHUl';W, ItOilS' I.. THOMPSON,,60KS Concerning Carpets,i The little chats about th^ Carpets for Spring have rtiadft many people enthusiastic buy* ers. Before deciding upon it wes ( want you to consider the mat?, ter carefully. If you come t<^ this place and examine the line of Carpets—the Body Brussels, the Axminsters, Velvets, the Wiltons, the quettes, the Ingrains, you'll understand our meaning. Two whole floors is given to these, more than is given to these grades of Carpets by any place in the town. You cannot bank on that too much, however. But it's our way of doing the carpet business. Along with the widest selection, lesser cost, and thing reliable, new. GIMBEL BROTHERS, Milwaukee, Tht Olilest Affdiclue in the lP«rfit{i fntatly* CELEBRATED EYE-WATER,.' - Thlsiinlu.u i.iiicu- ii lly ijiopuroil iiioufcliui'apro RCi-lplion, un.l ha » ecu hi eon-taut ii:;o for nearly a . i-miturv. TliiTo aro IV\v ill.-o.'.Ki.'s to whloli mankind lu'o i uojoct iituru (U:;trof>sInK than Koro eyoa, mul iKino, ]i rh-ipa lorwulcii ir.oio reined.«s liavo heen I tri .•<! withoutmm'!i« Knralliixtci-iml Intlttniinntlon of lliuovcs It :s I'll lnl'iilllblo remoiiy. If tlio tllrpiv tlonsurbfo owril It \ylll iiOVC-Pl'-'l', "" " "" This Trade Mark Is on the beat WATERPROOF COAT niuBtjntod ] n ^ he World J a 8"«S! 0 A . j. TOWER, BOSTON. MASS. "THE BUST THING YKT." That Is tlio way a young man put It who made nrransainents to work for U. F. Johnson & Co., of Richmond, Va. You can sot further information by dropping them a card. N. Olmstead, the patriarch chairman of the La Fayette county board, has again been elected chairman of thu board of supervisors of tlie town 01 Belniont. He is nearly 82 years of ago and has been chairman of the county board for many years. Beocharo's pl<ls enjoy tlio largosf 4O,OOO.OOO Earned by the Bell Telephone Patent In 1H!M Your Invention may be valuable You slmul.i protect It bv patent. Addrei-s for full purticiiiurr and intelligent advise, fren <• i ehai-'.-B, \V. W. UlJDLtiY & CO. Solicitor* of Patente. Pnciflc Blo"g, 6-22 F. SI , N. W . Mention thin paper. Washington, D. t', ITHE LATEST SENSATION § World's l''»ir Souvenir Flajinu t'uida Loublutiug ot Decker MCaida viz : KitiK Qui-cu, Ju< k aiidbpot •4' . corrKPirsr, ©. B. FBANKl J, OSENiJY MAKES OATH THAT HE IS THE SENIOR PARTNER Ol? THE FIRM OF F. J. CHENEY <fc OO,, DOING BUSINESS IN THE OITY OF TOLEDO, COUNTY AND STATB AFORESAID, AND THAT SAID FIRM WILL PAY THE SUM OF oimis HuremtEn POUL,ARS FOR EACH AND EVERY CASH OF OATARRH THAT CANNOT BE CURED BY THE USE Off HALL'S CATARRH CURE. r^/ SWORN TO BEFORE ME, AND SUBSCRIBED IN MY PRBS- ENOB, THIS 6TH DAY OF DECEMBER, A. D. 1889. , . On the fact of Oat d in laUograv/ietl, In Mv«n colon, one of the 4$ il(fferetn National, f'orctun, •tut Slate BuildlH'js of the Voiid'e Fair, making th« IDOut boautKul and uulnue Uuckot riuyUm Oardji «ver rut on tho market— the best-Bulling novelty yet ced. Agent* wanted. Batnplu Deck, 60 ceutt, lty Fubl'ug Co., 191 8. Uulbtid bt , Chicago, ill Coa»urfp4lv«* ^nd people j wbo btiY6 weuk lungs «r Aeth- 1 mo, uliouia une Pleo'n Cure (or I Consumption. Jt by* «ur«iil I tliou«mia». it has not InJur- ea one. It is uot-tivcl totako. | ttleth 1 ymarv fvMtc. Hall's Catarrh Cure in taJcen and acts directly upon the Blood mucous surfaces. E. B. WALTHALL &CO. Ky.,eay; takes it." Ltll}t\LiL4 K \j\Jti l^l'U(jglBlO| HOr^O O&YC^ Hull's Catarrh Cure cures everyone that J. A. JOHNSON, Medina, N. Y., eays; Catarrh Cure cured me." "HaU'» CONDUCTOR E. D. LOOMIS, Detroit, M'cl>-. " ''The effect of Hall's Catarrh Cute Wrtle Win about It. RBT. H. I*. CARSON, Scotland, Oak., •ays: "Two bottlM Ol Hall') Catarrh Cure completely cored my little girl." J, 0. SIMPSON. Marquess, W. V*,, ... "H»ll'» Caturrh Cure cured jne pi a very case oi catarrhr" HALL'S CATARRH CURE is sold by alt Uealers in Patent a V

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