The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 9, 1892 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, March 9, 1892
Page 2
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THE MOlNES.ALaONAjnWA.WEDNESDAY.MARCgM892 i AIXJONA* IOWA, Prince Lucien Bonaparte VfLo died in England a few weeks ago, left to the country of bis adoption his famous cabi- The little Grand Duchess Olga, youngest daughter of the cz>ir, is still an invalid from the effects of the railway disaster at Borkif where she was thrown against an embankment and badly shaken up. When Mrs. James Brown Potter lost her wardrobe by the fire in Capetown her chief regret was that there were no reporters around who could do justice to the occasion and describe the lost treas- nres. Miss Effi! Ayling, author of several poetic contributions to magazine litera- tuae, has received a communication conveying "the most'grateful thanks" of Princess May of Teck for her verges In .Memoriam of the late duke of Clarence, a copy of which was sent to the princess. WHILE there are 30,000 unemployed men going about the streets of Chicago hungry, according to report, the farmers •of lllinoi- 1 , Wisconsin and Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and th? Dakota^ are complaining of a scarcity ol help, and quoting wages of 818 and $22 a month and board. The tramp nuisance has its foundation in sheer laziness. PEKhOMAL POINTS. The Conkling name baa by no means dipappeared from New York politics. In tho present assembly on the republican aide are the two nephews of the distinguished senator, Howard and Alfred R. Conkling. The latter represents a New York city district and the former Warren county. Alfred is tbe better known of the two among legal, literary and scientific people, but Howard IE, said to be the better politician of the practical sort. Last fall Howard Conkline 1 , who has been living like a recluse in Warren county some dozen years, told tho republicans there that he did not seek an assembly nomination, yet if nominated he would make the democracy of the north woods howl. He traveled by wagon hundreds of miles making a personal canvass and won by 46 votes. Both the Conklin^fs would be of tenor heard fiom were tho assembly republican. » * * Sarah thus severely criti- cised by Tourgenief, tbe great Russian novelist: "She is gifted by nature with a beautiful voice and has studied at a good school, but she is without real feeling and without the artistic temperament. Her walk is like that of a hen. She is a , mimic. The motions she makes with her hands I must confess are piquant, but her whole acting is redolent of the boulevard." * * * Chester Roach, who was born in the Allegheny county almshouse seventy-five yoars ago, and who tramped with his parents through western New York for years, died in Minnesota last week, and left an estate of $400,009. He made his first money as a tramp tinker, and invested his 'earnings in Minneapolis real estate. * * » Mrs.,John A. Logan is suffering froai a fall caused by the collapse of a camp stool. She has slightly injured her spine, and i; now confined to her room, not seriously hurt but, sufficiently so to make her friends very anxious. * * » Bernard Domecq, who died recently in Bayonne, treasured a coin that was given him at the time of tbo siege of that city in 1814. He was then thirteen years old and the money was given him by tho duke of Wellington for holding tho latter's horse a few minutes. * * * The hopes of many Bavarians that death was about to relievo them of a mad king, have proved vain. The latest reports say that King Otto is physically comparatively well, although his mental condition is as gloomy as ever. * * * The eldest daughter of Boulanger is engaged to be married soon. She lives with her mother in Versailles. Tbe youngest daughter has been the wife of Captain Oriant for several years, and is with her husband in Tunis. * # * Thomas Smith, a millionaire land owner of Detroit, kept a dairy most of his life and laid up wealth. He was already three score and ten when he decided to marry again. Bis bride, who is a little over a fourth of his age, now lives in a luxurious separate establishment, while the nonagenarian is a paralytic and lives at the old dairy, * * * General Budd Grubb in his City Troop uniform and his bride, late "the Rose of Lisburn," in her fresh Irish beauty and new French dresees, are said to be shaking the social foundations of the aristocracy of Madrid. The four hundred have even dared, it is whispered, to speak of the American minister as "old canary seed." * * * The daughter of John Brown, ofOssa- watomie, Mrs. Ruth Thompson, who resides in California, is in quite straight- eted circumstances, and one oE her friends is tr)ing to help her and her family by selling for her some of her father's autographs. THE LATEST SEWS. GENERAL NOTES. ON Monday night, the Mardi Gras festivities began at New Orleans. A YANKTON man ingeniously avoids paying $500 duty on an imported telescope. H. W. MITCHELL, a traveling man, died of blood poisoning at Bloomington, III., Tuesday morning. ELY & Bno8. t of New York, dry goods, assigned Thursday with preferences of r*8,ooo. THE death from leprosy of Charles F. Blackmier, occurred in San Francisco on Monday. THB Irrgest silver mine at Butte, Mont., if, closed by an attachment, coupled with the low price uf silver. WHITNEY JONE?, who helped organize the republican party, has died at Laming, Mich., aged eighty years. A RICH strike of gold has been'made in the Hamburg district; of Arizona, and miners are flocking there by hundreds. S. M. BILLINQSBY, a sleeping-car porter, of St. Paul, has fallen heir to $60,000 by the death of an uncle in New Mexico. HON. L. D. BRADY, an early settler end prominent citiz-n of Aurora, died Saturday morning of paralysis, at the age of 82 years. CONGRESS has ratified the act of the Arizona Territorial legislature making an appropriation for an exhibit at the world's fair. THE once prominent Judge Thomas Nixon Van Dyke in east Tennessee political circles, is dead. A OENERAL, reduction of 10 per cent, in the wages of furnace employes i-i being put into effect at, Birmingham, Ala. A STATUE of Maisoneuve, the founder Montreal, is in preparation for exhibition on the opening day of the world's fair. 0. A. BOYLE left Albuquerque, N. M., Wednesday fjr Pittsbuvg, Pa. He will ride the entire distance on a bicycle. Bv the route to be taken he will cover 5,000 miles. THE United States supreme court decides that Schwab and Fielding, the Chicago anarchists,must remain in prison. THE Federal supreme court has decided that clergymen are not laboring •within I he meaning, of the Allen contract; labor law. THE United States supreme court declares the McKinly law as constitutional, and decides the Say ward case, involving our rights in Bering sea, against the British government, THOMAS STEELE, who was nppointed receiver of the Citizens' Street JRailway Co., at Indianapolis could not redeem his promise to run oars Tuesday, bacause the company had locked him out of its barns. THE Chicago clearings for the week ending Feb. 27 were 881,521,712, Chicago taking second position in the union. The clearings for tie corresponding week last year were §66.352 339. TUB late Mrs. William P. Wilstach, of Philadelphia, bequeathed froru $1,000 to $20,000 to every known charitable institution in that cit.y; bsr art collection, worth $1 000,000, goes to the city of Philadelphia. Her whole estate was worth $5,000,000. FOREIGN. lost .' THREE hundred lives or more were in a storm off the Portuguese coast. CHILE has bought new warships in Europe. One is a similar type to tin (Japt. Pratt. BKQOING in the streets, whether by single individuals or by groups, is now forbidden in Lisbon. MUIK, the shoemaker, who some time ago murdered his mistress, was hanged Tuesday in Newgate prison, London. THE returning officer has declared Hon. John Carling. minister of agriculture, elected member of the house of commons for London oy a majority of 109. AMO^P thoae who lost their lives in the recent, gales along the coast of Portugal were eighty-three married men in addition to a large number who were single. ON Tuesday, a Whitechapel murderer named Muir, was hanged in Newgate prison, London. THE Greek cabinet has resigned nnd the Ring has Eurnmoned M. Tricoupis to form a new ministry. PEN seal hunters are sai 1 to have been frez-ju to death Sunday,off the Newfoundland coast. Three others are missing. THE reich-tag Tuesday njected the credit asked for bo the govenment for u new corvette. The cunter voted against the government. THE British steamer Plato was abandoned iu a sinking condition near the Scilly islands; her crew were taken off by a passing steamer, THE inhabitants of Arva, in the northern part of Hungary, are reduced to such straits for food they are forced to oat the bark of trees. Many people die every day from typhus. THE house of commons Wednesday rejected by a vote of 227 to 174 a bill to extend to certain evicted tenants the benefit of lust year's land act. The government opposed tbe measure. FOURTEEN persons lost their lives by the sinking of the steamer Forest Q.ieen, run down by the steamer L mghbrow, off Famborough, England, Friday." A LONDON dispatch says a crazy shoemaker named Revel), living at, Broads- worth, killed his four children Sunday by cutting their throats. He then totally wounded himself. THE German government has decided not to abandon its possesf-ions insouih- west Africa,- and English delegates have resumed negotiations with a Hambuiij syndicate for the purchase of co»cession» in that part of the world. CRIME, AT Preston, Iowa, Fred B. Jacobson, a carpenter, in destitute circumstances and despondent, threw himself iu front of a freight train and was beheaded. WM. FITCH, of Shoals, Indiana, condemned to two years in tbe nenitcntiaiy for larceny, married Miss K-.-rnfi in thu jail there Friday night. KX-MAUKET CLKIIK HASTINGS, of Allegheny, Pa., convicted of eiub zzleujent has been sentenced to pay n fi«j t,f nil cents and undergo an impruo/jinrijt of eiybt months in jiil. ed whilf- holding his baby in.his arms. The assassin fired through a window. IN St. Louis, Sunday, Wm. H. Dehnftr shot and killed FtaiikBrePze as the result of a former quarrel. Dolmar may be lynched if captured. HARRY GRAY, son of a prominent Atlanta man, lies dying of a ballet wound received while trying to burglarize a neighbor's house. DR. TEED, the alleged Prophet Koresh, predicts that he will be murdered during the world's fair period by husbands whose wives have joined his sect. AN fxplosion of a stationary boiler occurred at the Savanah, Florida & Western rail-oad roundhouse at Savannah, Ga., Monday, killing four men and wounding many others. COL. TowkER, of Grand Forks, N. D., is wanted for financial crookedness in connection with the Towner Land company, of Washington statej he has sailed for parts unknown. LAMBERT N. GOLDSMITH, of Columbus, Ind., sentenced to five ysars'in the penitentiary by a jury, was releaeed on bail Tuesday because there were only eleven men in the jury. WARREN SPRINGER, a wealthy Chicago man, was indicted Monday on a charge of manslaughter, on the ground of criminal carelessness, which led to an explosion in a battery of boilers in one of his buildings by which five people lost their lives. FIRES AND CASUALTIES. FIFTEEN business houses at Hot Springs, S. D., wen 1 burned Sunday night, causing a lose of $7o,000. THE American Strawboard company mill at Chastertown, Md., has been destroyed by fire. Ex Gov. ELIAS N. CONWAY was accidentally burned to death in his residence tit Little Rock, ,Ark., Sunday. FIRE Mondav morning destroyed small frame building occupied by a family named Simpson. Three children were burnad to d^-ath. Two men were killed and two injured, ouo futall.v, by a dynamite explosion near Kirkhoven, Minn. Tuts Boston and Maine passenger depot at Newburjporr,, Maes, was burnec Thursday morning; loss, §25.000. THE Kansas City Whitelead and Lin seed Oil company's works were destroyec bv fire Thursday morning. The loss is $75 000; partlv insured. EDWAIID NORDTROM, employed in the National Rolling mill, at McKeesport Pa,., was drawn through the rolls Wednes day aiorning and crushed to death. CAMPBELL & VAN TASSEL'S foundry, on Wdut Tnivty-third street, New York, was d imaged bj fire to the extent of $50,000 Wednesday morning. Two SEAMEN of the schooner Fannie E Thrasher started in a small boat to call tug, near Boston Wednesday tyening, ant have not been heard of since; it is suppos ed they wern drowned. THE Indian boarding school at the Wmuebago agency, Neb., has been burned with all ltd contents. Loss $15, 000; no insurance. THE station of the People's Electiu Light and Fuel Company Moline, 111. burned Friday evening entailing a loss o. 83,000 and disabling the street railway. A FIRE atHillsville, the county seat o Can oil county, Va., is said to have de stroyed half the town. IN Savaj nab, Ga., Monday, an explo sion 01 a stationary boiler occurred at thf Savannah, Florida & Western railroad round house, killing four men and wound ing man-r others. AT Ka'amaz)o, Mich., late Tuesday night,Mr*. Bernard Wynn arid her daugh ter were returning i'roin an entertainmen and while crossing the Michigan Centra track, the former was struck by the Chicago accommodation and killed. Her bus bnncl was killed by a train near the same place several yoars ago. CONGUESS. FKIDAY, Feb. 26. SENATE.—'Mr. Ciagget, who is contest ing ihe seat of Mr. Dubois, of Idaho, madi an extended speech in his own behalf. H« diEcu-sed the details of the questior and eriiicised the majority repor in favor of Dubois. He was fre quently interrupted by questions, and so uiuuh of his time was occupied in libten ing _ a,nd replying to them tha the limit of his time was withdrawn Mo created general laughter when hi wound up a description of Dubois' elec tion tactics by Haying thur, to u ea west ern phuse, the sitting aian was bound to "get there, Eli." A'tnr he had spoken about two hour", but without finishing his speech, (JUgg; t yielded the floor anc the case went over without action A bill appropriating 560,000 lor a pub lie building at prand Ulund, Neb,, wa ruponed and placed on the calendar. The committee on foreign affairs rnadwoml ud ver^e leporton the bill to longer prohibi C«iri' SB immigration. HOUSE.— Anchew Stewart, (rep.) was unsctaied and A. K. Craig, (dem.) given liis pluce. -The mnn ure from the Pennsylvania district. The vote was 15( 10 58 in favor of Craig. The urgency deficiency bill wan HUTWC! to. SATURDAY, Feb. 27. HOUSE —In committee of the whole an amendment to the Indian appropriation bill WHS offVred by Mr. B w:rs, of California, and adopted, authorizing- the president to detail officers of the array to act as Indian agenu whenever vacancies occur. Oa motion ot Mr. llolm-m it was amended to provide i ha' eu ;h i ffijer.s while acting as agen's ba ui.d-r the orders and direction* of the secretary of the ictmor. Th>- coiihidBrution of claims appropriating $100,0(10 tor the cojistiuuiion and ro- p iirb ot Indian day and industrial schools was resumed. An' amendment, by Mr. Lynch, (Wis.) vas td 'pvd, providing that all school houses t-rected be built on a reservation or as ntar a= practicable). Toe committee then rose and tee house adjourned, MONDAY, Feb. 29. SENATK:—Vlj-. Stun ord introduced a bill 10 di'ieimiiiH itie vuiue ot the legal .le-oder dollar. It» that tweniy- five and eiglu-Ufii'fM UM(I.« ot gold »hall be themandard i,f value both fjr public and private, u»e. AJr. V la.*introduced a bill to cirneud ittc \A>.ntti'in 11 wo, li pro- pji'tM 10 hav^ thfc i#uM<iu» of invalid, pe&hiqiit-r* who <Wrt tnt-ir twit* paid j to tfifcir wivco (if rfnyjor the-guuMUoH of tbeir cbil-'rcu. Mr Ciaygett »p/ke in i-upport of in* cirtisi- to a nt-.nt, nud Mr, Pujfb 'At^o'-ilt in Iwit <j' l)n'!fjiit' 114 it, Cfiip Ofc/;0pt6'4 tfo# Uu ut'iM/n itt Mr. l,,u<i, n bill authorizing an instigation j>f ttie op<*a- tion of immigration laws, and thft importation of contract labor, Mr. Catchings reported a resolution providing for the consideration of the Silver bill, tuwdw March 22. In committee of the whole, Mr. Holman ofleied an ammendment to the Indian appropriation bill making me appropriation for the Carlisle school applicable to pupils now in attendance. TTJE-DAY Mar. 1. SENATE—The debate on the Claggett- Dubois ieat contest was continued. HOUSE—Bills removing . the duty on wool, binding twine, bagging and cotton ties were reported by the corn mil tee on w ys and means. The bill was _ passed providing that army officers shall nereaf- ter be made Indian agents. WEDNESDAY, March 2. SENATE.—Mr. Kyle reported favorably the joint resolution for an investigation relative to the slums of cities. Mr; Dolph, in presenting petitions ^rom his Mate, favoring government aid for the Nicaragua canal, declared himself in favor of such legislation. The Idaho election case was then taken up Mr. Vilas argued in favor of Dubiis, and Teller, who was to close the debate, said he did not care to weary the _ senate any further and moved H vote. 1'bis, now- pr, was postponed until Thursday._ HOUSE—Communications were laid before the house giving information relative to the importation of salt, and in regard to immigration, which were appropriately referred. In coinmitte? of thu whole Mr. Hemphill proposed an amendment reducing the eleven or twelve thousand dollar salary which tho recorder of deeds of the District of Columbia receives in tbe way of. fees to a fixed salary of $3.600 per annum, all fees to be turned into the public treasury, after the neccs- fary deduction for clerk's hire. This provoked considerable debate, but was fina'ly adopted. Permission was given to have printed in the record tables the amount of appropriations made for public buildings now being trected; the amount of money still on hand, and the amount required to furnish them. THURSDAY, March 3. SENATE.—The house bill to credit Aanilla Jones Sr., liit* postmaster at Indianapolis with $2,3 47, stolen in 1888, was taken up and pasr-ed. 1 he Idaho contested election case waa presented, Messrs Gray and Stewart supporting the claim of Clagaett; and Mest-rs. Hitfgins and Mitchael speaking 'in favor of Dubois. Ths rieht of Mr. Dubois to the seat was then affirmed by a vote of 55 ieas to 5 nay.*. Some_ minor am ndments to tha pure food bill were agreed to, and the senate arljourued. HOUSE.—After some time spent in commit ee of the whole on the District of Columbia bill, the commitlee rose, reported tbe bill to the hou^e and it was p.issed. The house then resumed consideration of the bill nl'owing railroad companies to give special rates to commercial tiavelers. Se\e al amendments were offered, but wiihout final action the house adjourned. KOIED' MAUSOLEUMS Pompeii and Bnrial Places of Noted Persons. Hadrian Castle, St. Paul's of London, and the Westminster Abby of Italy. ; : ,. BARRELS AND CASKS. Out torney at Brudy, T They are Now Successfully Turned Direct from the Tree. Bairels and casks are now successfully turned out from the tree—that is, without the wood having to be cut up into numerous staves. By this method, which is known as the Oncken sy»tem, the tree stem is first sawn into lengths to suit that of the cask to be made, and these lengths are boiled for about three hours in a closed vi-ssel, which renders the wood soft, a current of electricity being also passed thiough the water during the, boiling process. The log is taken from the boiler to the cutting machine—in which it is fixed as in a luvhe, and brought up againfita lontr, broad cutting blade— the log iy revolved, the knifrt automatically appro/iches it, and the sheet of wood passes out out of the rear of the mac'aine through an opening in the frame just at tbe edge of the ula jo, as in a ' pkne. Tbe sheet of wood, hays the Now York sun, is drawn frnm the, machine on to a table, where it is cut i'lto length" suitable f• r the diameter of the barrel; the lengths are taken to u grooving machine, and groovec nuar the eriges f «• reieiving the head anc bottom of tue cask; the wood is now pu into another machine, which cuts lonp narrow, V-p'ece->, or gussets, out of the edyes at intervals, which give the necessary double taper to the cask The sheet of wood are finally formed up into a cylin der, and the b'isttivo hoops driven on b the machine, there being thutt only on stave in the cask, and consequently, oul one joint. The sheets of wood can rec-iiv any degree of thinness. Hniuc Iu Onlri Hnct XVhext. Bulletin 22 of the Kansas Experimen station gives the result of experiments t prevent smut in o;it« and wheat. Th amount of Kinut in J891 in the fields abou Manhattan was about, b% per cent., a shown by actual count. 1'otassumsulphid was us i ffectual in preventing oat smut a ibe hot water treatment, previously recorn mended. It c,m be used at the rate of on pound in twenty gallons of water, the see< to remain in the solution iwenu-l'ou hours, or use about twice the amount am remove the seed at the end of ton ortwlvi hours. Treatment of the seed with ho water or with potassium sulphide prevent thesmu'iind increases tbe yield. The lonse t ,mut ot wh--at was considerable in 1891 on some of the plots on the college farm. Fifty-four trials with various fungicides did not furnish decisive evidencd favorable in any case. Spravinj,' spring wheat, barley and oats wn h fl iwer of sulphur, potassum mlphide chloride of iron and borceaux mix'ure, singly, at in^rvaU of about i;ight days From April 21 to July 2, had apparently little, if any, .ffjct in preventing red ant ^lack rust. Spraying corn plants with Bordeaux rnixiure, chloride of iron or potansium sulphide did not prevent the development of corn unut. TU« nod Unworthy Of tOB»l<Urtt(on »r» noitram* of which U U averted—and there «re tnioy loch—tbM they care mmediatolj bodily allmonU of long lUodlag. There »r« none »acb that c»n. Chroolc d!*ord«r« caunoi bo imUnuneoMly rtioored. Continuity u in* ottt of 4 genuine medicine, tocb M Hoi- t*ti*r'» Bwouch Bitten, will ertdlat* chronic >hytlc*l *vlU. Not UM lea*t »f loe«* Uti In the -uco of IU oppofltloo to medicine 1* congtlpa- wt, \n ibe »*n>or»l tit wbltn, If (*ril*t«d IB, ibe unier* li partlcul/rly e^apitd. CoDilrletlon of UiKtsj/mli U * coroplnlni wbUb thould bedeilt * i/*"* Tf 1 * * 3fW * u '* l ' c *"J | ' 8<> •'» ll» o»u»l ibMo, lui unit/La, titnuiimltui. kldner troobl/ The Bnrial of Anne Boleyn Katharine Howard in the Tower of London. our! "° "'2. M"" i'"-^ 1 j«i»u i/. viiunitii ana Colon D.," meaning "Urn appertains jj the remains of tbe first admiral,Don Chrii. topher Columbus, discoverer." Circuu.} s'antial evidence proves that the claitnsoij of Santo Domingo are well founder), Somif one bos sugeested the appropriatenesioti mu i i ,i ii. j. • L i r North aid S^uth Ame-ica erecting a mm.! The place where a I that is mortal of a ment to his memory at Santo Drain™ greH m-m is at rest has a mournful inter- wherfl the fhip3 oF ' a || naUoDg %i cat f .r almost every one. Ihe. ancients ag th paB8 .LLaara G. Smith. ' were most thoughtful of their burial places, an the pyramids and columns by "many an anoent river" testify. The S reetof the Tombs, in Pompeii, itself an open and untenanted grave, shows that people lived, loved and died, aud their graves were mark' d as by those whose ideas of immprtali y are more orthodox. When one thinks ot the greatest man of his time and perhaps^f all time, Moses, is there not sadness in the thought that "no m-in knowetb, of his sepulcher unto tlii«d*y?" Awav off in Rome in the litth protes vet; tant c j inetery, under the .-bade of a sreat grerlients from the bird's supply hoi," p>raiuulul monument erected 12 B. C. in "How funny; but Ihave had a more Uonor of Uaius CrsUns, a Biman tribune, ' ' ' " is the grave of J .fan Ke.its, the young English poet whose fire or life burned so brilliantly and was so soon ixtintruished. The plain hearts'one bears the m^lancbolv inscription, "Here lifs one whose name waa wric m water." Tbe ashes of the poet Srnley are also burie.l h>re. HP. was drowned 'n the Merliterr n tn and h s body recovered and crctnatt-d. His hear't eroded the fire and was seat to E iglaud. 0<i the _Tiber rises what looki like a huge medieval castle and has been used for defense in nunv rous sieges. The Emperor Hadrian wanted po-terity to realize hi) had livffld and erected this stately pile, which wa« t-he tomb of all tho emperorfl from Hdd'i Caracalla. It was used onc^ as a prison, and here poor, uni'or tunme, beautiful Beatrice Cenci was in care-rated in a glouny du -geon. St. Peter's is the beautiful tomb of many of the holy fathers. There h one vbich must be a continual memento , Browning. is not at 1506 and was buried at Valladolid 1513 his body wae removed to Ssville' aftef the death of hi* son who t - •' here also, both, bodies were Santo Domingo and buried in tU „ * ii. m i, an f A«nio.,t of the cathedral. In 1795 Santo Domi Maffnificpuce of the Twrabsof Aficient was ced6d ^ Fracce) Sp?in resprv -^ right to remove the regains of ColumC The Dominican «eclesiastics did not ftj*( ;his done, and as events have proved MJ. petrated a fraud and pflected a substitn' i.ion whereby ihe remains of some one eltj were taken. A slate as 1877 an inveal made in thi presp.hce of the ious and civil authorities, vu oar Am°rican consul. A, metalifcbmI was found wi h this inscription a silver plate insido: >'U a de loa rtoa pmer Alte D. TROUBLE WITH TUE COOK. A Too Literal Obedience In FollowingI D , gtrnct'.ons. 'My dear, do you know that my ne» cook actually used canary se,ed for a batch of carroway seed cakes day before v« terdav?" > "Not really." "Fac^ I assure you." "Did yoa evei!" "She thought I told her to make canan seed cakes, and so she obtained the in' :'£ftl Sn'. surprising experience than that this week." "Dj tbll mo." _"lt was a misunderstanding in tie kitchen not unlike yours. You may rt- member that I once srot from you a re- cipp f rflinnel cakes?" "Y^s. 1 think [ do." "Wed, Jamas i-j awfully fond o£ them, nnd so are the children. So we have them for oreakfast pretty nearly e?«j day." ''Si do we—with maple syrup." "Well, a weak ago our cook left and m ha-1 'o gat asubs'itute in a hurry." "0 ir perennial martyrdom?" "Precisely. We shall doubtless be sainted for it hereafter. But this was a terrible creature. She only remib ed_thirty-six hours, but I am really surprised that my hair did not turn trr.iy ' that period." "" "Waat didn't she do, my dear? „ don't propose to try to rehearse all , distressing incidents of her visitation. I.,.,..,.,,,, the morning affpr her arrival we had^M Hannel cakes. When I asked her thepMI% night before if she knew how to —•-"•*''"" them she responded affirmatively such apparent 'confidence that I thought of doubting her." I. "Just as usual." ; "Yes, they always do. But, as I m^ about to say, when the first batch of • -— — w~- ww M, uuubiuutll LUQUJoIiliU mori to tho living pope, as his body rests there bis own tomb is completed Pope Pmi IX lay in it, from 1878 ro 1881 when his body was takeu to San Lorenz) outside of the walls. R+phnel, the immortal painter, buried in the Pdntheon. It was once a heathen temple, and is now in a more perfect state ot preservation than any other ancienl building in Romp. It is a great circular builring, lighted only by a single aperture • II * " _- .» J*" •«Q"WMI|/W» UU4.U - ^ ? -. _»,._ „._.« »kuu WL*IUU Wl. in the dome. Riphaelwas only a young appeared on the table James poured.,..,, man when he died in the height, of his over hu, sliced them across with his knife'' rame. His tody was borne to the church and iock and conveyed a bite to his mouth,?- tollowed bv sorrowing Rime, and the pic- .So far as their appearance was concerned?: ture, the last work ot his h md, carried be- there was nothing about the cakes to excite-' tore, victor Emmanuel, one ofthe heroes suspicion. Bat us my husband chewed upon;; of modern Daly, is also buried in the the first m ,rsal I saw a look of surprise' Fanlneon. 1 we soldiers, old followers of comn gradually over his face ' his are on gujud always. In spite of the "Presently he held up his napkin II fpplinor, which has_not died out between taking from his mouth something,' r .. the Vatican and Qimnal, solemn requiem ceeded to examine it. I felt alarmed of hisdea'th n ^niversary of course, and inquired what the maUer was, In the Westminister abbey of Italy Santa Crop, Florence, is buried Mieha'e Angelo. with his face toward the cathedra he loved so well. Galileo is buried in the same church, fn the pro f e4ant cemetery w~«.w^-, mm Jiiu'lliau VYHitl, LUO ZH-.lM,er Was. ,. : ^ * VvV- In reply he exhibited to me astnill oblong® piece of what was unmistakeably white C-WL fianrel." WiK, "Goodness rue!" Hv : ;i? '1 summoned the — cook. To mv sur- KMn.i.rTn.."""*!. '" """ *""-?:•""" ^"'"".-ry, P rl ^ she was not at all abashed. Oa the Florence, is the grave of Eljzibeih Bvrett contrary she.simp'y said- tirowninw TVia .-Wir,., «f ,<,„ „ t .HT..J: v J . .. t>u>» * jx-roew |>)a»jer In The design of the mouumenl all pleasing, too heavy and . 'IT D D ,. ea - r ? t he mod e s t inscription. Ji B. B,,' with the date of her birth and death. The tomb of Abelard and Heloise is in Pere la Chaise, Paris. The tragic love story still liv-s, and wreaths and flowers are constantlj placed before it by the romantic and by disaooointed lover.--. The church ot St. Denis, outside of Paris was the burial place, of the French kings from Dagobert to the time of the t rench revolution', when tho-tombs were, destroyed, the crypt broken through and the royal bones thrown int > the common ditches Louis XVIII. had the remains of Louis XVI and Mtrie Antoinette removed from the churchyard of the Madeline here. Lvery one knows the story rf their death, how their blood ran with the blood of thousands in the stree s of Paris to satisfy tbe rage of tho people. -T, T n e ,", T , e F, or of Eu . r °Pe," Napoleon, as 1. B. Aldrich says, is "held down by 60 tons of porphyry" in the eglise des Inua idns. The tomb is an open srypt. One looks down upon it and thrills at the sight of the battle fl ige and the names of his victorious battles recorded on tho pavement. Above the entrance are the words from his will, "1 desire that my ashes repose on the banks of the Seine in the muM of the people I have loved so The Pantheon was once a church, then secu ariz-id, reconsecrated, and finally re- fipculariK-rlfor the obsequies of Victor Hueo. He is buried in the orvpt « Mira- be.iu, Marat, Rousseau and Voltaire were all buried here, but their bodies have been removed. In St. Peter's chapel, in tbe Tower of London, lie Anne Boleyn and Katharine, Howard, two wives of "Bluff King Hal." They were beheaded, and also sweet Lady Jane Grey, who is buried in this cbapal Royalty, with few exceptions, is buried in We-itinin t rabby, as are most of the 10 t< ot bng and, from Cbaucer down. The inscription on the poet Gay's tablet is rather grim; ¥&'' a J 68tl a " tl» 1 "B»»how It; I thought BO onca and now I know It. Lord Nelson and tho Duke of Welling- bw are buried in St. Paul's, London, ihe architect Wren is buried there also, and the great cathedral must stand for '•'pr as his own monument. In the Parliament square, Edinburgh, marked by a small stone, is tho spot where he mortal remains of the great reformer tuo» were commiUed, with the words, ihcje Uea hu who i never Jiearaed the 'VVny, mum, jez towld me to bakeflm- lijf nel cakes, and, navin'no other material, I p||; was obleeged t,o cut up a piece of an old petticoat for the purpose.' "—Washington Star. g|l THE JEWS AFTER D3ATH. Signal Services Observed by tho Jewii,on |fcjg f (he Burial of Their Dead. il|||[ In the cafe of almost all Jews, the dis-i.'sj$f Eolution ot alliance between the celestialS|p fllfimftnfn nnfl (:ha niafarial Krtrl r. it. /lonrtfnrl^'.V^ elements b a '-•*" — •• *** <«.i.*»*«u *j\jv n VV.M U.J.D *-oicav,tni c.'-.^;J-,i i 3nts and the material body is denotedfij''l% -.- _ lighted taper (a.3 the sjmbolof iui'Sv|3|8 mortality), a hygenic vessel of water, for!Sf^\ ceremonial purification, and a napkin or^' ! *'t towel. "Tahara," washing or purifi^S-fistr the funeral, and ii^Sjtl a privilege by vol-ifelfp tion, shortly prewdes usually perforuiud as „ v .„„ , unteers. Shroud is of plain iinen pr«, coffin without ornament, and burial ont ostentation, because death levels ail'^ distinctions. Therefore poor and rich uf2& entitled to the same respect, and the euiAS'- barrasstnent fo'ofieu occ-isioncd by coatli fi ? funerals is avoided. Tho last look iw^i the remaing is customarily accornp by a slight rent in the breast of the i ner's garment, to express grief, the coffin is deposited in tho grave, im »"•.•«•'« bystanders ejaculate "May he (or she) rfrf?*'i$P poso in peace" Near relatives and friendi,S*i||i iu succ snon, throw earth iato the excav^M^ tion, repeat the ninety-first P-wIrn, tUen return to their homes. Among retormed Jews, and with mauy of ortnodox, the funeral concomitants art v, : , K ,,,» siaiilar style and costliness to those ofSislfG ChnsUans. .««.« sorrow which, like that of Rachel, refuse! evening, of tne J £S«B#!%X'W!M; ^'™£K\T\y^ 'opes of tboreturr'ction to eternal life." 'wwwked with the motto h»s beimtiful life. " tobociraforted. "Shiva,"* or the seven' days of moarnins?, begins wh-m theilura-, oicile is reached. During this period,* unless unavoidable necasaity oiaipelj, (to bereaved do not quit the dwelling, orat-S tend to any ordinary vocatioa. Minyaif; assembles morning and prayer is t ffered for the re-,,™ ceased. Friends pay visits of < and deeds of bentficjnce afford sowi'" l6 la|' relief to anguish. Including the Shirt'., i -Vl|^ andfolo*ingit, is a general mourumj/ '*» of thirty days.-of twelve months tort^MS parent,—in which is total abstinenci', l V from festivity or pleasure. ThrougliO"! i* 1 the year of mourning for a parent the W'' ; reaved of both sexes attend every ser?i« lu .«», V v. vfc wuu DCAOQ aiit'QU BVory BCII» W ? f , th . e , 8 y nu &««ue, and recite aloud tin, 1 kaddish. Standing in sable garmen' 1 , while others sit, they repeat what w a 0 ' a prayer for the dead, but a ealogy of di vine sovereignty, an avowal " "'" nation to the AH Perfect Will. Jewish law required separate V.-.MV but is not invariably obeyed.—Fdbruarj Century. Both Jlavttnna nnd Santo DJ uu^honor of pow>tt<&iug tue loaios of our great Columbus. re- fle died U now requires but thirteen water converted into steam with a P 1 sure of 175 to 200 in the boiler to s"fli one-horse power" with a triple exp engine. By tbe use of one third coul the pressure in the boiler horse power can ba doubled.

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