The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 2, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 2, 1892
Page 7
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Kemember this one has bad trouble, That other one may have feeble health, This man has been soured by poverty, ' Another no If SB so by wealth, These two are bnt just the exceptions, For out of the people yon meet Ton'll find only one who Is sour In proportion to ten who are sweet Think always the best things about them, It will not be'hard if yon try— And thefi yon can always pay truly "In this thing he's better than I.". —The Housewife, MY LEGACY. "I don't like to calculate on sue'i things," observed my wife, "but it Aunt Jane were to die I shouM not be a bit surprised if she left us that old-fashioned set ot silver that belonged to ray great- grandparente." Out_ of consideration for the printer I omit indications of the emphasis with wnich she usually spoke. If the reader will .kindly consider every second word printed in small c r ips or italics, he will have some faint idea of her manner of ex- pi essiasr herself. •'It IB a very handsome net." I returned, glancing about our modest dining room, "and will hardly accord with our furniture." _ "Tt wouldn't look at all well with that sideboard," returned in> wife promptly, "It is so dreadfully shabby— oh, "of course I mean the sideboard, not the silver; don't be s) smart." "I suppose, then, if sunn a thing were to happpn, you'd have to have a new sideboard." Sho nodded complacently. "f eaw such a lovely one down town today; antique oak, beautifully carved. I do admire oak so much." "But the rest of thefir.,itnreis walnut," 1 objected. "Walnut is altogether out ot style, e»- peciai'y for dining rooms," she replisd with a disdainful glance at the chairs which we had once fouud very good to look at; "and, after all, the sideboard is by so much the most expensive piece of fumi- ture^ in a dining room that it doesn't cost much more to get a whole set than just that one piece. .Andevtn a walnut aide- board, new, would not look well with those chairs and this table. I said nothing, and the tacit surrender was accepted by my wife. Thenceforth it was understood that if Aunt Jane should bequeath us the silver, we were to purchase a new set of dining •com furniture. .,!• ; The next evening, aa w« were again at dinner, my wife remarked: "I have been locking at carpsts to-day, and saw one that'just suits me; rich and subdued, you know, but not dingy." "Carpets," I repeated in some surprise. "['didn't know that there was one needed this season." "Why, stupid," repined my wife, petulantly (and the emphasis was all upon the petnam"), did we not agree that tta dinmsr room must be refurnished ? And this c.irpet is so old and worn of course it would not do at all with new furniture." .: Again I acquiesced silently, and she proceeded to make plana for meeting me the next day to examine and choose the carpet and furniture to be purchased later dn. Well, if my wife's relations left her handsome silver, I must, of course, provide things in keeping with it. ; SUR met me according to appointment, and, having inspected the arti.c'es, gave me to understand that my taste was so fix-. ecrableas n"t to merit a moment's consideration, and announcing her own choice, suggested coolly: "And now let's go- look at the wall paper. "Wall paper?" I echoed, blankly. "Of course; the room must be repapered if it is refurnished. As for the woodwork. I suppose there is no help for that; it will have to be retrained. Can they make that natural wood finish on wood that has been painted?" I stared aghast; that silver was going to cost me a pretty sum. But I was helpless, entirely so; . my wife had made up her mind, That evpning she was much elated at the prospect of being surrounded by such things as she had that day selected. There was but one cloud on her horizon. "The dining-room will be nicer than the parlors," she remarked, plaintively; "I am afraid that they will really look shabby." I snid nothing, hoping that if site were not. contradicted she would not pursue the sul j 'at f urtbpr. "Vain hop?! She had it fixed in her own m\nd that silence gave consent, and when I. came home the next evening had nasumcd that the parlors were to be npwly fitted. "Don't, you think," she said, coaxingly, that as long as the. parlors aud dining- room are to be torn up. and we are lo have the painteis and paper-hargprs here, wo might as well have tne whole house done? it would be very JitrJe more trouble, and then it would all look nice together." _ "It would be considerably more expensive," 1 remonstrated, faintly, "You might draw the money out of the Building Association," she suggested, and ' 1 knew that cur «avingB iu that institution were doomed. Aunt Jane lingered a long time. Jn justice to my wife I must admit she had become oblivious of the fact that all three improvements depended upon a legacy which could only be possess- j ed after the dea h of her venerable relative. A day or ao after she had decided that the bou-e was to be tboiougbly renovated my wife said tome: • ''I liHve horn examining the parlor c»r- petfl, find I h'od that by using the beat parts of both, aiulbuyiifra wide bqrdt'r, I can tri t quite a new caipet for our bed room, ab nlutely unworn. "Indeed!" I remarked, with pleased suriiii*p; ihpro was one thing that she wcu'd n< k war t anyhow. " Yf e,und the carpet, that is now ou it is pnough good to.-iicverthe chi'dren's room, it 1 put the worn part under tbo bed. Or mnybe I'd better put that on thw spare room," she added, reflectively, "and «iv* thai mi to the children. Tfceir's K p t such hard wear that an old one will not last any time Hardly." I said nothing, but felt greatly relit ved. "4e long p we 4on'$ have to buy a. bedroom carpet," she remarked, insinuatingly, "doti't you think we could afford a new set of; furniture?" "No, 1 don't," I returned* savagely; whereupon she burst into tears and called me a heartless monster. To pacify he*, 1 had to promise the furniture, together with a new silk and sealskin, that the mistress of the house might be as fine as her dwelling. "It, does seem a shame," she said, a few days afterward, "to spend so much money on this house. 1 bat's very handsome and expensive paper that we looked at, and to substitute an archway for the folding doors will cost something"—this was the first that) had', heard of the archway— "and then those loveiy carpets cut up to fit these small rooms, too." Yes, it is a shame,"! replied, hardly crediting my sense. Not all had been lost, although much had been in danger, "I'm so glad that you think so," returned my wife, briskly; "I was sure that you would agree with me that it would be wiser tor us to find a house that suits us better, and buy right away. Real estate is cheap now, they nay—there's BO much in the market;" She tried to put on a knowing look; if she _had known half an much about that subject as about managing me, I should have felt impressed. As it was I meakly objected: "My dear, I don't know where in the world I could get the money to buy a larger and better house, any house at all in fact." "You could sell this," she replied nothing daunted. ' 'But if real estate is a drug on the market 1 do not want to sell," I retorted, thinking cunningly to turn her own weapon upon herself. "There are those shares of stock, then." "But that stock is going up daily; if I wait six months I can get double what it would bring now; or hold it and draw big interest on my investment." "Well, what else are you going to do? You said yourself that we must have a larger and better house." Thereupon 1 mentally bade a regretful farewell ».o the etock and the money which 1 had expected by holding it. My wife occupied her leisure time for \he mxt three weeks in looking for a residence which should be in all respects suitable for the furuiture we were going to buy. What she would desire iiext I could not guess, unless she should become thoroughly dissatitfied with me. At the end of the period mentioned I came home one evening to find her. in tears." "'Aunt Jane's dead," she sobbed; "the poor old lady died this morning. 1 have just come from her house." As Aunt Jane hail been at the point of death for the past six months, 1 was hardly surprised to hear this bir of news. I did my best to comfort my wife,however, and comforted myself like a dutiful nephew-in-law at the mournful ceremonies following the death. When I returned home the day after the funeral my wife met me at the do or, her face flDshbd, her eyi s blazing. "Whut dojou s-ipp si that old crank has done?" she demanded. "What old crank?" I inquired wonderingly. "Why, Aunt Jane, o£ cours;." "I'm sure I don't know," I returned, mildly: "but you should remember, my dear, that—" "Oh, I know she's dead. She wouldn't give her things away under any other circumstances. Sue's left rne §100 in cis'i. and that dear old silver to iny sacjiid cous'n, John Scott. He'll sull it and spend (•very cent on liquor andcigais and horsis. I know he will. Then tr>e blaze in her eyes was quenched by a flood of tnars. 1 did my best to soothe her, but aiy efforts were useless. I assured her that if her cousin sold the silver we would buy it. "I don t want it," she d*hred; "I won't have it"—very vehemently—"anJ I won't get a single'npw thing in the house, or a new dress or that sealskin, or anything. • I'll just stay here with things as they are, ana John Stott can keep his silver and you can keep your buiidiner association money and stock, too. So thete now." After that 1 did not try to assuage her grief. I was afraid the consolation inight be costly. Good Housekeeping. THE FAVOR H B tV'AXTED. Luuru Wua Heavy and George Needed u I Lltileltdltf. '•Ijaura," said George, with an eager, restless yearning in his gcze, "May 1 ask a favor of you, dear?" They had sat in the darkened parlor for hours, in the elcqaent communion of soul with soul that needs no articulate sound to give it language, says the Chicago Tribune. But something impelled George to speak. TLe longing that surged up from his very heart must find expression in wordi. Therefore he had spoken. "What is it, George?" she whispered. "It may involve some sacrifice on your part, darling, but believe me, Laura, it is for the beat." "What is it, George?" she repeated, in a voice that tromblea as if with a vague foreboding of coming disaster. "You will believe me, dearest," he said, with an agitation becoming every moment more uncontrollable, "when I say that I am driven to ask it by circumstances over which I have no control, that I have pondered long over it, and am not acting from hasty impulse ?" "Yes! yeel" the beautiful young girl exclaimed, with quivpriog lipn. "What is it. you ask, George? What is it ?" "Ddrlingl" he said, and the wild, im- ploiing look in his face thrilled her to thu inmost depths of her being, "I wish you would sit en the other Knee awhile. This one is getting horribly tired." TUrougU the Air. The possibility of aerial navigation is strongly maintained by Mr. John Brisbeit Wwkfr, who if, we think, the sou of a prophet when he declarea 'hat we me on the verge of solving this b ffl ng problem. It has alwavs had a certain tasciuation for scientific men, but 'has heretofore slipped away when its secret was about to bo discovered In tte?e later jearc, however, some very instructive e^penm-nta cave been attended by that degree of f lilure which promises ultimate t-ucctss. So near are we in a Fettletnent of tbia question that Mr. Walker suggests the possibility of starting au air ship from our chores to the coast of Spam on the' four .hundredth anniversary ot Columbus' gruat exploit. ' Such a scheme appeals to the imagination with thrilling force. That the nave- gation of the air wi'l be an accomplished fact some time is beyond a doubt. And that M $OUJP time" maybe vastly than we think. 6n,th« W,»t to P»rndli». t,et rift hope tbat the p«op1« who hahltnalljr dli- regard their health will rtaeh that deilr»bl« plnce, and Atold the locality which Is 1M» desirable as an eternal residence on account of tb« heat and surrounding* generally. But while we tarry In this vale of tears, why (honld we TOlnn tartly endure the tortures ot dyspepsia when a F.vMemntlc use of Hostetter's Stomath Bitters will rid us of the atrocious malady which—unless physicians are rery much at fanlt — tends to i-hortcn the term of onr existence. Heartburn, wnuusnesB, constipation nlmoat always accompany this complaint nnd are eympt/imsMc of It. These are ail eltingiilclied by the Bitters, \vhlcn n'sn rmiqupr? com>.lett>1y rrwlnrla, rheumatism, i">rvi>ni>m > FS and debility, since the in "In irrlppe" it has shown a singular mftfifrv t>v,<rthie formidable complaint that has carried ulf ao many of our brl»btect and liest. Englishman! "Purdcn me, sir) but I where do you come from?" Paddy: "From Count y Cork.'' Englishman: "Thenthat accounts for your brogue?" Paldv: "May I ax where you come from?" Englishman: "From Worcester, sir" (properly.) Paddy: ''Then that accounts for your sauco." Intruder: "1 would like to aliow you this 'Ode to Winter.' 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Sugar made from coal is 300 times sweeter -bun ordinary cane, but It costs teu dollars a pound, Tim Only Ono Ever Prlntod— Can To a Find llio Wo i-d ? There Is a 8 inch display advertisement It) this paper this wuuk which has no two words alike except one word. The Hume is true of each new one itptieiiringeat.'!) week from The L)r. llurler Medicine Co. This house places a "Creoeent" on everything they make and publish. Look for It, send them the name n f the word, and they will return you HOOK, BEAUTIFUL LITIIOOUA.1'118 Or SAMPLES PlllSB. The owl is unable to move the eyeball, which is immovably fixed In the socket by a strong, elastic, cartilaginous case. Dlnde to LOOK L.lK« Dresses, Gent's Clothing, Feathers, Gloves, etc.. Dyed or Cleaned, Plush Garments Steamed, at OUo Pietch's Dye .Works, 248 W. Water St., Milwaukee. Send for circular. GOOD ADVICB.— USB BALE'S HONKT OF HOKBUOUND AND TAR for a cough or cold. PIKE'S TOOTHACHE Diiora Cure la cue Minute. The cargo ship of the future will be a fire- masted vessel with auxiliary steam, such as is uow building on the Clyde. 8he will cary 6,000 tons. AVOID ALL RISK with a Stubborn Cough by using at ouce Dr. D. Jayue's Expectorant, a sure remedy for all Coughs and Colds and well calculated to exert a beneficial influence on the Lungs and Throat. Plsli swallow their food whole because they are obliged to keep continually opening *nd closing the mouth for the purpc respiration. purpose of Florida i»nd the Gulf Coast. The arrangements of through sleeping txr lines of the Louisville & Nashville nail- road are more perfect than ever this season. That company has through sleepers from the Ohio Kiver gateways to Jac'ksovtville, Tainpa, ThomasvTlle and the Gulf Coast lie. •art*. The time made from Chicago to Jack- tonville Is in the neighborhood of six hours quicker than by any other line. Folders and other information cheerfully furnished by George L. Cross, N. W. Pass. Agent, 232 Clark street, Chicago, 111. "This Is in full of account," said the barkeeper as he took the change out of a bill. "Also," replied the customer, "on account at • full." The Disagreeable operation of forcing liquids into the head, and the use of exciting snuffs ure being superseded by Ely's Cream BiUm, a cure for Catarrh and colds in the Lead, I liare been » great sufferer from catarrh for teu years; could hardly breathe. Some Bights I could not sleep. I purchased Ely's Cream Bnlm and am using it freely; It is working a cure surely. 1 have advised several friends to use it, and with happy results In every case. It is the medicine above all others for catarrh, and Is worth Us weight in gold. I thank God I have found a remedy I can uso with safety and that does all Unit is claimed for it.—B. AV. Spurry, Hartford, Conn, Apply Balm into each nostril. It is Quickly Absorbed. Gives Holier at ouco. Price 60 cents at Druggists or by mull _.'~\ ELY BKOTJ1E1W, 68 Warron St-.l^vYork. There U none of the grand dame ~6r the baughty lieiruss of a Vere do Vere about Princess Victoria Mary of Teck. She has 1 her mother's line spirits, and la lively, jolly aud»rnlal>le. Catnrrli Can't He Gur»d With LOCAL APPLICATIONS, as they cannot Teach the scat of the disease. Catarrh is a blond or constitutional disease, and In order to euro it you have to take luturnal remedies. Hall'u < 'a- iarrli Cure is taken Internally, and acts directly oil the blood and mnooue surfaces, Hall's i iv- tarrh Cure Is no quack uunHclnt. It-was )>r&- scribed by one of the best pliTnlulnDi in this country for years, and Is a regular prescription. It is composed of the beat tomos known, combined with the best blood purifiers, actluy dl- feotly on the mucous surfaces. The perfect Combination of the two ingredients is what •roduoes snot) wonderful results In coring cw iwrh. Bend for testimonials, tr«*. F. t, CHENEY & C0.,l>rops,, TotoOo, Ohio, Md bjr druggists, price Tia. Two Dottles Cured Her. VI CAluiOLt,, Iowa, July, 1689. 1 was snffaring ten yetri from shocks in raj •M,d, to much so, that at times I didn't expect torMover. I took medicines from manydoo- tott, but did not get any relief until I took l'a/< ^irKoenlg's.NerTa Totilo; the second dose to- U«t*d and two bottles oared ma. & W. PECK. Worth Its Weight Itt Gold. EHMBT, Duk., July 28,1B90. Th» young man concerned has not now tht slightest symptoms of flu, since tiling Pastoi Koenig'S N«rr« Tonio. I consider it worth itt •weight in gold. J. 3. SHEA, Fatter. R«r. John Redecker, of Wesphalia, K«n., writes, Oct. 13,1890; 'There is • 16-year-old boj bore, who suffered from fits about a yoar. I ordered & bottlo of Pastor Koenig'S Nerve Tonic for him, and the sickness .left bin AltoiteUuir. Hn npwr bad It since." FREE '—A Valuable Bmflk »n irervon* Dlfteutten sent free to *nr address, and |xM>r patient* c»n aJ«o obtain Uil» medicine free of chance. 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Pensions! jend for InvBulor'u Ouldeor How to Obtain a Putent, Send for Digest of Pi-union mid ItounM I.itwu. - '.> > PILES Final care la JO days. Never roturiiu; no purge: no salve; uoHunposltory. Aviutlm in every remedy Ima diaouvurud a »iui\>U cure, wrbioh be will mull free to lilx follow «"«"r<u-» FLORiDA ® »HD THE SOUTH and 0pend the Winter In Addrei. J. 11. ItgKVt.B, boi SHOO, Kuw York City. N. Y. The Celebrated VesffSufefTraini Placed In RervlcabntwcciiOliiolnnati and JackNdiivlllo and St. Aliens tino by tbu Kitst-TviiiiOKSee, Virginia i&Ueorelu Killwuy have no nupvrlura ID tbu world. Tbey conMsl ol U.8. Mall Cam. tsoutherii Kxproai ('are, Baegiwo Curs. Pny Conclu\s and Pullman Urnwlnit Hoom Hle«|ilii( Can. Tickcta fur nale HI all lUiUuM Offices Id (be UuiUd Htatoa, W, wnKNN.atn't r«iM«K*r *«», UNOXVIL.LB, ' "German Syrup Mr. Albert Hartley of Hudson, N. C., was taken with Pneumonia. His brother had just died from it When he found his doctor could not tally him he took one bottle of German Syrup and came out sound and well. Mr. S. B. Gardiner, Clerk with Druggist J. E. Barr, Aurora, Texas, prevented a bad attack of pneumonia by taking German Syrup in time. He was in tlie business and knew the danger. He used the great remedy—Boschee's Gorman Syrup—for lung diseases. ® • DO DELAY BALSAM It Cared Coliln, Conglm, Sore Throat, Snlluoimt, \Vlion|>tiiK CotiKh, JJrv Jchl AgUittm. & certain cure tor CoiiHUinptlon in CUKUU, ktidnnnr' ri'llcf In advanced Mtiitces. (ton MI. You will HOB the excellent jlBotn __ . tukliiK Uio Ui'Ht <lo»e. Bo id by deilors evei-jwueim, ___ ^_ A GREAT FAMILY BEMEDI. Every prudent mother knows that it is not always possible to find • remedy that shall be always safe, certain, easy to give, and whose effect shall not be at all under any circumstances. This, however, is the case with RRID'B GERMAN COUGH AND KIDNEY CTJBK. It is the best remedy in the world ( for every malady that arises from a cold. It is so safe that no harm will ensue to the patient, even if th« child gets the bottle and takes iti entire contents. This cannot be said of any other remedy. Its good effects are noticeable at once and with the first dose. It is a certain remedy for croup and for pneumonia, even when the little suffered is apparently be3 r ond all hope. These qualities make it unequaled for the family. If the children are ailing at night, give them this remedy and by morning they will have recovered without any ill results. Get it of any dealer. SYLVAN REMEDY Co., Peoria, 111. THE ONLY TRUE lltl TONBG A WOMAN BEST UNUEUSTANDS A WOMAN'S ILL& Tlie oxpcrliuunts of Lydln K. 1'liikluun tlml ycwru ago guvu to (lie world thu Vegetable Com. pound, wvru made through u fvollue of sympathy fur tilt.' ullllott'd of tor sex. She tllscovervu ixii)t nearly nil the Ulse^uen of \voiiiim have a oommuu origin, Cun*utp|>ltv«:< nml pouple vbp tiitve WB»1( Ignna or Atiih- Conpamptlon. li baa vnrcd lbou««ad«. Ubttft llO^in]u^ oil one. it Is not bad to lute. His tbo Sold evorywhurw. Will purify BLOOD, reirnlat* KIDNKYS, romove l.IVER dlfturder, build ttrent;tl>. renew appetite, restore, health audj vlgororyouth. DyHpepsl», lortlKcstlon. thattlroif fceU UK alisol nlei y eradicated. ,^^^ Mind brlKlitened, brain ^"•.•i~.i^i^-^^^^^^ power increased, tlfk 11* A ^^^^" bones, nerves, miu* I HBIILv clea, r«aelv« new force, I H II IF \ nnfferln)5 from complaints pa- LUIIIL U culUr to their ear, using It, fln« - '" _ a tafe. tp«edy cure. IteturM lose bloom ou cheek*,beautltles Complexion. Bold overywhero. All genuine good* bear •'Crescent.'' HendMM cent stamp for 93-pu« pamphlet. * < OH. HARTER MEPICIMI CO.. St. LMlta. H*. by rtiurn nitit. full (Ifiarlfljvc rnuUri and MOODT't 1MPBOVID TAU.OII BVB- TEMBotDrtlB Cutting. U*. 10 due. AD; l»dr tl rillporT Inkllt

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