The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 2, 1892 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 2, 1892
Page 5
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DES MOINES: ALGOKA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MAEOH 2, 1892, f ME CITY, 4r. Hoxie is improving slowly from i illness. f. L. Clarke is getting better out in .llfornia. fames C. Taylor post meets March 9 "" "i p. m. ingdon & Hudson have a wDt<d thii ek on groceries. ennis Kinsley and Maggie McDon (Id are licensed to wed. C, H. Conner is making plans for a • brick block at Britt. |Geo. E. Marble's notice of his Bur ore changes this week. Look it over lit is rumored that G. R. Woodworth 111 start a bank in the new town a c istrong. Fjohn Winkel and Ben. Smith were &wn for the fair directors' meeting, ttd favor giving a big fair this fall. IA 15-cent supper will be served in he Baptist church, Thursday, from i}30 until all are served. All invited jfRead over the subjects for the farm' |fs' institute and come in to the meet- i next week. jThe Cedar Rapids Gazette has printed a'pretty fair portrait of John ,,,.&. Smith and gives a short sketch o: fghim. ' \:" 'e?j The breakup the past week looks like fspring. < If-this weather continues seed- glng will begin by the middle of this yaionth. A. Mi & G. M. Johnson are going to lUild a new warehouse, and meantime "11 occupy the rink building with theii plements. | Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Jones, old settlers n Riverdale, have moved to Algona ,d are renting a house north of Am- irose A. Call's. 'A. J. Dunlap was down yesterday and ,ys new buildings in Ledyard are as k iick as blackberries. His new eleva- br goes up in June. | The adjourned term of court will be- in March 28, and the cases not called 5n now will be heard then. The nexl arm begins May 16. i The grand jury this term are J. B. jfCarr, John Zeller, Nels Moriok, W. S. jjfStahl, and F. P. Butler. They have Several matters before them. The regular monthly meeting of the IpToung Ladies' Foreign Missionary so_• will be hold on Saturday, March at 3 o'clock, with Mrs. Black. f (.Letters are advertised for Tressy iPijlnlt.lT. H. Taylor, Sppalilo Spada- It', J-i^'i'.' m\~ f-\ /-i i-» *-ii i_ _ y-i s^fe|T'|ieo. Dunn, C. B. Clarke, Geo. Ga£wrJ>J. Freeman, C. E. Johnson. Illpfn^mber of Britt business men, who ar^fSfmtemplating a four-front brick [lfKiSj|pring, were in Algona last week te-'_'_;Hii__ ^th j_ j^ Cowan on brick Jas. Henderson's pension came last week, and he gets $12 1 hereafter and $208 back pen- i quite an assistance in his p. Frank has not yet decided what ill do. He still talks of an apart-, and his brother was up ^Waterloo not long since to look H|ld over. p||i.6jfbllowing new citizens were ad, jap&jthe rolls yesterday: Chas. Col- ileMfJphan A. Lindblom, Sweden; Hans (^ypclerson, H. P. Hanson, Denmark; r ;GarjfMarks, Germany. l-i^f ^' ¥ .,.i|fi;-Tne grand jury began to wonder yes- ,,|efterday who the prisoners of the county vvf&were, as they found themselves locked l^in. The court had the bailiff hunted ~;Up and the key produced. Lv s|| The polling places for the city elec- iljttion next Monday will be: First ward, ||Byson's office; Second ward, rink; '•-"*" lird ward, (to be decided upon); and iurth ward, sheriff's office. I'M. F. Miller was over from Hull Mon- for a visit at home. He is buying in there and he says it is a big busi- s in that section. He averages 12,bushels of grain handled each aonth. Phe stone are being hauled for the > Catholic church, and over $4,000 i been subscribed towards its con- ||iction. It will be a- frame building ", be very I'pomy. Work will begin oon as spring opens. JJphn Connors made this office a pleas'*i' call last week, being up from Liv- jjioro on business. He is an old tim- B|||,n Kossuth and one of this paper's 1i|'g standing friends, his name having le |n on the list for over 20 years. i Courier has taken special pains bUredit Mr. Smith with his bills on }§jpe laws, but reported the redistrict|y»bill without mentioning that he fcjja asked to draft it by the committee, 'M that he reported it to the house. ,Phe letters of J. W. Bartlett and C. I'Doxsee on some features of life in i south will interest our readei-s this ,3k. Old friends of J. W. will be es- Ijeifjiecially pleased to hear from him, '"nd to find him in his usually cheerful [jrits. F, Webber of Deansville, Wis., J|!d Saturday, Feb. 27, of pneumonia |iM|d heart trouble. He was father of the ebber girls, who taught in Algona, ,". of the late wife of J, L. Edmonds, |fof whom were well known here. , BK .,,.,, 1 ,, w ,.j covenant service of the Baptist ,s|fphjirch will be on Saturday at 2:30. ia;|fi!ojJimunion service on Lord's day after unday school. Wednesday evening an " "ress cm The Power of the Religious s. The subscription work for the church progresses satisfactorily. B. Soper of Emmetsburg ap- red with J. B. Jones yesterday in a ne case against M. Richardson, and C. Parker was over from Spencer to ist W. C, Danson in the defense. is was the first case called up and the was selected yesterday forenoon. phe grangers are arranging to serve ;ghicken pie dinner on the second day he farmers'institute meetings which ,e next week Thursday and Friday, ill be at Grange hall Friday noon, for the small sum of 25 cents the riest man in the county can eat 11. ur old friend T. M. Clark writes i Appleton City, Mo., and saye: e arrived here safe and sound, and ke the country better than I expeot- -what I have seen of it, and that not been much. When we got here roads were quite good, but about (time we got ready to go out into i country it commenced raining and the roads have been almost impassable but the Weather has been very comfort ftble, dinly freezing during one night.' • A very serious accident happened Mrs. D. H. Setchell Saturday. Whil Standing oh a step-ladder she slippec and fell and broke her arm. She i resting comfortably and Will recover in due time, but breaking bones is alway serious to people who are along in years. At the meeting of the Congregationa club to be held March 19, Eugem Schaffter of Eagle Grove will deliver a lecture on l? WilHam Tell." Mr Schaffter's lecture is a sketch of hi travels over Toll's country and will be very interesting. Further announce ment will be made. Willie Squires, BO far as heard from wears the belt for the first game of tht season. He is only 12 years old, but he went out Monday, and over the back o the famous hunting cow of his father shot two fine wild geese. That • cow holds her taste for sport and can sneak up on wild game better than any hunter in the county. Dr. Hathaway and his attorney, Geo. W. Argo, were Over from Sioux City yesterday to secure a postponement o the hearing in the libel case againsi the Republican on account of Geo. E. Clarke's illness, as he is retained foi the prosecution. They propose to try the case and make the Republican prove its charges. The Republican, last week, made a foolish mistake, which made John Gannon the possessor of a marriage license. It was Mr. Gannon's daughter, a well- Icnown and popular teacher of the county, and she was happily married to an estimable young man named A. J. Clay. They have many good vvishesfrom their friends. We learn unofficially that the Bu'rt farmers met last Saturday and decided to organize a co-operative grain buying company. Some 70 shares had been subscribed and a board of directors was jhosen four members of which are: Dr. Bourne, Wm. Knoll, Geo. Patterson, and M. J. Mann. We have not a full report. But the company is organized. Work will soon begin on a 22x60 foot, two stories high, building on the Rutherford lots east of the wigmam. It will 'urnish sample rooms for the Ruther- 'ord house, and as soon as it is done the interior of the hotel will be somewhat remodeled. Mr. Rutherford finds the addition needed to accommodate trade, md will add to the spring building Doom. Algona is '.' in it" this season. The firm of clothing merchants from Blue Earth, whose visit to Algona was noted by THE UPPER DBS MOINES some weeks ago, have made permanent arrangements to locate and have rent- id the building now occupied by J. C. ?rank for five years, beginning 1 Aug. 1 next. The firm name is Durdall & ulickson. They are pushers in business and will be a good addition to the town. The Indies of Algona beat the world. Their leap-year reception at the Thor- ngton house last evening was the finest social event since last leap year, whenever that was. Dancing, visiting, and slegant refreshments were the order of ihe evening, and we fear that Lent was ushered in with considerable hilarity it midnight. It was in every way an inqualified success, for which all praise to the ladies. C. L. Lund has been named for dele- fate to the national convention and Jas. Taylor as candidate for secretary of state, and still the Courier don't come out with a leader. What is matter? If ve are bound to have democratic delegates and democratic candidates Kossuth county men are the ones to choose rom. If the Courier don't help the >oom along we shall have to do that much democratic service ourselves. The result of Geo. E. Clarke's attack )f bleeding last week from his tooth- julling experience, and subsequent ex- >osure to cold, has been a severe at- .ack of inflammatory rheumatism. He was taken last Friday and is confined 10 his bed, where he 'will probably be compelled to remain this week. As he vas connected with nearly all the cases .6 be tried at this term of court, the vork had to be adjourned, and a later lession provided for. The Congregational social club holds ts second meeting in the church par- ors Friday evening. The programme s as follows: Vocal duet, Fannie Mof- attand Rubie Smith; debate, "Did owa Act Wisely in Adopting her Railway Legislation?" affirmative, C. M. )oxsee and Harvey Ingham; negative, . R. Jones and W. B, Quarton; vocal olo, LillieRanks; paper, AnnaRuther- ord; music, glee club. The public are Cordially invited to attend. The arrival of a fewdemocraticforces ike our new Mend J, J. Ryan will suggest the application of Franklirf's old iphorism to the republicans, "we must ill hang together or we shall all hang eparately." Our n$w citizen was a ower of democratic strength in Web- ter, and if we don't lose our guess is worth a hundred votes to the Philis- ines in Kossuth. But he is a genial man and a rustler in business and we velcome him to Algona "allee sainee." Eight directors of the agricultu- •al society were present for the annual meeting, but it was decided that more hould come in to arrange for the fair his year, and an adjournment was aken till two weeks, March 15, and all members of the board will be notified jy letter. The affairs of the society ire flourishing and a big meeting hould be held as important questions /ill come up for settlement. Let every director make an effort to attend, A rather romantic marriage was cel- brated at Geo. E. Clarke's office yes- lerday afternoon, Jennie Chambers and ilichard Halley being made one by Squire Taylor. The peculiar feature vas that Jennie had just secured a di- orce from her liege lord about half an lour previous. Her second marriage o soon on the heels of the first serves 0 show that the bride has confidence 1 the benefits of marriage not to be haken by one shipwreck on the rnatri-> monial sea. One of the pleasantest entertainments f the season was that given by the oung people at the Congregational hurch Friday.-evening. It consisted of nusio, and some handsomely arranged ableaux representing well-known class- cal groups. Everything in the cos- uraes and grouping was especially fine, nd all that was wanted for perfect suo- ess was the customary calcium lights. 4iss J^andall's fine solo was encored,' and Miss Edith Clarke's recitation oi "Mother and Poet" received hearty commendation. It was a difficult selection and was relidered with fine appre ciation of the spirit of the piece. The competition between the deadly car stove and the deadly hay press is gradually resulting in favor of the latter. The hay press is maiming more people now than the car stove ourns The past week David Baker of Cresco Was caught with both feet in the press and one leg was broken above the ankel. He was jumping on a bunch o hay when his feet slipped through and the press was further around than he thought. Fortunately only one leg was broken, the other being badly bruised. Dr. McCoy is fixing him up and he will escape without losing eithei foot. The first political event of the season is the election of city fathers next Monday. J. G. Smith, J. W. Hinchon, A. C. Johns, J. F. Nicoulin, and H. A. Clock all leave vacancies to be filled. The mayor and other officers are electee for two years and therefore do not come up this spring. We have heard no discussion as to candidates but presume the true American willingness to hold office will display itself before Monday. The retiring members have all been good officials, not excepting our democratic contemporary, and may be reelected, but in Mr. Clock's case at least a now man must be chosen, as he has left the city. The grand army has never celebrated Washington's birthday more successfully than it did last Wednesday evening. The tables were filled for the bean supper and the exercises were listened to by a large audience. Rev. Dorward discussed "Washington" in a very able paper, and Mrs. Ingham read a letter written by her brother from the battlefield of Chancellorsville, Mrs, Stacy read a very interesting sketch of some of the boys who went from Kossuth to the war, and Dr. Sheetz paid an eloquent tribute to "Comradship." Everybody enjoyed the evening, and will look forward to future meetings with renewed interest. The Estherville Republican las,t week said positivley that the new roaip across Kossuth is being built by the Burlington company. The Cedar Rapids Republican showed this to President Ives of that company and he 3aid: "The local company up there has done some skirmishing in the way of running lines over the country named. It has even gone so far as to bake contracts on the right of way, but the B., C. R. & N. does not appear in any of the work done. The members of that company are anxious to put a road through and are determined that it shall not fail, but the name of out- road does not appear in any of their transactions." Notices of school election for the independent district are out. The date is March 14, a week from next Monday, and directors are to be chosen to succeed W. H. Ingham and J. W. Robinson. The polls will be open at the sheriff's office from 9 a. m. to 4 p. m. The statement of finances for the year past shows that the bonds forthe school iiouse are now down to $10,000. The eHtimated expenses for next year are >5,000 for teachers' fund, $1,800 for con- ;ingent fund, and $2,600 on bonds and interest. Algona's schools are a mat- ;er of just pride and concern to the dis- irict, and every voter should attend to ;he election and assist in doing whatever will best insure the future pros- Derity and success of the work. Mrs. Jane Lamb writes from Storm Lake of the death of her mother, Mrs. Ai-ethusa Chapman, well known to Kossuth people. She says: "Last October [ brought my mother home with me ! rom Swaledale, a helpless invalid. She md been sick a year then and never eft the house after coming here until she was taken out in her coffin. She died Feb. 17, 1892. She was born Sept. 5, 1816. Was married to Daniel Chapman in 1835. Her maiden name was Arethusa Archibald. She moved to Sossuth in 1869, where she resided un;il four years ago, when she, with her msband and son George, settled in Swaledale, Cerro Gordo county, Iowa, vhere two years ago her husband died. iTer remains were sent back to Swale- dale for interment beside him. They ived together 55 years." Mrs. Lamb says she is broken down with the care and anxiety. Many friends here will extend sympathy. At Geo. E. Marble's, liurt. We intend to move into our new store soon, where we will have more and bet- ;er room. I heartily thank my friends in Burt and vicinity for the very liberal patronage given me, and hope with increased acilities to be able to serve you better, We have some bargains to offer that ire worth your while to look at. I am jere to sell goods as low as possible, but vill not buy cheap_, shoddy goods. One hundred nice presents for the irst one hundred ladies who call on us n our new store, GEO. E. MARBLE, 35 Burt, Iowa. For Rent—For Sale. I have from 75 to 140 acres of good >low land to rent. Will have a 4-room louse completed by April 1. Prefer to urnish 10 cows and 10 sows, and rent or shares. I have two young horses, coming 4 md 5 years old, for sale reasonably, :8 T. H. CONNER, Algona, la. For Sale, One lumber wagon, one double harness, one riding pony, one colt 8 months old, one cow 4 years old, also a good vork team and one three-seated plat- orm, wagon, all for sale cheap for cash Dr good, bankable paper. Notes on ten months' time. 45t6 ABRAM WOLFE AND WIPE. Horses for Sale. Stephens & Bircher will buy or sell lorses, and have now some very fine nares on hand for sale, especially some 1 ligh grade Norman mares. Will fill •rders for any kind of horses wanted.-tf It Can Be Depended Upon. Mr. W. C. Reed, proprietor of the Hotel Jellone, Omaha, one of tbe finest new and nodern hotels in the west, says of Chamerlain's Cough Remedy: " We have used ; in onr family for years with the most sat- sfaotory results, especially for our child- en, for colds and croup, it can be depend- d upon: besides it is pleasant to take and sems to be free from chloroform and the Uy substances put into many cough jnix- uves." Sold in 25o, 50o, and fl bottles at Dingley'a. BEVOtYERS WERE Alderman and Horning Round Over for Resisting an Offlcer-No Liquor Found, Quite a sensation has arisen out of raid last Friday on- the restaurant o Joseph Alderman with the expectatiot of finding intoxicating liquors. Thf results in the way of liquors did no amount to much, but the upshot of the whole affair was the binding of Alder man over for resisting an officer, and o Lee Horning for drawing a revolver on an officer. Two search warrants hac been issued by Justice Thompson. One was for Hack man's and one for Alder man's. Olof Johnson was sworn in ns special assistant to Constable Tellier and together they searched the Hack man restaurant without finding any thing at all suspicious. Then they went to Alderman's. There are t'wo stories of what happened. According to the officers they started to read theii warrant for search, and Alderman tolc them to go ahead and search. But when Tellier went behind the counter Alderman became excited and. grabber him, using profane language and trying to get to the money" drawer where there was a revolver. Johnson seeing this drew his revolver on Alderman whereupon Lee Horning, sitting near, drew a revolver on Johnson and ordered him to drop his weapon. Alderman story is that when the officers came in he did not know what the paper was they started to read, or that they were officers. When Tellier started behind his counter he asked him what in h he was doing and wanted to see his warrant. But Tellier went on with the search and as he approached the money drawer Alderman went up to shut it. The next thing he knew Johnson's revolver was on him. t As soon as the revolvers were put up* Tellier got warrants and .both Alderman and Horning were arrested, and then the searcli continued, the only result being the seizure of some cases of tonic of some kind which some think con tains alcohol and some claim it is like pop and other harmless drinks. At the hearing Alderman was bound over in bonds of $200 to meet the grand jury for resisting the search officers, and Horning in bonds of $100 for drawing a weapon on an officer. J. W. Sullivan appeared for both defendants and the county attorney for the prosecution. No evidence was brought out at the preliminary hearing. If the grand jury indicts, the official story will be known. Never Yet Has It Mnde a Failure. No healthy person need four any daugor- pus consequences from an attack of the grip if properly treated. It is much the same as a severe cold and requires precisely the same teeatment. Remain quietly at home and take Chamberlain's Cough Remedy as directed for a severe cold, and a prompt and complete recovery ia sure to follow. This remedy also counterrcts any tendency of la grippe to result in pneumonia. Among the many thousands who have used it during the epidemics of the past two years we have yet to learn of a single case that has not recovered or that has resulted in pneumonia. Sold in 25 and 50 cent bottles at Dingley's. Republican State Convention On account of the Iowa republican state convention, to be held at Dos Moines, March 17, the Chicago & Northwestern Railway company will sell excursion tickets to Des Moines and return at half rates—one fare for the round trip. Tickets on sale March 16 and 17, good for return passage until March 18 inclusive. Apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern railway for tickets and full information.—!9t3 Public Sale of Blooded Stock. I will offer at auction, at my farm one mile west of Corwith, on Friday, March 11, 1892, at 1 p. m., the following stock: Eighteen head of horses: five full-blood Norman mares, as follows: One black. 6 years old, Marribel, Reg. 8323 (32098) weight 2,000 pounds; one black, Marrietta, 6 years old, Reg. 8324 (10032), 1800 pounds; one light grey, Borronne, 8328 (9654), 1700 pounds; one steel grey, 6 years old, Celina, 8302 (12731), 1600 pounds; one steel grey, 3 years old, Saint Rosa, 13988, 1500 pounds; above mares with foal to full-blood Norman horse. One yearling Norman stallion; two trotting stallions, Wildwood, 4 yrs. old, sire son of Gov. Sprague, dam by Florida; Thunder, 5 years old, sire Sweigart, dam by.Bellfounder; trotting mare Prairie Queen, 4 years old, sire by Sheldon boy, dam Maud H; thoroughbred running mare Lady Banquo, 5 years old, sire Banquo, dam by Scrus- kin; one span heavy grey horses, 8 and 9; bay horse, 9; hay mare, 8; span of English Shire colts, 3; English Shire colt, 2; grey horse, 10; white mare, 11; and roan mare, 10; Also 10 cows, fresh or soon to be, and three sets of double harness. Terms: One and two years' time at 8 per cent, on full-blood mares, on approved security; balance ten months' time without interest if paid when dne, otherwise to draw 8 per cent, from date, with approved security. 'F. M. DANIELS. H. T. ELLSWORTH, Auctioneer. FOUE HOPELESS OASES. Wesley's Bachelors Want the Earth- No Chance for Them, BACHELORS' HALL, Wesley, Iowa.— Whereas, our local correspondent to the Algona UPPER DES MOINES, while setting forth the suitable leap year "catches" of this city, did, without any .nvitation on our part, set forth the " good qualities" of the undersigned— all inmates of the above bachelors' quarters; we take this medium of expressing our heart-felt thanks for his dnd consideration and the great favor 10 did in relieving us of a very undesir- ible task—that of fighting our way into the favor of the fairer sex. But, in order to prevent any of the fairer sex being placed under any embarrassment caused by a refusal, we deem it only air to set forth a few of the qualifications necessary to all applicants (without which no proposal will be considered.) First, they must not be over 65 or under 17 years; they must not be .ess than four and one-half or more than six feet in stature, nor weigh less than 10-or more than 200 pounds. They nustbeo^a commanding appearance, jave a fair countenance, and either blue, brown, black or hazel eyes. They must be a graduate in all the common >rftnphesandan accomplished musician. They must be of a mild temperament, a good cook and housekeeper, and pos sees a capital of not more than one mil lion or less than a nickle. Above al they must be willing to get up and start fires, especially in the winter. GEO. A. FRINK, C. E. OLESON, F. A. COREY, J. FORD. OABTEB'S BtQ SALE. Crockery, Glassware, and Groceries Cheap on Account of the Now Bank Building. The preparations already begun for moving the store W. F. Carter now oc cupies, and building the bank building in its place, make it necessary for him to prepare to move in the near future and he advertises this week a heavy cut in prices till April 1. He will lighten his stock as much as he can in that time at net cost prices. This is not a sham sale and • all visitors wll! find that they can get crockery and glassware at cheaper prices than evei before quoted to them. All who waul anything in this lino at cost, or who want groceries cheaper than ever bo- fore should come in this month. Moving the building will begin in April. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. G. S. Gat-field is up from Humboldt on legal business. S. S. Sessions went to Sioux City last week on a business trip. S. Mayne and Geo. W. Sldnnor were down from Bancroft attending court yesterday on legal business. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Dalziol have been in Illinois a couple of weeks on a visit with relatives. The live in Cresco west of Algona. Sheriff Graham came up yesterday from Des Moines, where he has been buying supplies for his spring machinery trade. W. E. Bradford was over from Britt yesterday on legal business. He says A. J. Robison is building up a good business in Britt. C. M. Doxsee was called to Rolfe Saturday by a telegram announcing the death of his brother's little boy. He returned Monday. H. C. Parsons spent Sunday in Eagle Grove a week ago, visiting his daughter there. His son-in-law, who was formerly agent at Irvington, is now in the railway offices at the Grove. An old acquaintance of the GaAbraith and Purvis families, and an old land owner in Kossuth, named Shull, was a visitor last week. He was accompanied by his son, Rev. Shull of Ea,gle Grove. Judge Carr and Reporter Greer came over Monday and began work at once. The numerous mentions of the judge for political honors don't affect him and he lays down the law with usual vigor and firmness. J. B. Jones came up from Des Moines to attend court and assist in settling who has the "Bank of Ledyard." He says he is not permanently located in Des Moines, and that his family will come to Algona in April in all pi,-oba- bility. He will do business there and here. John G. Smith and Howland came up from Des Moines to spend Sunday at home, returning Monday afternoon. The work of the legislature agrees with pur member, and he is rapidly growing in influence. He thinks the normal school committee of the house will make a report this week. Upon what they say will depend the prospects of normals in this session. Mr. Smith is attending to Algona's interests, and will do all that can be done to see that we are not left out, Henry Durant is back from his six weeks' sojourn in the south, and brought with him a healthy southei-n tan. He spent his time mostly out doors and is much bonefitted by the trip. He does not think much of the southerners and especially of their energy, as he was unable to get anyone started before 11 o'clock in the forenoon. He did not like their idea either of refusing to let darkies ride with white people, and went and sat in the darkey car. Some of the whites remonstrated and he told them that he always thought a white man was as good as a negro if he behaved himself. TO DISOTTSS THE FAEM. The Farmers Will Meet Next Week Thursday and Friday—Chicken Pie Dinner. The grangers have arranged to furnish chicken pie dinner Friday noon of next week for the farmers' institute, and in spite of the late announcement of the programme a big meeting is promised. The subjects of discussion are of interest, and the parties in charge are amply qualified to make an interesting session. The full pro- gramme is as follows: The Benefit to the Farm of Agricultural Newspapers, L. L. Klinefelter. The Care of Hogs, B. P. Smith. How to Utilize our Stalks to the Best Advantage, C. Wiltse. Are Sheep Profitable? D. A. Wallace. How to Care for Sheep, A. L. Belton. How to Make our Milk Cows Profitable, J. R. Dutton and G. S. Wright. Co-operative Creameries, Geo. S. Angus, Best Grasses for Hay and Pasture, E. W. Donovan. What Kinds and How Much Poultry is it Profitable for the Farmer to Raise? W. M. Heathershaw. Is it Profitable for Farmers to Grow Fruit for Market, M. D. L. Parsons and R. J. Hunt. Can the Average Farmer Profitably Raise Colts? C. R. Lewis, Benefit to Farmers of a Successful County Fair, C. Li. Lurid. Is the Feeding of Steers in Small Bunches Profitable? R. M. Gardner. How to Make the Farm Home Attractive, Mrs. G. W. Eddy. The Good Qualities of the Jersey Cow, W.H.Clark? * How to Improve our County Roads, Geo. E. Boyle. Murdl Grus Rates. On account of the Mardi Gras cele- >ration, the Chicago & Northwestern Railway company will, from February 22 to 28 inclusive, sell excursion tickets (0 New Orleans and return at very low rates; tickets good for return passage until March 22. For tickets and full nformation apply to agents C. &N. W. R.'y.-46t3 WE have some drives in men's and boys' clpthing. Qeo. L. Taylor's Removal Sale, Muslin Underwear, Gowns, Skirts, and Corset Cov'rs In addition to the above we are selling • Table Linen, Napkins, Towels, and Crash At prices you will not think we could afford. -AT- 15c a Yarfl. One and a quarter yds wide; the very best goods made. You will find these Oil Cloths Nice and So Cheap That you can cut them for 'ancy work, splashers, pantry shelves, child's bibs, etc, as, Taylor,

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