The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 19, 1893 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 19, 1893
Page 7
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THE TIPPER DES MOINES. ALQ()NAV.TP. W A. . APKTL 19,1 R93. Queen Victoria can trace her ancestry back about eight hundred years. It Is the oldest reigning dynasty in the world. A record of uninterrupted cures for near. )t half a century has convinced sensible peo- 'pie that Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup is tlie best in the market. Why try hew things when I ou know that you have what you need* t is infallible. A conscience contribution of $30 from ait unknown person In Philadelphia has been received at the treasury depart inent In Washington. HOOD'S CURES Mr, Aimer O. JFolsom Druku, Mich. I After the Grip. In Miserable Condition "J take tills opportunity to speak my mind on the virtues of Hood's Sarsaparilla. I have found that the grip uses elderly people pretty severely. Iain sixty-nine years old, and when the grip attacked me last winter I came very near dying. I was all broken down and Keilucei) to u Mere Skeleton. 1 could not seem to gain any strength or get any medicine to help me. I was advised to try Ho net's Sarsaparilla. One bottle cured mo; built me up so that I do not feel any effects of tho disease left. My son is taking Hood's Sarsaparilla /or liver and kidney troubles and is recovering very- rapidly." A. 0. FOLSOM, p. m. Bralie, Mich. THE GOVERNOR'S MISTAKE. Thomas Nelson rage illustrates Tlie Dangei? of Being Too Thorough. Harpers: "I once made a mistake myself by trying to be very thorough," said the Governor, shutting his teeth down on his Habnna, and closing his eyes retrospectively. "When was it?" we asked. "Not so long ago," said the Governor. "Does any of you thing I look like a felon?" he asked. The replies Were not unanimous. "Well, I was arrested as one within, the last two years," he said. "When I came into the Governorship I thought I would be very thorough, and one of the first things I investigated was the convict system. The newspapers said I had made promises that I would give honest labor a show. Perhaps I had. So one day I slipped off by myself and went up to tlie mines to see how the tiling was being worked when no one was expected. The charge had. been made that the lessees ran things I veiy differently Avlien an investigating ' olmnittee was expected from the way icy usually ran them, and that ordi- arily the treatment was very harsh, intended to go down into the mines, ind I put on an old suit of clothes in Mcli I used to hunt occasionally. They rare torn and muddy, and I cougratu- ated myself that no one would know ne. 'In the pockets were all sorts of Kids and ends, such as string, wire, a qiife, nippers, etc. I got the conductor 6 let me off the train at a crossing ud walked a mile or two to the mines, ^.s I got near them, thinking I would ook over the ground before going out nto the cleared space, I turned out of he path and struck up the hill through the brash. I took a survey, and saw a mall group of men around a fire, one r two of them convicts, one or two., erhaps visitors, and one a guard with i double-barrelled shot-gun across his un. I was thinking of going down, and ook a step or two, when some one be- ind me said, 'H-Iold on; come back here.' I turned, and there thirty steps I'om me was a guard, an ugly old fel- ow, long and bony, standing with his HOOD'S PILLS are purely vegelaul-\ and do not pur^e, paiu or gripe. Sold ay all druggists. -i It Cures ColdB,Coughs,8or«Throat,Croup,Influ»n- w,Whooplng Cough, Bronchitis and Asthma. A ecrt»in cure for Consumption in first Btagus, and k sure relief In advanced itageo. TJee at onca, Ton will iee the excellent effect after taking the Int dose. Bold by dealer* everywhere. Large tattles 60 oenta and $1.00, i We Offer You a Remedy ti'AicAr Insures Safety to Life ofMotlter and Child. • i Jioba Confinement of ita I'atn, Horror and Risk, Afteruslngonebottleof "Mother'sFriend" I luttered but lictlo luiln.nncl Ulduotexporlonoo that weakness afterward uaual In such cases.—Mrs. AHNiii QAOK, Laraar, Ho., Jan. 15tli, 1891. Sent by express, charges prepaid, on receipt of price, $1.50 per liottlo. 13ook to Mothers mailed free. BUAISFJISI.BJJlEGULA'JTOIt CO., ATLANTA, GA. BOLD BY ALL PBUQQIST3. •anno S.H01IHS UY'S CREAM BHBI CUUE CATARRH Price 50 cents. Apply Dalm In each nostril. ElA BROS., 5B Warren St. New Vork. PflTEWTS. TRflDE-iflflRKS. Examination and Advice ns to Patentability of In- vontlou. Send far Inventors'flulde, or How toQet a Patent. PAIHIOIC O'FAKIHSLL, Washington, p, 0. works, winch will be of steel. In order to realize the high rate of speed required by Mr. Vanderbilt her model has to be very fine, but, at the same time, seagoing qualities and safety have not been sacrificed to pure speed, and the 1 new ship will be a most perfect ocean cruiser. Her cabin accommodations will, oi course, be large, and she is fitted with a complete electric plant, all in duplicate. On the bridge she is to have two powerful search fights, and her steering gear will, of course, be steam, and con be worked either from the bridge or aft. On the quarter-deck there will be a steam warping capstan, and forward a steam windlass. A complete •ice- making plant, with freezing room, will be fitted below, and she will also be provided with a fresh water condenser. The sanitary and supply pipes will be of copper, enameled; In fact, it Is hardly necessary to say that neither money nor ingenuity will be spared to make this fine vessel perfect In every way, and she will bo a" regular floating palace. I Tttxutloii. It is tu lax tlic stomach with bur- thciia Hint U I'Hiinol licnr. Many silly peo- pic thus tyi-Kiiiil/.c Unit faithful survitor until it rcbuis uiul punishes Uiutii AS '.hoy deserve. L)y«pc|'sin Is usually I lie child ol gastronomic folly, but whi-tlicr Ihis or tin: natural assoi'intu of inherent feeliluuesit from childhood, it Is surely anil pleasantly remeiliilblo with Hosteller's Stomach Hit- lers, the lines! and moat highly sanclloueit irnsli'lo tonic in cxislunc'o. ' As n result of the tone imparted to thu stomach, nnil the increased activity of its digestive mid assim llnllvu action, Insured by the persistent use of tills benign Invlgoriint, general stamina if augmented, the nerves strengthened and iranqnillised. and a tendency to Insomnia and liypocliondriaBis defeated. Biliousness, chills and fever, rheumatism and kidney troubles are conquered by this admirable medicine. Tlie Hawlaiiaus, it Is snid, favor a monarchy. Japan wishes to get possession of the kingdom. hot-gun across his arm. 'What do you vant?' I asked. 'I wants you,' he said, 'and I wants 'on quick. Come here.' "I went over, moved rather by cuilosl- y. 'Well, what do you want with me?' 'I'm goin' to take you to the warden,' he said. 'But I won't go,' I said. 'I don't vant to go to the warden, and I won't go.' 'You won't? Well, we'll see if you von't. If you don't, you will git a load buckshot in you,' he said, dropping his gun, and pulling back the hammer slowly. 'I saw that he had me, and I determined to explain. 'I am a visitor up here,' I said. '"Yes, no doubt; that's why I wants you. I wants you to fmiish out your visit. We can't bar .to part with you. Walk along tliar.' " 'But—' I began. " 'But nothing,' said ho; 'you don't want no but but this,' and he gave me i crack with the butt of his gun which learly knocked me over. 'March on.' 'Look here; I'm the Governor of the State,' said I, trying to look imposing. 'He looked at me quizzically. 'You're a pretty-looking Gov'nor, ain't you?' said he. 'Well, Gov'nor, I'm glad to sec you; I'm gwiiie to help you finish out yo' term. 'Walk along thai- and shet. up yer jaw. I'm gittiu. 1 kinder tired on it, and I've a good mind to let you have a load of buckshot anyways, jest to teach you manners.' Well, that old fellow marched me down, and made a convict go through my clothes. The tilings in my pockets were proof positive of my guilt, of course, and you never heard such a lambasting as he gave me hi your life, all the time keeping a a running lire at me, asking wlmt I was 'in for,' etc. Tho circumstantial evidence was that I was a burglar, but they all agreed I looked like a pickpocket, and one man even suggested thait I hod picked a burglar's pocket. That was the worst of all. Then ho marched mo off to the warden," i'What became of the guardV" asked ono. "He's my manager on my farm," said tho Governor, "and he still makes me march straight." SlOO Reward, S1OO. The reader of Uiis paper will he pleased to learn Unit there is at least onu dreaded disease that science has been able to cure in all its stages, and Unit is Catarrh. ]lall'r Catarrh Cure Is the only positive curi: known to the medical fraternity. Calami being a constitutional d'.aease, requires 8 constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken Internally, acting directly on the blood and mucous surfaces of the sys. tern, thereby destroying the foundation of Che disease, and giving~the patielit strength by building up the constitution and .assisting nature in doing Its work. The pro prTetors luivu so much 1'altli in its curative powers, that they offer One Hundred Dollars for any case, that It lails to cure. Send for list of testimonials. Address, F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0 by all druggists, 75e. The Argument Used the makers of the second-class baking powders to induce the dealer to push them off on Royal consumers is that they cost less than Royal and afford the dealer much more profit. Bufc you, madam, are charged the same price for them a* for the absolutely pure Royal, which is perfectly combined from the most highly refined and expensive materials. The lower cost of the others is caused by the cheap, impure materials used in them, and the haphazard way in which they are thrown together. Do you wish to pay the price of the Royal for an inferior baking powder, made from impure goods, of 27 per cent less strength? If you buy the other powders, insist upon having a corresponding reduction in price. CRACKED THE VAULT. Fort Madison, Iowa, 'April 7.—Tho county treasurer's office in the court house has been robbed by experts. Three iron doors were drilled ar>d a Hall safe opened by manipulating the combination. Treasurer Montaudon estimates the loss in cash at about $1,200. There is no clue to the perpetrators. ATTACHMENT OF THE HORSE. Sheds Tears In Moments of Intolerable Anguish. A horse not only sheds tears under the emotion of grief, but hi moments of sudden or intolerable ungulsh utters a most melancholy cry. *In one of tored. Ooop'3's Indian novels dramatic uso is inado of the scream of a wounded horse, and Lord Ersklne, in a speech made hi the house of lords upon tho bill for enforcing humanity toward animals, noticed this remarkable fact. An eye witness relates the following: "On the advance to the heights of Alma a battery of artillery becamu exposed to the fire of a concealed Russian battery, and in the course of a few minutes It was nearly destroyed, men and horses killed and wounded, guns dismounted and Ihnbes broken. On passing this 'wreck shortly afterward I observed a single horse still attached and unhurt. By Its side on the ground lay Its master, quite dead. The poor brute had turned round as far as possible toward him, with its head to the ground smelling the body and there were copious tears flowing f form its eyes. It looked so like a human being in dire distress that I could not forget the sad expression for several days."—Tld — Bits. Mrs. Mackenzie, widow of the lat Andrew Mackenzie, ex-Premier of Can ada, died Saturday morning. Rough, Wintry, Changeable Weather produces Catarrhs, Coughs, Disorders o the Jjtmgs, &c., which .Taj-no's Kxpectoi ant promptly cures If faithfully adminis The corresopudent of a German papc Is expelled from France, and he an his daughter are mobbed. A Srlnnillrt on«r The National Portrait Society G3 W 14th St., New York, offer great Induce ments for portrait painting in th advertising column of this paper. HlH<le to Look tilke New. Dresses, Gent's Clothing, Feathers, Gloves etc.. l)ved or Cleaned; Plush Gannon to Sleuinei!, nt Otto Pioteh's Dye Works,316 W Water St., Milwaukee. Scud for circular. Albert V. Reed of 734 Hancock strec Brooklyn, killed himself on the 29th i the Pacific bank on Broadway, York, by shooting himself hi the rig'u temple. Syrup I must say a word as to the efficacy of German Syrup. I have used it in my family for Bronchitis, the result of Colds, -with most e*« cellent success.. I have taken it myself for Throat Troubles, and have derived good results therefrom. 1 :herefore recommend it to my tteigh- Dors as an excellent remedy in such cases. James T. Burette, Earlysville, Va. Beware of dealers who offer you "something just as good." Always insist oil having Boschee's German Syrup. ' ® Frederick Brown was thrown from a train near Efllngham, 111., and killed by tramps, who first picked his pocket. Beecham's Pills cost only 25 cents .1 box. They are proverbially known throughout the world to be "worth u guinea a box." Ministry and spiritual benefit are inseparably associated. I'f we <to not water other souls our own will wither. Tlie temperate are the most truly luxurious. By abstaining from most things it is surprising how many things we enjoy. Archbishop Elder of Cincinnati at- talned the age of 74 last week. There was 110 celebration of the anniversary. Some of his household wore unaware wf it until it was past. Dieatli is the dropping of a flower that the fruit may swell.—Beecher. William Walter Phelps has returned to Berlin from his travels in Egypt ana Italy much improved in health. A FLOATING PALACE. Wm. UDDER'S PASTILLES. Snre relief i umrw > I'ricoBScta.fiSTJlillft. iby infill. Stowell&Co, K r lim-lt BEST POLISH IN THE WORLD. DO NOF BE DECEIVED With Pastes, Enamels, and Paints which stain tho luvuds, injure tho iron, and bum red. Tho Rising Sun Stovo 1'olish is Brilliant, Odorless, and Durable, Euoh package contains six ounces; when moistened will wake several boxes of Paste Polish, OF 3,PQQ TONS. HAS AN M. tr- K. Vanderbilt's New Pleasure Bon'f the Finest Afloat. Mr. William K. Vanderbilt, of New York, Is having a big steam yacht built on the Clyde to replace the Alva, which was sunk in a collision last year. The Liverpool Journal says of the new boat: The now vessel is somewhat of a leviathan in the pleasure fleet, and will be probably the largest private yacht in existence. She is being built under cover, and is now in frame, and as for as size goes she really looks like an Atlantic liner. Her chief dimensions are: Length between perpendiculars, 310 feet; extreme beam, 39.3 feet; depth, 25.0 feet; tonnage, about 2,400. She is being built with a cellular bottom, and will be fitted to carry 200 tons water ballast, If required, when light from using coal. The propelling power will consist of two sets of triple expansion engines driving twin screws, the latter being of bronze. The indicated horse-power will be about 5,000, this enormous power being required as the vessel has to realize a speed on trial of eighteen knots fully loaded, seventeen knots being, her guaranteed speed at sea, with very moderate forced draught, while under ordinary conditions, without any forced draught whatever, she has to do fifteen. Her bunker capacity will be about 700 tons. Slip will be brig rigged, and will two stearn launches and four boats. Teak will be used for her !• deck and rails, ftnd also for Tlie Skill and Knowledge Essential to the production of the most perfect and popular laxative remedy known, have enabled the California Fig Co. to achieve a great success in the refutation of its remedy, Syrup of Figs, as it is conceded to be the universal laxative. For sale by all druggists. A "RUN DOWN" and " used-up" feeling is the first warning that your liver isn't doing its work. And, with a torpid, liver and tho impure blood that follows it, you're an easy prey to all sorts of ailments. That is tho time to take- Dr. Pierco's Golden . Medical l)iscovery. At an appetizing;, restora- ful action, purifies and enriches the blood, braces up tho whole system, and restore* health and vigor. For every disease caused by a disordered liver or impure blood, it is tho only guaranteed remedy. If it doesn't benefit or cure, in every cose, you have your money back. $500 is offered, by tlie proprietors ol Dr. Sage's Catarrh 'Remedy, for nil in- curubli! case of Catnrrh. Their remedy perfectly mid puruinueatly cures the worst cases. One Joe Reiley is arrested at Minneapolis, charged with complicity in the murder of a policeman at Mont., in May, 1802. Helena, Fits-All Fits Stopped free by Dr.Kllne's Great Nsi-ve Kestorer. No Fits alter llrat day's UB» Marvelous Gurus. Trea'lBO and §260 trial bor. II* 'o Fit Oases. Sand to Dr. Kline, «31 Arch ST. Plula., Pa. The proposed national encampment of militia at Chicago during the world's fair is abandoned. Coughs, nourseiiess, Sore Throat, etc., finic.kly relieved by BROWN'S BBOHUUUI. luo- onus. They Biirpassall other preparations In re nicviiiK hoarsBiiPss aud as a, cough remedy aie pre-eminently the beat. Kico Clifford of Menasha, father of little Pearl Clifford, who was kidnapped last fall, has been married to Miss Lor- diuii Bryant of Chicago. If you belli havo no employment, or aro paid for tho work you aro doiny. ilit-n \vrito to H. F. Johnson Co., "of Kk'limond, Va., and thoy will Show you how to transform Miss-fortune InVi'-- Madamc-fortuue. Try it. Massachusetts still reveres thfe memory of the codflsto', once the chief industry of her people, and keeps a wooden model of one hanging in. her house of representatives. We eat too much and take too little out-door, exercise. TWs Is the fault «f our modem civilisation. Tt Is claim' ed that £torfl,eld Tea, a simple herb remedy, helps i'fature to ovevconae in Minitlg FOR JUDICIOUS INVESTORS Eighty Million Dollars Profits on Nine Famous Mines. THE KELLY MINE, BOSTON AND MONTANA, CALUMET AND HECLA; GRANITE MOUNTAIN, HOMESTAKE, IDAHO, IRON SILVER, MOLLIE GIBSON, ONTARIO, . - $ 5,000,000 2,075,000 36,350,000 • 11,960,000 4,841,250 2,344,050 2,500,000 1,800,000 12,875,000 The Chance r of a Lifetime for Hen of r Moderate rieans The Silver Sunlight Mining and Milling Co. own four Mines and a Concentrating Mill in the same mountain, upon the same vein and in close Proximity to the celebrated Five Million Dollar Kelly Mine, as shown in the map, and their prospects are exactly as good as the Kelly Colossal fortunes await the first lucky stock holders of the Company. The Silver Stinlfght Mining and Milling Go. is Incorporated and has a Capital Stock Of $2,000,000—2,000,000 Shares fully paid and non-assessable. HON. L. BRADFORD PRINCE, Prat,, QOV'RHOR OP N«W MiXIQO^ General Offices: QANTA FB. W, «.. *«» OHIOMO* '«•»•• Registrar and Transfer Agent*. TH« OHIOA8O TITLil AND TBU9T OOUMNV. BANKERS. PIB8T NATIONAL HANK, 8ANTA PI. OH»MIO*L NATIONAL BANKj OHIQA8O. A Limited Number of Shares now ottered at 25 Centg A Share. The Best Waterproof Goat In the WORLD I SUCKER The FISH BUAND SLICKER la warranted waterproof, and will keep you dry In tho hardest slorm. The now POMMEL SLICKER Is a perfect rldlnit coat, and covers tho entire laddla. Beware of Imitation*. Don't buy a coat If the "Fish Brand" Is not on It. Illustrated Catalogue nt«. A. J. TOWElt, Boston, Mam, TNI NEXT MORNING I FLHL Bl.JQHT AND NEW AND Mr COMPLEXION 18 BETTER, or MTI II acts gently on the itomudb, llrw , and la* pleasant luxatlTo. ThUtfrinU m hertx, wad 1* prepared fornw u Willy LAHE'S MEDIGIHE tM 4naW> M« k •> Mt Ml |1 »«r pukip. U n« » ^ Mi nw uMrui tar > ftw lunpll. L»».'l Ikirilj 1 5m At Ww»U iuk <Ur. In «rd.r to k,'Jij, ill Wlf. tUiiu OKATOR r. WOODWARD, LOOT. M.' ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND. The power of money alone can bring such a carpet and drapery stock to you. It has taken $100,000 to bring the stock to its present rank. Do you know of a more complete selection ? You know our capet-selling ways: A notch below the run of prices. In quality, beauty —right. Finest and rarest grades and designs, fresh as they bloom on the loooms. If you are looking for odd and handsome Draperies, we have them also. -^ GIMBEL BROTHERS, Milwaukee,. NOTTJITHSTflNDING reported hotel extortion, the . practically fireproof . "Great Eastern" at 6oth and St. Lawrence Ave., . . CHICAGO, . . The largest In the world, will boo* guests now on the European Plan at $1.50 eacli, TWO IN A ROOM. Write for Information to COPELAND TOWN* 5END (formerly manager Palmer House) rtao> •cer, CHICAGO. |LL. ITHE LATEST SENSATION! World's Jfkir Souvenir Playing Cards, coiiuibttiiK ot • Deck of 53 Cards, via.-. KiiiK. Queen, Jiu-k. mid Spol Owda. On t! ttvtn colors, «nd State Sit moat beautiful aud unique W? 88 AHB MAD RUIBfS SWffM ky PMktbTMbUKiirCaiktoM. Wbl»|><»>UMiL Successful wheu »ll rereedUi fall. (THOMASF. SIMPSON. Washington I D. C. NII titty's feo until Pulpntbb ' tuluod. Willu I'orluvuutoi-'sGuide. Cures Coiuttiputlou, Kestores Comnluxlou. K»y«s Dootora BlUa. Sample free. GAUHEU)TEACo.,8WW.i5UiSl.,?(.Y. GU res S^k Headache $76.00 to $950 00 Wtitnly working for B. F. JOUN801 umttily working sXiclimond, Va. can f e made & CO., From 16*o 85 lb« ,

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