The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 19, 1893 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 19, 1893
Page 5
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OTPER DEB ; AMQNA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19, 1803. RAILWAY TIME OABDS. Chl*ago, Milwaukee & St. Panl Railway. I.OCA& TRAIS BAST. er departs at ............ 2 -.20 p m lwaukee, St. Paul and Way passenger departs at - »» t*j ya,ao\J**&-*-*- tr—-- - , -I'HTnTrt Through pass«ger-No. 3 at 4 ••» / p m Through passenger T No. 1 at 0.04am No 1 daily, except Sunday. No. 4 dally, except Saturday. Chicago & Northwestern Ilniiway. Troleht 10:00 am * i? l »" ' ' t 4. nhtnn South— Freight ghl b7i 2:33 p m 6:07pm 10:00 am pass. arVVves at Chicago at 7 a m; arrives at DesMolnesatSilBpm. Lv. DesM. 3-.30 am THE CITY. "Jamiuschek" comes May 9. A. W. Moffatt has been laid up some days with inflammatory rheumatism. Regular meeting of Eastern Star chapter next Tuesday evening, April tf>, The Sunday morning train west on the Milwaukee road was about four hours late. The Good Templars and Juvenile Temple have a public reunion on Friday evening at Starr's hall. W. H. McAninch and Nellie J. Hart- zcll have the county clerk's permit to live different lives hereafter. If you want Baker barbed wire J. W. Robinson can supply you. His advertisement this week is self-explanatory. The statement of the Kossuth County hank appears in this issue. Those interested will find it worthy of careful perusal. Workmen are engaged in getting the wooden buildings of Gardner Cowles ready for moving, and they will soon be on the way. Uncle Tom and Eva and Marks and all hands will be here April 29. Any one of them is worth the price of admission to see. In the local market wheat is worth 45fo>50c; oats, 20@25c; corn, 30@35c; barley, 25@30c: flax, $1; hogs, $5.50@6; cattle, $3.50@4. Receipts are light. Some new sidewalks can be laid in Algona without endangering the life or sight, and at the rate appointments are being made it will no_t be long before they have them. It is understood that Mrs. Alex. Dorweiler will manage the office, which, if true, will assure the Whittemore people good service. Letters remaining uncalled for in the Algona postofflce for week ending April 5: Henry Frese, A. L. Hellstrom, T. E. Howard, Miss Belle Hpf- sker, Heinrich Kohl, Joseph Krisehin- owitsch, W. A. Roberts, Mrs. Mary Schultz, W. J. Staley, Miss Minnie Whitson. Geo. E. Clarke is in Hancock county this week, where he conducts the defense in the case brought against Thos. Presnell for damages sustained by the explosion of his threshing maehineboil- er last fall. It will bo remembered that a boy was killed by the accident, whose father brings suit for $10,000. The finest stand of "paper" ever put it for Glenford's Un- up in Algona is that t__ cle Tom's Cabin show, to be here April 29. Unlike some other entertainments, their show is ndt all on the bill boards. Their big pavilion will hold a thousand people, and it is confidently expected that it will be filled both afternoon and evening. A shipment of cattle which gives evidence of the possibilities of this section was that made by W. H. Conner yesterday, which consisted of four cars. In two of these the average weight of .the stock was 1,486 pounds. He shipped to Chicago, find ought to get the top of the market for such beeves as these will make. Mr. J. Atkinson of Sioux City, agent for the Children's Aid association, spoke at the Congregational church Sunday morning, outlining the work being done by the association, and giving an interesting talk on the subject in a general way. He secured pledges of about $100 toward assisting in the good work. The Algona Cornet band had what was to the members a great meeting Saturday night. In addition to the regular members they had as a visitor the slide trombone player from the famous Iowa State band, who took part and helped tho boys out in fine style. He is a traveling man, and was here for over Sunday. Mrs. Lottie Miller Gormly, who will be remembered in connection vyith the Call opera house dedication, is now a member of the Iowa State band, having safety of tho average pedestrian. Most anybody can tell you where they are needed. The Boston store has a word to offer on the subject of clothing and gents' furnishings. Mr. Wolpert has about everything in these lines that can be asked for. Last Friday was house-cleaning day at the reading room, and a niore < attractive place is the result. This is not saying that it was not before a pleasant place to spend an hour. • Martin Bronson, who has been spending the winter in California, is report ed to have bought land near Pasadena, with the intention of making that section his home in the near future. The bills are up for Glenford's Uncle Tom's Cabin show, to be given here April 29. The company goes north from here, and the summer route will be through Minnesota and South Dakota. Lumber is being placed on the ground for the new house for C. J. Doxsee, just south of D. H. SetchelPs. The indications are that a neat and substantial dwelling of good proportions will soon go up. There is no "fake" about the balloon asce'nsion and parachute feature of Glenford's Uncle Tom's Cabin show, to be here April 29. It is genuine, and those who fail to see it will miss a good thing. The frame is up for the new house for Rev. Davidson, and the work is being pushed rapidly. It will be a well- arranged house of eleven rooms. J. D. Shadle has his new house inclosed and well along. This is also for rent. Two scrub races—one Friday and one Saturday—between local >:> flyers furnished entertainment for small crowds. "Jumbo" says he got left in both instances, but insists that ho is still in the ring, though slightly disfigured. Bradley & Nicoulin shipped a car load of buggies to Watertown, S. Dak., last Friday. They seem to be finding a good market for their vehicles in that section, which shows that the people there know a good thing when they see it. Our play-goers should possess their souls in peace, "Gloriana" is having a two weeks' run in Chicago, and those who go to see it there are profuse in its praise. "Gloriana" is still a "joy forever," in spite of tho protests of some people. Our good-weather item last week was knocked into a cocked hat, metaphorically, before the paper was dry from the press. But who could be expected to tell the truth about the weather with both Hicks and the weather clerk against him? Will, Purvis rendered the Pinafore show good service, besides exhibiting his skill with a paint brush, in his sketches on the bill boards last Thursday. That boy-possesses the instinct of an artist, and he should have opportunity to develop. Mrs. Mason Leach and Mrs. Stephen Booth of Whittemore have gone for an extended visit in Wai worth county, Wis., their old home. The Champion says they will be absent months and probably visit fair before returning. Dr. Fraser, recently graduated from the St. Louis medical college, is arranging to locate in the practice at Germania. We can tell the Germania folks that they will find him a competent young man in his profession, and a valuable addition to their numbers. About the 15th of next month F. W. Dingley expects to move into his new quarters—the west room of the Galbraith block—which will be fitted up in good style for one of the nobby drug stores of the city. We hear the rumor that it will bo something rather fine. Alex. Dorweiler has his commission as postmaster at Whittemore. Whether Mr. Hatch resigned, or the new powers that be merely stopped his pay, §068 not aew- Nor does it make about two the world's been employed as soprano singer, and is out with the band on a tour that will extend through the month of April. They will visit the prominent cities of the southwestern part of the state. A recent addition to the Masonic lodge room is a hand-painted emblematic floor oil cloth for use by the Eastern Star lodge. It is a beauty and has many suggestive features to those who know what the emblems signify. It was-received yesterday, and will be used for the first time at the nextregu- meeting of the Eastern Star lodge. The " All-day work meeting" of the W. H. M. S. will be held at Mrs. John Grove's next Thursday at 10 a. m. Each lady is requested to bring lunch for two and to invite a friend (lady or gent) to eat with her. Everybody is invited. Come to sew and have a g-ood social time. Coffee, five ceitts. Election of officers for ensuing year to begin at 3 p. m. • County Attorney Raymond, having recently"purchased the M. B. Chapin property, otherwise known astheBirge house, will get possession and move his family in this week, probably today. He realizes that his official position demands his residence at the county seat, though he has lost none of his admiration for LuVerne, where he has resided for several years. A letter from H. S. Vaughn to Mayor Call announces that he was elected as one of the supervisors of Denver, going ing in by a good majority. The position is worth §1,200 a year so far as salary goes, but that is only a minor consideration with our former townsman. Private advices tell us that he has his eye on the mayoralty of Denver, and with good reason to hope he will reach the goal of his ambition. Mr.- Durdall of the New England clothing house started in to paint the town a beautiful crimson Monday morning, hut not in the manner that such statement would ordinarily indicate. Pie was only making a sidewalk sign that would serve to guide the wayfarer in his search for some good goods in the clothing line. It is all in the way of advertising, in which our friend Durdall has abiding faith. Following is the list of jurors drawn for the next term of court: O. E. Minkler, John Reibhoff, S. H. Pettibone, C. A. Molinder, J. P. Cunningham, Hugh McCutchin, J. S. Butterfleld, Edwin Palmer, Frank Andorfer, Wm. A. Bachelor, N. D. Studer, E. Dittsworth, C. C. Dunn, H. Merrifleld, Jacob Road- inger, A. D, Bradley, W. D. Bburne, W. H, Bailey, W. H. Ingham, Frank Ringsdorf, Wm. Deibler, Elmer Hodgson, J. C. Stahl, Nic. Marso. Old Boreas verified his reputation for being a genuine "blow-hard" last Wednesday and Thursday. Not being in possession of one of those long-named instruments with which to register the velocity of the wind, we can only make the estimate that it was anywhere between 20 and 50 miles an hour. This will in all probibility leave us latitude enough to be on the safe side, Some bill boards were blown over, and a fence or two. Otherwise little damage was done in this neighborhood. When the packing blew out of the cylinder of the water works engine last Saturday there were several persons_ in the room, and the rate of speed at which they started out of doors would have taken them to the world's fair city if they had kept it up until this time. It took three hours to put in new packing, and it will take about three weeks for those fellows to recover from their fright. No damage was done, save some barked shins as a result of falling over several chairs in the haste to get out. made during the present school year, but it seems to be the sentiment of the board that a new building will have to be erected somewhere in the Third ward that will accommodate the primary pupils in that part of town. It is only a question of a short time when something of the sort must be done, as the high school building is now so full that the corridor is being utilized as a recitation room. This office Is fortunate in being next door to the musical and business headquarters of Glenford's Uncle Tom's Cabin aggregation, and has been regaled during the past week with many fine selections, the like of which will serve to draw crowds and entertain them under the big canvas during the coming summer. Mr. Chas. Covell is musical director, and we are well enough up in music to know that no mistake has been made in his selection. He handles the violin and E flat cornet with equal facility, besides taking part on the stage. The Whittomore Champion tells us that Messrs. Thos. F. Cooke of Algona and H. Hahn of Whittemore were appointed a committee by tho State bank to investigate the effects of Ridgway & Boyle, which were to be turned over to the new organization. They found everything in Al order and worth 100 cents on the dollar as represented. The stock-holders in the new bank are J. M. Farley, A. H. Dorweiler, Louis Wegener, A. A. Brunson, Otto Esser, Thos. F. Cooke, Wm. Duu, J. O. Rawson, Corry Ridgway, H. J. Thompson,C.C. Chubb, Andrew D. Clarke, Fred Wegener, H. Hahn, Aug. Krause, and G. E. Boyle. A peculiar case, and one of special interest to the medical fraternity is that of a young man who lives on the place known as the Wm. Cleary farm, northeast of Algona about eight miles. Drs. Garfield and McCoy operated upon him last, Saturday for dropsy of the chest, and removed by the tapping process a gallon and a pint, or nine pounds, of water. The operation was very successful, and at last accounts the young man was doing well. The noteworthy feature of the case is the inordinate amount of water removed and the success which attended its extraction. Medical men say it is a decidedly rare and peculiar case. Dr. Morse yesterday showed us a silver dollar, upon one side of which was pasted tho advertisrnent of a Sheldon merchant. This is one of tho lat- esfe fads for advertising, and is doubtless an effective one, but it recalls an article which recently appeared in a Minneapolis paper, saying there was a law prohibiting this mode of advertising, and citing an instance in which a man was heavily fined for doing it. The same article said the extreme penalty for its violation is 550,000. As to the existence of any such statute we know nothing-. However, it would seem as if our currency ought to be left to pass with a clean face, and not pasted over with advertisements of any kind. Judicious advertising is the secret of success, but the line must be drawn somewhere. LIFE'S JOURNEY ENDED. Death of Columbus Sessions nt His Home Jjiist Evening. Columbus Sessions died at his home in this city last evening, at precisely 6 o'clock. He was 74 years and 18 days of age, and the immediate cause of his death was a paralytic shock with which he- was stricken early Monday morning. There is little doubt that the shock was hastened as a result of the fact that his son, H. A. Sessions, has been very near to death's door at Stoughton, Wis., for two weeks past. He had expressed much anxiety as to the condition of his son, and the worry incident to this no doubt had its effect in hastening the end. From 5 o'clock Monday morning, the time of his being stricken down, he gradually failed until death camo as a relief. He was unconscious during the last twenty-four hours, and it is not thought that ho suffered any pain Tho stroke at first affected only his left side, but yesterday extended over his J. J. Ryan is home from Washington. He tells the reporter that he was not there on a political mission at all, and that he has been misrepresented by the papers in this respect. Mr. Ryan and Mr. Breen of Fort Dodge went together, but he says ho is not responsible for Juo. F. Duncombe's being there at the same time, and the fact that he was there was probably coincidental only. He likes the capital city and says there are more politicians there to tho square inch than he has seen in a long time. Speaking of the patronage he says that presidential postmasters in this district are very likely to be appointed as a result of strong personal endorsement rather than from any other cause that he knows of. And what better or stronger endorsement could a candidate for the Algona office have than a majority of the votes of the patrons? The suggestion of an election is meeting with general favor, and when the time comes we look to see the matter decided in that way. All agree that such is the fairest plan that can be adopted. JANAUSOHEK, MAT 9. Tills Favorite Actress to Grace the Boards In Algona on That Date as "Ijady Macbeth"-It Will Bo the Event of the Season. We find pleasure in the announcement that a date has been made by the opera house company with Madame Janauschek's manager by which she will appear in Algona on the evening of May 9. No one who has ever heard her as "Lady Macbeth" but speaks in highest praise of her presentation of this character. Her company is a strong one, and Algona play goers will have an opportunity to witness the rendition of " Macbeth" by artists who have no superiors. The opera house company are to be congratulated on having secured the company. The New York Dramatic Mirror, which is authority on dramatic matters, says: Frank Hawley, Madame Janauschek's manager, has made several alterations in her route, cutting out a number of one-night stands in order to fill the time in cities. Business has been gratifyingly large with the great tragedienne, and for that reason applications have been made for engagements by a number of managers in the principal cities, Macbeth has been the feature of the tour, but Mary Stuart and Meg Merrilles are played also. Mr. Hawley reports that the critics everywhere concur in the opinion that Madame Janauschek's support forms the best legitimate company seen in years. Notice, Parties having old rubbish, such as cinders, ashes, etc., except coarse manure and straw, to dispose of will find a convenient dumping ground on a vacant lot three blocks south of the John Paul lumber yard. Inquire of N. Young, on premises. Miss. KATE MAYNE. entire body, and it was apparent to all that the end was near. It will bo remembered that tho old gentleman was similarly prostrated two years ago, but he rallied and it was hoped that he would escape another attack. Tho first stroke affected only his right side. His son, S. S. Sessions, who was at Stoughton, Wis., in attendance upon his brother, H. A., was telegraphed for Monday, and arrived yesterday morning. He left his brother far from being well, and as yet unable to be removed. The funeral services will occur on Friday at 2 o'clock, in all probability. Mr. Sessions' son Frank, a resident of New York state, will be here tomorrow. H. A. is still confined to his room at Stoughton, and it wi.ll be impossible for him to bo here. Deceased was born at Brandon, Rutland county, Vermont, March 31, 1819. At the ago of 10 he removed to Chautauqua county, New York, where he resided until the spring of 1852, when he removed to Rock Prairie, Wis. Ho remained there three years and then removed to Fond du Lac county, Wisconsin. There he resided until 1809, when with his family he returned to New York state and lived until 1880. He then came west again and loca.ted on a farm in Humboklt county, remaining there, however, only until fall of the same year, when he settled in ^this county and has remained here since, [n 1845 he was married to Cordelia French, the fruit of this union being three sons, Frank E., H. A., and S. S. Sessions. His first wife died Nov. 29, 1863, in Fond du Lac county, Wisconsin. His second wife was Cordelia Hor- riclc, to whom he was married April 10, 1804, in Wisconsin, and who survives him, together with the three sons named. Last fall, in company with his son, S. S., he made a trip to New York state, where he found much pleasure in renewing the acquaintances of early days and visiting the scenes of his Cabers when a young man. Another similar trip was'planned for the coming fall, to which he was looking forward with ardent joy. Deceased was at one time a member of the Baptist church, an earnest and uncompromising partisan in politics, upright and honorable in all his deal ings, and highly respected by all who know him. Truly can it be said of him that a good man has gone. Can I Have the Ear of those who think of using Baker Wire. Why? Because I am agent for the Baker Wire. the lightest and strongest wire in the market. Then after examining this wire I have a word to say about GASOLINE STOVES. Have you seen the Reliable for 1893? The most simple, and require less repairing than any stove on the market. Remember I have a good assortment of the well known Heath & Milligan Paints. My 20 year's experience in hardware has taught me that the best is always the cheapest. Please call and gee prices on Milk Cans, Metal Roofing, Pumps, etc. It will cost you nothing to get my prices, and may save you money. J. W. Robinson. Cut This Out It is good for 25 cents at The Boston Store. We will accept this slip as 25 Cents Cash from elate until May 1, if you purchase $2.50 worth or more. The Boston Store, IB. ALL kinds weaving and ningham.—52 of carpet made at the dye works. W. T. Cun- FARM loans, 7 per ct., Skinner Bros COFFEES of all kinds at the same old price at the Opera House Gaoeery. much difference. According to the Jacksonian doctrine the other fellows are enti*ef^.ftb,out all the offices in 1 IF» *9 .*T-"Wl * v 'l / tJS&P ** ' The rapidity with which thechildren of school age are increasing in Algona is shown in the fact that the first primary department in our high school now contains 05 pupils, all under one teacher. It is doubtful if as competent & teacher as Miss Cramer has shown herself to be can properly care for so many, and the question of what shall be done in the premises is already being 1 discussed by the school board. It ' not likely that any change will be GOOD house for sale or rent. South part of town. Lars Anderson.-3t4 WE are closing out our stock of clothing. Now is the time to buy. Geo, L. Gal'braith & Co. BUY your garden seeds at the Opera House Grocery. FARM loans,''7'per ot., Skinner Bros, | there, HER MAJESTY'S SHIP. Gilbert & Sullivan's Pinafore, at the Opera House Friday Nl«ht. It has been some years since we first began to hear about " his sisters and his cousins and his aunts," and the changes has been rung on "What, never?" "Well, hardly ever," until there are those who would insist that these phrases are slightly antiquated. And still this fact seemed to cut no figure .at the presentation of "Pinafore" last Friday night at the opera house, for the house was fairly well filled, and with an audience which to all appearances was delighted with the performance. It just so happened that this was the first time this comic opera had ever been presented in Algona, which was no doubt a factor in favor of the evening's entertainment. It will be conceded by all that Miss Wilson had no easy task in her attempt to present a piece so difficult with only three weeks' drilling of local talent. It will also be admitted that she made remarkable progress in that time, and succeeded in putting it on in a very acceptable and pleasing manner. Criticism might be offered, it is true, but none will be, simply because those of our people who took part are not posing as professionals and make no pretense at histrionic art, and we feel like offering only the highest commendation for their efforts. It again illustrates that our modest city is poss'sessed of plenty of talent which, with more development, could not fail of meeting with all the requirements of the parts assumed. Our local talent did admirably, all things considered. Of Miss Wilson we give utterance to a common sentiment in saying that she possesses a contralto voice of much power, and gave evidence of her painstaking and untiring work. Her acting was good, and in the character of Ralph Rackstraw she gave an intelligent interpretation to a rather difficult part. It was left for "Babe" Josephine Wilson to capture the audience as Midship- mite. She is a petite little body, fully inspired with the spirit of the opera from beginning to end, and was heartily encored for the dainty work she did. She responded by singing "Nancy Lee" in a very happy manner, as well as some oth6r catching little songs. All will agree that this little mite hasi| splendid future before her. The entertainment was benefit to the Episcopalian ciety, and from a financial n view must have been eminently factory, Miss Wilson has ' metebuvg, where she will entertainment', Excursion Rate Tickets. For tho world's fair, to bo hold at Chicago, special excursion tickets will be furnished by tho Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway from Algona to Chicago and return for $18.50. Children of five and under twelve years of age, $9.25. Tickets will be on sale from April 25 to Oct. 31 inclusive, and will be good to return until Nov. 15. Commencing April 15 the Flint & Pere Marquette steamer line will resume regular service between Milwaukee and Ludington and Manistee. Steamers leave Milwaukee daily except Saturdays at 8:45 p. m.-4t4 WM. SCIIERF has started a repair shop back of McGregor's furniture store, and will do repairing of all kinds of furniture and do finishing.-4t4 FOB RENT—Good house. M. Z. Grove. Inquire of Pasturage for Stock. I have a splendid pasture for colts and young stock, with running watoi and good shade. Three and a half miles north of Algona. 4t3 C. BVSON. SEE E. Reeve & and bonnets. Co.'s trimmed hats LATEST styles in millinery goods and the lowest prices. E. Reeve & Co. GIRL wanted to do work. Inquire of Mrs, general house Mclntyre.-4tf PROFESSIONAL. X_^^~^^j*-^'S_f> - , GEO. E. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona, la. W. B. QUARTON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Over Kossuth County bank, Algona, Iowa. E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Opera House block. W. C, DANSON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Loans and collections. Over Durdall & Co.'s. S. S. SESSIONS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Prompt collections. Money to loan on chattel security. Over Chrischille*' store. L. K. GARFIKLD, M. D,, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office, State St., one door east of Cordingley, Residence, McGregor St., aast of tho public school building. H. C. McCOT, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Special attention to olty practice. Horse Pasture. I will pasture horses again this summer. Terms, $1.25 per month. Pasture will be ready about May 1. Parties wishing to secure pasture please lot me know at once. 4t4 C. B. HUTCHINS. BRING in your faded hats and have them colored at the weaving and dye works. W. T, Cunningham.—52 • PHYSICIAN AND 3URQBON, Algona, loweu J. M. PRIDE, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office over Jno. Goedors' store, on State street, Algona, Iowa. TOWN property loans. Skinner Bros. WANTED, a girl for housework. N. J. Skinner, STATEMENT T. J. FELLING, M. D., _ PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON,. Consultation In EngltHh and German. Office and residence over II. Goetsch's store, Whittemore, Iowa, -OF- Kossuth. County Bank OF ALGONA, IOWA, Made to the Auditor of State at tho close of business, March 31,1803. E. S. GLASIER, D. D. S., SURGEON DENTIST. Office over the State Bank, Algona, Iowa. DR. F. L. TRIBON, Homospatfnc Physician and Surgeon, Office in A. D. Clarke's block. Calla answered at all hours. ASSISTS. Loans and discounts.. given aa church, Good $119,334 81 In sviit 85 Pastdue 0,50200 Cash on hand and cash Items Due from banks Over drafts Real estate 0,770 o3 Personul property 2,409 20 Total LI ABILITIES. $110,331 81 0,551 00 40.-197 79 3,305 09 9,230 83 $189,889 17 $ 50,000 00 134,811 11 15,078 06 G. J. STEBBINS Wants the public to remember that he is prepared to do and all work in that line, and solicits a share or the patronage. Residence two blocks south of the Adventist church. W. H. WQHAM, ""- $189,889 17 3,2,00 99 DO YOU WANT AN AUCTIONEER?

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