The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 24, 1892 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 24, 1892
Page 8
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ALL DONE IN BIG KOSSUTH Wesley Lads Indnlgre in a Frolic, fo: Which They Pay the Fiddler- Whiskey In It. Other Newsy Notes from Our Prosperou and Active Eastern Neighbor— LuVerne Locals. WESLEY, Feb. 23.—Dr. Barr of Al grona was In our town Monday on professional business. Geo. Schnider started for Bruster, JJoble county, Minn., Monday, where he Intends to make his future borne. A movement is now on foot to try to incorporate our town. This will be the third time Wesley has tried to incorporate and we are of the opinion it will carry this time,'and we think it is to every man's interest to vote for it and let us try to keep pace with other towns ? around us. If incorporation is of benefit to Bancroft, Livermore, and Corwith, why wouldn't it be of some benefit to Wesley. The proposed territory that will be embraced in the incorporation will only take in the original plat with Call and Park addition, also P. Hume's farm on the south, and we hope that all personal matters will be set aside this time and everybody take hold in. good faith, and see that the movement carries and not try to oppose it simply because such and such a one were the prime movers in trying to bring it about, and defeat it again as it was twice before. Mrs. G. W. Eddy has returned from Wisconsin, where she went to see her mother who died soon after her arrival there. W. A. Gillespie has begun to build his new blacksmith shop. Messrs. Turner & Cosgrove are doing the work. There were quite a good many farmers on our streets Saturday to talk up • the co-operative creamery question, but as near as we can find out nothing was done. There did not seem to be anyone around who had any interest in it. Ezra Ford, Arthur Ford, Ernest Marks, and Jake Hofer were arrested last Saturday for drunkenness and raising a disturbance. They were brought before 'Squire Robinson. Hofer and Marks pleaded guilty to the charge and paid their fines. The two Ford boys elected to stand trial, which was to come off today. County Attorney Joslyn and Judge Quarton arrived this morning, and after talking the matter over with the boys the latter concluded it best to plead guilty and wore fined five dollars and costs each. We hope this will be a lesson to them, and that it will not need to be repeated. There is one thing cei'tain, our people have come to the conclusion that there will be less of those drunken carousals on our streets in the future than there have been in the past. T. A. Clark's family is quite sick at . present. E. A. Flint returned on Monday from Spencer, and has taken his place as second man at Benders' elevator. Z. S. Barrett' informs us that he sold over one thousand dollars worth of lots in Park addition one day last week. This is pretty ;?ood for one day. If one of our bankers and real estate men don't let up on pulling down our butcher's fish sign and taking it home and appropriating it to his own use, he is liable to got into trouble. Markets: Wheat, 74c; oats, 21c; barley, 25@28c; flax, 78u; timothy, $1; hay, $3.75 loose, $4@4.50 baled. Hogs are soiling at §4.2o. The bills are up announcing the sale of Mr. Lund's, which takes place on March 3, at his farm north west of Wesley. We hear that C. I. Harvey of Irvington has rented this farm and will move on to it as soon as the sale is over. We notice that since our postmaster's wife has returned home our Nasby has washed his face and got on a clenn shirt. It is strange that some folks won't do anything till they have to. THE THl UPPER BBS MOINJE8: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MBtfcUAHY 24, ^a^^Ma.iiipii.Mili.iiai.^^ JOHN PAUL LUMBER GO. SUCCESSORS TO J. J. WILSON, Office and yard on Dodge street, w.-uthof State, ALGONA, IOWA. Handles the best of all descriptions of a grocery store, but we are pretty well supplied with both at present Mrs. R A. Lovell is better and is able to be around to her household duties again. Public Stile. The undersigned will offer at public sale, on the Buss farm, li miles northwest of Wesley, Kossuth county, Iowa, on the 3d of March, 1892, the following described property, to-wit: Two hundred head of cattle, consisting of two- year-old steers, yearling steers, heifers, and calves; mostly steers. Also nine work horse, four sets of harness, three wagons, two sets of bob sleighs, one binder, two mowers, one harrow, one seeder, one grindstone, two hay racks, one corn planter, one pair fly nets, and other articles too numerous to mention. Said sale to commence at 10 o'clock a. m. sharp. Free lunch at noon. Terms of sale: All sums of $5 and under will be cash: all sums over So, one or two years time will be given, at the option of the purchaser, on giving good approved notes with security, when re- juested. Interest at S pe'r cent. Five per cent, discount for cash on all sums over $5. The sale of cattle will commence at 1 o'clock p. m. sharp. The passenger train from the west, on the Milwaukee road, arrives at Wesley vt 11 o'clock a. in. C. L. LUND, Agent. Mardl Grus Kates. On account of the Mardi Gras cele- M-ation, the Chicago & Northwestern iluilway company will, from February 22 to 28 inclusive, sell excursion tickets a New Orleans and return at very low •ates; tickets good for return passage until March 22. For tickets and full nformation apply to agents C. &N. W. R'y.-4Gt3 IT will pay you :learing sale. to go to Stough's Happy iloosiers. Win. Timmons, postmaster at Idaville, nd., writes: "Electric Bitters has done more for a>e than all other medicines com- lined for that bad feeling arising from Idd- icy and liver trouble." John Leslie, farm- ,nd stockman of same place, says: " Find Electric Bitters to be the best kidney and iver medicine; it made me fool like a now mnn." "J. W. Gardner, hardware dealer, ame town, says: " Electric Bitters is just ho thing for a man who is all run down nd don't care whether ho lives or dies." le found new strength, good appetite, and elt just liko he had a new lease of life. Only 50c a bottle at L. A. Sheetz.' 3 Guaranteed Cure. We authorize our advertised druggist to all Dr. Ifing's New Discovery for consump- ion, coughs, and colds upou.this condition: f you are afflicted with a cough, cold, or uy lung, throat, or chest trouble, and will se this remedy according to directions, giv- ng it a fair trial, and experience no benefit, ou may return the bottle and have your money refunded. We could not make this ffer did we not know that Dr. King's New i Discovery coi'ld be relied on. It never disappoints. Trial bottles free at Dr. L. A. Sheetz.' Large size, 50e and $1. 2 Kncklen'8 Arnica Salve. The best salvo in the world for bruises, cuts, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chilblains, chapped hands, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles or no pay is required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25c a box; sold by Dr. Sheetz. Consumption Cured. An old physician, retired from practice, having hat- placed In his hands by ar 'Sast India missionary the formula of a simple vegetable remedy »or the speedy and permanent cure of consumption, bronchitis, catarrh, asthma, and all throat and lung affections, also a positive and radical cure for nervous debility and rill nervous complaints, afcer having tested its wonderful cnrutlvo powers In thousands of cases, has felt it his duty to make It known to his suffering fellows. Actuated by this motive and a desire to relieve human suffering, I will send free of charge, to all who desire It, this recipe, in German, French, or English, with full directions for preparing and using. Sent byinailby addressing with stamp, naming this paper. W. A. Noyes, 820 Powers' Block, Rochester, N. Y. LU VERNE. LuVERNE, Feb. 22.—R, V. Scott purchased today of Goo. W. HunnuSOiicres of land adjoining the M. & St. L. depot on the west, consideration l?2,400. It is a fine piece of land. R. V. Scott will build a new residence on the land just purchased. Melvern Robertson returned to his liome at Blue Earth City on Monday. Tho 'bus team for the Commercial house took a run from the Northwestern depot ono evening last wook, but no damage done. Patterson & Mason are fixing up a building for packing ice for their use in the butcher shop this summer. The Lu Verne band has been reorgan- ised with mostly new recruits. J. C. Raymond has been successful in securing a pension from Uncle Sam of $6 a mouth. The band boys have secured ono of the rooms in tho school house to practice in. P. R. Grose and Jake Hoisrodt of Livermore made our barber hero a call ou Sunday last. a Our town was alive with teams on Saturday, more so than any other Sat- Mfday for some time, as there is a great deal of grain marketed at present. There was a gentleman here from Dubuque one day this week looking for |a location, for a harness shop, and also "MOTHERS 9 FRIEND" MKES CHILD BIRTH EASY. Colvln, La., Deo. 3,1886.—My wife used EC'-CHKK'S FRIEND beforo her third •. 'i-jfinement, and eaya she would not bo .•.•i'.l.'.vut it for hundreds of dollars. DOCK MILLS, JV.r: liy sxnress on receipt of price, $1,50 per hot;.;. iJ.'.-ofc " i'o Mothers " mailed f fee. tSRf.OFIEI-O REGULATOR CO., • ••. ••.; r,v no. DnuamsTB. /irt-d/VTYl, G/l Sold by L. A. SHEETZ, AJgona. Election Proclamation. Notice is hereby given to tho voters of the city of Algona, Iowa, pursuant to the ordinance of saia city, that the general annual election for the various city onlcors of said city will be held J On tlie 7th Day of March, 1892, ! J "i" - th ° followlu S clty office™ are to One councilman from tho First ward to succeed J. G. Smith. One councilman from the Second ward to succeed J. \V. Hlnchon. One councilman from the Third ward to buo- ceed A. C. Johns. Onu councilman from the fourth ward to nil vacancy. Of all which you will take due notice, V,, ( M .? I1 A U1 A Ue , 1 L!!!?' haua thlli 17lh Ua y "' v &>- iiiiiiy, A. \j, XnUf'i L. A. HHEKTX, Mayor. KNOCKING OUT A JEHU. R«ientm«nt of the insult* of a Big Stag* Driver by * t,tttl« tlnde. Colonel William Greene Sterrett, of the Galveston-Dallas News, tells this story: "Once, a good many yeara ago," he said, "I was traveling in a stage in western Texas. It was long before the snort of the locomotive was heard on the prairies of that region, over which the buffalo yet roamed. At one of the stations a yonng Englishman and his wife got in, He was a little fellow and dressed as a typical Englishman—what we now call a dude. The • driver was a big, (.raw boned six footer. He was a noted fighter. He had never been whipped and was a regular terror. He seemed to take a dislike to the little Englishman from the start. Presently he stopped the stage, got down, came back and threw open the door. " 'Here,' he said to the Englishman, •you come out of that and get up on the seat with me. There ain't room for yon in there.' The Englishman didn't move. 'Come out, I tell you,' roared the driver. The Englishman just sat still. 'If you don't come out, I'll haul you out by the legs,' shouted the Jehu. Then the rest of us expostulated with the driver. I was too tired to fight and couldn't get at my gun, so I just expostulated along with the rest. We told the driver there was plenty of room inside; that the Englishman was not crowding us, and that if he (the driver) insulted or injured any of his passengers he would be discharged by the stage company. The driver by this time was wild. He swore he was in command of that stage and that he proposed to run it to suit himself, and if that blankety blank cuss didn't come out he'd pull him out. " 'All right,' said the Englishman, at last. 'I will come out, and when I am out I will whip you soundly.' "He got out slowly. We all felt sorry for him and sorrier for his wife. She didn't seem scared or worried, though, and all she said was: " 'Charley, don't let him scratch your face.' • "Well, when the little Englishman got out he took his coat off and handed it back into the stage. Then he started toward the driver and the driver started toward him. We heard a sound a good deal like that made by hitting a steer in the head with an ax. Down in a heap went the driver. He was up as quick as a flash. Down he went again. Actually that little English dude knocked that burly six foot driver clean off his feet a dozen times. How it was done none of us could tell. The big fellow would rush at the little 'un with his arms going like flails. Suddenly the little fellow would make a dash, his right arm would fly out, and down would go the driver. After the dozenth round that driver called out: "'Hold on, stranger—hold on! I'm whipped and throw up my hands. You kin ride anywhere on this stage you darn please, outside or inside or on the bosses. You're the boss now; but,' he added, glaring savagely at the rest of us, 'I kin lick anybody else on this stage.' "We didn't expostulate. The Englishman climbed back into the stage as quickly as h.- got off. His .wife was satisfied, for 'Charley's' face wasn't even scratched. At the next station the driver explained that if he'd only have got hold of the little fellow he'd have hugged him to death like a bear; 'but,' he exclaimed, 'every time just as I was about to lay hands on him the ground 'd fly up and hit me on the back of the head.' "Who was the little fellow? Oh, a graduate of Cambridge, and the best boxer of his time at the university."— Washington Post. M ? Which includes everything that is possibly needed for the construction of anything J rom a picket fence to the very -finest residence. WE MEET ALL COMPETITION. • ' Come and give u* a chance to figure your bills, and we will prove to you that what we say is the truth. •A-g-ent. SANTA GLAUS SOAP! There's barjks of violets, Banks of moss, Arjd bwjks wfyere niters grope \ And baJjKs tljak ^rjdle golden coin» But FAIRBANr\ nakeaTHE BEST SOAP. ; PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY. : CEO. E. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona, la. W. B. QUARTON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Over Kossuth County Dank, Algona, Iowa. E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Over KosBtith Co. bank. Abstract Office. The undersigned having purchased tho abstract books of C. M. Doxseo, A. D. Clarke & Co., and W. H. Nycum, are prepared to do neat and reliable work in that line at living prices. We have but one policy— that of fair dealing and courtesy toward all. With this, supplemented by promptness, strict attention to business, and none but first-class work, we trust we shall merit and receive the patronage formerly bestowed upon our worthy predecessors. Office at the old stand or C. M. Doxsee, where wo will be pleased to meet and make the acquaintance of our pah-ons aad all others who may favor us by calJiag. Very respect- ABSTRACTERS. DANSON BROS., ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Loans and collections. Over Frank Hros. S. S. SESSIONS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. "?, fi - y,( mi ;-y to 1 " an "»« Over ChrldchlllBit'more. Cloths and Trimmings. J. K. FILL & SON, Merchant Tailors A full stock of cloths and trimmings always kept on ham', and furnished at an low rates as can bo bought elHuwhere. All work done promptly. Abstracts. Other abstracters have pooled. We're not in it. We have beei in the business for 22 years anc don't have to sell, but are here to stay. Our work is GUARANTEED and will be done at living prices. Jones & Smith. SEEDS, SEEDS Timothy seed, Red clover seed, Mammoth clover seed, White clover seed, Oil cake meal, Lawn and orchard grass, German millet seed, Alsyke seed, Blue grass seed, Red top seed, Canada field seed, Stock food, Seed flax, seed wheat, Seed oats, seed corn, AT J. J. WILSON'S, State : University OIF pS-iffi® Departments will Begin the *f||P : 1891-92 on Sept. 16. flffft The Several Year Each department is thoroughly equipped lot I'tfejJ efllclent work, and no pains will be spared to ^StpSS afford students the best possible opportunity SjWmt to pursue their chosen lines of study. Fornar pfM$s tlcular information as to the respective de-Sl» ; tp partinents. address as follows: rj?-' 1: ?f| ? Collegiate— Charles A. Schaeffer, president, feiraSs Iowa City. p$«S Law—Emlln McClain, chancellor, Iowa Cltv. fe'iwjl MediciU-L. W. Llttig, M. U., secretary o! fe&SS faculty, Iowa City. feKpl Homoeopathic Medical—A. C. Cowperthwalte JE*'SaL$ M. D., dean of faculty, Iowa Cltv. t'3 : Mt>" Dental-A. O. Hunt, M. D., dean of faculty, f? Iowa City. f< Pharmaceutical—E. L. Boomer, Ph. G.,deanp of faculty, Iowa City. ft Expenses in all departments are reasonable,! Cost of board in private families, $3 to 85 pei|> week; in clubs, 81.50 to $2.50 per week. 'fy For catalogues, or for general information,''; address w CIIAS. A. SCHAEPFER, President, !i L'ESSING, Algona, lowti. D. H. HADLEV, M. D., Assistant/* f (UcgularGraduates. Registered) ' The Leading Sipaclallat of this West,; Private. Biood, Bklu uuu Nervous Diseases. t .. . -f. '.{ f WE GUARANTEE SATISFACTION. Como and see UH before placlnj? your order will be to your advantage. It T. ac. £c, sow. K. . GARFIEUD, M. D., PUYHICIAN AND DO YOU WANT AN AUCTIONEER? AUCTIONEER Will «ry city and farm property, malm collections, «;tc. All buHlniMH tit u private naturi! Htrlotly confidential, omoi! with If. M. Taylor, over Howard's Harness Maker, ALGONA, IOWA. Dealer in Harness, Whips, Blankets, COLLARS, HALTERS, i&^^XSS for the * " *J i* XJT OM. Eta \- 1 , who by thclrowaacll 'i: of Imprudence or f*'.!''• ly suffer from Ker> O vous UcWIIty, St' •"• haustlngdrain! upon ;?• lliu fountains of ntt, v,< affecting tlio mini i ; ,i,- tody and manhood, %•-, should consult the 5;>; celebrated Dr. Hall- •'.-• away al once. Be- ;:•: member nervous dlj- ,'•'• eases (with or will- '•,•'.cut drcnms) or de- ;;•;' ijlllty and loss of ; , nerve power, treated' >.';./ Helen t Ideally, by ne» iy methods, with great ','• success. p, i It makes no differ. - 'ence what you bars taken or who has ——•• failed to cure you. .«v,r? T MAXIIOOB and all weakness of tun •eiual organs absolutely cured. i n £££ IA , I ' E DI SEASES cured at home without Instruments! a wonderful remedy. .pATAHBH snil Diseases of the Skin, Blood, leart, Liver and Kidneys. ~STi PH ? I<ISl Tno m ° 8t rapid, Bofo undeffeotlva remedy. A complete euro guaruutceU. of all kinds cured WILBUR'S SEED MEAL and WILBUR'S SURE HEAVE CURE O. L. Real Estate Dealer C. D., MoCOY, M. AND HUltfJICON. W K. H. MOIf.SK, I'll YHl WAN AND Hit till HON. l,rli:t, l,,,)Mi, ll(i Hut<j F. M. HItONSON, Watches and Jewelry, Of/XJKH, HILVKUWARK, Hllvfir-i)latefjw;ir«,aml all klmlH of |;oods In hid lli.« Ut^airlnK promptly uom., At Kr;tnk ilroH,' otonj. l limn. 1,1 and for '' •• im AiniirtiiHti Hll.l.., I'HYHU'IAN AND HIIIUIKttN. ORIGINAL NOTION. ix>uii'fov"mKH'p\'i'K County - i',j|,,.,, M. liarlhol-,;,,, y i , Y !','A laintiff In tlin ,,t ll tl , 'J»iiil it 1 . H t , i KmlKrunt ('imi K ™ ml a U Onico !>nd door north of First National bank. Ofilco hourB f .-pin 10 a. m. to 4 p, ra . MY METHODS. at the ofllce or | "l o n»ndcarefiif promptlllt TW l/,r|. «x » uixi A xmi.u;>}« Free consultation at the ofllee or by man. •ThJWi 1 "IV'paHon mid careful dlannoBls. . li. j ' P, a - ltnt treated gels tho ndvuntego of in I or<i^» - — il nvtii>* „...» ,. „. ...««•.,» > .. l« ..i«.1n A ,*' ojer |" e chnirps rmd easy terms of payment, cites treatment, CHU bo given iu u uiujorityoi fund Jor Symptom Wnnlc No. 1 for Men. BnS i I or gyiPWi" WMk Is'o. 8 for \Vu\ Bend lor symptom Uliiun No •} tin- {;\MM •JlEor.reB. «;iI,i C ,?'' rc T?" llt y u ' u """/area prompt'iy. l;ualne« Bfcni.iiy coiiiiiieiiTiiii, Moilii'.Juo a^rt T'|-C ( -kft'Jiob30{* YAtlon, liefer tc bunVs In S'ouv t'ir v AUdrcs-6orcnl!o:i ' '• ' J. N. HATMAWAV, fVJ. D M NOTICE OF AMENDMENT To the Articles of Incorporation ol the Seneca Co-Operative Creamery Company. it may concern: Notice IH hereby •iftho Btoelc- Creaiuory ,. ,'iVn/,""*,' v i" "^'*»"IM houido, in iSSSSSI'S—BS WIVBM, In Towiittliln o. 'I'wnitly-K you — OBtOplMid ''idto nil £ys«:S;Si™": S S :;'/.l H v wf '":>' ylH w«««n.iiV» at AljJwTl .m U ,! "" rtofSult will bi /«(«, .t, . il •••"'•<*** nut ijn /"" W&iMyitMut "iniiufiiu K!'; **• ' ; ''AKKK, Jl'lal/itlff'o Att*yru«y, The beet tor clmitel vurt. i l»nr* lu au^ UL IT....U. r\~<* \* .^.T-.r ifHfaft -W*»9> Advertise successfully, "t Be honest, " " Bo original, and Keep everlastingly at it," I" The Upper Dea I Hire youwrlttn '' \aa yol? It ft* fe iavea'1, wlldom /,[; ind iDtetllfCDl ^: iinbitlon lu;(lM ?. .A'rite to-diy. I iVf Ipromlie yon nj *b> ipci-UI, ytnoul 5"i ; itlcnllon. I «»• i : ij jcrttko to bncV : ; ^: -teach unjr fililf ; ; j- <: inteUlfonl penw >f thliet •««, ww jan reid >&• ;;-^ vrrlt«, '(nj WDC, • r •flcr Inllruclto", j: ;• trill work Mm- . Iriouilr, boir W : i ««rn Three Thou- v und Dolltnl rear In Uiilr om ;i ;: oollilet, wbon-; ever (he/ live. 1 will elm furalrt •„•.,. he elluillon « >;;c »h P ich' n j'ou (M i.<'!' e»iolh«t«niou»l.?-|; ctiirce polulol L\'^ Ad recelre notli' /!^' "fiftl" II •!>»«' ,,. Kolhlnf dlffliul f : o learn, «r UIM ' • qulrel tnuca Hue. 1 deilre M ne penoii frcB «ch diilritl M ounl/. 1 linrell- tidr Uu;ht «»» rovldedwUhl»< loymeut • !W umber who ti* :h. All II at* Auiruittt. ••••i-fim •cenlieeBroed»toorHSWIIn«ofWOtliii,ii,ti ; ;S r r»iilill>- md hunorublv, by lh»e »' ;,-jw^f| r clilirr hex, voting ur yld, mid IQ Ib'" •:; .'^\;« !iii •)itfei,>vUcievcr tli«y HT« thtt work. KaiT to ItUH'

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