The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 24, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 24, 1892
Page 7
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AMQHA4 IOWA, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 1892. Yotr saotri>i> COME. the Used Up. I the only, way to use some ' igs, but it's a bad condition '•'a man or woman, It means ase. Take Dr, Pierce's ;6lden Medical Discovery, hat means health. It invig- > the liver and kidneys, itiHfies the blood and cleanses renews the whole system. .jFoir all scrofulous humors and. |kblood - taints, and even con' sumption (or lung-scrofula), if in time, it's a positive ' remedy. It's a giiarantecd one. u Tfii all diseases of the liver, j ,/bl^bd and lungs, it's warranted .^'to^ benefit or cure, or the y$imo'ney is refunded. No other l^mtsdicine of its class is sold, >,;,vthough druggists, on this pe- plan. You can judge If yon ehonld come some day, dear heart. would I eay to yon, LnyJnp my hand within your own, ."Oh, love, • have been trrte.'' ' Then would Ijivreathiray slilninchflir with flow eiS sweet and brieht, For I wonld please my lover's eyes if he shonl • come to light. 'Neath other tklee you live and emile. in conntrle tar awny— • 1 know not where your eyes may rest, or wher your footnteps stray. Itmay be I am quite forgot; as God wills, let be — I am content, though It is long since yon hav looked on me; Yet In eome happy, lovelit time once more I go to yon, And in my heart, if not aloud, shall eay, "I hav been true." ', And so put flowers round my head if death shoulc come, I pray — Perhaps my lover's eyes may rest on me when life's away— And fold my hands upon my breast'and clothe nv alt in white; For I wonld please my lover's eyes if he shouli come to-night. —New Orleans Times-Democrat OLD BABUCH. You only pay for you get. the Common Soap Rots Clothes and Chaps Hands. IVORY SOAP DOES NOT. I This GREAT C0UGH CURE, this success- M CONSUMPTION CURE »s sold by drug. gists on a positive guarantee, a test that no other Curt can stand successfully. If you have a COUGH, HOARSENESS or LA. GRIPPE, it Wfll cure you promptly. 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They eauso the food tons- ffmllatoana nourish the body. give. Ijipetito and develop flesh, Price, K0\ "iitn. Exact gize shown In border. •KPT PPU8H IN THE WORLD. I i DECEIVED! OL1SH stes, Enamels, and Paints which the hands, injure the iron, and burn The Rising Sim Store Polish is Bril•• Odorless, Parable, «ad the , r pays for no tin or > every purchase. AHJ<l)Al SALE OF 3.000 TONS. ^^^^P^^H^^^^RW^MWW^WWpBWWWW^W This letter is a tribute to the mem'ory o a friend. He was not a great roan, but ht filled his place in the world well. He was an old Jewish money-changer here in Cario He was blind.buthe saw keen y with other eyes; he had a memory that never seemec to lose a fact once in its,grasp. He was an arithmetical genius—but why generalize? He was my friend. I know his story and here it is: One day, several years ago, an acquaintance, a rising young painter of Orienta subjects, came to me and said: "Look here old man I want a handsome patriarchal, old grey beard for a moael. ] can't just hit just the right man. You know Cario pretty well; can't you help me out?" I thought it over, but could not give any assistance. "Then we'll leave it to chance? Come along!" We sauntered doym into the street oi of tho money-changers, where the small Jewish bankers and money-brokers swarm. "I've found him!" exclaimed Becker before we'd passed a half-dozen shops. He pointed to a little booth, hardly measuring seven feet square. There wt,s a plump-faced young man at an old desk working over some figures, • and opposite him upon a sheepskin, which-was' spread on the floor, sat an old man, cross-legged, after the manner of the people. In the dim light of the little shop His white turban and silvery beard seemed to stand in against the shadows. His profile was nobly cut. There was a certain suggestion in his poise and attitude that betokened a man of superior character. "Who is this old man 9 " I asked somebody near by. "Blind Baruch"Becker began to sketch.him at once. But I stopped him. The Jews of the Orient, as well as the Mahomodans, are very shy and even suspicious about being pictured. Becker's purpose could hardly go unnoticed in the crowded street. So I went up to the door and asked if they would object having a picture of the shop painted. "Who is it?" Baruch asked the young man. "A Frank,"he answered. "Why do you paint this poor shop? There are many others more beautiful in the street," said the blind man to rue. "But your shop strikes my friend's fancy," So after he had found that we were not Greeks and had made us promite that the pictures would not be shown in Cairo, and that my iriend would take it, with him over the sea, he gave his consent. Becker secured a eonvenint corner near by, where he could work in peace, and I lounged over the counter of Baruch's shop. Soon a young Arab came up with some bags of money. Baruch's clerk poured them out on the desk and began to sort them. There were all sorts of coins— Spanioh dollars, French francs, Mexican dollars, English half-crowns, German marks, and a motley host of others that I did riot recognize. Baruch's clerk ran over tho heap of coin, sorted it into piles, counted each pile and made an entry of the result in his book. Then he began to eo over these entries almid, at the same tims computing the value of each in tho coin of the country. As he did this he glanced constantly towards old Baruch, who sat swaying back tinii fore ou his sheepskin, rolling and unrolling a piece of paper in hisfingures. "Where are tbe old man's thoughts wondering?" [ thought as I watched him. let on the very instant he shook his head sharply and crid out— "No, Jnsourf, you have made a mistake. It is 97'£piaBtres and 18 para." The clerk looked over his figures again, nnd true enough, discovered the error. Here was an old blind man that calculated more accurately in his head, using his memory as a notebook, than the active young clerk with his figures and paper be tore him. My astonishment was greater when Baruch gave the sum total of the whole transaction, a' score of varieties of coin and odd numbers <.f each sort, turned into one denomination in gold. Again his figures disagreed with those of the clerk, who again found himself in error. .A moment, after there was a little tumult in the street below. Two men came toward us, wildly gesticulating and areu ing. B . s ''Baruch will know!" cried one; "he counted it up at the time." "Baruch, he said, as they stopped before the shop, "how much silver did I get from Mas'sonah four years ago, at the time •or the war in Habash? You counted it: you muKt know." The blind man raised his head and began to go over a list of *he coins and amounts, at first slowly, then so rapidly that I could scarcelj follow him. He gave the total, and the questioner turned to the other with a triumphant air. "Doyou hear, Sheldon? 2,462aim tera (dollars of Maria Teresa)! Baruch says BO; there is no doubt of it." And down the street they rushnd without a word of thanks, And so it went on without interruption. "Baruch," came a voice from over the. way, "so many piastres are how many guineas?" "Baruch," said a young man who rubbed into the shop,."tell me if this is correct?" And he rattle doff a list of figures and the sum total, only stopping to get Baruch's nod of approval and on again. It was Baruch here, and Baruch there. He was tbe calculating machine for the whole street, and every one abided by his results, never questioning his accuracy. In a _pause of business I asked him, "How is it that at your age you can reckon in you head more quickly and correctly than the rest of your colleagues can ou paper?" A slight smile lighted up his sober face. 11 Very few of them have asked me this question. It is a matter of indifference to them so long aa I help them out* Have you, never tried, when you 10, p sleepless inj your bed, to induce slumber by going over rowa of imiginary figures! Twenty years ago, when this eternal Sarknesa settled upon my eyesf'I used td-.t-^y to drive away sad thoughts by this .device—arranging and rearranging figures in my mind, adding, subtiacting, and multipljinpr them. And when the anguish of'mind and heart was somewhat allayed, I found this power had developed, and I put. it to use. "At my age you &ay\. It is not alone the years that heap snow upon head and beard j sorrow also- makes one old, my son." There was a bitter tone in his last words. "Have you not a wife and chilren?" 1 asked. • • .. » He started at the question, raised his head an instant, and then let it sink down on hia breast in an attitude of pathetic dejection, and answered—"I had once—1 had once." The non-gun resounded from the citadel, and could I not pursue further the conversation tbat seemed to have led toward the unknown tragedy of the old man's life. This was not the last time, however, that I saw old Baruch. Often, 'when passing through that quarter of the city 1 stopped and talked with him, but I got no nearer the story of his life—for I felt sum there was'a story. Last autumn 1 turned one day into the street of the money-changers, and found most of the shops closed. An Arab policeman explained to me that it was a special fast day of the Jews. I had nothing special to do at the time, so I set out For Jewish quarters, thinking I might see something interesting. After wandering ;hrough ;i labyrinth of alleys I came out into an irregular open place or pquarn. On me side was a plain, flat-roofed building, n and out of which were passing a crowd of white-clothed figures. "What is that building?" I asked a bystander. "The Spanish synagogue." "Can we go in ?'' "Certainly," said the man, evidently a Jew," and peace be with you." 1 entered the door, and a interesting scene met my eyes. The whole place, except a few passages left here and them, was filled with men kneeling upon mats, waying back and fore, murmuring the words which a 'robed priest at the alter ead to them. The atmosphere was so op- iressive that I soon felt faint and tumed o go. Outside, men sat on benches about he door, or walked to and fro; in one remote _.'corner 1 saw a figure that seemed amiliar. An old man sitting on a rug, his face buried in his hands. Yes, it was Baruch I spoke to him as 1 drew near. He did not move. • "Sid Baruch," I repeated in a louder one. He looked up; his face was pale and sor- owful. Is it you, my son?" he said, recogniz ng me "What brought you here at this ime, when we are begging our God for orgiveness of our sins? Give me your and, my son, and if I have harmed you, orget and forgive me." _ He took my hand and drew me down be- ide him on the rug. "Harmed me?" I exclaimed. "No, kruch, nor any any man. Your sins nust be repented of on the Atonement )ay." Atonement Day!" he replied, and owed his head, nnd was silent for some me. Suddenly he straightened up, and cried in a tone of aegunt(, "God of Israel! What, have I done that Thy h;md should belaid so heavily upon nie?" And then in a low tone, as if in a france, he ran over in broken sentences the history of his life. He upoke as if he was not aware of my prespnce. It seemed a ra- ligious service, a prayer, a confession. "Baruch—the blessed—my father named me. But my life was a curse. Twenty years ago was it—on such a Day of uent as this, when 1 burried to my home, happy and contented—to my wife and children. To my young wife, whom I loved, and my two children, who were the breath of my bosom, the light of iny eyes. I walked into the house—a terrible blow fell upon my head, and as I reeled I heard eyes of the old martyr tears came and roiled down in his long, white beard. I did not tee him again. I was away from Cairo a large part of the winter. But a few weeks ago I walked into I he money-changers ''Where is" Baruch?" I asVed "Thou livest!" replied Jasouf, for PO th'i Moslrm answer* when we inquire for a person who. had resently died. And so anscecre':! the Jewish liul. "Dead! When?" "Ouly a week ago. tie went to bod ns usual one evening, Ho never woke. Allah Yerhanjer!" Ye?, Gq^ take pity on him. And this is all I know of my friend the blind Baruch.—Otto Puchs in Edinburgh Scottsman. FIRE AT A Big Brick Block IB Burned at Midnight. CLEVELAND, Feb. 19.—At midnight a five story brick block at the corner of Superior and Seneea streets, occupied by theMcGillin Dry Goods company, caught fire and was soon suited. Tbe loss is $50,000. Blocks adjacent, on both sides are slightly damaged. Ii: is feiired ar old watchman was burned to death. There was a panic amons' the guests of the Forest City house but fetjs were eoon ill- layed. The Only One KT«F Printed—Can Ton Find the Word? There la a 8 Inch display advertisement in tills paper this week which has no two words nllko except one word. The sumo Is true of cuch new one appearing each week from Tho Dr. llarter Medicine Co. This house places a "Crescent" on everything (hoy make anJ publish. Look for it, send them tho niuno of tho word, and they will return you BOOK, IIKAUTIFUL LITIlOGIUl'llS or 9AM1'1,1£S FUEE. Rubcnsteln says his love for his mother was combined with a wholesome fear of her critical judgment. If afflicted with Soro Eyes use Dr. Isaac Thompson's Eye Wutor. Druggists sell ltar>e. Amclio Hives Chandler is to nnro a studio building erected in her rural homo In Virginia, '^Castle Hill." AIixlv to i;c)ok L,ik« Mew. Dresses, Gout's Clothing, .Feathers, Gloves, etc., Dyed or Cleaned, Plusli Garments Steamed, at Otto Pietcli's Dyo Works, 2-JtO W Water St., Milwaukee. Send for circular.. The people of Hawaii, according to Dr. Mott Smith, of Honolulu, would like to bo annexed to the United States. _ Two Bottles Cured tier. • . ~ , CABIIOI,!,, Iowa, July, 1889. I WM suffering ten years t-rom (hods In mj held, io ranch eo, that . at times I didn't expect tOKcover. I took medic) ties from tunny doo- toti, bnt did not get any relief until I tooK Paa• fdrKpenle'siNerve Tonio; the'ieoond doi* re. Uered and two bottles oared me. & W. PBCK. Worth Its Weight in Gold. EHHET, D»k., July 28, 1890. The young man concerned has not now the sllghutit symptoms of fits, since nalug Fastoi Eoenig's N«rva Tonio, I consider it worth iti weight in gold. j. i. SHEA, Pastor. Her. John Redeoker, of Wesphalia, Kan., writes, Got. 13,1830: "There is a 10-ycar-old boj here, who suffered from fits about a year. I or. dered a bottle of Pastor Koenig's Serve Tonio FREE1 '—A Talnable Tloott «n TTenrotii Disease* sent free to any address, poor putieute can also obtain medicine froo of charge. COUGHS AND HOARSENESS.—The Irritation which induces coughing immediately relieved by the use of "J}roum'» Bronchial Trocttet." Sold only in boxes. Sir Charles Brooke, an Englishman, bears the title of White Sullivan on the Island of Borneo. KOENIC MED. CO., Chicago, III. SolOLby Druggists at 81 per Bottle. 0 for 85, T.fireo 8l7,o, $1.70. O Bottles for 80. IHE QWEN ELECTRIC BELT AND APPLIANCES FOR MEN AND WOMEN CURE MANY DISEASES WHEN ALL OTHER REMEDIES FAIL. GET ONE. (TKABM 21ABK) P DR. A. OWEN. My wife suffered with indigestion and dyspepsia for. years. Life became a burden to her. Physicians failed to give relief. After reading one of your books, I purchased * bottle of August Flower. It worked like a charni. My wife received immediate relief after taking the first dose. She was completely cured—now weighs 165 pounds, and can eat anything she desires without any deleterious results as was formerly the case. C. H. Dear, Prop'r Washington House, Washington, Va. 9 &QUGH PON'T DELAY ri^ The Moet Pleaiant Way Of preventing the Jtrlppo, cold, headaches, and levers is to use Hie liquid laxative remedy Syrup of Figs, whenever the system needs a gentle, yet effective cleansing. To be benefftted one must get the true remedy manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only. For sale by all druggists In 50e. and $1 bottles. Hall Calne Is going to Russia „ -—leaver to alleviate the condition of the Jew». An- alogue. Ella Wheeler Wilcox and Kate Field think bachelors should be taxed for the support of maidon ladiea. the agonized cries of my wife and children. Oh, God! why hast tbou not stayed the hand of the robbers and murderers. When I came to mytelf I was bound to the door. Three men were in the zoom. My wife lay bound to the bed, moaning, choking, debauched. The godless wretches had strangled the children and laid them at the breast of their mother, before the eyes of the father, the husband! And God the Almighty hfid not raised His hand to save them—He had not crushed the inhuman wretches. They came up to me; they spat in my beard. 'I knew them —three Greeks, from whom I had refused to buy stolen goods, and whom I had reported to the kadi. They bad sworn vengeance, and they had wreaked it. They set fire to the bed and fled. I was burned. The neighbors smelled the smoke and took us away. But the children were dead, and my wife faded away tmd died also. And the light went out of my eyes "O'Lord, how have I deserved the Juli esi of Thy wrath! Why must I doubt, t God, Thy justice, Thy wisdon, Thy :pity!" Baruch shopped, and a strange stillness seemed to have fallen upon the scene. All was quiet in the synagogue. Suddenly a chant arose—many voices following the words half sung by the priest. Baruch got slowly to his feet nnd walked to the door wil h bowed head, repeating the words of the evening hymn. Then the voices grew louder, there wore intermingled groans and sighs ahd sobs. And as it came from within: "Doubted have I, 0 Lord, in Thy justice—in Tby pity—I have set my will against Tby will!" the old Baruch repeated the words with broken voie». and from the sightless DANOKH AHEAD SIGNALLED BY A Couon Is averted with BALE'S'HoNisr OF HOHBIIOUND AND TAIL I'IKB'S TOOTHACHE DBOPS Curo In Minute. one BEECHAM'S PIM.S have liceu in popular use in Europe for 50 years and nru u sul'i: sure and gentle remedy. 25 cents a box. Every animal and bird in the Central Purl; (New York) menagerie has learned to cut peanuts. DON'T InniTATB YOUR Lu.vos with a Stubborn Cough, when a remedy, safe and certain us Dr. D. Jayne's Expectorant can be so easily procured. Sore Throat and Lungs are speedily helped by it. A French Journal says fat people can make themselves lean by eating but one dish at a meal. Catarrh Cuu't He Cured ' With LOCAIj APPLICATIONS, an they cannot reach the sent of the disease. Catarrh la a blond or couBticutional disease, and lu order to cm i/ it you have to take Internal remedies. Hall's i •«. tarrh Cure is taken Internally, and acts on the blood ami rauooua BurfacoB, Hull's . a- tarrh Cure la no quack medicine. It v,u.:i prescribed by one of the best physicians in ihis country for years, and Is a regular preBcriijtiuu. It is composed of the beat tonics kno^-n, com. Dined with the best blood p'nrifleri, acting directly on tbe ruuooas surfaces. The perfect combination of the two ingredient! IB what produces inch wonderful result! in curing c*. tarrh. Bend for testimonials, rr«a. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Pro»l., Toledo, Bold by druggisti, price 75o. , Ohio. A GENUINE CURRENT OF ELECTRICITY Is generated In a battery on the belt, and can bo applied to any part of tho body. Tho ourrcn can be made mild or strong aa the case may require, and IB absolutely under control of thr Wearer at all times. Otm ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE Contains fullest Information regaining tho euro of Acute, Chronic and Nervous Diseases. Sworn Testimonials with portraits of people who hav( been cured, Price List and Cuts of Bolts am Appliances, and how to order, published In English, German, Swedish and Norwegian Languages. This Catalogue, or a Treatise on Rupture Cured with Eleotrlo Truss, will ba Dialled to any address on receipt of six cent postage. • •. , THE OWEN Electric Belt and Appliance Go. Main Office, Head Salesrooms and Only Factory, 205,207,209,211 STATE ST, Cor, Adams The Owen Electric Belt Building, CHICAGO, ILL. New York Office, 826 Broadway, Cor. 12th St. THE LARGEST ELECTRIC BELT ESTABLISHMENT IN THE WORLD. When writing mention this paper. KLY'S. CREAM BALM IS Yi'OKTIi TO ANY MAN, Woman or Child from NOT A LIQUID OK A piirliuln IB applied Into enoh nostril uml in .R'wulile. Pricn BO cents lit UruKirUtH or by mull. I3LY JillcmiEUS, (Hi IVarrei!i B.reat. Huw Y,n-k We Offer You a Remedy which .Insure! Safety to IIIft of Mother and Child. "MOTHER'S FRIEND" Jtoog Confinement of its fain, Ilorror and Elsie, , After ai!n(. TAie bottle of " m otli er' H Fr I en d " 1 (uttered but little paln.aud did uot experience thai weukneii afterward usual lu such canon.—Mrs. AHifis OAQB, Lamar, Mo., Jan. IStb, 1891. Sen'by eiT>rof ~ .Jhargeg prepaid, on receipt of price, per LoVj. Hook to Mothers mailed ire*. ATLANTA, GA. '* 30LD ex ALL PRuaaiars. Morulilnn Iiaiilt Cur,.<j i« jo to HO davit. Ho iiay till uuriid. DR. J.STfePHENff. I.Sbannn.Ot. " iiw No Stomach 0«'i loug itaud abusiyo Iroatiueut. lucb as too U tirtr niid rtpld oa'lig, loo much rich (uod,liurrylui{ to »ud troui meal), overune of btimnluntx or nar. oUe« *tc. The inevitable result inuitb* iudlgeiUou, »ud later Dyspepsia, \rltb uli tbe horrlblu gutTc rinv flo muuy people know too well. Druiiepala doei uot not well of 1 toll. It require! careful nltuutlou to diet and a goad Hood's Sarsaparilla which regulates tlio »(oiuao)i, liver and 6 Iruulatca eecrotion o( the euulrle juice, re'UOT«i nc'lilny ami tonuH iliu eu ire hy-tem to health. Hood's Pills onrsjiw mo. Price asp. MANY LIKE THESE. Mo., Aug. 4, 1888: "Suffered for years with neuralgia, butwas finally cured by St. Jacobs Oil." T. 13. SI-IERER. SPRAINS __ c °»stantine, Mich., Feb. 10, 1887: "Was troubled 30 years * with pains in the buck from strain; in bed for weeks at ii time ; no relief from other remedies. About 8 years ago I bought St. Jacobs Oil and made about 14 applications; have been well and strong ever since. Have done all kinds of work and can lift as much as over. No return of pain in vcnrs. D. M. HEARICK. BRUISES — " OtOi, 7G ° Dol r ihin st -' Balt0 -. M<L, Jan. 18, 1800': "I Ml down ck s t a i rg O f my rcsitlenco in tlie darkness, and was bruised badly in my hip and sidn; suffered severely. St. Jacobs Oil completely cured me." WM. 0. HARDEN, Member of State Legislature. FAMOUS ODELL TYPEWRITER Mini* Poo tor) •verrPublU School 1| o "WE ABE HAPPY, EH I MY BOY 7 "We ore happy because of our glorious iculth; for lieulth, my boy, Is Huppi- HOSS." lossoasea those hoaHh-givlng pro mportaut to both uiotlior aud c he ouly Logitlmwte Rt!n Ivo Cure for thoao ii nul cure iu 10 duy«. Ne«r returuti no rgei no eulrei no nupppBitflry. A victim tried in ialr svevy remedy lias dUoovered a glnipU cure, which he will mall tree to hit fellow •uffwrorj Addrem J. H. Itt.fcYKg, boi m>, Kew Y°rtOHjfji.J?; ~ RELIEVES all Stomach Distress. REMOVES Nausea, Sense of CONGESTION, PAIN. REVIVES FAILINO ENERGY. RESTORES Normal Circulation, WARMS TO TOE TIPS. L BB. HAtTEJt MEDICINE CO.. St. tealt, •>» _ DAYS. The late rainy days in the east have given the dress reformers of Boston a chance to test thoroughly their new garments. Mrs. M. S. Ingcrsoll, the leader of the move-; muni;, says that she has been stared at hut not guyed. • The loot-wear to this new costume are patent leather . hoots to the calves, loose wrinkled call-skin boots, or leggins over ordinary 'shoes. Even with this improvement over the ordinary costume, the wearer is liable to taks cold. Thi; best remedy for a cold is Itmo's GiiitMAN" COUGH AND KIDNEY CURE. This does not aim simply to stop the cough, and thus drive the malady in upon the system to appear afterwards in a more dangerous form as pneumonia, or kidney trouble. It aims to treat the disease thoroughly anil constitutionally, to incite tL<? kidneys to action, to relieve the lungs from their congestion and thus to •restore all the organs affected by the . cold to their normal condition. In. this way the cure is permanent and the tendency to take cold a second time is guarded against. Get this remedy of any dealer. _ SYLVAN REMEDY Co., Peoria, 111. Patents! Pensions! Bend for Infentor's Guide or How to Obtain a Band for Digeat of I'ciiHloil and Ilouuty Pittrlclt O'I'-iiiToll, Wanlilngtoii. P. Q. FAT FOLKS REDUCED I jf\ V* f IllU8tr»i<KlI.'ubllcmloii8,wlUi U L. L. <VLAf 8, 4escril)iDt! Mlune^oU, K I" P North Dakotk, Montana, Idalio, 11 &_ 1_ WmbluKtou and Oreuqn. tlia Fre« "•"••" Governmeut and OHKAl' f~ Northern Pacific Beet Agricultural, OmluK tiucT Timber La now open to uettlerd. Mailed FltEE. AddreM !IAi. B. UHBQRD. Land Com. NJ.UJH^ St. I'aul. OB. TAI'T'B A8THMALBNS ~l*IBHCIl ne1rer f»il»! send us youl i § '-- *.CO.,B<iCH£STEg,X.y.l

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