Evening Herald from Shenandoah, Pennsylvania on September 18, 1893 · Page 4
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Evening Herald from Shenandoah, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Shenandoah, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, September 18, 1893
Page 4
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merchants la 1 caters to his cus tomers, bo they rich or poor. Both havo fin Kraal right to be treated fairly. Justice toall It a good motto, and our customers will find tt ours. Wo havo a eompleto line of Groceries M woll M Canned Good, oto. Come and bco tar stock of goods, and rcmomtier tho boat goods aro always the cheapest In the long run. Corner Grocery, Centre and White Sts. THIRD EDITION MAIKKVtl.Li:. Were It some or our l'ulish citizen who wero engaged In tho fnuni on Thursday night, the very ones who wore urging It on would he the loudest in denunciation. This Is no mere surmise, as It has been proven, ilalzevlllo has entirely too many of these brawls, and the only remedy Is prompt arrest and punishment In every ease, regardless of whom tho participants are. A contluuancu is likely at any time to end in murder, in which lustanco all concerned would he sorry when too late. If such should unfortuuutoly bo tho ease, oaoli and overy olllcor in whose hands is entrusted tho peace of tho com munlty would bo morally responsible for their neglect in allowing such a condition ns exists at present. Thoy have taken 1111 oath, clenr and sacred, and to say the loast, ItmuBt Indeed bo an India-rubber oonfeience that can ignore Its requirements. This language may be strong, but It is spoken in the interest of peace and for tho benefit Of the people, not In haste or anger. Mr. and Mrs. John O'llrlcn left for their future homo, Allcutown, at noon on Tuesday but this did not prevent tho bride's futnor.Mr. Koran, from having tho, ovvnt of the first marriago arn ing his children properly celebrated. J J Is numerous friends wero in vited and entertained in a rojnl manner. Ullbertnu ltorough, according to the 0lllei.1l count, lias H'-! voles distribulid as follows: Middle ward, 13fi; East ward, Stl; Wen ward, 3 Hi. .MAIIANOV l'LANK. Michael Mooney, of Allentown, ciiculated among his many friends hero during the wook. John Metzger, a' iiopular and corpulent tonsorial artist, who lately has been manip ulatlng tho rator In Chicago, paid a visit to his paronta during tho week. Miss Annio Goff returned homo Saturday, after a pleasant Bojourn among Philadelphia friends. Miss Mary Iireliony, will leavo for Phlla- dclphin Monday after an extended visit to her parents. Conductor John Stevens, left for No York Thursday, where ho will remain for a few days, llo was accompanied by hlsson, John, who attends school in that city. An interesting 3 year old child of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Flauncry died on Wednesday of scarlet fovcr, which is tho second death in this town in a short time from the same cause. Threo more coses of tho fever havo been reported during the week. It is to bo hoped that all duo precautions will bo taken to prevent tho spread of this dangerous dis ease. A broad smilo Illuminates tho formerly sober countenance of John Flynn since the arrival of a little boy. which occurred Friday. A very pretty wedding was solemnized in tho church of the Holy Kosary on Wednesday, the contracting parties being John O'Brien, of Allentown, and Miss Mary A. Horan, of Maizevillo. They woro supported by Michael Moonoy and Miss Katie K. McKoou, respect ivcly. The church was filled with a largo number of personal friends and acquaintances, who came to witness the ceremony, which was performed by Kev. J. V. McGinn. Tho bride whs attirod in a steel-colored costume, and woro a bouquet of choice flowors. After tho young oouplo wero united for life thoy repaired to tho home of tho bride'. parents, whero a reception was held. In the after-, noon they left for Allentown,iwhero a pleas ant tlmo was given to tho many friends of tho groom in that vicinity. Wo wish them a long and prosperous journey on life's tempestuous sea. Another marriage took place at tho Holy Kosary ohurch Tntsday, when Michaol Ilrennan, of Sbaniokiu, and Johanna Dunn, of this place, woro united in wedlock by Father McGinn. After the ceremony the bridal party received tho congratulations of friends, and then drove to Pnttsvillo. Tho young couple will go to housekeeping in Shamokin. Mrs. Thos. Wright, aged;. 66 years, died at her borne Tue (lay after a prolonged illness, during which she suffered Intense pain from cancer in the mouth and frequent hemorrh ages resulting therefrom. Mrs. Wright was well-known in this vicinity m a sympathetic and indulgent mother. Her funeral occurred on Friday and was well attended. High mass was celebrated in St. Mary's ohuieh, after which the remains were taken to Frackville where interment was made. Livery stable keepers should always keep Aruioa & Oil Liniment in tho stable, nothing like it for horses. lm Boston was the first American city to produce American-made umbrellas. That was over 30 years ago. For a mild cathartic and offlclont tonic, uso Baxter's Mandrake Bitters. Every bottle warranted. lm Use Wells' Laundky Blue, tho best Bluing for laundry use. Each paokage makes two quarts, loots. Sold by Coakloy Bros. Andrews' clam bouillon at McKlhenny's restaurant 9 12-tf Swltcli-HHok JtullroHil. Trains leave Kwttob-Beok depot, Ifaueti Obunk, week days, as follows: 8.40, 10 10, 11J a. nt., 1,00, Ml. lia, S p. m. Monday, 1.80 tMo. m, Returning, leave Hutnmit HlU, 9.40 lt.W, m u , l.w. a.au, 4,1ft, Sill p. m. 8uo dan, 14.08 p. a. Tk raoey daociu- ot FlureUe it o of Jtlie fMtarw of the CMIfctf t Qyaw Csmpauy. "TyT" T " T Among morel IX I I J ( "V lno oue who c JL.Jk.JL L A the want 0 OBB'S OBSERVATIONS. What; lie; Htm noil Hints During Ills Travels. Tho other evening I enjoyed a profitablo chat with one of tho leading lawyers of this county, ItlsalwajR a pleasure for mo to convcrso with a "limb of tho law," no mat tcr upon what subject, as it will Invariably result in useful information. I know of no other class of men, as a rule, who nro bettor entertainers, and especially tho gentleman in quest on. The profession of the law, above all others, is ono the members of which should he men of a high standard of morality, nud possessed of a nice sense of duty and honor. In tho members of no other profession is so much confidence necessarily reposed by the public, owing to the complicated condltlonof modern law nnd tho consequent necessity for tho existence of a body of men specially trained in the scienco of enforcing rights and redressing wrongs. On account of this intimate fiduciary relationship to tho public, it would seem proper thatthe government should oxercise supervision over tho legal profession and its members, at least to the oxtcnt of seeing that only fit and qualified persons should bo admitted to membership. In England and her colonics tho profession of law is a liberal one, admission to which requires tho profession of no ordinary qualifications, bile tho government and tho bar Itself keep a vigilant watch upon practl tioners. How different Is tho state of affairs that exists to-day, not only in Schuylkill, but nearly overy county in tho stato. My lawyer friend admitted this, and further expressed himsolf as follons: "Tho rules governing admission to tho bar in this stato nro strict enough, if they could bo strictly lived up to But there are many ways of evading them. H is true the applicant for membership is required to bo of good moral character; but tho cortiflcato of any prjctlcing lawyer is taken as to this, and is never scrutinized too strictly, if at all. And it is only within a cemparatlvoly short timo that tho stato riquired any special qualifications for admission. Tho result is, even in our own ciunty, that many persons nro entitled to sign "iittorncyat-law" after their uainos, who could not stand tho simplest kind of an examination in tho elementary principles of law, and who, if morality wore considered, by some strange accident are not residing permanently in tho penitentiary. Things aro certainly improving under tho stricter rules that now govern admission. Bui those 'black sheep' that havo got into tho fuld, still oontlnuo to ca6t odium uim tho entire profession by their wrongful acts." I claim that tho regulations and provisions controlling tho legal body should bo more strictly enforced, That I nm correct in this claim is proven every day by events that aro happening around us. Your own columns, as well as thoso of tho other dailies of the country, supply us with many cases f sharp practice, shystoring and pettifogging on tho part of men who havo no better qualifications for tho profession than your humble servant. Furthermore, whero 0110 such caso appears in tho pro's, 'there aro ten others that the general public novcr hears of. Tho odium of all this falls not upon tho members who are guilty, but upon tho profession at large. In nearly every county of tho stato there aro "bar associations," and our own county has such an organization. Ono of the sup posed objects of such associations is to attend to just such cases as my lawyer friend has cited. Tho members of thu bar unito for mulual protection, and if tho professed object of tho associations wero carried out, they would take in hand all cases of the character mentioned, nnd first sifting them to tho bottom, would prosecute to tho fullest oxtcnt of tbo law thoso members who were guilty of 11 violation of tho law. But who over hoars of such action ? Who ever hears of a mem her being disbarred? And how many of tho attempts at disbarment havo been successful? This is nn evil that is growing daily. More than that, tho luflucuco of such defaulting mcmbcis is permeating tho profession and slowly but surely contaminating some of tho younger members. There aro a thousand and ono ways in which tho bar may bo injured by tho presence of such men in its ranks that it is not necessary to point out horo. This is particularly true under tho present system of "olllco study." Example is oftentimes far more influential than pi ocept. , A strango tenderness seems to possess tho hearts of the majoiity of tho public who sull'er wrongs at tho hands of these niisoalled attorneys whom thoy may employ, for wo never hear of any attempts at prosecution. Tho public are content to go away and to ruil at and cast slurs upon the entire bar, never thinking that they owe a duty to themselves and their fellow citizens to prosecute the delinquents. This is all wrong, as well as injustico to tho profession, the great majority of whom aro conscientious and upright men. Under the present state of affaire the latter have to suffer for the acts of tho evil doers. Our tlf-E DANA'S 6AI8APABILLA, its " THE KIND THAT CURES". Say It Was 11 Hear. The occupants of a houso at the east end of Apple alley say that at one o'clock this morning they saw a dark object crawl along tho alley between Bowers and Emerick streets. Tho object had every resemblanco of a bear. It groveled about for nearly an hour, hut mado no noise. Finally it threw itself in a heap near the corner of the alley and Bowers street and remained there for some timo. Several dogs gathered and Biiapped and snarled at it, but the object paid no attention to them. After a rest tho supposed bear hurried westward along tho alley aud disappeared in the dark new, Thu parties who tell the story are said to lie strictly temperate. Utiou Away, For slaty dy i ey, tie nhotegnntier1 will give a lDxlS fjiVwa pMsue with overy Jozen of his $8 cabin ota. FftACKVirXK, Mrs. H. It. Snyder, of Lehigh Avenue, is visiting her daughters at Heading. Mrs. Dr. Taggcrt returned on Saturday after a delightful visit to tho World's Fair. Mrs. Shults and family, of Hamburg, wero tho guests of William Kalboch, of Nice street, during tho wook. Ambrose Lockctt, ono of Lebanon's best railroaders, with his family, aro enjoying a week's visit In town. Mr. Taylor, of Donaldson, a graduate of our High school and of Mlllcrsvillo Stato Normal School, visited his classmate l'rof. Miller during tho wcok. Mr.Toylor sureeeds Mr. Miller as principal of the Oneida schools. Miss S. Taggart, of Northumberland, returned home on Monday after a few weeks' Visit as tho guest of her brother, Dr. D, fag-gart. II. I). Bcikeiscr, accompalncd by his son Willie, will take a much needed rest at tho World's Fair during tho noxt two weoks. Miss Minnie Scott, who had been seriiuslv ill while visiting relatives In Giiardvillr, was strorfg enough to bo moved to her homo in town, on Monday. At writing sho is rapidly improving. Tho many friends of James McManiman heard with regret of his death on Tuesday at Philadelphia. James, prior to going to Philadelphia, was ono of the lovcrincn at Frackville Junction. Interment was made on Friday at Port Carbon. Harry llnlin, moved his residenco on Monday cvcnlngaud treated his many friends to n gcnuluo old timo houeo-warming which was duly appreciated. Under tho skillful hands of Messrs, Moycr and Hauptour newschool building is looming up. As our scholars aro overcrowded, tho completion of tho new building it anxiously lookcd forward to, by teachers nnd pupils. There nreovcr 602 scholars enrolled, or an average of 60.2 in each school. Miss Amy Haupt, accompanied by Miss Tllllo Shenffer, left 011 Tuesday for Philadelphia, whero they havo procured employment. Datno Itumor has it, that ono of our most popular teachers will shortly bo led to tho altar by n gentleman high up In tho education circles of tho state. Our ncighlor, Frank Grumm, who Is ono of tho most ardent and thorough sporttmen in tho county, has o number of Jack rabbits, and German hares, which ho 1ms been raising for tho purpose of endeavoring to get them to breed on our mountains. Somo of tho rabbits weigh over ten pounds. Tho promised suit between Contractor O'Ncil and tho School Board is likely to be-amicably adjusted. Whilo tho Board will not permit tho taxpayers to bo imposed upon, yet! it has no desire to see Contractor O'Neil Ioso any niony that justlly belongs to him. Grandmother Stewart, ono of ouroldcstaud most respected residents, left on Monday for Brauchdalo.Cwhcrc sho will make her homo with her son James. Grandmother is 00 years old, and will be greatly missed by our good peoplo, by whom sho was highly respected. John Phillips will act as P. & R. agent during tho absenco of Agent Berkheiscr at the Fair. July's Jamaica Sarsaparllla, the only rure, at McElhcuny's. U li-tf Disgraceful Conduct. Tho bucccss of Pottjvlllo's baso ball ventures aro threatened by dangers from two sources. Shenandoah sent down nearly threo hundred peoplo to witness tho game on Saturday and a largo number of theso peoplo say they wero subjected to gros3 indlgnltios by tho Pottsvillo hoodlums. Special complaint is mado against the management of tho electric railroad lino at Pottsvillo for not pro vlding means for tho protection of its patrons. Tho conduct of tho hoodlums on tho cars was disgraceful and oven extended to personal altercations into which Shenandoah peoplo were drawn whilo riding from tho grounds. Several ladies who were on the car wero subjected to gross insults. Setloy, tho Shenandoah player, and his wife wero also subjected to treatment that would not bo tolerated in any other community. If gambling sharks aro allowed to ply their vocations near tho ball grounds it will kill patronago by tho lovers of wholesome sport. Ono thing is certain, Shenandoah will novcr patronize tho game at Pottsvillo again until they aro assured that there will not boa repetition of theso evils. Lane's l"uinlly Medicine Moves the ISoweli Each day. Most peoplo need to uso it. The dllbrrt Oiiern Ci muuy. Thero aro many strong points about tho presentation of the "Black Hussar," by tho Gilbert Opera Company, that is booked for the near future. Tho company containing some forty members and carrying their own orchestra, ensures a musical treat of a kind rarely given here. Besides this the costumes aro exceedingly fine, and tho opera is perfectly mounted. As a special feature Flurette, tho famous dancer, has been secured, and the wondoifully clever performance of this little lady will amaze the audience. 9-11-Ct Flurette, one of the greatest of fancy dancers, is with the Gilbert Opera Company. Seventh l'emui. Cavalry. The sixteenth anuual re-union of the Sovtnth Peuna. Vet, Vol. Cavalry Association will bo be held at Pottsville, ou Tuesday and Wednesday, October 24th and 25th, 1603. Business meeting at 0 a. m. Tuesday, October 24th. An effort will be made to havo a monument erected on the battle field of Chicamagua, Ga. Address all communications to Gpo. F. Steiihliu, Secretary, Orwigs-burg, Schujlkill county. Capt. Heber S. Thoniiison, Pmident, Pottsville. Buy Ktytiune flour. Be snre that the name Llho & Bakr, Ashland, Pa., Is primed on every sack. 3-3-3taw, Died. SHOLLENBEKGEIt. At Frackville, Sen- temberlbth, 1883, Mrs. Jennie B., wife of Alonzo V. Shollenberger, aged -11 years. Funeral from the rtsldence of her mother, Mrs. Fatkim, Balllet street, FnckvUle, on Tuesday, September llttk. Leave P. Jt R. station at 8:16 a. m. fbr Hi 111 burg, where interment will be made. Friends and reOa-tlves respectfully invited. 0-16 It The 'Welsh Choir. Tho largo choir from Wales that partici pated In tho World's Fair Eisteddfod Is In this section rendering entertainments on tholr homeward trip. Thoy will bo in Shamokin this week, and It Is Raid Mt. Carmel will also havo an opportunity to hoar theso celebrated singers. Flurette, ono of the features of tho Gilbert Opera Company, danced for six weeks at tho Imperial Music Hall, a record that has novcr been equalled at that place of amusement. Best photographs and crayons at Dabb's. I'lles or Hemorrhoids Permanently cured without knifo or ligature No danger or suffering. No delay from business whilo nndor treatment. Patients who ro rosponslblo need not iy nntll woll. A perfect euro guaranteed. Sond for circular. R. REED, M. D., 129 South 13th St., Philadelphia. Rofors, by permission, to tho editor of tho Svknino HjtnAt.n. tf MISCELLANEOUS. J?01l 8ALK Nino Bbares Hchuylkill Trao-J nonstock. Apply at this olllce. Btl-tf 171 OR HALE. Tbo Khectz property, K. Lloyd ' strett, and property lit Jlrownsvlllo. B-28-lm M, Si. lloiiKE, Attorney. rVDlt BALE A National typewriter In per Jj feet condition. Wl 1 to sold cheap for cash. Apply at this office. 9-ll-tf T?OR MALE, A litter of srrnll breed pu? 1. puppies. Apply at 210 East Centre street, Mabnnoy City, Pa. 0-H-tf FOR MALE. Household goods consisting ot 1 range, 1 high oak cupboard and otner arllclos, for salo cheap. Apply at No. 18 u. unt sirccu v 11-11 NOTICE. Tie parties who left guns ot my store to bo repaired arohercby notified to call and pay charges on ssmc on or before Oct 1st. or tLoy will bo sold. Geo. Mannino, 0-14-lw 185 E Coal street, Bhcnandoali. AMUSEMENTS. pEKQUSON'B THEATRE. P. J. TEItOUSON, MANAOEH. Thursday, September 21, 1893, c ...The Gilbert... omicOpera Comp'y Includtne Chas. A. Gilbert, Addlo C ira Iteed, and Fluretta. tbo F -1110U8 Danscusc, In a perfect production i.f tbo D n Prices, 25, 50 and 75I Cents. Scats on sale at Kirlln's drug stoic. jrjEItQUSON'8 THEATRE. P. J. FERGUSON, MANAGER. MONDAY, SEPT. 25th, 1893. A IA.UGIIIKG SUCCESS I The Great Un-to-Uato Farce Comedy, Later On! NEW SONGS! PRETTY GIRLS! SPARKLING MUSIO! . . . .Novel Dances, Clover Comedians, Elaborate Costumes, and as Funny as a Circus. Prices, as, so nnd 75 Cents. Reserved scats at Kirlln's drug store. JEESEYJPEAGHES "We will receive daily, direct from the orchards, one carload of choice Jersey Peaches. Call early if you want good fruit at low prices. 124 N. Main S ., Sh nandoah, Pa. Boots and Shoes At a SACRIFICE! I will closo out my entire stock of Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps at prices re gardless ot cost. 3S North iMain SI., Sfcenacdoab, Pa. For Sale or Rent! Tho dwelling house, No. 419 Juneberry Alley, containing six rooms. FOR SAIE ! Double block of dwelling houses at Nos. G01 anu uuu, Turisey itun. T. S. BEDDALLAttorney-at-Law, 0-12-lw Cor. Main and Centre streets. CHARLES DERR, (Formerly with Wm. Derr) THE; LEADING i BARBER! Fdrguaon House Building, No. 12 West Centre Street ISIDORE FRIEDMAN ....The Large Dives, Pomeeoy POTTSVILLE, 3TA.., Offers Many Dollars Worth of Bargains for the Month of September. .TyTTE SHALL keep our storo open all day on Fridays, beginning September 8th, V V aud shall mako It doubly Interesting with this special salo. Thero will bo new goods added to this great salo dally. This is a chanco for bargains that soldom occurs and should not bo neglected. Shrewd and well posted bargain seekers will be on hand early. So if you want to pick up somo of tho choicest values you must do likewise Every department will bo overhauled, and such prices marked on each articlo that will movo them quickly. Wo mention a fow of tho Items, but whoever wishes to invest a dollar In goods can now get valuo uncqualcd in Job lots of dry goods. Every department wilt contain special articles for this month. Print Department. Wo have just received ono caso of Dress Glnghauis, lall styles, at 81c per yard. None bottor in tho market for 12jo a yard, Ono caso of Whlto Apron Checks, regular 10c quality; salo price do por yard. Ono casoof fancy Turkey Red Calicos, worth 80 a yard; ralo prico 5c a yard. Ono caso of best made, fall stylos. Dress Calicos, in short lengths, from 10 to 20 yards in a pioco, at 5c per yard. American Sateens, lCc quality; salo price 10c a vnrd. French Sateens, 20c quality, salo prico 12jc a yard. French Sateens, 2oc quality, salo price 20c a yard. French Sateens, 37jo quality, salo prico 23o a yard. Apron Ginghams reduced to 3c a yard. Oriental Cords, regular prico 121c, salo prico 5c a yard. Fancy Goods Department. Felt Table Covers, t1.ss quality, G9c Felt Tablo Covers, $1 871 quality, 8Uc. Felt Tablo Covers, $2.00 quality, $1 25. A lot of Stamped Tablo Covers, regular prico -12c, salo prico 21c. A lot of Linen Fringe, 5c a yard; reduced from 10c. About 175 12x17 Linen Tray Covers with drawn work, regular prico 17c, slo prico Cc. and alot of 10c and 121c Laces, salo prico 71c. Plush Tablo Scarfs, handsomely embroidered, 41 50, reduced from $3.50. A big job lot of 10c and 121o Purses go at 5c each. A lot of Initial Handkerchiefs, regular prico 17c, salo prico 0c. DIYES, POMEROY & STEWART 5 and 7 North Centre Street, C. GEO. MILLER. .Manager. FOTTSVIEalaK, P25L ....1 he First Cool -Marks the S Si Pi 1 11111 SArYn ? n. ' ia a HsMj jl COMB nnd boo this season's display at our store. We have beautiful Vase Lamps at U.5 and uuwnrds. Prices are positively lower than ever before. We guarantee every burner and oil pot perfect. Attractiveness and intrinsic merit are two features worth looklntr afler and their wearing finalities are bound to prove satisfactory to the purcuaser. Our delicious candies always take the lead. GIRVIN, DUNCAN & WAIDLEY'S. O 3 o Tit la 3VEa,laa. Sti'oot. John F.Ploppert, HO JSAST CENTRE HI. Bread, Cake and Pie Bakery ! CQHFECT10KEHY. ICECREAM, SODA WATER. J. F. PLOPPERT, 29 E. Centre Street, Shenandoah. 139 rJoutliMiilii Htreet, Slionnndonli, T,. All work guaranteed to be flret-class In every res- ect. W e respectfully solicit a share of your patronage. Goods called for and delivered. Russet Shoe Lnccs! Russet Blioe Dressing: ! AT THE LEATHER STORE! 16 trcr. Oontro fat., JOHN I. VU.KZ.tHK. Public Notice! Notice Is hereby given that persons destroying r detaining beer kegs villi be proMeutid as provided by the Act of A alterably ipproveC April ith, IStiG. Brow-ore' Association, BtiEandcsn, r Just I 1K1. ' ly Stores of.. and Stewart, " Dress Goods Department. One caso 38 inch Cashmere, nil now shades, former prico 35o a yard, salo prico 21c. Another lot of 38 inch Cashmcro, now fall shades at 25c por yard. Theso aro regular 50o goods and you will say so when you seo thorn. Wo got them especially for this salo. Another Job lot of 10-inch Serges, all wool, in all tho now Bhades for 39c a yard. Tho samo goods sold during tho summer season for 021c. Dark Pink Striped Serges, 30 inchos wide, 871ca yard; reduced from $1.23. Fancy Novelties, 50c a yard, reducod from $100. Silk and Wool Austria Cloth, same effect as Lansdown, 48 inches wide, 75c a yard. Fancy Diagonals, 3G inches wide, 25c per yard, reduced from 37!c Odds and ends in ISlack Goods at about half prico. Millinery Department. Tho spring ami summer season is about over and wo aro now making nrrangemcnts for our Fall Opening. Tho announcement wo shall mako known through tho papers and circulars in good timo. Wo still havo Jobs in Ladies' and Children's Hats suitable for this tlmo of the year. All sorts of Trimming9, etc., and especially Sfournlng Goods that wo aro soiling at bargain prices. Night of Autumn.... Beginning of QUEEN & CO., or Philadelphia Send their Eye Specialist., To Shenandoah, Tliurstlny, Sept. 28. 11 e will be found at the FtTRtison Mouse, From 8:30 a. m. to5:30p.m. Peisons who have head3cheorwbosc eyes aro causing discomfort should call upon their specialist, ood they will receive intodlgent and bklllful attention. NO CUVKQE to examine your eyes. Every pair of glasses ordered is guaranteed to bo sJttsfactoiy. RETTIG'S Beer and Porter. T AM AGENT for the x Ohas. Itettlg's Celebrated 13eer aud Porter in tliis vicinity, also Bergner & Engel's celebrated India Pale Ales and Old Btock. Orders will rpceive proinpt attention. Finest brands of Liquors and Cigars. SOLOMON HAAK- 120 South Main Street. HOOKS & BROWN, Base Balls, Bats, Masks, Foot Balls, A full lino of Stationery, Blank Books, eto. $9, 4 NORTH MAIN STREET,

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