The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 19, 1893 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 19, 1893
Page 2
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THE tTPtttlt ftlte M6INE8. AMugA, IOWA, WEMJEBPA* APK1L ifl CONDENSED NEWSi Admiral Paris, of the French navy, is dead. David D. Lmn, a well-known anarchist, died at. New York. Secretary Morion paid a visit to Wic fleet in Hampton Roads. M. Do Grandolle, the noted botanist died at Go vena, Switzerland. Ambassador Bayard will sail for his post in England In about a mouth. Mechanics on the entire Santa I'M system have struck for increased pay. Edson Grimes, aged 7, was drowned in the river at St. Paul. Mayor Eustice of Minneapolis vetoed an eight hour resolution. The striking dock laborers at Hull, England, engaged in another riot. The Kansas drouth is broken, 'nit apparently too late for wheat prospects. Ex-Postmaster Wananniker is sightseeing In Now Mexico. Bamaby Bigsby, a. noted philologist, is lecturing in Kansas. William Craig cut his throat at Cincinnati wlillo in a somanbulistic state. An opal Avolghing more than 500 carats, the product, of an Idaho mine, has been brought to Boise City. It is said that Daniel Morgan, oT Connecticut, Avill bo made United States treasurer. James P. Trynor, aged SO yeai-s, was found murdered in 'his homo at Mill- villo, N. J. Ferdinand Weller, a Muskogon, Mich., newspaper publisher, is dead, aged 55. Scores of farm buildings Avero blown down near Fort Wayne, Intl., during a wind storm. Lukens & Co.. lumber dealers at Philadelplua, have filed. The liabilities are $170,000. Severe earthquake shocks have been experienced a few miles south of Al- berquorque, N. M. Peter White, who AVUS identified Avith the development of the Irish woolen trade, died in Dublin. Supt. William Samuels was burned to death in a mine at Wilkoslmrro, Pa., by a gas pocket. Igniting. A. R. Sul ton, who forged Avhisky warehouse receipts at, Louisville, was held to trial in .fH5,0(H) bonds. M., tho French ambassador at Washington, has leased the Blame residence on Dupont Circle. Catholics in Mexico arc excited because the government would not allow a young woman to enter a, convcni in tihe Uiiiiod Slates. Jack Young, the KM) pound ainntuor ' pugulisf, is considered tit, to moot Billy Ernst or Walter Campbell, the two frood lightweights. Mr. William* Watson, tho English poet who recently became insane, is reported to be completely recovered. A bimetallic league of Australia, has^ been formed in Melbourn "to promote' bimetallism by international agree} men I." A sun of tho Archbishop of Canterbury primate of all England, is the Captain in artilloUy and an enthusiast in the art of war. SIgnor Crispi, in a speech in Rome the other day, said: "Rome will one day canty tho true conception of civili/.a.iion and liberty Into the whole Avoi'ld." .loseph Rielly, arrested in Minneapolis on suspicion of being wanted in Montana for nun-dor, was released, it: appearing that he was not. tho man want- 'Hie Cunard Huer Umbria, Captain McKay, which sustained delay in nnd- ocMin last December by a broken shaft, arrived at her New York plor Sunday morning, oil her first trip since fuller repaired. The American minister to Ecuador has signed a treaty with that government under which the United-States has been ceded an island for a coaling station. Hev Dr. Henry Martyii Selidder, formerly pastor of the Central Congregational church, New York, is critically ill at his home'in Winchester, near Boston, Mass. Seero.tiuy Carlisle has issued an order modifying tho Chinese registration act. Under this Chinamen need not be photographed and but one witness is ret lulled. It has been suggested that at each place in the country where Arbor day will be celebrated this year, a tree be planted in honor of the new secretary of agriculture. Excitement has been caused ii Guayaquil, Ecuador, by the discovery of eighty cases of arms which had been landed 'there without the knowledge of the govonunent, W. Kobblns, New York agent for the National Life Insurance . company; committed suicide at New York by shooting. lie would shortly have inherited $2,000,000. The usual proclamation prohibiting the taking of seals or other fur-bearing animals in Alaska or in Beliring sea. in the season of 189,'5 has been promulgated Isy President Cleveland. Contest has been filed against tho will of Humphrey Fickus, who died at Evansville, Ind., in February, leaving a $15,000 ostaU>. The ground for the' wnitest is that Fiekus was of unsound mind. Miss Edith Day has returned to Portland, Ore., over tihe Southern THEIR NATIVE GAM PRIESTS, PRINCES, AND CORY- PHEES FROM THE COURT OP SOERAKARTHA. Distinguished Party Arrives from Java nnd Takes up Quarters at Midway riaisaiicc—Dusky Maidens from thn Harem With Prejudices—Priests of High Repute ami Spotless Pedigree —Description of Gowns and Lingerie by (the Fashion Editor ' Home After May 1. -Will bo at Pacific, mile rail- having completed her 10.000 road Journey through tho United States and Mexico in 17 days 14 1-2 hours. At a. recent session of the Australasian postal conference, a. resolution Avas agreed to favoring the construction of a. Pacific- cable, from Australia to Vancouver, to afford an alternate tel- tgraph route to England. Homy Irving will start, Avilh his whole ' Lyceum company ami some live hundred tons of baggage, in August for San Francisco, whore ho is to begin his American tour in September. Tho tour Avill OCCUR,- eight mouths. On account of increased raihvay rates the British army authorities have adopted tllie novel method of shnding transports required for various manoeu- vres by road, in trains wagons drawn by traetio'n engines. Tho cost has thus boon reduced fully on'orhalf. The mummies of the high priests -of Anmioii, now in the possession of Iho Kgyptain Government, are to be rallied oil 1 'shortly. They Avill bo divided into six lots and drawn for by tho museums of London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Vienna, and St. Petersburg. Boilermakers and iron shipbuilders of Hoston anil its vicinity have presented a demand to their employers for a nine-hour work day with ton houi-s pay. The twenty-one manufacturers Involved met ami unanimously decided that the request could not bo granted. 'llho Dixon-Grillin controversy has now assumed a. morn plausible shape. Dixon is willing to concede the entire earth to the Bralntroo lad, and agrees to meet, him at catch weight on one. or two wciok's notice. Judge Newman will take' the match for Coney Island if Griflin consents. Of tho sum of $20,000 needed to moot pressing obligations on Dr. Talmago's Brot.klvii tabernacle, more tJian $10,000 By a recent ukase of the sultan of Soorakartha the members of the corps de ballet attached to his household wear tan shoes. That is to say when they wear show at. all they endue their 1 pedal extremities with leather of a hu<- 1 that matches their skin. They wore them yesterday with reluctance and disgust when they reached Chicago on their special train. Accompanying them were the remaining portions of the tribe of Javanese, its furniture, household goods, picanhmics, and weapons, together with the high priest, to bury the members of the tribe who shall succumb to the chill discomfort of Chicago's half-sunned August. Nothing but the display of a car load or two of porous plasters and golden promises of coin of the realm of Soorakartha induced the sultan's private ballot to select the Midway plaisance as its summer residence. Within a. month a royal household Avill be on exhibition at 25 cents an exhibit. There, was a crowd and a grin at the Northwestern depot, at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon. The grin was re- ciprocal'between the special train and front steps of the house which they will occupy and smoked cigarettes of violent mien and anarclustlc odor. The trien gibbered placidly to each other In the tongue of Soerakartha, and the Holla ndets became' more and more distracted. Finally, however, all were stowed away in their new quarters, the entire absence of furniture in the hoiise proving a small obstacle in the way of comfort of people to whqm beds are unknown. The party, which consists of 125 people. Is in charge of A. R. W. Kerkhoon Sind G. Mtindt, who' nre interested shareholders in the Java-Chicago Exhibition company. With the human exhibit is a long train of freight cars containing the material for a complete Ja.vii.nase village of twenty bamboo buildings. The men and women from ava will be on view In pursuit of their home avocations, including the manufacture of weapons. I'urments and otliei articles. The Daily Columbian is the. title of he morning ueAVSpap^er to be issued on he world's fair grounds, and the only ifficial bulletin of the Columbian ex .osition. It will be an eight page com- losito paper, unlike anything ever seei >eforo. live pages consisting of a first of The Times, Tribune, Intel Icoan, Herald, and Record, the othoi hrec pajfCs containing official orders n-ograms, prices of transportation, lists if officers, and other matter of inter •si. to exhibitors and visitors, furnished jy the department of publicity and promotion under the supervision of Maj rliuidy, who will virtually be the edit ir. W. C. Gates, lately of the Revletf of Reviews. New York, will be the man iger. The Urst number of the Daily Columbian will appear May 1, and the in-hiring of the paper will bo done as an exhibit in machinery hall on one >f the most, modern and intorestiiiL, of printing machines'. The price of th to be in the worst condition of an; world's fair grounds, is now admittei new paper will be 5 cents for a singl foreign country. the platform, and soprano It was also both basso the latter portion origl- ms IKK, nd« bv cautions to 'the | «ho party reached its destination Jit ID i<i\n >>'->• , 1,M1!., .^ .„...«..,. ,ii^,T CS»-^-5,ii1* £>*-|«.-WkT New that York World,' and it. is announced natlng in an emigrant car. It trickled from between a sot of white teeth protruded from a car window, where the black pearls of the sultan were craning their necks to gain a. glimpse' of their temporary home. AK the tr.iin drew into the depot a coffee-colored collection of crisscrossed wrinkles peered from over the shoulder of a Pullmai car porter, and further down the trail the face of a, babe dissolved in lear.s was visible at a. faraway window. Distinguished Visitors Disembark. Several Hollanders In a, frenzied state of perturbation screamed directions their exhibit in an uncanny tongue am then the doors of the ears were unlock ed. The disburdonment opened on th male side. It began with a whit disk, which oil close inspection prove* to be the headgear of a. subfusk human being. Nobody at a superficial glance would have detected that he was a chief. Tho opaque character of his dusky skin rendered a recognition of the blue blood that coursed beneath It; a matter of difficulty. But in his own country nobody could mistake him for anything but a, prince, even if he does wear a, port-wine mark on his face. At home he is a radon, something in the grand duke line of business, and his name is.Adwin. Anywhere but In Java he would add a. v;m or a de and hyphenate himself, but. he says he is a plain man and Adwin is good enough for him. Not only is he a. man of unspeakable pedigree, but. when willed upon hi! is the high priest of tho party leading his colored followers in the teachings of the prophet. He has acquired the title of Hadji by two journeys to Mecca, and consequently when at he LAG TAKEli OMM1SS10NER BLOUNT ABOLISH- ES THE PROTECTORATE. STARS AND STRIPES FLOAT NO MORE IN HONOLULU. Jnited States Troops Are Ordered On Board the Cruiser Boston—Great Consternation in the Ranks of the American Parly—Their Expressions Mixed With Indignation. Honolulu-, April ti.-The stars and stripes Avhich for IAVO month* have tloat- c-d from the government building were hauled down and the remaining forces from tho United States cruiser Boston Avero sent aboard the ship. Nothing indicative of American authority remains in Honolula save Minister Stevens and Commissioner Blount. 'The report that Commissioner Blount would order the flag doAvn and the protectorate abolished got abroad tho night of March 31, preceding the day of its occurrnncc. It created among the American party a. feeling of consternation, not altogether unmixed with indignation. The revenue cutter Rush left here yesterday for San Diego. It Is understood she convoys official dispatches from Commissioner Blouut. ing, "Pass on as thott vr«rt wont! I ' will follow," which he did t« ins *• atb. Bftlce's heart was Lome 10 ^? f d ' beneath tho altai iw The last I**"*** record of this preservation of a heart SStttit of Raul Whitehefld, secretary of the Medmenhani club, who ws- queathed it, srtyS the "Book of Ddys, •'to his noble friend, Lord Despencer, to be placed In his mausoleum at West Wvcombe," which wits done with no lithe ceremony in 1774. Upon tteum- which contained it were inscribed these Shallowed hands, this uni forbear, No gems or ancient spoil Lie here concealed; but what's more rare " A heart that knew no guile. Notwithstanding tills "notice the ;ieart, wudcli used to be shown to visitors, was stolen from the urn In 1829, iuid never recovered. The brutality of our ancestors was evidenced by their treatment of the hearts of persons found guilty of high mentions the case of age added when the paper is sent, to , copy, or by mail $1 a month, with post Sixty-third street, between Cot tag Grove avenue, and the entrance to th street in Chicago. Tt is wholly in :ii hands of corporations of some sort o other. At that point, the Illinois Cei tral Railroad, company is trying to eon plete its subway, the alley "IV com pan is building a. bridge over the Illinois Ccu|h-al tracks, the Oonisumers' Gas company and the Hygeia Water cr.m- paiiy are laying mains, as nre several electric light companies, the Chicsigo Electric Road company is trying to lay tracks, and the city is having water pipes put in. All these corporations require the work of ninny teams and (Inconsequence is the road is Blocked from curl) to curb. To make matters woi-se die street is now the only entry to the world's fair gromids, the other streets leading to the grounds being either cut off by the work of paving Stony Island avenue or the unfinished subways under the Illinois Central tracks. To the vast number of teams on the work at Sixty-third street is added all those in the traffic to and from the world's fair grounds. treason. Bacon such a pel-son Avlio, after his heart was ecu* loner, was yet. heard to utter few words of prayer. Purchas, speaking of the human sacrifices in Now Spain, Avhoro the heart. AVHS- offered to the sun, tolls the, like story of a victim Avlio, after the operation. Avalked down-stairs and ol-served to the Spaniards In his language, "They have slain me." It may be sold of these ultenuices that they AVOI-O not true, but at all events they" were extemporaneous, not learned by heart. the full amount necessary lias been subscribed. intend to| to become prairie i • west, of Hie j Dakota, and! ;aie an import- Frionds of J. L. Dobbin push him for tihe judgshlp vacant by reason of the resignation of! Judge Lochrch of Minneapolis. Von dor Aho made a. clover swapj when ho secured Wilmut from Chicago! for Carulhors. Manager Bnrnie wanted , Iho ex-Brooklyn pitcher for Louisville, j Many perdictions are made of swoop-j ing victories in tho bu\vol Zimmerman, Iho runner, i-ios fail lo si»-cify wh or professional circles. During I hi; last week have done .ureat dainagi Missnuri river in South losses to stockmen aggn ant item. Tho total number of lolecrams and loiters received by 'Prince Bismarck on his birthday and the subsequent two day is 'I l,57.'i. A registered letter containing .S-l.tHxr Avas stolen from Iho mail between Xew York and Bah.vllon, L.L There is no ] clue to tho thief. . In a bar-room lijrht at Quincy, 111. i Gottlieb Bush, a saloon-keeper, and liis 15-year-old son Avv,ro fatally stabbed by, a man named King. ! The Russian'cruiser General Admiral, from tlio West Indins has arrived at Hampton Roads and dropped anchor, among our vessels. I Tho Ohio Stale Minors' association: resolved lo uso all honorable moans to havo (ho present system of convict labor- in the South abolished. Forest tiros near Portsmouth, O., swept over a, lerriloi\v four miles Avltlo and sixteen miles long. 'Tho loss to properly Avill roach .<?:>00,000. Prosit lent. Olovolnnd spoilt a quiet Sunday at Wilmington as tho guest of Mr. Bayard, a drive about the city being part of WIG day's programme. It is believed that the President Avill not allow the .senate to adjourn until lie gets tho ivport of Mr. Blouut and sends in u Hawaiian treaty. In that ev.esut, probably, no extra session of con- j,, A lu , t jtion to tho pardon board is ho- prepared in behalf of Hugh V. Dempsey, wilio is the Knir-'hts of Labor leader noAV serving a sentence in the „,„ penitentiary fur the Homestead poisoning cases. Tin; plea will likrly to bo ]ires"ntod the next mooting of Hie board. This fall William K. Yanderbuili. Ellis avenue nnd Sixtieth street Commissioner Kuhus and Superintendent of Streets Burke visited the place Thursday to try to Hud some way of giving relief to the many complainants who have made complaints. "I confess there seems to be no way of giving relief there just: at present, said Commissioner Kuhns yesterday. "I confess the street. Is in about as bud condition as I ever saw. In a few day*, however, Stony Island avenue will be pa.ved and some of the subways on other streets will be ready for use. Then we will block Sixty-third street until it can b<! put in good shape." RIDING A CAMEL. Not a Very Easy or Desirable Mode of Traveling. The Spectator: There is something inexpressibly repelling in thesnpercilious twists of a camel as he looks scornfully at. you, with his nose in the air, But I overcame my repugnance and mounted one after receiving careful instructions how to retain my seat while the brute was getting up. It was well enough while, lie walked; but when ho began to trot at a. brisk pace, I devoutly wished (myself astride on a nimbler animal. But how was 1 10 stop him'.' There was no bridle, only a rope attached to tho Jeft side of > brute's mouth. At that rope I tugged, with the effect merely of male- ing my camel trot off to the left. I had been told that if I wished to make him go to tho right I must hit him on the left side of the head with a very short stick with which I had been 'provided for the purpose. Bill- that was more easily said than done. How was 1, from my giddy perch, to reach the creature's head across that long stretch of neck? 1 tried it and FIRST EFFORTS. woodpile and made a Thrilling Extracts From Mrs. Burnett's stood upon speivh. Before that, however, the corps de ballet had to be unladen, and it was a matter demanding struggles from the Childhood Stories. Mrs. F. H. Burnett, in tho April Scribnor: Though she wrote no more poetry, she began to scribble on slates nearly lost, my balance, for my pains- no joke at a'height of ten feet above the pebbly sand. One of the officers, however, 'saw my plight, stopped, uttered some gurgling sound, and then the camel, exposing Its teeth and pro testing viciously, knelt, down, and ^ dismounted, silently vowing that nevoi affiiln would I choose that mode of locomotion. My deliverer, who ex changed his donkey for my camel laughed heartily at. my discomfiture But T had my revenge speedily, for in tin; exuberance of his gayety ho allow- he c-amel to rise unexpectedly and was pitched head over heels on the ground. He was not hurt, and he joined in the laugh against himself as lieartily as he had laughed at me. panic-stricken Hollanders and applause j'and in old account-books thrilling scenes 1 I .... ^ , _ ?, JJ.1, J.1, n t~\ All multitude. Not much over from the dramas acted with tho Doll. them ve built of o Mold for' Olden f.'oclei and .Tames Gordon Ben- Tho iiropho-|neit will go on a cruise through Europ- ther in amatner : ( . ;m ;u ,,i Asiatic yachts will keep togoth: er. A wild animal hunt will bo part iol I'ho prtigram in India. Tho (rip will last until Avell in the year 1W)4. Aton-ton culler constructed of alum- inium, said to lie the first sea-going lo made of this metal, is being at Loire. Her hull will Avoigh onU: •J.ntiO kilns, Avhoroas built of the ordinary material it would Avcigh 4,500 kilos. Thi! members so far elected to the Rhoilo Island legislature art Uepubiicans and forly-ono Democrats, a; lie, and lAvonly-six seals remain to bo; filled by elections Iho present Aveek. ; I'pon liio result of those oloctiinis tie-i liends the complexion of the legislature', and the choice of slalo o/licors. (here having been no election by the people.. The iiilorcollegiato Cricket association,, at their annul nicoHng. arrangetl the fol-; lowing schedule for the championship; May 127, at Cambridge, Harvard vs. •ITavotTord: Juno '!. at Cambridge. : Uarvartl vs. University of Ponnsyl- ! vanla; June. 10. at Havorford vs. University of Pennsylvania. The "Ulcers of Iho association for 1S03 are: I President, J. Norman Henry, TTnlvor- i sity of Pennsylvania: vice-president, i W.'W. Comfort, ITavorford;; j and treasurer, William S. I Harvard. j | Tho l\vo cndldates named for the' bishopric of Massachusetts, made va-i cant by the path and to bo lillod by from four fool high, but lithe and willoAvyilt Avas very exciting to write as a saplimr, Iho little chattering crowd'; dOATO and they looked very beautiful ripped from 1ho car. Gold and rod and i Avhon Avritten—pa.rtticnlarly if the slate- bluo and purple girt them about the j poncil Avas shaa-p ' to got a AA'liolo shoulders. Not Gowned by Worth. Their skirts were Hit- antitheses of the crinoline and they reached the middle of the colored of Phillips Brooks, election of the dlo- ,,.„..,. convojition, May 3, .arc well- knoAvn dorghuon of New York, vlx: Rev. Dr. MoJgan Dlx of Trinity church who is called XconscrvaUvo_pr moderate, hfeh ohm-china,! rthoL tind Rev. Dr. GU-ccr of. calf. BoloAV that. fool, in tan-j . .... shoes seemed painfully far from j naturalness in tho disguise of striped ! stockings. Hero and there a courageous j coryphee defied public opinion and the i breeze of tho afternoon by abstaining I from Iho slocking habit. Most, IIOAV- ! ever, contended Avith the disabilities I attending civili/.ation, and the Holland! ers ho[io in timo to educate their con- I'orly-oiio; voy even up to imderclotliing. Thirty- six Avomen formed the crowd, ton of I hem being Iho pick of his majesty's dancing corps. | For tin- tirst imo in Jitstory the mom-j tiers of tho exclusive set in the high j life of Sooi-iikarlha have lofl I heir nalive | land, and it: AVUS foil, (hat, without a! ballot they would feel lonesome. So : liis majesty gave his conwnt: lo (he tloparluro of the coryphees. Following | tho ballot: came Iho rmoainder of tho | malo secHon, IllHng tho total comple-i men I of 1-5 people. They marched \ in Indian (lie tlown the platform through a running liro of crilicisms. The men suoreodod in carrying with I hem a ivminiseenoo of the old folks at homo in Hie shape of a bandana girl about | their loins. The wearing of pantaloons! under the loin cloth is a more ounces- j sion to tho Avell-known American pre-j ;jndicii In flavor of those garmonls. Ilnstlod into omnibuses the parly jolted over the eight miles that separate the depot from the plalsanec- in a condition of unceasing Avondor at tho queer things they saAV and the queer things they heard. Kilter Into Possession. Tho debarkation on Sixtieth street secretary Ilockley, but the difficulty was scone on to a slate. They had a habit of not. fitting, and then it. was awkward. And it. hapened so frequently that, just at the most exciting point, one's pencil would reach tho very last lino that could bo crowded in and 'strike- against flu; frame in the middle of a scone— oven in the middle of a. sentence. And it, destroyed tho sentiment and the thrill so to break off in such a. manner as this: "Sir IMarmaduko turned proudly away. Tin; haughty blood of the Max- woltons sprang to his check. borta's heart boat wildly. She hold out her snowy arms. 'Oh, Marmaduko! : she cried. 'Oh, Ma;rmaduko, 1 cannot | boar it,' and she burst—" i You cannot; got in any more Avlier i you conn; to the wooden frame itself, 'iind it was trying to everybody— Sir : Marmaduko Maxwelton inchidod—not to know that Etholbortu simply burst . into tears. | And it. spoiled it to sponge it all : out and continue on a. clean slato. Ono wanted to road It all together and got (he whole effect at once. 11 was bettor in old butohor's books, because there was more room, though of coin-so the cook never had "done with thorn" until (hero 'wore only a few pages left, and even those wore only given up because they wort; greasy. Sometimes one had to scribble between HEARTS OUT OF BODIES. Not The Human Heart at One. Timo An Uncommon Legacy. .Tamos Payne in tho Indopondorii; A curious advertisement has lately boon inserted in the daily pa.pors: "A. dauphin's heart, 1T02, to be sold by auction or privately disposed of." This can only refer to tho unhappy son of Louis XVI. and before 1 became its purchasor would require a good deal of proof as to its genuineness. The human heart was at.' one time a. not; -uncommon legacy, and since, in addition to its sentimental associations, it was generally inclosed in a golden casket, it was found acceptable to legatees. It. was generally, however, bequeathed to a hospital,' not for dissection but for preservation, or to a church. The earl of Mellont in 1HN, caused his heart to bo tints placed, •'preserved in salt,", in tho hospital at Brackley; and tho countess of Pembroke, In 1230, caused hers to be placed before tho high altar at Towksbury, tho rest it her omalns being buried at Beaullou. The heart of. .'John Baliol, lord of Biiru- TIGER HUNTING. How They arc Cunningly Entrapped by the Malays. In trapping tigers for export, says a. Avriter In the Century, the Malays dig a hole about: ten feet, deep, making the bottom tAvico as largo in area as the top to prevent the animal from jumping out after bolus once in. Tho hole completed, small brushwood is lightly laid over its surface, and close by, In th& direction of tho mouth of the pit, a bullock is chained to a tree. On seeing :he bullock tho tiger springs for its- .-•xpectetl prey, and alights in the pit.* A bamboo cage is placed over the pit, Avhich is tlheii lillod Avith earth, the tiger coming to the surface. Once in tho cago the Malays lace and interlace bamboo nnd rattan under the tigor. Spring-guns are sometimes used, but not often, as they aro dangerous to the doss and human beings. I once AA'cnt on a tigor hunt. We organized a party of five Europeans and ton natives. We started on foot, because it Is impossible to ride through the- jungle on horseback. On finding a tiger's footprints wo followed them to a ravine, whore the tigor had been drinking. Hero wo took our tUiiii and AVhilo eating, hoard groans, which AVO thought were from the tiger. Following the sound we saw an enormous man eating tigor dashing away through the brush. Shots were tired Avitliout effect. On going farther wo discovered that he had found a buffalo and had been making short work of him. Those buffaloes aro not like those found in America, but smaller, and more like an ox. Later this same tiger was caught in a trap. Wo knew it was uio same, for not more than one is found near a village at. a timo. On an average four or five people Avere killed by tlgei-s on this road hi tjho course of a year. They generally slossc their prey after dusk, and for this reason it is never safe to travel on these roads after (i o'clock at night. It is said that a tiger often selects his man during tlio day, and perhaps follows him for miles, until overtaken by dusk, when he springs on him. Two gontlemm wore once walking over a pineapple plantation Avhon tlioy discovered that they were folloAVod by a titjor. They AVOTO throe miles from home, and, having nothing but shot-guns for AVeapons, could not tiro at the animal. Ho kept at tho same distance behind them all the Avay, and tDioy readied homo before ho attempted to attack. Tho natlA'os nre. in constant terror of these animals, and it. is. almost; impossible' to send thorn out after dark. T haA'o paid $20 to a native for taking a message to the Maharajah after 0 o'clock nt night. tho entries, and then'It might happen that when Ethel- borta, "appalled by tho sight of a strong man weeping, bent over her lovor, laying her white hand upon his broad shoulder, nnd said, 'Marmaduke, what has grieved you so? Speak, dearest, speak!' Sir Marmaduke turned his anguish eyes upon her, and cried in heart-wrung tones: 'Hthelberta-mj Oa»ttpg-<*i, tlwrt it should be, ** i-fr 'Miiii'ii'i " ird castle, who died In 120!), was em- >aimed and inoltxsod In an ivory casket ,iv his AVidow, and A KNOWING DOG. Old Ttovor, owned by John Wilson, bailiff.', 'was making one of his nocturnal perambulations through the town aliout 1 o'clock—no doubt doing duty-a.s night watchman. Crossing the track ho noticed tho unfortunate individual and imedia.toly sol. out to alarm G. A. Nolan, who resides in the nearest house \f> t.het track. Hero lie iMt.rkod and Avhliiod until Mrs. Nolan arose to chase him away, but ho only returned to continue his ho-wlings. Mr. Nolan tlum conceived the idea, that oomolhing might probably be wrong about tho mill, as Rover often visited them there during the day and was well nequaint- . . . . i oil with Iho promises. lit; immediately placed on her table , {}f ^^ ^^ ^^ .^ fmm(1 ^ ready to load toward tho mill. Plu-ir way led across Iho track, but was afterward placed j it every meal; n; was uuorwuu I'" 11 '" 1 ! ,!„„. :m her' own lifeless bosom near Iho :diar in Now Abbey. But the most; curious coincidence connected with tho subject is that the hearts of those groat, rivals, Edward I. and Robert Bruce, were both designed by their possessors on their dealh- Vods for tho holy sopulchor. Edward r barged his son to accompany it to Palestine Avith 1-10 knights and loft 2000 pounds of silver for the expenses of tho expedition. Ho also pronounced eternal damnation on him who should spend the money on any other purpose; but his son took no notico of lh<; lio- quest, and pocketed the coin. Brueo's heart, as wo all know, started on its journey in custody of n'.s faithful friend, Sir James Douglas, who it In a silver casket yoiurl lil when they got that far Hover's course was directed up Iho track to whore Hit; unconscious man lay. When Mr. Nolan arrived on Iho scene he saw tho cause of tin- dog's trouble, and took the unfortunate man lo his house, whore, with good care and proper attention. ho revived. In hail 1 an. hour a. freight train went 1 1 unit lo ring by, ami if it luidn't been for Iho faithful canine hero— over since (he pot of the town (ho Wilson family lamenting Iho loss father. might have boon of a husband or Congressman J. G. Heridrix, of thoi kings county trusty--wpauy A\1U bo president of llu^fl 1'ional Union bank in NoAv^^^BnBHi capital i»

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