The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 24, 1892 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 24, 1892
Page 5
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. V THE tTPPEK DBS MOIMS: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 1892. THE CITY. Taylor advertises bargains. He Grange store has a new an- ncement this week. ie call for city elections sets that oi-tant event for a week from Mon- de annual bean supper of the grand y comes at the court house hall this aing. Phe directors of the county agricul- .1 society should remember the an,1 meeting next Tuesday. esley is discussing incorporation It is the only one of the larger (ij . __ not incorporated now. Marsh Stephens has gone to Ledyard id has opened up the new bank there. Is family remain in Algona. Mrs. Leatherman is suing for a „ -ijrorce in this term of 'court. She al- i r! leges cruel and inhuman treatment. !X&. f A new Smith Premier typewriter and lot of new law books have been !&dded to S. S. Sessions' office the past ' * ' C. L. Lund took a car of fat cattle and ft Car of hogs to Chicago Saturday. He ' had a fine lot of hogs, averaging over . 426 pounds. The young people of Irvington en- ioyed a pleasant dancing party at. the 1 home of Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Sample _' Friday evening. / *The Prairie bridge case was not tried *' last week at Emmetsburg, but was con- /•'tintied until next term, it will be tftfied at the burg then. yifj, • fe /'"''iThe Hamilton hardwood lumberyard Ms advertised this week, and all want- 1 ing to buy lumber will do well to visit thg boys and get their pi-ices. y' \G. M. Doxsee is at present attending • to Mr. Hoxie's business and keeping 'his office open. He returned from his ^Southern trip last week Friday. ',|' '^Presiding Elder Black has lately pur- caased a home in Eagle Grove and it 'is /rumored that he will move there to live. He owns a farm near that «',place. 1 j The ladies of the Catholic church i will give an oyster supper at the <i Grange hall, Saturday evening, Feb. 27. Supper from 6 o'clock till all are 'served. Letters are advertised this week for Wm. Hamilton. W. Shultz, Signer , Carmina Orlando, I. C. Lee, Ellsworth Lacy, C. I. . Liridgrer, Mrs. Elizabeth Hanna. , The odd fellows, who went up to Bancroft last Wednesday to institute anew lodge, report a very enjoyable time. All the boys who visit Bancro/t meet a > hospitable reception. 'Charlie Davison, the son of R. E. Davison of Bancroft, who has been sick so long, is slowly improving. Dr. Garfield informs us he is likely gain complete health. likely to re- ' Chicago's cattle market yesterday is reported slow and unsteady, hogs also in small demand,, receipts, 32,000 head. Algonii prices are, bogs, $4.40; wheat, 70c; oats, 22c; corn, 24c. Mrs. W. H. Conner received word last week of the death of her brother, E. W. Baxter of Griggsville, 111. He was 55 years of age, and died Feb. 16. He was Mrs. Conner's only brother. Horace Hoxie was taken dangerously sick last week with a severe fever. He is now convalescing, and will get well. Mrs. Hoxie was in Knoxville visiting her daughter, but returned at once. J. A. Falwey was brought before ,'Squire Taylor last week on the charge of disposing of mortgaged property, Cattle and horses. He was bound over in $200 bonds to meet the grand jury next week. - It is rumored that the finest lot of fat cattle to leave Kossuth county Will be shipped from Burt soon. They are Peter Kriethe's, average over i!600 pounds, and will fill two cars. 0?hey will be worth looking at. P. M. Barslou is now a lawyer, hav ing made a Bancroft partnership with W. B. Quarton. He will hustle up the business in good style, and when i comes to attending to it our frienc Quarton will be found promptly on hand. | Court sets next Monday, Judge Carr presiding. The docket contains several interesting cases, among them the Burl bigamy case. We understand that the cribbing stallion case will not come on a-t this term as Mr. Dingley is in California. * We furnish this week two interesting letters, one written by Phil. C. Hanna tp • his brothers, picturing his new Ijome, and a graphic description of IVIammoth Cave, by C. M. Doxsee. Two }ut-of-the-way spots on the earth are thus brought home to. our readers in an Entertaining way, ',*, We are pleased to notice that the ^rderly course of affairs at the county jlerk's office has been resumed in the patter of marriage licenses. The past yeek A. J. Clay and Mary A. Morgan, Pas. Pendergast and Katie Roche, Christian Bonnstetter and Mary Bonn- ijetter are licensed to wed. |County Chairman Doxsee issues the pi this week for the republican coun- y convention to select delegates to the fate convention which meets March 19 0 select delegates to Minneapolis. Kflssuth has nine delegates this year. y$e>y will assist in selecting four dele-~ from the state and two from the district. eiit armory. Major John R. Prime of Des Moines, Major C. L. Davidson of Hull, and Capt. A. L. Burnell of Hull were present. We overlooked last week the wedding cards received from Win. G. Clarke, who has deserted the batchelor ranks and united tot life with a very estimable young lady of Sioux Falls. Their home is now at Lincoln, whore Mr. Clarke is attorney for the street railway company. Many old friends in Algona join in congratulations to the newly- wedded couple. E. B. Eddy will give a lecture Friday evening, March 4, at the church at Buffalo Fork. Subject: Mountain Life in the Sixties. The lecture will be an account of his personal experience, facts and not fiction. Admission, 15 cents; children, 10 cents. The proceeds to be applied toward a fund for the purchase of a church bell. Lecture to commence at 7:30 p. m. A telegram from Emmetsburg to the State Register disposes of the rumor published elsewhere about Judge Carr's candidacy for congress: "The special from here to Saturday's Leader is decidedly off. Judge Carr has not been a candidate for congressional honors and will not be in the field; It is not at all probable that Mr. Dolliver will have any opposition.hero." Geo. E. Clarke had a serious time Saturday night as the result of having a tooth pulled. A small artery was broken in the operation and for two hours the doctors labored to stop the flow of blood. This was done after a serious loss, which has left Mr. Clarke somewhat weakened. This experience is^xcoptional, but shows that there are still unexplored terrors connected with tooth pulling. Wm. Ditz, who has been on the J. B. Jones farm for three years, has traded for Gus., Steinburg's restaurant at Bancroft and goes up there this week. He is a pleasant and successful business man and will bo well liked in his new home. Steinburg will spend 4 the summer in this section, but goes into business in the south part of the state, we learn, this fall. And now the Estherville Vindicator says that a corps of railroad surveyors is running a line from Manly Junction in Worth county to Forest City, to be extended through Kossuth. As soon as the road is an assured fact parties are ready to begin the erection of several store buildings at Armstrong Grove. The prospect of a railroad seems good, but there is an indefinite quality to the railway news. But it is evident that there is to be a town at Armstrong. The Algona Knights of Pythias invited in the Bancroft and Wesley lodges Friday evening, gave them a sample OtffittttL iKLAGUAtRA, He Tells in a Pleasing Way What He Thinks of a Country where Overcoats Are No Good. Something About Our Commercial Relations, which Have Been Much Improved of Late. $'JA very sad and unexpected death ras that of Mrs. Fred. Miller of Plum Jreek Friday afternoon at 4 o'clock. PC was sick but a short time. She &g,ves her husband with a large family | ; :ohildren. The funeral was held on Jpnday and was attended by the neigh- jjy-s and friends, who sympathize deep||with the mourners in their loss. fjfi. large audience gathered at the formal hall last Friday evening to hear Declamatory contest among the stud- ft|s. Fine music, club swinging by pis. Taylor, and fine declamations gjjpprisea the programme. The j udges tarded the first place in the contest JfMlss Margaret Rutherford, whose >rt was very highly commended. rhe public inspection of Company F ped out as many spectators as there •p room for last Wednesday evening the cour* house, and the boys passed mod inspection in all the movements have moom to practice in the pres- of initiating, and an oyster supper at W. A. Ladendorfl's. The evening was pleasantly spent and the' boys enjoyed the visit immensely. Those present from Bancroft were Thos. Sherman, A. Sundstrom, M. A. Turner, J. A. Campbell, S. Mayne, Geo. Hollo way, R. M. Richmond, I. S. Bruer, Geo. W. Smith and W. E. Jordan. The visitors from Wesley were H. C. Hollenbeck, F. Heal, F. Hume, G. B. Hall, F. J. Kernan, F! Cory, Geo. Howard, C. Potter, Geo. Frink, F. Amesbury and R. Hill. The lodge room was crowded, and besides the entertainment our visitors put the Algona lodge under obligations, as their coming was fruitful in the way of back dues paid up. Come often. We had the pleasure of spending Sunday at Eagle Grove with EugeneSchaff- ter, whose letters of foreign travel were published in THE UPPER DES MOINES some months ago. The Grove is one of the booming cities of northern Iowa, and has put up some very handsome brick blocks the past year and will put up more this season. J. C. Heckart and his family are enjoying life there, and Ed. Lyons has built a handsome home and is permanently located. Mrs. Rev. Glasgow, formerly Miss Willey, has been in poor health for some time, which her many friends here will regret to learn. One of the handsomest homes in the city belongs to Mr. and Mrs. Homer Miller, Mrs. Miller being well known to many Algonians as Miss Brown of Humboldt. Electric lights go in this spring, which with flowing wells at every house, and plenty of rail- CONSULATE OF THE UNITED STATES FOB LAGUAYRA and the Dependencies Thereof, Jan. 1, 1892.—My DealBrothers: I send my best wishes for the new born year '92, but in such a mild climate as this I can scarcely believe that it is New Year's day. The thermometer in the balcony of the consulate told 76 degrees at sunrise and 80 degrees at noon. I take record of the temperature five times each day and the average at this time of the year, here at the seaport, is about 76.5 degrees (70* degrees.) Up in the mountain at Caracas, six miles away, the average winter temperature is about 63 to 05 degrees, and for the year about 71 degrees. I think LaGuayra has as much heat in a year as any seaport on earth. I have never known my thermometer to sink below 75 degrees night or day, and only once have I seen it below 76 degrees. It generally stands at 76 degrees at sunrise and about 80 at noon this time of the year, for bear in mind it is now winter and we are having our cold weather. The average temperature at LaGuayra during the past year was about 85.10, somewhat higher than the average of northern Eowa, but you had much hotter weather for a few days last summer than we had at this port. The climate is too hot at LaGuayra in the summer to suit the tastes of the average American, and but few of our people from the states would select this for a summer resort. If they do they must seek the cool side of a shade tree, take sleep in the middle of the day, and not expect to go out without protection from the sun, therefore I shall not boast of the hot weather season here nor shall I try to make you think the summer heat at this port would be in harmony with the tastes of people from Iowa. But one season I can with a very clear conscience boast road men, insure a continuance of lively times. For Rent-For SaJe. I have from 75 to 140 acres of good plow land to rent. Will have a 4-room house completed by April 1. Prefer to furnish 10 cows and 10 sows, and rent for shares, » I have two young horses, coming 4 and 5 years old, for sale reasonably. 48 T. H. CONNER, Algona, la. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Dr. Peters returned last week from a trip to his-old home in Elkader. of, namely, winter. You may talk of Italy, of southern Europe, of South Sea Islands, and the West Indies, but for mild unchangable temperature, refreshing mountain and ocean air, sweet, pure water to drink, warm sea and river water to bathe in, most lovely moonlight nights, and a climate which never knew a chill, Macuto in winter surpasses all the earth. I know of no more lovely spot for our American health seekers, no more desirable place for tourists, for gentleman and ladies of wealth who are in the habit of wintering in the south, for children and old people who want to escape even chilly weather such as we find in winter in all the southern states, for persons who have been disappointed in love and are seeking some quiet lonely spot where they may recuperate, rally from their wrecked condition and apply some sweet healing balm, for young people who are love sick, for newly married folks who want to go where they can see mountains, hear the unceasing roar of old ocean until they grow romantic and quote all the machine love poems ever heard of, or for rich old maids, who have long dreamed of some fail- place where they would meet their lover, where they would renew their "the lives of great men live after them" we shall see the good fruits of the earnest labors of these two good and great men remaining and growing long after the men who planted the tree have passed away. I had the honor of some personal acquaintance with Mr. H. L. Boulton and I found him, as did everyone who knew him, to bo not only a great commercial man full of enterprise and push, but with a great heart full of kindness and friendly interest toward mankind, and ever ready to assist any good cause and aid those who were needy. For many years their ship line consisted of several sailing Vessels, running between here and the states. Under their careful supervision the ttwje increased to such an extent that steamships of largo size were needed and they have kept adding thereto and improving until the line has six fine ocean steamships. These ships have every modern improvement such as electric lights, electric call bells, etc. They come under the late subsidy bill and carry the mail for the United States government. I take considerable pride in the fact that the public in general pronounce "the American line" the cleanest and the best kept line of steam ships that enter the port of LaGuayra. Our people in the north who want to spend a few of the winter months in a sunny clime can not do better than come to Macuto, and you will find as good and safe a line of ships as plows the ooean to bring you here. Write to Boulton, Bliss & Dallott, 71 Wall street, Now York, they will gladly show you the way to reach Venezuela, the country which has as fine a winter climate as ever Italy dreamed of. This is the time of the year when the coffee crop begins to be shipped. Coffee is king in this country and there is no better coffee raised on earth than that raised'in Venezuela. On the 12th day of December the American flag floated at half mast over the United States consulate, it being the anniversary of father's death. The flags of other leading nations out of respect to the father of the American consul were placed in the same position, and I truly believe that flags never floated half mast in remembrance of a bettor man, than when on Dec. 12, we lowered them in sad remembrance of the death of George W. Hanna. I quite agree with the captain of an American FARMERS' INSTITUTE PROGRAMME Subjects to bo Discussed at the Meet- Ing March lo-i.i— Meetlutr of the Agricultural Society Directors. The committee appointed to prepare the programme for the farmers' institute, to be held at thfe.*ourt house on Thursday and Friday, March 10-11, have handed in the following subjects and appointed the speakers to discuss them, with the request that anyone part notify who will be unable to take Secretary Sessions at once. The Benefit to the Farm of Agricultural Newspapers, L. L. Klinefelter. The Care of Hogs, B. F. Smith. How to Utilize our Stalks to the Best Advantage, C. Wiltse. Are Sheep Profitable? D. A. Wallace. How to Cure for Sheep, A. L. Helton. How to Make our Milk Cows Profitable, J. R. Dutton and G. S. Wright. Co-operative Creameries, Geo. S. Angus. Best Grasses for Hay and Pasture, E. W. Donovan. What Kinds and How Much Poultry is it Profitable for the Farmer to Raise? W. M. Hoathershaw. Is it Profitable for Farmers to Grow Fruit for Market, M. D. L. Parsons and R. J. Hunt. Can the Average Farmer Profitably Raise Colts? C. R. Lewis. Benefit to Farmers of a Successful County Fair, C. L. Lund. Is the Feeding of Steers in Small Bunches Profitable? R. M. Gardner. How to Make the Farm Homo Attractive, Mrs. G. W. Eddy. ' The Good Qualities of the Jersey Cow, W. H. Clark. How to Improve our County Roads, Goo. E. Boyle. The institute will open Thursday afternoon and continue till Friday evening, and the success that has attended these meetings in the past promises a pleasant and profitable session. MEETING OF DIRECTORS. The regular annual meeting of the directors of the Kossuth County Agricultural society will bo held Tuesday, March 1, at the office of S. S. Sessions. Arrangements will be made for the coming county fair, and the presence of all the directors is especially desired. C. L. LUND, President. S. S. SESSIONS, Secretary. Taylor's A Coming Entertainment. The following programme will be rendered at the Congregational church Friday evening: Removal Sale, L. J. Rice and daughter spent Sunday with friends at Renwick. C. C. Nourse, Jr., was in Algona Monday on legal business, coming from Des Moines. J. W. Hinchon took one of his boys to Des Moines last week to see the legislature. J. B. Winkel and A, Hough went to Chicago Saturday with four cars of stock. Mr. Winkel had private business to attend to. Mr, and Mrs. J. O. Reaver came up rom Knoxville Monday on account of Mr. Hoxie's illness. This is Mr. Reaver's first visit since moving. The visitors from Algona to Des Moines last week met Earl Tennant, who is taking a business course in the Highland Park school. He likes Des Moines. W. B, Quarton was in Des Moines last week looking up his cases in the state ibrary. He has several important questions for this term including the Republican's libel suit. We learn that J. W. Bar tie tt has removed from Kansas City, and is to locate at or near Waco.Texas, and open a branch of the New England loan company. He has a fine opening. Ambrose A. Call is back from his Louisiana trip. He found the towns rather quiet, but in the rice growing region the settlement is active. Many northerners are locating in that section. Thos. F. Cooke started yesterday on a pleasant trip.. He goes to New Or- eans, then across to St. Augustine, and rom there to New York returning by Washington and other cities. He will be gone some four weeks. youth and again be happy, for all classes of people who need rest for a winter in some warm climate, I send them welcome, for I have found the place they seek, namely, the little seaside town Macuto, which is a suburb of La- Guayra, and connected by steam street car line. This resort lies at the foot of a great mountain, which lifts its head something like 9,000 feet, and which ever presents a most beautiful picture. Beside several boarding houses and smaller hotels, Macuto possesses what is supposed to be the best hotel in Venezuela, the rates at which are from $2 to $3 per day. Special rates can always be made by parties or by persons who want board by the week or month. There are cottages for rent which families can obtain for the winter and keep house. The city of LaGuayra needs a good first class hotel, kept on the American and European plan, and would be a very profitable business for some first class American hotel man. The trade between Venezuela and the United States is rapidly increasing and I think the time will shortly come when the states will buy all that Venezuela has to sell, and will sell to Venezuela nearly all that she has to buy away from home, The owners of the American line of ships known as the Red D, line running regularly between New York and Venezuela and carrying the U. S. mail, deserve almost the entire credit for .this now well established and rapidly increasing trade between these two republics. The Red D. line was established many years ago by the Hon. Henry L. Boulton of Venezuela and his brother of New York. The Mr. Boulton of New York died there this last summer, and Mr. H, L. Boulton died at Caracas on the 26tU of November last. They had lived honoiv able and useful lives; were both men whose influence for good was fel$ during their life-time, an d men ' gonT ship, who, looking at a life size picture of father which hung in the consulate, asked: "Who is that man? He looks as though he would have made a. blamed sight better president than that man yonder" pointing to the picture of a certain ex-president. I am yours heartily, PHILIP C. H. Great Day for the Baptists. To the Editor: Last Sunday morning the Baptist people voted to build a new house of worship on the southeast corner of their lots, not to exceed in expense $5,000, providing $3,500 can be subscribed before beginning. We hope to raise this by June 1, 1892, and begin work. We hope the church and pub-' lie generally will be ready to respond liberally as we call upon them. As the result of the recent revival efforts seven have been received for baptism, and some twelve have united recently by letter and experience. The church are enthusiastic in their general work. They are a noble band of disciples, and their future looks very hopeful. Rev. R. Carroll was a great blessing to us in helping to lead souls to a final committal. W. H. DORWARD. Geo. E. Marble, at Burt, Sells Best package coffees, per Ib. $ .23 Best small-sized yeast, per pkg... .03 Best large-sized yeast, per pkg... .06 Best oatmeal, 7 Ibs for 25 Best cranberries, per quart 10 Best tomatoes, per can 10 Best California peaches, per Ib ilO Lenox soap, per box 4.00 Plug tobacco, per Ib. 25 25-oz splendid baking powder ,25 Soda, per Ib o7 Oh, we can quote prices, and sell the PART I. Piano Duet "Sonata In D" Diaballa Lizzie Wallace and Clara Olaou. Vocal Duet, " Through Valloy. ThvouRli Forest".. P. Slangim Maud Cowan and Prank Telller. Tableau " The Dance of the Muses" Piano Solo Erma D. Clarke. Tableau " Death of Virginia" "Promenade of the Broadway Belles" Tableau In three divisions, fl The Witches in Macbeth." PAIIT II. Vocal solo Miss Randall Tableau... "The Toilet of tlie Bride" Recitation, Mother and Poet" Elizabeth B. Browning Miss Edith Clarke. Piano duet, " Qul Vive" Qanz Maud Smith and Mabel Smith. Tableau "TheNiobe Group" Chorus Admittance: Adults, 25 cents, child-, ren, 15 cents. Ice cream and cake will bo served in the church parlors after the entertainment. C.larltson'8 Proposed Reforms. In other ways the republican party can go still nearer the people. There are several things I would like to see it enter upon. First; I would like to see it declare for one term in the presidency, a term of six years. This amendment could be adopted to take effect in 1900, or 1904. so that it could not be defeated as every movement of this kind has been heretofore from being considered a reflection upon an existing president. I would like also to see United Muslin Underwear, Gowns, Skirts, and Corset Gov'rs goods, too. 35 GEO. E. MARBLE, Burt, Iowa. FOB the Mardi Gras, to be held at New Orleans, La., March 1, 1892, the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Bail- way Co. will $35.80.—4513 sell round-trip tickets at For Sale. One lumber wagon, one double harness, one riding pony, one colt 8 months old, one cow 4 years old, also a good work team and one three-seated platform wagon, all for sale cheap for cash or good, bankable paper. Notes on ten months' time. 4540 ABBAM WOLFE AND WIFE. JOB lot Men's Caps, worth from 75o to $1.25—your choice now, 50c, at Geo. L. Galbraith&Co.'s. Horses for Sole. Stephens & Biroher will buy or sell horses, and have now some very fine mares on hand for sale, especially some high grade Norman mares. Will fill orders for any kind of horses wanted,-tf ALL kinds of arctics at greatly reduced rates at Stough's. •A. M. & G. M. JOHNSON sell the Minneapolis Foul Seed Cleaners. Call and see what they will do.—46t4 JOB lot of Corsets—you choice for 50 cents, Geo. L. Galbraith & Co. THE largest line of harness ever in Algona is now to be seen at' F. S Stough's, COME in and see the bargains we are offering in shawls. Geo. £ Gajbraith IF you evei> you States senators elected directly by the people. This would cure much of the enervation which has loag been visible in the senate. Beyond 'this I would take the postoffice out of national politics and put it in neighborhood politics. I cannot share in the opinion of republican and democratic reformers who would select at Washington, by some devices of a commission nearly all the postmasters for the 70,000 postal communities of this nation. For I would not take away, and in my judgment the American people will never allow to be taken away, from each community the right to a voice in the selection of its own postmaster. There is no reason why every postmaster should not be elected by the people whom they serve. The postoffices have been largely the element of discord in national politics. They lead very often to party division and party weakness. They have killed off more good congressmen and more good senators than all other causes combined. There are no ills in this government which cannot be cured by carrying them directly to the decision and the wisdom of the plain people. SEASONABLE^ ADVICE. A Favorite for the Winter Months-Do You Wonder What It Ig? F. W. Dingley, druggist, takes especial pleasure in supplying his customers with the best medicines obtainable. Among the many excellent preparations on his shelves may be mentioned Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, a favorite during the winter months on account of its great success in the cure of colds. There is nothing that will loosen a severe cold so quiokly, or so promptly relieve the lungs. Then it counteracts any tendency toward pneumonia. It Is pleasant and safe to take, uud fullv worthy of its popularity. Knows It to Be Belialilp. Dr. R. L. St. John of Howliuid, Putnam county, Missouri, takes especial pleasure in recommending Chamberlain's Cough Remedy because he knows it to be reliable. He has used it In his practice for several years and says there is none better. It is especially valuable for colds and as a preventive and cure for croup. This most excellent remedy is sold by F. W. Dingley. It Has No Rival. As a preventive and cure for croup Chamberlain's Cough Remedy has no rival. It is iu fact the only remedy that can always be depended upon and that is pleasant and safe to take. There is not the least danger in giving it to children, usI it contains nothing injurious. Sola ' " F. W, DSngley. In addition to the above we are selling Table Linen, Napkins, Towels, and Crash At prices you will not think we could afford. -AT- IScaYarl « One and a quarter yds wide; the very best goods made. in 60-cent bottles by If You Aw Troubled wltu rheumatism pr a U>me back bind on over the seat of fl»e pajn s dampened with V ia $00. - ^ (F iCl, •h's. You will find these Oil'. Cloths Nice and So Cheap That you can cut them for fancy work,' splashers, pantry shelves, child's bibs, etc.

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