The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 24, 1892 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, February 24, 1892
Page 2
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ALGONA, IOWA. PEKSOSTAX, JOINTS. The life of Mrs. Hearst, the widow of tha California senator, is said to be insured for $400,000. * * * The prince of Naples will otart on a tour of Australia. He will be accompanied by an official charged to report on Australia as a field for Italian immigration. * » # The German kaiser recently surprised his cooks and scullions by invading the imperial kitchen without notice. He was escorted, of course, by the steward of the household. * * # Suchetti, who recently married an heiress of the old Italian house of Barberini, is said to have become a duke, prince, marquis and count by tbe payment of fees that netted the Italian government nearly $50,000. * # * Miss Matilda Phillips, the only sister* of Adelaide Phillips, and herself a noted opera singer,' lives in the family's old homestead at Marshfield, Mass., the old home of Daniel Webster. She is a woman in whom people find many attractions, and her friends are legion. * * * Queens county, Nova Scotia, has elected Frank G. Forbes, liberal, to tho dominion parliament on a platform of unrestricted reciprocity with the United States. » * * (jpurgeon used to employ Lelp in preparing some of his sermons and addresses. It is related that a gentleman who frequented the British museum use' to find another man continually examining volumes of the fathers and the puritan divines. One day the first of these visitors laid: "I suppose, sir, yon are preparing come work of great research?" "Oh," said the other, "don't you know who I am? I am Surgeon's man. I'have to get up for him all the most telling anecdotes from old or not generally accessible books." # * * Sir Morell Mackenzie's household expenses were very great. He kept sixteen servants, beside-) a private coach for himself and another for his wife, and spent every cent of his $60,000 yearly income. Both the distinguished doctor and his wife were very fond of society, and their home in London was the resort of brilliant people. It was a rare thine for a caller to find them alone in the evening, and even then they were in full evening dress, Mrs. Mackenzie blazing with diamonds. The doctor's three daughters are said to be very handsome girls and all as fond of society as their parents were, * * * The oldest Unitarian minister now living is probably Rev. Thomas Treadwdl Stone, D. D., of Providence, who completed his ninety-first year last week. Ha is vigorous enough to address a meeting of ministers, and did so last Monday. .* # * THE UPPMDES MOlNm ALGOflA* tQWA. WjDNESDAYi •^ **~;~V; ;- ._. ^ ^...^....j^sgftjjjlaiiA&sa&aiaiiiiLamaaaa^.'- " ' "-'" '- •-"•-----••""'^ •-,,»'* *.».,* i rr fn -.iif niiifi-i r li-jji^ia^^^rFifMMMMaaaMii^^aM^aBiiMMii^^^MMMlBaMMailBMMBMi^M^M^^^^^ai^^^^^^^^^^M TBTMTEST1EWS. 24,1892. G-EjNERAIi NOTES. AT Monto, N. D.. the thermometer Monday registered 28 degrees below zero. WM. A. SMITH, B, Boston diamond dealer, has failed with liabilities of $30, 000. CHICAGO and Omaha capitalists have purchased a site at Creston, Iowa,on which to erect a packing housb. A CHICAGO syndicate is negotiating for the purchase of onyx deposits in Tehuacan Mex. POSTMASTER GENERAL WANNAMAKER is said ti have made $1,300,000 by the rise in Reading stock. ELDER EADES, the best known Shaker in the United States, died at Louisville, Saturday, aged 75 years. COUNT VON BLUCHEH, whose marriage at Milwaukee last July caused such a sensation, has just died in a New York lodg ing house. ALBION W. SMALL, president of Colby University, "Waterville, Me., has accepted the position of profflfsor of social science in'the university of Chicago. CHINA'S diplomatic representative in Washington has laid the question of the anti-Cbinese disturbances at Butte, Mont., before Secretary Blaine. WILLIAM H. GIUNNELL, the new third assistant secretary of state, reported for duty at the state department in Washington Monday morning. WINTER wheat is said to have been considerably injured by the late freeze in Tennessee. ARCHDUKE CIIAKLES Louis has been nominated patron of the Austrian section of the world's fair. SARAH ALTHEA TERRY, who dissap- peared at Sail Francisco while crazy; has been found at the home of her old uegro nurse. Tnn, holding of a national conference of independent voters from all over the north is proposed by the' Massachusetts reform club THE secret of the withdsawal of the Louisiana lottery from the fight for the renewal of its charter is said to be the fact that it has made arrangements to establish itself in Mexico. MILTON M. MOHHILL, a prominent attorney, died at Nauvoo, 111., aged 76. He was a brother to the late Gov. LotM. Morrill, of Maine. TWENTY-TWO claims, aggregating $1,135,000, have been sworn out by sailors of the Baltimore, for injuries suffered at the hands of the Valparaiso mob. PHILIP BROOKS, a member of the New York stock exchange, has failed, with liabilities amounting to $400,000 and nominal assets. ON Wednesday night, Dr. Newman Horton, inventor of the reclining chair for railway cars, died at Kansas City. He left a large fortune as a result of his invention. OBITUARY: At Cold water, Mich., Editor George W. Sterns, aged seventy- four.— At Vandalia, 111., Ludwig Hauseman.—At Winona, Minn., Judge Daniel Evans, acted seventy-seven.—At Wooster, Ohio, Dr. 0. N. Sloddarcl, of Wooster university, aged eighty. EDWARD HOLDSHIP and jBafry BarJaard were arrested'and taken''to Elyfia,' 0., Tuesday for robbery and jail breaking committed when only 14 and 16 : years o_ld. respectively, families. They are members of. "a JOHN HYER, the absconding Jersey City embezzler, £who escaped from 'Detective Dalton some days ago', has voluntarily •given himself up. ' A SPECIAL received at Denver, says that Bob Fordj the slayer of Jesse James, was shot and killed Wednesday during a row in a saloon at Creed, Col., a • new mining town. JEALOUSY led John Molloy, of Toledo, Ohio, aged 72 years, to kill his wife, whose age was the same as his Own. , Having committed the murder he shot himself twice in thd head, and died. RECENTLY Joseph Schille, superintendent of thfi Murphysboio, 111., brewery discharged Louis Miller, an employe, for cause. Friday evening Miller went to Schille's house, called him out and shot and killed him. Miller is under arrest'. FIRES AND CASUALTIES. A STOCKMAN and his little daughter were killed by wild dogs in Kansas. FRANK TYLER and his wife were both crushed to death while attempting to repair an outbuilding ou their farm in Arkansas. Two Hungarians, engaged as oil drillers in McDonald, Pa.', were killed by an express train on the Panhandle road Saturday morning. THE railroad transfer steamer, Vice President, caught fire at Cape G'rardeau, Mo.', Monday morning, and burned to the water's edge.' No insurance. MRS. GREGORY, of Welford, S. C., while making soap, was burned to death by her clothing taking fire. Her sister, who came to her assistance, met the same fate. ONE of the largest of the Dobsons's woolen factory buildings at Falls of Schuylkill, Pa., burned Monday, causing a loss of $150,000. FIRE in the extensive works of the Tygert Allen Fertilizer company,, at Greenwich Point destroyed most of the build ings, causing a loss estimated at $50,- AN explosion of crude petroleum gas in the facto/v of the Artificial Ice company, Chicago, fatally injured Peter Clark, the engineer, and seriously wounded three other employes. THE Chronicle block and a number of dwellings were destroyed by tire Saturday morning at Elizabeth, Pa. The inmates escaped in their night clothes and suffered severely from the extreme cold. Loss, 535,000. CONGRESS. FRIDAY, Feb. 12. _ HOUSE.—A resolution was adopted Eet- ting apart Saturday, April '2, for tributes of respect for the late Congressman Ford, of Michigan; also to print 6,000 additional "".nVllAfl f\T f.nQ 1tl*aC91 rloni-'o -mi-inm* r*.r. A.- i.l_ — pawed: Increasing the limit of the coat of the public building at St. Paul, Minn., to 81,400,000; increasing to §800,000 the appropriation for a public building at Omaha. The Idaho contested election case was then taken up. Mr, Gray supporting the 1 claim of Mr. Claggett, and Messrs. Chandler and Palmer defended Mr. Dubois' title to the seat, but no decided action was taken. HOUSE'AThe house went' into a committee of the whole, when a lengthy debate took place on the Indian appropriation' bill for' the „school at Carlisle, ; Pa. The committee arose without making any recommendation, when the house adjourned. THURSDAY, Feb 18. SENATE:—Mr Palmer of Illinois, strong* ly advocated an amendment to the constitution, by which United States senators should be elected by a direct vote of the people/ A bill was reported authorizing the construction of a bridge across the Illinois river near Havana, Illinois. Pcffer, Perkins, Morrill, Allison, Hale, Daniels. Dolph and Turpie delivered eulogies on the late Senator Plumb, and the senate adjourned. HOUSE: The house was called to order by speaker Crsip, who resigned ;',tbe gavel to Mr. Richardson of Tenn. The president's message relative ito the 'Choetaw and Chicka- sa\V claims was laid before the house and read. Quite a lengthy discussion arose on the free silver bill. Mr. Blond claiming that attempts were being made to array the Grand Army against the bill, but no action was taken. Consideration of the Indian bill appropriating funds to the Carlise school was resumed, but decision was reached. Domestic Tragedy Shocks Residents of the American Colony at Cannes. Edward .Parker Deacon Shoots Frenchman Who Has Dishonored His Home. and there are prospects" oTafS^Sl ment of the trouble. B B The Old Story of an Illicit Infatuation and Subsequent Disgrace, Louise Pomeroy, who ip now playiftg the minor parts in a traveling theatrical company, is a striking instance of the mutations of fortune 1 .' Twenty years ago she was the bride of '"Brick" Pomeroy, formerly of Wisconsin, and had received from him as a wedding gift an opera house valued at $75,000. Mrs. Pomeroy is now the wife of the actor, Arthur Elliott. FOREIGN. HENHY WARDLE, a member of the En- glisb house of commons, is deacj. SIXTY persons suspected of being anarchists have been arrested in Berlin. FREDRICK AI/ERS HANKEY, a conservative member of the English house of commons, died Monday. BARON Albert Rothschild has donated TELEGRAPHIC FLASHES. A new bank has boon organized at Atwood, 111., with n cash capital of 835,000. The Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton Railroad company has advanced the wages of freight conductors and Drakemcn thirty and ten cents per clav n -vi ft »«.. 1 _ „ „ „ Jl _ « i *'* and makes a day's work half hours. seven and a Returns of the French Board of Trade ehow that import* increased 181,314,000 francs and exports increased 38,334,000 francs in the month of January as compared with the corresponding month of 1891. Five mon wore badly burned, one fatally, at a foundry in Pittsburg-, Pa. by an explosion of molten metal caused by cold water dropping in tho metal. Mrs, Ann Sdmlta, an old lady who lived on her farm near Taylor Center, Mich., 1ms mysteriously disappeared. Two burg-lars named Silver and Lannon, escaped from the Burlin 850,000 toward building a consumption hospital in Vienna. ACCOKDINQ to advices from Egypt civil war is raging in Khartoum and vicinity. The Kassals are reported depopulated. _ VESUVIUS is again in a state of eruption and is sending a stream of lava into the Atrio del Cavallo. A DISPATCH from Algiers .states that seven Arabs were killed by the caving in of the roof of a grotto in which they sought shelter. A NEPHEW of the late Matthew Arnold, Dr. Howard Arnold, .has committed suicide with prussic acid in a fit of insanity caused by grip and skeplessness. A STBONO shock of earthquake has been copies of the president's message on the Chilean question. The first regular appropriation bill was passed to-day, being that of the nmended military academy bill, which, as finally passed, was reduced about $65,000. A bill to credit Aquilla Jones, late postmaster at Indianapolis, with S2.438, the amount of loss .sustained by him by robbery, was laid ou the table. SATUHDAY, Feb. 13. HOUSE.—A committee was appointed to investigate the affairs of the pension office. Ttw bill to promote the safety of national banks was taken up, and after some discussion, was passed. On moiion of Mr. Outhwaite, of Ohio, a bill was passed ;m thorizinff the board of managers of the national soldiers' homes to appoint (heir officers from tLe soldiers who served in the late wnr without regard to rank. Ihe bill amending the internal revenue law by abolishing the minimum sentence WATER DAMMED BY A GORGE. Towns on tlio Allegheny Elver Threat* encil Because of the Sudden I?ise. PITTSIIUBG, Pa., Feb. .]».—The ice gorge at Parker Gity is still Intact and the greatest alarm prevails. There are a series of gorges between Brady's Pond and a short distance above Parker. The chief danger lies in the strength of the Parker gorge and the •weakness of the one above. It is feared that tlio upper g'orge will break. The result would be that a dam would be formed similar to the one a few years ago at Brady, wheie tha river rose six feet in seven minutes. The operators telegraph that the gorges are frozen almost solid and it would require much work to break them The citizens of Parker have tried in vain to cut a passage through, the gorge and are working on it yet. So far. the efforts to blow it up with dynamite have been fruitless. to for the violation thereof was passed felt at Zarrafabo, a market town of Sicily, twelve miles north of Catania, on the eastern declevity of Mount /Etna. SIXTEEN thousand more persons from the famine stricken districts of Russia have taken refuge in St. Petersburg, and have been quartered on various householders PASTonWENDT, n well-known clergy ' without division. On motion of Mr. floor, of Mass., a committee was appointed to investigate the so-called sweating syfc'em of tenement labor. MONDAY, Feb. 15. HOUSE.— Mr. McMillan presided in the absence of Speaker Crisp, who was absent trom sickness. Mr. Hatch moved to pendthu rules and adopt a resolution requesting the committee on agriculture to report the effect on the agriculture of the present tariff. After some discussion, the resolution was adopted without division. lae bill to establish lineal promotion in the army, after a short discussion, was passed under suspension of the rules. Iowa, jail by wall. digging ;,, i, olc ian ton, the Ihe Sagmaw (Mich.) city council has accideil that City Clerk John C. Matthews is guilty of retaining money he- longing to the city and has declared his omce vacant. A mass-meeting was held at Monterey, Mcx., last night, and tho universal choice seemed to he Dian' reelection. A passenger train crashed into a horse-car at the Broad street crossing to Newark from New York. Seven persons received dangerous iniuries. Coroner Shea of New York is conducting an inquest upon the seventeen Victims of tho Hotel Itoyal liri-. Ni.,-] lt Clerk Underwood has disappeared and cannot be found. It is reported that L. II. Green, now manager of the Mill Creek distillery of •U«cmnati, will be made president of Distillers' and Cattle Feeders' com- SKNATE.—A bill appropriating $15,000 tor the improvement of the Mississippi river, was reported. A concurrent resolution to investigate the recent admission into the port of New York ol Russian imi- firants infected with typhus fever, was introduced by Mr. Chandler and passed after remark?. On motion of Mr. Gibson (Li.) , „. , ,, - .—-— —BJ , the senate bill appropriatine 8350,000 for man ot Kiel, Germany, has been removed a dry doc'c on the government reservation from his charge for denouncing from the near Algiew, La., and JiraithiK the co 11» pulpit tho educational bill fathered by the §850,000, was passed The bill to autho," "overnment. jze the construction of a bridge across the A FISHING boat foundered off the Irish Missouri river between its mouth and the coast Monday night and five of the crew mouta of the Dalcotas, or James river- were drowned. A schooner also went '^ross the Mississippi river between. St ashore on the coast of the North Sea, but laul > Minn., and Sauthport, la., and the crew were saved by a life-line and | acros 8 the Illinois river, between the TO SHUT OUT TYPHUS. Steamship Companies Will Refuse Transport Russian Hebrews. NEW YORK, Feb. 18.—The agents of the White Star, Hamburg-American and North German steamship lines have cabled directions to the agents in Europe to accept no more Kussian Hebrew passengers. This refusal of the companies to take any more of these passengers will prevent the spreading of the fever here. The .action of the companies was prompted by the expressed determination of the port health officials to detain at quarantine every vessel which has aboard as passengers Russian Hebrews. The Dcvonia, and AVaselancl, which arrived to-day, brought a considerable number of Russian steerage passengers. The steamers will be detained for inspection. Santa J'e 'Southern Kulh-oa.l Mooting. SANTA FE, N. Jr., Feb. 38.—The annual meeting of the Santa Fe Southern railroad stockholders took place here resulting in the election of the following directions: S. F. Sullivan, C. H. Eichs, C. A. Bramlcy, P. R. Chilton, E. B. Lelane, New York: Thomas 15. Calron and .John Symjiing-ton of Kanta Fe. L. JM. Molly, president uncl general manager for fivoyuars, retires, and the officers arc E. U. Chapman of New York, president, T. B. Calron of Santa Fe, vice-president, while Superintendent T. S. Helm assumes the general management. CANNES, Feb. 18.—The most, intense excitement was caused in the large American colony here today by the announcement that one of the most prominent visitors at the place, Edward Parker Deacon, a native of the United States, had shot and killed a Frenchman connected with the diplomatic service, named Arbelle. The story is an old one. A handsome woman is mated to a man whom she betrays, forgetting him in her infatuation or fancy for another man, bringing shame and sorrow upon her family. Deacon and wife had been sojourning for some time past at the Hotel Splendid with their four children. For a time Deacon has suspected his wife of being unduly intimate with Arbeille, and kept close watch. Last night he discovered Abrcille in'his wife's chamber. He summoned the secietary of the hotel and together they went to Mre. Deacon's apartment and forced the door. Mrs. Deacon was alone. Her husband proceeded to an adjoining room, and there discovered Arbeill* attempting to hide himself behind a chair. Decon leveled a revolver at the man and fired three shots, fatally wounding the Frenchman. Deacon was at once arrested, but it is tho general opinion among American residents here that he did just the right thing. t Another Account. Another report of the affair says Deacon had gone up to Paris, but returned suddenly and went straight to his wife's bedroom. Mrs. Deacon, it appears, had no idea that her husband would return so soon. Rumor has it that Deacon's unex pected return, was caused by an anonymous letter written by a jealous woman. When Deacon burst in the bedroom he found, the story has it, his wife in bed and M. Arbeille standing by the bedside, evidently . with the intention of escaping. After having reproached his wife, who moaned with terror, and crawled from the bed, fell on her knees and piteously implored him to forgive her, the American is said to have turned his wrath upon Arbeille, who had professed the utmost friendship for the confiding husband, ami after upraiding him fired three shots. Tue Frenchman screamed with agony uncl fell back ana died on the mat in front of the bed. Deacon then turned to his wife and said, "Killing is too good for you; you shall be reserved for a worse fate, you shall live DETERMINED TO DIE, A Crazy Vlntem nt the Gtlp Ottl Throat With Broken Claw. NisfivEn, Pa., Feb. 18. — Grumbling, a prominent biisine' while suffering from grip, brokelZJ of glass in the window and delibeL ' ly sawed his throat over the jaJj edges of the glass. .Blood sptrWfliS his clothes and the walls, but he slsted until he fell exhausted to floor. When found he was uacoi 1 seious. A physician was called, *J sewed the wounds up, but while S back wns turned the apparently dy|J man placed his head under the cowl and tore out the stitches, ]| the gaping wound afresh. Before anji thing could be done for him he dead. ftioV? WILL PROBABLY STRIKE. UimiinidH of St. Joseph nntl Grand Iil tl | ICipployos llnvo Jteen Refused, ST. JOSEPH, Mo., Feb. 18.— Qew n ) Manager Simpson, of the Grand Isy road, returned to-rtiiy with tendent O'Neil from n, conference the Union Pacific ollicials at with regard to the demands ployes. He said he had determined!) refuse the demands of the men take the chances of a tie-up trainmen will meet to-morrow strike is expected. liotott Elects Another Marshal, BraoiT.Wis., Feb. 18.—E. N.' who succeeded City, Marshal North, resigned after a brief period of aenlct and last night the council elected .,„,,,,„ jam Appleby as city marshal, GrMtp|| interest has been manifested over UHpl/lf! election, as the temperance people ailft^fe" 1 liquor interests each had candidates In the Held, and owing to the from the council of certain temperanctp? aldermen the other portion won a vlfrgfllacfb' toi-y. As several important liquor cawlifilfcBriol are awaiting prosecution, the election|8^W < of the city marshal, who was a candll^|||^Pa date of the saloonkeepers is highly slf Iti^' 1 "" nificant. Minnesota Odd FelloUN Aleut. ST. PAUL, Minn.; Feb. IS.—The grand encampment of Odd met in St. Paul yesterday in annual session. Two hundred members', rep resenting forty encampments, present. The report of the Patriarch shows the membership have increased by 300 during A proposal to consolidate the encampment and canton was made and referred to a special committee, will report at the next annual ing, to be held at Minneapolis. Hugo, of Duluth, was elected Patriarch. think S 5;lli>&, t were : !p,;$|f ot G. ' $J}Yo (o have the finger of scorn pointed at you during the rest of your life. Never let me see your face again." Mrs. Deacon at these words gave a shriek, and fell flat on her face in a swcon. Jtiff Deal in I'ino l^nuls. SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 13.—The important timber deal ever transacted in this State is now approaching colt! elusion. Miles and lirew.ster, lumber! ,,- , men of Green Buy, Wis., and Tatunp''^P r ' and Uowen of the Red Cross *" "" company, have purchased 2'8,000 of pine timber land in Siekiyou „ Shasta counties. Most of tho land wa$!j?igie hi purchased from tho Southern Pacifif Ifepride company. Total price paid was 3431, ""'"" 000. Michigan capitalists are uego tiatiug for a tract of 7,000 acres adjoin' ing this purchase. leave 1 •love tl as that Itssha ; r He B )thougl: mil At Work Checking Itntcs. KANSAS CITY, Mo., Feb. 18.— Tha Kansas and Nebraska rate committee of the TransmiKsouri Freight association is m session here for the purpose principally of chocking up rates si o-reed upon at their recent conference in Topeka between tlio railroads and the Kansas railroad commissioners. The committee has checked up the stono rates and restored the old rates on live KJENATIVE RIGHTS. Alabama Negroes Move to Oust White Republicans. BnuiiNOHAir, Ala., Feb. 18.-A con- rw-enceot negroes is in session today to con- si tr Ihe relative ri K ht of negroes and white men, especially Vilh reference to accommodations on cars and promotion in politics The chief interest centers about the (net thac (be leaders propose to move as a body against the white republicans and begin bv capturing the chairmanship or the state executive committee. No action has yet been taken. Kf' 8 hd in '' " Miss Fuller Mnrrled. WASHINGTON, Feb. 18.—Announcs ment of the romantic marriage of another daughter of Chief Justice Fuller in.Europe is the gossip of the day in social circles. Mr. Manning, the lucky $0 "i hi bridegroom, is well known here and jfrfcaid— popular, lie is a young and rather WJroin tl handsome f u/low, with good ability and '"' " " good habits. He had the nerve a year or two ago to resign his position as secretary to Senator Butler and return to South Carolina, where he entered a law firm there, and is understood to be doing well. Ho and his bride will makfr South Carolina their home. breeches buoy. ORIMB. JOHN MALLOY, of Toledo, 0., killed his wife and himself. Both were over 70 vears old. JOHN KELLY, the negro who murdered J. T. McAdains at Pine Bluff, Ark., was lynched Sunday in the presence of 10,000 people. WILLIAM ATKINS, aged 13 years, of n, „.,, XT , , ' •= -,-. — ,« . ' ' Irenton, N. J., hanged himself in his mouth and Joliet, III., was also passed. After a lengthy discussion and somo amendments, the bill providing for public printing and binding and distribution of public documents, was passed. TUESDAY, Feb, 16. —Bills were passed ing §60,000 for the erection of ^military 3 at Omaha, and half a million •-Building at Salt Lake Uity. - 6 ^u Deficiency bill was passed. It to the 8600,000 deficiency in the census, 850,000 for the division of " homes and of a morbid disposition, AN Illinois family was poisoned. One death has occurred and six more were expected. A discarded lover pected. THE men indicted by the United States grand jury at St. Paul foi illegal combina- stock into Wichita as ordered by the commissioners, which rates become ef- tootivc Feb. 3D. To-day the committee will work upon the changes made nee- Mlnliiff Kut'lneors Choose Officers. BALTIMORE, Md., Feb. is. — American Institute Tho of Mining Engin- HOUSE.—The Russian relief resolution was tabled and thus permanently killed The committee on elections of president and vice-president and members of congress, reported a joint resolution proposing a constitutional amendment for the ni?fnm « ""^ truat ) ^resent,8500- election of senators by tbe people of the 000,000 of capital. several states. Referred to the house cal- HENUY BLACK, of Bed Bluff, Ark.. end F- . A bil1 authorizing railway corn- shot and killed his stepdaughter because p - a 1 168 to , erant reduced rates to commor- sbe interfered when he was whipping his 01 ?A trave ' MS w «» called up, but went over wife. *' b without action. Some fillibustering was ^Sftffi^TJWJffir.3 Stt^-M-*' 1 " °' killed Monday by Sand Rowe, a Cherokee WEDNESDAY Feb 17 desperado. Thev had been drinlHn» tn o "»«n«.BiJAx, no. 11. Better and quarreled driuklu g to-1 ^Swum-A joint; resolution was - eers elected officers last night, as follows: President, John Biridnbine, Philadelphia; Vice Presidents (to serve two years); Thomas M. Brown Bostol! David T. Day, Washington; John StaZ ton, JScw York City. Managers (to serve three years), II. L; Uolll £ go, G. W. Qootz, Milwaukee, Charles Kirchotf, New York Treasurer, Theodore D. Rand, delplna; Secretary, Rossi ter W. mond, New York City. Wis.. county, Mo., is $8,000 short in his H.C- United States during'the" late war with iolution to inquire as )f _ the acquisition of Mexico, was indefinitely or Wrong T Which willy* have? It doe» geem M « B om« folks prefer to hare the last condition of tho liver rather than the first. They perpetually doss themselves with purgatives totally without virtue as alterative of liver trouble. Hosteller'* Stora- neoofeWhV' the » n «eesinl candidate forth* a? ti l« ?tt e> Md * et l P°I )Ul « r and well known ?"'U. 8 ', ln «? ar « unfortunates who keen on trv. kuo , the P'l bll ° ««» the wen uo , a in n ,,no» i a « l 10D S * r < e .d Properties of the Hitters appeal. Reason should be guided by exoerlam-a our v \, ,. atlon ' 'The *i of ?*P«ience," ealiu groat ta »« ari y revolutionary perlod"suS the CONTINUING UONUS. Secretary of the Treasury Responds to a House Resolution WASHINGTON, Feb. 18.—The secretary of the treasury has written a letter to the speaker of the house in response to a house resolution calling on him for information ''whether at any time since the 4K per cent, bonds became clue there has been sufficient funds m the treasury to pay the same; and if so br what authority he assumed to continue any ot such bonds at 2 per cent, interest, and why the same were not all paid at the time said bonds were due." The secretary eajs the 4^ per cents were redeemable at the pleasure of the United States on three months notice to the holder. He shows that there were suf- licient funos in the treasury to pay outstanding bonds, but says it was deemed prudent and profitable to tho govorn- ni*nt; to continue a portion of them; tho authority under which the bonds were permitted to continue is contained in tho act which authorized their issue. The secretary calls attention to the fact that the 47th congress approved of 5 and 6 per cent, bond sat 3 per cent. j ~" I HAWAIIAN ELECTIONS. lliey Pass off Quletly-Honorg »re 111- videtl. SAN FHANCISCO, jjeb. 18.—Honolulu papers ot _ February 9 state that elections passed quiet'y, the national reform party electing all of the five nobles on the island Oah u, while the liberals elected all the representatives in Oahua except tho first d1 ' 8t «c i t- Bush, Wilcox and Ashford were elected. Returns from tbe other islands are incomplete. . Advices from Apia* Sinioa, state thai important changes have taken place in the political situation there. Ex-King Malafa's followers have found out that those who / i Coulter to ho lioloascd. SAUI/I- STM/MAUIE, Feb. 18—It nofl appears as if Coulter,the murderer who was sentenced to ten years for perjury, will not have to serve thirty days. He- yjfll"lt it to-day discovered that Coulter did not j|| swear to this; he only told the story ,tol|| his neighbors and was under tho hn- f||! prcssion he swore to it. The prosecuting attorney now has no case against Coulter and he will be released. United AVorlfincu to Uomiiin United. OTTAWA, Out., Fob, 18.—The United Workmen have dismissed jt great; length a proposal to secede from the: Supreme court of the United States. The; feeling of the convention was opposed'! to any such severance, and the proposi- j tion was rejected. This settles the j question for the next ton years. ; Accidental Dischiirgii ol' it Gun. • ABEKDKEN, 8. D., Feb. is.—Judson } Colson, living near Northville, w»5 \ killed to-day by tho accidental dis-; charge of a loaded gun-shell ho was| trying to unw.p. Tho shell struck him j just above the left eye, entering his I head out of sight. His death was in-1 ptantaueous. i: il arte< iiust bi Insufllelent Evhl«nce to Convict;. $! BOISE, Idaho, Feb. 18,—The United Iff States District attorney to-duy re-«;8| quested the dismissal of iudictmentj| i against twenty Mormons accused off polygamy and adultery, on the grow that the evidence was insufficient toS r Kxtnidltlon lu Montreal. : MONTREAL, Que., Feb. 18.—The peti-5 tion for the issue of a writ of hub corpus in tbe case of Litzenberg, in ftvvaitiug extradition to 'Chicago, i teen heard and the order made for —-- jfuvnit to-day. The trial v at once.

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