The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 17, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 17, 1892
Page 7
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Nor dare to blame God's gifts for Incomplele ness; , In that want their beauty lies; they rolL Toward some infinite depth of love and sweet ness, Bearing onward man's reluctant soul." IIBH SON ANU 1HS. asked of the off with his "Her lady- Yvonne. when put iny • the lady on Tbe snow had been falling ull'-day long and tlio dml» November weather ha'c changed the etreets of Paris to diauitt drains for the melting An omnibus stopped at tlio head o: Prony street,, and from the aristocratii interior stepped a 12-year-old bov with :. morocco sachel under his arm. He ran to the door of an elegant hous", and the nex moment was chattering up the marble ttcps to the vastibule. ''In mother homo?" he servant, as sha helped him wet overcoat and legjrings. "No," was tbe answer ship has not come in." "And nay sisters?" "Miss Christine ixnd Miss Yvonne are in the reception-room with Diana and their dolls.' 1 In the reception-room he found Cbris tine seated before a cheerful firo. "Oh, how glad 1 am that you hive eroi home!" she cried, throwing her arms about his nude. "We arc so lonely Father went out after breakfast, and mother about the time you left for ocliool Father came back with some cakes, but he went right out again." "I have been thinking of 'father and mother all schoolthne. Something is wrong. Have you not noticed," Chria- tine'r"' "Mother seemed a little put out with f'ftl.ber. But that is nothing new. I have noticed that this long time.'' "Yes,"-cried little 6-year-old "[ have of ten seen papa crying caught him in the stucjy and hands over his eyes. Ever since in red—" , "What is that she is chattering about ?" interrupted the boy, with a superior ii'.r. • | Yvonne was touched in her feminine weakfipot. "I know it better than you for 1 was with mamma. We were com- ins; out of the Louvre shops, and I had my ballcon--the one broke—" "You suould say burst," said her brother. Taking no notice, the child went with her story: "Then uiiima oaid to Firmin, 'I am coing fcj walk across the Palais Royal; have the carriage for'us before the Bourse." ; Christine and Gaetan looked at oilier, hardly able to keep from laughing. Buh Yvomifi kept on with her relic- tions. "1 know what J paw, at any rate. And when we met papa with thu lady in red, mamma drew me away and fqueeajd mv wrist so hj;rd she hart me." "What lady in red?" exclaimed.Chris- tine. "Therp, now,"cried fvonnp, "perbnps you'll believe me., And tbe lady hud nn elegant bonnet and u gold veil, and n silk parasol, and, and—" But Gaetan jumped up suddenly, i : xclaiming: ' Don't listen to her nonsense. Why should not papa walk with a lady in red if he wants to? There are plenty of ladies who come here on mamma's Thursdays, and she and pa don't get-angry over them." "Of course not," said Christine. The hours crept on; the Greek theme is written and Ovid is in a fair way to be converted into bad French)' wh<>n, loneliness proves too much for Gaetan's philosophy, and he gets up to rejoin his sister by the tire. Just then several quick, sharp peals of fhe bell were heard, and a young and beautiful young woman soon made her appearance. The childrmi had hardly finished a stormy but affectionate welcome to their mother when the door a^ain opened and their father came in. He received the children's caresses in an abstracted way, und, turning tp the countess, said, with some emotion; "Clolildp, wo must arrange our affairs immediately. Take the children, out anl oonie back here, I beg of you." "As you like," she said. Left alone, Count Bellefontaine took the code from the table and opened it at articles 1448 and 1449, and read: "The wife who has obtained a decree of separation from bed and board assumes tho free control of her property. She must contribute to the expense of educating the children of the marriage. If her husba.nd hag no property, she must bear the whole of (his exoense." He closed tho book and leaned on Urn mantel with his back to tho fire. "I .don't care for money, but the children. None of thfim are to go with me. The judge so ordered, and they are to be brought to see me once a month. As if I were no longer their father, beenus"— No consideration! Temptation, passion, weakness * * * newer taken into no- crunt, and then in three years divorce— unleps Clotildri should > forgive. She'll never do that, for she has chosen this course." "Thank you, Clotilda You have not kept me waitimr. llnre are the keyes of my secretary. You will find cash and tifce- rleeds all safe." "And how about vouraelf? How nrn ; vou to live? Though I have been wronged, I beur your name, and can not permit you to suffer," "I thank you, Clotilde, for your commiseration, bat I can not accept it at vour hnnrh." _ ' "So, having broken your faith, you wish now to play tho magnanimous!'' '•Remember thtit I hove been deftuUd. 1 am punished enough." "That is so. But that punishment weighs upon me too, and more heavily that you imagine. The sight of my ruined hmne. the publicity of all, und the idal afloat." "Y_fu were inflexible." "My dignity wus at staku, sir." \ "Say your |ride.'*, \ • ' "Yes, and my hate. I could not forgive you for giving me a rival." "A rival!.:* I have told you a hundred times how it was. You were off in the country, nursing your mother. You h<td all the children, and there I was alone in Paris for months, with. •< nothing to do and bored to death. Then the opportunity came." "However, enough of this. I shall say nothing farther than is necessary, and I hope you will spare me any more recriminations'. But promise me that you will not try to alienate the children from me. For I am still their f Either!" "I promise." "Very well. 1 have only to bid goodbye. You h&ve judged mo strictly, and have given me blow for blow. 1 can't complaiUj for the law,,, is on your side. Will you call the children and let me kiss them before 1 go?"; "Certainly." The countess- left, the room, returning presently with the girls. "Are you going awoy ?" exclaimed Christine in alarm, clinging to him. The\.c6unt faced about and saw Yvonne sleeping heavily in her mother's arms. He drew her close to him and gently kissed her, "Yes,' 1 he answered, "i am going on a journey, a rather long one, htile girl. but. I shall bf> 'back soon, and find "you quite grown up." As the ttfo little girls left the room Gaetan rushed in. He pushed by the countess, gathered up iiis books and exercises, ani hastily bundled them into his sachwl. "Are you not going to kiss me?" asked his father. "Don't you know that I am going away?" "Waittill I gebmy things," ho said. Then he took the sachel and fastened it on his father's valise by the straps. "What are you doing, Gaetan?' askeJ! the countess. "Did 1 not tell you that your father was in haste?" Gaetan straightened himself up and turned toward his mother, saying, in a tone of resolute defiance:. "I must csr- tainly take my books, for 1 am going with father!" In vain the countess holdout her firm < tirhim. He only cried still mort! voho mently: "No, no; I do not love you. I beard you drive papa away." His father tried in turn to draw him toward 1 his mother, saying gently; "My boy, be reasonable; you are causing you : mother much pain." But in the middle • of his nervous fury the boy suddenly sank to the floor and lay at his length upon the carpet, crying over and over again: "Papa, papa," as though bis heart would break. The count lifted him and placed him in the great arm-chair, and his mother, in great agitation," kneeled by his sid •. I3ut with a violent increment of his arm the boy pushed her rudely away. "Who could have told Gaetan such ntories?" asked the count. "Nobody haa told me anything," sai.'l jaetan, through his teais. "They tock us n io dinner, but I saw John packing a valise, and I cane, back. The door of tun room was open, and I got behind the screen. And -vhen I heard mimma scold- .ng you, and found thac she had taken uor ceys, I made up my mind not to love her, and to go away with you." " vi y boy, you did very wrong to listen. and you did not understand what your nother said. Be quiet, and believa what I tell you. I have given her the keys because I am going away." "Come, my dear Gaetan, papa is telling the truth. He will return in a tew daja." "Why do you say that minima? I ;eatd father say he would never return. Yvonne warned us. She has often cau^h 1 rapa crying in hi.-i study." 'Ah!" said the countess. " Vou w^p> ! Why did you hide that, aad lui, nn t>i'.nK you wrapped in your proud iusenaitjil- ty?" ''Because you would have laughed nt uv distress, anil I. would noi; give you the jleasure of seeing my te<trs." Both parties were now kneeling by the idfi'of t.hflir boy, and the countpss WUR waiug itttiO her husbundV fytis us thou<ju sho would read his very soui. "You see vfry well that I must go with tiim," said the boy. ''You will lur.i Jhristine and Yvonne, and it is not fair to eaye him ale tie.'" "So you refuse to stay with me?' 1 said tho . •ountpss. . I "Yes, bectu'/e you aro so mean." "And suppose I give the key back o' your father and make him stay iere?" "Oa, my dear good mamma!" The boy hud pissed one arm around hi.* nother'n neck. 'his ether one. being! iround his father's, so that be held tliHiu joth in one embrace. "Then, mamma, as you have made him rv, kiss him and then I will kiss him with II my heart." "Clotilde!"' be^y^d Uie count ovorcomu, 'for ourbov's sake." "Yes! 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Kennedy's ioal Discovery Takes hold in this order: Bowels, C» i long stand abaslro Irentmcmt «uch as ton li nr'y i,D(i rapid ea'ii'K, 100 ranch rich food, hurrying to •ncl from raeiilg, oYoruae of stimulants omar-oucu etc. Xliu tnevlt .bio result mu^t be IndUeiUon, and later Dyspepsia, 'ITS.— All Flu stopped r •: Kit vis KlcBTonini. Ho Fltu uf tor flrulduy> uno. Mur- blluuii curtu. Truullue uiul $2.00 trial bottle fruo tt» •'ii nites. Keui! to Dr. Kline, Ml A roll 8t.. Plillu.. 1'it. Emperor William will not hjive a etcnog. [\pl\ur About- him. He does h.^ own BUort- inud writing with his left hand. Aluiio to Look I.Ike New. Dresses, Gent's Clothing, Feathers, Gloves, to., Dyed or Cleaned, Pluuu Giirnients Steamed, at OltoPlutch'u D)0 Works, 810 W. Vater Si., Milwaukee. Send for circular. I'aris publishes 1,098 paper, of which 105 re illuBtnited journals and twenty-ouc ar« .uvoted to the theatres. Children an 1 t\nh numprous iu Prance. )ut of 10,000,0'JO f-ittnUes in the republic ur-fifth have ijochildren at all an1 ^ri- ther fifth havu onl> one pbild each,. with nil tl)« horrible suffering so many people lin >if too well. Djspapala docs riot Ret well oC i self. It requires careful attention to diet and a good BieaioJriu iikb Hood's SarsapariUa which regulates the itoiuacli, liver and Lowe's, silmulttei eeoretion of tha gaslrio juloo, ra.'novo* »x!ldlly and tonoa tbs eiriie «y-tom to lioaitli. Hood's Pills oura liver ills. 'Price 35o. Cisrtnl with Verjetabie many thousand onsen. Cure •1*10,60 .„.„„ t»OI7Ml^! TitAM HAKWWto, Hand Bliade. Brad (or prbw lk.1tt njr ftUl lie.. g OULKK Kidneys, Inside Skin. Outside Skin, Driving everything beforu It that ought to bo out • You 'know whether you need it or not. Bold by every druggist, and manufactured bj DONALD KENNEDY, ______________ ROXBURY, *MA8S. Wia. Quiukly ubCAinu.1.. No uit>-'>« Foe nmtll . „._ patent ll allowed. Advioo cad book froa. GI.OHK PAXENI .AQENCV, Washington, U. 0. nil ff> lleiiiiMly Vr»e>. IliHtuiit It.-Mpf. rll r S F' n » l "i"' n I" d»j«. N»T«r rpturni) an I ILilMV r ur 8 e . no •alTftj no Bnpposltory, Arlctlm tried iu rain every -remedy han aiscoverud a almple oniv, whloh he frill mall free to his follow saffcireni, Addreis J. H. ItKlTEi, box 8290, New Turk Oltj.N. Y. LIFE Age, stability, sound metlr ode; cash values, iucoutesta- ble ix>lioies; the boat extension ay stem; loir cost. Address 921-3-5 Chestnut St., rhil»d'». in ® AND THE SOUTH © and spend tbe Winter Iu Patents! Pensions! Scud for Invantoi'u Hulde or How to Obtain a Potent. Send fur Digest, of J'vilHlolluud lloiiiily J.n O'PniTitll, n'amilntftoii, 1>. j). ~ Quickly obtulnoa. No atty'n f«e~uatil i I'Hiuiil IH ul I on ed. Advice aad book ee. GI.UIIK I'ATUNT AUKNOY, WuohlnjjtoQ, D. O. uooori IHFBOTBD TAILOk IY» TSUBofDrtll OtUlif. U The Celebrated Vtstitiultd Train* f-1 Placed In srrvlcebieit"w«en Clnolnnatl and JHi'kHifnville and SU AuRiii tino by tho blast Tennessee, Virginia A Georgia Kuilway have no nuperlorj In the world. They conalst of U.S. Hall Cars, Southern Express Cum, Baggage Cam, Day Coaches and Fullman Drawing Ituom Sleeping Cars. Tickets for Bale at all Ballroad Offlctu in tbe United Btatca. B. W. WRBNN.Qen'l Pasnenger Act I1NOXVILLK, TKNN. Hc'llKMiy Fi-.-i-. liixtiuit Itcllrf. Final curu Ui IU days. Merer returns; ua „ purge; no nulvo; iiOBuuposltory. A viotitu tried Iu vaiii every ruuiuily hii9 uisoovered a uiuiiile cure, wbleli lie will mull free to hU follow bulltirara, Address J. II. 11M vj », lug 82UQ, Kew York City, N. Y. I;N "» 10 TKAVISI.. We imy $00 li" H<10U » month uud oxnenuea. & WKI.I.INOTON, MiicllHou, U'lu. FAT mm REDUQEd f\\.r?] fe»-*4»« .MM'AuOM* rf PISO'S CURE FOR; O*HPiprM|T«f »od poopla who brrt ww* longs or A»th- m», Miof Id OM JPi*o'» par* (or Oon»u»ptlon. Jt h»t cured t». Uli&tinotlnjur- \ It not b«<t to t»k«. [ CONSUMPTION. is for rtl mow Pt

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