The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 12, 1893 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 12, 1893
Page 2
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.1. •'i ;,, THE OTPER DES MQlNES, ALGONA. IOWA, WEDNESDAY. APRIL ALOONA, IOWA. SKI) NEWS. forest fin* «mt ntglrig I" t'xblMl firHvod In New Kxlctwlve New The York Hfif.nrdJiy. Five prlHoiiei'M broke .lull nt Id. Mm. Mtiry ijnlnn died nl Dnvnpoi'f, In.., fig'-d !'» yeiiw 1) montlw. flllmofi IVmtock, editor of Iho I'lllM- tflli'K JliilloMit, l« dend. Tito .lllVII Village 111 Col'ly-throo cfll'H pimwd Ogden, t'lnli, Hiii.nrdny. Over 4,000 homo were dcHlroyed by flro»u. MiuiHIn, 1'hlllppliio iHhmdH. 'Hie Alonl.o 'Onrlo gambling tiibloM Willed Jjtfi.OOO.odo IfiMl your. An empty whlHkoy barrel exploded nl Aiwlln, Tex., hilling ii. Mmiill child. To men in'' 1 fiiTi'Mlcd In HI. I'ntil <>n tho e.hni'go nl' relieving n. nilli'iiiid niiiii of hi* fjlimig, tin; OhlnoHt! Kin-ill,, IH drying li:j». lie IK now only oMit I'eel. In height. J'imllllimloiMl'OllornI JHnm'11 IlIlM Ilio grip, Aliiny I'otirllH'biHH poMliniiHlei'H llllVC! loHl lliell'H, Hovoi'itl ciiilKi'iinlM narrowly ownped bclMK burned lo den III during n, Hi''! nt IU« union depot nl. HI, I'mil. Hc'imlor While nl 1 Oallfornla, IH In I'n- Vot 1 of oleiilliiK Unlled Hlnk'H Honnloi'H thi» jg1« flilri'fKi Into Vancouver, Jt. C. HenwHIonnl (ire prowilflf*]. Hfx women, a bomifry from i the Knglish Folk-Iyire sodety ethlbits' revfln- the extraordinary erudition of Miss I Itoolfe Cox, who after wading through , J Inumcrable txjoks find pamphlete in j blind | numerous languages lias discovered • _ *, n *»« M I r 1 1 1 1 N M 1 1 V K * ill LJUl/l/ O Jill/ * " of the thte crcning tlw 1 ter-0«eral \VananwkM- T t' I. t . the - 1 IVi-Mrt. MV*«»* ^" «»»»«••• - . Ideiu of the Heading railroad u> succeed j AIcI.-«.tl may bo "it, rml from the tnot itiuit John miswli V«m& Kmh Mcp- TROUBLE WITH PERU were -d from Injured. nnn of th<; All elerk of (Vuiwrd, f<,r the foHy-tlrHt (rf the otllec |mv clce.tcil town the oilier dny, time. Iteetl In ellill'Ke of thf; IJeywwd fiimlly for inon- tlmti n. eent.iiry. The I 1 .;illlnio; i e f-'oiifi-renee reftmed to iidmlt to H.H menibcrHblp tin; llov. Jiu«li .(ohimon of (y'ninidii. Jli; run not, tlierr- fr,rc, become the jumtor of the fntriotm ,\Jcii-o|ioIll(in MeihodlHl. ehnreli In InKlon City. y\ 1;!^ IlieellliK will lie held III York by IrlHli-AmerlediiH HOOII lo eniplumlH lo the deiiiMiid tlml. xliiill IIKl M. by popular vole. Henry KlnnlH nnd bin llii'ee HOIIH wore killed by n bollt'i' explosion nl. l/u Honm, In. .IOHC^II IliillVrninrk Mini '|I!M MHII releiiHe Irlnli dyiuinillei-H, now In llHHOIIM. MOHHJIII, a French wlentlHl, IIIIM Hiie<'eedi'i<l In prodiicbiK Himill nrllflcliil dliiinonilH for l.hi! /priini'iil; until the brbiKH fnrlhcr piii'tlculiirH. . \VI1- llnniH HMMerlM with pimlMvHWS Unit h 1 ' IH mil of pollllcnl HI''', nnd thai. Ibo report of bin Intention to run for con- Ki'i^M In Ihe Hovcnth jMiiHHiii'hiiwftlH IH •\vholy unfounded. .Indtf'! l\vkmnn of Ihu wipoi'lor coiirl of JlnlllinoL'i' HiiHUilne<l n. JlnpllHl. min- Inler In Uio i'«fii«nl lo lcHl.ll'y In n. recent, CIIHO on Ihe wound Hull. Information received In blH profeHHlonnl was prlvlJoKrd. The IIOIIHO of blMhopH of I ho prolw- liml. JOplHcopnl church, durbiK tbo HeHHloii In New York limt. week, declared aiKiihiHl rcdilvbiK K"V(!i'iiment. appro- iu the TIOREST TO FINANCIERS. ] chief of the Star. That .loiirnal I A Star reporter met ex-Diroctor Uo- han at the Keadiug offices today, aud I questioned Win resardit.u M^-1.cod's sue- •My name is being mentknu-d. but it jis without uiy authority." slid he. "I \ may IK- able to manage a w«olon mill. i but certahily not a great railroad." '•How is the name of ex-rostmaster- ••" asked nlzc the Keatling—Lnrge Workin?j "I cannot speak for Mr. Wananiaker. ! groat many things." was the signllieant Capltnl Available, However-Wnna-1 He is a man who will umlortnkc a told 84 sloris Miss <>>x has printed volumes referred to. The g^uenuij , cmrrait Htory of the gbiK-t slipper maiden linB been known since 1697. One of the Spanish ships of war eom- j jj is J,ACK OF PATIENCE CAUSES Ing over to this country to take part • In tho naval pnrndh will bring to New j HIS FALL. York Sonnl's sta lute of Columbus,' which is to be erected In Central 1'nrk! by the .New York (Jonwiloghsil and ! ! General Wananiaker society. The statute will j Drexel, Morgan & Co., Will Not Kecog-j t he reporter. c,o8t $l?>,00f), nnd Is to lf.< paid for from n. fund raised by Hiilworlptlons of $100 each. The monument will be unveil i eel Home time in May, and It is hoped lo have Ihe prescmii on Ih.-ttoccnsiou of the Duke of Voraugun, a descendant of Columbus, who will then be in this lounlry, the gnosfs of Iho government. Sofia, ;Aprll 'i. —(Cable.) -A dispatch from Merlin slates that three railway ollicl,ds and four ofllcorH have )e(.-n arrested for having plotted to kill -/Hrlnw Ferdinand of 'JUtlgorhi. Tlie plan Is wild to have been that, they should blow up iwllh diynumlto the Iririn which will curry him this wvel< to Vlnrogglo where he will be married lo rrlneoss Mario, daughter of Ilii! duke of Timiin. No oflichd con- llrni!i,llon. of the djspa.loh has biv.-n Vfc °- ! UNITED STATES CONSULATE IN- VADED BY A MOB. MIN1STEH HICKS I'KOMPTL BLES THE FACT. Y CA- maker and Han-is Probable Successors. ;i answer. There is talk hi liuauoial circles of a petition asking Mr. McLeod Secretary Grcshnm Sends Instructions— Pent Must Apologize to Us, Prosecute the Offenders and Make Reparation for Damage Done—Peruvian. Police at Fault. ,Vashiuglou, April O.-lt was Chili prlnlloiiH for sectarian Hc.hools, nnd also gainst the Chinese exclusion law. Mrs, Alice M. (Jheiiey, the only woman express moHrf.'jiger In Huston, began business four yours ago, Inking OliiU'loH "were drowned while crowing Ihe transfers for (he Adams Kx press tho slough near Lincoln I'nrU, SI, Paul.' eominkny between Cholrt n, Mini Boston. Wai- between ltn.r.11 nnd A.^-mma !«"" "ow has .Ivo teams at work every IH throiUoned. Itimll Is seeking nn nl< ""*• lliuusu with Chill. I >">«" "'' """"'A 1 '" "• <'"'''l»i''.v '<>'• jL Is said William 10. Ourlls, of New i York, will be assistant secretary of tho treasury. lOlghl; ImlJtUngH burned it I Olarks- vlllo, V'n., and two colored men were burned lo dea.lh. Thoro were nlionl 1,50(1 in/cessions to the ehurc.hea of Wilmington. Del., Us a result of Mr. Moody's meetings. It required elghly-two oars lo Irans- port, lo Chicago n. single (ionuan entry made In llalHiiiiirc for shlpnieiit to the fnlr. Joseph Mslier, n hrldge watchman al D'le.Mnsoii, N. I)., was knocked Into Ihe river and drowned. C. II, Hamilton, of Chicago, hits made niii 1,800-mllc Journey across Upper Alaska, on snow shoes, California lioasls of having shipped no less Ihnn 'jr>,.'ll>d carloads of fruit otilsldo Ihe slate during Ihe past year, Half n million World's l''a,lr tickets were nlllpped lo Chlcngo from New York al one consignment. The I'nllcd Stales inlnlnslor al Cnn- Nlanllnoplo IIIIM eoiiiplalned lo the I'orle of the opening of lel.lci>i sent lo him. Allle, Kllliu and rOlldnd I'Yank, llnvc hrolhel'M, who live al CaslJe Hill, Me,. are siild lo average 1 feel In height. !''our Inches of snow fell al Tncomn. Wa.'ih., on April I. One .loo Ite-lley Is arrcslod nl Minneapolis, charged wllh complicity In Hie murder nf a policeman al Helena, Mont., In May, ISii'j. l''rederick Itrown \va.s thrown from n train near Klllugham, III., and killed by tramps, who picked his pocket. Klghlcon llollvlan Indians have arrived nl New York for the world's fair. One Is Id I'eel tall and weighs -IIS pounds. The big tobacco factory of \V. Puke iV- Son, lu New York, burned Sunday. Involving nloNS of $i:!r>.i)00, which was covered by Insurance. .\nu:i Moon, tn her "exli'iicllng gnvise. from leather," lo- gethcr wlllii "tho nliolltlou of e.xlraor- dlnnry ll'the nnd l:hM opernllon of Lund- lords' net'," are given us I ho cnus'.'s of the bankrnplitv of nn Knglish clorgymmi. A chlldrens hospllnl Is being built near Allln.n, Italy, by the Duchess Kugeiila. Mlla Itoloipdue, who has sold Iher Je\\t.''lH, luces, el'',, for $(100,000, lo be iisctl for (Ills purpose; She Intends glvln'g her personal service lo the convalesenl, ward. Tin Hev. T. Suell, the Congregational minister In Snnderlnnd, Knglnnd, Is am expert dentist, and prncllces Ihe crnfl freely for Ihe benellt of tin Last year hl.'i e-xlnieled 'Jli,8l(l. The filial deilJca.llou of the great Mormon temple at Salt Lake City, •which has been In course of constnu lion for forty years nnd h';i.s cost an Immense sum of muni iv, has liecn set for April ti. About .100,000 Mormons are expected to alileud. Jesse Anton met his wife on Hi street at Chadron, ,\Vh., and deliberately shot: her through Ihe head, killing tier Inslnnlliv. He then tired al hl.- owu head, falling dead besldt' hi> wife's corp.N'. She had refused lo Hvi with her husband. The roninnlle details of Ihe escnpt of William Sharkey from Ihe Tombs lit woman's clothes which had been passed Into Hie c II by his sweelhearl, Mliggle .Ionian, will be rehearsed In n suit- which will be tried In the New York supreme court. The pp.fildent of Ihe Holy Synod of Hnssla persuaded the minister of Ihe Interior to exempt (he Jewish seel called the from (he recent ani.l-.lewish laws. The Karaites number n few thousand. They are r.nher heterodox, and the prosidi ;nl hopes lo Induce oilier Jews lo Join tlieiu.. • The llnrro Sliding railway has been tvhisl-'iied III lh" good grace of Ihe world's fiilr people, and :il a meeting of the directors (held Saturday Hie company showed funds lo coinpleie the work and was atithori'/i \\ to con, tlnue with the same, and lo have it | Mulshed as soon a.s possible after May Isi. | The yonugovsi man who can write his name as governor is John 10. Osboru, l.he ok .if executive of Wyoming. He Is only .'VI. n doctor by profession, very good looking, of pleasing address, and went from Yornionl to the west, some ! fourtecu years ago, Humgh a ifcillve of \".'w York. j Professor Yiivhow, (he world-famous liathohiglsi, was an ard.ent politleau In his younger yi\t,rs and had nr.iny an oratorical Hli with Prince HismaivU. lie luventi'd the word "kuliurUampf," New York, April G.— The resignation lowed by a separation of the Heading of President McLeod has been the an ,i Leliigh Volley interests, and in or- absorbiug topic in Wall street, a.s it was j ( i er to prevent this the. uicrchans who at some of the up-town hotels, where the news was received by brokers last evening. For an event that was regarded n» inevitable, this excitement seems rathr strange, and can only be explained by the fact that an extraordinary interest has been taken in nil these Heading developments evr since that startling announcement of tli? desire a continuance of competition between Philadelphia and Buffalo may petitiou Mr. McLeod to reconsider his resignation and continue at the head of the company. It is believed that Mr. McLeod's retirement will have a serious effect upon the anthracite cord trade. His personal influence in connection with that industry has been largo. His By the dentil of sui aunt, at Brooklyn, N. Y., a. prisoner In the Sherldnn coun- ly Jail, \Vyomlng Is heir to a. fortune Of $100,000. The man Is Jim Swlsher, a regular dospnrado. lie turned bail after serving jii lenn as sheriff. While! In olllco Swlsher killed a, counterfeiter who resist<*l arrest:, lit* Is now under coiiylctlon for deadly nssault, and awaiting iic.illon of the supremo court. "Till') MISTLKTOIC BOTH ill." An Old Oak Chest of Spanish Mahogany and its Katnl Slory. In the furniture recent sale of and curiosities the antique collected by Mr, Idi.wsou at the house of Bas- kol-Klolehwood in the New Forest, no item in Ihe ('.dialogue was more keenly competed for Ihnn nn elaborately carved. old ehes't. of Spanish, mahogany, which was reputed, to be Ihe reci'lilaeh' which gave rise flic pathetic "Allslletoe Mough" legend. The story Is familiar to everybody— how n bride amused herself upon her wedding day wllh a game of hide-and-seek, and, giving the bridegroom and the revelers the slip, was never seen again, her skeleton blng found long years afterward In an old oak chest, where she had concealed herself. spring-lock had closed upon her, and she was, no douhl, speedily suffocated. Upon, what evidence Mr. Kawsiin Tail's chest Is claimed as Ihe actual coffer In which Ihe tragic, incident occurred we do not know, but It is not, the only clnimanl In Ihe Meld, says Ihe Tall Mall Uaxello. Llent.-Col. (ireal wood of Tlvorlon caslle possesses a, chest which came from Brnmshlll Ihe seat, of the Copes In Hainpuhlre which was long reputed to be Ihi house In which the young bride eami lo her romantically untimely end. Tin late Sir- William Cope wrote a pam- ago hist winter. The financiers who sec great Heading deal was made a ye-ir police,- has been such as to increase the profits of both miners and dealers, anil romance in these classes regard his retirement as nothing but only the chance of profits the signal for lack of cohesion among •>r the' possibility of failure, have been a n, concerned in maintaining prices at saying that with the retirement of j ;l uniform level. Mr. McLeod the future of the Heading i President McLeod left this afternoon property is probably secure. | for Boston. Before going he was asked It menas a good many hundred ] whether his retirement from the Ileod- thouHiind dollars, perhaps millions, to j n g would effect his standing ns Presi- tho Drexel-Morgan people aud their dent of the Boston and Maine and New allied Interests in Great Britain," said • York and New Knglnnd roods, and re- a financier to me this morning. "I sup- fused to say anything on the subject, pose lliat now these bankers .will hove He declared that, his resignation does the profitable commission of reorganiss-' not indicate that he will leave Phila- ing the Heading and its allied compan-| delphia. Jes In Philadelphia. To do this will iv-j John Lowber Welch, who has-been quire, a great amount of money. I have suggested as Mr. McLeod's successor, heard it said that there ought to be' this afternoon denied that he would be- and probably will be as much a.s $20,! come Heading's president and said he 0(X),00() provided for the company for a ^ thought President Joseph S. Harris, of working capital. "Whether this will the Ldiigli Coal and Navigation com- nppear as a bonded obligation or in the ' pony would be the man. As Mr. AVelch for culture Germany some At a dance al Atlanta, t!a. Wooden shol and killed Matllo who had (old stories derogatory cha racier. I Miss Mary L. llammoml, of Nashua, N. II., eoinidotod Iho thirtieth year of. her eoullunous service a.s a teacher In ' one building and room hist week. Clnrksvlllo, \'a,, was almost, entirely destroyed by lire Saturday night. Some twenty business houses were burned, ill a loss of about $'j,tHitt,tHit). ' Illoury Uoblii(-iou of -MJuhlgnn, ih>' newly appointed stallsilelan of Ihe do-j part.moni of agriculture, entered upon Iho dniloN of his oilli'e Saturday. i I'rofessor l.iu'.v M. Salmon, of Vassal 1 , college, has ,|u«t completed an admliM- bio. study of the domestic labor prob lorn, which Is soon to !io Issued In liooU form. An hnu.exali'ou leader In I'auada ISNUCH an appeal to Canadian residents in Ihe I'ulled Slates to assist iu iho work of effecting a union of the two countries. At Uapld ni,\. S. IV, Allle lloutwell. a. lil year old boy, shol a.nd Instantly kllhsl lOmory Stueker, a V-year old boy. Tho boys were playing hunter. Cuban revolutionists have almost per fooled proiuirallou.s to overturn their government. Many clubs have been formed in American eltte.s to asstM them. Of t,ho !Mt> protostaut chureb orgnul- Ka(ions lu Saxony and Wnrlonburg. s ^ li havo peiltlonod tho OtM'innu parUamoul viot (\> permit the return of tho ,lOMiti.<. Knnhorr von Moyor Hohouborg. of (ho Herman navy, killed himself in a mlh\x»d carriage nwvr Utx\so.ia, at'tor juidlos b;tvo boon reeoveml, aud (lu>ro havitw Uvst ohnost all bis ntonoy tit (ho ( s W0o m t j lo ol(y of ^ tnv origins. MoiKo Carlo onsluo. JUIH tho uufortuuato pooplo woro woll at l\>r(land and Saloui, Oro., known und iwpwlar thotv. o inyiivojivtal lu a oouspiiw-y t*> swws- ( Ouo of tUo nipom volumou l^^ea by plllel 111 which Ihe claims of Hie chest were set forth, and, at least there is no doubt had remained under Ihe root' of the Hr.tmshill for many genera; lions. Col. <!ron!.woi>:!'s chest is of oak. The inside measurement Is r> feet i! !-:> Inches long by 1 fool 10 1-^ inches in breadth and '_' feel .'! Inches high. It Is very elaborately carved, Ihe front being divided Into three panels. Tho subjects of these panels are landscapes, in one of which is a man (Milling down a tree. The divisions of Ihe panels are ornamented wllh satyrs carrying goals nnd blowing horns, while one carries- a trident and another a club. At tin ' foot nf one of the satyrs is a tortoise of aiijlhor a serpoiil and of the othoi two dogs or some similar quadrupeds The carving Is hero a Hi He primitive The frame is decorated with arabesques. The Inside of Ihe lid, Ihe three hinges of which end In Hour-do-l.vs, is lavishly decorated. In Ihe upper center is the globe supported by two anmroill land below them are arabesques. On lone side. In a landscape, are Iwo llg- I tires kneeling in homage to a. crowned j lignro holding a scepter and seated on a throne, and behind the kneeling lig- nrcs is a man In full armor. The two kneeling liguros aiv women, Ilio one In front holding an infant, while iho oilier has her hands folded over her bnvisl. This is believed to represent i the judgment of Solomon, On the op! poslto side are two men, fully armed j aud bearing shields, holding the child I by ils heels. At each extremity is a i man in armor standing on a tcssolatod form of stock Is of course, for the reorganizers to determine. "Mr. Morgan, I know, is a believer in dlslrlbilling c.ii, so that a pretty good share of it will appear in the form of bonds. His idea is thai nobody expects that the bonded obligation's of the great railway corporations will ever bo paid, at least the course, the tloating obligations must be principal bonds, but that now financiers have come to regard them as indirect capitalisation lo be permanently carried, :uid the subject, only to such (innn- eing a.s will reduce the interest obligations to a sum that will not. be a burden to the corporation and make Ihe payment of dividends on stock possible, 'l should not be surprised, therefore, If. it was found I hat (he Rending wns helped in this way, for It certainly is known Hint ils capital, Unit Is ils working capital, is too small lo make good management possible. Then, of cured for, many of them immediately, and T have no doubt Hint. Mr. Morgan has Hint emergency in view now that he is in consultation In London with the Brown Brothers." McLeod's .Mistakes, Aside from such talk as tills Ihe most frequent comment that Is made loila.v suggests Ihe mistakes of McLood. has been closely identified with tho management of the Heading road for years it is believed that he knows whereof he speaks. TESTING IRON COLUMNS. Simple Device for Measuring Their may be its neighbor, Peru, during this. It appears that the United States consulate at one of tho Peruvian ports has been sacked by a mob with apparent police sanction. The ottlcer acting as consular agent for the United States was fired upon and wounded iu the foot. The news comes in n brief telegram through the United Stalest minister to Peru, John Hicks.. He omitted such •sseutlol details as tho name, plaae and name of the wounded officer, or they were dropped from his dispatch in telegraphic transmission. The telegram is as follows: ."Lima., Peru, April 5. — Gresham, Washington: At (place omitted) a mob attacked the Masonic ladige, sacked tho building and burned .the fixtures iu the street. Incidentally the United Stalest consulate was invaded, the furnishings destroyed, and the acting consular agent shot in the foot. The archives were saved intact. A squad of Peruvian police looked on while the mob performed the work, without interference. Mail brings particulars. (signed) • "Hicks." Decretory Gresham conferred with the president on the subject, and this afternoon-.sent the following telegram to the minister: "Hicks, Lima: Protest against the failure of the authorities to afford protection to the consulate, and if the- facts are well established ask for an expression of regret, the prompt prosecution of-the guilty parties, and reparation for injury to American property or person. (signed "Gresham." Device for Supporting Measuring Strength. WHAT CAM10 OUT OK THE TUE10. to designate the tlghl rag 1 nl so violently lu ytvuv* a,go. lluill Kri\y, who was recently eleoled vice president of Switzerland, is a devoted friend of Ant rioa. When our late unpleasantness occurred ho left llu> Swiss university, whore ho was studying, and came lo Ami rlo-a otilisi- ln,u in lite Twenty eighth Illinois. In ISti'J he resigned a lionionanoy and raised a company, serving as captain In the Klghly-stvoud Illinois, lie was mad 1 prisoner at Gettysburg and received the brevet rank of major on his release. Four deaths by drowning wore the rosnli of a ploa.sniv tUshlug party on Lake Ponteharlralu. Louisiana, Sunday nflornoon. There were ten people in the party and Hie names of tit • drovui' od, who were all ladies, are: Aijnos Hynn, Mary -Mymi, KtHe Kolley, and ThomaH 'K'vlloy. Xoivej of tho pavement. The whole of this ornamon- i.:il.lou is bordered by arabesques. The lid closes with n spring, so that ii could not be opened from the inside it' ouco shut. To open the chest it has to bo unlocked in iho usual way, and then a half I urn more must lie given, which release* Ihe spring. The sty'.o •.>(' ornamentation suggests that the chest is of i Italian workmanship; ii is believed, in- 1 deed, to bo a cassone in which a bride's : trousseau was inclosx-d and conveyed : to her future home. Did you ever think of this: During the I'.iuht your watch is qniei, as ii wore, that is, 1 it hangs in your vest without motion or touch. If you don't wind ii at night the mainspring is then relaxed instead of being in that condition during tho day. By winding it in the morning the mainspring remains close and tight all day. It ko:-ps the was (old that probably no young railway olllcer ever had liner opportunity Ihnn he. One banker said lo me that Mr. Morgan, who is not often enlhusl- nstle, in speech, declared to him the day that Mc.Leod became Corbln's successor in charge of Heading that the greatest opportnully offered to any railway manager was McLeod's; that l.he young President had his entire eonlidonee and would receive h^ snpp<wl in those things which he had in mind In do. Placed, therefore, In charge of tills property, and having nt his back a man esteemed the tliiest genius ns a linnucinl orgnnl/.or of Ids generation with Ihe exception of Gould, a man whose credit is so high thai the mere acceptance by his house of the responsibility of caring for the debenlui'es of the Union Paclllc. was .sullicient. lo establish their value in Hie market, and a man who also controlled in various ways more capital perhaps than any other banker in Wall street, Mr. Mcl.eod had everything lo his hand excepting patience. Such is Iho comment here, and it is regarded as inexplicable that so brilliant a man as he unquestionably is, so eompolonf as a manager of railways, should not have ivalt/ed that his company did not con- In)! capital enough lo make it possible ! for it to bo dotlant of Pierponl Morgan | and ils interests. T. C. Plnll, upon whose- application n receivership was provided for (he Philadelphia aud Heading railroad, said u>- d:»y: "Tho resignation of A. A. McLeod as President of tho Heading was as great a surprise to me as to anybody. Mr, Mcl.ood's (reaimoni has been undeserved. His tlnanoial measures have boon devised with the best motives aud wholly in the interest of tho Hooding. As a practical railroad man Ids ability cannot bo questioned. 1 suppose lie will now give his entire time to the affairs of tho Boston and Maine and tho Now York and Now Kngland railroads, of which ho is President." .1, Kdward Simmons, Chairman of the Committee of General Mortgage Bondholders of tho Heading said: "The retirement of Mr. Me.Lood was brought about by the action of tho bondholders. It is one object accomplished "Have you ever noticed," said a St. Lonisiin yesterday to a reporter for tin Republic of that city, "those nui.ssivi: iron pillars now standing erect in the basement of the new Planters' house? Well, did you ever stop to think of (the Imense, weight they will be compelled to support steadily for many, many yeai-.-i? Oil, yon have. But I suppose you have thought the monu&i'.'turoMS just those pillars and sol:l them wilhiiut. knowing anything about how IIMIC'I weight they would bear or how Ion.; they wnnH bear it. Lei me tell vi:;i about that. 'Those pillars are cast in the same manner as are cast-iron stoves—by running the liqnid metal into sand molds; bm alongside of each pillar is cast an i;un bar, from Ihe same- metal. That ln'.r is precisely an ini-h square and live and one-half feet, in length. When I I cold it, is subjected to a very simple Koch end of the bar is placed up- table and weights are suspended the center by n. rope. II must a. tonsil strength of 500 pounds to the square inch. The lest, may begin with -100 pounds and be gradually Increased until the bar is found to lie perfectly supporting ' the required weight. If it breaks, for Instance, :il •ISO or -100 pounds then tho pillar cixu front Iho pot: of metal which cast (he bar is discarded, broken up and put into the pot again, wllh more pig-iron axldod. The pillars, yon know, are largely made 1 from scrap-iron, and the manufnelnrors cannot know the strength of (hi! cast until it is tested. The addition of pig-iron, in Ihe event of failure, brings the cast up to the standard. "Six or eight of the pillars designed for the new 1 Maul el's' house had to be recast in tills way." Lytst. Sunday, says the 'Wliatcoui (Wash.) Itcveille, Banning Austin, accompanied by n little cur dog and his trusty Winchester, tool; a stroll through the woods on the Lake Whnteom ranch In the hope to scare up n deer or pheasant, or perhaps a, bear. Coining to a sknnk-cnbbago hollow, through which a brook trickled, the hunter noticed a hugs hollow cedar, the cat 1.1111:0 of which, by its worn bark showed "signs" of hear. Tho little dog ran into the tree, and came back bo;".l over heels. Something had struck bint, and lie ran around Hie tree in a very craxy aud L'omieal fashion. Austin U":iily :ll-.'d laughing lo see Ihe antics of the dog; but was (••ohorodjjUp when hU big bear dog came tearing through tile brush, nii'.'l raised a great racket at the base of the tree. The bristles stood up on his back, aud he had evidently found game, lie jumped back with a growl and a hugs head appeared in the hole. The bear, a huge fellow, ::s big a.s a yearling calf, came out and had a wait/, with (he dog. The dog tried to catch him by the hind leg, but bruin would wheel and rear so that it was impossible, and so mixed up wore the bear and dog that Austin did not dare shoot. Finally the little dog nipped the animal in the Hank. As he turned his bond Austin shot and sent a 45 ball crashing into ills brain. The animal never knew what killed him. Tho carcass weighed 1500 pounds and was sold at. Curtis' meat market. The hide is a. verv valuable one. In buying- sheep care should be taken to yet those not. ovVr four years old, and having vigorous constitutions. Kor any use, u poor sheep Is nearly the poorest property that a man can own. It. is of no value as a breed, and more than likely will not stand the feeding that Is needed to It. I'nlossvory cjircftilliv fed wllh roots or oilier laxative feed, a sheep's poll is more than likely lo bo the only dividend il ever gives. w' ~ V movement steady at atiine when .von; are handling it, running around aud j for which tho bondholders' oouuubit- inoro or lotw jariug it as you boston j ux« were formed. Now wo shall (hid alx)ut the city attending to your daily out ilio exact iliuwcial condition of affairs. A relaxed mainspring at this! the company. MiiKu Itiistu to lii'li'iul YoiirKi'tf If yon Ilvo in n lucidity \\ln-re iiiiilnrli\ U providonl, \vllli:\ pruvoiillvii liml rxpurhtnvu uiilU'Ulo^ iis lint imisl I'i'liiililo of nu'du-ul *nicgtuiv(U--lliihli'ili'i-V ^iiiiiincli liiiiora. Ki-.tiviily fi'i-o from tlin ulijii-iidiirt-—mid tluiy urn v.-il'ul oiii'> ••\\liu-li nlliu'li lu llu> niliua'- id nlUnliii.l (piiuiiu', il i> Inr moro I'lTci-livti' uiul its did t.> tu\ i ii(>t r\aiii'sriMll, hut Itlsl- ni;;-, unlike Iliosu of tin- ilfiig. Tlioni nn> poi-lUins of our linul mul noiio iiioru lioiitt- lit'ul nnd iiiorii forlllc --v\liU'liut no season of ilio your uvo uiillroly oxoinpl. from Uu- tiifdiirlid HiMM'gn. In tiiu-li ivgloiis lloa U'lkM-'s Sloinili'li Hlllni's luis ti'liili>|-^-oiiu a (•olllinUiltl:. tent fo|- tlm pusl fii|-(v voni'S \\llll lV:UlltS Wllli'lt llHVi'- «i-llllillhll|.(|'||iJ roi)' iiliUion ln'joml nil oii\ll us n s|H'i'lii| dofon'c amihistovury form of inuUihil I||M.;I S( , \?[ n liilloHsiii'iiS, iilso, It. U nn ncKii.iwK^L'i-il spi'i-lllo, Ullil It Is n iiolriil tvnii'ily fo ( - cVill stlimtlon, (l\;.|»'phhi, rlioiiniiiil'sni mul ILII liuiioMTlhlii'il coiullllon of llui lilooj. From recent lnvcrslk;ntlon,s II hasi boon found thai Iho nvorago speed of iho transmission of cnn.lnpuik,. shocks' Is very nearly ld,tltiu feet per second. Ouo, 'million. »tnd a hulf op moit it o*Unw' ' • • - ^ t^u There are not nearly as many fences needed ns wore, formerly thought im- uortaui, and the 1'utuiv M-ill dispense with a larger proportion of these i-ucum- brances. Of itll fences, the hedge is commonly lioliovod to lx>, the hardest to «et rid of and the worst nuisance while it occupies (he soil. It r;t&t»-- up more room than any other, espec-hil- (\- the kinds of hedge without constant trimming which grows into the tivc form, spreadng tlmir roots twelve t.i (lirty foot on each sido. Such hedges and, indeed, airy hedges can best bigot I en rid of by piling straw on either side of ihom nnd waiting till tin- wind of lire and then setting lire to tin- straw. Ii .will so scorch and burn the Icav.-s that they will luso tho IHIWOV of elaborating sap and changing it imo wood. Mno-tentlis of tno hedge will die froui such (resitmom, and it cmi be out down In the winter and tin. brush hunted over iho ivots next spring, it is that some shoots may then lu- from the roots, but the s,votid will timsh them. There enough brush to burn loosening the mots si: that a ho put through them with' mA - ;iSJ1 , help by an ax when a root is f,.und strong lo ho pnlhHl up by the team. I ' possible en lu- siartiiu; secoV will usually be illto the ai.d. plow Ciill Ihore is much plantain s ; -od sold for clover soisi. It is easy to note ri>o ditY- orouco when a miorosA-<.iK> is usvd. A aiuuuoiv convex sptn-aolo will make the true and false plain, and only pure seed should bo used. If ii is haul to obtain pure seed sot the best you can eul out iiu> woods as they appear, and (hereafter sow seed only from thai produced OH your own farm. As tin aid to outohhij,' i}sh. a subma- ' ^ttnv«t« them

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