The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 12, 1893 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 12, 1893
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ESTABLISHED 1865. ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, APBIL 12, 1893. VOL. XXVIII--NO. 3. New Carpets, Spring Samples Now Ready for Inspection Moquettes, Wilton Velvets, * Body Brussels, rp M Tl 1 Tapestry Brussels Agra Carpets, Etc.- Over thirty styles of Curtain Novelties, Oil Cloths, Etc.- JAS. TA YLOR. We have concluded to- Close Out our Stock of Clothin, .Before May 75, And from now until that time we will sell Men's, Boys,' and Children's Clothing at Bottom Prices, as we must close out for want of room. . L GALBRAITH & CO. HIGHEST GRADE &ROKK. &CHASE&SANBORN Our Customers Who have used Chase & Sanborn's Coffee will be pleased to know that we have put in a line of their celebrated Teas. It sells at SQC, put up in a half-pound package. Try it on our guarantee. This is the Best Tea you can get in Algona at any price, , , W. F. GARTER. The Algona Tub Factory, Manufacturers of Butter Tubs and Water Tanks.. We are prepared to (urnlsh tanks, either round or square, on short notice. Butter Tubs of the following sizes kept In stock: 20, SO, 4.0, and 00 pounds. Made from No. 1 white ash stock, and warranted first class In every respect. We also do PLANING, RIP-SAWING, RE-SAWING, SAND-SAWING, SPURBECK & LAMBERT, Lathe work, Jointing, moulding, matching, and a general wood-working business, We are making. LOANS ON REAL ESTATE Running from I to 10 years, with privilege of $100 payments at any interest date. Interest payable annually or semi-annually, as desired. Money furnished promptly. Also improved farm and city property for sale. Money on chattel security. W / Hoxi jfl - Remember the. pera ouse rocery. Now Ready-Carpets. NEW SPRING- STYLES and Patterns. Everything in Carpets, from Axminsters to Hemps ; cut, matched, and sewed, ready to lay. We sell them for just what they are—no jobs—no misrepresentation. PRICES ARE RIGHT, if quality counts. Also Mattings, Linoleum, Lace and Chenille Curtains, Rugs, Curtain Poles, etc., etc. =THE GRANGE STORE. k Exercising i Good Taste- is just as important in buying Groceries as in any other line. Always Buy the Best. We handle nothing but first class good, so we are sure to suit. Langdon & Hudson. We are headquarters for fruit. THE JOHN PAUL LUMBER GO. SUCCESSORS TO J. J. WILSON. Office and yard on Dodge street, south of State, ALGONA, IOWA. Handles the best of all descriptions of Which includes everything that is possibly needed for the construction of any thing from a picket fence to the very finest residence. WE MEET ALL COMPETITION. Come and give us a chance to figure your bills, and we will prove to you that what we say is tfye truth* ROAD REFORM IS BEGUN. The County Board Takes Steps in This Direction that Will Be of Permanent Value. An Order as to Supplies for County Officers— Railway Apportionment— The Routine Report. Algonu ind., f2.51 miles 5,525 Union, .70 miles 5,525 Plum Creek, 5.05 miles 5,525 Portland, .43 miles 5,525 Hurt, 3.07 miles 5,525 Durt Ind., 2 miles 5,525 Greenwood, .'1 miles 5,525 Bancroft, 1.08 miles 5,525 Bancroft Ind,, 2 miles 5,525 Harrison, 1.22 miles 5,525 Ledyard, 8.00 miles 5,525 Ledyard Ind,, 3.70 miles.... 5,525 Springlield, 4.03 miles 5,525 C. M. & St. P. Railroad- Wesley, 2.71) miles 5,225 Wesley Ind., 2 miles 5,225 Prairie, 1.25 miles 5,225 Irvington, 4.04 miles 5,225 Algonalno., 2.07 miles 5,225 Algona Ind., 2.08 miles.... 5,225 Cresco, 3.01 miles 5,225 Whittemore, 4.10 miles.... 5,225 Whittemore Inc., 2.00 miles 5,225 The county board last week took some farther steps which will bo of permanent value to tho county. One in the direction of good roads is contained in the following resolution: Resolved, That no grades to bo paid for by tho couuty shall ho commenced until tho sloughs hnvo been thoroughly drained and all surface water run off. This means tho beginning of road reform, for the water which surrounds most of the grades is the sole cause of trouble. If the money that has boon spent already had been put in thorough draining more good would have resulted. BILLS TO BE FILED. Another important resolution was as follows: Resolved, That all county officers purchasing supplies for their ofllcinl use be requested to file with the auditor a copy of tho supplies ordered with tho price agreed upon, and when tho goods are received tho same arc to be checked from tho bill ordered, that the board may know whatgoods they should pay for and at what price. LINCOLN TOWNSHIP. A petition was presented by 25 residents of Ramsny township asking that township 00-27 bo set off as a separate township to be called Lincoln township. This is the one between German and Hebron. Only three civil towns now have more than one congressional township, Ramsay, Harrison and Swea. When these are divided Kossuth will have 28 town organisations. RAILWAY APPORTIONMENT. Tho board apportioned the tax on the nil way linos as follows among the various townships: Burlington, Codar Rapids & Northern— Per mile.. Total. Garflold, 4.30 miles 93,540 $15,22200 Lincoln, 0.01 miles 3,120 18,75120 Harrison, 0 miles 3,120 18,72000 Swea, Unities 3,120 18,72000 M. & St. L. Rai.road— LuVerne, 0.57 miles !),500 22,005 00 Lu Verne, Inc., 1.23 miles.. 3,500 4,30500 C. & N. W. Railroad— LuVerne, Inc., 1.30 miles.. 5,525 7,18250 Sherman, 0.00 miles 5,525 30,70!) 50 - 18,840 25 0,18800 5,580 00 0,503 00 13,812 00 4,304 75 31,210 25 2,375 75 20,240 75 11,050 00 10,575 00 5,007 00 11,050 00 0,740 50 1(1,880 50 20,442 50 25,380 75 14,578 00 10.450 00 0,322 00 25,811 00 10,810 00 10,808 00 15,727 00 21,803 00 10,704 00 NO NEW COUNTY JAIL. The committee appointed on jail have decided that the present one is good enough, and altogether too healthy. They have authorized the auditor to have the jail repaired, and it is said that they are thinking of putting dynamite in the walls so that no further digging will occur, at least there was some joking of that kind. Nothing was done with the following report from the grand jury: The grand jury of Kossuth county after making a careful inspection of the jail of said county report as follows: 1. The said jail is not in condition for the confinement of'prisoners by not being properly ventilated or drained. That said jail is needlessly dirty and filthy in the part used by the city for tramps. 3. The doors of the colls or cages have nothing to protect the locks and the prisoner inside can reach the locks and one on the outside can pass through tools. We recommend that the place now used for jail be condemned as not suitable and would recommend that a jail be erected outside. E. McWHORTER, Foreman. Ordered submitted to the board of supervisors. GEO. H. CARR, J udge. ROUTINE REPORT. Hereafter the auditor has authority to rent court room for charitable and educational purposes. The order for a deed to Ebenezer Perry for ni, ne 2-97, 28 was recinded. House rent for Mrs. Gandarian, $28, allowed. Rawson appointed a committee on bridge across Four Mile creek on nw 20-95,29, reports in favor of 32-foot bridge, J. H. Merrifleld allowed $6 for sheep killed by dogs. Bridge allowed on line between 5 and 6-97, 27, the county to furnish material and the petitioners' to put up bond of $200 to build the bridge and grade. Bridge allowed by Zanke farm, pro vided it is built without expense to the county and the grade made without expense, the county to furnish the material and drive the piles. The domestic animal fund over $250 put in the county fund. Tax on se 27-97,27 for 1892 abated. Smith reports in favor of building a 48-foot bridge 8 feet high and 3-foot grade known as Reimerbridge. Smith and Burton report in favor of building a 48-foot bridge 10 feet high on south line 22-100, 28. Sam. Steussy's tax on 1 31-100 acres refunded. Treasurer ordered to redeem nw 34 95, 29 from tax sale. Penalty on tax for 1891 against Algona Loan and Trust company abated. E. Chrischilles refunded $5tax. , MF9- James allowed |Jg Auditor reports ywy and. sale, $20.75; transfer fees, $101.75; recording bonds, $25. Clerk reports fees for January, February and March, $153.50. Appraisement of school land 16-99, 29 accepted. Grade on south line 17-08, 30 laid over till June; also grade in Hebron on Sec. B. Consent highway from 24-99, 28north and west to Brewer street in Germania laid. Treasurer ordered to redeem certificate 2099 from tax sale. Consent road beginning at nw corner 10-98, 28 running south to sw corner of said section, laid. All grado and road petitions laid over till Juno. Road commencing at so corner 15-94, 28 and running west laid, Margaret Riley's claim for $20 damage not allowed. Also road from 15-94, 28 to railway vacated. Chubb was appointed committee to examine bridges on north line of 31 and west line Sec. 19-04, 27. Smith appointed a committee on grado on 20-98, 27; also on grado across river bottom east of Hurt; also on bridge asked by W. C. Campbell reported favorably and was continued; also to repair grado at Sands bridge and between 3 and 10-98, 29. Rawson appointed a committee on grado between 4 and 5-97, 29; also on grade between 14 and 15-97, 30; also to inspect grade asked by Paul Dorweiler in Garfleld and report in June; also on, ?rade between 10 and 11-96, 20 reported in favor of said grade. Treasurer allowed for 1891 $1,500 a year, he to turn all foos to the county. Burton appointed a committee on tho bridge over tho wost branch of the Blue Earth, also on grade petitioned for on wost lino of nw 17-100, 27. THE COUNTY GRADING. The board proceeded to open tho bids for county grading. Bids were filed by M. O'Rourko, A. Johnson and Thos. Henderson as follows: M. O'Rourke, all earth moved within 200 foot, 12 cents a yard; for each additional 100 foot, one cent a yard up to 1,000 feet; above 1,000 foot H cents per 100 feet. Thos. Henderson, all earth moved within 200 feet feet 15J cents a yard; each additional 100 feet 1| cents per yard. A. Johnson, all earth moved 200 feet 13 cents a yard, each additional 100 feet two cents a yard. The board adopted the following: We contract with M, O'Rourko to do all county grading in the county for tho season of 1893 at the price bid by him, and that the said O'Rourke bo required to furnish bonds in the sum of $5,000 for the faithful performance of his contract. B. F. Smith voted against this, as he opposed letting the grading in one contract. THE COUNTY DITCHING. The following resolution explains itself: Moved and seconded that wo contract with Duane Tallman to do all tho ditching to bo dome by tho county during the season of 1893 on the following conditions: For all work done with his regular 6-foot ditcher cutting a ditch 6 feet wide, 8 feet deep, and onp foot wide at tho bottom at 40 cents a rod; for all work done by his smaller ditoher cutting a ditch 3% feet wide, two feet deep and one foot wide in the bottom at 30 cents a rod. MAT. HOLTZBAUER HAPPY. The board resolved to sustain Mat. in his efforts to keep trespassers off • the grass and resolved accordingly. There will be no stamping tho lawn this spring. ' John Haines' claim for hog killed by dogs laid over. Chubb and Doxsee appointed to make a grade at Call bridge if needed. C. J. Doxsee appointed deputy auditor. Auction. I will sell at public auction, April 15, on the streets at Algona, a quantity of household utensils, etc.—boilers, shovels, hoes, pitchforks, spiders, jars, fruit cans, oil stove, beds, wire mattresses, mattresses, lamps, dishes, grain sacks, carpets, rubber hose, tin pails, one Babcock extinguisher, curtains with rollers, and many other things. Sale at 2 o'clock p. m. Come and see what I have for you. D. A. HAGGARD. I Haven't Sold Out. I am here to stay. I am in the bakery business to serve the public, and to serve them the best I know how. I sell a $1.25 ticket for $1, which is good for anything in the bakery line, and will deliver the goods to any part of town. My baker is as good a man as can be had. I will fill any order promptly. E. P. BIRCHER. Seed Corn for Sale, I have a lot of good seed corn for sale. " Call and see samples at C. Byson's of» fice in Algona. Both white and yellow corn, and thoroughly tested and warranted to be good, 3t2 AL, JOHNSON, For Sale at Auction, As I have concluded to leave Algona, I will sell my household goods and 30 stands of bees at auction on the street on Wednesday, April 19. WM. CLEARY, For Rent. A building suitable for store or office, on Thorington street opposite Tennant house. Apply to J. W. ROBINSON. City Warrants. On and after April 17 there will be money in the city fund to pay all old warrants. C. M. DOXSEE, Treasurer, Don't Miss It, A misstep would be fatal when you are looking for the best millinery goods. Don't miss the grand opening of Matson & M'cCall on Thursday, Frf- day, and Saturday of this week. There will be a rush to see the newest and latest styles in millinery, and no obstacle should prevent you from being there.

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