The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 5, 1893 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 5, 1893
Page 7
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* --, x- -« THKtJPPEKDKS 1 ALGONA, IOWA, WEftNKSDA V. APRIL 5.1893. Considers It "iv household necessity." Mr. A. J. \VlilliirXi Newton, Kansas, accentuate* his opinion tliiis: "1 have nscil Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup in my family for the Inst elgln years and consider,lt a household necessity." Merrill Page, :i colored man of H<r\v : ard county, Missouri, wears a shoe 14 Inches long and 5 inches across the sole. Hood's Cures Catarrh in the Head- Seven Pottles rcrferlly Well, «ALA OX TMACKKRAY. Tribute of a Friend to tlie (ireat Novelist and Satirist.. Mr. Sala again writing of Thackeray in tho Louden Tcli.wn.iili. says thai "he was unswervingly and invariably trntli- ftil; in, 1 was kind, compassionate, ehar- itablc and. to Hie best of my belief, strongly inilmed wllh religions principle and sentiment. Of his occasional propensity to .treat me in a distant, standoff and 'Great Twamley' maner 1 have already Incidentally and laughingly spoken. \ knew him long enough find intimately enough to vogiiiul these little exhibitions of 'peskiness' as ut- teiljy nnwortliy .of sei'ious notice. When I strolled into the hall of the Reform, eilher^it luncheon-time or In 1he evening, and saw Mr. Thackeray. I never failed to lake careful note of him. If, to my thinking, he was in a disagreeable liumor, I gave him the widest. But when lit- espied lof Napoleon did not succeed as did the cavalry pure and simple, and (her.'fore they were sent away lo Spain when war broke out in thai country. Here .their special chanu'ieri-'tlcs found-am' jile verge and snipe "i; 1 'loiw: I'' 1 '' the i desultory wnvfare of the gn ci riii:i typo cinviod on 'by Hie inhabitants of thai (jouulry was exactly the sort of lightning mosl suited lo them. Tims il was 'lliii.1. by 181-' Napoleon had again In- increasiMl his t'nree of daagoons lo Ihirty !regiments. In addition then- was a i large I'OK-O of clmssi-ur.-'-a-dievi'il In Ihe •j Krench army, I ,_ TY Olt' ARAIi bicitVISllKS. I I-In\v 'IMicy Hi-liiivc 'riii'insclvcs In Kni- llc— Absohitcly l)cstit\it(> (if 1'Viir. I ihiiik it \viis :it the Uittlo of Kl TiOi I lirst niMdc tlic !ic.(iiiiilul!ilicc ol tln> nitilwHsl dcrvislics. SS^VH. :i roiTos- li'iiiilcnt of tin- London 'rcUw.ipli. .Tlic V\'ux,/..v Uadi'iidoxvali trilK-siiuiii Mr. Herman Bodtlce Of Chicago'. .''I have been a victim o£ catarrh a long while. My nose and head weru so sluiTi'il up that sometimes I could not sleep at all during the night. A friend •dvised mo to take Hood's Sai'saparllln One bottle did me so much good I kept on, have now taken seven bottles and I Eeel per •HOOD'S Bar sap aril la CURES, fectly well Indeed, I feel almost like a new man. I am very thankful for what Hood's Sargapurllla has done foi me In relieving me of so troublesome a complaint." HGHMAN BOOTEE, No. 2980 Bonn 'par.te Street, Chicago, 111. HOOD'S PILLS are purely vegetable, carefully prepared-from the best fiigredi cuts. 25c. of Wide berths. no, and I .saw him pnl his hands in i.l-s pockets and lieam ove:' his spcrta- les, I knew that, lie was In good 'form,' uid that he would be. el UK; r fill, tolerant j J' :!i i nd delightful. He had an odd way of'"" .'Lining me the 'Rev. Dr. Sala,' chiefly .localise, T believe. 1 used to talk- lo ihn quite as outspokenly and seriously is in the old time he had talked to me. mil then answer tin- questions which he vas so fond of putting to me in a per- fec.tly unre.served and straight forward naiiner. He knew how much I loved uul revered him. and that is why we t on so well together. There were j num. some friends: of his who- used to call i the lirnvcsl of the br.ivc. II Cures Colds.Couiths.Sore Tliroat.Croup.Influen- rajWhooping Couith, Bronchitis and Asthma. A certain cure for Consumption in first Btag-ei, and fc oure relief in advanced stages, TTtie at once, Yon will see tho nxrcllnnt effeotMiftpr titing the first dos«. Bold by dealer*' everywhere, bottlei 60 ceuta and $1,00.; . Cnres Consumption, Cougbfl, Cronp, Sore Throati Sold by all Druggists on a Guarantee, •for a Lame Side, Back or Chest Shiloh's Poroiu Plieter will givo great satisfaction.—»5 cenU. 950-PAGE PK! marriageable aite. Do uot usk I Kvory man and worn- I an' should have one. _ , _ i especially those of marriageable aite. Do not ask us to send by mall; press only. Price till, liegist'd letter or P.O. order. B. Co., Boom 10 Times Bldg., Chicago. Morphine Habit Cured In JO togOdiiyB. No pay till cured. DR.J.STfePHENSf, UE88 ABB BEAD (TOfEES CSRtS I' mvamtFUW Bacuewfnlwkca all mac-tiles fall. Sold r't>**r ta f. Hurnx. 8X1 U'wu. .N ,'K. Write £or fcooi of prouf, f KtLS B WV • TCP Vtt (HiucfMuiH, tumoriM Oomplexlon.S»TW Doctor;' ,. T -.i.nratu.TSAOo.,8WW.«6th8t..N.y. Gu res Sick Headache NEXT MORNING I FEEL BRIGHT AND V AND tttf COMPLEXION IS BETTER? "a uyi It acts gently on the stomach, Uita iji, and tea pleasant laxative. ThU drink .TOD herb*, aiid 1« prepared (oruw u tail/ LJIHE'S MEDICINE ~. ,—' •o'ArMt for* frM MDiplt.' !«»'• ?••!(/ MttiJS, ••*•> du k«w«U «»k d.r. ID order to t< boalth/, tEU b Mft My. M4n« OKATOft t. WOODWARD, L.Eorl H. T. ^ BE9T POUSH IN THE WORLD. 00NOT BE DECEIVED with Pastes, Enamels, arid Paints which Stain the hands, injure the iron, and burn ted. The Rising Sun Stove Polish is Bril liant, Odorless, Durable, and the consumer pays for no tia or glass package with every purchase. PUS I'.V reeliiif;; lim 'Thack.' and'slap him on the hack. 1 never called him anything but ^fr. Thackeray,' and 1 did so because I uicw ho wa.s my elder, and consclcn-1>ny tiously believed that he wa.s in I'very way my better. "From the bottom of my heart I leclare that he wa.s not a cynic: * i Mean that, lie eiitevtainod no morose nor contemptuous- views and., tenets in human nature.'•- Tlie real cyiiic lias :he (inalities of the surly don 1 ; he snjirls. .113 is captions, he is surly, currish, austere. Bishop Berkeley speaks of •cynical content, in dirt and beffii'ary.' Thackeray, on Ihe contrary, loved light uid culture and luxury. I have heard him say that he liked to go to to his bedchamber at, night with, a wax taper and a. silver eaiiid8.cstick. 'That was merely a frank way of putting !!•. tlmt he prefoiTed the elegancies of life to squalor and ugliness. He has been unjustly termed a cynic, because he could not help being a. satirist-, but although ne was a master of irony, and on occasions could use; the scalpel \rith (;l'fec(: is terrible as ever it, had been juscd i>y .luyenul, by Dryden, or by Popei 1 never hoard him say one unkindly tiling of human weakness, or frailty, misfortune." AMHITIOI'S tO TRY HYP.NOTTSM. An lOlectrician's Kxperience with. "Professor" in a, Dime Museum. Robert Kremer is n young ma.n em ployed in by elecirical company in Hast 87th street, -Recently he took a- few lessons in hypnotism from a "professor" in a dime museum, says the New York Tribune! On AVednesday night he tr'u'd his hypnotic. inUueuce on one of the "professor's" subjects .at. his room in a boarding house at '2'25 Kast. 84th, si reel. According to his own stoiy, he sue c.eeded in pawing his siibject into the "tlralncd :wbrld," buti was unable to bring him back. Hi; imiiiediately sent for his teacher, bur he, too, seemed powerless to resMire tjw. man to con- sciotisness. 'Then Dr. hoewongood of llii) Hast 84th street, was called lo the house. 'The doctor looked at Ihe patient for a moment, and then told tiio two men to throw a pail of cold water yver him. The doctor left Ihe house after giving the order. The "professor,' acting on the physician's suggestion, •succeeded in a remarkably short time in restoring the subject, to'consciousness The teacher said, tha.t the man had been ''in a hypnotic, lethargic cataleptic tit," • Dr. L()ewejigoi>d. said to reporror last:' m'gljt that- flit a sham. Young 'Kremer. believed that, he liml .hypnotized his subject, hut If was all a. .scheme, of.. the "professor" to advertise, himself. Kromer's landlady ordered; him lo. pac.k ills trunk and leave her house last night, lip went, to Hobokeiv where his relatives live. but the dervish is heroism run crazy. These so- called ''holy beggars." self-sworn to devote Ihiuesclves to the prophet's cause. :!,me at <!en, (iraham's square of marines, Miglilandmeii, and stout linesmen 'as if we had been children to lie fright- I died by a cry. Clad In -their palch- jwork rags, with shaved 'bare heads. ' many armed with no better weapon ! than' sticks, they charged full in front; 'of the lire-walled 'sqna re. Down «t hoy J went by scows and hundreds. but 'others qulc-kl/y took up the running j toward us. 1 sinv them that day— one of them —pierced through and through with Martini-Hen- wounds, come lU-rcely on, like drunken men, their teeth g and eyes allame with hatred, were tliey if they could but cross weapons with our bayonets. When exhausted nature failed them their last act was generally lo hurl (lie weapon they carried, stick, la.nci;. or sword, toward our ranks, and shout an Arab imprecation against as. "Nosrani!" (Xa- zarine). An old, gra|y : liaired sheik actually charged the square reading the koran aloud, which he held in his hands. Later on, when Sir Herbert (then Col.), Stewart, charged the worsted Arab footmen with his two regiments of cavalry, their mounted dervishes faced-his whole force and. boldly charged them in return. Again, in Tamai, when tho Arabs broke''Into. Gen. Davis' square, where i was, and temporarily captured our six machine gnus, on which they danced in lieiidish glee, the dervishes were in tlie forefront, of the attack. A big marine who had bayoneted .ono.of them found his ritle caught an-.l clutched by the fanatic' savage, who strove to reach his foci nan with his sword. It was at (lit! moment we wero driven back, and while Ihn. marine- tugged and swore to get his weapon free Ihe reeling dervish essayed with his parting strength to slay or wound our 'Tommy Atkins. In the des- ;perato battle of A.bu Klca. similar scenes occurred. I state it as a fact that (Hiring the melee in which Col. Karnalfr fell a den-isli who had struck that, otlicer and was promptly bayoneted through tht! back twistod about while' the steel was protruding and tried to thrust his lance into the soldier. Hveil the crippled and w.onndwl dervishes on tlie tick! of battle lay in wait to stab Ihe chance passing enemy. Asked to "surrender" and put down their • swords and spears, the iiiraria- Itle answer of the sorely stricken dervish was "Christian (.or dogs, never!" When 1 saw them last, in the Soudan, a- few years ago. then- was no abatement iu their bloodthirsty t'eroci- tiy, nor show ot! hesitation, whelln-r tiiey. numbered few or many, of a longing to gel: to close quarters with their enemy. oyal oaking; Powder Is Absolutely Pure \A 7HILE there are so many alum baking pow* * ders in the market, the use of ^hick a ll physicians decide render the food unwholesome and liable to produce dyspepsia and other ailments, housekeepers should exercise the utmost care to prevent any powder but the Royal from being brought into their kitchens. In the use of Royal there is an absolute certainty of pure and wholesome food. The official "State Chemists report: The Royal Baking Powder does not contain ammonia, alum, lime, nor any injurious ingredients. It is absolutely pure and wholesome. The Government reports show all other baking powders to contain impurities. , In the use of any baking powder but Royal there is uncertainty if not actual danger. It is unwise to take chances in matters of life and health. ANTLERS AND THEIR GROWTH. ! Mrs. 1' Flint, an early settlor ot Kaugnuna, died of heart failure. Tho ivnmliis will bo interred at Jtosi'ii-Jule. near that city. —North Amcricau Review. By the time a deer is five years old ho should have what are called his "rights," that, is, the brow adlcr, which is the near-: est the base of the horn or burr, the bez or bay an inch or two higher up the beam or upright (main shaft of the . horn), the tray or tres above that and j finally two on top, or two points on i one of his antlers. This constitutes a' stag of light points—a. runnable or warrantable deer, who will, in another, year, have two on top on both sides . and becomes a stag of ten points. In ! Scotland when there are three on top on both sides the head is termed a Royal one, but I have never heard the term in the West. Most of these words are derived from old Norman French hunting terms but the deer themselves are called by names which sound unmistakably English. In his first for instance, a young male dee 1 ' Is a calf, at two years he is a "knobber," "knobbler" or "brochct," from his budding antlers a hind at the same ago being called a "hearst." In the third ear, he Is a "spire" or "pricket," the upright beam having formed, after which he becomes a "staggert," nttnning to his full titles and dignities at the age of five. Mndo to l.oolt Like Now. Dresses, Gent's Clothing, Feathers, Gloviu <;tc., Dyed or Cluuned, i'lilsh Gannon ID Stenmei!, at Otto Welch's Dye Works, 3-1(1 W. Water St., Milwaukee. Scud for circular. The democrats at IM Crosse are making an orgnr.iztHl effort, to defeat Dr. Frank 1'owtJl and the populist ticket at, the .spring election. If you have a worrying cough, or any lung or throat trouble, use at once Dr. D. .Taiyue's Expectorant, and don't, parley with what may prove to be a dangerous condition. Kits-All Fits Stopped free i>y Hr.KiincN Greiu Nerve Restorer. No PUB '„. lor (lrnt day's nee MarvtlousCurfls. Trea'.lsn aurt $2 50 trial bot- lle 10 Fit Oases. Send to Dr. K:tno, »81 Arch 8t Phils., Fa. Washington, March 6.—Hon. Joslah Qumcy, of Massachusetts, has accepted the position of assistant secretary of state. Ji-or riM-out HiseusoB, Coughs, Colds, etc., (•ireem-l le'i'fiu tonml n the use of "Brown » Urom-liinl Trochei." Price *> cents. Sold only in boxes. William McKcekau, Druggist at Bloomitigdale, Mich. "Ihave had the Asthma badly ever since I catn« \ out of the army and though I have been in the drug business for fifteen years, and have tried nearly everything on the market, nothing hag given me the slightest relief until a few months ago, when I used Bo- tehee's German Syrup. I am now glad to acknowledge the great good it has done me. I am greatly relieved during the day and at night go to sleep without the least trouble." • CARPETS. Wonder how many housekeepers, Wisconsin housekeepers, we mean, have any idea, that is, any correct idea, of what sort of a place our Carpet Department is. True, we've told you over and over again what ' it's like. We've "pictured it as well as cold type and printers ink would let us. But then pictures—pen pictures especially —are but pictures. There's nothing like the seeing. It's well enough to talk of unlimit ed space, of richly carpeted, Moors, of softly teir.pnfed day-' lights; of the thousand andi one little things that give to) all this an air of refinement.* But, after all, you've but a vague idea of what it really is. Send for samples if you cannot come. GIMBEL BROTHERS, • Milwaukee. Don't fool with indigestion nor with n disordered liver, but: take Beecham's '('Ills for immediate relief. '25 cents a box. . . , . a Tribuno case wii.s MOUNTED INFANTRY. The Various Anns of the Oaiubineors of- Napoleon's Army. •' Peter tho Great organized dragoon grendiers in 1708 who were armed with musUets and bayonets, as are their descendants of today, says the Satnr- da|y Review. We need not, however, go beyond the time of Napoleon to liml a precedent for tho Russian innovation which has so scandalized the sabreurs of today. The carabineers of the French army at the close of tho last century were armed with carbine, pistol, sword and bayonet. At Anster- litK there were still some thus equipped, and the small musket without.tho bayonet was retained during tho wars of 1800, although three years later it, too, wa.s cast aside, when cnirassiei's became fashionable. And besides these special carabineers Napoleon had a ; force of dragoons proper—that. Is to say, men trained to light either on fool or in the saddle. In 1802 (hero were twenty-one regiments composed of such foot soldi'ers on horseback, although the tendoneiy, we are told, wa« for them to turn into real cavalry, with perhaps some greater capacity for lighting on foot than had tho others. This tendency has ever been Inevitable, and today with us tho fear is tliat ow mounted soldleiv away', if their iproifhi'ties hi such a direction are not interfered with, devflop into tt spurious imitation of O« the Itliiue these dragoon^ .Tames J. Hill, of St. Paul, the railroad, magnate, has a splendid collection of French paintings, bought on his own judgment. Ho talks' as understandingly of art as of railroads. Host of All, To cleanse the system in a gentle and truly beuelicial manner, when the Springtime comes, use the true and perfect remedy, Syrup of Pigs. One bottle will answer for all the family and costs only 50 cents; the large size Ifl. Try it and be pleased. Manufactured by the California Pig Syrup Co. only. William Cordway Partridge, tlie Boston sculptor, gets $10,000 for his statue of Shakespeare, and will receive $27,000 for his equestrian statue for Gfl.rfleld. He Is only 31 years of age. With Ely's Cream Balm a child can be treated without pain and with perfect safety Try the remedy, It cures Catarrh. Sly son has been afflicted witli nasal catarrh since quite young. I was induced to try Ely's Orciiin Halm, and before he had used one bottle that disagreeable calarrlml smell hud ulljlel't him. He appears as well us any one. It is the best caturrn remedy in tlie market. — J. 0. Olmstead, Arcolii, 111. One (if my children had u very bad dls. charge from her nose. Two prescribed, but without beiietlt. We tried Ely's Cream Balm, and, much to our surprise, there was a marked Improvement. We continued using the Balm, and in a short time the discharge was cured. 0. A Uury, Corning, N. Y. Apply Balm into each nostril. It Is Quick ly Absorbed. Gives Belief at Once. Price .10 cents at Druggists or by mall. ELY BUOTHEUS, 56 Warren St., Now York. At Chicago the representative Jewish rabbis of American assembled in the Temple at Thirty-third street and In- d!i\tta, a,vemic, Monday, to develop plans for tho representation of ,tJie Jewish ;',Churc-h and! fiaith' at the World's Religious Parliament, to be field in that city in September next. It. wa.s dwided that an appeal be Issued to the Tews all over the world, .and tliM a committee of tivt* be /appointed to cjioose tho subject for discussion before the congress. .A scheme Is on foot to construct a reservoir of 10,000 acres for irrigating purposes nea Sterling, Colo. It will cost. .fl,(M)0,000.; and is expected to furnish water for' :jno,0()() acres. Cleanliness, exercise, and diet are tho cardinal virtues of good health. Tako care of the first two and if you know what and how to eat you need never be ill. It is clidmed that Garfleld Tea, a simple herb remedy, overcomes the results of wrong living.. THE WOMAN WHO WORKS, and is tired, will flnd a special help in Doctor Pierco's Favorite Prescription. Perfectly harmless in any condition of the female system. It promotes all the natural functions, and builds up, strengthens, regulates, and cures. For women approaching confinement, nursing mothers, and every weak, run-down, dell, cats women, it is an in--,.... „ -J vigoratiug, supporting tonic that's peculiarly adapted to their But it's more than that, too. It's the only guaranteed remedy for all tho functional disturbances, painful disorders, anil chronic weaknesses of womanhood. In termuo complaints" of every kind, periodical pains, bearing-down sensations, internal mfliimmn- tiou, and kindred ailments, if it over fail.- to benefit or cure, you have yom' money Something else that pays the dealer better, inny be offered as " just as good." Terhapi it is, for /inn, but it can't bo, for you. IV O B'ETTEI-t » MM.ROV, Mii'i'LiN Co., TKNNA. To the Editor of tin New York World; "Mrs. John Gemmill, of this place, was thrown from a wagon, sustaining a most serious injury to her spine, and was A HELPLESS CRIPPLE FOR 19 YEARS, unable to walk. .Her daughter providentially procured two bottles of ST. JRCOBS OIL, which Mrs. OmmiU used. Before the second bottle was exhausted, she was able to walk about, and has been COJV£F > L33TEX.Tr CURED." Very truly, M. THOMPSON, POSTMASTER. FOR JUDICIOUS INVESTORS Eighty Million Dollars Profits on Nine Famous Mines. we KELLY Kim, BOSTOfJ AND MONTANA, CALUMET AND HECLA, GRANITE MOUHTAIN, HOME STAKE, IDAHO, - ~ IRON SILVER, , » MOLLIE GIBSON, '-- » ONTARIO, - -^ f 5,000,000 2,075,000 36,350,000 - 11,960,000 4,841,250 2,344,050 2,500,000 1,800,000 12,875,000 The Silver Sunlight Mining and Milling Co. own four Mines and a Concentrating Mill in the same mountain, upon the same vein and in close Proximity to the celebrated Five Million Dollar Kelly Aline, as shown in the map, and their prospects are exactly as good as the Kelly. Colossal fortunes await the first Sucky stockholders of the Company. The Chance of a Lifetime for Hen of Moderate Heans •*•— ~-wy ThcJSilver Sunlight Mining and Milling Co. is Incorporated and has a Capital Stock Of jS2,000,000—2,000,000 Shares fully paid *ud nonassessable. HON. L. BRADFORD PRINCE, Preat., 69VIHNOR OF NlW MlXIOQ. Qenernl Offices! GAHTA FB, N, M.< AND OHIOA«O. ILL, Registrar and Transfer Affente. AND TBU8T OOHPANV. BANKERS. HB8T NATIONAL BANK, 9ANTA fU, OHBMIOAL NATIONAL **NK< OHIOA6Q. TH* CHICAGO TITLB A Umited Number of Shares now offered at 25 Cents f\ Share. No order taken for less than $5.00, Do not Ml to send for Prospectus, Map and full information to W, H, P1NSMQRP, J RAD FIELD'S FEMALE REGULATOR has proven an Infallible specific for nil derange- monta peculiar to tho f eniQlo sex,such us chronlo •womb and ovarian diseases. It taken In timo it reirtilatcs and promotea healthy action of all functions of tho generative organs. Youne ladles at tho ago of pulierty, and older ones at tho mcno- pauBe,-wlHflndin!1;n, healing, soothing tonic. Tlio highest recommendations from prominent physicians and those who havo tried it. Writn for book "To AVnrnen," mailed f rco. Sold by all druggists. BnAitflELD REQULATOa CO, proprietors, Atlanta, Oa. —FO«— HE proprietor*, of THE Bui' FALO BATOUDAY TIDINGS o:. _ fer to thu person who semis tbo first correct solution cf the following rebus Ifor eiioh of tlio next twenty correct solution* FIVE DOLLARS will lie given. For eucli of tho next i \vcnty- flvp correct solutions TWO DOLLARS will be givon. nml for the iiexc 100 eorroL-t solutions 0 V IS SATRDAY DOLLAR will be given. (3f The first ten letters opened each day (containing correct solutions of the rebus) until the close of the contest, May 1st, will b3 fjiven ONE DOliLAK euch, fgyFor the correct solution offered last la offered TEN DOLLARS, mid for the next tou to the last THKKE DOLLARS lo each. Everyone sending a -olutipn must enclose with the same FIFTY CENTS (in postage stamps) for a six months trial subscription to THE BOFIT^LO SATURDAY TIDINGS. BUFFALO'S GREAT ILLUSTRATED FAMILY NEWSPAPER. The envelope which contains correct solution bearing first post-mark will receive first rewiir.l, an 1 the balance In order as received. All aivi'veri must be mailed ou or before May 1st, 1803. Address "RebusDepartment," BUFFALO SATURDAY TIDINGS, IUJFFA 1<O. N. V. Jlelog iibvtlclau). Noatirv Thousands cutud. SeiiJ Oc m tlauiui,-. . _ .«•, JV.,K. SMYTHS It. M. 1)., Mjjil Kept. ^ Patents ! Pensions! (or Ui

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