The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 17, 1892 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, February 17, 1892
Page 2
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THE MOINJES, AL&OKA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY 17, 1892. ' I IOWA. THE LATEST HEWS. GENERAL NOTES, Bernhirdt astonished tbe people of Macon, Ua.. by spending $47.75 for a cable- srrnm to relatives in Cairo, Egjpt, informing them of the state of her precious health. Dougla»s Tilden, the American deaf mute sculptor, is winning valuable laurels in Paris. His "Base Ball Player" in plaster, which was sent to the salon of 1889, was most favorably criticised. A NEW automatic scale is So arranged with an automatic attachment that cars can^be weighed while passing over the track at tbe rate of four miles an hour. Five or BIX cars can be weighed per minute. William 11., the new kin? of Wurtemburg, is a man of simple domestic tastes, with n« liking for the display and gayety that characterized the court while the late king was alive. 'But Charlotte, the new queen, is only 27, and she may influence the king to furnish the people with entertainments. Dr. Carl Herslow, president of the lower house of the Swedish parliament, is editor in-chief of the Sydsvenka Daybladtit, an influential organ of King Oscar's domain. The doctor has long been an ac. live member of the reichstag, and the leader of a part of the center. He is an excellent speaker and, being a trained journalist, is one of the strongest and most logical debaters in the parliament. Lady Brooke may be as flirty as she is beaotiful, but she doesn't allow her vanity or love of admiration to interfere with her duties as the "Lady Bountiful" of the district in which she resides, and in distributing brandy as a grip medicine, founding a successful school of needlework and in generally looking after the poor and sick has earned herself a local character which does her honor. UTAH Liberals fight the statehood movement. * ST. PAUI, is flooded with: "green goods circulars. PRESIDENT TANNER, of Illinois College Jacksonville, died Monday morning. JOHN JATKNOX died Tuesday afternco: at his home in New York. SERIOUS trouble is promised in New Orleans for election day. Arms are im ported from New York. SECBETAKY BLAINE emphatically de nies the report that he is about to resign from the cabinet. • ANOTHER line of soundings will b taken before deciding upon the route fo foe proposed submarine cable between San Francisco and the Hawaiian Islands. THE United Iron workers of America convened in annual session in.Columbus 0., Tuesday. Gov. McKinley delivere the address of welcome. The steamer Buffon, from Brazil, i quarantined at New York with yellow tever on board. Five of tb.3 crew him died, and four are down with the disease their resignation*. The' feeling, against the government in some sMioiis is bitter and fighting may occur at ity moment. A STATUE of Washington Irving has just been completed by John Marchant Mundy, a blind sculptor living in Tarrytown. The model is one-third larger than life, and represents Mr. Irving seated in an easy chair, with one leg crossed over the other. Mr. Mundy went to New York at the age of twenty-two, at which time he still retained his sight, and worked for a short time in an ordinary marble-yard. From that time, 1854, he has produced a number of works, although his sight was steadily failing. He is now totally blind, and this last stature has been modeled with only the sense of touch to guide him. GODDAHD & SONS.' floui milling men o: St. Louis, have filed an assignment. Lia bilities are estimated at $180,000, with as> sets 897,095.48. EMMA. ABBOTT'S ashes have been sealed into the beautiful monument at Gloucester erected by the famous singer before her death. ARCHBISHOP JOHN IRELAND, of St Paul, Minn., has arrived in Rome, and has been cordially received by the pope. THE foundries at Hamiton, Ont., were reopened Thursday with a force of nonunion molders in place of the striking union men. LEADING negroes in Little Rock, Ark., have organized a national association with •52,500,000 capital stock, the object being to operate business houses for colored people AN old gentleman of Keokuk City, Iowa, has broken the record. He proposed, was accented, procured a license and was married inside of 30 minutes from the time he first saw the bride. ENGLISH journals strongly denounce the report of the American emigration commissioners charging Great Britain with systematically sending its conricts to tkis country. PRESIDENT HAKKISON, on Thursday sent to the senate the name of Frank W. Okley of Madison, to be United States marshal for the western district of Wisconsin. HON. HENBT H. BINGHAM will deliver the oration at" the unveiling of the Gettysburg monument June 2. He was wounded in that battle, near the copse of trees in which the monument stands. NEGOTIATIONS between the United As has been published already the exposition authorities intend to place an aggregate of $600,000,000 of insurance upon the world's fair buildings and exhibits. The Chicago city fire department has a fully equipped and manned Bre engine and other apparatus on the fair grounds, housed in a building provided by the ex position company, and every precaution is being taken against fire. Tho heavy insurance, added to this precaution, will relieve nll'exbibitors from fear of lo.=sby fire U U believed. Insurance is already being placed on tLe buildings, now in prccer-B of erection EVERT marriageable girl in the country knows that she has special rights this lea; jcar, but not all of our eligible ladio know the limit of the origin of thes delightful privileged These matrimonia favors of 1892 are very important, anc therefore this tiwe.-honored custom slioulc ' be known by all. It dates back as far ai 1288. At that time the following statuli was published by the Scotch parliament "It is brdaint that, during the reign o Her Maist Blosb't Miijestie, Margaret, ilke maiden ludee, of buith high and low 'estate, shall hao libortie to speak to man she iikes. Gif he refuses to take her to be his wyf, he shale be mulct in the sum o ane hundrety poundis or less, as his estaii may bee, except and alwais gif ho can make it appear that ho is betrothed to an other woman; then he shall be free.' After Margaret passed nwaj the women becuine clamorous for their privileges and, to appease them, another act of parliament allowed them to take matters into their own hands every fourth year. A glanco at the pagea of history reveals the fact that the early marriages have long been tho fashion among earth's royal personages. Here are a few instances Queen Victoria was married when she was scarcely twenty-one, and tho princo of Wales espoused Princess Alexandra before he was twenty-two The emperor of Austria took to wife the radiant Elizabeth of Bavaria when he was not jet twenty-four years old, The present c/.ar of Russia was twenty-one when he gave his hand to the Princess Dagniar of Denmark (who was two years his junior), King Humbert of Italy, was twenty-four at the time of his marriage to the fair Marguerite of Savony (then a girl ot only seventeen). The present king and quueu of tbu Belgians were one eighteen anil the other seventeen at the time of their wedding. And the late king of Spain, Alphonso XII., was very little older whoa ho formed-lus brief, bright union witb his chiumingr cousin, Mercedes, lie was only twenty-two when he married hid second wife, thu present queen regent. And it was at the tituio uge that the present emperor of Germany was united to Augusta Victoria of Schles wJK-Holstein-Au»u3tenburg. The unfortunate Prince Rudolph of Austria, was twenty-two at the date of his iJUtarrod union to Princess Stephanie of Belgium. States and Canada in regard to reciprocity of trade relations, were formally opened Wednesday. THEUE is a, rumor afloat that Postmaster General Wannamaker is to bft sent to Paris to succeed Whitelaw Reid as minister, and that Gen. Jas.'S. Clarkson is to take Mr. Wannaniaker's place. ATTACHMENTS aggregating 8900,0001 WILLIAM PUCKENT was hanged at Irvine, Ky., Friday, for the murder o William Hall on Nobember election day, 1896. ; » i • THE officers 'of the Louisiana Lottery company have been indicted by a federal § rand jury at Boston, find a deputy United fates marshal has started for New Orleans to serve the warrant. •' ' MAYOR JAMES G. W*MAN, of Allegheny, Pa.j has been declared guilty of extortion and will be deposed from office. Other city officials are still to be tried on similar charges. AN_insolvent firm's treasurer is arrested in Minneapolis on tho charge of embezzlement. • , MAIUON C. . HEDSKETH, the alleged leader of the gang that robbed a railway train at Glendale, Mo., November 30, has been arrested in San., Francisco. ALICE HOWLETT, of Charleston, Mo., a student at the-. Harden Female college in Mexico, Mo., committed suicide with laudanum because she had been crossed in love. PETER WILLSWOKTH,' of Minneapolis, a well known dealer in copper supplies, was arrested Wednesday morning on a charge of erubezz'ing $3,000 from the Minneapolis Blank .Book and Paper Box manufacturing company, of which he has been secretary. AT Leadville, Col., Mrs. Cullom and Mrs. Arbor quarreled, and the former slashed Mrs. Arbor badly with a knife. The latter's unborn child was killed. Mrs. Arbor is expected to die. The Cullom woman has been arrested. circulating medium by issuing treasury notes based on gold and silver coin and bullion (Mr. Peffer's); for the retirement of national banknotes, the free coinage of silver rind the promotion of the' interim tional free coinage of silver (Plumb's); for the loan of money to tbe'farmers of Indiana (Mr. Peffar's); making sue of money tt full legal tende/ in payment .of all debts (Mr. : Kyle's). Tbe ln» two were indefinitely postponed. Mr Squire reported' back the senate H >'• ap prdpriating $300,000 for. a morument MIH statue to General. Ulysses S. Gram in Washington. HOUSE.—Mr. McMillin, t>f Tennessee reported back the Mutchler resolutioi directing the committee on banking 1 anc currency to make an inqniiy as to the fttil ure of the Keystone and Spring Gardei banks of Philadelphia, and Mr. O'Neil^o: Massachusetts, offered an amendment including the failure of the Ma\erick National bank of Boston. Mr, Dockery of Missouri, offered a resolution,directing the judiciary committee to iiiquireintothe right of the secretary of the treasury to employ the $100,000,000 gold reserve for Mr. Bacon, oi THE TWO ERICSSONS. Liff and John, Who Wefe the Best Shipbuilders of Their Gen- uarrent expenditures. New York, reported a safety of national banks, of Ohio, reported back a FIRES AND CASUALTIES. Memphis has a million dollar fire. EAST BURLIHOTON, N. J., was shaken oy an earthquake Wednesday night. THE Hotel Royal, in New fork, was surned, and about thirty lives are lost. CASHEN'S block, a four-story brick Kiildhig in Meriden, Ct., was gutted by fire. FRANK LOYELL, of Lyons, Iowa, skated nto an air-hoU> on the Mississiopi and was drowned. MKS. ROTHSCHILD and her two child- en, of Ottawa, Ont., were burned to death. SEVERAL people were in jurod.some fatal- J, by a collision between a train and a treet car ia Chicago. WILLIAM JONES and Perry McKnight were run down by a railroad train near iopkinsville, Ky., Wednesday night and atally injured. FRANK TYLER and his wife were both rushed to death while attempting to re- UltT»nn /IllfViiiil/livkn nrr J-V.« I — £_„ * .. air an outbuilding ou their farm in Aransas. BENJAMIN WILEY, aged 65 years,' a roll known resident of Bergen county, N, ., was struck by an engine on the New ersey Northern railroad at Granton, N Friday night and instantly killed. SUNDAY morning a fire wiped out near• 3125,000 worth of property and laid in sbes one o':' the best business blochs in J Larned, Kan. Six Philadelphia boys playing with bill to promote the Mr. Outhwaite, bill authorizing the detail .of army officers for special duty in connection.witli the world's .fairi Mr. Bushnell, of Wisconsin, offered a resolution providing for a final adjournment ol the first session on Tuesday, Mav 31. Mr. Bushnell also introduced a resolution inquiring whether any articles of homemanu tucture are sold abroad cheaper than at home. .WEDNESDAY, FBU. 10. SENATE.—A communication from the secretary of war transmitting objections of lieutenants of tbe army to the proposed change.from regimental to lineal promo- motion as working injustice to the older lieutenants. Mr. Chandler asked immecli ate consideration of the bill conferring honors upon Schley and Greeley. Bills were reported as follows: To increase the rate of pensions in certain zasos of deafness; to amend the total helpless- pension act; to amend the act relating to those who, having participated in tbe rebellion, have since enlisted in the army or navy of the United States and become disabled; to provide for a permanent system of highways in the District of Columbia, outside of the city of Washington; for the relief' of the heirs of John Howard Payne. A bill was passed providing for the appointment by the president of a commis«ioner to represent the United States at the Columbian Historical Exposition of 1892 at Madrid. Mr. Squires introduced a bill appropriating £00,000 for a public building at Seattle. rii« president sent in the name of H,-nry L Besse, of Wisconsin, to be register of tue land office at Ashland, HOUSE.—A bill was passed authorizing ... -.». - •»-*/. ° It is rlaimed That Lief Landed on American Soil in the Year 1002. / ' As Navigators the Ericssons Deserve Great Credit, And Evinced Wonderful Skill. The old monitor Nantucket, painted up to take part in the pageant m honor of Ericsson's •Da n, proto . .iT , n ° •»•>""•',wwv i ...«U.^UA.V uv,u JJInylliJ^ WlljU have been and will be filed against the siolen dynamite were badly injured bv the VVOCI Off! Trm»l-»1 \r*1*«f nn r*n nnw.««. C T\ st*-»->l-ti->*n-. —il il._- _1_JS» j"ll i -,-r * Western Farm Mortgage company of Denver. Tbe company is capitalized for§3,000,000 and does a business of 810,000,000 a year. THE liabilities of the failed Doming & Silver City_ bank in New Mexico, are bank 5252,000. 'The bank sume in ninety days. officers expect to re- GAUZA, tbe Mexican revolutionist, has published an open letter to President Harrison, in which he denies that he has violated the neutrality lav/s, THE meeting of the cabinet Tuesday was attended by all the members but was of short duration. The Behring Sea question was considered briefly, but no action was taken. THE committee on president and vice- president, on Wednesday, discussed briefly and without action, Mr. McAleer's resolution providing that the electoral college shall consist, of one elector from each congressional district; two from each state, chosen by the citizens of the state to represent the number of legislators in that state, and one from each state or territory to be chosen by the vote of the people. This is tbe Michigan plan. JUSTICE JAMES, of the supreme court of the District of Columbia, M'onday morning delivered the opinion of the court hi the silver-brick case. Tbe petition of Merrick, Morse and others for a mandamus to compel tbo secretary of the treasury to receive and coin into dollars a silver brick tendered him by the petitioners wiia denied. Chief Justice Bingham dissented from some of the views of the majority, but agreed with them upon tbo main question. explosion of the stuff; Charles Hawap, aged 17, is dead. ALE'XANDEU PETEHSON, of 1075 Indiana avenue, Chicago was killed by a Lake Shore train. He was crossing the bridge_at that street when",the train overtook him und ran him down. BY the explosion of an engine on the Reading railroad in Philadelphia Monday night, the fireman of the engine, Georue Rearon, and two unknown boys, who we're instantly killed and five other men injured one fatally. FOBEIQN. AKOTHBU attempt was made Monday to set fire to the royal castle at Konicrabiug, TUB strike of tho 10,000 coal threatens to cause a coal famine in don. SPANISH republicans have porters Lon- been pro- t , lu - hibited from holding meetings in honor of tho Spaniih Republic in 1873. ^ THE English parliament was re-opened ' ^ Tuesday acd the Queen's the session was read. speech opening Foun anarchists sentenced to death for participation in tbe recent attempt made to sack Xerxes, Spain, will bj executed in pub'ic. JAMES McCAimiY has been re-elected president of tbe McCartyito section of tho Irish parliamentary parly. FOUK anarchist leaders wore parroted the public square at Xerea, Spain,VV udnesday morning. THE Right Hon. Sir James Oaird, tho veil known English writer on agricultural subjects, died Wednesday. IN a, collision Wednesday with a Brit- sh steamer, tho schooner Railway was >unk near Cardiff and three of her crew Irowned. A GIIEEK steamer bound from Cardiff o Malta bus been lost on OHO of the Scilly islands; nii:e of l:er crew isi CONGRESS. .FIUDAY, Feb. 5. HOUSE.—Mr. Fithian, of Illinois, presented a bill placing farm implements upon the free list. Mr. Sayers offered an amendment appropriating $115,154 for the subsistence of the Sioux Indians, which was adopted, and the bill passed Mr Banting introduced two tariff bills; one places a duty of a cent a pound on tin plate or baggers' tin and one and two- tenths cents per pound on tin plates, with a drawback of less than five per cent, of the dut.> paid on exported articles made from imported plates, The second bill repeals, July 1, 1893, the dui.y of 4 cents a pound on pig tin. The chairman of the war claims committee reported favorably Pennsylvania Border Raids claim bill appropriating 83,447,945. MONDAY, Feb. 8. SKNATK.—The following executive documents were pre.Benled -. From the secretary of war, asking legislation fo as to give precedence to those first lieutenants who bad the longest service; also for the applications to first lieutenants of the svs- tern of lineal promotion now existing'in other grades. From tho acting secretary of the treasury, asking for a deficiency appropriation of $29,000 for tbe transportation of silver. From the committee ou fisheries, asking information in rot'ard to tbo establishment of fish stations in tho Jtoeky Moun'ain regionu and the gulf states. Several petitions wore presented by Mr. Cullum in favor of the pass:i<'0 of the bill prohibiting dealings m options. 1 he bill inpealing sections 4,488 and 4,489 of the revised statutes, requiring the use of life-saving appliances on steamers plying on lakes, baya and sounds, was uassed. Mr. Allen, of Washington, intro- auced a bill to establish a ship canal iutho Columbia river. Confirmations were F W. Oakley, United States marshal for thn westeru district of Wisconsin; A. S. Bald' win, register of the land nifico of North Platte, Nebraska, arid W. C. Woodhurt receiver at same place. ' HOUSK.—A resolution was adopted ordering the appropriations committee to the construction of a bridge atBurfin^ Iowa. A resolution was presented yiding for two additional messeat." LO ^ be given to the republican side, "which caused considerable discussion. An investigation of tbe pfinsion bureau, as managed by Commissioner Raum, was ordered. After'some time spent in committee ot the whole on tbe military academy bill che house adjourned. THUKSDAY, E'eb. 11. SENATE.—It. was voted to increase tbe oo« ec ot tae agricultural report from 300 000 to 500,000 Mr. Gibson introduced a bill appropriating $16,000,000 to prevent damage bj floods on the Mississippi; not rv»*-tt«rt tU n _ ffl»j OOO nnn i » £ t ! ** ww more than ?3,333,000 to be uually. expended an- HousB.— A resolution to appoint W. F. Halleck assistant doorkeeper was killed atter a long debate. The military academy appropriation bill was concurred in. Mr Scott, of Illinois prop s.d a resolution for the repeal of the sugar bounty clause, on tbe ground that it was unconstitutional. of Historians admit that lon^ before the expedition of Columbus, America was discovered and colonized by the Scandinavians, writes John Volk in (h<i New York Recorder. The hardy viking', with a spirit of adventure rare, and indomitable, pushed theii explorations westward as far a> the bleak and rugged shores of Iceland, which according to tradition was colonized by the Norwegians in t tho year 874. That hardy maritime nation adapted itself naturally to exploration of unknown seas, and boldly sailed westward from the Naze and Skaw in search of ne ,v lands to conquer. The vessels in which they sailed were marvels of naval architecture—f<ir superior to the scow-like ships that carried Coluui- hus and his men. They were both swift and seaworthy. In a year 1879 a large viking vessel was discovered close to the entrance of the Christiana Fjord. It was dug up from a grave mound aud was in a iplendid state of preservation. It was cus- ;omary to bury a viking in his war galley and heap up earth on and around it. In case tbe bones of the grim chieftain were found in tbe ship, together with .hose of a doer and a bird which naturalist?) declared to be a peacock. Colin Archer, a Norwegian naval architect, read a paper n 1891 before the institution of Naval Architects (British) which gave a detailed description of the vessel. The gentlemen >resenl were surprised at the scientific Knowledge evidently posessed by the de- igners and builders of the craft. She was 78 feet long,with a beam cf. 16 feet, 7 nches and a depth of 6 feet. Her con- truction was of the itrongest and her nape was such as to make her capable of withstanding the fiercest tern peat. It was in vessels of this kind that the vikings, with their hardy followers, devastated tbe British coasts and carried off fat cattle as well as the wives and daughters of the inhabitants. In suips like the one dug up at Christiania Fjord they sailed, to Greenland and thence to this continent. All this is told in the sagas, and runic inscriptions found at Upsrnavik confirm the traditions of those wild and weird rhapsodies. Lief, tbe son of tbe founder of the Greenland colony determined to sail westward, bis curiosity being excited by his story of an Icelander who, while steering his course for Greenland, had been driven to tbe southwest, where lie saw a beautiful country, well wooded and fertile. Accord- P^y. ., L i e f. accompanied byjjanother chief called Bjorn, launched a war galley and steered to the southwest in search of the unknown country " ' glowing colors by the ,.,/t , , «* ""^ -.... J-*ltio "...A 1 ™ 0 dou , lj . t that the Scandi- acquainted it to when his remains were sent to land, is now being fitted out defense ship; ;It is hot to speak of Erickson's They are part and parcel of the i history of the United States superlatively great, and jc is oiily his memory that the .statue i n Park to be soon erected should commanding site] Hia worthy A behalf of his adopted country » grand to be passed over and sVfc cpite of the proverbial ingratitude publia. Another descendant of Lief Thorwaldsen, thd son of the poor T wood-carver, who was born on board batvreen Ireland and I? i 7 . 70 ,' . bec .ame a famous ^ He died in Copenhagen in 1814 • magnificent representation of the' 1 uraphal Entry of Alexander into Ion" was executed for the great Kai His largest single work . is tho lion near Lucerne, Switzerland, orative of the Swigs guards who defending the Tuileries, A Thorwaldsen's statute is soon ed in Central Park.—Exchange L'ERBOXAl.. m ik The brilliant succesi which had Little Lord Fauntleroy on the not followed Mrs. Hod^don Burnett'it- est dramatic venture. Her new play Showman's Daughter, which came ' end at tbe Novelty theater in Loi week ago, after a four weeks' run, her §13,000 clear cash. * #. * Tbe Duchesse de la Hochefoucald, »l| church niarringe took place Feb. civil marriage Feb. 10—is now «»,„,,, four American women -in high socialiflf j'6'*hl Jfthelf, SSfta'wi: Sfbutilt 'iff* Stephens, of Xt?$ wise THE ESKIMO HUT. TliP Igloos, the Ouei;r Winter Flou«e» Mi*} KHlilmob. Toe igloos, or winter stono but?, were not far from the summer tupiks ' Tbe--' were built upon the hill-side a portion of which is dug out from the interior. Tbe domed roof* were made of large pieces of I flat sand s'one, carefully arranged "and held in place by pieces of booe. These protruded sjmewhat into the but and were utilized as books upcn which'bung harpoon lines, pouches of i-eM and bird skin, skin drinking-cups, bone drills f,' c At the back of tbe hut was a platform raised about a foot from the floor. Opposite this, winch served as tbe bed. wa< the opening of a tunnel six or eif-ht feet Ioni> through which the family must crawl to enter their abode; and here the dogs find shelter during the storms of winter. The tunnel slopes down from the floor, so that water from the melting snows of bpriii" may not run into tbe house. Over the inner entrance of the tunnel, about four feet square, is another opening of about the same dimensions, which allows light to enter the dwelling. This hole is closed in winter by Living stretched over it the stomach of the walrus, scraped thin and soaked in oil. At Herbert Island, several of the igloos were built double, that is i wo i fe loos were built close together, each with a separate tunnel, but the dividing inside, partition was left incomplete depicted in such Icelander. There ,b tl navran sea kings were with the magnet, as other ,. 1=D would have been impossible for them „, navigate their vessels wita f ,uca skill and precision. There is no record of the enjfth of Lief s voyage, out it was doubtless long and tedious. They landed in what wa* undoubtedly Rhode Island and spent a winter there. Because of the wild grasses they found growing in profusion they called the colony Vinland IU exact location has never been discovered, but it wab probably Narragansett Bay. The curious structure at .Newport known as the old windmill but which was probably a Scandinavian temple, may have been erected by tho daring aud adventurous Lief. Everybody has read and admired "The Skeleton in Armor, the work of the incomparable poet Lout-fellow. The poem, whiuhis as weird as a Scandinavian saga, is founded on the River In al . 13*") *" »vuimcu fact of a skeleton, dug up at Fall clad in broken and rusty armor. iu . a probability it was all that was earthly of n sea-ioving Norueman. In Boston stands the statue o f Lief, who according to well-founded tradition was the first white man to tread tho shore of North America. Ho came hero in the year A. D. 1002, nearly five centuries bo- tore the sailing of Columbus from Palos Lief as a navigator deservw far more credit than tho renowned Ganoe-io s lor while tbe expedition of Columbus wafted westward —. Genoese sailor, •Prtl,,.~.l W'18 the Will (,'ut A MONTE CAIU.O dispatch Amcvican pickpockets, named says Best two and , Sampson, have been found guilty of robbing Marquis Pizzardi or bis pocketbook. Best was sentenced to two years' imprisonment and Samson to six months. ANOTHEU revolution is imminent in .,•- the expenditures of thu World s Columbian Exposition coiiimih- sio>i. Hie Bpuakur made tins following com- nuttee appointments: Banking and currency, Busy (111.), A. N. JluHsull (Ky )• inter-state mid foreign commerce, Curulh (Ky.J, Copmbj (V. Y.) ; Dihlriet of Culuiu- bin, Hallowell (I 1 ...), BuHy (III.); Wttr c aims, Cudmua {N. J.) cluvemlh ceumiK, lutluan (III.). Mr. Hacon, of Now York has introduced a bill to (fxlend tho i,r'm- lege of taking out patiwtB to tbo diacovery ot now and uselul plants, fruity and TUK i* • .' j-,» — ••••vu t vi u **iV,V/l!J IJJtJLtf.— Benjamin Sharp, in February Scribner. CAHJ10N8 CUT GLASS. Tbe HuH-lJui-aea Aro Ciirboua Like Diamond*. It has been found that half-burned arc carbons will cut glass. Containing, as they do. many of. the clmracteristics of tho diamond this is not Burprigini?. Un- or utuitely, the street aiab has discovered tins tact, and now amuses himself bv scratching plato-glaw windows and doing ft ?»£?_,'"*. ,'*> o«ly rernnd^ , is for tho latnp-trinaner to leave over summer seas "bv balmy [and genial northeait trade winds, the Norseman had to contend with the .vintery and icy blasts of high northern lati tudes. Experienced navagtors do not hesitate to declare that if Columbus had tried tbe northern passage his southern sailors would have succumbed to tbe climatic and unaccustomed hardships. Should not Lief and bin vuliftnt comrade*, who were made of sterner stuff, receive some little reco^- mtion at the world's fair. The statue ft Boston is scarcely a fitting tribute sit ion in France. There .is the de Dino, once Mrs. Xork; the Marquise do Choiseul, Miss Clara Coude rt, also of New and the Viscountesse de None, who daughter of the late General Barney. * * * The remains of tho late Henry W. G._, were recently removed from Oakland call etery in Atlanta, their temporary reslifff place, to the fine whito marble vault wl|j ed by Mrs. Grady in Westview wmele^fpuip! ''' Readlnf; Aloud. As a source of pleasu equal that of reading with L__ companion. When nlae lends of her voice" to high poetic thoghts o7( the instructive volume brings out the quaint conceits t we_enjoy, how thoroughly we i With little pauses for criticism' and u ,, A . change of opinion, we go on, page aftf'SI' page, bringing fresh pleasure to our lite:!!* ary tete-a-tete. And ever after the stciHi* or poem has for us an added chard Years may elapse, yet wben we see agai the book our memories recall the scene i its first perusal—'In- vine-shaded piazz with tbe summer sounds and scents; i the snowy day, when a "tumultuous pi vacy of storm" enclosed us in a sanctuar, or the long • winter LTening, when t'i lamps glowing radiance and the brig! fire enhanced our comfort, and mind Bui,.,-—•• body were uiually soothfd and delightei|-y$$pe Some women neithi-r'know nor caro this delightful pastime. They fancy L...... a special training by n teuulierof eldcutinf^. is essential to fit Ihr-m for the pi rendering of tha thoughts of others,-,.,,, that it is riot worth while to attempt l'j$i'i gain tbe accomplish in :nt, as they have rallie special aptness for it, ignoring the fsifiMiWS that reading aloii'l is one of the talents t-^' be secured by a judicious the great talent or ti 1119. Clear and tiuct enunciation, a wi-ll-tniined eye, ai'jif'tjifit ready comprehension of tho authafeyinil meaning are essentials easily acqutaM-4tj a and the practice of this delightful acc^ijjfcst pmhment gives so much pleasure that Ov&Jgh is recommended as nn important coDkfJ||j{nV( butor to that happiness which every l^'iiftlfe ln S heart would fain bring into the HtfSSjfaJr of others. To read to ihe dear onea nirfotwa.* are weak or ill, to the sufferers in tals, aud to aid those whose eyes ing as'tho long shadows of Jjfe'i cloud their brightness—thebe are ings which we can easily bestow, i uy which we are ourselves Ilarpar B Bazar. EIGHTEEN J'EUISII A re itoiiKti.'d to Dent h. .,. .-- .Feb. 8.—A this city reports that class carriage attached express train bound for Braila b " rned , "nd <% alo8 n passengers when the fire broke out perished in !l names, the doors of the carriage ' ocked. s memory of a man so daring. to the Lief is aimmo that will ever bo Temptation To go oat ot _oor. IB rough weMhor •troag, bat w. ,„, m . ny ot oa * ™ roHKb weather frequently. Bi,.«J w wch Brsail; thiee ministers Lave htwded iu flowers. SENAm—Mr. Morrill prewjulcd udvorae reports on tho following Wild: To wo- vide tor the free coinage of Mid and silver bullion (Mr. Stewujt'a); to j»ureLin& ^wp^sSiH^ ' i i -ii ii — ""H.TJ niii uvi^r uu asan- mated with the early history of America According to tradition he, was th" line the Ited, and therefore called rcs son. From him in cue unbroken line of ancestry was descended the famou Sweed uh eiigmew John Em^on who in it is It is agreed all through tho south '" tbe best policy to grow more tfffii r linf it is f |v< ^ and less cotton this year, but agreed that it is not very likelv farmers will act on that a trouble of course is that there on, who invente the screw propnllcr and the Monitor was err ainly the father ot the mindud, and tbo mighty part tho ors ,, , Jy() fl m M Ulin« the wor of tl lion has been •••••-- outhority. Aa for lho diioum- of the Ho the volviBf wrought foatu ro ofU,oMonitorwaVa«: Oree "l . w, lu-r cost bfini ttaih nnn of Uii B vf-H»« i,< i '° 00 ' « nil, r P ffl n8r i« ^ llnc a"0«»" ik the difficulty ot breaking the foroefcS|fe habit, and he bold of the <lonvi 0 tion<fclP» tdking good year* with bad, cotton ii most profitable crop the southern cau raise. tern is the tlie crop, which Another u'emeut in the uncertain t . y about the si? cannot be forecast 1 n ".<.««iv/w uv |t/j UUilOl. «"' -'V.V any degret of accuracy until it is gather*fl Cuero Mrn un mo nn ..^..i- _ _. • ~ _.i.;<v:#; were are so many contingencies wW®?!» may reduce it at leusfc in miality T^filS means ttat a Jnr^e acreage does not neccfii^ 1 ?anl/imply a large cro f C and that "-*^ S1 " is in tact no such fixed relations bet acreage and crop as tlwro is with w_.._ tor fx maple. That there will be someifi cluction in tbe cotton acrea-'e this j '" possible, but no one txpsote it t.o «=q«» -u per cent, recommended-at the Memp "~" ) conference. Ascioctificjjurnal states that a l sugar put on the hands with soap atly increase its lather and uleii Power, and will remove dirt, chew stains, etc. - • • . 1 he wettest place in tbfi world is said m s Cherra Poejeo, in the Khasi Hill of -Mf sauin, India. Here the rainfalls aver " tor a single mouth from 100 to.200 iW Iii Wercbejauslr, Kust Siberia, ..ftsj coldest place *uown on earth, the t« rjerature ranges iu January froro ^if below, the mean for D-iuei and Ftfbrnftry beinuSS 1 '

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