The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 10, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 10, 1892
Page 7
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"And now I pee with eye serens 'I ho vary pulse of the machine; A bein<; breathing thoughtful brnath, A traveler betwixt life timl death; The reason tlrm, the temperati will, Endurance, foreBight, etiynyih and skill; A perfect woman, nobly planned To warn,to comfort anil command; And yet a spirit still, ana brurht . With something of an angel light." VINO AND l)Q NOT BE DECEIVED with Tastes, Enamels, and Paints which stain the hands, injure tho iron, and bum off. The RisingSun Stove Polish is Brilliant, Oilorlcss, Durables, ami the consumer pays for no tia or glass package with every purcLuso, HAS AH ANNUAL SALE OF 3.000 TONS. \U8.FUB. UNION. DETROIT FHEE PKESS. , j! It isn't life's purple nnd gold, dear, That niukt's it uost worth living, Not ulwnys llie very costliest gilt's Are dearest nud best worth giving. The heart that beats in truest tlmo With the music of creation, , Is happier fur than his worse will Can make or mar u nation. The little Minny pleains that prove (Jnr dark cloud's hopeful lining, Are brighter, dear, limn 1C WL- hud Walked always In the yhinintr. I do not think God loves us lens, Or frowns on us hereafter, Because we cover up a sign With single-hearted laughter. There is no heart so poor but gives, If it but will, a IreiiM're' Richer than any king may own, Greater lha > we can meiuuiis. No life can u're be poor and < old, Or crnvini; somu new blessing, That and holdelli fairy gold, Love's gracious eclf possessing. Love soundeth depths thnt none can reach, With any common plummet, It leadelh up to heights beyond This worli-a-duy life's ctiminlt, A little tender, human love, Just at the right time givc'ii, Goes far to make this cad old earth Seem like a piece of heaven. HKU WAY. • "You seem Bad this evening," said Madame Emilo Tifaine to her friond Jeiinne d'Entral, "and to liavo eyes red dcued from weepinsr, imiid the illuinina (iona of a ball, is, to say the least, to hav< badly chosen one's moment." ''Eniilie. T am tired of struggling to be loved. Ah! I atu indolent! I long to be adored without iny having to make an et' fort to keep and perpetuate that love." Seated on a tete-a-tete a if* languid anc with half-closed eyes, her face in the changing shadows of her fan Jeanne d'Ea tml had a disillusioned attitude, and from her lips came a soft murmur oftirec words. "My dear," replied Madame Tifaine "you are frightfully exacting. Tour bus band finds you charming and shows it at each instant. He endures your caprices, shows a touching fidelity and yet you com plain! 01 what do you complain ?" "My husband? Hois the most inconsistent man in the world." "Who will you make believe that'?" "It malifs no difference to me whether it is believed or not?" "He deceives you?" "Yea." "He has mistresses?" "Jiinumerablp." "Aid you know them?" "Better than he knows them himself.' "Jeanne, you are making fun of me—' "Emilie, before a week has gone by you will have seen them all." "But, then, that man is a detestable creature." exclaimed Madame Tifaine. No," said Jeanne d'Entral with a subtle smile, "heis simply a man." She rose and pa sed amid the brillianl assemblage, her shoulders bare and white in the dazzling light, which set sparkling her jewels of diamonds and pearls, in a costume whose richness and exquisite tinl royally enhanced her beauty. As she passed, sue was followed by a lone murmur of caressing, deferential admiration, and when she danced, tihe seemed to carry away in the circle described by her trail- in? robe the dust of all the passions awakened around her. An hour later, Mme. Emilie Tifaine met her, ensconced in a corner of the hothouse, her eyes beaming with tenderness beneath the gaze of the Count d'-Eatral, who passionately kissed her hands. "Well," thought Mme/ Tifaine. "for a man who has so many unstressed, he makes love well to his wife." A few days after this evening. Jeanne d'Entral drew rein, mounted on her'che-t- nut thoroughbred, to give a word of greeting to her friend Eiuilie, who was driving to the Bois. The Count d'Ent.ral ancorn"- panied his wife/correct and calm, E.nilie could not help showing her astonishment at seeing Jeanne so ma j-wtioally at ease on a spirited animal for she knew the in- 8tinchve fear her friend had for horses. She did not tail, above all, to remark with what elpgance her habit was adjusted. Thnn they separated. But ten minutes later, as her carriage traversed a shady road, where the branches of the'trees met overhead, Mme, Tifaine perceived through the shrubbery, in a loot-path, Count d'Entral, who riding near Jeanne, • had lovingly thrown his arms about her waist. "Decidedly thought she Jeanne is erossly mistaken or Monsieur le Comte d' Entral, in a prime hypocrite." * * * # "My friend, you promised to show me your husband's mistresses. You seem in no hurry lo redeem your promise. At least name them to me. Do I know them?" "Perhaps not at all," replied Jeanne to this new investigation, "]t is trie that they are many," added she, smilingly. ' You 'seem to lake the matter very gailv?" "There are days when they amuse me!" "What a strange little woman \ou are. Then you don't love your husband?" "I adore him." "And you tolerate " "The besfway to kepp one's husband is, le"- a'l, to tolerate him as he is." "You are .scandalously indulgent." "You have not yet understood we." "What were you doing whpn [ came in. for yon're jn'acurious toilet.? 'interrogated Mme. Tifaine,. "You see,'} exclaimed Jeannej with a child's beaity laugh, "I was writing up my books." • "}>t me look;' 1 demanded Emilie, seizing in Jeanne's hands a, copyboak covered wi h fiaures and writing. "Are the> housekeeping arc >unts?" "Y. a," wid Jeanne, "a the beginning of the book; I hen in the middle my husband's expend it uns, and here at the end ni-p' cial accounts of the children. It is all ccrreot." Madame Tifaine began smiling, as she thought that Jeanne, in spite of her immense t'orune, b >red Lernolf by such n usele-a Usfe. She studied her iu n momcpt iu her bookk3eper's get up. Jeanne drawn black cambric sleeves over the pale blue sleeves of her morning wrapper, and her hair, >et. unbound, cut short on the foiebe,mL fl >ated over her shoulders like that of a \ nnngmrl. . '• , -i "You fire delicious that way," said Emilie. • "So much' t,he better," answered Jeaunue. And as the Count d'Entral entered just then, she showed him her books and work. When upon he kissed her, with love in bis eyes. It wits ayear later that Mme. Emilie Tifaine, invited by letter, appeared o.t a picturesque cottage by tnc seaside. Sh« was rnucu puzzled over the di.4appenr.inco of the. Count and Countess d'Entral. That conple that she had long believed, on. Hm s'rfnErth of a joke without, doult, di tu'rb d by terrible dissension aud misunderstandings now appeared to her as the strangest puenomenon—a union of two of the most fanciful, ardent beings she hud met. Mme. Euiilin arrived, on foot, before a chalet, of which the hidl door stood oporj. and, to belter surprise Jt-anne, she entered without knocking. She sen relied, but could find no one. All at Once, through n glass door, she perceived tbo siihouatr.ojof (Aunt d'Enlral in tho kitchen; and before the fire, she got a back view of a well bhur.ed w'Miian skimming the soup. Mtne. Etnilio was about to push open the door sind present herself, when she bti- c.-rne immobile, held to tin; spot, by surprise at what she saw. The errant had just plivjed a kiss on the nape of the cook's nock!" "FuughT'said Mmu. Emilie, "that is too much. Poor Jeanne." bhe stepped backwards, liRart-3ick-,when a violent gust of wind blew the door widu open. "Who is there?" cried the cook, turning a-ound. Mme. Emile recognized Jeanne d'En- tral, Jentine, who, seeing the stupefaction of her friend, put her two hands to her Hide-and laughed so heartily that tears ruu down her ro<y cut eks. She really looked good enough 'to eat, with her whit? bib apron, her bare arras and short skirts, and very capable of inspiring a new love in the heart of her husband. "Dpyou understand now?" she at length explained. "1 manage so that my husband never deceives me, save with raoself, and I am all his mistresses. His consistency comes from his successive attachments for all the women who constitute one intelligent woman, and the secret of his fidelity, my dear Eaiile, is iny diversity."— Prom the French by Fernand Laf argue. Dr. Livingston's Fun. Dr.Livingston.the arctic explorerer, had a ereat deal of quiet fun about him. He would pair (ff some African barbarism with som« Euglish civilization with great point. For instance, somo of the Africans wear hoops on their heads, with their wool drawn out to it, like the spokes of a wheel. "But, poor people, the are not civilized; they put their hoops in the wrong place; they'll know better by-and- PtLLLOSD THJK POHTBU. Prohibition Sheriff Claim Pullman MOD Sell Liquor. WICHITA, Kas-., Feb. 2.—V. L. Foster, Pullman cyr porter on the Frisco road, was arrested today at Burton, Harvey county, charge;] with violation of the prohibition law. This is the third arrest of porters in the last few dajs, and it, is said the county sheriffs where prohibition is popular have combined and have evidence against Dearly all the cat- porters running in Kansas who have disregarded the liquor law. 'Mill to Rertlstrlct Ohio. Coi,UJinus, Ohio, Feb. 4 —A bill will foe introduced in the Senate to-day re- distvicting the State foi- Congressional purposes. It will give the Republicans twelve Congressmen sure, the Democrats ssix, leaving- three doubtful districts. Cut Ills Throat in Jail. NEW OKLKANS, La., Feb. 4.—Murderer Fitzsimmons, who recently killed Detective Gilkinsou and n:ada a remarkable escape from the Allegheny county jail, cut his throat in the parish prison here this morning and will die. Wilt* Howard Convicted. LEBANON, Mo., Feb. •!.— Wils Howard, the notorious Kentucky desperado, who killed thirteen men in the famous Howard-Turner feud of two years ago, has been convicted of murder here and will hang. Opposed to Reciprocity. CITY .OF MEXICO, Feb. 4.—A Guate< mala letter says that Ijiiinfiesta, the new president, is opposed to reciprocity, but eiiergetiely favors a Central American union. A gold coin depreciates fivo pur cent, of value in sixteen years of constant use. SUDDEN CHANGES OP WEATHER cause Throat Diseases. There is no more effectual remedy for Coughs, Colds, etc., than BUOWN'S BRONCUIAL, TIIOOUES. Sold only in boxen. Price 25 cents. The largest known moth Is the Giant Atlas, a native of China, the wings of which measure 9 inches across. The School of Hard Knock* was where Andrew Carnegie gained his start; forty years ago a poor Scotch boy—to-day, >rhico'of manufacturers, author and phil- uiUiroplat. It is from his own experience that lie is to write for The Youth'i Companion on " Habits of Thrift. 1 .' More tlian 5M5,000 subscribers receive The• Companion at their lomea every week. The price is ouly $1.75 a year. Gypsies originally came from India, not ''i as is usually supposed. Fast Eating And ii regular me»l» are uaueei oI<Dysp«ugia, which rill soon bucoiao inmiruble exoeiit by car-lul utton- ;iou to ><-lei nud tukiug a reliable stomach mud clat Uko Hood's SiirBaiiarillu. Bead thin I •Owlun partly to Irr Kularltv in eating, 1 sutti.rc4 [ri-»t!y tiom yapeuslu, ucouuipaulud by Severe Pain After Meals I took two or three bo U»s of Hood'i Sarsup'trUU did uDlirely rooiivertd, much to mv KratlUaaiioo. 1 (requeiitly have oppprtuul y to pwit>« Hood's Sarsaparllla and am «lad to, for i consider U a great med c no." 0. 1. TuowmiiDo*. Travellug 8»le»man toctichlot- rlio-k & F. BO,Port an i,Mu. HOOD'S Pillg euro Uvor lllg. Prloe Mo, *W» Besw^y ft« cwwr Beet, EMlent fc Use, ami Ohe»p«iit. LA OKT??E. On December, I confined lo my room with the (Jrlppo. Tronsiiivr of ilu; "I'nmintirrJnl Advcrlidrr" rccoinnifiidutl llinl.I sl|iniltl Iry it lioltlc. "Aycr's Cherry IVcliirril," as It litul euro'! him of Hit! same ('(itnpljfuit.. T sent fur :' botUe, niid ii\ l\v» dn.vs l,\vns al>!o to i-csniiu m,y btislntss, and mn'now entirely cured. As I otliur rctntidv, I c:in but ui all llie cri'dil. ID llio '•iJlii'vry Pectoral.' wliich I frnitirfully rccdiiilneiiii as n siiucillc for tins disease. Yours very truly, F. T. TI.MtuiHO.v, 20 Park How, New York, N. V A Gorman tnntHifnclurur will creel, a fae lory for making white onmnel at lown, next spring. J'-«TM.— All Fttn>ln|,iinA freetlj Da. It'RUVB ItKKTOIii'.n. No Fll.n iiftor Mratduy'l n»». Mnc- vcllou» cliren. 'I'nutlsu and I'J.IIU trial hotllo frea t» Ml cHseii. Biiml_ip_l)r. UlInG, ual Arch St., 1'hUa., 1'a. "Thomas" occurs, on .the average, about thirty-nltit! times in every 1,000 names. Mncli> In Look LlU« Mew. Dresses, Guilt's Clothing, Feathers, GloTes, etc., Dyed or C'luiinnd, Plush Gnrmenta Steamed, at Otto Pictch's Dye Works, 246 W. Water St., Milwaukee. Send for circular. 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Fits, Falling Sickness, Hysterics, St. Yitus Dnncc, Nervousness, Hypochondria, Melancholia, In- ebrity, Sleeplessness, DLz> ziiicss, Brain nnd Spinal Weakness. This medicine has direct action upon i he nerve centers, allaying all irritabilities, and Increasing the flow and power of norvo fluid. It Is perfectly harmless n,nd loaves no unpleasant effects. —A Valuable HOOK on TTorrotis Discuses asnt fVoo to any address, and poor pntlents can aim obtain this medicine I'roe of charge. This remedy has boon prepared by tho Revorond f.iHtor KocnlK. ot Fort Wayne, ]nd.. nines 1878. and Is now prepared unclor his direction by tho KOEN1C MED. CO., Chicago, III. Sold by Drng^l.its nt «1 per Bottle. 6 for Kf G, r.argo Size, (S1.75. 0 Bolllos for SU). Calnrrli Can't Co Cured With LOCAL Al'PLU'ATlONS, as they cannot reach the scat of the disease. Catarrh Iu a blnod or constitutional dificaBO. and In order to uurr t you have to talto Internal roint'ilies. IlaH'K i a- tarrh Cure Is lalion Inlornally, nnd acts din oily oil tho blood and mucous sniMct's. Hall's , a- tarrh Cure Is no quack iiiocllclne. H was) pro. Bcriljed by onu of tho best iihTs-lclans In this country for years, nnd is a r«gulnr iii'sscriiitiou. it Is compoual of Ihe best tunica Known,.combined with the best blood puriflur*, iiotiiif,' directly on tho mucous surfaces. The perfect combination of tho two ingredient! la what produce! inch wonderful results In curing ca* larru. Bond for testimonials, tree. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props., Toledo, ObJo, •old by druggists, price 75o. CUBES tliOJHTLY AND PEBMANENTLY KO, ncaclaolio.Tootliaeho, IS TO 1 I* J&. .•£« O- K A Sore Throat, 6woJlinj,-E,I?roat-blte» § Sprains, Bruises, Hurna, Scold*. inECHflRLES A. VOGELER CO.. BaUlmorfl.HO. « DE. TAFT'S ASTHMALEWB < ru ^v B <* • "wa '^*-'I^IIZIirn nerel ' fafla; scndusyom Address, we will mail trial vllnCUHOTTLB l?np P 1 * tHU8. TAf T ISOS,M.CO,.BOCHUTEg.H.Y.FREE „ ivlorplilnn tiiiliit Ouroi) In XO SfciJiS to «O rlays, Mi, s my till <iurc<J. 'BlIB DR. J.STfePHENS. Lebanon.Ohio, Cod-liver oil suggests consumption; which is almost unfortunate. Its best use is before you fear consumption— when you begin to get thin. Consumption is only one of the dangers of thinness. Scott's Emulsion of cod- liver-oil makes the thin plump, and the plump are almost safe. Let us send you a book on CAREFUL LIVING—free. SCOTT k BOWNE, ChemisU, i 3 » South sth Avenue, New York. Your druggist keeps Scott's Emulsion of cod-liver ail—all drugciiu everywhere do. $i. ANAKJ5SIS given Instant roller, nnd Is an INFALLI- HLM CUKE for PILES, Price, fl; at dniRRlHts or by mall. HnmpioR free. Address "ANAKESIS," Box 2410, NEW Yoas Crrv. I n f f lU. 1 U L 1_ MAPS, describing MlnnsHota, K f F North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, 1 1 R_ I— WaslilnBton and Ornuon, the Fret • • urn urn Goveruuaent un>\CU.KAI' ff£ Northern Pacific R. R._. ____ Bo«t Agricultural, QraxiUK aud TiralJur Lam™ now open to eattlers. Mai led FHEH. Addresi CIAS. B. IAMBOIK. Land Oom. KJ.U 04., Ht. Paul, Minn- Patents ! Pensions ! Send {or Inventor's Guide or TTow to Obtnfn u Patent Bund for Digest of P^ union nnd IP<»tinlv TJA^ VatrlcK tt'I'iirrell, %Vasliliie;laii, D. C. No nUj's fee nutll . Advice nnd book (tee. GLOBE PATENT AauNOT, Wnghlni;tou, O. 0. PATFNTQ Quickly obtnlneil. rniL.I1lu patent la allowed. Advice nnd book »<-metly Frop. IiiHtunt Iti-llef. Final cure In 10 dayi. Muter returns; no purKet no nalvej oonupiiuRltory. A riullw tried in vuln every remedy Un» uiucovorud » »liu|iU cure, which he will mall fro» to hl» fHllutT xuHnrtiri. AddreBH J. H. IJKKYh », box it2IK), Kou York City. N. Y PILES THE POSITIVE CURE. BROTHERS. 06 Warren St., Now York. Price oo cts. TWENTY-FOUR WHY VOU SHOULD PURCHASE THE I CPTDIO OH T LkblKIbDELl AND APPLIANCES Providing you are in need of zny treatment for assisting natare to restore lost health, (TBAUB MAHK.) Dr. A. Oiven. 1. They ure (lie lightest, most durable and c-nslly reolmrged. H. The current cau be revursed or diminished instiintlv. 8. hx press charges are paid without cost lo tho purchaser. 4. They are made by a reliable, responsible) and Incorporated oompr.ny 6. An electric Biiapensory la Riven free wlih each Oent'H Belt. 0. They do not require n "hclentlllo medioitl electrician" to adjust ihem. 7. They may bo worn day or night, to suit convenience of patient. 8. Scientifio wen endorise them, and Physicians UBO Ihem In their practice. »• The cost as compared with other treatment Is at the minimum. 10. I hey are kept In repair for one year free of charge tii purchaser. 1 1. All orders are filled the same day as received, mid all letters are given Immediate attention. an other t^o ) vu ," g em I' atluuls do no ' require treatment -from physicians' office battery or onou'eatui 0 y" rlety °' dlseilses for which they are successfully used U larger than any other venience r t'o e tho )r °ai"ent n genulno current of electricity which Is applied without the least incon- 16. It has been proved they effect more cures than any other one Ireatment under the Sun. bow to gJj ur A 1Jrl " te<1 "'Htructious In all languages accompany each belt, giving full particular* I had beea troubled five montbi with Dyspepsia. I had a fullneai after eating, and a heavy load in th* pit of my stomach. Sometimes •' deathly sickness would overtake me. I was working for Thorny McHenry.Druggist.Allegheny City^ Pa., in whose employ I had beenfoi\ seven years. I used August Flowar for two weeks. I was relieved of all! trouble. I can now eat things X dared not touch before. I hav« gained twenty pounds since my recovery. J. D. Cox, Allegheny, Pa. • It Cured Cold* Couch*, ora influ<.»i», WliopnlUM: Vontsh. A cort»ln euro for OotiHuruntl , er or otiH ;i««l»n, ( nd « nun; relief In Bdvaiic inr*. You wlU toe 41, e e.ic.llont « ld by . • *"" wiu 0UO Jist th« llriit do«g>. f hottle>.. M Miitu *n THE GRIPPE. If the cholera was sweeping through the land and committing the havoc that the grippe is now doing, it would create the utmost consternation, but because the grippe comes on slowly and so many 'people have it with whom it does not prove fatalj the vast majority care little about it and take it wita 'the philosophical reflection that "it is ouly the grippe." Small as it may seem to the average man, it ia yet a subject of the utmost importance. When you get the grippe lose no time, but get a bottle of RKID'S GEESIAN COUGH AND KIDNEY CURE. This great remedy will soothe the lungs and stop the cough that sets iu with this malady. It will incite the kidneys to action. It will assist the digestive powers 80 that the stomach will sustain the vital powers and it will relax the bowels. This work accomplished^ the grippe will lose its ability to Iiarm you and a rapid recovery ia the result. We know whereof we speak, for we have seen this greal remedy tried in thousands of casea, and always with the best results. Get it of your dealer. SYLVAN REMEDY Co., Peoria, IU. A PERMANENT CURB Without .Medicine, Organic; premature dedln*. nervouH debility, Impaired memory and Involuntary lonues cured by Maunetiem. Mqreauo cesHful ibim all other remedlua combined. Our Magnetic SUB. peneory is worn with comfort ii ml convenience; a perfect »nrn pori,uctfng directly upon th» pane Bffocled, plvlni; a lonlneand itrengthaniny effect from the llrst application. Indorsed by thd butt mt'dlcul authorliy, and ueed'with the ^restart. succor. 1'rice 35. , 0, tent by mail. Send, tat ipeclal circular. lla«ni!tlc Goods— Vf st«. Caps, Cor«etg, Support^ era, Belts, Bandages, Lung Pro lectori, Insoli's, etc. AIM.AS 1'OLAH l-'OHCK 1O, 1403 12tfc Street, jJhlcitgo, m. Band tor CaUlogua. ' ._ FAMOUS ODELL TYPEWRITES *Mint*. > Mr, Doutori *> every PubllJ School, 1» . iiulriKii.wll,. do jruur work in oim hour's practice. Bunt to anr town 111 Ibo U. .S. fortl ac|«i.,il, bnlam<« C. O U. miujfct t« trial. Onlurnow anil in>t thu AKt-nuy. OUW1.1. TYPJS. YVIUTKH CO., W to 308 Uiiirbura Htreul, l-'Uicago.lUl The OidtsS XedMaui U t!u WorU {* DB. ISA-AC THOMII»801!i-'a CEI,KJBRATE» 7%1* «rtl«U U i> « nori[)(vl««, nn4 hiu tivim la *aa«Ua( >IM for M»(BFY. Ttun* am tar ilvuvu ta which •n «ofc;«*t norv Vtr«.tsu tluw ton tjmt, tfi' «<»•, Mrkipe, fat «tlch uon nmtdle* \m» lum \rttke «t KOMHO. for »I1 utonut U«iuii8»*'d*l» . »f Ubm *jm It U u Ufaillbl. nuutdy. U tho ln+ U«IM ara follow. J It will a*rar full. W* p«ti«ol»H» InriM Vh« »U«ntiom •« phntolau to it* m.riU. ¥M •aU ky all irugfiiU, /OKN L. IHOMPSQIH, SOBf every detail ' and made - ls Oonlitruotlon ' material. apwoved or BO unl. the LadJes' belt to b. led^of elwffi^ and ° an be B W Ued by the Pi»e«t without previous know- exiJrien^ o'f m'ml'tha.uhlrty 'yeats ™*™ ^ ° Ur Consullln 8 VW*™' who has had a successful Globe', a^^avS^n. h^b 0181118 ° f Pe ° pl ° ln ° Very 0lVlIl2Cd CO ™^ OB th « vnhr «nc« » ptto ' 'M, Tho Elec.tro-Galvanic current IB applied to tho body in such, a manner as to reach tha nerve centers of the entire system, from tho crown of the head to the soles of the feet. OUR ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE, Containing full Information regarding tho nure of Acute, Chronic and Nervous Diseases sworn testlmonlalB nnd portraits of people who have been cured, list of dibenses" etc In EnelS? Swedish, Herman nnd Norwegian; or tre.UUo on Hupturo cured with Eleoirio Truss wffi bo walled to any nddr«BS upon receipt of six cents postage. THE OWEN ELECTRIC BELT AND APPLIANCE CO., MAIN OFFICE AND ONLY FACTORY; THE OWEN ELECTRIC BELT 205 TO 2J1 STATE ST., COR. " THE DRESS IS FINISHED, SO AM I." To tliat queeu ofso«iety aud herdrcssiwikcrwe would say u word. Out', through luxury «u<l » * excitement, and the ot)ic'i, tlirougU the toil of « neueggity, uiay some day find their uilmeuts » comtuon cause.' The Vcgctoblo Compound ' enable both to meet tl|o ^^nds o| «oulety. NEW YORK OFFICE, Uloctrio Kelt

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