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New-York Tribunei
New York, New York
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C.Ii' I I COl Sept- Murder. oflbe boy Brooklyn shoe brooglrtinto Court to be fee thai offe, ce but the Coun or -P polling one Wl bul for a priwner'a Counsel rood they had not uied for Ihoa. cre not pre. legerj muri er, en 11bit 1 Court, a'lllr live charge afiunat hira lor It disposed of. Citp fulrllifjrnrr.

Reported for The TnLuue. Regrn, of 4 JO BroMway, on the 7h insL, the prc hem Dust oberrjr. They went into the etore m.Iv is lie morsiog, uoder pretence of matching an enr Davis side tue watch, whi-h nits-ed, ar.d ami arrested. In Ihe pri-on. the watch ike boot Daria, end an ear-ring to mutch in the of each.

The jury found Ihem ruilly. and the enteneed tbem each to Iba State Prison for Murphy and William Couriers were tried for grml $35 -j in bank Wills ami silver, und a from tau wife of James Larvv, nt 168 KeaJe-'t, on the 30ih July, which were stolen from her eft I near Washington Market. The jury found not guilty. CranerfM McLaughlin. Winn, was tried for fand itealiug tu en's women's clothing, bid clo'hes, and J2pledgo uckea for property pledged, togeth'r ol the 12, f' nn John Atkinson nnrf Jacob Taylor, ak-stresi on the night of the 13fh A'ugustlast.

raa MifT.ired. out of pi! v. to sleep in tbe houit ihat eight si A was fouedafter roidnight stealing th.i elothesoll tbe it. which Mrs. Atkins slept, witn a bundle jag Uu r.t, lea articles by the side of ihe he.

and the tad p.edge tickets in her bottun. ibejury I il i liltyand the. Court sentenced her to ihe State prison for three years. MONEY MARKET. Bales ai tiie '-tot-ji azvbntizc.

Sept. 16. 6,150 f.9 50 do. jj 59 Sesj de. i'j 25 Pntcrsoa.

6j 25 1 do.b3ds Cti 25 M. J. K. R. 7G 50 do.ICd I 100 R.

17: 25 Sj fill do.D I7j 50 25 do. I7j 23 rlo. do. I7i 50 Del 4 1031 WO IsIRR. "1 sjts.

tOr.ijilKJ do.b'JOdy* SS I05ijl50 do. pa HdlJ do.bCods 52j jn do.105 do. J- DekofAioer. 104 lU Svra 4- 130 SO Commercial 50 i 25 sitoniygto.i. ISBkofCom.

'luu do. 29 (AinerRx 64 5 do. B9i 99 Farmer's i 15 Canton Co. 2.1 dr. do.

40)1 10 N. O. Canal. -J2 do. 47 10 do.

4li i'j do 31' IBsgcond Del.'. I04J lOStouington.opr 2J3 do 104 I 15 do Commercial nml money Tkiirtdou, I'. M. The amount of business at the Stoch Exchange was not extensive to-day.

Stocks generally were apniu lower. a. Bank fell of." i cenL; Delaware St Hudson Can? tos Company and Long Island Farmers' Trust Si uiington lj Harlem SraTEStoi sales were rullier limited, liiltsotni1 deicriptioni improved. IJW0 Indiana Bonds. 471 l.l do do 47 1,000 do ill.liw 4C) i Rtati M.

1 000 intueky Sixes. 82 5,000 Illinois Sixes, 1675. 511 This is aa advanci of cent, on the Illinois Sixes, ami I per in oil tli.i Kentucky Sixes Her rs. Wi kins offered in thy atauetion aoiae Won Is Planters' Bank of Mississippi, due next January, beariug 7 per cant, interest from last July, en dorvedbytbe CnitldStatei Dnuls and Richard Alsop, and psyabli in this city. Messrs.

Camman, Wkitebour tt Co. lud oil'the tir.t lot, $5,000, at -GJ. Tho salo was then stopped. The l-'n packet r.nrried out in specie. The decision of the Secretary of tin- Treasury in relu tion tha mo million Government Louu, has not yet been received.

KCtu t'tss-tits-r An English nml assical Boardiag Bcbool fur Qen Chester, Weatchester Co. N. Y. Rer.HENRV ADAMS AaB. )p Rev.CALEB jmncipais.

Tlii-- a iil splendid Institution is now in successful from Ts ea Vorktwo hour's sail up tin Beat 50 cents. A steamboat leaves tho foot afCatherinu for Port Chester, every morning at .7 o'clock, iiinl returning, leaves Port Chester for N. Y. at 12 o'clock, of tho day. Tiio Academic year is iut i four Sessions of eleven ea b.

bovs ever f.turteeu years ami foreigners learning speak English, $42 per quarter. This includes charges tor board. luitioii, wasdmt, im-lliloi-, fuel. Iiglils. bed and bedding and iim' of Libraiy.

For bey- undor fourlaen years, $11 per quarter. This includes charges for all tin: above, ex? cept a i au.I bedding hieb each boy is expected to fur aisb. Ex ra charges for the Languages sad higher Hug Ii-a branches, per quarter. Payniouts in nil ca cs. mads ia advance.

Pupils e.tered und removes! at uns unto. Chewier Fciunlc Hi Eng? lish end i ii Boardiug School lor a'ouag Ladies Tlii- floarishiag Institution is tho Female Department of theP n( i lastitutoand is underthe superiatondence of X. c. Hart, Eiq Tha building i- about half mile dis? tant from t.i" Instil ilo. Mr.

Hun hss In coostam emplor the most accomplished Female Teachers and spares no 10 ben lit In- pupils. The Sessions of this depart Stent are the same as those ol the Mule department. Pu? pil, eno re and removed ai any time. Terms Euglish SlO por irter, iocl Nling inj lights ol 1 Mia and higher Ecglis i branches $3 per quarter. Drawing and Painting, I $il poi quarter.

Lessons on the Piano per of t'inno $2 por quarter. Lessons in Singing $2 pei quarter. Orui.nier.ial Needlework per quarter Each pupil i- ii. hey own bod towels asd nap? kins, ferencea Drs. Bangs, rtoiid.

Peck, K-esc, ami J. II Hart, N. Revs. Lane, 1'. P.

Saaford, II. Bangs, J. II. r-rry, Pen.I. Pinnau Slid Coles, N.

Esqs. Francis Hall, I'. Duroeway, Harper 41 So turein Halsh .1. John Carr, J. K.

Jessup, Oarea. Blake. Wm. B. Taj 'or, N.

Y. Blackstock, Esq. Messrs, Pock, Port Ch -'er. rr rVortSirrtJ tatgtaStOlliCC, Northecu Light, devoted to free discussion and inoditfu sin.i oi' Useful Knowledge, Mi-c I aaeoua Edteraturej and General Iniolligance. The principal object of the publi cation istodiQuse information ou subjects of practica atefaluesr.

For ibe more effectual accomplisbntent of the objas i it is proposed to give it a popular shape; and to af at lost ii late a- i.j place it the re.rh of a.I 1 of readers. It wil, be conducted by an association i. ii ui of lie foil a in jmrsous: loh? A.n.v, ThosAV.Olcott, law ley, Amos Dean, T. k. l'dwsr.

C. fustrsfs of Sept. ot. I. Wo.

I's High and Low Buties, William Jansen. The or the South, by K. Stockkoim. I be vmericaa lastituto of the City of Near York. I eaiher ami the by C.

N. Bement. The Corn Laws of Eagtand, by Samuel WilUams. Corn in Irnncv. by Si.

Dcnys. I our.urajn, sc. Tn. Portrait, by Aloys Mental Effects of Physical by Sumuer the Daoghler ol" A Deceased Frieail, by Ann Eliza Gray. fc.

On Tiioi logy, by Salem Town. The Lake. Cicoro and Philiscus. Tnc Sea hu gs ard the Yikinjer of thr Nort'! by Abraham Meslor. A Poi alar Yiaw of Astroaomy, by J.

W. Edmonds. Tbe Baron Fduqnc. Tiie District Sch stil aud the Lvcrum. by II Lvoa Facts, by oka 1 fn -j.

tngemaan, by llornce B. Webster. i United St ties Bsnk. Maien i Illustrated. fisa-t Def iice.

by Henry Whitinr. Temperance by Cachva. The tlrci.n Territory D. IS St ckholm. Statisiies of New-York.

Siocli at Syracuse? Destructioa of ihe steamboat Nonces. per snii'iui, in advance, or 10 Cents peraum livery. Published monthly. Dtlivrnd in arty 0f p.c^^iy,^ anij Sfat by mail to si. sjules and the CansJas.

bv 3td liw ISRAEL POST. S3 Bowery. 5, and o. 50 per voL aud vols. 10 and 11 unbound, price $1,50 per sol, may obtained at tho office of the New-York Tri? bune.

Sie, Aaa-sire-t. aU 3t w3t XT Graham IkouseT rnends y( mvursd to call. Showor Baths Jsl tf NEW-YORK WKF.KLY PROSPECTUS. TL? Publbhers of Tub New York Tribune, encour? aged by the generou? patronage aud hearty approval which lias Ixen extended tu their Doily paper since itt establish? which already rendered it the in point ofcirculatior. in the City, will publish, on and after Satur? day next, a WeeRXT edition, on a siicet of mammoth size, excluding all mutter of local or transitory interest, and calculated mainly for Country circulation.

The ia Daily or Weekly edi? be what its name unflinching sup? porter of the People's Rights ani in stern tility to the errors of inperncial theorists, the mil nonces of unjust or impe feet legisbtiea, and the schemes and sophistries of seeking demagogues. It wiil etrenuoii? ly adrocatethe Protection or American Inbustry sgainat the grasping und to as blighting poll of European Gov- I and the unequal anxrpethion which they farce upon it-, alto against tbe present depressing system of State Prison Lab it will advocate the restoration of a sound uniform National currency i und urge dis? creet but determined prosecution of lotemaj Improve. menL The Retrenchment, wherever practicable, of Gov? ernment Expenditures and of Executive Patronage, will be zealously urged. In this paper will faithfully main? tain and earnestly advocate the and which the People spproved in devolving on Whig Statc the conduct of their Government. But -mail portion, however, of its columns will be devoted to purely Political discussion-.

proceedings if Congress will be carefully recorded'; the Foreign and Domestic early r.nil iocidiv i.t. ,1 i and a'hateier shall appear calculated to promote Morality, maintain Social Order, extend the blessings of Education, or in any way subserve the great cause of Human Pro- to ultimate Virtue, Liberty and Happiness, will find i place in our co.umas. The Wei.kly Triuune will be published everj'Satur? day mt rning ir. Quarto form on a very iuren impel ial sheet, (31 by inches,) and sSbrded to Subscribers at TWO 1 DOLLARS a jear. Six copies-sill be forwarded eyear for Ten Dollars, Ten copies for Tn't-en Dollars, and larger number in ho latter proportion.

Payment ia advance will be invariably required, and the paper stopped when? ever the term of such paj meat expires. Subscriptions are solicited by GREELEY McELRATII, Ann tt Editors of Weekly Journals who desire sn exchange with the Tribune me requested to rive this Prospectus insertion in their columns. EDUCATION FOR ADULTS, 450 Broomr kzar Broadwav Room opto from 8 in the morning to 10 r-i the Mr. CHAMBERLAIN'S School tor the accommodation of Adults is sow the ninth year of its existence, und designed to aiTord the greatest possible facilities for the cultivation of the mind, on a liberal au 1 extensive scale. In this Institution young gentleman may pursue their I Commerc nl, Classical, Scientifical or Mathematical studies I separately, uninterrupted by the u-iiil routine of rchool exercises.

Those who bava bat little lime to devote to mental culture any be more directly and tbsroughly pre. pureil for the active duties of life, and for the cuj ivni of reading nnd society than they can possibly be in se.uir.Brio. where the mind perplexed with a variety of studies at ihn same time. Tlioso ingagud in hiiiinnvt may nuke amends for early neglect by dev oting their leisure time to branches their circumstances require, and no will be spared to csxsull their convenience sad io adapt ihe instruction lo their wants, Defsrtmrnt i leparate room is appro? priated to ladies-, who an most carefully instructed in A'riting mid the solid brr.ncbci of English education, and hi French, Drawing nnd Painting when required. lectures and have been made to unite lectures on Literary, Scientific and Mata physical snbjests with practical Instruction.

A gentleman of much experience in public speaking has been engaged tolectura on the Philosophy of tbo English Language, I English Li erat ore, and on subji cts of general knowledge, i iad also lo give luilrcction in cxtempoi aucous speaking. Finishing Lite a ar la-s of young geutle nic-i is now organizing for instruction, evenings, in i ly. Rhetoric, Composition, Critical Reading, Debating ilid General Literature. Commercial having efficient associate tnachei? iu the Classics, Mathematics and Belles Leuns, will give Ins personal attention to those who de- sire instruction Mercantile Arithmetic, Book-keeping und Eu-li-li tirutumar. F.

A. Giraud Professor of the French Language, who ha- been associated with ibis establishment more than live year-, is desirous of forming a class of La die, for the study of ins native langu ige in the afternoon. most imyoitant department has been uudcr the disti nction of Mr. Dolmago the past three vcars, whose elegant style of Writing and peculiar man? ner ol Teaching hare rendered it the best Writing School ill the city nnd, indeed, it i- od to be the only one Writing is taught on rational principle-, calculated tu in iko fri e. ea-y write! e.

and sccum permanent improve? ment. The regular classes iu Writing now- attend morn? ing, ifo.riifrou and eveaiug, an llr Dolatage will give lescous between the ailernn iu and ereiiuui classes. N. competent toacherof that in ist interesting am! important art, Stenography, on tiic most approved pan. will commsnce a course of instruction as soon as a class can be organized.

Drawing ami department, which bus been in successful Operation nearly four years, uiidsr the tuition of Mr. Edward Purcell, a skilfal arti-t, whass itruclioo mid accommodatioas are designed for I idies and reinleinen who desire to cultivate their tastcs'aad talents hi the Fine Arts, as well for artists and teachers who -oi instructi for ire practical Grlek, Hebrew, German, teacher of these Languages is well acquainted with the Modern Larguages, uid will giro particular attention Germans and other Europeans, ko desire lo team to speak and read the Eng? lish Language. sit Franklin Lyceum will meet this (Thursday) Evening, Sept. loth, at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Crosby-street. The exercires will consist of Essays, Recitations, and debate on the following question! "Did theinsti ution of Chivalry bene? fit maakind in the age in which it e.tistcd:" Ladies and Gentleman are invited io attend.

a16 if W. W.GALLAER, Secretary. i To nnd WEEKLY TRIBUNE for Saturday ol this woek will ba forwarded to all the subscribers of the Leg Cabin mid New-Yorker as a specimen number. The edition will consequently bo very large, ami iu circulation oxtendsd throughouttbsTTnited States. a medium of advertising f.

the country it will unusual advanta? ges, and a nu-iVer only w.ii be inserted. Price for one insertion, six cents per lint. rcti. in advance. The Voting ICboirj adapted lo the use of the Young, by William u.

BradUary aid Charles W.Saadcus. This i- truly a mu ical in which we live. If every body is not tune, it will not Wj the. fault of the mu ic taa Bu' what i pw st is as nothing to shall yet be. Tbc next that we were yoiins ica.ii.

to njoy it with the next generation will all 'io sing ts. This new book all fee the young. It for Jttv'enile Sineiug thoah, Sabbath Schools, Primary Ac." The book is rot up in gotxl taste. The iau-icis? mple and cheering. The elementary instruction, should'hiu's.

is 'luite superior. (let tlic book; intro? duce it to your children, and teach them all to sins. It ill make them happier while young, am! better citizens hrough life Star, i Published and for by VYTON a SAX i ON, si I Fultoa. VTTir. Tstirr? Clnanical ittttl Cemanercial Icsulemy, Brdadw iy, re-opened for the reception of students, after the August vacation.

For Cards, sitting Tanas, Ac apply at Mr. Lotarwood's Book-torcf to iiio Principal, as lib mectiontd. C-) ET Private 'I't-itclitx voung geutlcman Collegia education, is desirous of giving instruction, ooc hours a dnv, ruber in a private f-miiy or cheoL He s-oubt consider his board a ciinpensatior. for ais nice Testimonials of character and capacity most respectabia references, wiQ be given. Ad Irtss at this office.

el5.f -Pnrticalijr te persons having furniture of any deseriptioa to of. or who are creaking up find a ready Sale for suv ortionor all of gixils, bv sending their addies.s or ealUug upon tae sulnritier. Goods to anv amount purcba-ed s7 fa, E'CQL-i mv. io: Chatham streeL ET EVENING CLASSES Itt tseek-Keeping and Penmanship are now open. Course of Instrnctioa-FORTY HARD LESSONS.

Hours from unul 10. Day oi ttsuaJ. sTlmiseod CO.TI3IITTEE OF WHIG YOUAG adjourned meeting of itii Comiaitlee, will be at National Hall, Canal on FriJav Eveline, the 17th ef SsWtrmlScr, insu at o'clock. BENJAMIN DK.AK.i-, Chairman. Marsh, Giles M- Hixxvxa, at 2t Temperance! Benevolent special meeting of ibis society, tor S.i.S1 ONLY, be held at tke Ball oj Friday evening next, at half pa-t 7 o'clock.

r.o?e}| ed to lie unrtual in tlieir attendance, as business of im porUEce will be transacted. Committee report ca tbia in. HENRY W. FISHER. Chairman of Tn'os.

M. Woooxcrr, Standing Comiui.tec. sirt 2t? perse-? are cnuiiooed pur? chasing the note advertised in the smtra'. peper called the Sen, as it ttsj. obtained aud paired in Sun Bai i i v.

M. WOOLLET. Chancery publisher! of the New-York Week Tribune have made a rran cements (or a faithful and accurate report of the and decisions of Assistant Vice Chancellor oilman, of this city, to the publication cf which they will weekly a portion of their paper. Tee cases decided in thi? Court, arisinir as ibey do iii the jreat Commercial Metropolis of Union' ire frequently as involve estafe, and gene? rally end imjortant Their first publication will always appear in Weekly Tribune and. they be subjected to the correction of the Vice Chancellor, their entire accuracy way be re lie i 0:1.

Tio- -AC think.cauact fa.I to be ensi? le i tly acceptable to members of the legal profession, and to til! business m-n ii-efu! and important. rr The 59 a published every Saturday. It is a of origin articles on i I interesting topics of the day. The number tor this week will cor.tain TWO SPLENDID ENGRAVINGS, with several Talf and numbers irii; b-: sent to Postmasten others who wish to set fee. -17 if J.

I. Publisher, 132 tre, the Subscribers, being unwilling to bear tie reproach of causing the destruction of an arrangomeut fraught with to inue'i food ii? that of clonn? stoies at r5 u'i i i deem it proper to give public notice of our reasons for a the course which wc fear we shall. by circum? stances. Iw compelled to pursue. One of our neighbors from the first, in violation of hn to sacral ir.iliritlu: Is, kept his -fro at' er the stipu? lated'hour, ly until 'J and 10 o'clock.

In conse? quence of this, another has, for than a week past, kept oyea. If the referred to continue remain ca oftur at ben wc si.all -consider our- reives iustifnblii eptng opea according to tr former practice. We regri i ihe ni eessity of adopting ibis course, I and nrdeallj hope thai a r. turn to ihn rieht path by those a ho have raye i from ii may prevent the necessity of our departure from ihe i.ent custom. H.V.

lloiistoa-stre-t, ROBERT DA WIE. 59 Houston-street, -17 illis' l.l iii If t. Second--1 It A la Ia la I I A tn Fails FOR I M.Y TWENTY-FIVE under IS of age, half price. Ost.V TWO WEEKS longer, BEFORE iTs Removal South. One Thjusanq parsons have visited the New end Sublimi 1 tbibitionof tbe Stupendous Falls or Niacaxa, now exHhitiiic at Barclay-street, within luu last few days.

The application of RirZAX AVATSR in Panoramic View is, for the first time, introduce I in this, tho indisncnsablo agent to make tbe subj-ct pcr fret. It is seen rushing over rock- and precipice, mid mi fling with tbe i iv- below. Every House, Bridge, and Rock, attached ie.ction, la faithfully represented ia form and coloring. The nllection of objects on the bosom of tbe river produced by Real Water, pleas? ing illusion to tho whole and conveys a most accu rase idea of the Falls end neighborhood. Thn Model i vars iree Hundred Square FeeL Op ii ('a.

the Day, from Id to ll, and from otoG. In the Evening, from to lo o'clock. At the niag Exhibition, ihe curtain will he drawn at oVlock. Please read the following, from tha Editor of the New York Evening Star: Niagaba were very sgrccably surprised evening, on a visit to this exhibition in Barclay-street, observe svith filelity aud truth the Artist bos dis? played nature in the design and execution of ibis work. The greatest ore has been taken to preserve the localities in the principal objei is i attraction about the FaUs and one is familiar with tbe scenery ia the neighborhood of Niagara, nur, well fancy this to ho mini nure anJ most resemblauee of the great original.

Tbe bold pre cipitoi ledges of rock, Goat Island, am! the mighty rush? ing of the many waters, are well and uly depicted Trfci'c ihe artificial noise of ihe Cataract nol only bears the semblance of nature but is almost deafening. Those who have iirver visited KiagaraFalls, will bs eaabled, on view? ing this exhibition, to fur in cornet idea of their gran? deur aud magnificence, while to whom they are fa? miliar, will he welt repaid ills trouble ol a visit, by the novelty andsUikiug reseuiblance manifest througboul the -ccac. slC J'assi Is ihe steamship Greal Western, from 1 lins. Co lins, lies Carletou, Carletoa Dr Cald wcll, Cap! Brcwsur, Kennedy, ISaru, Miss Mills, Mr. ai.d'Mr.

r. Fo-t- r. Victor De Cunv. Hum phriss, Shaw, H. S.

Samuel, Henry Ptaeide, Tal bnt. Bitgo Madame Gans, John Morrison. Morrison. Boker.T Ryau, EBStrange, II P. Ualbert, StacyG Potts, Dblonek, Hatch, A Statsb.C An- tognio.

Homer, Villamel. Sybert. Fersior, Mr. Barre, A Rusch, Mr and SlTdell. 9 children and servant, Ji'-- Slidell, Mr and Mrs Alston, Mr and Dean and servant, Mr ami Mr Parmell, 3 children aid il rer- rants, and Mrs r.

ujamin, Cumley.Mrand Miss At? new, Rc? Jam MeLeod, Capt McKcuuer, Mr mi Mr Fess r. I children and nurse, Miss Mr au I Mrs Swuby, Miss Js ccs an I Mr and three Misses Par v. 1 Mr, Trot; hai Mrs. Whi Lucy. Mrs Sy inonds, Mis Zaldo, Miss Clarke, Wood, Mr and Mri Cambrdeng.

Mi-- Riebards, Mracd Field, Pep per. J. Harris. Lownds, Lownds, Mr and Pagcly, tt Mrs Psckorsgill, urseund -cr vant, Mi Pick rsgitl. Mraud Mrs Temple, Hearsey, Camber.

Tonil, 110. Pai -en -rr- in tiie i Im from London and Portsmouth Mr. dliamr; Ma. A lady and 4 children. II.

Austia; MissScobal; Ahorn; Mrs. Far nn- Mr-, and Uiss Solomon; Dr. Itsiph and lady; Mr. and Li it'll end family; Brown; Mr. Gaiben; Salmon; Jvau T.

Vam; J. B. Phillips, aud 150 the steerage. POUT OF NEW-YORK. SEPTEMBER 17.

IS4L IRiuiature Dav TttS" SUN I VIIEMOON SILL sea Rises 5 bets 6 Rises7 0 Sets 10h 19a a Dales. lonoom.xcrs 31 I Bavse.At'u. LlVEXrOOl.ICC30 MlW.ORl.tA.Na.sEfT. 7 The next a ni 0 Arrive LOXCON FROM LIVERPOOL I Caledonia, lrft.SepL-I The next Sic aliTT Ship to 0 a FROM raoM LIVESrssOL The 16 The Acuitia.Sept. 19 cleaxed.

Ship l-iuc AUeston, Torrey, New-Orleans, Jebnson A Lowden. rk Porter, Sjvaumh, Dunham Si D.iuoc. Kris- Plutus, Bo-tou; I.spaing. Dunham, Port an Platt, Ay mar it Co. Sehre Petersburg Wm Buck, Stell iusu.

Richmond; Recaide, Laagley, Bo.iou. Vruuu, At rida KaiCeioucgs, S. ott, Laguayra. Da'vsou; Trio. Nickersou, Vesta, Norfolk.

xbjuveo. Siciiin-'iip Grcjt We tern, Sept 1 radze, 11 Irvin.'si (sVuebee, tTebbard. fm London and rorts mcmh Aug 16, hse, Grrnn, .1. Miatura St, Co.

Ship North Aliens, Low ber, fm Liverpool August Marshall. Sup New-York Niv-n. 39 dys fm Liverpool, A Knox. jr. Si Le Westeott, 41 d.

Liverpool, ccal, ic, Peck a San. Ship Hellespoi t. Wade, 10 dv fin Haaana, surar, Spof St Co. Kr Edward, Csemeaco, '-5 fm Gaudaloupe, bal? last, Spotloru. Tdleston i Co.

Neaptriitaa brig Viiia Napeli, Mastino.5Cdys fm Liver? pool, ballast, 11 Martreeilla. I'nu' Buenos Ij Lake, 38 ds fm Perusmbuco, sugar, Ki.abal, Sheldon. Brig May Flower, intacuc, 3ii dys fm Honaire, rait. TrowbnJge A. Sou.

Brig Edward Blake, Adams. 21 dys fm St Croi.t. Aymar Co Sw br.g Hebe. Brownson, 90 dys fai Geric, iron. Boor mar.

Jubason A. Co. Bi is Levant, Aicxiadcr. 21 dy? fta Mayagnes, PR. sugar mar Co.

Brig S. Smith. dys fm Mobile, cotton. Sturris A. Clearaiaa.

IVrrv, Knecdsoa, 10 dys fm Charleston, coiton. Dunham St Diuiun. Sehr Vau Buren, Allen. 10 dys fm Lttboc, anU bngs. Steo: In this city.

15, between the hours nt'otte and two. aflar apaiti'jj illn.ts ot'about three weeks. Mrs. Cataa-ine in the 40th. ycar of her ne, widow the late McCoakrr.

Her 1" and thoic of her a-e respect fall uivited to attend her funeral from tile residence ot her sister (Mrs. Duraag) N'a 49 Esiex-street, at 10 this af emaca. ty 13, Perrrrtae Williamson, ofapoplexy in the 71st vesrof hi- age. Tilt the deceased and his son Teorse Wil ueeuoa, and those of his law, SxaiucI sod m. m-ro.

invitsd to the fuaersl to afte-e, di a li-pa-t .1 fn-rn 215 beU-ttrcetv LodCe. -ji zai 4Q i.u. of O. F. areitwra cit-liv me ted attend.

'i I. ft-lticture ttlji t.le3,e cipv above. At August of yeilo fever, Mrs. Mary Ann Cooler, of Ci-nibrids-e, VYasbiogton County, in the 32 1 year of bcr Paper? tr.rr-,ict.oitthe State will please I AD'51, AH TEiTTIOW NRY 1-. LIAMS 4 Co.

woubt politely invite ibi Ladies ra aud cxr.nna'? their large acd Sple'mii i rt icntof pain, figured. and Striped Mousseliac de Laines, all prices, from 1 to 5 shillings per yard. of ail t.igeuker with a fall assortment af French nd 1.: rttsh Merinos, Flannels, sho-t. a full sssorttni of Fall and Winter Goods, for saie cheap, HENRY WILLIAMS A N. Foiliah and

Prints, fror? 3d to lit. UMTf nn i -riling en reastra-ble by the suVcriber, at Xo. Jnbc-sL Itw'l JOiiN G.tAYHOX. MEDH efficient riant, prepared for children by T. G.

HI IDGKIXS, Confeetiosor. Cortlaadt-st. -1' c.t'?P!:Ti><;'.< ...1. A MaRl cheap cash Carpet Store. Bowery, N.

ANDY r. VJ commenced tbn manafaetnre of this article, and shall keep a con.taut supple the season. sIT I.a' HO0G1UXS 43 Ccurtlaad-st. i H. Kf Beta e.m.?.

8ie. cheap for br F. LOVE, 13s West Broadway, corner of OF Yt t'opart: er ship heretofore rx Itine under lite llCMl'GUKY A FRANCIS is dissolved by mutual con- I seet. All drin? due from or to tlte arm illl be settled by THOMA3 J. FRANCIS, who will continue the China, Glass and Earthen-ware bnsiaess en his own account at the Oe! Stand, 190 carrier of tt.

Signed, V.M. HUMPHREY, sIT If UOCKERYAIVD SiOW 1 a PACE areopocirg it th ir -tores. 100 Bowery cr.d 333 Grand-street, lumber oi new patterns of Dinuecand i'ea with'tUeir former of Choi i. ji'at a Lamps, Girandoles, Ac. ate render, their pleto in varii ty as can bo found i.

the city. If usekeep crs and others ish to lay out their money to the bot advantage, will find it an object to them a call. sl7 iit'OSi CORSET VP 1 BIRT, i Codar-strei t. near I'esrL is now receiv? ing a large assortment of white end rolored T3, mada to order, warranted to give satisfaction, and selling at ex remely low price-. N.

Merchants supplied. CAN -Jl 9 IHOOL i3 Peblished by DAYTON tt 01 Nassau-rt, corner of Fulton. 1 have examined 'Sasdess' Sr.ntr?' of School a have iie hesitation exieessinc In th it they passers merit. Tue Spelling Book i mbraeea several important iwrticuUrs not usually exbibitod iu works of kind The sounds -f the leiten are i defined and illustrated the principles rif Orthography cr'- applied to ilitfere words manner correspondent with parsing; tho natura and power of prefixes and suffixes, and the changes of the accents of the same words wken used verbs are all distinctly presents I sad the entire arriing-iin'iil i'. iu it.y ji; lfm ml vance the pupil in a knowleJgo ofilm orthography and use of words.

Mr. Sanders' publications have rained ac extensive circulation, and deserve all the pat? raaage which ihey have received. His School fir.t and Mcondj been introdueed into our Juve uile partment, E. D. Principal of Lsnsingbutgh Academy." Lai-Miigbu-gli Academy, July 19.

It CLIREHUGII'S IVSW M'VLK OF kVASIIIOIV for Gentl u's llai utt i Will be introduced Saturday, 3 Ii in HIS ROOMS. BROADWAY, Wb-re, fi.iin arranseuieet- i le will be found alw iv. AT HOME By iho-e who wish to be oporated on tv iiimsei r. si7 lmlwis A situation fji a Lljeai- of a wholesale Would prefr boarding with bis parents. Tue best of references can bo given.

Address J. P. nt this oflici- Jf man eci-iom -d to driving a If borre, Hiid a illiag lo work for very low iges. No iituuiion mil be paid to any ni who cannot get re commeadations. Apply to Mr.

Kellogg, over ScofteMV, gi. eery, corner and Waverly Mace two o'clock. yoijng or middle sped emu who an commasd from $30U to iji 0, ss partner in a profilnb''' business. A rate chance will plyat I2CNassou-st. basement.

'17 If A a fie i Apotll earv loi-icss. The store in good and rejpectt- ble: location, and now doing an exeellcut business, admit in? of being creatly extended, term-, for an equal inter estin-the concern, part of if desired, may remain med it can be paid from thn pic (it- of the busiuesx, Also, Drug Stare for sale. the at Mo 10 Div-tsion street. IL H. BRAYTON.

I rt t'. 1.3.! A OF Fat'K? i i I the Mayor. 433 Broi I door from Breadn ly. df HI-TjsON'M IJiTKLI.KJEM'Si OFFICE, No Pearl-street, near Broadway. si Imis" AUE IN i Li.H.l.N-'..

i le? ts FICK, 09 Nassau -t -9 Inns' A li Si Ii j-i received al SSO Broadway. Americau Hotel. guarantee te fur nish employors sober induitrious, honest mag men, such as Clerks of all foachmcn, er-, itc Ac. al Tempeian-e Citri 77 -I. ID" i.iiice bas recently bad the honor of furnishing Mr Van Buren, Ex-President, and the Hnn.Santuel L.

lutlia with servants. IL 1.1 am HENDERSON. the of tec rubber i hoard one of the Cry Ferry lloats. a POCKE BOOK, containing $130 in bills, and so papers, valuable only to the owner. Any person returning the papsrs, Lbrough the to Enoi Phclps, 120Pearl-street, wi'l cuifer ere nor.

The iper, can be identified, a mv is on most of them. LOYAL WILCOX The Courier A Enquirer, will please m-ert ike above three limes inside, and send toll LI. A P. i.rl--i. -17'it UND ERSHlRlVti Si DRA V' Broadway, Am ricaa HcteL il 's ItliWV at 200 EASOXABLE Yfc.sT?N4'i?--At 250 Broad way.

American Hotel. sURTOI CLCTHIf. Beaverand led Cloths v.i i1 riety st Broadway, American H-tel sU i-tf TO I NVA J.JM.?? FURTHER icsHsrs mable ar- At Oriental Rob-s, received and i by wm T. iwiy. 1711'17NTsTt'Sfi" AT AiTTIO I oaTuesdai the Slrtiast at No.

M0 Pearl-street, by a family hreiikinc up all thl Furniture in i.e: house.coasisticg Bedsteads, iug-i Sofa Bedjteai, Tables, Floor and Stair Car? pets, Cro s-rr. 1 Cookioc-Stove, early new, with a ri-ty cf Household sml Kitcbea Fureitnre. -m AfX Ft-'UMITJJKE 2t -anCJ TO family I city ofl'er for sa'e a superior of i'urnitura. one year in use. th lo reut uiitii the tirst of ist, with the privilege tniotlieryear.

The ii modem in complete rep.tir. situated on the lie of thn city. low. Address Box lu37, Poai Office. w-b? TO LE'I'-A r.

i. i-o in aa'a rerly Place, vuc-r IVultingtansqu mode I' iu? unm di ly. I qu re at c.tB.-e." ri'O I.IiT- A Bar-Roam, BRiard om aad Dm i at for a factory, and Sti ck and Fix? ture- for -ale it w.Ilumsburs, Grand ate the Ferry, known as the Long Uland Pavit ijL. If not sr Id Left re Monday, the the sama will be offered Public Arctioii ou that at 10 o'clces A. m.

Persons to etgage iu that ar? ia vited to call. 3f if; MOTT, the celebrated Female Phy nent. Imeoi A ST A wdtstresi gdis can with almost instant re'i fanJ cure. applj iag to Mrs. mot T.

the celebrated Female Physi? cian. See under this distressus can be positively cured by Mrs. MOTT, the celebrated Female Poysieiao. withoat upped. 117 lmeod POSTSCRIPT.

A OR EAT BEHEILION Agaiast Hard Tistes, Hirh tzd Dull Trsda. his been determined span by the Subscrioer, and consequently he ha? armed lor the liege it a a New. Rich and Comple.e Stock He has down ihe rsuBtiet. aad n.iw prepared to every enemy in the face; aad de-irc? the LaJi-ti, aud liie generally, to pay hnn visit, and 'ge. by exam.mag his spicdid soriaieLt of Dry waether he is not the victor.

Jl'-r D. SIS.H>?SILK* I ease clcjn changeable striped a-id sgured Artaure. 1 do very rieh striper) figured Gro de Aeger. 1 do beautiful watcrsd aacstriped Satin. itch.

1 d.s sxupei and Stared Gro de Afrique. I do nca Urocade an 1 Chece. 1 to Gio de Now-Yc-rk aui Gro Je Tcxic. do tcis aaa b. ae plain aud scared Silk, every style.

10 pieces figured and plain Eilkl of every description. 10 do Brazilian Glace, very with Italfaina, Gra dc ith.n*. Double Pout: de Sois, Satiaa, Ac. PRINTS. 5 10 ea-es F.zr!i?h.

and 15 cases Arcrnsaa Prnts. rUEBi.NOE*. Preach, English and Gerau all colors sad qualities. Taelionts, Saxonies, sHAiVf-S. ishmere, Satin.

Damask and Brocks. ri 1SSI3Ieb atlvets cud FLANNELS. BLANKETS, ami Mar.eil es QUILTS. and quan ties. All of which the'public are politely invited to inline, at JOHN H.

DINCMAX'S, 301 Grand-it cjrner of Orchard. N. large assortment of Chens Merinoes. The French, German a id Italian languages spoken. Iw CHEAP, CHEAP FALL GOODS.

JASCN a. im CO. il? Greenwich-st below Barclay, have now on hand cue tf most sxtensire stocl; ol Dry in tiio sity, embracing almost eve-y sty le suitable for fall trade, ivhich have been purchased for Cash extremely low, and will be for the same. si SJXO yards black and hlue-blsck, of the ma-t dr-irable styles and quality, from 4s to 10. per yard.

DSC LAIIVES 3 plain Thibet Wool and Saxony Do Lahres, of a superior qu ility. PRIKTS. 23,800 yards French, Engli h. Fall 'live-Bristol, Dover sad Merrimack Prints, a most splendid article, at Is per yard. TAG LIOIVIS.

Ju-t cj- comprising every color and pattern, (beautiful rtyle. Also.Scases sHtf bleached longelotbl at 6V1, S.I.0.1. I0d, Is aal Is Si per yard. 85,000 brown of ivery known direct from the manufactories, for 6d, Td 3d, lOd, and 6d, per y'd. nnhleacbcd Canton flannels, at lud ami Is pery'd.

cases bleached Canton tluunets, 3 5 qrs. and ft sheeting, and 4 lickings, ill H. BOCKOVER A- 315 Lt. ami FRESH IMPORTATIONS At the Now-York as Tailoring Establishment, 143 FultOtt-strcct, near Broadway. Southern khu Western gentlemen will find at tho above i'-tabli-hinent a tery choice and assortment French Cassimeres and of tbe latest Full style? very desirable pattern-.

Also, a large assortment of West of England and Kreuch Clothe from the most oelebrated manufacturer a. We iball in a fear days rcc ive the largest and best as ortment of French jwI English lor Overcoats ever otTered, to which we invite the attention of our uml the public. Full suits furnished in SI hours at 40 per cent, below Broadway pried. Strict punctuality observed in f.llinc orders. Cash on delivery, ami no abatement in prices.

P. cutting department is still under the super? intendence of Mr. Gaylord, whose services have been w. 11 appreciated by a fashionable public to need any comment Particular attention paid to cutting pants. sd J.C.

BOOTH, Aeent. von.avki.a. ewz its Fnlton-sjtrcel, Would respectfully inform their patrons ardlhc public generally, that thej have just received their Fall Pasbii from Paris and London, mid arc im? prepared to receive orders, having supplied themselves with a well -elected assortment of goods of tbe latest consisting of Cloths, Cassimeres, Ace. which they are prepared to uiako up price, which emu ot fail to please. To those who are unacquainted with our atyle of getting garments, they would respectfully invite to call um! ex amia I for N.

Terms Cash. sll tf NEW AND SPLENDID A GOODS, AT THE IMTEO STATU hj TAILORING ii, No. 12 near Broadway. Ciilzsn- aa.l strangers are respectfully iavited lo call at the Emporium, and examine a splendid assortment French, German and West of England Clotio, Fancy Css limen Ac, which will be runde to order al the siiortest prjs-iblc, iu the mr-t fashionable and ipprovel le, at -educed prices for sS Imis VV. R.

WILLIAMS, Agent. Cauaiimercu, aail Superfian West of England black, blu- black, invisible steel mixed, and blue cloths; cassimcrass, wool black, pla and fancy fa) pieces every and quality; from 3s to IDs per yard, und likcwis' satin, and valeaela si! if J. U. BOl 'KOVER At CO, 315 Greeawich street BALES wii; be sipened tbi, morning of Welch, Ro patent, Salisbury and Valley Dale Flannels, while, red and yellow, from Cd to per yard, at J. ii.

BOCKOVfiR sV. Co's. hf, if Oreen? icii deors below Sarclay. HARDTVARE AND WOODWARE. W.

Ar J. JaMISON. 255 ind 255J GaEBHWicH-sTS rr. XT ITCH EN tTJRNITURE is all its viriu'es, consist- W.i of Hardware, Tin-ware and Willow, ware, kept on hand, of thr best qualities, ai very prices to mit tho Those who would to purchase articles of the abavo km i will fud it lo their advantage by before purchasing elsewhere. N.


D. sl.7 171 BROADWAY, X. Y. Imis N. ounce is to a pound of the AND ESTING? subsenber has received by lato arrivals scvetal et" gruen, Prince Albert, oiive and brown i'L? iTHS of due qualities.

blaclc, iartcv and plain. TAILOR'S TRIMMINGS. Sileriaj, Scrs'e-, ll.a.iiag-, Cords. Plaid Liniart, But eic, all which wnl be wild by the or at the lowest aarlt-t pnees, at No. IM William- fl JOHN N.

1 PREPARED CAST 1 public are now nrevinted with an article superior to an tniag of the kind ever before xanulactureo ia ths. or any other;.?lI.o.e of pure sUv? oa ezeeptad. They wd! rust, urta.h, aor lose their brlzr.tuess though kept in cocataai Ail orders reTacirs to tho bosises. rnay reeled to aa38lmis 1 VAX m1jp BOAaSS in of 7 to 10 tliousand each, or sale M.

E. R. SMITH. Cuemists sod Dntggiils an 10 of- Fulton and Wsier su. A SAL S.

OKAFKU, Jr. Pnt-sinet. On OR DAI, September 18, it CLCTH.i cf fall and winter of Ibe impor AJssj 50 piece. Bemrer Ctotk, ris black, blue bbca lad i.jd:?-o biue, a very tme artiest, ana jusl lauded. A 7j i do; Cloths.

do Flu-Iitots. Abo, ed do WeMot'Koeland black black, Is grtci anil tadigu bvje Cloths. T.i useneii coiiora. b' p.ect fjtccy Also, 73 do West of England black and blue black lor city trade.>.

ti mo: lbs, for approved eti.ior.ed TUESDAY, lo o'dc k. Pacxicc packacei cf Irish, Scatch, Arccri r- tl, af recent importation, aid pied 'o tue season. inoslhs mi approved endorsed cotes. Catalogues and sj-o; oa sale. On THURSDAY.

Sept. S3 lOo'd rk. Fassen cases of French Goods, of recent -ipotUuoa, contpristug a sau desi able sssornaoul rich and hurt cost Term-, ti BSOWths, for ap irovetl endorsed Catalogues sad samples on motu Also, heavy bbek V- Ivets. Also, heavy eobaod Velvet R.cuards, Auctioneer. BV BANGS, KUii 4 Mur; 196 Br Turn Mr.

CHAPMAN'S SENEF1T. Tills The s'? cuti ui u.b cranwace pree I I. It naif past o'clock. ac which the Comic Builettu T.IK RIFLE P-RI Immsd'ately after the Burletta, Mr.M. St ill darn a grand Pasda from Flora la the coarse of the venia? Ur.

chspman wal star the "jllowiujr Comic cf Ti etotal Society. My Grandfather was a Wonderful M-n. Past no I Present An intermission hoar will be for tt. ami ihc pTOmeaade Musicals in the Cr, i -aloou. After which Mr.

Edca, the unrivalled Pyreu wil rive a spl ndi 1 Exhibition of PHtE-WORKS. Miss JANE SLOMaNwill then give her PIANO FORTE RECITALS, which luve of late attracted mneh stl i ion, from liie Awiblt-ur- and Proles, ors of tho city. No. Yaristions on air front Rossini's Opera of illiam Tell.DoMrr. No.

antasla intl Variatio a to tbeair" My lodging is o-i the cold ground," vnh tull ri ner Tho l.oi-i ooclude r.a the ItUKhsl te Farci ita .1 ted the nOTTERY i ICKET. To a -'ire the early hour of retiring usual In ibis I.simi'ut, Ibe doors of the will be opened t'V "VI. i it fur the future, und ihc asements will 7j o'clock. Fincient ofTlcera will bo in attendance to prevent the admission of all Improper persons. Fifty It rjio xurorsE WsTo vAi.i'j-: sitb.

I V.U NAJSil and -trccis. are nov. open daily. Gauitemea subscribing ii ive ie privilege of exercising both establishments. In addition to every Implement made use of in the regular Gymnssium, there ire a bowling alley, quoit- rround, bootiog-gsllery, and a open space ru nil i impiag, Ac, exclusively ior iiie amnsemi nt of ihu msm i ers.

W. F. resoes'fully informs parents and guardians that a junior els is an I il ntoreiso always under his immndiate Fenciug and Sparling uitghi as u.ual, up the inosi approved priaeipli Ah evening class'will be formed at aa early peri and coBiinna durioc tho winter. sli Sw BROOKLYN SAUT WAT1 tt tV WAlt? BATH has bean removed to the upper I of Fulton Ferry Ladles Gentlemen base Waim Baths from6 A.M.,lijl P. M.

The citizen of Mew-York will lied the present locatisa si ci avi i at i.y i jr.i! lake a Hath with much I il OB if were on the f.ew-Yora -ide of the 11 '811. cole nc in ftr Talluian A Randrl'a jssuperforgrand Bear pablic may'rest assured that Ins tin menu of Uli" tal isbment cannot be tone, loach or op pi i-niieo, by nty manufaetttred, and at prices nevtr before lAaving been constantly engaged in, Tuiiie.i! i.lid er ilal.i for the tn-t sixteen veirs, be is confideut be poss-awca advantages in the selec on of Pianos si Im' ZfSgIn the best manner at 75 cents encb, ou I 13? Fultcn-strcet, up s'uirs. Also, Ac- orrlioi timed mid repaired. s7 AND JB1VELRY, VERY scrlptions if Gold and Sil vrr Lever, A Escspement, Duplex, Lepins and Wstches Diamond Pins and Rings, gold Pencils, ains and Jewelry, for sale at reiatl lowei thl any other place iu the City. VVaiches and Jewelry exchanged or bought, Watches-as low as $35 and $40 each.

A'i Watches will be'wrarranted to beep good time, or the money re tar nod. Watches and Clucks re paired in the best manner andwarraated i much I than the usual sr. by "i 0 of tho fie.est America. i. C.

ALLEN, Importer of Waiehes and Jewelry, null inns wholesale and retail, 311 up ist OF iVBW VOttfi, 'ivib is to certify, that i. Peter (ire, now employ iu Burinaerfs department of'ho Narrsgan-ett iteau boat, was for five years sfllfcted with diseased es, oil" ef which became totally blind, and 'in- other bei. so tbatl could with difficulty see any thine- 'I'hai al? ter hat me consulted arid employed some ef the most mi lo ut aurgeoaa of this city Philadelphia, none of whom able to render me any material assistance, (and si vo of whom proiioiirieed my incurable I was srivirej lofplace myseli und-r the uentmenl and cur? ol Hit WHEELER, the Oculist, of No 33 Greenwich itreet, who stored the sirnt of the eye that was totall) ob and otherwise so far relieved me, without retorting ary surric-il opera inn, in emi' le me in prosecute my business, and attend to the du ios of nay it itiou, i York, ily '23. II. S'Ei 1 GREEN.

Perfooally sop-eared before ire, lbs above named Peter who. on being duly sworn; sayi that the i ertiSi a to to which hi? signature is affixed is tr io in all it- parts. I in WM.ArSI'iV.lloi'imi-sii' 1 I V. i.iti VbB AN AGlt can be speedily and per in RUSHTONANDASPINWALL'S TONIC MIXTURE.

"The Uniterm lucceia tkat hoi ai tended the use of this medicine, authorizes lbs proorietora to atree to refund tun money in evcrv eaiewneie it of etfectine a cum, when med according to the directions, rorsaleby RUSHTON Al A8PINWALU i a. fli? William-at. 11W Broadway, in Asinr Ffoure KUSkTIrl tUNT WENT. Jeff. Co Y.

1118 i hive sold a large quantity of Gridley's Salt limns Ointment ilurr the but lb ee ysars and SO far us 1 k. it ha? almost proved eil'eetual in ihe cure of Salt Rheum, Ac. I believe it stands nnrirslled end na (quailed asa remedy lor ibe di-ea-es it is rero i in nlLAS CLARK, AcHuitN, Maren SI, lc4L We the iubscribers, Druggtsts the rillsge of Auburn, N. having vended A. Gridley's Salt Rheum Ointment, marfe by bini la ibis plaee,) for several years past, bam BO-besiulioaia deelsuttg it one of tho most efficacious remedies (to unknown) iu iu this country for the euro of Saft Rheum.and many other cutaneous dis Al? though most people have res.

rteddirectly Ins Labra tory" for the our taleefit has been very rxwsidcrabla and to tm so. RICHARD STEEL St Co. il POSG -TE. TllOS HI NT. Porsnleby WM.

BURGER, Druggist, 50 Counlandt, and lee Greenwich Priesa SOomnta per bottle 13 it a AlTl Trie ks in i Is tin- Sut': will bu lekun withd.1t disc milt for a f. lavs on for Drv Gucds at 4cT Gruerwich slS I mis mm "ITHS. JIOTT, THE CELEBRATED FEMALE PHYS.CiAN OF NEW-YORK, constantly re a Urge qusntity of root-, and essen isl 'rem Kurcpel not to ba obtained ii this country, and wdl be able to cur- those diseases which bare the skill of ihe met etnii rut MOTV positively herself to cor? oe as. i ini id nt to tae human frame, sod mors the fotlo'wicg: rbeumatn of however I dsloreox, goof ecmrswetton, er paralysed lifltbs, decline, cor.sumpti-ii, scrofula salt rheum. kina'e eviLeatkar, scald bead, oeps spio-l iwellinVr, urima, jaundice.

bver cm plaint, he and femala nta of falling a'id other dfteases. No rsercury or mineral of any kind used. Any female lahoriag under vsnoi? weakaes'es anv eonsalt ttOTT with perfect crefidence. Hours of leeicrj pa'ierts 9 A. M.

until P. at her residence. 119 atpriag sireet. (we.t tide of Btoadway.) All l.tieri from lb pr tnpll attended to. Medicine for rded ti all parts of the United S'a'es.

Imeod Fi TS Ff fflftd disease ii rltiveiy cured by Ml)TT. ihe crlehrste.t F' aialn Pbysieian, No. MO Sprius-itreet. liarcti UCjADsj. i AMBuTaia pre saieoi iscaoeii paed eradksoed by Mrs MOTT, e'era.

fbvsiciaa. No. HU Sprinr slree'. HATTERS' ot sll nuolities and de scriplioas constantly on ir.d il laus JOHN N. EUPYEK, William it..

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