The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 5, 1893 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 5, 1893
Page 2
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THE UPPER Dft$ MOINES, ALGUtfA; IOWA, WEDNESDAY. APRIL 5 1893 AliOONA, IOWA. CONJDE < SBDNbWS. Clioclaw factions in Indian Territory hitve a bailie. Frank iNicolin, a .Ionian, Minn., miller, assigns, owing $1(10.0(10. Louisville banks have been swindled out of $100,01)0 by forged whisky receipts. Colonel Oorbin of tin- Fourth infantry, an lltlnoisan, will be appointed to strewed General Can-. Milwaukee intends to Investigate the recent H res will) a grand jury, which will convene in Mliy. 'Hie Turkish government lias denied that there were any anil-Christian riots in Ciu'sora and other cities of Asia Minor. Matricide Lalimor's escape from the Jail at Jackson, Mich., is likely to lead to the restoration of Ihe death pi unity. St. Ha.rnaby's Protest mil, iOplscopai church of Baltimore, Mil., was entirely deslroved by fire on Ihe 2i)lli. Loss. ' Postmaster Duffus of For! Madison, Iowa, has been relieved of his oflioo, a shortage of .fOlKI.72 having been ills- covered in Ills accounts. Ex-postmaster (iciioriil John Wnnti- maker is In the City of Mexico with a party of friends. Sir George Dibbes, the premier of Now South Wales, who fulled for .fOOO,- 000, has as-sels of only $175,0(10. Gilbert; A. Pioivo of Minnesota is reported to have resigned us minister lo .Portugal. South Dakota. Indians charged with murder resist tin; ariVst, driving oft federal ollicers. The Rev. George R. Bliss, D. D. professor in tlie Crosor Theological seiui- ury, died recently at Chester, Pa., agiul 77 years. '1'ho New York Times was sold recently to asyndiaclo Iheadod'hy diaries R. Flint,, for .flint 1,000. II is understood there Avill be no clrh'ngo of policy. John .1. of coal combine, celebrity, was arrested on the U.Sth at St. 1'aul for perjury. This Is the Jirst crushing .step of Ihe investigation. Peter W. Person, an Omaha lawyer, was murdered In his bod on the nig|lul of the -!7th In his stable otlice. An em-! ploye, who is IIOAV missing, is suspected, and "Dick" GilToml, one of Person's chums, is under arrest for complicity. I Karly on the 20th Marion, ill., was visited by a lire that consumed fan entire block of buildings and contents,' stores, saloons and restaurants. Lows, over jjinu.iHMl; insurancj-, .fi:!,(l()(l. The 1 lire was incendiary. Sam Mlassey and Jim Burke, both negroes, and both convicted of criminal asaillt on \\1lnle women in Texas, have been sen I (-need lo death. I Joe Kamp's pool room in Cincinna.tii was pulled on HIM lililli Wy the police 1 nnd the proprietor, his clerk and the pat.rons of the place arrested. | A conscience coiiirihiilion of .f;io from an unknown person in Philadelphia. IKIS beiii received at Ihe treasury depart-' mom in Washington. Tim Tug Fi|afloss has reached San" Diego, Cnl., after a cruise of 5,ii(Mi milcis,! in search of Ihe burning'ship Henres-j fold, a coaler, from Liverpool for San' Francisco, .Nothing was seen of Urn missing ship. . \ William Waller Phelps has relumed, to Berlin from his travels in lOgypl andl Italy much improved in lip.ialih. [ The lali-st. candidate for collector of the port of New York is Henry .1. Mow- 1 ry of Symease, an infiinaie friend of' JUr. Cleveland. ! The ptoposi'd national encampment! of militia at Chicago during the world's, fair is abandoned. The llawi.dians, it is said. I'avur a c monarchy. Japan wishes lo get pos-; session of Ihi- klu-gdom. I The coiTosopndonl of a Gorman paper! is o.xpollod from Franco, and he and his daughter are mobbed. j Albert V. Iteed of T.'M Hancock slreel! Brooklyn, killed himself on the lilllli inj the Pacilic bank on Broadway. NI-WI York, by shooting himself in the right! temple. I F. A. Fisher, one of the oldest mom-! bol* of the New York Produce exchange died on the 201 h aged SO years. His son, A. 1). Fisher, an insurance man. lives in Chicago. California, is agitated over the ai>- pearanco In the wostrcn skies of alight desc.ribed lo bo "like 'an eltx'tric light" tluit Jlickered and changed coloi-s continually. It was observed all through the stale. Gooiigc 11. Gait, oiu- of the best known men in tho art world of Xow York has died suddenly at his studio in tin- Association Hall building, lie was Knglish by birth but had dwelt: in this city many .vein's. Oakland, 111., is worrying over the! discovery of a. case of leprosy. The vie-! Urn, a. while man named Allison, ma.r- : ried bul a few weeks ago and the bride; will have to go in quarantine. Allison's! lles|lt is sloughing off aud ho is as spot-' ted as a leper. ' The Ht.-Uev. Bishop William lngr.i-1 ham Kip of Ihe California Kpisc.opal diocese is reported lo be dying at his 1 home in San Francisco, Tin- physician who is (atlending him states he ontcr- tains no hopes of his recovery. 'Hie. bishop is S2 years of ii'^e. Willis Jordan of Jackson county, Clio •law Nation, was called to his door on the 2(ith and riddled with bullets. Jor- dt«itt, who is u full-blood AVIIS married, some months ago to a white girl agitJns,t| \ the wlfih of ht.-r brother, who SAVOI-O that tho honeyirioon wonld be short. Uov. Dr. Richard L. (Junior, rector of St. Paul's Protestant. church. Akron, Ohio, did on Ihe 1'Olh after an illness of many months. , (.ihai'les Slrlpmnn, a farmer living near Kockforl, Out., shot 'and killed. John FII///Jmmons, a hotol-kcopier In a dispnt'e over a. piece of land. j Justice Van Sickle, of the supremo court of New Jersey on Ui 2Sth hoard, testimony as to whether or not Banr.-- gaf Bark shall become a borough. He reserved ids decision. I The removal of duties on corn, which order went into effect on March 1ii, has caused another great, msh of grain into Mexico from tlie United Slates. Thei*> has also been i\ great decrease in Ihe price of corn in Mexico. i Western reads have deckled that, cum-' mencing April 1, meals served in dining-1 cars will be chartted for at a. rale of .ft per meal on their cars, and so '.have those west of the Missouri river. The' proposed action will put all lines on th< same plane. A. resolution is Introduced id ihe Pull-' ed Slates senalp calling for an invewti-' g.ifion of the charge of emliex/,lemenl.' against Senator Koaclb of North Dako-' ta. ! Clarence Sherman, accused of compli-j c.ity In the murder of Banker Mead of I Wsiupiica. Wis.. eight yen is ago, Is arrested In a mining camp near Barniim, Minn. | Sculplor Rupert Sclmiid, of San Fran-i cisco, has been awarded Ih^ contract,' to model lit bronxe group of ligiirew rop-i resenting I'ocahontas saving the life of John SinilBr. The oxpoiiM"! will be .f 10.01 H) lo be paid for inv the descend-, ant.s of Urn Captain. i Mrs. Matilda B. Curse, whose energy, and devotion made the magnilicom! Woman's Temperance Christian Union temple at Chicago possible. Was furnished the press a reply to the at (ticks on tlhe financial management of the en-1 t)iTprise. She says that the chhrges are! entirety false. Bishop Ryan of Buffalo will be $30,-' 000 richer if the will of John Murphy is allowed to be probated I'o the exclusion of distant relatives. j 10. Ivirby Smith, the not'ed general dies in Tennessee. He wa.s the last of the full generals of ihe war. I The Burlington will reduce the St. Paul-Chicago running 'time to twelve hours, which bids fair to result in rale trouble. i I The factional war in the Chotaw; Nation, engendered by the Gubemator-; ial calmpaign ;o:f last, summer, lias broken out afresh and a collision bo- i Iween the factions seems unavoidable.! The Massachusetts State convention of tin- Socialist Labor party on tlm I 28th.,, nominated Patrick V. O'Neil, ' of Boslon, for Govenor, and George M. Grant for Lieutenant. Govenor. | An end. ilias been put to the hcvivy! car robberies suffered MI Paris, Texas/ by tin- Sania Fe and Frisco lines. Lust, ni'.ilil W. D. Wilson, n gulird. saw two' ihieves leaving a car and, failing to halt 1 Lee .Slejiheji.son. ih'im, tired, killing negro. A great sensation h(is been caused in London sporting circles by the inoxpUea- 1 bio disappearance of ihe famous rac--r and winner of UK- Waterloo cup, Fullrr- lou. The hors'e. WHS taken from Unstable of Colonel North ai Klllnim on tlie until. : The Bermuda House assembly lias voted a sum to defray the expenses of an nnotiicial visit lo Wnshingion rola-j live lo the lariff levied upon Ilie produce sih'ippi-il from Bermuda into the United States. The tirsf move; upon! the democratic tariff board will lind' ihe colonists sit hand with n petition.' At IlaJiiax, N. S., the Dominion lin-| or Labrador has arrived from Liverpool Johnson line steamer Banniwell. from. Johnson lino steamer Banmwell, from} Hamburg, with 450 Immigrants, bound . for ihe United Slates. The strict quarantine regulations existing a.l ports in ihe United Siaios have caused \)r.-\ increased travel via Canada. ! II is said that ex-Mayor Hi«h .1.; (!raui of New York, for several a. Tammany sachem, will not be re-elected, and it is probably inr.e. ^Ir. Orok-! er no longer likes Air. Grunt and intcndsi to make him IVo! his displeasure. i Commander Whitney of the Uniud 1 Slates man-of-war Alliance has an. ; iionncod his engaw-meiil lo Miss Klin! Ah Fong, daughter of Ah Fong, a rich' Chinese mercllianl of Honolulu. Com-! mander Whitney is about fill years ofj age, and his celestial bride-elect has! .just turned 17. She is one of thirteen 1 children. A. romance reached <ils climax at Kansas City, on the 2!)l.h., when William J. Thompson, who is the son of tho Duke of Gloucester, owner of tlie racing track at Gloucotor, N. Y. , and Miss .loll, of Brooklyn, N. Y., were married . The newly married people went to the Indian Territory which they -will mflko their home, when; young Thompson Is Ihe treasurer of the , Pioneer Load and Xinc, .Mining Company. A well-dressed man demanded an immediate interview with President. Car- nut at the Klysee on the 2Slh. The janitor questioned |him, and he repli-Ml he was a son of ,b|:iu of Arc, and lies been divinely directed lo come to Paris lo be appointed King of Dahomey, in order to civilize darkest. Africa, lie was taken to a lunatic asylum. A lire at Llano. Tex., on the 2Sth destroyed properly lo the value of Kr> r >,000, with .siiO.OOO insurance. The losers are: W. A. H. Miller, building, $22,000; I-!. Yates, drug store. $10.000; W. 11. MeGhoo, bar. .$7,500; Dr. C. F. Darni'ill. otlice and household, !j;2.(>l>:»; C. R. Porter, household, !jil,OUO. The lire Avas incendiary. A London newspaper relates tluit a feAV days ago ijueeu Victoria, was gren.tly chku'nied with a piece of inusic .IJerfo'rmed by the. band playing jiii public at Osboni and sent one of her attendants to learn the name of the piece. The attendant came back and reported wjith some (.-imbarrnssmeni. it was entiHJed, "Come Wbero the Booze is Cheaper." Johju F. Majors of .Nebraska, representing tho General Land Ollic.o, lias arrived from RosAyell, N. M. , where he lias bec-n engaged for ten days past investigating the accounts of the missing receiver, Frank Lt-nd. He employed aai expert to open (lie safe and found that the shortage waw between $10,000 and .$11,000. Notris Neal, formerly of Douisou, Tex., where he left a wife and. child, meeting on the L'iltli., Mrs Mary R. Davis, of Paris, Mo., at. Hannibal, of whom ho wens enamored, received a curt refusal to his advances. He drew a revolver, twice at the woman, and 'then fatally shot, himself. The woman wa.s not hurt. Mi's. Mary I'oltultz, lire, mother of Dr. 1'oiiiiilx, sentenced to be hanged on May 5, has appealed to the Goveuor of Georgia for the pardon of her son She is more than 80 years old and made a piteous appeal for clemency asking Ihe Govenor to let her go down to the grave without experiencing tlfc disgrace off the 'execution. She; lives in iMuraigo county, Alh. The •family is one of noble birth. The fath- erof Dr. Pollute was forced to fly from Germany in the revolution of 184.8. At Phikidelpliia, Pa., tlie Supremo Court has refused to grant, a, special uUocatur in the cases of the ajiaivhists, Henry Bauer and Carl Knold, of 1'it- tsburg. On one joint and two separata petition*!, lUed hust Wednesday, the defendants, who were sentenced lit the Allegheny '(County coui't. of quarter sessions to four years' imprisonment each in western peniteuitiary, disked for admision to bail pending their appeal. At Scnmiton, 1'a!.,, tlife Elm 1'nrk, Methodist Episcopal Church, partially destroyed by lire December .3. last at: a, loss of $100,000, and which had! been almost reconstructed, again bin-nod on the 27th.. The structure is now a. complete ruin, nothing standing of the Avails but the tower. The estimated loss wil reach fully $125,000, on which there is $30,000 insurance. It is beleived To be the Ayork of an incendiary. Francis M. Brown, a Maryland millionaire!, was murdered on the night of the 27lh., and his body thrown in a well. His skull had been fractured and his throat cut. Robbery was the incentive. A negro has been ill-rested for the deed and as he tried to make an escape he Avill probably be lynched. The most costly and luxurious train of cars tluit has ever crossed this continent left New York ait 10 o'clock on the morning of the 2i)th. It, is composed of six elegant: Wagner- coaches and it. will carry Dr. W. Sowar dWobb, his family, and a few invited guests to the 'Pacilic. coast and back. This train constitutes n. perfectly equipped hotel on wheels, with an uncommon supply of the comforts of home. ICdward Sterror, an Auburn, Neb., physician on the 2!)th., shot his wife and killed himself. Mi's. Sterret left her husband without, asigning any ren- 011. He met her on the street, and without saying a word.drew a revolver and grasping his wife by the throat forced the weapon into her mouth and Jij-ed. He \t]j(en turned .the revolver upon himself. Tlie woman is fatally wounded . There is no explanation known. Fourth Assist nut. Postmaster General Maxwell on Ihe 2!)lh., appointed one hundred fourth' class postmasters, and of Ihis number sixty-seven were to fill vacancies caused by the removal of the incumbents. John 'Smith, alias Sloner, who recently broke jail at 'Paris, Mo., where he was confined a wailing trial for forging a check on tlie F. & M. Bank in Ihis c'ily, shot and frit-ally wounded James Nosbli at Monroe, Mo., on the 2!)th. If Is said that. Smith accused Nosbit of being loo intimate will), his wife. At San Francisco, the Chinese vice- consul brands as false Ihe roporls that the'Chinese Six Companies have issued circulars iadivising Chinamen in they United States to resist the provisions of the Greary law by force. "We Avill ubmit peacefully to the laws of the country," said the vice-consul, "a,nd, before Mit|,v 5, next, wo shall issue a warning to Hie Chinese to acquisce In imprisonment, if need be, but never to resist," THE RED RIVER VALLEY. A large farm in the Red River Valley, Minnesota, is for sale. Several hundred acres are plowed for crops. Tho farm is fenced, has plenty of buildings, water and pasture; is only two miles from a depot and half a mile from school, and will be sold, with all the farming tools and slock necessary to operate it at n bargain if taken in the. next (it) days. Terms: Small payment down. As many years for balance as purchaser wants. Time enough given to pay it in wheat raised farm if wanted. In case of a of a crop no payment need be that. year. For the payment it good farm in northern Illinois or southern Wisconsin will be taken. This is an excellent farm in the richest locality in America and has been Improved and arranged for a .homo by the owner, but conditions have arisen for its sale and it will be sold at some Ufa ire at once. Any farmer having; some boys growing up and who wants a farm for each of them Avill find his chance here. Address "D" in care Democrat, Madison, Wls. will be on the failure made down, i BORNE Bt A BOTTLE cousin of Do Lesseps. Ml'jt5SAGB FROM THE NAKONIC'S j DEAD. j VIAL CONTAIN JNG A LKTTUU FOUND YESTERDAY. The Note Was Contained in a Cliam- paguu Bottle and Said That the Nnroulc Was Struck by an Ice Berg In a Blinding Snow Storm on tlie Morning of February 10. Norfolk, Va., March 20.—William Johnson, winter watchman at Ocean View, Va., near the mouth of Chesapeake Bay, this morning picked up on the beach at that place a champagne bottle with several corks tied about its neck and with a letter enclosed, giving alleged information of Ihe sinking of the White Star steamship Naronic. It. reads: "3:10 a. in., Fcbmary 10, 8. S. Naronic, White Star line, at sea— To. who picks this up: Report when you find this to our agents, If not heard of before, that cur ship is fast sinking beneath the waves and It is such a storm that AA-O can never live in Ihe small boats. One boat has already gone with her human, cargo, below. God let all of us live through this. We were struck by r.n ice berg in a blinding snow storm and floated two hours. NOAV it is 3:20 a. ni., by my watch, and the great ship's decks are level with the sea. Report to our agents at BroadAvay, NCAV York, M. Kersey & Co. Good-bye mil, "John Olson, Cattleman." This made an \_ilVl'illl '"- •••'> ..-----i opening''for the latter, and lie submitted Us plans to Napoleon 111., with an offer to build the canal for 1iM».fHX».WH) iVanrs. With the- assistance ot his cousin, the (nipress. and of the khednv. Ismail Pasha, who came In for a commission of several millions, it was possible to borroAV 000,tM>iU>i>n francs. The wild-cat methods that Avere employed to raise this sum have become ma;ltors of hlstoijy. Less than one- tenth of the 'money, however. Avas actually expended In the construction of the' canal, almost all of the work being done by the khedive's feliahin. whose only wages consisted of stripes from cow-hide whips. Tin- other nine- tenths found its way into the pockets of De Lesseps, of the family, of the khedive, and of other favorites of the empress. "The success of the canal has kept these stories out of print. But when the memoirs of the principal characters of these times shall bo published, sifter the usual delays In such cases, nnd when the truth shall .have been fully told, history will class De Lesseps with such men as Cartouche and Man- drlu, and make him worse, pi-chaps, for the latter never stole money. De L seps not only stole money but he usurped reputations and built up his renown on a foundation laid by others." UTILI/ING CUl'UT" AI11KS. l-TNCT I OX- Long Branch, N. J., a larch 20.—John Brown today shot a strange pigeon tha was among his flock. Upon its leg was found a small silver band bearing the following: "N. 13, 301." It is thought, the bird was from the lost steamer Naronic. DiO THK HONOR OF COL'XT ' ' ' . LKSSKPS: ' A Compatriot of the Fallen Frenchman Says 1-larch Things About Him. A French merchant who came to this country less than five years ago and who has kept in touch with current events in France tells the New York Sun that the reports "of a protest by the French people against Ilie sentence imposed on Ferdinand de Lesseps ure .entirely unfounded. He asserts... that the Paris newspapers ai\- protesting against Hie verdict of the court, but that, in tills case the press. Instead of reflecting public opinion, is trying l.i form it. "Yon innsl, not forget." said he. "that almost every editor and proprietor of a Parisian newspaper came in for a. part of the pillage of the peopV.-- savings by accepting fanny prices ,:< bribes for suppressing news. These men were, at least morally, accomplices, and their opinion of the sentence, therefore, is obviously biased and consequently of no account. "The real opinion we want is that of the. people of the 100,000 bourgeois who have been almost ruined by ihis immense robbery, and of the famiH--s cJf those., ' more nmnn'.rons than one would think, who have been driven 10 suicide. Their opinion , will be found very different. Those men cannot lind words violent enough to assail the name of De Lesseps, nor any punishment too severe'to lie applied to him. And their opinion, in spite of what the French newspapers of today may s;|v. will be that: of history, for when ilghi shall have been thrown on the truth concerning the Sue/ canal, as it has been on the dealings a I Panama, Do Lossops will be classed among ihe greatest robbers of modern lime;-. "As far as the Sne» canal is concerned the end may have .instilled the means, for the time being at least. Bill it is nevertheless true that as a result of the Sail-/, thefts, which were even greater than those of Panama, iho tonnage tax, which ought not lo have boon more than '2 francs, is now 10 francs for vessels passing through the canal. The way In which De Lesseps came to bo connected with the construction of the. Hue/, canal was, to say tho least of it, peculiar. N'apoleon I. Avanted to attack ICngland through India, after making himself master of ICgypt, and he conceived the Idea of piercing the isthmus. He summoned a commission of engineers from Franco, with Mongo and Laplace at (ho head of it. When the engineers arrived In lOgypt and began their investigations they found traces of tho old canal built by Pharaoh, and they adopted the old lines in Ihe plans which they made for Napoleon. It was estimated that the isthmus could be pierced for fjO,000,(XK) francs, and the emperor ordered that the work should be begun. Shortly afterward, as is well known, he was forced to return to Franco. Kleber was assassinated, the course of political affairs in the empire, was changed, and the work at Sue/, came to a standstill. "Some years later, In the reign of Louis Philippe, Ferdinand De Lessops was appointed French consul at Cairo, and by a curious streak of luck he discovered one day, in tin; local archives, the, plans for the Suejs canal made by Mongo and Laplace. Ho began hja life. a.s a pirate by appropriating these plans, foreseeing that some, day he should be able to turn them to his advantage. When the second empire was InauguhittMl, Napoleon JIJ. nuir- rlitl Eugenie do Montijo, wlxo was a I'revent ion of a Shot-k lo the Modesty of Yuung Princesses. A friend writes to me from Munich, K-iys a C(irrcsp:.indent of the New York Recorder, of a rather amusing incident which she witnessed during the ex- nibition of pictures that, has recently been held here. -Most notable among the paintings was that enormous canvas of Itochc'grosso representing tin- fall of Babylon. Those who have either seen the picture itself or its production by print or photograph will remember that there are a number of ladies in the- foreground in costumes that .ire. to saiy the least, exceedingly decollete, and in poses that can only lie described as abandoned. One day while my friend was in the young Princesses Elizabeth and Angus la of I'avaria. granddaughters of Emperor Francis .loseph, appeared upon the scone with a number of ladies and gentlemen in waiting. They were being conducted by the grand chamberlain of Ilie court-Baron Pergler. a very fussy and pompous old fellow, who. as soon as he caught sight of tlie Koche- grosse picture and of its nude figures, immediately caused the gentlemen hi attendance to arrange themselves so as to form a kind of human screen in front of the painting, so thai the modesty of the .young princesses might not be in any way offended. It appears thai the spi-i-tm-le thus jvospnted by all these chamberlains a.nd 'aiidu<-do-ciimp, arrayed in line, and by the manifestation of :mxieiy displayed by the old baron wa.s exceedingly ludicrous. II served, however, to show that chamberlains and court functionaries, j who are giujerally credited with being the most useless creatures hn.-iginable. can sometimes 1m turned to good account, namely, for instance, when they are utilized as living screen-. WATKIt AS A (>F PAIN. It Is Declared. Pr te or Chloioform. A discovery in the domain of anaes- thetics is being a. good deal talked about in medical circles in Vienna, which, if it bears the severe tests which it is pro- proposed lo appij,- to it, will prove an inestimable boon to suffering humanity, says an exchange. Neither of i>.ic. two agencies heretofore employed by surgeons 10 deaden or mlniml/.e pUin (hiring serious operations, chloroform and cocaine, is wholly free from danget 1 ". Chloroform cannot' be administered to persons suffering from heart disease, poverty of blood, etc., and cocaine injections under the skin have more than once had exceedingly deleterious effects. A PHILOSOPHICAL DISPOSITION. Bv It Much Wear Mini Tear of the Hti- ' unin System May l-ii- Avoided. Much unnecessary and tear up- ou the. nervous system may be avoided if one possesses :i philosophical disposition, siAvs ilie Brooklyn Kaylo. A I'OAV d-ivs ago'a Avhite niiin eloped with Illic wife of an Indian: in the far west, and the Indian, instead of putting on ills war paint, and pursuing tlie couple with a shotgun. Avon! to lied and slept over it. Then lie. took if 1.40 out; of tho bu- rean drawer— the. blessings of civilbfar tion occasionally fall niton dae red' man—and went to .the next town in, search of the ivnVjint woman, so that, lie might Klvo m>r tlu ' "" mt '. v< !ts< " bo ' longed to her. He told those whom he met tlutt lie liad no intt-nlii-n of killing tlie man for the s)tke of a woman who was unfaithful to him; she was not worth tlie sacrifice. Sometimes the Indians use better logic, than the more civiliml wliile men. lint, one does -not expect: people to use reason in affairs of the heart. Not .Unit, common sense is undesirable in such circumstances, hut it is rare that it is surprising when one sees It manifested. While I lie e>.tse of the Indian Is a. ro- markable exception to the rule,, Mrs. Monroe. Wheeler of Xntley, N. .1., has just manifested still more wonderful self-eoiiiroi. Her husband has been the proprietor of a hotel on the Fnssalo river, which was oii'.'e known as the Bend Vl-;w house, but he is no longer collected with its management nor with the management of his wife. Mrs. YVlioolor has turned him out. of doors. About a week ago he went to her room and told her that he was going to elope with one of the servant girls. This frankness wiis as unusual as it. was cnnimend.ible, bur there w;e,ro peculiar reasons for it. The wil'o immediately sent for Die girl and asked her If what the .nian had said Avas true. She. admitted that it was. Xow instead of going into hysterics, or teariny her hair, or; any other of (lie- nijiny things which women are wont to <lo un such occasions, according to well-informed novelists, she wave I he girl' a. motherly lecture, and ended it with these -questions: "Kilty, are yon ;is good looking iis I am'.'" Kittle said "No." "Are you as well educated'/" Again tire, girl had. to say "No." "Are you as attractive in any manner'.'" Tlie girl said than she was not. "Well. Kitly. how can you expeel to keep this man loyal to yon if I UinnotV" t.Iie wife asked. Then the girl Avc-pl, bur said she was going It) go n'illi the iiuii). Tile gnlhy husband and Ilie guilty servant departed, and the wife says that she will have nothing mm-;.' to do wil'li either of them. She has begun an action for divorce and she has told her st-ny to the newspapers. If she had not ilins bunied her bridges behind her slie mighi ivpent, bill she will' be contimially reminded of lier determination by the reporters, who will walcli hA- to we it' she has forgiven her husband and tak.'ii -him buck, Publicity is ii good peg \n wlil.i-h to hitch a resolution. Kll.lie will lliinU of the • quest ions which .Mr.-;. Wheeler asked her when ii was too .rile. Then she will \\ish that she had bei-n born philosophic'., d as well as a-lTcc:i<:iiaio. KEMARKABUO 'HULEX K.KI.LAR. The Little Thar. (Jirl Whose Case Parallels.- of Laura Bridgniiin. Helen KeUar the remarkable c.liild who all hough t horn blind and deaf and <lumb in Alabama, has accomplished sit much that is beautiful and inspiring, numbers among her friends uuuiy persons of royal station in European courts who never saw her. One of these, says the .Boslon Post,, is. tlie queen of Greece, who learned of Helen through Midii-al Anagnow, the director of the institution for I he blind, when he visited Greece some Dime ago. Tin; interest which the queen took hi Helen was so Intense lhat she exacted from Mr. Anaguos a promise Unit he. would let her read every letter thai. Helen wrolo to him while she was at the, Greek capital, and when he was about to ivturn to this country she. induced him to permit her to retain several of The new discovery, which is credited the letters that she had r: ad, which are lo Dr. K. L. Shleisch, doioriniius the, treasured very highly'at the court. Tlio fact th|.tt absolute.Immunity from paiu.j queen expressed on more than oiie even during protracted operations, can. occasion her surpris,' that Helen, who bo obtained without resorting to gon-j Is not yet in her teens, should .have-so end narcosis of tlie patient, so thai a. remarkable a command of the purest sufferer may remain perfectly conscious] English^, (and hinted that. Oiie chiJkl during the amputation of his liiaml oi^ might: have had some assistance in tlie fool without undergoing tlhe tortures preparation 'of h 1 r wonderful letters, nsuiilly associated with such operatlonsj But /'Mr. Anaguios disposed o f tluil or exposing himself to the danger of | thought by informing her majesty that syncope ever present in tlie operating there was no poison connected with the room. It appeal's that subcuianous injections uf salt, and even of simple, cold distilled witter, will produce exactly the same as codaino. T4io explanation of institution who could write wo faultlessly swoiit. and pure as Helen 8 ' wrote, since the lit Wo girl never h iu i local anaesthetic effects "ad an opportunity to form acqutitnt- Iho j ance with any but the phenomenon of the language. Hoh is simple. Local insensibility to jiain is caused in tlie case, of cocano by wire- loft lost models has learned to articulate and can speak as freely and fully as any nnalilicted person. When ly chemical changes; while cold water she wishes to hold a long conversation acts mechanically—by means of high with anybody dear to her she placi'K pressure find low temperature. 1', <»'« linger across the lips of the sp'eak- tho influence/ of ihe high pressure and ( ' r and another on the throat at the sudden lowering of temperature the: larynx. In this way she undcivlands blo.od and lympSi' are driven from the, every word that, is uttered, as rapidly region operated upon to places whew-, -is could be understood by a person the pressure is less. The tissue is thus} witM Wood eyesight and lieinring. deprived of Its supply of blood and tern-' porary paralysis of the nerves results, j Birds of p If is stated on authority of one of Between this aud tho oth'refde ofthe broad the. lirsl phl'sicians of Europe that (ho A . tllllltlu . hi tho glmpe of touribts, coiuuier- importance of this discoverv is all Hie loud l !', av ^ ul ' s tt "d iimrlticrs, agents "on the more undoublid seeing llh'at if, ,„ ., WH i \\\ l'"^ aud^otiiUiloiw'' '^' {8 t8 , ui ' s ?°" s given case, cold watej- should fail to' «"' l p7«J't «»d uuw settlui-B ai)|)rci-UUe° anU pro.Iuce the needful degree of insensi-j, 1 ^ "'" ' bility, a, wi.-ak and absolutely harmless 1 »li solution of <'ocnine would prove cer-' tainly elltuiclcus. There is every indication that the 'light li.etAvecfli the •United (hirnu-ut Cutters and tlu- Olotliing Association of Now York will involve the entire clotluiig totido. This would iiltluii thvoAv about 10,000 men out of -yv all ii,,.,,,,, ;. ' "I'l'iutunc ui'u i Mi/Vi v ""lS!' ulllul r «'»«dlul prop- 11 ()H1 m 1 ni''u UI }||iti(.|| Uifl .. 1 sovUorn of tl ,r ii •"-o u l | *St tllO utujuuiuiui f cl nmtu, tnululy cooked or uu- 1 ' impure water, it U u over . I ll 'ttveliinr public 1 ,' 7 ', No r °« u ot ttlu(lt »^

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