The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 5, 1893 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 5, 1893
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ESTABLISHED 1865. ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, APBIL 5, 1893. VOL. XXVIII-NO. 2. n •A :', New Carpets, Spring Samples Now Ready for Inspection Moquettes, Wilton Velvets, Body Brussels, Tapestry Brussels Agra Carpets, Over thirty styles of Curtain Novelties, Oil Cloths, Etc.- JAS. TAYLOR. We have concluded to- Close Out our Stock of Clothin, Before May And from now until that time we will sell Men's, Boys,' and Children's Clothing at Bottom Prices, as we must close out for want of room. . L. GALBRAITH & CO. Our Customers Who have used Chase & Sanborn's Coffee will be pleased to know that we have put in a line of their celebrated Teas. It sells at 500, put up in a half-pound package. Try it on our guarantee. This is the Best Tea you can get in Algona at any price. , . W. F. CARTER. The Algona Tub Factory, Manufacturers of Butter Tubs and Water Tanks.—^ We are prepared to furnish tanks, either round or square, on short notice. Butter Tubs of the following sizes kept in stock: 20, 30, 40, and 60 pounds. Made from No. 1 white ash •'--':, and warranted llrst class In every respect. We also do PLANING, RIP-SAWING, RE-SAWING,, BAND-SAWING, SPURBECK & LAMBERT, Lathe work, jointing, moulding, matching, and a general wood-working business. We are making. LOANS ON REAL ESTATE Running from i to 10 years, with privilege of $100 payments at any interest date, Interest payable annually or semi-annually, as desired. Money furnished promptly. Also improved farm and city property for sale. Money on chattel security. Hoxie & Bruason, You Are All Rejoicing At these nice, warm, spring days, with their promise of seed time and flowers. You Will All Rejoice if you go and see what bargains you can get in \nice, fresh groceries at the Now Ready-Carpets. NEW SPRING- STYLES and Patterns. Everything in Carpets, from Axminsters to Hemps ; cut, matched, and sewed, ready to lay. We sell them for just what they are—no jobs—no misrepresentation. PRICES ARE RIGHT, if quality counts. Also Mattings, Linoleum, Lace and Chenille Curtains, Rugs, Curtain Poles, etc., etc. —THE GRANGE STORE. HEALTH. How can we get it? How can we keep it? By Using Healthful Foods-. CRACKED WHEAT, ROLLED WHEAT, BREAKFAST FOOD, FARENA, Sanitarum Foods of all kinds Always kept by Langdon & Hudson. THE JOHN PAUL LUMBER GO. SUCCESSORS TO J. J. WILSON. Office and yard on Dodge street, south of State, ALGONA, IOWA. Handles the best of all descriptions of ial. Which includes everything that is possibly needed for the construction of any thing from a picket fence to the very finest residence, WE MEET ALL COMPETITION. Come and give us a chance to figure your Ulls, and we will prove to you that what we say is the truth. THE WEEK'S IOWA NEWS, An Iowa attorney went from Prin- ghar to Alabama to locate. He has ssued a pamphlet describing his ex- jeriences. He was a republican and >elieved that when he became settled n his new home he could take the same nterest in politics that he did in Iowa. In the next political campaign ho itarted out to express his views on the itump just as we do here, republicans ^nd democrats, populists or anything else with no fear of molestation. As a 'esult ho was "the victim of several dastardly assaults, was imprisoned several times, had his law office gutted and destroyed by a mob, was threatened .vith assassination, his family was sub- ect to insult, and, in fact, he was forced to leave the country in order to save its life and to protect his family." The old Clear Lake Park association, after twelve years of interesting expor- ences, has passed into history, and the n'operty has been transferred to a stock onipany to be known as the Western jakes Resort company. On his arrival at Dubuquo Congress- nan Henderson submitted to an Interview in which ho predicted the certain mnexation of Hawaii. In his judgment the administration is favorable to annexation and the feeling is growing stronger that at least one of the island roups in the Pacific should belong to the United States. Judge Whiting, who ran for governor against ex-Gov. Larrabee, makes this itatement: "I paid $1 per acre for my and in 1855; now my farm is worth $90,000." He owns 2,000 acres, worth here/ore $45 an acre, an annual increase since its purchase of $1.16 per acre, or a profit every year of 116 per cent, on the original investment from ncrease in value alone. were decidedly in the minority and all of their endeavors to get the farmers to mss resolutions to their liking failed. The committee appointed to prepare •esolutions on proposed legislation made its report, and then the farmers iroceeded to lay the resolutions on the ,able one by one, after which they passed a resolution introduced by John Youngerman to the effect that the farmers were able to take care of their own •oads with the present system without any more legislation. The Iowa State Firemen's tourna- nont will be held at Sioux City this year, commencing about Tuesday, Juno 31, and continuing four days. Dr. G. W. Palmer, elected recently a ecturer in the State university and residing in a town near Iowa City, took ils aged parents to the county poor arm preparatory to assuming his new )osition in the university. The Iowa City Republican exposed the doctor's icartlessness and described his putting .he old couple in the poorhouse, and the pressure of public opinion was so strong that the doctor resigned his ilace in the university. Geo. W. Bell, otherwise known as 'Sleeping Angel Bell," is said to have made over a million dollars in Wash- ngton. ____^_ Mrs. Bloomer of Council Bluffs has seen urged by the New York board of ady managers of the world's fair to 'urnish a complete file of a paper called "The Lily," which she published in that state from 1843 to 1855. The Lily was the first paper published, owned and edited by a woman, devoted to the interests of woman. It was started almost simultaneously with the woman's rights movement, though in no way connected with it at the outset. .Mrs. Bloomer has a complete file and will send it. At the residence of George S. Wilson, who lives seven miles south of Malvern, is a mammoth hog, weighing about 1,000 pounds, measuring nearly eight feet in length, and in girth over 60 inches. This hog is far from being fat, and can easily be made to weigh 1,400 or 1,500 pounds. His hogship has a pen 160x16 feet over which he reigns supreme. Mills county intends to keep even with any part of the country, having grown a steer which weighed over 4,000 pounds. Drunkenness among the old soldiers at the Soldier's home at Marshalltown is reported to be on the increase, and Colonel Keatly, the commandant, is making a big effort to stop it. A number have been dishonorably discharged, and now Colonel Keatley is endeavoring to find where they obtain their liquor. Annie Besant, the one-time associate of Bradlaugh, the English free-thinker, and later the leader of the Theosophists, is telling in England of her tour of this country. One of her experiences is as follows, " I traveled from New York to San Francisco, and except in one place there was no separation of the classes as there is in England, In Iowa, a railroad conductor who came to collect my fare sat down beside me, and, throwing his arm familiarly over the seat at my back, informed me that he was pleased to make my acquaintance, Fancy that happening in this country.' At a road meeting in Des Moines lately one farmer expressed the sense of the majority when he said: " We don't want any eastern bicycle fellers or one-boss lawyers with patent leathei boots to tell us how to fix the roads tha we use." The meeUnj 1 was a stormy one and BQve V^j^^pb^ farmers go rather A JURY OF INDIANS. Mr. Ono GOOBO niicl Other Good Men and True Sit Down on the Hall•ways. The dusky red man is getting on in civilization pretty rapidly. Down in Indian Territory the juries are made up of Indians, and Judge Shims now las an appeal from one of thoir docis- ons. The case was first tried before a ury at Muscogee, I. T., consisting of iwelvo "good and lawful men," as folows: George Poor-Boy, Big Rain-in- the-Face, Samuel White-Turkey, Wiliam Rat-Catcher, John Walking-Stick, Trisky Squirrel, Henry Cornstalk, Foseph Four-Shot, L. W. Sixkillor, leap Sulky-Bear, William Crow-Eat- ^orn and One Goose. The action was for a mule killed by ho railroad company and upon the tes- imony of one of the plaintiffs that the mule was found injured by the side of ho railroad track following a foggy night and worth 8160, the jury returned ho following verdict: " We, the jury, find the issues in far or of the plaintiffs, and assess their damages at the sum of $160. "ONE GOOSE, Foreman." It is very evident that Mr. One oose and his " good and lawful" com- jeers have caught onto the pale-face's dea that a railroad company must get >eaten in a law suit. The Indian nations try their own cases. It is only when a white man is nvolved that the case is tried in the United States court. With such a jury is the above, the white man would have a poor chance. MISS DOOLITTLE WILL DO MUCH. She Will Malte a Trip of Thousands of Miles and Not Once Get Out of Her Car. Last week a young lady named Miss Bessie M. Doolittle passed through Iowa on the Northwestern road on one of the most peculiar journeys yet attempted. Some American and foreign •ailway men were discussing the facili- les now afforded for travel in this lountry, when a passenger agent, the lead of one of the biggest systems in ihe country, in a quiet way made the boast that a lady could leave Chicago 'or Portland, Ore., thence to San Fran- jisco and El Paso, Tex., and thence to ihe City of Mexico, go up the hills of Chapultepeo, return to Laredo, Tex., ihence to St. Louis, New York, and Boston, and back to Chicago and not put her foot on the ground, and that on iwenty-four hours' notice he could find a lady to undertake such a journey. The foreigners did not believe his statement, and challenged him to bring on his lady. He secured Miss Doolit- tie, who is 22 years old and who knows tiow to travel, Miss Doolittle is not to Leave her car during th« entire journey — simply because it will not be necessary. That is the secret of the journey, and it will be made to convince some "doubting Thomas" foreign railway men that American through oar service, palace car arrangements, and union depot transfer accommodations are such that this trip is possible. A NEW BAILWAY PBOJEOT. The Milwaukee to Build Northwest From Algonn — Probably an Unfounded Rumor. A correspondent from Forsythe in Palo Alto county writes to the Whittemore Champion: News has ranched us that the C. M. & St. P. Ry. proposes running a branch road from Algona in a northwest direction, heading for Swan. Lake or Armstrong, to which of tha- two places that will give the largest: bonus. We will be glad to see the road,.. but the news doesn't now affect us in.; any way. Repeated failures and: disappointments of the kind in the pas^hftyft: made us impervious to local exoileme.nt, OWNERS of horses will be pleased,: tqr, learn that L. T. Martin of Livermore: will be here again this spring ojuj en.-. gaged in his old occupation, WoM for- him.— 2t3 ^ JS'otlu*. All property owners within, the, corporate limits of the city of Algona, Iowa, are hereby notified to clean up all alleys and streets abutting their property of all fiUh of whatsoever kind., and all filthy outhouses must bo denned, No manure or filth will bo allowed to be piled up wUhiu the city limits. If the above is not complied with, in 30, days it will be done at owner's expense. AMBB.QSB A. CA^L,, Muypr. OUR stock ofqlpthing must bo, out by May 15, as wft will not hays. room for it after that d«4e. ' Galbrajiib, & Co. lp,{, uaj4 Good residence qu,

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