The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 29, 1893 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 29, 1893
Page 8
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THE tlPPEK DBS MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 29, 1803. New Spring And Summer Goods! *^—Arriving Every Day . At Our Store. New Ladies' Capes and Jackets, New Dress Goods and Trimmings. New Laces, Embroideries, and Linens. New Carpets, Bugs, and Draperies. New Clothing for Men and Boys. New Hats, Caps, and Furnishing G-oods. New Boots, Shoes, and Rubbers. New Trunks and Valises. We invite all to call and see our new goods and prices. Yours truly, Jno. Goeders Jr. BAD FIBE AT MASON CITY. Kirk Bros.' Stable Burned, and wltli it Several Head of Valuable Racing Horses. " Storm," the Fast Five-year-old Pacer, Among the Lot—The LOGS will Reach $100,000. Monday evening a terriblo fire occurred at Mason City. A special to the Des Moines News gives the details us follows: The stable containing Kirk Bros.' racing string was burned to the ground Monday evening. In the stables wore Storm, 2:08°!, John Brown, lull brother to Storm, Storm Bird, Red Clay, and sevorul other valuable horses. The fire broke out at 7:15 p. m., and in a few moments the whole building wns a sheet of flame. Every possible effort was made to rescue the terrified animals, but on account of the intense heat it was impossible to do anything. The cries of the tortured brutes were pitiful in the extreme, and soon the burning flosb. was almost nauseating. Part of the partition of the stall in which Storm was kept was torn away, and there before the eyes of the spectators the groat pacer struggled for life, but he soon succumbed to the fire and smoke. Storm was one of the most promising horses on the turf. His speed showed a steady increase from 2:23 as a two-year-old to 2:08£ as a four- year-old. He was expected to make a mark of at least 2:05 this season. An offer of $80,000 was refused but a few days ago. The entire string was valued at $100,000. Burr Kirk, the principal owner, is nearly crazy with grief over his loss and over Storm, to whom he was greatly attached. The cause of the fire is not known, There is universal gloom in Mason City over the terribly deslructivo lire, and the loss of six of the most valuable horses owned in Iowa. Nothing but their charred bodies remain. Storm, time 2:08j, the fastest 5-year-old pacing record of the world, his full brother, Brown John, by Brown Hal; Red Clay by Rod Wilkes, Storm Bird by Storm, Don Revo by King Revo and Brooklet by Brookmont, together with much valuable racing paraphernalia were burned. What Allerton is to Independence, Storm was oven more intensely to Mason City. Everybody was confident that this year the great stallion would easily break the world's pacing record and on account of this loss there is, especially among horsemen, doop regret. He was already entered for meetings at Independence, Minneapolis, Mason City, Sturgis, Mich., Grand Rapids, Mich., Lansing, Mich., Chicago, St, Joseph, Mo.,Sedalia, Mo., Torre Haute and Evansville, Ind., Lexington, Ky., and Nashville, Tenn. William Russell Allen, president of the American Trotting Register association, hud about completed arrangement for the purchase of Storm, paying $30,000, and was to be hero April 6 to close the deal. The entire loss will reach $75,000 at the lowest estimate, No insurance is carried on the horses. The principal losers are Kirk Bros., Nelson Grant, F. E. Hanfad and Bob Ellison, driver ol Storm. The origin of the fire is unknown but it is supposed to have caught from spontaneous combustion in the hay. MAKES A GOOD SHOWING. Marshal DaUey's Uoport of tho Cou- illtloii ol tho Water Works. The matter of chief importance before the city council Saturday evening was Marshal Duiley's report on the expenses receipts, etc., of the waterworks. Tho liguros will bo of interest to all. Ac cording to his showing we have addci the past season 252 feet of eight-mcl mains and 1,110 feet of four-inch mains to State street, 2,340 feet of four-incl mains to Thorington street, and 732 feet of four-inch nmius to Minnesott street, in all 4,440 feet. We have addoc also 11 hydrants, and now have 16 There are 37 service connections fo which the city is receiving revenue During tho past six months the receipt! from these have boeu 1302.90. During those six mouths thoco have beoi 4,392,000 gallons of water pumped, am the daily consumption has been 24,000 gallons. 132,000 pounds of coal have been used in this time. It takes 726 pounds a day and fuel costs $1.27 a day. Tho report recommends the completion of a circuit in the mains as soon as possible in order that there may bo no stagnant water. The council passed upon a lot of bills, but did not elect a marshal or city recorder as is customary at this meeting. As these officers hold subject to the will of tho board, Messrs. Dailey and Sessions act untill someone is chosen in their places, and unless a change is to be made no election will be needed. AT THE HOBMAL SCHOOL. Tho Closlnc Exorcises of tho Term 1'nclc tho liulldlng—Ail Excellent Programme, Tho closing exercises of the normal school drew a much larger audience Thursday evening than could get into the building, and many were turned away. The first part of the programme consisted of a debate and some literary exorcises, and the second part of an amusing farce entitled "The Public Worrier." The debate was over the old contest between Greece and Rome. E. E. Wheolock and Geo. Sarchett af- haracter drawing is distinct and con- istent throughout. The dialogue is ifttural and yet of an exquisite literary nish. All In all it is a delightful liece of work and lea'ds one to hope hat frotrt Mr. Barron will come dramatic composition of a much higher uality than has graced the American tage in this generation." THE ALQOHA DAMP MEETIM. To Be Held at llelmond, June 20— Big Preparations to be Made. A meeting of the committee to make rrangements for the Algona district amp meeting was held at Eagle Grove ast week. The Gazette reports it and ays: "It was decided that the camp meeting the coming summer will be icld the last week in June, beginning Monday, June 26. The beautiful grounds at Belmond, where such sue* essful meetings were held last year, will be the camping ground again this ear. The members of the committee iresent were: Revs. A. W. Luce of Bancroft, J. B. Kitbourne of Clarion, ~*. H. Eighmy of Corwith, J. R. Faus f Britt, J. C. Woodford of Belmond, nd Presiding Elder Black of this )lnce." FARM loans, 7 per ct., Skinner Bros. Swedish Parsonage, Tho Swedish Lutherans will build a ew parsonage this spring. It Should Be In Every House. J. B. Wilson, 871 Clay street, Shnrpsburg, 'a., says he will not bo without Dr. King's few Discovery for consumption, coughs, nd colds; that it cured his wife, who was lirentcncd with pneumonia after an attack f la grippe, when various other remedies nd several physicians had done her no ood. Robert Barber of Crooksport, Pa., laims Dr. King's Now Discovery has done 1m more good than anything he ever used or lung trouble. Nothing like it. Try it. <Yoe trial bottles at L. A. Sheetz.' Large ottles 50c and one dollar. 5 firmed that Greece had done more for ivilization than Borne, while P. E. 'ellier and Chas. Taylor denied it. The judges, Mrs. Horton, L. F. Mayne, ind Harvey Ingham decided for the affirmative), although both aides argued ralinntly. These debates are one of the >est features of school training, and all he speakers showed a readiness and kill on the floor which spoke of excel- ent practice. A recitation by Mabel 3arlton, book review by Gertrude Wheelock, essay by Belie Peek, and declamation by Geo. Hamilton, all good, made up with music the first part. In the farce Irving Dodge, as Mr, Gibets, agreed to worry for anyone in distress for $5. He had calls from the uwyor, Alfred Chapln, tho editor, Edvin Taylor, the despairing lover, Geo. Hamilton, the physician, W. M. McLaughlin, tho editor's wife, Gail Gor- nun, and the lover's betrothed, Myrta Putsch, and between them all a very amusing muddle resulted. All took '.heir parts well, in fact excellently, and ihe applause was hearty. Tho normal school has bright prospects for the present term and is mak- 'ng a flattering success. GOAL UP AT ABMSTBQNG. A Paying Vein Is Said to Exlst-An Old KoHHutli Iloaldent Injured. In tho Esthorville Republican we Ind tho following items: While boring a well for C. B. Matthews in 3roen's addition Sullivan & Donovan struck a heavy vein of coal and experi- nood much difficulty in getting ih rough it. The coal has been examined and pronounced excellent in qual .ty, and shafts will soon bo put in to in' vostigato more thoroughly what is now believed to be a paying vein of coal, Grroat interest is manifested in this fortunate find and prices of property in Armstrong have already felt the effects. John Burt, while working on his new residence last Friday, met with quite a severe and painful accidont. The stag ing on which he was standing, not bo ing made of strong lumber, gave way and Mr. Burt fell with it a distance of fifteen feet, striking the frozen ground He received a severe injury to the lef foot, which will lay him up for some time. A BEMINDEB OF GLORIANA. The little Curtain Knitter Sold to b u Jjtterury uud Dramatic Success ii Now York. We dislike to revive memories o Glorianna, the " joy forever," but las week's Illustrated American has a not about tho little one-act piece the pei formanco opened with in Algon which should be added to the genera stock of comment on tho opening nigh entertainment: "' Out of tho Storm,' a drama in on act by Elwyn A. Barron, was latel; produced at the Amphion theatre i Brooklyn, N. Y., and proved to be th most worthy and notable piece of stag literature brought forward in the eas during the current season. The sub jeot of the little play is wholly origina and most uamh-ubly handled. Th Electric Bitter*. This remedy is becoming so well known nd so popular as to need no special men- on. All who have used Electric Bitters ng-the same song of praise. A purer mod- cine does not exist, and it is guaranteed to o all that is claimed, Electric Bitters will ure all diseases of the liver and kidneys, irill remove pimples, boils, salt rheum, and thor affections caused by impure ulood; drive malaria from the system and pre- ent as well as cure all malarial fevers; for ure of headache, constipation, and indigos"on try Electric Bitters. Entire satisfac- on guaranteed or money refunded. Price )o and one dollar a bottle, at Sheetz.' 5 Ilncklen's Arnica Salve. The best salve in the world for bruises, uts, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, otter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and 11 skin eruptions, and positively cures piles r no pay required. It is guaranteed to give lerfect satisfaction or money refunded, 'rice 25c a box. Sold by L. A. Sheetz. POLITIOAL POINTS. Wm. E. Morrison, late of Bancroft, s proposed for a consulship in Japan by Congressman Springer of Illinois. John P. Irish didn't get to be com- misssioner of the general land office, lainoreaux of Wisconsin beat him. B. J. Hall, once congressman from Burlington, wanted his old place as commissioner of patents. John J. Seymour of Connecticut has it. One of Cleveland's first Iowa a ments is Chase, an Atlantic editor, as ppoint itor, as )ostmaster. Chase is a member of the state central committee. The Nevada Representative says, in view of tho proposed republican conference in Des Moines to settle on state politics: " It is one of tho unfortunate eatures of the present political situa- ,ion that a number of supposed or would-be leaders appear to regard iheraselves as charged with full responsibility for determining the policy of ihe party, and in fact for looking after most of the questions that are usually settled by a state convention. Such 'eaders mean well, but the trouble with .hem is that they do not know when to <eep still. A conference which is not authorized by the party, but which undertakes to settle things for the party, can make more trouble and occasion nore just and unjust complaint of boss- .sra and bargaining than can be ap- Deused in a whole campaign." TOWN property loans. Skinner Bros. DRUNKENNESS, OH THE L1QU011 HABIT, Cured at Home In Ten Days liy Adminis terlng Dr. Halites' Golden Specific, It can bo given in a glass of beer, a cup ol :oftee or tea, or in food, without the knowl- sdge of the patient. It is absolutely harm- .ess, and will effect a permanent anc speedy euro, whether tho patient is a mod arato drinker or an alcoholic wreck. It has Been given in thousands of cases, and in every instance a perfect cueo has followed It never fails. The system once impregnat ed with the specific, it becomes an utter im possibility for the liquor appetite to exist Cures guaranteed. A 48-page book of par ticulars free. Address the Golden Specific Co., 185 Uaco street, Cincinnati, Ohio, Lindon Didn 't Come. He was advertised to play here, you know, Monday, the 20th, but he didn't materialize. The cold English of it is that he jumped his engagement-" cancelled" is the technical term they use. i X This Makes Me Think Did you ever know W. F. Carter to advertise anything he didn't have?—to say one thing and mean another? No, you surely never did—and never will. It's wrong to bet, but if you must bet this would be a sure thing to bet on. NOW SEE HERE—Let me enumerate just a few of the nice things we always have in stock—All the various kinds of cheese you ever heard of, Jockey Club Sardines, Truffles, Manzanilla Olives, Club House Olives, Spanish Olives, Crosse & Blackwell's Malt Vinegar in bottles, Martinique Lime Fruit Juice, Liebig's Extract of Beef, Imported Mushroom in tin, Durkee's Salad Dressing, Curtis Bros.' Potted Ham, Mellin's Food for iniants, Chase & Sanporn's celebrated Coffees, Seeley's Extracts—and a thousand other things— but my space is full and I have to stop. Slew State Bank Block, Algona, Iowa. T T/ 77* /^ A T) /nn 77 T) /Vatch Karter's Korner _ VV . JL 1 . U/l/V. 1 Hil\. . DO YOU WANT A WELL? We do all kinds ot well work, such as Drilling, Boring, Gleaning and lu fact all work In the well line. Water o no pay, Also put In pumps, sot up wind mills and do repairing. Cattle taken in exchange fo work. FRASER BROS. & NELSON. G. J, STEBBINS Wants the public to remember that he is prepared to do IFaper and all work in that line, and solicits a share or the patronage. Residence two block* south of the Adventlst church, NOTICE TO GRADERS, Notice is hereby given that the board of si pervisors of Kossuth county will recelv sealed proposals at the ofllce of the count auditor till the first Monday in April, A. D 181)3, for all grading to be done by said count during the year 1803. All bids to bo made i the following manner: All earth moved wltl lu '200 feet, at a given price per cubic yard all earth moved over 200 feet, at a given pric per cubic yard for each additional 100 fee All earth to bo measured lu the pit or excava tlon, and all earth to be taken from pits desij uated by the engineer in charge. The boar reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Witness my hand this 4th day of March 180a. 0. M. POXSEE. 50U County Auditor. Best Grade made We are making. ri <u W) !£i ,0 W . r-4 H 49LES. WASHBURN CROSBVCO'S. GOLD MEDAL. LOANS ON REAL ESTATE Grq 8 Minneapolis. REAL ESTATE DEALERS Ve keep it and sell it at J1.20 per sack >ur best make of flour 1.00 per sack 3uckwheat flour (25 Ibs) 05 per sack jraham (25 Ibs) 55 per sack Jolted corn meal (25 Ibs) 30 per sack COOK BROS. OP HOBART, Dealers In general merchandise, handle our oods, and sell at same prices we do, and their ustomers tell us they can buy anything they eed in the grocery line as cheap of Cook 3ros. as in Algona, which is a great conven- ence to west aiders. JONES & STACY. REDUCED AGAIN I make for the present the following very low prices on FLOUR. Try a sack. If it don't please it will cost you nothing: r^ull Pat, flour, per sack, $1.00 "raham flour, per sack, - .50 orn meal, per sack, - - .25 iye flour, per sack, - - .75 buckwheat, per sack, - .80 3ran, per 100 pounds, - .70 Shorts, per 100 pounds, - .75 ?eed, per 100 pounds, - .80 Wheaten Gluten, per sack, .75 All warranted. Liberal discount on round lots. J. J. WILSON. SHERIFF'S SALE. Notice is hei'eby given that by virtue of a special execution to me directed by the clerk of the district court of Kossuth county, Iowa against the goods, chattels, lands, tenements etc., of Michael Kletndl and Rose Kleindl, his wife, Gaylord 0. Burtis and Martha E. Burtis ils wife, Frank C. Patton and Lydia A. Pat ;on, his wife, defendants, in favor of Kossuth County Bank, plaintiff, I will offer at public sale, to the highest and best bidder for cash at the door of the court house in the town o Algona, county of Kossuth, Iowa, on the 20th day of April, 1893, between the hours of 9 o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock p. m. on said day all of said defendants' right, title, and intarea in and to the following described real estate situated in Kossuth county, to-wlt: The eas half of the northwest quarter of Section Twen ty-six, Township Ninety-five, Ranee Twenty eight, and the west half of the southeast quar ter of Section Twenty-three, Township Ninety live, Range Twenty-eight west 5th P. M., Iowa Sale to commence at the hour of 2 o'clock p. m. of said day, Witness my hand this 7th day of March 1803. 0. G. GRAHAM, Sheriff Kossuth County, Iowa. By J. E. Mcluroo, Deputy Sheriff. 1 NOTICE TO OCCUPYING CLAIMANT, STATE OP IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, SS —Arthur L. Bigelow. John Wilson, Jiune Callanan and James C. Savery, O. R. and . 13. Moultou, Andrew J. Scott, Z. W. Haze ton, Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railwa Company, Chicago & Northwestern Railwa Company, John A. Coy, Christ Anderson Latin Nichols, and to all whom it may con corn: The commissioner appointed to view a high way petitioned for by C. P. Anderson, J. Loot and others has reported in favor of Its locatio as follows: Commencing at tho southwes corner of Section No. Seven, Township No Ninety-nine, Range No. Twenty-eight, thenc runulug east on the section line between Se tlous S.ovcu and Eighteen and terminating a the intersection with road at the southwes corner of Section No. Ten, Township Ninet; nine, Range Twenty-eight; and all objection thereto or claims for damages must be file in the county auditor's office on or before noo of the Sd day of May, A. D., 1803, or sue highway will be established without referenc thereto. V Witness nw hand and seal this 1st day o March, 1883A 0. M. POXSEB, 50 | County Auditor. Running from I to 10 years, with privilege of $100 payments at any interest date. Interest payable annually or semi-annually, as desired. Money furnished promptly. Also improved farm and city property for sale. Money on chattel security. FFIGB OVER JAS. TAYLOK'ti NTOKS, ONE DOOR EAST OF POSIOFFIGE. Hoxie & Brunson. . L. LUND. J. J. KYAN [Successors to C. L. Lund—Established 1880.] We wish to announce to the readers of THE UPPER DBS MOINES that we have extraordln- ry facilities for the selling of farms and unimproved lands in northern Iowa, and we invite 1 who wish to dispose of their property to call on us at our office In Algona, or to correspond ith us. t3y~As soon as spring opens we have a large number of customers from the eastern ates who are ready, to come out and secure a piece of Iowa soil at reasonable rates. We be- eve in fair dealing, and If you want to sell your property don't waste any time in listing it -ith us. Yours respectfully, LUND & RYAN. The Algona Tub Factory, Manufacturers of Butter Tubs and Water Tanks.. We are prepared to furnish tanks, either round or square, on short notice. Butter Tubs of IB following sizes kept in stock: 20, !JO, 40, and 60 pounds. Made from No. 1 white ash tock, and warranted first class in every respect. We also do PLANING, RIP-SAWING, RE-SAWING, BAND-SAWINQ, .attic work, jointing, moulding, matching, and a general wood-working business. SPURBECK & LAMBERT, oo Jndertaking and embalming will always receive careful and personal attention. Prices are reasonable. OZS. FOR ABSOLUTELY PORE - tr.JAQUES fl» CO, KANSAS CITY, MO. For Sale or Exchange. The imported Cleveland Bay Stallion, Will sell for less than he can earn in one season. Will sell on time or exchange for work horses, W. F. CARTER. WILLAED STEBBINS, CARPENTER, BUILDER, AND CONTRACTOR, Is prepared to taUe contracts for i —otftr''"^" ..-_..-'-. . . ^•TttwT^Tfr.f'^^w , lugs ot all kinds. Maybe found »t donee, vest State atrept, Algona, Abstracts. Other abstracters have pooled. We're not in it. We have been in the business for 22 years and don't have to sell, bijt are here to stay. Our work is GUARANTEED and will be done at living prices. , ir • -''tf' Jones & Smith, THE ALGONA SUPPLY HOUSE Will furnish you anything in the Uneot CREAMERY ; SUPPLIES,

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