The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 29, 1893 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 29, 1893
Page 7
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Tlffi DKB ALGONA, tHWA. MARfi'H 29. -W3. IT' AH OFFICER'S BATTLE, '*'. .' • ' • •> He Might of Ii*«rt bnt for Awlitano*. Officer Eugene Christina Of Philadelphia. "I was troubled t!io worst way frith dyspepsia. Why, I could not eat anything at breakfast without distress, and when I did manage to cat a little it would all come up igaln. I tried almost every thing I heard of lo find relief, but still I suffered! At last I HOOd'S Cures was •told just how. I felt and what Hood's Sarttnpnrlllu would do for me by an advertisement in a paper. I decided to try the medicine, and realized all the benefit promised. It was what Hood's Barsaparllla actually did for me that convinced me of It* merit." OFFJOBB EUOBNB CHIURTINB, Tacony Station House, Philadelphia. HOOD'S PILLS cure Nausea, Sick Head- U'.hc, Indigestion,, Biliousness. Bold by 'all druggists. It Coras Colds,Coughs,Sore Throat,Croup,InSn»n- ra,'WTlooping: Cough, Bronchitis and Asthma. A certain cure for Consumption in first Btagos, and a aure relief in advanced stages. Use at once. You will lee the excellent effept after taking the first dose. Bold by dealers everywhere. Largr bottlei 50 cents and $1.00. i Both the method and results when Byrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant arid refreshing to the taste, and acts cen'tly yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the sys; tern effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is the only remedy of its kind ever produced; pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach, :prornpt in its action and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, ite many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the most popular remedy -known. Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50o and $1 bottles by all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it. Do not accept any substitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO., SAN FRANOISOO, CAL, LOUISVILLE, KY. NEW YORK, ff.f. JOHN W.MOimiS, Washington, l>,c! S^ irrsln last war. ISaOJudlcatlueelaims, otty since. II Every man and worn- 11 an Blionld Ijave on* \ \ oBpeolully tlioae ol UIORTH DOUBLE THE MONEY. Ff Send at once to JOHN SEBASTIAN, O. T. A. O., E. 1. & P. K. K., Chicago, ill., and receive, postage paid, the slickest deck of cards you ever handlea. Only TKN CENTS per pack, In stamps or coin. WUUVWWVV«nMVWWVVWWVVWVVVVWV ROOT, BARK ADD BLOSSOM .'. <. ' •1601 two mouthu' hiiivply I ( Sent by mull or»t uoit Drat. (.OIL " ono moniU'B uui'iily ( 1 (lim. Try It and Be 11. a ROOT, BARK &. BLOSSOM, Newark, BEST POLISH IN THE WORLD. OONOT BE DECEIVED with Pastes, Eiuunuls, and faints 'which Stain, the hands, iriluro tho iron, and burn red. The Rising Sun Stove Polish is Brilliant, Odorless, Durable, and the consumer pays f« no tin or glass package with every purchase. HAS AH AW&^&flF &009 TONS, SERIOUS PACTS ABOUT B&EAO Which House eepers Should Earnestly Consider. A serious danger nlenoces the health of the people of this country in the numerous alum baking powders that are now being urged upon the public. There 18 no .question as to the detrimental effects of these powders upon the system. Every Board of Health, every physician, will tell you of the unwholesome qualities they ndd to the food. Some countries have absolutely prohibited the sale of broad containing alumY " . Even small doses of aluiu, given to children, have produced fatal results, while cases of heartburn, indigestion, griping constipation, dyspesin, and various Istadred, gastric troubles from irritation of the mucous membrane, caused by- the continuous use of- food prepared with alum or alum-phospate pow-. ders, are familiar In the practiuo of every physician. It Is not possible that any prudent Ihpusewifo, any loving mother, will knowingly use an article of food that will Injure the health of her household, or pernaps cause the death of her children. How shall the dangerous nlutn powders be distinguished? And 1. ,v shall the danger to health from their uso be avoided? Generally alum powderb may bo known 'from the price at which they are sold, or from the fact that they are accompanied by a gift, or are disposed of under some scheme. The alum pova der costs but a few cents a pound to make, and is often sold at 20 or 25 j cents a pound. If some present is given , with it, the price may be 30, 40 or 6f* | cents a pound. • I It is impossible to name all the alum powders in the market, but any baking powder sold at a low price, or adver- tized JIB costing only half as. much aa cream of tartar powders, or accompanied by a present, or disposed, of tinder any scheme, Is of this class, detrimental to health, and to be avoided. .But the easy, safe, and certain protection of our bread, biscuit and cake from all danger of umvholesomenessi is in tho use of the Royal Baking Pow- i der only. This -powder' is mentioned JJecauso .of the innumerable reports in Its favor by high medical authorities, by the IT. S. Government, and by the official chemists and Boards of Health, which ln-'vn no doubt ns to Its entire freedom from alum, lime and ammonia, Its absolute purity, and. wholosomeness. While Its use is ilms a safeguard against the poisonous alum powdera It'is satisfactory at the same time to know that' it makes tlhe whitest, lightest, sweetest j and most .delicious food, which will keep moist and fresh longer, and that can be eaten with immunity hot or \ cold, stale or, -and also that owing to its greater.- strength it is more economical • than otli'ers. . '.-.••'• , • ' These -facts should incline consumers' to turn n. deaf ear to all importunities 1 to buy the inferioi' powders. If a grocer urges the sale of ttfe cheap, Impure, alum brands, it; should be borne in mind that it -is because he can make more profit, on them. The wise housekeeper will decline In all,cases to take ' thoitt. - :''- . : '.. Take no chances through using & doubtful article where so important « maitter as the'health or life..,of dear ones Is at stake. - , | , ,i ' ,ij I months poor Tole was in constant fear of arest, but coiild learn nothing of the murdered man. or the one who escaped. The facts of the case had b.een purposely suppressed. ' One morning he met the interpreter, EduardoTwho had left the town the day after the trouble. "Buenos Dlas, that was quite a racket," said the interpreter, nonchalently. ' ' '• , , "I did hot mean to Idll the man," said Tole, wearily, !'but I thought they were going to end ;you." "Noncense 1 ," responded Eduardo. "they were quareling about their own affaii-s. You did not kill any one; your bullet struck one of the greasers in the heel mud started them on tho run, but the last one put his machete through the other mail's heart just as he was climbing over the wall. You want to practice with that new gun of yours." The shot saved the other Mexican's life, for, by showing his wound, he impressed tile 'jury that he fired in self defence, which made him a life-savor instead of a murderer in the eye of the lenient and slow-going Mexican law. , This same Tole had a. remarkable adventure In Gold Hlll,Nev., in 1877. He hd charge of a mine and incurred the enmity of the laborers. One night three stalwart "walking delegates" attacked him in a bar room. Two of them pinned him down, while the third stood over him with a revolver. The muzzle almost touched his stomach. Once, twice, thrice, a fourth and fifth time the weapon snapped Tole .closed liis eyes; each moment he expected to be his last. The disgusted rui'fiau threw his dlssapolntiug weapon on tho floor with an oath, and, joined by his •aids, left the place. Tole wiped the cold 'swcnt from Ms brow, mechanically picked up the discarded weapon, went to the door and fired off every charge, remarking that it was "just, his luck." James 11. Hrown, lilie eminent mason of Kansas ' 01 ty, ivns., was. Iniriod on the 15tli having tho largest funeral that was over hold in the state. The receipts of rosin at Savannah. Un., passed' 1,000,000 barrels for the presiit season, this being 1 the greatest receipts in the histoi'y of naval store trades, in the world. . A scheme is on 'foot to construct a reservoir of 10,000 acres for irrigating purposes uea Sterling, Colo. It will cost $1,000,000 and. is expected ;to furnish water-for 300,000 acros. Any one in possession of 25 cenls c'an go to the nesresl dealer in medicines and procure a bottle o£ Salvation Oil anil be cured at once of rheumatism, neiinil<;-iu, or any pain or acliu James J. Hill, of St. Paul, the railroad magnate, has a splendid collection »f French paintings, bought on Ms own judgment. He talks :is uuderstaiidingly of art as of railroads. TOST ..HIS .LUCK.. How ;a" Mining Boss Came Out ol 1 Two Hot Scrimmages Unscathed. , • After!'nearly;.a. century's sloop some fouivyeai'9; ago the town of San FUipe, in the stiito tif' Guanajuato, Mexico; waked up with a mining;'boom. The long abandoned sluxffa, up -vfhose rough hewn stops the peons of the alcaldes toiled laboriously,- bearing leather bags of ore, were pu'mpecl out and equipped' \vitli modern machinery,' slays the St. Louis Republic. -'-Old; veins- bled wealth anew and oven discarded "tailings wore roworkod,yiolding a heavy percentage of profit. There,was a- treniendous influx of population', Wliite men and yol- low Chinamen thronged into the adobe town .and nibbed shoulders -witli '.the' listsless Mexicans, who had boon eating their tortillas so many years in peiicp and quiet.Bave when a surplus of pul- que was lot loose and tho'deadly machetes paved tho way for a'few extra fun orals, . "; , . , : ; Of'course the. gamblers, the.touvgers- on and- the painted Avomen-'-followed the miners, and flic sleepy ; old town waked iip at nightv and furnished high rqyel for tho ii\Yadoj i s t; Plug hats.'aiid "biled" shii-ts were cxdeptioual; overalls top boots, with a largo caliber Colt as plated ornament, furnished tho costumo do riguer. Mexicans carried knives in their hair, arid trie^ to keep \ip ; with' the. procession by consuming 'fiery' "mo- ', seal" whenever tlioir slender pay would allow, it, and tho female members of their families skirmished for, the supply of red peppers and brilliant i calicoes necessary, for. tho purpose of: food and fashion. , j Ono evening Tolo, tho big mining boss i was attracted* by the noisy crowd-clus- j torod about the -raon.tetable'. -He not- j iced two vllliniious . Mexicans, holding •. a "jawing match" with his Interpreter, Eduardo, and immediately concluded i that his favorite was doomed to death j ono way or another. The talk had evidently reached a climax, for both greasers whipped out their long knives. Tolo, who had drawn liis revolver anticipating trouble, fired at the first Mexican. -There was a yell ,uid a Wild rush. Tho crowd at tho table joined the melOe, the lights were blown out and a wild fight followed. The next, thing that Tolo hoard was that another Mexican had boon gathered to, the halls of Montezuma. Ho went fiome and tried to rest, but the t of the dead man weighed henv- ly jV Us conscience'. He moaned and i'. J i 4., i>i,. gjeev,, ^ nj j ^ w , i* ~ Tho Best Pystem of Portlflca\ Ion. Is that adopted by people in precarious health who wisely fortify their systems against disease with thul acceptable and effectual barrier against its inroads—Hosteller's Slomach Hitlers. Precautionary measures, when the health is bat slightly impaired is, as physicians well know, worth any amount of medication al'terward. A premonitory malarial chill, a lit of indigestion, increasing irregularity of the bowels, a warning rheumatic twinge, inactivity of the kidneys, slight at llrst, bilious sallowness accompanied with furred tongue —these arc appeals lo Hie sense of self-protection which no person of common judgment will disregard. Hosteller's Slomach Hitters preserves those.,who take it from malaria, dyspepsia, chronic constipation, rheumatism, kidney and bladder trouble and liver complaint. Nervous invalids, persons troubled with the infirmities incident to advanced years, ladies in delicate health find convalescents derive infinite benefit from the Bitten. Postmaster General Bissell haa been measured for a chair. When he sat down in the seat of Wauamaker, his predecessor, there wasi an overflow meeting of postmaster general on both sides of the chair. On the scales. Mr. Bissell is as big as two. Wanarnake'rs. , If you have a Avorrying cough, or any lung or throat trouble, use at once Dr. D. Jayne's Expectorant, and don't parley with what niay prove to be a dangerous' conditl6n. Mervin Page,, a colored man of Howard county, Missouri, wears a shoe 14 inches long and 5 inches across the sole. Two fathers and two sous Avunt fishing; each caught a nsh, and yet there were only three fish caught. HOAV was this? Asiswer- tMs problem, correctly. If It Is the first received by us AVC will {Jive you a building lot, free from in- cumbrance, hi any city you may select, value $1,000. If your ansAver i» the sec ond we will give you a rosewood cabinet, satin-lined, containing one hundred pieces of sterling sliver knives, forks, and spoons; value $150. To the next twenty correct ansAvers we Avill glvi each a valuable gold watch (ladies' or gents'), American movement. This offer appears in a number of papers today. In order to decide the best medium for advertising we .will also give to the first three answers received from this locality three prizes, valuo $20, $15, and $10, in the order received. With your answer inclose 25 cents for a cake of the Gen Curative Soap (which AA'Ul be sent, postage free), the best known remedy for all diseases of (he skin, warranted to cure any blemish that is not a deformity. Those receiving a prize Avill be expoc-tod lo pv.r chase this soap and introduce it to tlu-li friends. Tho Gem Soap Company, lluf- fnlo and Toronto. All gooiis for United States free of duty and packing. A. J. Bjomson, an old resident of viroqwr, UieU suddenly, Aftei' gating --' - J - '• Sample Package Mulled Fr-e. Address Small Bile Beans, New York. : .forty Small Bile Beans in each botlle. i Prevent and Cure Constipation and Sick- Headache, Small Bile Beans. Monroe Wheeler who conducted the Hose Park hotel near Newark, N. .1., has left his AA-ife and eloped with Kittio McBride, a rosy-cheeked servant in his employ. WHiccler was formerly of Denver, Uol. The doscrtod \vife has applied for adivorce. I-'U». \il (Tlt-i Slopped free .y Dr. KlluuN (frot» N«'i-ye Kestore. No Fli> •• ler fl't>* ilsiV live. Haryelnus Currtd. Treatlcii Him $ 5» trial'• bottle ID Fit Oases. Setd to Dr. K ke, Ml Arch St. Phila., Fa. William CordAvay Partridge, the Boston sculptor, gets $10,000 for his statue of Shakespeare, ynd Avill receive $27,000 for liis equestrian statue for Gariield. Ho is only 81 years of age. Mntle to Look 1,1 ko N«\". Dresses, Gent's Clotliiiig, l<Viithur.i, ( etc., Dyed or C'leanecl,' I'lnsli (iiinniints Stcamct!, nl Otto i'lulch's l^u W tl rl<s,-J4li \V. Water St., Milwaukee. Send fcr circular. The democrats at La Crosse are nifik- lug an orpir.i/.ecl effort to defeat 1 1'r. Frank I'owcll and the populist tlcU-jt at the spring election. For headache, \voak stomach. liver—take l-Joediam's Pills. For sulu by all druggists. Washington, March 0.—Hon. Joslah Quincy, of Massachusetts, has accepted the position of assistant secretary of state. CHILDREN vi lie nrs puny, pale, weak, or scrofulous, ought to take D*}tor Pierce's Golden Modi col Discovery. That buildl up both their flesh au^ their strength. For this, and for purifying t.h« blootl, there's nothing in nil medicine that can equal the " Discovery." In recovering from "Grippe," or m con- valesconcs from -. pneu- - mouia. fevers, or othel wasting diseases, it spoedily and surely invigorates and builds up the whole system. As an appetizing, restorative tonic, it seta at work all the processes of digestion and nutrition, rouses every organ into natural action, and brings bacfc health and strength. For all diseases caused by a torpid liver ot impure blood, Dyspepsia, Biliousness, Scrofulous, Skin, and Scalp Diseases—oven Consumption (or Lung-scrofula) in Its earlier stages—the " Discovery " is tha only yuaran- teed remedy. If It doesn't benefit or cure, hi every case, you have your money back. Easily Taken Up Cod Liver Oil as it appears in Scott's Emulsion is easily taken up by the system. In no other form can so much fat-food be assimilated with- ou. injury to the organs of digestion. I have been troubled with dyspep* sia, but after a fair trial of August Flower, am freed from the vexatious trouble—J. B. Young, Daughters College, llarrodsburg, Ky. I had headache one year steady. One bottle, 1 of-August Flower cured me. It was positively worth oue hundred dollars to me—J. W. Smith, P.M. and Gen. Merchant, Townsend, Out. I hava used it myself for constipation and dyspepsia and it cured me, It is the bestseller I ever haudled—C. Rugh, Druggist, Mechanicsburg, Pa. 9 AT "I have been «micted with »n affection of Ihe Throat from childhood, caused by diphtheria, nnd have used various remedies: but have never' found anything equal to BROWN'S BnonoHULt TnoouBs/'-fleo. C?. M. F. Hampton, fiketon, y. Sold only In boxei. Mrs. JfJli/abeth Flint, an early settler of liaugauna, died of heart failure. The remains will be interred at JtoseiiUulc. near that city. No. 32, the latest, is a gem, 240 pages of patlios, dialect and fun, including two bright new Comedies; all for 30 cts., postpaid; or, the two Plays, 10 ct«. Catalogue free. P. Garrett & Co., Philadelphia. Pa, (Established 1SU5.) A Boranton, Fa, Kan Says: i860. "DE-0. P. BROWN'S 1893. PRECIOUS HERBAL OINTMENT CURED ME In leas than one weok OF ITCHING PILES Fnror '» of Cod Liver Oil with Hypophos- phites has come to be an article of every-day use, a prompt and infallible cure for Colds, Coughs, Throat troubles, and a positive builder of flesh. Prepared by Scott A Bonne, N. T. All druggists. TMB NEXT MORNING I FEEL BRloHT AND NBW AND (AIT COMPLEXION 18 BETTEII? Itydootor Mjra It acts gently on thu itotnaoh Hvn K. **££*• t ntll * a P'pasnnt laxntlvo. Thl« drink MtSSf^ffuoiulod"' ta Propa^oil foruio M wully LAME'S MEDIGIME nnMi>>HH>lBO<u4«l P « r uk. l t.. ITynMu •> >mt .r i " *>*"•• '»' • fr» ••nipl.. Uino'l f»illT Mt , •"•• If* » ( h 4*7. In ord.r to k< kMlthr, |EU> •»». AMnM ORATOR fr. WOODWARD, L.H»ri 5"*. Cures Consumption, Congta, Cronp.Sore Hiroat. So!d by all DrUEcists on a Guarantee, ifora Lame Side, Back or Chest Shiloh'a Porona Plaster will give great satisfaction.—as cents. The OMrst Medicine tnf/i'e n'arlit it firelaUy" IMS. 1NAAC 'r*J««MI'SON'»i It Is worth $5 per pot to any sufferer. Henry Coles, 1717 Summit Ave., Scranton, Pu., Dec. 20, '92. 25 and 50c. Druggists or ay mail. J. Gibso u Brown, 47 Grand St. Jersey City, N. J. Send for book on Cure of Disease by Herbal remedies. Free. ^CELEBRATED EYE-WATER. Tbis union) iti u eu.- •: ,.lly ineimi-o.l puj''.n's n ecripilon, nn.l hui i ni n l.i eon.-tniit npe for ucarlv a eoiiturr. 'I'.'ifro nro tuvr Mrajiettn to whleh mankind nro i tibject n.oro distressing tlinu soro'»,' nml none, p; rli;ips. Inr -.vnluli 11:010 'rcmed.cs liiivo bocn trluUvlthontsiitTosn. For all external Intlammulion OC Ilioeyos it 's 1,11 liirullllilu rcniedy. If tho dlroe- tlons nro Co -rim tl It will novol'f..ll. U'c part lo .lurly Invite tl:o Kttr'iu on of pin cluhms i<> Its iii«rlt-i. F"r ralnliy all (IniKt'I-sl.s. J011X /,. TllOJli'dON. .SO'jS & CO., TiiOY, N. Y. Estalillahcd ITOf.,- •' nrarniTl INTERN A TIONAIf Succouoi'of tba "Unabridged." Ton years spent In revising, 100 editors employed, more than $300,000 expended. A Grand Educator Abreast of the Times A Library In Itself Invaluable In the household, and to the teacher, professional man, self-educator. Ask your Bookseller to show it to you. \ by 0. & C.MEnniAM CO.,SrniNOFn!LD,MAM.,TJ,8.A. J S^r~S(>nd for free nroupcctiiB containing specimen i MI.'CB, tllUHiratlonfl, loaliinonlals, etc. i uy reprints of ancient editions. ' by th«NiilIoiial I.i «.HBKH WAKTBU. 'ELY'S 'LfttK.nm tani,m u********> ut» **i""m3!llftw «;"! ABSiHf»"> Allay* Pain and iBfliuamttUan, Ht^UEBH^rJ'JS l^v..^ the Boras, Hectored T«»t» and Smell, and Cures Sfr^TARflvol iSf-DlNllH^ TpS'* ^ H a, i J oaj^fe.iEi^ TO tt«»jtaii.>»aaB T j^^T^.fr t fflaE Relief at once for Cold in Meiul7 Jui-e.SlokHeadMhe.RoBtoroBCompleiion.SaTMDocU.ra Mills. S.unple(ne. OAttnnLDTKACo..J19vV.46thBt.,H.y ....,. Cures Constipation y phvsk-lfin). Nrt at ciirnil. Send Gc hi stamps. . ... O. IV. K SNVI>EIVM. !>., Mail Donf. T, 60.:. CriiEiiLitaor bj mail. ELYBaOS M OPTION POLICY --,>«. Ul IIU1« * UL.IUI J.UI-BIKB. .K»ue<| .• « <-. of \ crinoui .BAIUKS I!. IB I&IN, Mnnnxer \Vlti-mi.sin Di-pl.. , !Uillv»uUt'«, IB •55S iW •NS>V"! One plant of each of tho three rare fru HI ponpaid for but COo.r 6 collections for uovoltica, will be mailed (1) THE GREAT BUFFALO BERRY. This is (nilv I ho greatest novelty of Ihocen- tiiry. lhl« b'lirub grown 10 to 15 feet liicli. cuvLflngiisplf In early uprlng with bountiful flowers which nro Biicuuiidcd by great qimn- tillea of liiHclntiH fruit. It ia hardy, as beautiful Maple! uri), while the fruit is incomparable, 11 will i;r i\r any unix ,-vorywhcro and forma a j. r r:iud addiliuu to our l:."v t\ and gardensbrirbs. liaeh,30e,; 10 forSI/Ji.ij.xtpnld. (2) JUNEBERRY. A Ehrub of wondrous beauty: covers itself with 11 grent muss of pure whltn. delicioualy fragrant bliisfonis. Three are followed by large, dark e'olop d berries, excellent for pies, sauce, etc. E-.ich, 25o.j 10fr-rS1.25. (3) TREE CRANBERRY. Everybody lo find of cranberries,and we hi'.vo 11 shrub that will flourish and bear prodigiously 1 n every section of America. Each,, The above 3 cure Novelties, postpaid, only 50c.; with catalogue, B8c. Our mammoth catalogue is mailed upon receipt of 80. for pontage JOHN A. SALZER RRFD CO., La Cmsse, Wis.' Unlike the Dutch Process No Alkalies Other Chemicals are. used in tho' preparation of w. HIKER & co.'s MfastCocoa which is absolutely pure and soluble, It has morethan three timet the strength of Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arrowroot or • i »Mh—'Sugar, and is far moro economical, costing less than one cent a, cup. It la delicious, nourishing, and BASIL? DIGESTED. • Sold bjr Ororers ererynhm. W. BAKER $ CQu Dorohester,.Mai8, Cures Scrofula Mrs. E. J Rowell, Hertford, Mass., says her mother has been cured of Scrofula by theuseof four bottles of ifSESEat after having had much other tre pggqCT atment, and%eing reduced to qui .»—****• te a low condition of health, as it was thought she could not live. liNHERITED SCROFULA, Cured my little boy of hereditary Scrofula, which appeared all over his face. For a year I had given up all hope of ins recovery, when finally I was Induced to use B-jMf-Ji A few bottles cured him, and jyS»>pgH no symptoms of the disease remaiu. Mils. T. L. MATHEBS Matherville, Miss. Our book on Bloo I and Skin Disease! mailed free. • SWIET SfBCiyic Co., Atlanta, Ca. co-crisrT"sr, e. a. FRANK j. qgipiirpY MAKES OATH THAT HE is THB SDNIOB PARTNER OF THE FIRM OF F. J. CHENEY & CO., DOING BUSINESS IN THE OITY OF TOLEDO, COUNTY AND STATE AFORESAID, AND THAT SAID FIRM WILL PAY THE SUM OF ONE HUIVPREP POUL,ARS FOR BACH AND EVERY CASH BE OF CATARRH THAT CANNOT HALL'S CATARRH CURE. t>y return mall, full do.___. script!ve circulars ot _ OOfcY'rHEW and MOODY'fl IUFBOVED TAILOR BYBIEM8 OF PBEBB OtrTTINQ. llevtscd to dale. These, only, ara tho gonuliieTAILOE BTSTEMS invented end copyrighted by JBOF.D.W. MOODY. Boware ol Imitations. Any lady of ordinary intelligence can easily and quickly learn to out and make any garment, in any style, to nay measure, for ladles, men and children. . Oarments guarau- i e , c ^,. t . 0 ,95.r, e .tJ ec y?w' t . 1 JSH. t .i,"''»F-0°- uoj 'i ano s>o OUBBD BY THE USB OF ftr&£eA4*x^ SWORN TO BEFORE MB, AND SUBSOBIBBD IN MY PBB8- BNOB, THIS OTH DAY OB 1 DECEMBER, A. D. 1889, Nniary Public, E'all's Catarrh Cure is taken internally* and acts directly upon the &lood and mucous surfaces. E.B. WALTHALL&Cp., DrogglBts, Horse Cavo, tak if' 1 HaU * °* tarrl1 Cure cures every one that . jf 8 A.'JOHNSON, Medina, N. Y., iays:, "Hall'i Catarrh Cure cured me." • ^^ CONDUCTOR E. D. LOOMIS, Detroit, Mich., MM] i^he effect of Hull's Catarrh Cure U wonderhS" Wrtle him about U. ..JPV.H. P. CARSON; Scotland, Dak., Bays: I J. O. SIMPSON, Mftrciuess W. V». Hani KK^&^ th ^ wm >» iete - | ;K^». dute oSied "* * * ^ ® HALL'S CATARRH CURE is sold by all Dealers In Patent Medicine*.

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