The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 10, 1892 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 10, 1892
Page 2
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MOIN^S, AMDNA, ™* - uwfe ALGONA, IOWA. A MNH of steamships has contracted to carry tha mails between England and Can ado in fiv« clays. THE largest farm in the world is said to be in Louisiana, It is 100x25 miles, and embraces 1,600,000 acres. to fence it. It cost $50,UOO GENERAL NOTES. f ' ' '. JONHS BROTHBTIS, cdttoh Memphis, are alleged to [h customers ..out of the aggregate sum off ' 81,000,000. CHARLES E. WATERBURY, of AN Indiana sheriff -who became crazed with drinh and assaulted several people, was locked up in his own jail by his molher, Sho was a little out of practice, but she renumbered her pnrly training. DUJUNG a recant thunderstorm in Maine the skin of a boy who was struck by lightning turned a dark purple and has remained so over since. A LETTEII mailed at Atchison, Kansas, November 16, reached Brussels, in Belgium, ten days later. This, the Patriot clniniB, is the /aptest time between the two places on record. The prince of Wales once declared thnta "one oii the most noticeable marks of a ady is the cureful treatment of the nails- he way in-which they are cut and pol- shed. THE theories about the possibilities of electricity which Edison holds are infinite. His latest, confirmed by an invention, is 'a wonderful system by 'whiuh telegraphic communications can, without the use of wire cables, bo carried on between distances on land and ships at sea. In his specification at the patent office Mr. Edison writes: "I have discovered that if sufficient elevation be obtained to overcome the curvature of the earth's surface and to reduce to a minimum the earth's absorption, electric telegraphing or signaling between distant points can be carried on by induction without the use of wires 'connecting such distant points. The discovery is especially applicable to telegraphing across bodies of water. It is also applicable to telegraph communication between distant points on the land, it being necessary, however, on land, with the exception of communication over the open prairie, to increaee the elevation in order to reduce to the minimum the induction absorbing effect of houses, trees and elevation in the land itself. Signals can be sent and received between ships separated a considerable distance and bj repeating signals from ship to ship. Communication can be established between points any distance apart or across the largest seas and even oceans." Thus far his inventions have been of practical use and it is quite probable that this new discovery will come into general use. Peop!e]have learned to believe Mr. Edison when he promises anything. PJIUStONAL POINTS. Lady Harris, wife of nor ofthe gover Bombay, is an ardent cricketer, and in a recent cricket match was captain of the winning eleven. * * » Mrs. William C. Whitney and Mrs. Cornelius Vauderbilt have received $22,000 from contributions for the purpose of establishing an infirmary at Yale university. * * * The Grand Duchess Sergius, of Russia, is so strikingly beautiful that she is known as '-The Crowned Ophelia." * * * The late Dowager Duchess Louisa, of Bavaria, widow of the Duke Maximilian, ' was renowneJ as the mother of five daughters, all famous for their beauty and accomplishments. * » * Mrs. William Vanderbilt is an unusually handsome woman, with creamy-white complexion, dark brown hair, large dark grey eyes and a lemarUably fine figure. * * * There are are said to be sixty-seven veterans of the war of 1812 now Alive in the United States. One of theoldest is Silas Ware, of Waukesha, Wis., who was born at Enosburg, Vfc., in 1798, and enlisted in the coinpnny formed by Capt. Erwin, at French's Mills, N. Y., where young Ware's father kept a tavern, * * » By the will of Gen. M. C. Meigs, a large collection of plate, coin, medals and other objects of historical interest is presented to tbe National Museum at Washington. Among these relics are a seal ring with intaglio portrait of Julius Camr and antique stone; a large signet of bronz3 with stone, engraved in intaglio; antique of Chiron and Acuities; of ^Eaeaa; cabinet and collection of coins and medals, some of them antique, including Alexander the great, ^hilip of 'Macedon, Julius Canar, Augustus and other Roman and Greek heads, and Napoleon, Washington and other medals. ODELL an ex-member of the Michigan legislature, is dead. ^IOWA'S contribution.''.'to the starving Russians will be 200 cards. THE public debt of tbe Dominion of banada increased $275,818 last year. Russell Sage, Jr., the favorite nephew of Russell Sage, died Thursday morning of meningitis. Col. Chas. Y. Osborne, collector of customs for the port of Marquette, died Thursday. THE dedication of the Conematigh valley memorial hospital, costing $65,000, took place in Johnstown, Pa., Wednesday. HON." JOHN M. THURSTON, of Nebraska, is a candidate for the Repub'ican vice presidential nomination. A RESOLUTION luib been introduced in the house of representatives requesting the recall of Egan. TUB Grand Central hotel of New York has closed its doors. It was losing money. AT Brasnfield & Oo.'s horse sale Tuesday, at Lexington, Ky., thirty-eight horses were disposed of for over $80,000. The steamer Buffon, from Brazil, is quarantined at New York with yellow fever on board. Five of tb.3 crew have died, and four are down with the disease. PETROLEUM deposits have been found in the vicinity of Ithaca, Mich., which indicate the possible development of an extensive oil held there. THE Chicago city bsard of education refuses to allow the inspectors of the health department to investigate the sanitary condition of the city schools. Huou MoCouMiCK. of Toronto, defeated Fritz Luhr, of St. Paul, in the first of the series of five skating raceb for the champanionship of America. THE United States supremo court upholds the constitutionality of the auti- of pav thp fltsiie of West Virginia-the,. Sum of od $151,978 due her under the provisions. Of " if; ip.K law was token up. and re- Thane w code of rules was taken cor federates, is under trial at .Greenwich, Cti, for abducting little Ward Waterbury, his cousin. JoHNLuTZ, a German blacksmith of Chicago, committed suicide Thursday morning by hanging himself to a clothes- ferred. ^..v..— ,_ , with ftwo up and discussed. Mr. Chapman, of Mich hook in his bedroom. NEAII Jones' Mills, revenue officers Pa., United •aptured five shiners and destroyed two illicit States moon- diBtil- leries. : ROBERT MusanAVE, convicted of attempting to.defraud insurance companies, has be?n sentenced by the district .court 'at Terre Hnute, Ind., to tctt years in tbe penitentiary and to pay n S500 fine. THE Beaver publishers sued by Senator Quay for lioel have been sentenced to six months' imprisonment, besides n flue of 8600 and coats. IT is said that a • man named John Boyd has confessed to wrecking the Kich- njond & Danville train, in which twenty persons were killed last September. AT Topeka, Kan.. Frank McLain, who has been on ' trial stvpral days charged with beating out the brains of his stepchild, an infunt, against a window Rill, has been convicted of murder in the first, degree. B'IRES AND CASUALTIES. Up CbllVA mcuwut^*** ...," P ~ c *, . , p iaan, offered an amendment providing roi Friday night sessions for tl'fi consideration of private pension bills. The rules were then adopted. Mr. Dickinson, of Kon- tucky, (iff--red a resolution inquiring as to whether congress has constitutional authority ; to appropriate money for the world's Columbian exposition, adopted. which waa "WITCHING" FOR WATER. AN electric car in Sb. Paul killed two little children. An Operation Til it ATtty be Soon Out West Oiico ill a While. "I see that you had something in your paper the other day about "water witches, said a gentleman to a New York Time3 Reporter. "Yes," said the reporter, "I believe that we did." Well do you know that I was entirely misled by the heading to the story that you printed? Until 1 read that story [ had never sean the term 'water witia'< applied to the undertow of a mountain stream. I eot the idea when 1 saw the headline that what followed had something to do with ono of those fellows who go about telling people where to dig wells. They are quite numerous out west, and are called'water witches.' I've seen lots of them." "How do they do it?" asked the reporter. "Let me tell you about one of them, and then yuu'll know. I'll pick out one whom I saw about ten years ago when I was out iu Ihe territory of D.ikotrt. I'd gone FIRE Saturday night at Woodstock, III., tbere to grow up w i cn tne coim try. caused damage to the extent of 8100,000. • ••• lottery act of the last congress prohibiting the mailing of newspapers containing lottery announcements. OPPONENTS of the anti-option bill spoke bnfqre the committee on agriculture in Washington Thursday, Mr. Aldrich represented the Chicago board of trade. PRESIDENT HARRISON, on Thursday srnt to the senate the name of Prank W. Okley of Madison, to be United States marshal for the western district of Wisconsin. THE United States supremo court Monday decided infavorof Boyd in the Nebraska governor case, reversing the judgment of the Nebraska court and ordering it to take further proceedings in conformity with the decision that Boyd is a citizen. FOREIGN. TEN miners are thought to have perished of cold iii Alaska. FIRE destroyed a half block of business houses at Pine Bluff, Ark., entailing a loss of 8150,000. v A BRITISH ship is wrecked off the coast of Washington state and twenty sailors are drowned. JOHN.UPLAND, ofMeadford, Ont., was killed at Gladstone, Mich., by a pile of coal falling on him. AN explosion of dynamite in a mine in Templeton, Ontario, Friday killed three men and injured several others. THE True Blue Marble company's mill at West Rutland, Vt., burned Saturday. It was one of the best equipped mills in the state. Loss, about $50,000; insurance, 821,000. AT a fii-9_ at Jeannette, Pa., Sunday night, an entire squ_Rre of business houses was destroyed, entailing a loss of $75,000. NEAR Paducah, Ky., a little girl tripped and tell into a brush fire, receiving fatal injuries. ANGELO DENARO and Rossoria Valastro THE czar intends to re-establish serfdom in Russia. L" " i THE new high tariff law in Franco went into effect Monday. POPE LEO is getting the opinion of cardinal as to whether his successor should be an Italian. THE Greek government intends to raise a loan ot seventy millions of francs at 5 per cent, to pay off railway coupons falling due. _ THE disturbances in Belboa, Spain continue. Women are aggressive partisans of the riotouH strikers. _AT Vienna the Schneiders, man and wife, con acted of murdering and robbing eight servant girls, ware sentenced to hang on the same gallows. THE Itadan government has adopted the commercial treaties with Austria and Germany by «, voto of 104 to 5. A proposal to reduce the wheat duty wa.s rejected. A PUBLIC hull at Ilfracombe, county of Devon, England, on which a number of men were at work, collapsed Friday of the men were kill ad and sev£ dangerously injured. THE tide in the Elbe is the highest since 1870. A hurricane from the southwest increases the flood and the suburbs of Hamburg are partly inundated. A DEFICIT of 2,800,000 marks has been discovered in ihb accounts of tho Hart- mann-fteichand company's worsted spinning mills at Ersten, says a London dispatch. A IIOAT containing a number of sailors ou the war-ship Belle Isle, capsizod in the Two seven were were found dead in bed Tuesday morning in Brooklyn, N. Y. They had been suffocated by escaping gas. IN West Virginia a.freight train plung- pd from a bridge into the Potomac., fifty feet below. One man was killed. ' AT Danlers, Mass., the ahoe factory of Joseph E. Farrar. occupied by C. G. Farwell & Co. and W. H. Burns, was burned almost to the ground Wednesday night. LOBS 8125,000. - CONGRESS. FRIDAY JAH. 22. HOUSE.—A long and profitless debate on the proposed rules was had. Baily (Tex,), the youngest member of the house j wnb came to Washington v>ith quite a reputation for oratory, then took the floor srid he fully justified his reputation. The greatest, attention wa>- paid to his remarks. Both houses have adjourned till Monday. MONDAY, FBB. I. SENATE —Among the documents presented was the (.econd annual report of tho commissioner of patents. The L.i Abra claim was taken up and after several amendments of minor detail the bill was passed ' ..... "1 settled in a paper town; that is to say, iii a town that ):ad beuu laid out on it map into streets, squares, and sites for churches, public schools, opera houses, and S100.UOO hotels. Two hundred dollars would have put up all tho buildings in the place. There wasn't a drop of water to be had in all the towii. The nearest well was at least half a mite away. "There were lots of big holes about the place tunt had been dug by tho thirsty people, but they were all waterless." ''We've gofc to do tuthin' right; away," said tho oldest inhabitant (ne'd been there six months, "I'm iu favor of hold- in, a mass meetia'." "I acquiesced, and the others who were spoken to were willing, and so the ma^s meeting was called. About twenty came —all there were—and I was made chairman of the meeting. There were remarks from several persona, and then up sot ti.e oldest inhabitant and moved that we hire a water witch. The motion was seconded, and_before i knew it I had declared ic carried. Then some body passed round the hat for money. Being the chairman of the meeting, 1 felt that I must chin liberally, and I did. I didn't know nor care what a water witch was. I proposed Committteu on Aarfienltnre Listens to Representatives of Boards of fradf. They Tell Why the Ponding' Bill Would Not Benefit the Farmer. harbor at Dublin, drowned. and four sailors were * * » The audacity of Senator Ehnunds in lecturing the supreme court on a point of aw recalls an. anecdote of Henry Clay, who once while arguing a case before that august tribunal, stopped in the middle of his speech, advanced to the bench and helped himself to a pinch of snuff out of Justice Washington's box. Thun as he returned to his place he remarked: "I see that your honor still sticks to th« Scotch." Clay was the only man of his THE 'thermometer registers from 30 to 40 _ degrees below zero in the famine stricken districts of Russia. This terribly severe weather adds intensely to the suffering. DURING the past few days there have been many large fires in S.intiiis-o, Chili, from which losses estimated ac §2,000.000 have resulted. Insurance agents believe ttiey were started by incendiaries. THE Westminster chanter will support the nomination of \I<jr. Gilbart as archbishop in succession to the late Cardinal Manning. The meeting Feb. 13 will forward the nomination to the Vatican. THE River Neth, an American bark, has gone ashore at Broadhaven Bay, on the west coast of Ireland. She was bound for Sligo. from Portland, Oregon. She is entirely covered at high water. THE will of the late Cardinal Manning was opened Thursdav. It shows that he posFCHsed less than £100 and a collection of books. This fact speaks louder than words in showing the benevolence of the cardinal. PRIME. FITZSIMM^NS, tho Pitteburg thief and murderer, hus committed suicide. W, A. McKKMiE, station agent at Wabbeseka, Ark., tvus ussaBiinated Tuesday night. A MANKATO, Minn., woman tells a strange story or beinfe compelled to j iiu a gautr ot n.baers, whom sutf betrayed to the authorities. SKVKN mail pouches were stolen from mail wugonn wlule ci-owrig oa the ferryboat from Now Yoru. to Hoboken Wednesday i-orniug. FIVK of the men who lynched Joe hhiHJg, at, Sbulbyville, Texas, are under arrest and are in danger of buiug 1 .inched. WILUUK FOLPOM, a traveling ealennan by a vote of 43 to 5. The bill directs suit to be brought in the United States courts of claims against the La Abra Silver Mining company and all persons making claim to paxt of the award to determine whether the award was obtained by fraud or effectuated by false swearing. A similar bill in relation to the Bnnjamin Well claim was also passed. HOUSE —Mr. Bushnell, of Wisconsin- introduced a resolution looking- to the ad, mission of Utah as a state, and providing tor an amendment to the constitution, 'to bo submitted to the several states, as follows: "Polygnmy shall never exist within thu United States or any place subject to their jurisdiction. Congress shall have power to make all needful laws for tbe enforcement of the artinle and the punishment of its violation." A lively dii-eussion was indulged in as to what should constitute a quorum, pending which the house adjourned. TUESDAY, Feb. 2. SENATE.—Several memorials were presented fnr closing, the Columbian exposition on Sunday. Mr. Palmer introduced a joint resolution to amend the constitution so as to have United S ates senators elected by the popular vote. S iaie diccus• sion was hau on the printing bill, bu- no nrial action was taken. On motion of Mr. feller tho house bill to dotfne and punish blackmailing was taken from tbe calendar andommicted t> the judiciary committee as it had been reported by mistake. HOUSE.—The rules came up again for consideration and Mr. Burrowa' amendment giving the speaker the right to counc a_quoruta was rejected. An amendment . to show my new friends that taey had made no mistake in sizing me up as a fit man to preside at one of their important meetings. Besides I hadn't had a bath for a week, and I felt scra'chy and despen.tD. . '•i'he second day after the meeting the water witch came to town— a grizzly bearded fellow, muffljd up iu whdt looked ( like a turlined duster, a blue woolon comforter tied about his neck, with the ends flapping in the wind. "He had a T-shaped piere of willow with him, tLo arms six im.hes long, the other part, say, eighteen ineaw long. _ 'Well, Mr. Liring,' said the oldest inhabitant, addressing me, 'what kind of a trade shall we make? The water witch offers to witch for us, and not guarantee, for 810. He'll guarantee for $5 extra.' " 'Guarantee!' I exclaimed. " 'Yes, guarantee us water. 1 " 'By all means let him guarantee,' I answered, rlecisiveiy. 'We need water so badly tbafc $5 isn't worth looking at.' '-The witch took his $15 and set himself o work. He graspod the T-shaped willow by the arms, an arm in each hand and_held it so that the long piece stu-k straight out in front ol: him. Tnen in the solemnest manner imaginable he . —~e, •..*,«... n O '/ci^au making tracks across the prairie. Whenever he went the crowd followed close at his heels. "Suddenly he stopped, and, turning to he oldest inhabitant, said mournfully 'traul I sha'n't find no water here.' . Keep on, old man,' 1 shoaled. 'Don't give it up.' "He rested awhile and then started out again. Suddenly his stick turned in his hand and pointed to the ground «/'• iP'f h i er n''i he Said> <aad ni guarantee you 11 find all the water you want ' ".'What'd I tell ye? 1 exclaimed the oldest inhabitant, exultinely. '"Tue next day the digging began." A>id what came of it? 1 ' asked a re porter. "Ajiole, eight feet in diameter and a hundred feet deep, aa dry as dust from top to bottom." "And what abou 1 ; the guarantor?" "He'd sloped when wo sent a, man'to call him to account," .fc- , , • * -- — «. *»M MHUWUULUaUl offered by Mr. Red, providing tnat whenever a quoium fails to vote on any question tbere shall be a call of the house and the yeas and nays ordered, was also rejected. WEDNESDAY, Feb. 3. SENATE. —A communication was read from the (iernun government asking the participation of tho Qnited Sratts in the international art exhibition to be held in Munich. TCB uniform divorce law was referred to the judiciary emu mil tee A senate bill was pwed creating a newju- uii'iul circuit in Utah. Vulueut' Time. Clirlstaln Bannar. Take your hands out of your pockets young man. You are losing time; Time is .valuable. People feel it attheothe WASIUNOTOH, Feb. 4.—The opponents of anti-option hud the floor to-day before the Committee ou Agriculture and Chicago and Minneapolis men told why the bill would not benefit the farmers and would hurt the men who arc engaged in the business of supplying the demand for grain. Mr. Aldrich <>f the Chicago Board of Trade suif.1 the boiird was heartily in favor of thu bill so far as it related to options as designed in the first section of the bill relating 1 to fictitious trades. This kind of trading- had always been illegal and never recognized, and the board had spent (i. great deal of money trying to procure the enforcement of the law of the Slate prohibiting- gambling contracts, lie admitted that there was, in sucha largo board as that at Chicago, considerable I r.-uling- of n kind that could not be upheld, if tho best members of the board could find a way by which such things as "Pardridyu has the market and is ;i great short seller' 1 could be made things of tho past they would gladly do so. Continuing, Mr. Aldrich said if the bill under consideration were passed it would be the most disastrous thing for the farmers that could happen and would deprive them of their system of exchanges. The consumers were 55 per cent, and the producers 45 per cent, of the population and unless the consumers were prosperous and got the grain .delivered without great cost the farmer could not be prosperous. It took a great deal of money to move the crops. The statement had been made yesterday that more money was up in the grain exchanges in margins than would be necessary to move all the farmers' crops. It took §138,000,000 constantly employed to carry farm products thrown upon the market. There was no such l • amount of money up in New York, St. Louis and Chicago, where nearly all the grain business was done. It would probably be an over-estimate to say that 85,000,000 was up in Chicag-o in margins at one time. Tho margin business was not, a growth of eight or ten years, as had been stated. It was no new thing twenty-two years ago, when he went into business. This closed the hearing. To-morrow the anti-optionists will have a hearing. Democratic Tariff Flans. WASHINGTON, Feb. 4.—It is said tha a well-defined plan of action has been agreed upon by those Democrats in Congress who are opposed to Mr. Springer's tariff policy by whioh it is hoped the Ways and Means committee can be embarrassed and compelled to report a sufficient number of tariff bills to make •the discussion of that subject a practical assault all along the line. Resolutions will be offered instructing this committee to report bills putting- various articles on the free° list. These resolutions, it is said, have been distributed, and within the next few days the House will be flooded with them, tho start to be made by a resolution Mr. Fithian has in his pocket instructing the committee to report a bill putting farming implements upon the free list. This resolution also cites the statement of Mr Farquhar, of York, Pa., a manufacturer of this class of goods, that farming' implements were made in this country and sold to jobbers for exportation at smaller prices than the same goods bring in this country. Mr. Fithian denies that there is any concert of action in thi s matter, but says that he will introduce such resolution in that direction as he thinks should he presented. Whether they will pass or not he is not prepared to say. The probable result will be referred to the Committe on Ways and Means and the committee will report in its own "—- " -"^ LAST Of THE OLENDALEj Marlon Heclspcth Captnrett it 1, Mlcli.—IDs Arrest nn Acctd ( JACKSON, Mieh., Feb. 4 ^ ftpo a man giving- his name as"] Beeby of Jaehsoit. Mich., dnk have been robbed at Nilcs. tion was made liore andit^au tained that Iteeby had never] heard of in Jackson. It now tin that tieeby is none other than 0. Hedspcth of Cooper count who is wanted for robbing the Fxpress company's messenger 0 St. Louis & San Francisco tral Qlendale of a larg-e amount ell rency and other property the Nov. 30,1801. Hcdspeth is n ous thief and hns been eng numerous burglaries in and Omaha, Kansas City, St. Josepif San Francisco. Editor nnd Lottery \f( n MILWAUKKE, Wis., Feb. 4,—i islana Lottery company won a In the United States court yes( ( Joseph Mueller, editor of the ] County Pioneer, was recently by the United States grand ju charge of publishing in his p; advertisement which reads as Card to tho public! While it is tr«"\« have been elected president of the I/> 1 State Ijottery company, vice M. A. D&4| deceased, I urn still president of tlio Gnu's Ice and Manufacturing company, nndalln">i for material, machinery, etc., as well fA? other business letters, should bo udilrsO* mo as before. ^"™ , P. O. Box , New Otli Mueller's case wns tried in tlicC States court yesterday. Gen. defended him and churned l „,„..., vertisemcut did not come undert^ scope of the lottery law. After hi minutes' deliberation the jury rotn a verdict of not guilty. GIGANTIC SWINDLE •t'mrlllvo Memphis Cotton lirnlcmll to Have Got Away \vllli 81,1)01)1(1 MEMPHIS, Tcnu., Feb. 4,— TlieU of Jones Bros., the cotton factors, BheTaf revealed n g-ig-jintie swindle, andjo&tr '( said the abscouders have got ;nvajjliwlll b more than i^'Here thathil Perjurer Polls I.iuidoil »t l,a,i/eyeSW<i DKS MOINES. Iowa, Feb. •I-}???',*' Supreme court bus refused to ink-iT«T ™j with the sentence of Oeor-ro \V fj, e g & ^ for perjury, nnd he will go to tin p' What tcntiary for three, years. Pol is \\i her fail of the numerous constables uhoedtoth years were so active in attein enforce the prohibition law iu i by any and all means. ,« j - ,. »--- -~~« »» ft.uuuoui.utjr end of the line, when death is near and eternity IB pressing them into such smal quarters, for the work of this life crav, hours davs, weeks, years. If those at thi end of the line of youth with its ahur.d ance of resources would only feel th*- nme was precious! Time is a quarrv livery hour may ba a nusjget of gold ' is time in wtoia invaluable moments w build onrbridgfes.Bpike the iron rails to th ! l ep l r !'> D S h ourrtip,, dfc our canal. Poison In Canned LONDON, Feb. 4. -The tests of canned fruits and fish, and other articles put TELEGRAPHIC BREVITIES — *tn Thursday, .Tune S, is the day fixed' He^a the dedication of the high water mnd in 1 monument at Gettysburg. 'or the i Charles Cook literally slashed E, Branbury to death with a knife £ Yorkshire. Ohio, after a quarrel. The next National Mining con ventKiltliOug will be held in Helena, Mont., July Wgree, Representation will be the same as leartsli the Denver convention, eceive The Council of Administration of trif m ' Michigan G. A. R. bus selected An£f°" Arbor as the place and April 19,20,a>pirhiin, 21 as the dates of the annual State e","I air cammnc.nt. he said A Columbus, Jnd., revival hasnett' VBut 500 repentnnts to date nnd is still rihen he: ning. lomethl The ice harvest's sudden ending ^CiEveiy Northwest left the houses but 4 er . L a , * ull> More til , A rice-mill trust has been fornidtnew tl New Orleans, its provisions to go i?ul wid< operation in forty-night hours. heircoi Emperor Francis Joseph of Au^w'Jfm' said to be reluctant to sign the- %i fl is tl warrants of Frank and Rosalie..sctoalr fac( der, recently convicted of niiu-ilerlone, Be and robbing eight servant eirlshecapt Vienna. • learted The big iron-beam trust formed i years ago and embracing- most, immense rolling-mills of the liiiht, W kt jw some of the West, has been diss.I Bother, ^Ho Ojl , Internal troubles is the cause The Milwaukee Mining- disposed of some property for The stockholders of the corpurair mostly Milwaukee aldermen. Engineer Hro<ran of Coving-ton betrayed Letter-Carrier Invent lip daughter. Last night CJrtiy kii i c up in tins which have been made by e l - 1 , To »t have plant ed twon y hills of poUtoei while I huv b-en talking to you, young man. Tak your handb out ot your pockets. pro HOUSES.— The new code of honso rules waa discussed at, length hut not 'tdopted , Feb. 4. ' bill *;.„„ u u j L 3 ' , i cooiuiiuud tuicidu a few davs at'o at ron- time who could dare to do such a tuiug, ton, Obio. He is /aid to have beJu a a» Lduauads iu of bis own day. J relative of Mrs. Grifte* Cleveland. '1 HUltSOAY, SKNATB—Mr. Brief introduced a n r t "!l'' r '' i: t'' OQ °t' a monument at Pui-m- u>iy, Omo, to (vimuiomora'e the linitln of L .ki- Erie iu 1812. Mr. Ptffer (ff rt ,ed a )evolution, wliuu wan aarrfu to, 18' ou da, read. ." i -"••"-••*• »'f W*M(* on ot tho late S-na-or Plumb lo Dead Sen Fruit*. •Ujr multitudes when they u* dnct of neglect ot incipient dlae»ee A cola,. ni of Indigestion, Uiliouaue,. or eon«Up» tloa tub or vtj of tueue "minor aiimeuu" «d v»uc« In m»ny c*sea wl th "tongue ae»troyin K Blrldei. Glre them » »wi(t, e »rly defeat with i to the was taken up and Hou8K-Tho BpnMojoiot resolution ., ,_.._,„.,.. t ,, „„ it-pumvjun au- thon?iag Hie secretary uf the treasury to Sin wuvtr one thing ant irii4 color. It > . , anothi 1 iruit aeenied plead tbe local government board have resulted in a report of very serious in> port. Milk alone, of all the substances thus preserved, is found to be free from poison. In all other from half a grain to five grains of chloride of tin has been found in the pound. The board is now considering what steps to take to protect the people. They Are Dlstlnot Organizations. TOPIJKA, Kan., tfeb 4.—The official organ of the Farmers' Alliance in this btate, published by the executive committee of the order, this week contains some statements authorized by committee showing- " Colgate Baker, a wealthy tea tu ad at Yokohama, has Hod the leaving many unpaid bills. Ainerictm. The First National bank of N. M., has closed its doors. The lijreatjy ces of the institution are in bad i f« American trunk lines will trai free of chiirg-a all donations starving Russian peasants. t > the executive ™ m ,P »nd the Alliance. The two organic tjons are, the committee tirely separate, the states, en A TJili-ty-SU-Your GUAND RAI-IDS W. Newburg-, a was yesterday 3—Fred noted colored crook sentenced by j ±' T» l • ** -"••*"v..i*v,v;ii U V ,1 1 Biiltopuue to tl,l«j,. s u „,„,.,' £' ttcrri:^"s lt " wteS cind in the history of the Judge John Bitter of the Ol is (Ky.) oank was short $.-25,000. Ifu grace hus made him a raving nuiiu A company of Sioux infiiutiy been taken to the fort at Salt la Tj Utah, to be educated in English £W) military tactics. " 3 ou i So much raugling i s ffo i ng . ou IUB te the members of the New Yorlc OfvleJ Monument fund that dissolution bcww' imminent. j^y,' Two big guns of the Saginuw(MJ bar, Mr. Tar.sney and Capt. Traslc, ( into a quarrel in court and came i* annihilating each other. CJov. Thuyer of Nebraska wills! tempt to save himself from beiiyft moved from the administrative chair! appealing to the State Snui-oma New York leyLsiators have . asked to pass a bill prohibiting- the ploymcnt of bur maids by s.U They are driving mun out of the, it is claimed. Winnipeg- people are all wet stiff, high collars', and keeping 1 eyes open fpr -sumo miscreant wl following- in the footsteps of : York's "Jack the Ripper." A bill aimed to break up tho S< i'ust has been introduced i» tlw 1 Jersey legislature. All the State n,nd Federal forces for

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