The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 29, 1893 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 29, 1893
Page 5
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THE OTPER DEB MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 29, 1893. EAiLWAf TIME OABDS. « t Chicago, Milwaukee A St. Pant Railway. , tOCAl, TRAIN EAST. Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, and 1 Minneapolis trains— „,, „.. 1 Ko'SdlSartsat 9:30pm t TRAINS WEST. . 1 Through passenger— No. 3 at i'.iUSS E No. I dally, except Sunday. 1 No. 4 dally, except Saturday. 1 Chicago A Northwestern Railway. Mixed 11 ".. 8:i8a m Pas°s Uth r... 2:33pm ' Siti 3:31 t>m Mixed 0:07pm freight! .'.V.'. 10 :00 a m Freight . . . . 10 :00 a m Pass, arrives at Chicago at 7 a m; arrives at Des Moines-at 8 :15 p m, Lv. Des M. 2 :30 a m THE CITY. Next Sunday is Easter. See Stough's special offer. Langdon & Hudson have anew advertisement. The frame is up for the Herman house already. Geo. Johnson is down from Minneapolis on business. Art. Barr is helping B. P. Grose in the clerk's office. John Goeders makes a spring announcement this week. The latest arrival is a girl at Charlie Winkle's this morning. Spring is here at last. The robins are plenty, and wild game abounds. C. B. Matson lost a pocketbook on the street with $20 in it Saturday. , ( Sections 16-09, 29, and 16—100, 28, of school lands, will be sold by the auditor May 8. S. S. Sessions was down town Monday for the first time. He goes on crutches. Thirty would-be teachers ran the guantlet again Friday and Saturday. It is not known how they came out. The Baptist society will meet with Mrs. 'P. C. Bailey Friday afternoon. Supper at six. A cordial invitation to all. E. H. Beardsley is the new station agent at LuVorne, having been promoted from Thor. He will bo a good man. G. W. Cady is taking a layoff of a couple of weeks. The Marshalltown orchestra begins playing again after Easter. Geo. E. Clarke added a handsome revolving bookcase to his office last week, and J. W. Sullivan has lately secured a new safe. Word comes from West Bend that Mrs. Wright is getting gradually better, and that the amputation of her foot is resulting well. F. W. Dingley is putting his own shelves and fittings into his new store room, and is getting them in natural oak. He will have a very handsome room. Fred Foster has bought a half interest in Carl's barber shop in the Galbraith basement, and has given up his Thorington street shop. The new firm is a good one. Marriage licenses have been issued to E. J. Hofer and Hannah Keller, Wm. Mayland and Johanna Bruns, W. M. Nelson and Eva Green, S. O. Oaland and Malene N. Boe. Walter Fraser is home from attending medical college at St. Louis, and now bears the title of M. D. He graduated last week. We have not learned where he will locate. Dr. Pride lost a very valuable colt last week. It was bred from Storm, the Mason City pacer, the service fee being $100. It was born dead and the doctor is out about $200. Gardner Cowles is off at Des Moines and Burlington this week. It is understood that he will begin on a double front brick block next to the New England store as soon as spring opens. The opera house company ordered a new upright piano last week and expect to have it in place this week. It will be in in any event in time for the high school contest next week Friday evening. A week from Saturday the Algona Grange expect to have a debate on the road question. They have invited C. C. Chubb, A. B. Sheldon and others to talk and an interesting session is promised. A new roof is being put on the Thorington house. Those who have liens on the building are protecting their interests. Someone ought te get possession of the building and do something with it, Miss Kate Smith, whose skill with the violin is a credit to Algona, is now the possessor of a very fine new instrument. It was selected in Chicago, and is as 'good as any made, but the old and •very expensive Italian makes. F. W. Dingley was trimming some of his new wall paper samples on out paper cutler Monday. If our readers want to see something new and handsome it will pay them to heed his advertisement and visit his store. Letters remain uncalled for in the Algona postofflce for Chas. Emanuel, T. N. Cross, Ludwig Hofstader, Lucian P. Mayer. Mrs. Carrie MacAllister Auders Christian Nelson, Miss Flora Roop, Elon Smith, Thos. J. Peterson. M. B. Chapin sold his home last week to County Attorney Raymond foi $1,850. This is the old Birge place entirely rebuilt and refitted by Mr Chapin, and is a fine home. Mr. Bay jnondand his family will occupy il soon. W. B. Platt, who owns land in Plun Creek, and who went to Halsey, Ore. writes to Treasurer Lantry to pay hi taxes and adds in his letter: tl llik< this country very well to live in, but i is no country for a poor man, I shal be back there in the fall." Seats for " Luoretia Borgia" Friday evening will be on sale at Dingley' drug store tomorrow morning at o'clock. As the sale comes so shortl' before the play those who desire choice will do well to be on hand Prices 75, 50, and 25 cents. Arrangements have been made fo keeping the reading room open evefy Saturday from JO o'clock in the mornini tlU IP iaJhe evening. • This ia a pleai ant nHs^fet anyone to drop in wr pend an hour or two and look over the s iifferent books and periodicals and get s he news. Books are rented out two a peeks for five cents. 1 M. B. Dalton, who is a firm believer j h the Hick's weather prophecies, hands is a paper with the predictions for \pril. Hicks evidently don't believe ; we shall have much warm weather 1 hat month, and picks out 15 days for i storms, or storm periods as he calls '. ;hem. i L. C. Murphy and his family have re- ' ,urned to Jessup where they lived be- ore coming here. Mr. Nyman and arnily, who have bought the farm, are n possession, They come very highly recommended and are a welcome addi* iton, although we regret to lose Mr. Vturphy. The board of school directors at their meeting last Thursday elected Miss Belle Tweed of Des Moines to fill the va- sancy caused by Miss Edith Call's resignation. Miss Tweed has the highest recommendations and will undoubtedly jrove a very desirable addition to the present corps of teachers. We learn that Mr. Lang, whose faml- .y have been residents of Algona for several years, has quit the road and located in Chicago in business, where they will all go. The house they leave vacant will be occupied by M. B. Chapin and family. All who have become acquainted will regret that Mr. Lang and his family are to leave us. The "ball social" was a great success last evening. D. A. Haggard auctioned off balls of carpet rags at from five cents to $3 each. Tn each one was some article which had been contributed by our town merchants, some of them very valuable. The proceeds go to relieve the needs of poor people the relief corps cannot attend to under their rules. Last fall ayoungman named Wheeler drove into one of the ditches on Thorington street which had been dug for the water mains. Ho was injured and his team also. He now has a claim against the city for damages in the hands of W. B. Quarton. The council has instructed Mr. Joslyn to look the matter up and do what the city's interests require. Mrs. Dr. Everett gave four lectures to the ladies on health the past week. Some regard them as very valuable, and some think she is like all people advocating reforms— something of a hobbyist. If her views are accepted the bean will be the proper thing to begin to cultivate, for she approves of the old army song which runs, " Beans for breakfast, beans for dinner, beans for supper, beans, beans, beans." Mrs. Everett's advocacy of beans as a steady diet recalls the visit of John Adamsori, the lately deceased Scotch owner of Blairgowrie, to our county fair. The distinguished visitor after making the rounds was brought to the tent where the ladies were serving dinner and seated for a western meal. After finding out thnt a bottle of ale was out of the question he was asked if he would have beans, and replied " beans! what are beans?" Mr. and Mrs. O. Beaves, who have spent the past four months visiting at Stuart, were called home suddenly yesterday by a telegram announcing the illness of Mrs. Beaves' mother. They arrived at 8 o'clock but death came at 7:30. Her mother was also Henry Patterson's mother, and has always made her home with him. She was past 83, and not in good health. The funeral will be held tomorrow at the house. Algona has a " kid" brass band which is on the road to fame. They went out to the P. Kain school house one evening last week and gave a concert to a good audience, and had a big time until the vehicle rolled over with them on the way home in a puddle of water. After that some of them were for retiring from the stage, but we hope they will remember their name. It is "Bravura," and if that means anything it means not being discouraged by one ducking. Geo. W. Skinner, who was out in Montana with Sheriff Graham to hunt up the absconding Schermerhorn, returned last week. They found their man in Idaho, and at first he swore he never knew them. But when he saw they were taking him back he gave in and paid all the claims he owed. Sheriff Graham has not been seen, but he will not bring Schermerhorn for trial. In such case the state and county should be to no expense. If there are to be any criminal costs, the persons indicted should be brought to punishment. An important business deal has taken place by which C. E. Heise becomes owner of the postofflce building. The trade was made last week the consideration being $6,000. Thia is a good price and shows how available city property is rated in Algona this spring. We understand that Mr. Heise intends to build some rooms behind his block now, fronting on Dodge street, as John Goeders did two years ago. This will insure a "healthy growth" to Dodge street along with Algona's other leading thoroughfares. The high school declamatory contest has been set for next week Friday evening at the opera house. The following students will contest: Maggie Haggard, Maud Cowan, Belle Tellier, Alma Ramsay, Olive Salisbury, and Claire Gilbert. A programme including music and some calesthenio exercises will be given and an admission fee wil be charged to defray the expenses of the house, and of sending our repre sentative to Grinnell. The speakers are well known and every seat shouU be taken. A full programme will b« published next week, s Frank Hod rick did himself a good turn out at Sexton lately. He is post . master there and was arranging to be t come express agent also. The expres company wanting an impartial opinior of his qualifications wrote to the post master and Frank filled out severa ' pages with what he knew about him self. He got the express business with 1 out further questian and is now depo i agent, expressman, postmaster anc lord high executioner in general. Ant in all capacities he is an efficient and f valuable man. I One of the readers of THE UPPEJ : DES MOINES asks us to give the jani ' tors a raking over for not ventilating 1 the churches and public buildings peo 1 pie gather in. The complaint is wel founded. We were in an "Algoni p church within a few weeks which wa / packed full, and there wus not an open jr ing of any kind for fresh air to come ii - at or bad air to escape. There is nt 1 excuse for mistreating the public b; uch neglect. Ventilation is easy to ecure, is gratifying to the public, and L great aid to spirituality, it is cer- ainlyagreat outrage to prevent an ] owa audience from having all the resh air it wants in March. ( One of the very best programmes -et given by the Social Union club en- ertatned a large audience Friday even- J ng in spite of the unpleasant weather. Vlr. Smith's interesting paper on birds ve give elsewhere. Mr. Starr's paper i m Hawaii was equally interesting, i while Miss Edith Clarke's recitation 1 was exceptionally fine. The best pro- essional readers could not have put , iiore expression into the various try- , ng parts of the selection. The nor- nal school quartette, Prof, and Will ^ Dhaffee, Geo. Hamilton and Alfred Dhapin, were encored, as were also Misses Maud and Kate Smith after their duet. No better evening's entertainments are given anywhere than these club meetings by our own citizens. Two new comers named Butterfield ^nd young Baimer, who lives north of Milwaukee track, joined to make a dis- Drderly row in the billiard hall by the T/enmnt house last Thursday and in consequence were taken before 'Squire Clarke. It appeared that one of the Butterfields began the fight over the settlement of a game of pool, the other one assisting, the result being some considerable bruises on Baimer's face. 'Squire Clarke fined each of the men $5 and costs which made it about $8 _ to each man. In rendering the decision tie took occasion to remark that the law provides a penalty for the keeper of such houses, and that if an information were filed he would see that it is enforced. Geo. E. Clarke was at Forest City last week defending O. W. McMurray in a suit against him in which a local hardware firm claimed several hundred dollars as still due from him. He claimed that his account was much smaller and offered to pay it, and made the tender in court. The matter was heard by Mr. Bipley, as referee, and his report showed Mr. McMurray's indebtedness to be some $40 less than he had offered to pay, which threw the costs on the Forest City firm. Dave Mitchell and J. W. Bobinson's tinner went up as witnesses in the case. Mr. Clarke thinks there will be no appeal as the evidence was not preserved. THE UPPER DES MOINES renews its suggestion that Ernest Laage's oak carved chair should be added to Iowa's world's fair exhibit, and is moved to do so by this item: " Dunlap is making a cha'r of native oak to be on exhibition at the world's fair. It will be artistically designed and a marvel of beauty, and the thousands from Iowa who will gaze upon it will see inscribed upon it in bold letters, "Dunlap." This will be the product of the Ladies' World's Fair club that was organized some time since, and the chair is sup- possed to cost about. $200." Dunlap won't have anything to beat Mr. Laage's work, and our Columbian society should see that Algona is in the race. Pinafore, the first and best of the great comic operas, is being gotten up partly by home talent, and will be given in the opera house in about three weeks. Miss Grace B. Wilson has the matter in charge and with her little sister, Josephine, is actively at work. She has special scenery for its production and will furnish a few of the leading parts in the performance. Our local singers are being secured, and probably as entertaining an opara as will ever be given in Algona is in store for the public. The ladies of the Episcopalian society have the matter in charge and have secured Miss Wilson, who is a very fine singer. Full announcements will be made soon. Suit has been begun this week to recover damages for the injuries to Mrs. J. A. Graham in the Chicago railway wreck. The company has refused to settle, and $15,000 is claimed. The suit is brought in Kossuth county and Mr. Clarke has garnished all the railway companies in the state. The company whose neglect caused the trouble has no line in th.e state, and they have relied on the necessity of the case being tried in Chicago. But as railway companies have a regular system of doing business for each other and making settlements the Iowa companies have various sums due this road. By attaching these, Mr. Clarke gets the case in the Iowa courts. It will be heard in May. Dr. Sheetz gives us a paper from Freeport, 111., from which we clip the following notice of Miss Cortland: "All lovers of good acting and high-class plays were afforded and unusual opportunity to gratify their tastes at Germania opera house last night, when Miss Van Cortland made her first appearance before a Freeport audience in the role of Victor Hugo's tragedy, Lucretia Borgia. Her work gave evidence of a thorough conception of the character, much careful study of the little details so necessary to a finished performance, and in the more exciting scenes she rose to a point of eloquence that fairly electrified her auditors. In voice and bearing she is ideal, and in the display of passion and pathos always skillful." A few samples of the new Columbiar stamped envelopes have been seen bul Postmaster Starr has not yet received any. The design is perfectly round, and about the size of a half dollar, Al the top of the figure there is the smal! . shield which appears on the great i shield of the government, and on opposite sides of this are two dates, one bei ing the date of the Columbian celebra tion and the other the date of the dis covery of America. Below this there are two spheres representing the twc • continents. On the western hemisphere • there is seen the face of Columbus, am 3 on the eastern hemisphere the face o 1 Queen Isabella of Spain, who sold hei ' jewels in order to raise funds to carrj 1 on the expedition of Columbus. Below • this our emblematic bird, the eagle " appears as it does on the governmen \ seal. Surrounding the stamp is the in scription: " United States of America ' Postage 2 cents." To BENT— Half section of grass law 1 th A nni»tV» half nf 25 flS SO tnouir - of S. S. Potter.— 1 j SEED corn for sale at the Wigwam. \ I HAVE the finest assortment of men' . fine shoes in town. F. S. Stough. i ".•••** 3 WANTEP— A girl for housework. IP r quire at Skinner Bros,' PEKSOHAli MOVEMENTS. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. E. Clarke go to Minneapolis this week. Miss Ada Smith is spending her pring vacation at home. Mrs. Graver of Mankflto, Minn., visit- d her cousin, Mrs. M. F. Bandall, last veek. W. H. Nycum is back from his win- er's visit at the old home in Pennsylvania. He returned yesterday, in good lealth. Mrs. Winton and daughter, Belle, ire out from Chicago visiting Mrs. J. I. Wilson. Frank E. Smith was out in Dakota ast week looking after lands the firm DWIIS there. N. J. Skinner was off to Des Moines, Port Dodge, and other points last week 3ft business. W. L. Joslyn has returned from his Kansas trip. He says they have a very mndsome country to look at where he was. Mrs. Mary Carter returned from El- jador Friday and will again make Al- 2Tona her home. Many friends welcome her. C. M. Doxsee went to Bolfe Saturday taking some of the young folks of his and C. J. Doxsee's families for a Sunday visit. C. C. St. Glair spent Sunday at Buth- ven, where a party of Marshalltown friends are awaiting the game going north. The Eagle Grove Times says: " Miss Maggie Winkel of Algona was a guest of the Misses Hockart Thursday night. She was on her way to Galva, Iowa." Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Chrlschilles arrived yesterday from the south. They have had a pleasant winter and left Mr. and Mrs. Dorland in good health. Goo. C. Call will follow them next week. F. M. Bronson goes soon to Watertown, S. D., where his brother^ is in business and will join him there. He has been in Algona many years, but has an opening there he cannot afford to miss. Jas. Taylor started lust week for the west and will try to dispose of the rheumatism while gone. He will visit California if necessary. He has been having a bad winter between office seekers and physical ailments. W. H. Hubbard of Canton, S. D., is visiting J. B. Thornton. The two went into Dakota together in an early day, Mr. Thornton entering Sioux City on the first train which ever ran there. They enjoy recalling the events of their pioneering together. EgKB for Sotting. Don't forget to call and get a setting of those fine Brown Leghorn eggs of John C. Patterson.— It4 OBR & PATTERSON make very low prices on painting, paper banging, and Miss McCALL has been in Chicago for some days purchasing new millinery goods, and the firm of Matson & McCall will soon be able to show one of the finest lines of spring millinery ever put on the market in this city. Don't fail to call on them, and see what they have in the newest and latest styles. SEED corn for sale at the Wigwam. FARM loans, 7 per ct., Skinner Bros. WANTED— A good horse shoer— an all-around man. Will pay $2 a day. J. St. John, Algona, QUEEN syrup, " a fine sugar syrup," at Langdon & Hudson's. — It2 A j t e IA FOR bALE — A good organ for $4U. Inquire of Fred. Bronson. TOWN property loans. Skinner Bros. FRUITS of all kinds at Langdon & Hudson's.— It2 THINK! Do you keep your insurance policies, contracts, and other valuable papers in a safe place? Examine the private deposit vault of the Algona State bank.-51 M. J. KENEFICK, M. D. Office over Jas. Taylor's store. IF you like nice candy, call at the Opera House grocery. FISH— Salt, pickled, and spiced, at Langdon & Hudson's. — It2 LOOK at F. S. Stough's special sale of children's shoes. TOWN property loans. Skinner Bros. BRING in your faded hats and have them colored at the weaving and dye works. W. T. Cunningham.— 52 FARM loans, 7 per ct., Skinner Bros THE best neatfoot oil for 75c a gallon at F. S. Stough's. CALL and look over our stock of la dies' low shoes. F. S. Stough. SEED corn for sale at the Wigwam. OTHER coffees have advanced ir > price, but the best coffee ever sold ir > Algona for 25 cents remains the same a i the Opera House grocery. ** • TOWN property loans. Skinner Bros ' SOME excellent office rooms are fo rent in Wm. K. Ferguson's building: cheap. * TOWN property loans. Skinner Bros FOB real estate time loans at the ver lowest rates, make inquiry at the Kos * suth County bank. ff * House and Lot for Sale. Good residence on corner lot, Q Thorington street, for sale cheap fg cash.-52t2 JOHN C. PATTERS^, x Do NOT miss our great sfti^^S commencing Saturday, ?-MJBSHffi! r 1 Good shoes (or only f } j^a^Smmmm Galbraitli & Co. '^•fiBHB|fff n mm r c MB c: c mm c tarn 4 C 3 r r M 4 r ( ( ( c ( > tr- 1 t— ' •> m 'Ti j^^jj n r MM ^.^ ^ > n 3 3 n n 0 D n a 0 u i s ° ? > r - c 5 E £ * 3 "} D c ^ r •^ c 'A • **• i •c d t f \ J I J 1 • < > D ) T D D H ) mm mm 3 > ***» n c mm D D MMl •) n 0 i 3 ^ • ' 5 O '. Oq S" OTQ 1— -> .'•••• 1* °^ L S" 1 " • 'C"D *^^*t*^+*s+~r**s**S**^-^^~s*~^~^*~*S^~*~'*~^^ lossuth County Bank -AJIjS-OlT.A., ZO w -A-- APITAL $50,000 Incorporated under general laws of Iowa. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and omestlc exchange bought and sold. Collec- ons made promptly, and a general banking uslness transacted. Passage tickets to or fom the old countries sold at lowest rates. VM H 1NHHAM President . B. JONES Vice President jEWIS H. SMITH Cashier Directors— Win. H. Ingham, John O. Smith, . B. Jones, T. ChrlschilTos, Lewis H. Smith, J. V. Wadsworth, Barnet Devlne. [lie First National Bank ^5^^ ^u*TTrt ( 3'^^^*L/^L, TEC*^?\T*w-4^w« CAPITAL $50,000 Special attention given to collections. \MBKOSE A. CAl.iL President D. H. HUTCIUNS , Vice President WM. K. FKHHUSON Cashier Directors—!). H. Hutohlns, S. A. Ferguson, ?hillp Dorwellm 1 , W. V. Carter, Ambrose A. Call, R. H. Spencer, Wm. K. Ferguson. Money always on hand to loan at reasonable rates to parties furnishing first-class security. CASH CAPITAL, $50,000. ALdOlfA, IOWA. Officers and Directors— A. D. Clarke, President, C. O. Chubb, Vice Prcst., Chas. C. St. Glair, Cashier, Goo. L. Galbralth, W. C. Tyrrell, Myron Schenck, Thos. F. Cooke. General Banking. PRIVATE SAFETY DEPOSIT VAULTS, State Bank of Bancroft AUTHORIZED CAPITAL 8100000 Incorporated under general laws of Iowa. Transacts a general banking business. Money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold, collections a specialty. Real estate loans procured and Insurance furnished. Notes purchased. Large list of wild lands and Improved farms for sale and rent. S T MESEUVEV .... President R. N. BIIUER ..Vice President CHAS R JIOREHOUSK Cashier Directors— G. S. Rtngland, S. T. Mesorvey, R. N. Bruer, J. B. Johnson, 0. Korshmd. PROFESSIONAL. GEO. E. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona, la. W. B. QUARTON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Over Kossuth County bank, Algona, Iowa. E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Opera House block. W. C. DANSON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Loans and collections. Over Durdall & Co. 'a. S. S. SESSIONS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Prompt collections. Money to loan on chattel security. Over Chrlschilles' store. L. K. GARFIELD, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office, State at., one door east of Cordmgley. Residence, McGregor st., east of the public school building. H. C. McCOY, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Special attention to city practice. ju@mf*ji& PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Algona, Iowa. J. M. PRIDE, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office over Jno. Goeders' store, on State street, Algoua, Iowa. T. J. FELLING, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Consultation in English and German. Office and residence over H. Goetsch's store, Whittemore, Iowa. E. S. GLASIER, D. D. S., SURGEON DENTIST, Office over the State Bank, Algona, Iowa. DR. L. A. SHEETZ, Drugs and Medicines. Full assortment always on hand of drugs, med- clues, and pure liquors for medicinal purposes only. Bootes aaad. Stationary. DO YOU WANT AN AUCTIONEER? AUCTIONEER, Will cry city and farm property, make collections, etc. All business of a private nature strictly confidential. Office with F. M. Taylor, over Howard's. F. M, BRONSON, .Wgjjbes and Jewelry, ^JH^^Tffigll^wS^^TOflmuM^^mW^m MmMBPlMmlSffiaBwmiiHiilMliM' iHBIHIPptljMBBi^t^tMnJBBBBillilBBMMMB^llMlBISi

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