The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 3, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 3, 1892
Page 7
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'-'-"-"" • • •' • " {i v? ( -"', .^ "--"r >?"-'"'•' ^'"- -;,'" j *'- TttE tJPP|lE DKS MOINE^, AMOMA V IOWA, WEDNESDAY, FJEBBUA&Y 3,1892. v i n I'B y live—rd* co'plexion kirns L' blood—what's dis he—*— ,'ful complexion guaranteed if d' I am pttfel Befo' d' Lo'd dat lalvation fo' Aunt Sophy." II we claim for it is an unequaled icdy to purify the blood and in- irate the liver. All the year round ; can depend on Dr. Pierce's Medical Discovery in all f JB of blood-taints or humors, no litter what their name or nature) Dili's the cheapest blood-purifier through druggists. No matter „,,_,_,..' many doses of other medicines |pfp>ffered for a dollar. yj$jjjphy f Because it's sold on a 'jjpeo^liar plan, and you only pay for J *|'|rooef you got. £jian you ask more ? Iden Medical Discovery " is a ||fcentrated vegetable extract, put pin large bottles; contains no al- lIllP^ t0 lne ^F' ate > no syrup or sugar ||c|aerange digestion ; is pleasant to |ffl# taste, and equally good for liaults or children. , WF ,., ( "Discovery" cures all Skin ||ff|otions, and kindred ailments. „ iThis GREAT COUGH CURE, thl» success^^CONSUMPTION CURE i* sold by drug. |ffists on a positive guarantee, a test that no other tCtirt can stand successfully. If you have a, kCOUGH, HOARSENESS or LA GRIPPE, it Swill cure you promptly. If your child has tho IfCROUP or WHOOPING COUGH, use it ^iuickly and relief is sure. If you fear CON- i UMPTION.don'twaituntflyourcaseis'hope. |j ejsjj, but take this Cure at once and receive fmnihediate help. Price sbc and Si.oo, jfAffc.your druggist for SHILOH'S CURE. "'"' fkyour lungs are sore or back lame, use Porous Plasters. AND WACKAT. If fortune with n smiling face Strew roses on onr way, When shall we stoop to pick them npf To-dny, my love to-day. But should she frown with face of care, And talk i f coming sorrow, f When shall we grieve—If grieve we must? \ To-morrow, love, to-morrow. • If those,who wronged us own their faults, And kindly pity, pray When shall we listen and forgive? To-day, my I ove, to-day. But if stern jn.-IIce urge rebuke, And warmth from memory borrow, When shall we ehide-If chide we dare? To-morrow, love, to-morrow. If those to whom we owe a debt Are harmed unless we pavi When shall we utruuijle to be just? '/ To-day, my lo e ( to-day, But it onr debtor tail our Hope, And plead his ruin thoronph, When shall we weigh his breach of faith? To-morrow, lovdi to-morrow. ,' . •• /. If love, estrangled should ouce again Ills genial smile displav, I When shall we kistt his proffered lips? To-day, my IOVK to-day. But if he would Indulge regret, Or dwell with bj'gone sorrow, When shall we weep—If weep we must? To-morrow, love, to-morrow. For virtuous acts and harmless joys The militates will not stay; We've always time io welcome them To-day, my love, to-dny. But cure, resentment, angry words, And unavailing sorrow, Come far too soon If thej appear To-morrow, IOVP, Id-morrow. HIS GOOD ANUKL,. The solitary figure of a tramp, a8 he plodded along the railroad track muttering to himself, was not an unusual sight-, even late at night, but a bad one, nevertheless, I'm almost starved— mighty glad when I strike the next station. Hope the operator wiil give me a warm welcome and part of his lunch. Heljo! tbore is a signal lamp now. , Didn't think I was so close to an office as. that." _ On he plodded till he reached the sta- ion. Looking in at the window he saw a young womin sitting at the table reading. Heavens! she'll be scared to death of the method and results when of Figs is taken; it is pleasant flul refreshing to the taste, and acts tlyyet promptly on the Kidneys, er and Bowels, cleanses the >y»effectually, dispels colds, head- and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figa ii the lfly remedy or ita kind ever pro- oed, pleasing to the taste and ac- ;Mptable to the stomach, prompt kt |p| action and truly beneficial in its ts, prepared only from the most thy and agreeable substances, Ue excellent qualities commend it and have made it the most remedy known. of Figs is for sale in 60o, bottles by all leading drug-" Any reliable druggist who not have it on hand will pro- it promptly for any one who to try it. Do not accept any ;ute. • '•' '• •'' • " • • FIG SYRUP CO, SAN FHANOISCO, OAL. KY. NEW YOKK. H.Y. Sia UEHRY TiionraoN, tiie most noted physician of Eng. land, says tbat more than half of all diseases come from errors iu diet. Send for Free Sample of Garlleld Tea to 319 West 45th Street, New York City. . _. . -- • — - — - fat »>»d eutiiig;cur«H Sick Ileuiluclte; •_ JMorpljIiio Hublt Oured In 10 lo *" rt«y«. No imj- till «ured, OR. J. STEPHENS. Ubaion.OhS; lEITfOR EVERY |F>8. JPUH. UNION. 16-5. he cried, with something like despair n his voice. "Must i go on until I strike another office? There may not be one wilhin fifteen miles." • At that moment the y_oung girl — she was scarcely eighteen — raised her eyes; and saw the haggard countenance at the window. The kind expression of her ace gave him the courage to try the door. "Locked, of course," he muttered. "But iere' she come?. Now I'll catch it — the K>kf>r, I mean." Meanwhile the girl had opened the loor. "Yes, 'you may come in an,d get warm," te responded to his request, "but then ou must go." "Well, that's the first kind word I've uid spoken to me for months, " thought he cold, hungry man. The girl brightened the fire, then went n reading. Her coffee can was on the tove, and how tempting to him was the avory odor which it emitted. He eyed it for some time in silence, .olding out his blue hands to the grateful >low of the fire. Then a sudden thought [rack him. •. •'I wonder if she would see me if ] took drink of it? But no," he added, deter- linedly, "1 have some manhood about me yet; I haven't fallen quite so lew as D_steal a lady's lunch. Here, miss," he lid aloud, "your coffee is boiling over." "Thank you. I'll take it off, or — would oulike to drink it?" "No, thank you, I've had my supper — ix months ago." to himself. "But you are cold. I am not feeling ery well to-night and can not eat any- Here is my lunch basket; you are perfectly welcome to what there is in it." She extended it toward him with a pathetic little smile that touched his heart. _"You say you are sick?" he asked kindly. "Yes, I've been trying to get off for the past week, but they are short of men just now, and unable to seure any one to relieve me. The low, weary voice sent a thrill of pain fnrough him. "It's too bad you can't go home and rest ah wile," 'he said sympathetically. "I have no home." She had closed the book now and laid it onherdei-k. There was silence for a few minutes while the man ate 1 ho lunch and drank tho steaming coffee, all the while kepping hiH ey»s fixed upon her face. The goldc'ii hair was like a halo around it; from out the yiolet eyes shown the truth, tenderness and purity of a loving soul; the mouth had a sweet, pathetic droop; the dulioatp, graceful curves of the head and neck, tiie slender figure, instmat with grace and refinement, made a picture that wns seldom equalled. For the first time in many yeara a terrible sense of remorse for the wasted years of life came over him. He telt at that moment as if he could have knelt at her feet and kissed the hem of her gown: she seemed so fair and sweet and far above him that he wished he had been a better man. Presently she spoke. "Have >ou a mother and a father?" "Yes, and good ones top." He Beeined strangely agitated, and she looked at him a little curiously. "Oh, if I only had either! I am all alone in thn world— all alone in the world!" She repeated the words like a sad refrain. "No one knows what it is to be all alone unless they . have experi- encf-d it, When I fall ill the hospital or a gloomy hotel is the only shelter I havn." He thought thfre were tears in her eyes, but she turned her head so quickly that he was not certain. And this delicate girl was working for her daily bread, and he, a strong, healthy man, with father, mother, and a pood home, ate hnr l>rpad like a do^! The thought was maddening. figure, standing fully six feet two inches above her, and sjtraight as an arrow. Da- spite years of wandering an'd the visible traces of dissipation there still lingered about him a military air and the evidence of better- days. His he'avy iron grey moustache and bron/ed features, associat ed with his e:^sy bearing .and raven locks all pointed to a creditable past and aristocratic an ecedents. *' He began almost to wish ho had not told her he was an operator when she asked him where he was going, where he worked last, and other questions, all the while looking him directly in the face with her grave, sweet eyes. "Surely our, chief will let you work if you are a competent operator." She did not. know he had worked in almost every state in the union. However, she sent a message to the chief, asking if Mr. Merlin could relieve her for a few night?. ' The answer came almost immediately for him to go to work that night. ''By the way," he said, "what is your name?" "Genevieyo Burleigh." He stood in the doorway, his eyes following the train which carried her to the city, until tbe green lights were like mere stars; then he turned and went into the office. All around were evidences of a woman's careful fingers. The floor was spotless in its whiteness and purity. The clean white curtains were drawn back by crimson ribbons, and on tha window sill were sprouting geraniums «hd blooming roses that sent out a delightful or'or all over the office. On the walls were hung pretty little ^landscapes and on the desk was tbe photograph of a young man. Red ribbon was drawn through the open framework and inside thn picture was a lock, of jet- black hair. On the desk Merlin found several small volumes ot poety, each inscribed on the fly-leaf with "To Genevieve from Maurice." WondRrina idly who Maurice was, he selected a volume of Longfellow, and proceeded fro make himself comfortable for the remainder of the night. It was three weeks before Miss Burleigh returned on duty; then Merlin was given a regular situation at a station east of her. Every time he found that a reckless desire to roa.ii was creeping over him, he calied her up over the wire and held a chat. She was always the same, kind, good and mod est, and he looked forward with repressed longing to the time when he would see her again. _When a year had passed that roaming disposition was conquered. He was no longer classed with the tramps; he was a man—not only a man, but a gentleman in ever sense of the word. He often asked himself what had caused the chance; tho answer was always the same—Genevieve Buleigh. She had just come on duty one evening and laid off her outer wraps, wnen she heard her office called sharply on the instrument. She sprang to the key and responded in her usual manner. "Good evening, Jenny," clicked the sounder, ".You may look for me early tomorrow noon.—" Then she knew it wai Arthur Merlin. His private signal was "M." A flush came into her pale, sweet face, her eyes brightened and her breath came quickly. All That it Needed. In onr physical needs we want thS best of anything required, and we want all that Is required to be done, to TJO done promptly and surely, and those In pain, especially, will find all that is needed in what is herein recommended. Mr. T. J. Murphy, 61 Debe- Voice pi., Brooklyn, N. T., snys: "Having been aflllctcd with sciatic rheumatism for some time past and finding no relief, I tried St. Jacobs Oil, which I found very efficacious."—Miss Clara Alcott. M.aliwa, N. J., writes: "I bruised my limb and it became greatly swollen and stiff. I used two bottles of a patent liniment which did not relieve me. A physician was called who ordered the limb to be poulticed, and he gave me medicine internally, without benefit. I then got a bottle of St. Jacobs Oil, wlilch cured me. It noted like magic."—Mr. Lor. enzo Buck, Banmift, Slilawasso Co., Mich., says: "I had chronic rheumatism for years, contracted during the war. After Bitting or lying down, at limes, I could not get up, from stiffness nnd pains, At work my strength would give out, then I would pass through a siditioss of several weeks. I had to walk with a cane nnd was at one time so ill that I could not lie down without terrible pains in buck and limbs. I tried St. Jacobs Oil; next morning got up out of bed without assistance. To-day I'm a new man aud walk without a cane."—Mr. A. H. Cunning* ham, Purryopolis, Fayetto County, Pa., •writes: "Jly wife was sorely afflicted with lame back for several years. She used in- nmneniblo liniments, but experienced little relief until St. Jacobs Oil was used. I can confidently sny we owe her cure to its won. derftil cfTucts and would not keep house without it." fllmle to TjOok Like New. Dresses, Gents' Clothing, Feathers. Gloves, etc., Dyed or Cleaned, Plush Garments Steamed at Otto Pietch's Dye Works, 3-16 W. Water St., Milwaukee. Send for circular. A new typewriter, under the "point" system, produces writings which the blind can read, Vegetation in Ihe Alps recedes down ward from year to year. Alpir.o roses formerly grew at an altitude of 7,600 feet; now they are seldom found higher than 6,500 feet. __ The Only One Ever Prlntert— Cnn Ton Find tho ? There is a 3 inch display advertisement In tills puper Mils week which hns no two words uliko except, onu word. The sumo Is true of each new one npiivarJiiguuiOi week from Tho Dr. lliirlcr MuillcinuCo. This house places a "CnjBcenl" on everything they make, and publish. Look for It, RUIK! Ilium Ihe namu of the word, und tlioy will rotimi you HOOK, ni!AUTII?t;j, l.lTHOGItAI'lia Of BAMp'uiS FKIJI3. Ernest Longfellow, son of the pool,, is tall, ulctulur, and lias a few streaks of gray in his Illicit, dark hair. He is an artist o'f rare promise. The Florida niid the Gulf Const. arrangements of through sloopinp ig car lines of t'uo Louisville & Nashville Railroad are more perfect than ever this season. That company has through sleepers from the Ohio Uiver gateways to Jacksonville, Tampa, Tlioiniisvlllo and the Gulf Count lie- torts. The time made from Chicago lo Jack- Bonviile is in the neighborhood of six hours quicker than by any other line. Folders and other information cheerfully furnished by George L. Cross, N. W. Pass. Agent, '.533 Clark street, Chicago, 111. "This is in full of account," said tho barkeeper as he took tho change out of a bill. "Also," replied the customer, "on account of a full." A lump rose in his throat, and a strnnge mistiness cnme: before hia eyas. Why, what was the matter with him. He stood up and shook himself. "It's the laeM The first man who offers ine a drink I'll put a bullet through! I'll b« a man from this day forth, and not be classed with tramps longer." Tbis rfwlve flushf d hh face, and lent a peculiar brightness to ms handsome grey eyes. "Miss," 8'iid he, going over to where the \ouug' t irl sat, snnding a inf s-iage with swift, firm fingers, "I am an operator and out of work. Ask your chief if be will lot me 'sub' for-you while you rest a bit." Sbe finished sending the message, and, after marking it with the receiving operator's signature, put it in tbe dr-iwer Then bejlooked into the dark briilismce fuce—a face full of irresiBtable brilliant and power—and "I am so glad," she answered. "What time can I look for you?" "I'llbe out on number twelve." Just then some one broke in saying, with more politeness than i_a generally shown r'nterruptiuir conversation on the wire: ''Excuse me, I have a message to send," and forthwith began calling. During the long, lonely .night which slowly dragged itself out, 'Genevieve bad something to look forward to. She took out Merlin's last letter, and read it over. It must have pleased her, for she smiled and blushed beautifully. There were only two passengers and a freigh train to be reported during the night, and she waited eagerly for the morning to dawn. She did not quite re member how she passed the next morning; but the afternoon! It lived for years in her memory. She had not seen Arthur Merlin for several months. How would he look? Taking a bs>6k from the library, she went to her own dainty room and tried to read; the effort was a miserable failure. She could not take in ihe sense of the words before her, nnd laid the 'book asidp. "Mr. Merlin." What a start the announcement gave her! She had been expecting him, yet was startled. "Show him up here," she said to the waiter. _ Whfan he came in, his dark face aglow, his step quick and eager, she held out her hand to him with a glad cry. "Welcome, Arthur.'' "i have come on business to-day, Gene- v'ieve," he said, seriously. She waited for him to go on, looking up into his face with proud, happy eyes. "Yes," he continued, "I want to know when you are toing to make me a happy man." "I am ready whenever you. want me," she replied, shyly. ' "And what a dear little wife you will b"-!" he said softly, running his fingers with a soft, caressing movement -through her shiring curls. ( "I will do my best, Arthur," she responded, in the calm, sweet £way he knew so well. Genevieve never had cause to regret the choice she made. Arthur Merlin proved to be the most kind and thoughtful of husbands, aud she was the envy of many a woman who knew her happy marriei life. Perhaps she understands something of what is passing in his mind when he kis>es her fondly on tbe anniversary of that night when he first saw the photograph of her dead brother. At all events her face lightens up divively when he cals her his guardian angal.and she knows that she is now no longer alone in the world, bjt has at least one lover loyal and I true. BBBODAM'S PILLS euro bilious and nervous illness. Beecham's Pills sell well because they cure. 25 cents a box. An Arizona fo.nner has a tame rattlesnake to guard his premises instead of a dog. The report does not say whether the the snake sleops iu the farmer's boots. " 'BROWN'S BRONCHIAL TROCHES' are excellent for the relief of Hoarseness or Sore Throat, They arc exceedingly eilec- tive."— Christian World, London, Eng. The head of the Choctaw Indian nation, Governor Jones, wears store clothes, a plug hat, and a dazzling diamond pin on a sky- blue cravat. WHEN THE Mucous SUUFACISS of the Bronchia are sore and inflamed, Dr. D. Jayne's Expectorant will afford prompt relief. For breaking up a Cold or. subduing a Cough, you will find in it a certain remedy. If men were .put under solemn oath before they were allowed lo tell fish stories or make love, this world would bo a great deal less interesting than it is now. ' FORTIFY FEEBLE LUNGS AGAINST WINTIJB BLASTS with HALE'S HONEY OF HOBBHOUND AND TAR. PIKE'S TOOTIIACIIB DKOPS Cure in 0710 minute. Perfectly Well* Dubuque Co., Id., Sept., 1889. "German Syrup" Just a bad cold, and a hacking cough. We all suffer that way some« ; times. How to get rid of them it the study. listen—'' I am a Ranch* man and Stock Raiser. My life is rough and exposed. I meet all weathers in the Colorado mountain*, I sometimes take colds. Often they are severe. I have used Germatt A few GRATEFUL — COMFORTING. BREAKFAST. "By* thorough knowledge of tho iinUrnl Inwi rmou govern the operation- of ilit,'ontlcm and nutrl- lion, nad by a cnret'ul n|i|)licntton uf the fine proper- U«l of woll-snleotect Oocou, Mr. K|,pn hns provided onr breitkfiiHt tublei with n rluliont^ly flavored be». ernee which may RHV« us mnny lu-nvy dnotoro' billo. It it by the judicious useof mich nillclcin of dint that a constitution mny be frradimlly built up auti) strong OIIOURU to resist every tendency to di*(i.;s». Hundreds of Kiibtls tunliullei nro flouting around ui rondy to attack whorovor there in n wouk point Wo mny escupe nmny a fatal Blmft by keeping our- HBtvcHuell fortifled with pure blood und a nrupurlj nourh.liu.I frnmo."—"Civil Service Qlizetta.' 1 Made simply with boiling wntor or mlltt. Sold only in half-pound tins, by Grocers, Inbelled thus: .1 AitI K»t JK1'J>£» .V CO., HomoBoputhlo Chonityti, LONDON, EKULAND. FOR 12cts. The last one I had was stopped in 24 hours. It ia infallible." June* A. I<ee, Jefferson, Col. • Miss K. Flnnlgan writes: My mother »nd sis- ! SyrUp five years for these, t *L UB8ll ,, npa9tor Koenl « >8 NerT * Tonio for n«u.' ' 'doses will cure them at any stage. ralgia. atey are both perfectly well now and ' —'• • • - - - - • nover tire of praising the Tonlo. GBBBHE, Iowa, Out. 18, 1890. For nlnetoon yeara my daughter tmflered from flti BO that eho could not oven dress herself. On tbe 17th of March last she commenced uslnij Pastor Koeatg'B Nerve Tonic, nnd It has cured her entirely. Accept many hind thanks and blessings ; 1 cannot toll how happy I feel to think my child is onroil. MlVa THK/U5SA KYLE. STOHM LAKE, Iowa, Jnly 9,1890. I wa-B suffering from nervousness, sleeplessness, ondloBaof memory; about two months ago I took Pastor Koonig's Nerve Tonlo, and I attribute my recovery to this medicine i I am eat- iBflod with its effect, J, A. BAAST. —A Valuablo fiootc on Korvons Ulspiisos sont freo to any address, and poor patients can also obtain tills medicine IVoo of charge. . Tills romodybns baon prepared by the Rovorond Pastor KooniK. of Port Wayne, Ind., since 1870. and Isnow prepared uudorhlB direction by the KOENIC MED. CO., Chicago, III. Sold by Drnpgistg at 81 por Bottle. 6 for 65. izo. mit.7l>, G DotUoa for fl?9. (t C1nr«* Ooldi, biflue»«», Whopplnir SOcts. r fflpi-alal Price ) I2cts. Ootnlor In America — „„„. *j,uOO AcrcAUHed. I'lunta and JtoecB by tho 100,000. Send ftp. tor finest Plant nnd Seod Catalog published. Many Colored Plutea. Catoli " " J J°Itir. Lettuce, 1 I*lt«r. Tomato, Flower Seed, 0 1'ksf. Ilnted in no <J> underB(jc. 6,00(1 . lou and above 0 Pltgs., lie, JOHN A. SALZER, LA CROSSE, wis. AKAKKSI8 (1m IniUnt rellet. and U ui INFALLIBLE CURE for PILES. Pries, f 1; at driiKKtsU ol by mail. Ijampioa freo, Addross "ANAKKSIS," Box 2410, NEW YOUJC OITJ. FROEI THE "PACIFIC JOURNAL." 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There is no danger in using this great remedy, either for children or adults. It contains no poison, or nothing in tho slightest degree harmful. Get it of any dealer. SYLVAN REMEDY Co., Peoria, 111. ITfie. Iimtant . ut cure iu 10 dayi. Neror reUirnn; no PILESF1 tried ID ruin evory remedy liau hioli hawitl mull fraolo _ ,.„ a J. II. lUhVKM, ')Qi 8JUO, New York (.llty, N, Y. PAITP'TQ Quickly obtained. No utty'u foo until rHlLhlu patent la allowed, Ailvlua Hud liuok frea. GLOBE PATENT AOENOY, Wuslilufion, D. 0. uo salve} no suppository. A victim ,' remedy liaa uiscovureil n ^iiunif cure, whiplijia_witl mall free to hln follow Buir,.rnr'9. OWN Illfj i $\wmm&®^ '•"uiigcj,^^^ \UtaJ !(><> jmr p«iit. nioro imiduin •. -.11..! J ,-... ! .ii-.y, Aim 1>«\VKC MILLS VAltM YOPB Hone. £lci)P- __ Oyster ShclU our uiul Ooru. in tha -------- (K Wilson's •.ill. i,,-. .ii ii anil til'KChnoniulit Bu"iri""on BROS.,EABTOH 1 PA. ® AND THE SOUTB3 • and spend tbe •Winter In Lovely P F>ARB3. The Celebrated Vistibuled Traint .^Placed In service between Cincinnati ana Jacksonville and St. Auirug • S'A° by'^e ISast Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia Knilwny have no superiors Ha the world. They consist of U.S. • Mall Cars, Southern Kxpress Cars, . Baggage Cars, Day Coaclies and Pull- mun Drawing Itoom Sleeping Cars. Tickets for sale at all iUllroad OiUcefl in the United States. B. W. WUENN, Qen'l Passenger Agt BNOXVII.LB, "John Anderson, my Joe," In the Scotch ballad, was about to totter down the declivity of life with his aged wife. How it would have smoothed the rough places for the respected John and his venerable spouse could they have eiieed their growing inQruutle* with Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, that benign help to the aged, the weak and those recovering but elowly from exhausting diseases. When the lamp of life ia on the wane man specially requires medicinal aid, a sustaining tonic, a wholesome corrective. The aged and the feeble are particularly susceptible to Influences which produce disease, convalescence is too often interrupted by a relapse. This standard American invigorant Is eminently adapted to the needs of such .persons,. and it *lway» "fills the bill." Dyspepsia, CQUstipatlQO, rheumatism, kidney troubles and la nlppe an IMODI tbeTtroiu X dlanblort. $2 feo for iocrease. 26 T( »ra ai- _ perleuoe. Write lor laws. A. \V. HoCoiiM t. SONS, WASHINGTON, D. 0. and OINOINNATI, o. D TT-lVSTriN JOHN \V. MOT41U9, -ll/i> OlVjlX Washington, ». V. \ fV 0 ,?? 8 ?*^)* P/osecutes Claims. 1 Late Priuoipul Examiner U. S. I'ouslou IJuroiiu. » yra. in lata war, 15 adjudicating claims, uU'y aiaoa. 5O Pn W. T. e Book Froo. , 13. 0. C»»»OHIP*»VB« «nd peopls who h»T« v«*k lungs or Aetu- ma, phoeld a*a Plao's Cure for COBI9H>PtlOD. It DM C«(r«4 tliQUMkBdt. Hbe.t notlnjur- ed one. H IB not bud to take. (U«(b« best oougb wup. CONSUMPTION. 1»ltklr •MUy'l*.. If nl >f • »«• a f •njr m ui Ut OkU Will purify Kr,OOD, roptulat» KIDNEYS, remove LIVMIt. dlsunlor, build strength, renew- appetite, restore lienlth andi vlgoroi youth. Dysponsin». ludlKCSllon, tlmltlreiffeeli Ini? alisol ulel y eradicated.. Mlm! brightened, brala power Increaaod, • bones, ncrvca, mm. cles, receive new force. , saiferlnK from complaints i>e» I cullar to their sex, using 11, and r I, a safe, speedy euro. liotnru/ rose bloom on elieeka,beautlllcs Complexions Sold ovnrywlicro. All Konulnc goods Iteu "Crescent.'" KoiiU ua i) cent stamp for 32-pSio pamphlet. OR. HARTER MEDICIUE CO.. St. Lou!*, life A PERMANENT CURB Without . Medicine, Organic weakness, premature decline. nervuuB debility, impaired memory and involuntary loeaei cu red by MaKnetism. More successful ihun all othor remedleg combined. Our Magnetic Una* pensory is worn with comfort' mid convenience; a perfect »up- por,iicl.iug directly upon tha parts affected, fj'vinjt 11 loulnu and strengthening effect trom tho iirsc application. Indorsed by the- best mocllcal niitliority, und used with the i;reate«t Buccesd. i'rico $5. U, Edit by mail. Seed foi special circular. llannolle Uoods—Vests, Cups, Corsets, [Supporters, Belts, Uandimes, Limg Protectors, IiifolHp,etO. ATJ^AS POLiAK i<'l>l<C.I<: CO. H03 liJUv Street, ChloiiKu, IU. Sand tor CataloguB. REDUQED fV K?Wj n a Hre. Alic« MapU. Ot«coa, Mo., wrlto "M f ( woijeht vrwUa) pouudu.npw M** J 170 _ r t ''MOTHERS, I WARN YOU!" watch carefully your daughter's health. When . , n PR etito fails, or there it) a growing nervous Irritiibllity, extreme lassitude, oinaciatlon. the voice trembles, (lie stop Is irresolute, eyelids droop, and expression languid, then devote one hour to a thorough investigation of the cause. LYDIA L PINKHAM'S acts promptly iu such cases. It is tvI'osltive'Curo and Legitimate llemody for -the peculiar •weaknesses and ailments of women. Druggists $ell it, or scut by mull, iu form of Pills or Lozenges, on receipt of $1.00. ' «• » w

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