The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 22, 1893 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 22, 1893
Page 7
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THF, UPPER DES M()TNES, AG()NA, IOWA, WEBNKSDAV. MARCH 22. 180. i Vote for Hood's Forty Years in th6 Ministry. AN AGED ATJJUATOR. Mev, W, n. Puffer '•Ilnving taken Hood's SarsnpurUla five montlis I ivm satisfied it is an excellent ruuit'dy. For years I have had rheumatism, nfllicliiiff my whole body, but especially my rig-lit arm from olbow to Bhoulder,so severe I i'enrud I Should Lose the Use of It I fell belter soon after I began with Hood's Sarsnparilla, and when I hiid taken four bottlus the rheumatism entirely left me. 1 have bcun a minister of the M. E. ehiirch 40 years, and like many others of sedentary habits have Buffered with Dyspepsia and HOOD'S Sarsaparilla CURES Inpornnln, but while tnl<ing Hood's Saraa- [ilii-illn I have lind a good appetite, food digested well, 1 gained several pounds, and Bleep better. 1 vote for Hood's." Kev. W. Puffer, Rk'hford, VI. Jlond's Pills ore the best after-dinner Pills, assist digestion, cure headaebe. 25c. Ho AVns a Pot of it Southern Family for Over 100 Years. PliElndclphlft Times: in the bayou [lowing through 1.110 large; sugar plan- till ion of Gabriel Montaigne, lying sov- on or eight miles smith of this place, theiv was recently killed an alligator j known to be something over ]20 years old. In 177.'! Mr. Montaigne's father's grandfather, immigrating to this country from France, purchased this tract of land from its original Knnnlsli owner, and In an attempt to clear ihe', bayou of tin,' ferocious and aggressive 'alligators which tilled it to the number of thousands, succeeded in killing many of them, and among them the mother of several young ones, Ihree of which he killed also, but. the fourth got away, leaving live or six inches of his tail behind him, however. This one was? afterwards seen from time to lime and always recognixeil by this missing portion of his anatomy, lie grew to be something of a. pet with succeeding generations who, however, thought; it safest to keep him at a distance despite his friendly advances, but ft has been a, favorite task with the younger Mon- taigncs of the family to go out after each meal with tidbits fw old Shorty, as lie was called because of iiis deformity. Tlie re was much grief, therefore, a day or two ago when a. visitor from the East who, returiiinm. from a day's shooting along the bayou's banks, came across an enormous "galor stretched ac.i'os his path, and tiling on it buried (ho contents of his .gun in its head. Most of the shot; was ineffectual because of the scaly armor of the reptile, but several penetrating the eyes, the vulnerable points, sought, the brain and killed it. The visitor, who had been some yards in advance of his host, was just congratulating hiinself on his prowess in slaying so ferocious looking a creature, when Mr. Montaigne coming up, showed by his consternation that the victory had boon, at the cost of a loss to the entire family. The assassin of Old Shorty was conscience-stricken, but the shot was beyond recall, and i the dead alligator was buried on the banks of the bayou, amid the lamen- ' tatlons of the younger members of the Montaigne family. This age of 120 years is not unparalleled with those animals, many being said to attain tlie age of 200, though difficult of proving, except in such wises where the creature- is marked, in some such way as Old Shorty was. It Cures Colds,Coughs,Sore Throat.CroupJnfluen- za,Whooping Cough, Bronchitis and Asthma, A certain cure for Consumption in first stages, and ft sure relief in advanced stages. TTso at once. You will see the excellent effect after taking the first dose. Sold by dealers everywhere, Large bottles CO cents and $1.00. Hdnm-jnirnJo' rntrMins! is HIO greatest ilCWSJ blossinp; ever offered child-bearing woman. I have been a mid-wife for many years, and in each case where "Mother's Friend" liadncenusodithas accomplished wonders and relieved much enifmiH:. It is Uiu hcst remedy for rteinp of the breast known, and worth the price for that alone. Jilts. SI. J,r. JiunsTKit, Montgomery, Ala. Sent by express, chr.rtjos prepaid, on receijC of price, j-l.EO per bui.tlj. BRADRELD REGULATOR CO., •Bold \>y all druggists. ATLANTA, GA, Wnitrtted Publication!. Idaho, Washington in FREE GOVERNMENT AND LOW PRICE MftOTHFRM wcinc a. on, th* •" "~ — ~wr»[jCT.iim • « .1, • r,i~* • i M miitf Cures Consumption, Congho, Cronp, Bore Khroat. Sold by all Druggists on a Guarantee, For a Lama Side, Back or Chest Shiloh'u Porous Plaster will give great satisfaction,—35 cento. n. Bunpiexroe. UAAFIKLDJ.BAUO.,OWVV.»OWIDU»«.». Cures Sick Headache DOUBLE to Jon BL HI*, *nd i ,««,„.-.„.„„„ . ^>v«.iv c ? r<1 ! y° u «ver handled. ( P«r pack. In itamps or coin. THE MONEY; bunuji, Q. T. A. 0., li d recelre, postage paid. POINTS ABOUT BADG10RS. Kit-hard Storrs Willis, Charles Dudley Wamor, Timothy D\viglit and other Connecticut gentlemen have taken it in bund to erect a monument-in memory of James (.-!. Percival, the ]ioet: and geologist of that, state, whose remains lie buried at Hazel Green. —Airs. Hichard Guonlher gave an elaborate party to Osh'kosh serviint, girls ;|, 1'e'w days ago in honor of her own "maid." ' Mr. Cleveland receives two thousand letters a: day from men who want ollice. And every letter increases the chances of the writer's not getting that coveted place; in American politics the man who j writes letters generally gcis left. j General Bragg limls that, the Wiscon! sin legislature could not a.pj.ipoint him i Minister to Mexico. Now it seems that Unclo Jerry Husk is the greatest Civil Service reformer of the age, for it; appeal's that every one of his several thousand appointments in the Agricultural departmuul- fully approves of Mr. J. Sterling Morton's announcement Unit In; will run his department on strictly Civil Serviei- rales and make no appointments, mil 1 dismissals on political grounds. Thomas Jefferson said of the president's ofiico that it is "a splendid misery." President Harrison' found it so. Mr. Cleveland knows it is so but. 1m knows that tlie way to mitigate soim; of its misery is to do as lie thinks best, and not to try and all of the many-headed. It is announced (bat. those who held ofh'co under Mr. Cleveland during his last term, will bo on the non-eligible list for tills term. No places will be given to them. That announcement; shuts off one crowd. Now, if the president will announce that tlie other class of his supporters—those wb" didn't hold places four years ago—are to get no places ho will be saved a deal c.t very unpleasant importunity. seemed to be suffering and I went; to him. . j "What's the matter?" linquired "Nothing much,, mister," he replied with a wan smile. "I'm jest a setting here in the sun shaking." "Got the chills?" "That's what, mister." ( "Why don't you take something for them?" "I do mister dial Is , Sary does. Site takes all Hit; quinine for the family. Sary's niy wife." i That was a new form of woman's de- j votidn,,aiul 1 vas somewhat surprised tit its discovery. "Tlimulcrn tion, man," I exclaimed, "that won't, help yon any." "1 guess you're /mistaken, mister, he said, with stolid confidence. "I've had. the chills for twenty-five years an they ain't killed me yit." Tlie police-force In nil jinrls of the con til rj- ocnr uniform to.stiniony to the,great valiu; (if Dr. Bull's coil);)) syrup us a remedy fur rough, cohl ant! InvlptiMiL consumption. 1'lisy all emphasize Uiu fact that no out should bo without it. "German T) OYAL tmfermented bread, made without •*• *- 3 r east, avoiding the decomposition produced in the flour by } T east or other baking powder; peptic, palatable and most healthful ; may be eaten warm and fresh without discomfort, which is not true of bread made in any other way. Can be made only with Royal Baking Powder. Receipt for Making One Loaf. In UK; grand duchy of iAixcmburg persons desiring work or help have i now only to send n postal card to Uie ! director of tilt- postal administration ' In order to have their wants ndver- tlsctl hi every postottlco In tho grand ducliy. O NF, quart flour, i teaspoonful salt, half a teaspoon fill sugar, 2 heaping tuaspoonf ills Royal Baking Powder, half medium-sized cold boilctl potato, and water. Sift together thoroughly flour, salt, sugar, and baking powder ; nib in the potato; add sufficient water to mix smoothly and rapidly into a stiff batter, about as soft as for pound- cake; about a pint of water to a quart W flour will bo required— more or less according to the brand ami quality of the flour used. Do not make a stiff dough, like yeast bread. Pour the batter into a greased pan, 4}£xS inches, and 4 inches deep, filling about half full. The loaf will rise to fill the pan when baked. Bake in very hot oven 45 minutes, placing paper over first 15 minutes baking, to prevent crusting too soon on top. Bake at once. Don't mix with milk, « (••<fH-A.ll FU« Stopped tree liy Dr. Kline's Oreu Nerve JJt-Ktore. No Kll§ A'ler first day's use MaryelmiH Cnr<u, Trillion nnd g .CO trial hot '.In 'o Pa Catee Seed to JJr. K.ite, «31 Arch St i hila., l j .i. Grave of Iho JHui Who Performed Ceremony. That K,,JIV Admiral August Uullow, United States unvy, retired, Is dead. Sclioolie i'lke. n young man employed , in a Kalanmzoo, Mlcli., jewelry store,' committed suleide on the L'lst. JJe-1 Mpondency was the cause. I The Now lircad Attention is called to tlie new method of making bread of superior light- tiess, fliienesii and wholesomeness with- i>nt yeast, a receipt for which is given I'lsewhea-e in this paper. Even the be«t Inead makers will be interested in this. To eveay reader who will try tills, anil >vrite tlie result to the lloyal Baking I'owder Co., 10G Wall si., New YorU. that company will send in retm'n, freo, a copy of the most practical and usefi.I Miok book, contniniug one thousand iv- (•>-ipts for all kinds of cooking, yet pul> Lslied. Mention this paper. Heavy snow storms did great damage all ovor the northwest yesterday. At St. Paul street railway traflk: was entirely suspended. Chippewa Falls rports fourteen inches of snow and a complete standstill in lumber camp operations. yesterday ndailng engineer in MH; employ of the Delaware and Hudson road named Gardner, tried to knock (iway the pillars beneath a bridge with sheer force of driving oars .against them, and he made an effort while Iho revolvers of twenty-live policemen were opinted a.t him. Ho did not succeed. On the south shore of the Chickahominy river, near Providence Forge, there is a colonial graveyard. It is about an acre in area and is covered with forest trees, some of which are very large, in fact, the old graveyard is overgrown with virgin pines. The undergrowth is so dense as to make it next to an Impossibility 10 discover a grave or gravestone, says tlie lUehmond Despatch. The Indications go to show that at some remote period a house or building once stood in tins locality. Possibly it was a church. There is only one grave marked, which is a slab of Portland stone, and on which is distinctly discernible the following epitaph: "Here lyeth Interred the body of Klinabetli, late wife of tlie Kev. David Mossom, rector of the parish of St. Peter, in New Kent; county, and daughter of Henry Soaue, Gent. She departed this life April 2, 1758, in the 55tho year of her age." This was the -wife of the Rev. David •Mossom, who performed tlie marriage ceremony for Gen. Washington in St. Peter's church, New Kent county, Jan. C, 1750. He was a Cambridge scholar. Starling is the name of the estate ou which (lie old graveyard is. It has been owned by .Terdones since 1771, and now includes 3,000 acres of Iniid. John Smith was caught by the Indians in this vicinity, aud it is supposed that in tlie same locality Pocahontas saved the life of the historic John. ]t is presumed that the Kev, Mossom is buried beside the. grave of his wife. A Hll-rbt Cold, If ncclrcted, ofti.m ixttnclcs The IIIIRS. BIIOWN'S Bun.NCiiiAi, Tuni'iiEx (,'lvrt HIHB ml Immi'dmui ''rice S!5 coiita. . , relief. Sold only in bow Tho princess of Wales has never seen Rome, and as she has a great desire to visit the eternal city, tlie' present yachting tour of the prince'and princess through Iho Mediterninian has been HO arranged that the desire of the princess may be gratilled. A constant cough with i'ailin:-' Klrengtli, and wasting of flesh, iuv j symptoms denoting Pulmonary organs '' more or less seriously affected. .You '• will find a safe remedy for Mil I^ing o;- ! Phront-ails in Dr. D. Jayue's Expect- ; •rant. ! Switchmen of the Michigan Central In Chicago are likely to strike, and other roads may be involved. m C w Thoiuind, C u,,i. B4nd <c ll lUtnuii \. JUT I i O. \y.V. HNYDEK, M. D., Mail Dep+, T MoVloUor'x gPh«a.t«r, Oblong**. CU. express oaly. 8l>0> ii d B)! u? to send by ly. ITlcefi. Uogisfdlotter or P.O.. BPEOIALTY PUB. Co.T Boom 10, Times BlOg., Ohlc»«o. .O.order. Patents I Pensions! Bnnd for InTnutor'i Guide or How to Obtain aFutont. fienu lor DiKMt of I"oii»loll and Bounty 1/Tjf» PwtrlcU *' . t ill itrf.rtd.. fill. • .liuiooi.8i8 U'wty. W.X, WrUe far i>cv*o/ pr.'ftf* EVERY EMERGENCY is' <•« «'o. of Ve fl C5. that can arlsa provl Jed for by ie policies of tbo ! Wli- , cousin Dept,, , u.ltvauuco. BEST POLISH IN THE WORLO. wltlVlVstea, ICTuviiu'ls, and Paints which slain the Immls, injure the iron, and burn off. The Rising Sun Stove Polish is Brilliant, Odorless, pur&ble, ami Iho enn- umer pays, for no tin or glass jjacka 0 e i with every E'^Bha 30 . HAS AM AHJrffltiJF 3,000 TONS.. The Skill anil TCflowledfje Essential to tho production of tho most perfect and popular l;ix:itive rein -ry known, huvo enabled the Coll Jornia Fig Syrup Co. to nchiove a great success in the reputation of it.s remedy .Syrup of Figs, as it is conceded to h» (tie 'Universal laxative. For salo b.v nil druggists. •• Three TlioiiHittnl TOIIH of Slilne. Moreo Bros., of Canton, Mass., mndo the lurgost stxle of "Tlu> Rising Sun Stove Polish" during the year 1S!)2 they have over made since; they began ts majuifactni'e, thirty yeai-s ago. They sold the enormous qiianUty of seventy-nine thousand^ two hundred nud eighly gi-os-s, weighing two thousand, eight hundred aud lifty-live tons, wliicli would load a train of two hundred cars. These llgures give some idea of the a-eat popularity and incren-sing sale of The llistug Sun Stove Polish." Honroe Wheeler who conducted the | Hose I'nrlc hotel near .Nownrk, N. J., has left his wil'e and elopod with Kittle McBride, a riisy-cheekod servant in Iiis employ. \V'heuler WMS formerly of Denver, Col. The deserted wife has applied for iidivorce. • It lookH as though- Ashland county t'lll lose the amount of the county clerk's shortage, owing to tho fact that his bonds are not technically correct, and the bondsmen cannot -be legally held for the amount. J. F. SMITH & Co., New York City: Gentlemen- I llud Bile 13eans Small to be per- fectiou, and cannot gut along without them in the house. I'lense find euelosed 60c., for which kindly send 3 bottles. Mrs. A. A. Tobias, Caverdale, Cal. SHE COUIVniSM'T DKCIDE. —Detroit Tribune. A moment later ghe was confronted by a masked man The beautiful girl was scared. Her cheek was as white us the undriven snow, and her eyes stuck out to bout four of a kind. She tried io pass the marauder-without speaking to him. But. he intercepted her. "I propose*"— Iiis voice was harsh and discordant. —"to abduct, yon. AVill you"— He was very stern. —"go with me'.'" She hesitated. "f don't know," she faltered. "Heally you"— Her manner grew suddenly firm. —"must ask my chaperon." With a snort of bat'fuled nigi; outlaw fled, A SKUTOTJS BIFFICUI/PY. "Oh, what shall I do'.'" said the sou- brelte. "My trunk hasn't come and my wig is in it?" "I'll lend you mine." said a friend. "fts very kind of you, but your wig is blond, and my press notices call for a brunette."—AVashington Star. Made to Look dike New, Dresses, Gent's Clothing, Feathers, Gloves Mi-., Dyed or Cleaned, Plusli Garments Slimmed, at Otto Picteh's Dye Works,210 W. \VsterSt., Milwaukee. Scud for circular. Washington, March 0.—Hon. Joslnh | Quincy, of Massachusetts, has accepted I the position of assistant secretary of ! state. I ! No. 32, tho latest, is a gem, 240 pages 1 of psitiios, dialect and fun, including two bright new Comedies; oil for 30 ctw., postpaid; or, tlie two Plays, 10 cts. Cutjiloguc free. P. Oarrett & Co., Philadelphia, Pa. (Established 1SC5.) The world's championship pool tonr- juament opened at Syracuse, M. V. last I night. De Uro and Stewart played the : lirst series, De Oro winning, Ili5 to 77. la the second Walsh won from iioone, illio to HO. the The World's Mammoth Hotel Is tlie 1,100-room, fire-proof, summer hotel; tbe "GREAT EASTERN," at St. Lawrence avenue and 60th street, Chicago, two blocks from Midway Plaisauce, World's Fair entrance, aud overlooking famous Washington Park. World's Fair visitors can avoid annoyances and extortion of sharks by engaging rooms now at $1.50 a day each person (European) by addressing Copeland 1 Townseud, Manager (formerly Manager' tlie Palmer House), 42 Rookery, Chicago, IRREGULARITY. Is that what troubles you? Then it'c easily and prompt!;/ remedied by Docto'i Pierce'B Pleasant Pellets. They rcgu, lute the system perfectly. Take OIK- for a gentle laxative or corrective; three for a cathartic. If you suffer from Constipation, Indi gestiou, Bilious Attacks, Sick or Bilious Headaches, or anj derangement of the liver, stomach, or bowels, try these little Pellets. They bring a permanent cure. Instead ol shocking and weakening the systen with violence, like tlie ordinary pills, they act in a perfectly easy and natural way. They're the smallest, the easiest to take — and the cheapest, for they're guaranteed to give satisfaction, or youi money is returned. You pay only for the good you get. A Boranton, Fa, Man Bays: 1850. "DE. 0. P. BEOWN'S 1893. PRECIOUS HERBAL QIIINI.NK BV PROXY. "Sarry" TIiul Talu-il it J'Vir Him For Twonty-Fivo Teal's. —Buii'olt Free Press. Kot long iu% siikl the (Irnjiunw, I was down In on* of tlie ague (lis|viets of Indi«nia, an4 In front of my pustomw's J saw. a rn* iiiylu in St. Louisi Charles Knock wliuso wife is suing tor a divorce, c;illc«l at thu iJi-ostMit rosidenco of iiis wife- aiul al'ter it fow words of xipbraidinp lired to wound tho woman, lie then turned the jjlstol on himself liriuj,' two shots into his body mut dying almost Instantly. i ''Vlio suffers wWi bis Uver, const! paliou, bilious iUa, poor blood or dlz?l (•ess —tajse Beecharo'e fills, Q| (irug- OF ITCHING! For ft*- ** CURED ME lu loss thau one week , , . _ . ____ _______ per pot to any sufferer. Henry Coles, 1717 Summit Are., Scrauton, Pu., Dec. 20, '03. 25 and 50c. Druggists or by mail. J. Qibso u Brown, 17 Grand St. Jersey City, N. J. Send for boak on Cure of Disease by Herbal remedies. Free. $40,000,066 Earned b, tli* Bell Telephone Patent la UKL T»» Iprentloa mnr b« ruluuble. Yon cboaU prot»o« it ,, M»ntlon thl* pap«r. W>»lOit«t«B, ». C. Plao'e E*m»ay ftt C&vOt * tt« Beat. Easleet to Pae. end Chewxx*. Justice of the Peace, George Wilkinson, of Lowville, Murray Co., Minn., makes a deposition concerning a severe cold. Listen to it. "In the Spring of 1888, through exposure I contracted a very severe cold that settled on my lungs. This was accompanied by excessivenigh! sweats. One bottle of Boschee'? German Syrup broke up the cold, night sweats, and all and left me in a good, healthy condition. I can give German Syrup iny most earnest commendation." o THE NtCXT MORNING I FTEL BRIGHT AND NEW AND f\W COMPLEXION IS BETTER, My (lortor Kny?J It nctw irriillv on (hn Ktninuoh, liver MUl'klilni'vs. n'li'l l«n))li'ii«nnt. liivntlvo. This drlnlc I? n'.julu rroiu lii'rlis, mnl Is invpnivil t'oi-UBO ns easily tis tea. It Isc.illctl LOME'S ^.•!l II « •'Hi- r. .lilr. •• fur n fr nl. iwll Ihf. i|l.\T'>K I 1 . ml •>' 1'« p«cknire. If ynn rnnliot in- ,:iln|ila. l.«m-'< I iimlly lIcdlet I" ,,rilvr I/ l«i Ili'Ullhy, Ihll ll •§•• \Vd(il'W*IM> UK.jv, N. Y. I lrfights to oo Nine Famous Mine; Tho Chance Lifetime forfleno* M oderate fleans KCLLY KWIE, 'irau mo MCVT.WA, CAUIMSY AW) HMLA, 5,000,000 - . 2,075,000 36,350,000 11,960,000 4.841,250 2,344,050 2,500,000 1,800,000 12,875,000 SO fit! 3, IflCtJ SILVER, MQLUE Silve and Milling Co., own four Alines raid aConce::trat- injV Mill in the same mountain, upon the same vein and in close Proximity to the celebrated Five Million Dollar Kelly Mine, as shown in the map, and their prospects are exactly as good as the Kelly Colossal fortunes await the first lucky stockholders of the Company. Silver Sunlight Mining and Milling Co. is Incorporated and has a Capital Stock of $2,000,000—2,000,000 Shares fully paid and non-assessable. HON. L. BRADFORD PRINCE, Prat., GOVBANOFI op Mew Mexico. General Offices: BANTA FD, N. M., AMD OHIOfiCO, ILL. Registrar and Transfer Agents. CHICAGO TITLE AND TRUST COMPANY. BANKERS. FIRST NATIONAL BANK. SANTA FE. CHEMICAL NATIONAL BANK. CHICAGO. THB A Limited Number of Shares now offered at 2S Qents ^ Share. No order taken for less ihan $5.00. •Do not fail to ser.d for Prospectus, Map and full information to W. H. DINSMORB, Secretary. LBGIHlTNBfiSG— The CO Day Cabbage. This la ilaolutcly tho earliest otMrano In tli« world. 8 wry neuron. J'lig., ha.; X 01., HSo.i >i 1U., {2, postpaid, THE EAaUEST VEGETABLES Will bo In great a.'| this spring anil will fetch blf To have ino uiirliuBt, iilutit Salzer a fluutU, S&pkgs. KarliutVoKotnblo Kovelllos, ?l, pontfii'.!, FOR 14o. (WITH CATALOGUE, 10o.) To iutroduoo our fioeds uvoryvrh^ro, v'd eeud,postpaid, apfa r«0bint of Ho.: 1 iiaolutgo Six Weeks' Hadluh, lOo.l la ,11 o patkifM, I " Silver Stato l.ulluce, Ida. \ U.I.H nowhir* 1 " Olaut Prollflo Tomato, 20o. )• "*"° .00. 1 « LoiiBalautCuoumber, 11)0. .,"°1"" ' • •• BrllIlantFlowerSeodB,3&i.J ALL FOR 14a SALZER'3 SEED CATALOGUE ll the finest published. Costa us over fSO.OtWI It ll fladly mulled upon receipt of 80. pontage. JOHN A. SALZER SEED CO., La Crosse, Wla. W, L. DOUGUS A sewed shoe that will not rip! Calf, seamless, smooth Inside, more comfortable, stylish and durable than any other shoe ever sold at the price. Every style. Equals custom-made shoes costing from $1 to $5. Other Specialties as follows: $ 2.00& $ l.75 For lioyti and Youthu. Hand- $ 4.00& $ 5.00 Fine Sewed ShoeB. $0 Cfl Police, 010 Ul f ttrmer», etc. $ 2.50, *2.25, $ 2.00 For Working Men BEWARE OF FRAUD. $ 2.50& $ 2.00 I'or $ l,75 S oue ifenuluu without, W, .. ouKlae 11:11110 aud price •tanipeu on bottoro. JjooU for It wlicu you l»uy, T TAKE NO SUBSTITUTE. IT. JK A DUTY you owe your- null lu cut Hi 11 bunt viiitit) lor your money. Ucuiioniize hi your loutwruv by purcliuHlutf \V. 1'. Dou^'luH SbofH, wliicu rcpren (teut ihu brut, vuluo ut Iho urlcus udvurtltiedi us tUgusuudV cnu

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