The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 22, 1893 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 22, 1893
Page 2
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THE UPPER DES MOINJES, ALCfONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 22, 189, ALOONA, IOWA. CONDK SKI) NEWS. A lire cnusing a l«is.s of STT.'Mid »<•curs in .Minneapolis. Warden I'.rown of Sing Sing prison has tendered bis resignation. Secretary lloibert lias appointed l.onls Tinny his private secretary. Panama bribo-lakoi's are scored by tlie advocate-general. Holwoon fifty and sixty Chinese pirates were killed by natives. All's. Clarissa, Fairchild. widow of tlie Into Supreme Judge Fairchild, of Arkansas, Is dead. A. big street railroad company has been organized by Cleveland and New York capitalists at Columbus, Ohio. Frank Colbert, Hi" most illustrious and wealthiest member of the ChicUa- wiw tribe of Indians is dead. Kx-congressnian lilount starts for Hawaii on a secret mission for the government. Trouble between Franco and the Vatican arises over the appointment of a primate in Africa. The New York police mde a raid on i the pool rooms on I lie Ifilli. closing several and arresting a score or more of the occupants. At BufTnlo, X. Y., there Is a prospect of ;\ railroad rates war in the grain carrying trade as soon as it begins coming down the lakes. Bvcn now. the boats bound east from UtifTal/) are said to be MIT ELICATE most brant ifd <>r the Sfo**- together, . „„„, „,„. patten*. !«* V««M*-««? bigger tlu> InvUei-and The knitters never use books of pat- .should be of good bone, dark color, sym- I tents. They invent a.< they work. \ i shell upon the seashore, aw Alpine open fin- a dicker, which, with so little j vVoTTIPn of tllP Nhprktlfl Fslfinds 1 5UW1 - a ! >™"fh of setnvwl. frvst on a catch at pwsout, is insignificant. [ V > 0men01 T11C °» Rrlaml ISiaT1ClS; .,v£i.,l,.'A- 1 . : aie. H l to is announced that. Henry S. Ivf.-s! flic young Xapoloon of finance, is the) Have Very Delicate Fingers. principal backer of tlic now line which j is to he built sonic time this year he- j twoeii Detroit, and Toledo, find which j will he nseed a.s a feeder hy Ilif! Peim- : sylvanla and other roads not having nc-i cess to Detroit, Midi. j Mcnjamln Lundy, OIK? of the oldest;! and wealthiest residents on the Canadian frontier. Is dead at Palatka, Fin., when 1 he had an orange grove. Ho was .SO yea is old. and estimated to ho! worth .^(lO.OOD. From hi« father came! A Sea .SIl(H, a liloJ-SOJll 01 the name of the famous batflo-grotmd j ^ of Lundy's lime. I Frost will At Mallimoiv. Aid., the five-story hnild- ; ill): eonior Wells and Light streets oc- ; enjiied hy Alatlhai Ingrain iV: Company,! They Never Use. Hooks nor patterns but invent as Ihe Needles Fly. Devices. tllH for the manufacture of tin jind .japanned | ware. wax almost, entirely destroys lire on the 1olh with its contents. Canadian engineers to Join with a survey of the boundary Ainorlans In of Alaska. Al. Murgeols has reiissnmed the office of French minister of Justice. It Is proposed to form a permanent law and order leawie In New Jersey in order lo enforce Iho laws regarding gambling on horse races. At Philadelphia, Pa. Henry Class and Company, dealers in and shippers of hogs, Jnivo made an assignment. Tiio JIabllltlP.s arc spfjtMKio or more; assets unknown. Appointees of (!ov. Short ridge on the Worth Dakota agricultural board an- not recognized by the old board. William AlcAdoo is nominated for assistant secretary of the navy and I'ifi- ward M. Whitney assilant attorney general. The.' Albcmarle hotel sold on the \<;\\\ In Mow l one under the hamine", brought !51,liO.S,UOU. Slno.iKHi, covered by insurance. i re sales of lands for coffee, growing are reported from the states of A'era Crux and Oaxaca. Alex., where! both natives and foreigners are buying a Tribune: One of the most i and picturesque features of Scotch fair was the Shetland stall—an airy tent, wherein sat, four women employed in spinning and knitting. Their costume, which had been woni by the peasantry of their isles as late as the extensively, many Americans being In-; first ha.If of this century, was simple, eluded among Ihe buyers. Oaxaca will ] becoming, and suitiil. to the work on have a very large coffee crop this year,! which the girls were engaged, and the new crop is selling at %'2t> lo! ' 1>m ' dress consisted of a. dark blue .^7 per quintal. j skirt cut. short above the ankles, a loose Al, San Antonio. Tex., Con. WhealoiJ • i ''"' k< ' l; of 1>luk '"' 1>h "' <'""<>»• confined is in receipt, of information from Fort! Hinggold advising him that, six other sus^est devtee*. It i quite imsMisiblo. for that resu^ou. to y I cure two laoe artiotes exactly i There was iu> m:irS.ct for flue knittinsr before tho year i peojile converted their vuvl itsto i kets. s?rge. shirts, |>ettioortCSu bringing the Sh»tl:iu l . kit'Ums: I 1 the Kntish pubti;-. Site feit si in' warmth, lightness, bemny »H' cutting, had only to be known t-» t predated. She was wr t land veils, shawls, tr^u }>•.-. ame :i fashion, aiv.l i cellar trade in tho-v kui IV.irly established. Th- women of the isles ha* Then' is no the pattern dom ever s. rapidly in ho: s-.-nse of touch. cy. smites the Fortunately for the kuiuw not obliged TO dejK-ir' a^.fc their living on their H't-.vli^s. (M.-vs they live w-;tli farJivo thei-s. whose t-ivfr and SsJmi for the chief warns few who "rave no uu-an* of *~ sides their knittin:: load i:v---i ktvaking toil and 5^>v t -r:;. and gvHKt disposition, jacks are never good, breeders: these very characteristic:* l»»uit to a hu-k of breeding. Iti the smite pro{w.Htion all mares are not suited, to breed good mules, and no uiatter fiow satisfactory the jack may be in the points mentioned some marcs >vUl n'-ver produce good mules. Tlie best uuuvs to .piitluvo mules, in our ox- ueriouce, are large boned, grade draft ttu-uvs. bkH.-ky in conformation, but not rco tuuvli .«>, with good heads and nooks. SSXH.I iluHH'sUions. and weigiiing any- \vuetv from twelve to fourteen hundred t'.H&uls. A mare of this type laid weigut and, coupleit with a good jack strain it. oft' and bottle for use." Was the name-giver of tills sauce, 1 Avomter, Quin, the not or who taught George III. elocution, and who. when he heard that the monarch.had delivered his tlrst spcw-h from the -throne very gracefully, exclaimed. "Ay, if was T who taught the boy lo speak." Poor boy'! they had not taught Mm much In his young days, as lie had good oa.tisc to feel afliTwaa-d. Qulii lived some years in Bath and died there in 1700. That, town being the social, capital of the west and the cent or of ftishiou, the r ladies went there to 'remodel iothes and pick up such novel- tics a.«i they could lind in culinary and other recipes, and most probably this one c;y ne from there. ktuf't r !>y la W»>:K-'.;;. Ti - v ui-e a mute that will in all sell fur as much as any horse tliMt stu- might produce. It may bo | J" 111 '" 011 ".'".' uuttsl. :il<o. that it is jus! its natural ft-. 1 a. twite to kick as it is to suck, :ifter it N bom. Consequently great i.-t.v tuttsr In- taken in laising them not to [-.iague them, aunoy them nor ill- •m>. t rh"in in any \\ay. They aiv ro- ', ^ u.ivt"iil iu their na.tures. and their iiieiuories are far fnuu being defective. It is quite often the pnu'tieo with tho uieii on a farm wheiv there is « '.LKile it>It to plague Itim to s: j e him klA. A mule colt so nsc-.l generally irr^\v< up as dangerous as a dynamite vtsrtrHlce. and of about as much use. A pifSKdpi-ion for a cough accompanied by weakness ends up with' tho in- the jia.tient should "bo and keep from sad apprehensions." This recommenda,t1on evidently suggested the Inserliion of the doggerel couplet: "Joy and temperance and repose Slam the do:w on the doctor's nose." 'I. KACHK!_ Irevolutionisls "na.nifi;l Jesus Sandoval I at Uie \valst, and t lima I, by a dark blii-- ribbon, a whlt<; ain-on. and a neekla;-e ' of be.'uls. The feet were incased in Xame Had —Salviui's Chico Sectmdino Hamirex, Juan donado. I'rocuplo Sandoval, Bias Ybanos and .hum (iuerni, surrendered to (\m troops on tb<- llith, and have been placed in jail. II. O. Havemeyer, of Ihe Sugar Company, says: "1 know nothing In reference to any injunction to restrain the payment of the dividend on Ihe*common stock. There Is no good reason for such injunction." The Cincinnati lodge; of Klks on I lie afternoon of the 10th performed the solemn funeral service for their brother ^j. ( j_; mocx.'aslns of undressed hide, with the hair still attached to it. On tho head tune to be At ihl< nrn:- 1 lisiti pre-wm. flt a feir rc been prev.-.le.J bv '. • which is someruTM--: an artisi. while it ii was woni a ki-rdiii.-f of gay color, knot- t ions given by l^j.-lst-l ted over luxuriant hair. One girl was '' Meiasrasio in' Koii'«-.. knitting a lace.scarf, another spinnin wool into threads of spidery" finenes: a Uilrd working a. cap in "Fair Isle'erns, a fourth \vas c-arding won]. resi'M»nsil The stall was unique as the dress or' hartiifuL ifs occupants. Its framework consisted of two gigantic whales' jaws, which formed arches' on cither side. Over these were draped fishing nets of various tints, from delicate cream-coin;- in rich russet and tang (sea wood i brown. Tile;.- t:uist bo well and kindly treated. Kevor with a dog: in fact, every- ih;uc tbat tends to teach them the use vf sl'.eir iuvls must be studiously avokl- •<•! fs\>;:i tli,> ver.x start. Tfo- nearer ;i mule approaches tho ~a -7Si- sM«' of the house" the better ho TrtE jwYe. The best nudes api)i'oach T;MS-. v!-«>ly the horse in conformation nr/i' :!i.<v*vv-=iti'>n. Hence, treat a muli ; ira a!3 tv PLKA l''OK Til 10 SO I/I) 110 It. Tommy Atkins' " Old Gn'evance Hritish Military Law. at Iliye i« an old grievance of Thomas Atkins which I shtil] never cease to hammer at until if is redressed: "The queen's regulations make it com- ptil^oi-y for a, soldier below the rank of warnilit. ofiicer, who desires to marry, to produce a, diaracler of his intended wife. Now, sir, don't you think that this rather on indignity io all parties? I can assure you that color-sorgeuuils and sergeants of Ihe present day marry a very superior class of young women, as you would a'horse, dive I nl " 1 lo ll:l - V(; lo t 1 ' 11 ! > Kill, whom you same g-,>ne:\>us care and feed , n!lv " nL ' M1 ^'hing all the angels in liea- I. '• JtacheL Bui AMi;n of n-&i~-Ti\ii'.v> creasf 1 ? n>'jn;iT<-n is ji-.isiTiT "Wit-" Uv''! Svi. \\ s;ir uf chiil iucc 101k, Luke SclioolcraJ'l, the who died on the 12th. Tin sent, to Moston at; (i o'clock. Hion of the .New York lodge of lOlks will' the arms of tin- 'islands, and the mot io I ward the train at Albany, X. Y., ami "Dispocta. est TlmJe." Among the nets will ai-company the body to .Moston. laud filmy laces which curtained the. comedian. ' a simple but effective lutrmony of hue hotly was being the result. On each side of tin- A delega-, tenli was displayed a. shield, boarm; very io render • •f mhiil. and ftuiii coin new i <.-!' -die ]>roisf 1 eii as 'i;i \v.>rJ'"l b i-; ijj Uie JUT of Ilosf 0 IKT qiiali ilmse of - -necessary ii:,iifm care i;i..:v like a horse will he bo-1 vo11 ' (l) in'oduce her character before Iv-sr natural faults. suc h as | vou p1111 marry her, rather takes the :li«- f-iu-ts and crawling uiuler! ^''t off the gingerbread. Women don't T:>; ;•,• .svo/looksHl or provided understand the requirements of routine I!K- mule grown to working, m mattei-s military, and 1 can 1 ell you. sir, they don't'like it." As 1 think 1 said once before, there is one condition, and only one, which could make tho perpetuation of this regulation Tolerable, says a writer' in r.-cv will K" found to eat much less and .Ji' i:;i-:v imd harvlor work than a horso s 1 size and weight. 3:KSPOXS1BI1.1TY FCIU FIItKS. flu.- m-ibile r In the Alimictitota House the son bill compelling railroads to Jacob- ; 1| ' U| - « trans-' niark, hung Norway, Alanufacturii;:,', shoo The Kodpath Mros.'. Cornpan,v of Boston, a l»M)t and firm fulierl yestenlay. Liahilitcs, 000, The Hcv. Sam Jones" once-married daughter, Anie ('., has remarried \Vill- lam ('. (Jraliam at ( 'riersviile, (;a. fer ears from one line to another at | Hialta.nders Ihe and SwiKlen. The to boast of their de- si i'.tint of li:'r Teaitu-i-s. 1:1 :iff<-c't'oiL passion, majcsrv was uamre iT^-il black carbuncles. ]»-*$ <Voupauts O.'ioiu-r to Blann. Than luci.mpeteiir Builders. aH in v. IB:*;- her ay flags of Den- i-.-i.ven hair, added sid t'llil of life MUil feeliui;. Her • y and her dM- TO a Vxlieii sh fa/.v iv;;.< Jiiiietion points without, additional char- : swnt. from, and close alliance wiih. ges was adopted with the further pro- ; Scandina.via. slu vision that, the first railroad could haul Ihe car to its destination by a roundabout route if the- rale be tin line. In the stall were exhibited a. shawl from the famous bundle of knitted it so desired, provided ! Koods which accomp:mii.'d 1 15elly .Montit. same as by Ihe direct' " u> witch of D\inrossnew;-i. on her re| markablo voyage in the Columbine, in The Secretary of War has ordered llio.' 11 corner lay a kcschle (basket) of pc-iix. j Eleven Ih Regiment; of cavalry-of tlH-i 1 ""' IMI the other side stood one of the l-'-yl Kilter, a well known lawyer ofj -Mexican army to make a march through' oljil-fashionod. pic,turesqu< silent .-lie sc lliau -.vln-u on.-c syiii]i: o.f variety, sions with c plary jnea.-' studied, if lia free herself in cadence i radii i .l ahiiosi. mor s]>: >];<••. Ht-r c. h:mi)f«niou ess^j liit- -lj,.] her various jia.*- innaTion •~o<} ex«-m- mo:i<ius V.-.-T.' :il- . lli<] ]^eYi j r :~<-< J ].ijf- 3 hid b,--.--n :ilO<- T, If Mr. Cornelius Vamlerbilr, writes U;I;T Ki-rree hi the Engineering Alaga- zia--. has read all the comments, ser- iL" -us. diA-<iinsi s. suggestions, uiountains ui a«lvif.v. n-aiiL-j of wisdom, and words • if f i«>hsh3ie.<.s which have been poured i'..-;-;li <m himself and a long-snffi-ring I.:;l.Ji<- anent the buniing of his cottage a.T Xewpon. !n; nor only now knows IK,!-- al-oiit i!r<-s in (iweUings than any pel-son Hying, but doubtless wishes London Truth. That Is, that it be made equally binding on till ranks. Lot. every officer's lady—whether the happy man be a Held marehn.1 or subaltern—1»; required to produce a, written and properly 4i tU^ted. cha.r.i,eter before her nuptials can be colobra.ted, and 1 have not the slightest objection to uhe future Airs. Atkins beiny; callod upon for a. similar document. Don't let; mi' be mLstuulerstpoil. l don't 'mean, to suggest that, any British officer would so far forget, himself as to marry a lady whose .record was not above'stis plcion. Such a tiling, of coin-so, never fi-rveiiTly that he did niit Icnow so much, j ll:ls hapencd and never could hap|>on. drfiv-;y fro i tii<- <'niis«v; lndia,nao|)lis died on the lath of exhaustion, lie was born in Hmdrlcks coimiy In is:*!). heart of the turbulent Yaqni wheels, which machinery Is fast sending which, it is true, cj-oj.jied out but Indian country. liosidos Hie danger oC 1 '" keep company with the being completely exterminated by In- 'f-a.rller days. A.roimd distaff the !j i.L" :1<>JJ'.-. ai-.-ly. U-;j in a domestic A Is that if, a« n. matter of JT i-- s>.-d--i}ij that a JweBing attracts so wide attention as j £onn .' ^ r ''*- Atkins is re<iuii-fNl to show, Mr. Vanderbilfs did. yet every dav less-1 """'"iHy speaking, a. clean bill of heailth. - - ' ' the Hishoji John Al. Hi-own, of the Afii- cau Aleiiiodist lOpiscojial chtif-ii, is lying very 111 at his resilience, Hl'-l Khode Island avenue, \Vaslijngion A, St. Louis, the Ou s IVinting Com- i J" " "" l> " "" MP N< pany niadi- an assignment Alonday to \\'. M. AleClaln, for the benefit of creditors. The assigned effects consist of a slock of goods and chattels, a. leasehold, macliinery, printing presses, etc., all 'valued at !jil. r ),(li)(i; liabilities about the .same. At Clevelahi'l, ().. Dr. ('ass Ibimliii has been found not guilty of Uie murder of .Mrs. ISetsy Smith. She died from the effects of niorphJiie, ami Dr. llamiin, who attended her, wax a beneficiary under her will. It was shown that Airs. Smith-was addicted to Hie use of I ho drug. Tho Issue of standard silver dollars from the .Minis and Treasury otlices during tho week ended. .March 11 was .f4^,!)U(); for tho corresponding period of last year,'?:iai,SOU. The shipment, of fractional silver coin from the 1st I" 'he nth instant aggregated' .^(iI,- the regiment, must make one of ! were hung spenimens of knitting work Hans Ihe longest anil most dilllcult marches (N ' ' II ''"' natural colors peculiar to over undertaken in Mexico. i Sho.tland sheep, every shade of gray and aled miner's body was found ' 1>n)wn - T1 "' hrowns are ..-ailed "mo(;:ii," Mttnee, .Mich,, on the' 11 "' W ' lvs "^""'Isi." and Ids head was found llflv feet' '" su ' lkl11 - c-ontrast as regards away. He was identified as Yiclor Kangar. aged :_'! years. His head had' been severed by a passing train, but. 1 whether suicide or murder was. behind it is not known. Joseph F. Pritchard, the .sporting wri- 1 lor who Is under indictment in the St. Cliiir County Court charged with blgu- , my, has been deliverer; up by his bonds- ; men. mid is now confined in tin- county 1 jail at Alasconlah. I'riu-.hard it is i claimed, has a wife in .Milwaukee and one in St. Louis. At Hamilton, Out., Ivuspar Osller, an employe of the Hamilton Screw Works, and texture to the work known as "Shetland" is that of F;dr Isle. Siruai- e-;l halfway between the Orkney and Shetland groups l-Vir Isle is like neither as far a.s ils foil; at 1 ,- i-onc.-rned, a "peculiar people," alien in their ways, f'oi 1 - cign in lilou-d. I'sa.ges lung since d : -<- cardcd in Orkney an Sheilanil lloni-Mi in I-'tilr Isle. Tin- people there .still extract, dyes from na.tive lichens and wid tlowei 1 .-!. They stain the wool in biillianl, coloi-s juid knit, it into close j patterns of the most luxuriant and ! harmonious tints. 11. II. (ioldwailo, n traveling salesman, suu-iidently shot and killed his sister-in- law, AlVss llallie iPischon. at il-'ort Wayne, Ind. lie liad just cleaned his revolver and was carelessly showing Its workings to tho inmates of the room when 11 wins discharged. The Newfoundland sealing Heel has sailed from SI. Johns, N. F., to prose- cuto the seal llshery for I lie season of 1H).'!. Tho fliH'l numbers twenty-one steaineiN; nineteen will cruise in tlie Atlantic, anil bays on Ihe east coast and two In tho (itilf of St. Lawrence. An altcmp,tled suicide and murder took place on the Nth at Kittle Place's house, Detroit, .Mich. Joseph lOsser, ^:i years of age, shot and seriously Injured Annie Shea, aged L'S, an inmate of the place, lie then placed Hie revolver to his light car and blew his brains out. Serallno Delcarlo, the demented Italian who shot Air. Mar!or, of Charlotte, and Mrnkonian H. A. Pember on a. .\licli- Jgan Central triiln near Maltle Crock, Midi., on Ihe !)Ii, committed suicnde In the coimiy some lime during the night of Ihe liiih by hanging himself to I lie iron frame of Ihe window. heirs of Uie estate of the late Reynolds of South Mend, Ind., has completed an immense wood carving representing the landing of Christopher Columbus on American soil. Ostler lias been employed on Ihe work for seven hours a day for Ihe past seven months. All the details of the carving are historically correct in every particular. Ai lOxeter, N. It is known that, this peculiar kind of X knitting—Moorish in. il« lavish richness character—defeats whi'-h wen-, —she would, in my belief, have perfect. She was ilj<- very of Tragedy. The uj'.iuoTij.iy of ihe rhyming Alexandria- vej--;i--s vra- nm ^an:;],'f to her gifts: ,--h<- would 3joi liave IK ;•:) i'.omjie]lc<l Ui sjx.'ak au Jjjjj:'iv.-r.'s.;!-.i jiasnl, uneveji. tiiuj:(*]'>-liou,s kminwigi- 11 ko the French, but il)e sonor-^is ];;••::-:- ures of ancii-m CIS-.-H.-^ and Ko. ! iji'. AN'as 'n in her nature or in her art? Both were <••••> i-<,:jj|iiei.c]j iiarnjoijize.i in her by 'genius as to fnrm a ne-.v Melpomene. France, who jjio^t l;i.ij<l-i- bly pays honor \n Jjej- <iiKtinguisijcd children. sh;ni.!(J not luive >ljjiii-rl jj; tin- unjust, war mad<- nnun Ifcu-h'-J by cert,'iin iiulijws .-ujd j'/tinjjilisi.s und'-r the co;j«,:-nij)til<];. jirnijipihigs of spiti; and ill temper, by leaving ihat. lunii- nuns star nnh.-(_-»|e,|. \i> <jucuch iiKclf by inches in languor and mMancholy. Mer merit was so sujjri'me thttt \ve can well i>aivlon some slight, defects In Ixv .*.•:• ••;ii:imi;ies are hajipenlng in all our :gi-'-:it cities to people much !e.:-.s able cL:m he to afford the loss. Whether the : iiiv in Air. Yaiiderbilt's cottage actually a;-.--<- r;-o!!i a defi-crive Hue 01- not, there c:ci be iltti.- question but that many ;< :i." .-!!-• !;;•• •;, Mi-.l r,\;>uy tins not do ijji-stic. have their origin in a caroles-*-I '."-•--. li:t|i- shor; of criminal, .lust a!-j uiis lime the cities of .Milwaukee air! i formality i.s even more neces- is to occupy a sary where the lady position of greater dignity, and corresponding respoiLsibilty, in Uie regiment. . TIIK TIAIMKl; Qt-KSTION. President CollmaJi frges CJrove Planting For I'rotectioii and Fuel. I'.rooklyn ar;' sulfering from an iibnor-i NVestcrn I-'arm .lournai; Al the a! mmilK-r of iin-s. Warchoust ;•!•• r~. dwellings, almost, every 11., broke out In of coloHng, in. its quaint ' Ulf! '" 'he malady intricate-, li'.icei-y —was taught by shlp : preying upon her;; wrecked Sptiniiuvls. a remnant of ihu Armada which found temporary refuge on l-"alr Isle, Tin- same kind of work is still to be seen In the south of Spain. Although the origin of the Fair Is'.e knittilng can lie thus (raced to a. direct Kxeier Collon .Mills about -I o'clock source, the fairy lace of the noighborin ihe morning of the 15th. It started in tile basement and burned up through the building, destroying the engine- room mid the older part of the mill, which was destroyed once before. new part of the mill was saved. lire was controlled lit U:.'{(j o'clock. estimated at Jf^oO.iKiO. A I St. Louis the three men, Henry Kaiser, Jacob Hems', and Charles 'McDonnell, who were arrested as the foot- The The Loss islands cannot be awomilod for. Then- are legends of how it oi*iglnate<l. Here ar;- some of them: A. mermaid, desirous of yi.siting Iho land to captivate a. fisher-lad who had won her affections and being nnprovid- wljich \'/:is K'f-reliy ul both as awomaji, and as one \vho W.-IK a real liono.- t-j her country, she had tin- ri^'ht to e.\- poct more indnlgi-nce and higher regard from the proverbial efjtiity and courtesy of the French jwoplc. The thought that she. was disliked by her compatriots exacerbated ihe disease which brought her to the grave. Poor Rachel! May the compassion of an Italian artist reach you in your ..-tenial abiding- place! . fac- . .4'1',-lde "1 building, have suffered recently, and <" numei-o.isiy as to direct the 'active . n'v-ntion of hrqiranco-mcn tl> them, '.v;;ii tlie j-.-.siiii of a considerable in'•:<•.:•<- in rates. All manner of excuses have b-en put forth. Fir-.- fiends, badly(quipped nr(Ml('partinent. co)i.siiiiction have, come in for their. •--hare of the blame. Doubtless all are r. ;sjion.sible in a measure, yet It seems on-• of tin; strangest: tilings in tlie world to fasten tho responsibility of a number of tires in any one city upon its lire- dr-prti-inifiil, be its equipment over so bad or out of dale. A deficient ||rc- d--))•-'••- .-jn-ui i-jay help the seriousness of liiv.--. by noi r.'iideing jiroper service or in not be'.ng provided with adequate apjjarattiK, but do with Ih' ; meeting of the Iowa State .Ilonlcnltural Society it .was somewhat; remarkable to hear iho president, Alt-. A. F. Cullman, who is from a well limbered section, urge limber and grove planting for the special purposes of protection and fuel. He urgw.1 this pomt strongly in his annual address. Since lie is from improper ] ilu orchard section, where* apple gro-vln-; is a. leading industry and where tli--r.> >s plenty of timber, wo supposed we would push the extensive 1 planting ( ,f ,i, ( ,..,,. pie. Whili* this fruit may command'a prominent place in favored seelnnh, it is a fact that there is much to do in grove -plant ing. The prolonged cold weather of this winter, (ho otiormons amount of fuel needed, its high prj,,-, and the great drain made upon the purse for fuel only, should put every (JUUWL\(;. pads who assaulted and robbed lOdwln | ta.tions of the sea maid's dress a.s their 10, Mi-own, of Chicago about two weeks j moro matx-rlolisWc circumstances pet- ago, and who died from tho effects of J milled. So from Ihe soft whllt the assault, have been identified by two colored women, Carrie Chapman and Mettle Uoblnson, who witnessed the attack. ed with garments suitable for a terrestrial expedition, wove the sea foam jnto : Tll(i IMjfger He Is the More .Money Can a light and elegant robe, which so en- He (Jotten Out of Him. chanted the Islanders that they im- ' mediately proceeded to make, such hid- ! Rural World. Ther are some thinu-s i! ''.-in have nothing to, land holder to sludying what will bo number of firr-s. Neither is i economy in the futim;-. Tho few well- it f.-iii- to censure ihe architect and the : planted groves that were established builder. Brooklyn's opHo;mc |.« a receni; years ago tin; now making a . good show one, ihoiiL'h the city j s by no metiiu j ing of their usefulness. The tliiim5n"-s new. A mure witislm-.iory explanation, i <>f thosu groves are now found of "ivTt ,«-4-rl-i;nly in the instances of domestic, I value. In tho apple section of 7ow-t dwellings, Is the unutterable careless-! the fe.w well-planted orchards sot ! ness of people svilh lire and flame. '" I long as the house docs not burn down every Improper use of Ore Is all right; the moment Ihe cala.'-ilroplio occurs, Ihe fault Is looked for everywhere, save in the nearest place. Cities allliclcd with So tho' first plantings have' made safrTthe present, heavy plantings of orchards, l lie yield of these otx-luirds jiwiify planting in the future, some'of them yielding as high as $200 per aero jK-r 'year to their owners and o-flu.m .-m. esenli rwin, a Populist mem C(!l!O they evoved these lilmy textures which are now so well known and appreciated, and Another story Is that of a "wise wo-' and man" who prayed to be given sonn ,., ii ,i i,- ,- , "Hiiieroiis lircs had better Issue instruc-i proaching thin figure So iVoin" lili. which mast l,«, noted m raismg mules. llons lo „„. ,„.„„,,. „„ ,,„„,„,,,, ,„„„, i standp.oint; of proTit we i'Jt llulr t-inrflar lo health bulletins issued In j from some early plsuitcd timber ulots nines of pestilence, than spend Ihelr | that have been planKMl to ash. In one great, gift by which she might benelit Legislature, bus , her country. As she prayed, tln-n- drop-! weighing l.aot) pouiu-ls tlu Ri her of the Nebraska prepared a, resolution for Introduction in the I louse at the earliest opportunity providing for the appointment of a com-• curious sea.wecd. It fell into lu-r mil tee to draft articles of impeachment ,' upon the slocking she was knitting. against the different Stale officers com- j Accustomed lo ivgard the smallest Irl- ped from among Ih. no that the undertaking may lie a success. A small mule Is of no more USD amongst his kind than a small horse, the bigger lie is Ihe boiler he is the more money can be gotten for him. In oar younger days wo noticed that those men who had good big mares, -Unit lime in Investigatin architects and bull-li Ihe ilisulllcionc.y of tin Ih . t evil doings oE.caso a, farmer reports from Nobrnsk-i FHO.M AX OLD CAIHNKT. and Muildings. Moaijrl. of I'ublU hsliing-gear, suspended , was a big mare in UHJKO davs~and bred Some coLlago rafters, a pied- of them to a certain jack that was owned It fell into tier lap in ihe neigjiborhood, never failed lo gel a good serviceable animal thai gre-.v to good sine, commanded a good price (jimlnt the .-, i.:- bewailing^ a sixteen acre tract of trees on his re-engines. , qua Hod section that if h ( , would sell Ihe. timber off of, would buy another tarm, but he hesitates to cut il This season many farmers w!Jl oxja-nd tnnn Down W> to .?50 for fuel. This is tho Inleivst. ;<>n the money Invested. • In from live Recipes Handed Kighloonth Century. I'III'IU Hi \V1-IO. | Not (in this lii-uiul i-diilhii-iil idonc, l/iil iii I iniiliiriiil lii-ri-ding ll'oiiii'iil i-i-uiiins, ill (iiiuli: liuilii, iMi'Xico.Soiilli Aiiiri-icii.tlii- Ntliiuiih o( ' I'ltlllllllll, Illlll HsiMVlll'IT, llonll-lll-r.-. St(llllll|-|l i lillti-i> iill'onlii In inliicliilniith unit Honjoimi- ; cr.--, |ir(il(-(-iioii u-i-niiiht iiiuliiriii. 'flu! iniin-r, i tin- I'rcnlily nn-ivi-d immigrant, tin-, t||l,.|- ,,f ; I In- virgin Mill newly rolilx-cl of ils 1'im-M* ; liy UK- :ix« of tin. pionc-i-i-, lind Iu tin- Kiipi-i-li ! anil •IVIirllc hpci-ilic a |>rcK-rvur ugiihist tin- I IIOIS.IIIDUS miasma wld.-li in vast, dislrii-ts | I'icli in iiatnnil j-i-Miiirci-s, is yd, f'ui-lilu in ; dlsi'llSU, It lllllllllillllc-K (liHOl'lU-l-S Of l||... i Kloniiutli, livc-r and lunvcls, t'cirlillcs tho^i- ! \vlni iihy it agiiinsl rlunimutic. ailmunU j c,,,,.. i , . i , , • , ,,,, i "' ( ' 1 ' 11 ll " 1 ' fiistc-rcd liy onliluui- cxpusiiru: ' Jouiul against saloomsls. \\lu-n | lnliiM-« gi-niul wnrmlli into a fnime cliilli-.d summoned on the Kith bel'oro Iho Cir- ! 0' " I'iK-'i-ous tcnipurnlurv, and robs of llieii The John have como to an agreement whereby ' llm promised contest IW his .Sl.iiuo.otio ! worth of property will be withdrawn, i William and Samuel Conrad of New! Albany, Ind., wore arrested on UiolOih | charged with being parricides. It is al-! Jeged that they killed (heir father, John 1 Conrad, by beating his brains out with! cluUs. j At Vaupuralso, Ind., tlfly indictments the hand of wise woman 'ra.'i'ile bit of as she did a copy of ils lies as Indications from a. guiding Providence, the pondered long over Ihe nature's handwork, and so she unconsciously madt delicate tracery in the slocking, which had been of close- plain knitting. The lady for whom the stockings were intended was delighted with the new and pretty design, which soon became popular. third slory tclls'of They had exci ilcm dishes In the eight- strong wen- anil and proved lo bo sound, healthy. The mules which were from smaller did not grow so large, naturally, and did not. command such a good price, either lo the breeder or to Hit- man for whom they wore fed. On tlie other hand there were a i'ew jacks in llu- neigltborhood,- ;wo remember two " In particular—that no mailer what kind of a. mare received their embraces, Ihe progeny resulting was puny, line boned, and generally mulish all over, having only sil in a corner and walch ; Htlln of the horse about them in tils- position, conformation or anything else. It must be therefore set down as to ten acres of land of these very fann- ers, is it policy to farm that'n\ c or was stinted In adjuncts. Tlu; qtlil-ed "llnvt wine." Haunch Ihe \\-av of no ciierons slewing of a carp re- half-pints of good port vimltfoii, jugged tract in grain or forage and turn over the proceeds to a co-d combine, when he has yet to haul tli,- <;-i'"I> lo his market and his fuel liotiu- ll '° l " lowu? T1 "^ 1» »»,ch ..,!„ about hare, mock iui'lle, and every slew and llu - 1<u!l11 tineslion, but tla- -fuel question hash demanded Ihcir libalions of wine, ls ()ll >'"['greater and mon- ovi-isli-idou- 11. id 4 , ,, . \ I ... . i \ t.. r 11 i .. Iiiic tin .... .iJ ...... i ., '^t»M 11V./ >1 writes of the sauces uiv worthy of note, such i S( ' ( ' n i ms <lf ' the \Vesl. as vine-leaf sauce with roast pigeon; i ----------- frumonllv .Mrs. Cross in Temple MIIJ-. Sumo Ian who wants now to the treeh-ss •\ third slory Iclls of u lilUe'1-tnu who conl the busy life of others. Her helplessness evoked the pily of u fairy, and oiu cuit Court Iholr memories had lapsed ami several were sent to jail under $800- l*md for perjury. , wL-r lo liiinu Hniriiln.1- and viipors Jiuluii \ti-ltli nilsl-t kkliiwy ti-galjlu. iuuii ti-tli Jiurtl'uhutsa, Uui wiiuU and common* hicli). - ' * day, when Ihe cripple sat listlessly plying her I hick coarse knitting and watching ti spider til work by (lie window, the fairy whispered, "Copy the spider's web! Copy the sp.ldor'H web!" The though that fact very yoiiorally tUMJopjled by unlll they have ocular girl set to work, and Urns wan Invented |ul' iho same. A Jack sljhuld, bo mead, shrub or carnation syrupV There Is In this same book Ihe recipe of sauco which by some other name—for Ils own Is loo shocking—might prove a . .. ....,„,. ... ,,.. , V-I\M \- ,->i-t. UIMYI1 JIN a II- *..!,,1 .., ti ,i , ., , . f««t that there Is as mu.4, dl.forencc Iu ^±^^ V.!.,'.^!.^ ^.^ w ^ 1 ja.cks as sires and breeders, as (hero is In AIrs ' Ilillil 'i' of wmi" reiioi-ti-d t 0 1)0 is !ll)l »'' 'to marry her French I'! 1 ' 1 , Ul !'! 1 '"''«• tl"' him lo Harvard to h »• , " not simply us fol- a pint of wain of mushroom wlue luul olio Abu wovlli ,-j!5(] coachman moon send presentable in society, •John F. Scluu-ku-.- and his hhvil „,... ' on'n "± lll , y klUwl il1 »»»«»m k," on the Kith, by the .Chicago purlin- and (Jitincy Dc-iivei- flyer. jffli u , h . ,^ a|y ross tiu> u-wuy truck b;

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