The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 15, 1893 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 15, 1893
Page 7
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THE UPPfcttnflSMOtNE*. . IOWA. WttT)NttRtUV. MARCH. kimmt WILD MALAY JUNGLES. Home of the Stealthy Tiger and Belligerent White llhinoceros. the Mrs, Mary Andreas Of Crawfordsvllle, lud. Almost Miraculous. Absolutely Helpless and Hopelewt The Grip, Rheumatism, Debility. "For several years I have been a very creat sufiercr with rheumatism. In the winter of'00 and '91, when I Imd been obliged to use crutches along while, In my unfortunate condition I had a severe attack of tho grip, which put me down bedfast for nearly a year As I hud a severe cough, the doctor thought my lungs affected, and that there was little or No Hops of My Recovery. In the fall I began to take IIood'R Sarsa- pnrilln, and in il found a medicine wliich was dolnirmu good. From un u ttcrly helpless condition I have now readied a good state of health. I do all my work and walk around without erutrhus. The pnm and swelling caused by the rheumatism are Hood's pari;r. D ;.Cures g me. All my friends regard my cure al- m ist inlrnciiluus and give hi^liust praise to Hood's 8ursii|)urllla."' Mus. MAUV ANUUBSS, (Jrawlordsvllle, Ind. Hood's I'lll.s cure Nauseii, Sleic Headache, Indigestion, B'.iiousneas. Sold by all druggists. arnm. "I know Salvation Oil to bea K .,od remedy for ncnrnlgin. burns, toothache and cuts. without It" .» very We Ire neTer It Cares Golds,Cpughs.Sore Throat,Croup.Tr.flnen- sa,Whooplns Cough, Bronchitisand Asthma. A certain cure for Consumption in first clapcs, and a sure relief in advanced stages. Use at once. You will see tho excellent effnnt afVr taking tile first dose. Gold \.j dealers everywhere. Largo bottles 50 cento and $1.00, p Both the method and results when Byrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and acts gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Pigs is the only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt in its action and truly beneficial in ita effects, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50o and $1 bottles by all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it. Do not accept any substitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAN FRANCISCO, CAL, LOUISVILLE. KY. ^ NEW YORK, N.Y. Of the tlireo grent islands of the Malay Peninsula, as a big game resort, Sumatra. Is said by a writer in the London Field to be the best, Borneo tho worst. In Sumatra all the groat mammalian varieties are to bo found—tho tiger, the elephant, rhinoceros, tapir, orang-outang, siamang, etc. In Java the elephant ttiplr, and orang-outang are missing, but the rhinoceros and tiger are represented. In Borneo all of these large animals are unknown, though doubtless tlley existed there in former, days. Sumatra offers less Inducements to the general order of visitors than the other two mentioned above for several reasons. The climate is worse, venomous snakes more numerous, and the greater part, of the island, wliich is still unopened up, is occupied by Batik tribes who do not encourage strangers. Tills part of the world has been extensively colonized by Uic Dutch, who seem to have made themselves universally hated, owing to Urn high-handed manner with Avhich they treated the natives. If the stranger win succeed in persuading Iho Malay that, (hough white, he is not. a. Dutehvmin, lie will probably be well received. People who have had an opportunity of judging of their character pronounce these natives to be peaceable, docile, sober and iu- 'luslrlous. and the most truthful of the Asiatic races, and, in addition, skillful workers. The Shikari will find, tiio going bad in such regions as have no roads. For hours sometimes he will have to wade waist-deep in slimy slush, not unfre- . quently (hiding himself, like the Irish- I man in the story, "up to the ankles in j mud," but, as he forgot to mention, j "head downward." Added to this, ho must lie prepared to view everything through a perfect, hane of mosquitoes, i Such is the home of tho white rhinoc- ! eros, and thither the hunter must von- 1 tnrc who wishes to get a shot at him. This, it may bo remarked, is by no means synonymous with bagging his pachhydermatous majesty. Indeed, lu> ofteuer than not turns tables on his pursuer, and this considerably takes the gilt off the "shikarlal" gingerbread. This monster is said to be the only animal that will attack man unprovoked, and considering that, unwicldly though lie looks, he can go as fast as a horse, the encounter is no joke. The retreating hunter's best course is to seek safety up a tree; though unless it is a pretty stout one, this will not better his position much. Even, if it is, ho may be "treed" there for a. considerable time. Unless a European is quite fever-proof and provided with special firearms, this branch of sport is better imtried. However, should he be sutllclently venturesome to -attempt. j the Sumatra jungles in spite of the above enumerated drawbacks, he will ' probably Iind an undisturbed and well- stocked hunting ground, the island being, as I have been assured, "fairly creeping with tigers." The Czarowitss has survived his trip in these parts, so that there is no reason why others should be deterred so long as they use ordinary care. Monkeys abound in endless variety in all those islands, but especially in Borneo. The most, remarkable birds are the hornbilll, peacocks, pigeons of various kinds and a very handsome pheasant, also several water birds, waders and lovely kingfishers. There are said to bo no less than 240 species of land birds known to inhabit tho Isle .Tava, while at least forty aro peculiar to it. On the other hand, 110 less than sixteen genera found in the adjacent islands are absent from this one Rhinoceros, leopanls, wild hogs and other smaller game are to be met with, and doer aro abundant, but there aro no antelopes or goats. To tho botanist .Tava would be full of interest, the beauty and variety of the flora being amazing. The island is very rich in fresh-water fishes, reptiles and insects of all kinds, too rich In the two last named, some people think. kingdom. In Brussels, where some 25,000 votes were cast, a large majority favored ,M. Jansen's proposal of universal manhood suffrage. The: Socialists voted for it. to a man. Catholics and the more moderate liberals abstained from voting. . The use of Ely's Crwiwi Balm, asnra <mr« fnr catarrh and cold In tlio liead, U attended tr th no pali), inconvenience or dread, which c ' ii be said of no oilier remedy. I feem my duty to say.a few words In r*. gard to Ely's Crenm Balm, and I do so entirely without solicitation. I have Used It liulf a year, and have found It to be most admirable. I have suffered from cntarrli of tlie worst kind ever since I was » little boy and I never hoped for cure, but Cream Balm saems to do even that. Many of my acquaintances have used It -with excellent r«- eulls.— Oscar Ostrum, 45 Warren Ave., CM- Apply Balm Into each nostril. It u Quickly Absorbed. Gives Relief at once. Price 60 cents nt Druggists or by moll. BROTHERS, 00 Warren St., New York. The state treasure of Kansas is en- jotned from paying out money on Pop- list authority. No. 32, (lie latest, Is a gem, 240 pages of pathos, dialect and fun, including two blight new Comedies; all for 30 cts., postpaid; or, tlio two Plays, 10 cte. Cauilogue free. P. Gnrrett & Co., Philadelphia, Pa. (Established 18/J5.) T COSTS MORE tolnake Royal Baking Powder than any other, because its ingredients are more highly refined and - expensive. But the Royal is correspondingly purer and higher in leavening strength, and of greater money value to the consumer. The difference in cost of Royal over the best of the others does not equal the difference in leavening strength, nor make good the inferior work of the cheaper powders, nor remove the impurities which such powders leave in the food. Where the best food is required, the Royal Baking Powder only can be used. August Flower" " I am ready to testify under oath that if it had not been for August Flower I should have died before this. Eight years ago I was taken sick, and suffered as no one but a dyspeptic can. 1 employed three : of our best doctors and received ' no benefit. They told me that I had ; heart, kidney, and liver trouble. i Everything I ate distressed me SO i that I had to throw it up. August ! Flower cured me. There is no med: iciue nal to it." LORKNZO F. R, Appleton, Maine. <S DAIUY OH POULTRY. Xow York Fanners AVritc nn Aprlcul- Inral .Tom-Hill Concerning Profits. l-lu«U O'Donnell, lender of the iluiiio- k'lid strlku. on trial for murder, is no- uittca. Sclioolle Pike, a young man employed In n Kalamaxoo, Midi., jewelry stoiv, committed suicide ou t.Uo Ulst. Uo- «pondency was the cause. FUs-All Fits Stopped tree by Dr. Kline's Groa Nerve Kestore. No Fits niter fli st. day's nee. Muryelnus Cnrns. Treatiso and $ 50 trial bottle 10 Fit Cases. Seiid to Dr. K.luo, «31 Arch St. Pa. _ (icorge ' Seimeld'jr, a joint. keeper ut Atc.Mson, Kas.. has left the country and a warrant is out diiii'gtug him willi i:l>o mnrdor at his wife. Important to Fleshy People. Tfft h»T» noticed p. page article In the Bos. tofc Globe on reducing weight at a yery small expense. It will pay our readers to send two cent stamp for a copy to Be tin a Circulating Library, 80 E. Washington St. Chicago. 111. ' Columbus, Ohio, is excited over the discovery Hint her police 1 have extort- The dnlrymen in the town of Borina. N. Y., liyure that it costs them an nver- i\ifo of 12 1-2 cents per pound to produce butter which brings 25 1-2 cunts a pound. From each cow they make an average 2.'!() pounds a, year: so they get. a profit of $10 per cow for butter. A farmer, who lives in the same state, writes that it costs him an average of 8 cents a dozen to produce eggs, and that his hens produce 14 dozen apiece during a. year, which he sells at the average price of 25 cents a dozen. That gives -him Sf2..'!S profit upon each hen from the sale of eggs alone. At that rate 15 hens would yield more profit in one year from eggs aloi'o. than one cow would give from butter nlone.— Practical Farmer. It will bo noticed that the price of eggs, 25 cents a dozen, is more than the average farmer receives, but while this Is the cost it must also be observed that S cents a dozen is more than it costs the average farmer to produce thorn. So that, the conclusion reached is not far from being correct. JHndo to Took tlfce Mew.| * Hcnt'B Clothing, Feathers, Gloves tie., iJyikl or Cleaned, Plush Gnrmunts Blonmed, nt Otto 1'icteh'n Dye \VorkB, ZM \V. Water St., Milwaukee. Send for circular. Four carloads of fireworks lire on heir way from St. Louis to Wnshing- on for the Inauguration ceremonies. JT In Nml of n Remedy for n Soro> Throat, or a Had Condi or fnlrl. use. promptly Dr. .layne's Kxpeotnrain.. n useful medicine to Id'fp 111 tin- IHIIWIJ. l»"c.aiisc of Its ttt'oat lu-lpl'iiliu'ss In uJJ Imnjr iind Throat troubles. THE NEXT MORNING I FEEL BRIGHT AND NEW AND MIT COMPLEXION 18 BETTER. I Xr doctor sayi It ncta Bently on the stomach, HTCT tBAUdneyi,andlsaplaasBiii laxatlro. This drink H made from herbs, and IB prepared Tor use as easily LAHE'S MEDICINE 1 AD tnnl** «U U «l W>« ud 11 p«r pickup. If y»« tuMt fj M, MiA not kddrm for« fax lamplfl. IADO'C Famllf Mt4MH|l mnm tkt b»»«li meh dnr. In ordtr to be h«»llhT, till U M«S> •>7. AMm OkATOK P. WOODWARD. LiRoT. N, T.I . Ironlmont (by |.rn A teachers' Institute will be held Watipaca.Marcli 1.7 nud IS. . plivtldalO. Noilnrvliig.ySTNN. red. 8«ul f»' In •tnmwl . \-. i) HIt, JH. !>., Mall Dopt. Kscalloped Apples.—Cover bottom of pudding dish with bread crumbs and bits of butter; the.t a layer of thinly sliced apples with a sprinkling of su- ,. . . gar, nutmeg 'or cinnamon. Kepoat until od various and contradictory HVon.-H |he ( , lsh , 8 m ^ wlm ft cmmb , :lyor on top. Bake slowly, adding a little water if it seems dry. Keep it covered until partly done, to prevent it becoming too brown. Serve with cream and IN CASH from a small boy by putting to his head and threat enln rtofMli. THS WAT OUT of 'woman's troubles ia with Doctor Pierce'a Favorite Prescription. Safely and certainly, every delicate weakness, derangement, and disease peculiar to the sex is permanently cured. Out of all the medicines for women, the " Favorite Prescription " is the only one that's guaranteed to do what is claimed for it. In all "female complaints" and irregularities, periodical pains, displacements, internal inflammation or ulceration, hearing - down sensations and kindred ailments, if It ever fails to benefit or cure, you have your money back. sugar. It is delicious. In their light at Portland, Ore., last j night, Billy Keogh failed to knock Jack Dempsoy out in the stipulated number of rounds and Dempsey was declared the winner. / 8 I lin KB htCoIrt, IT npplected. often attack! the ' PnnucntAi, TnncuKS plvc pun boxet. •.*. cents. fsPniZE" LOO LARGEST Grown from our iced in 1803. It will cost you only) j Cents to conr pete for the L'\ Five Prizes The Vaughan Potato la known a> one ot the very best early ' rod productive varieties now before the public,and no early' potato now grown has caused it great a sensation since the Early Rose wai first introduced. It has size, quality and yield. We want to see liow large a yield and how , l»rge» single tuber can he grown from ten ounces of this grand Potato and will pay two hundred ' dollars In cash to secure this iofor. option. ^^ VAUGHAN' oPTHBVAUGHAN POTATO If you mention the name of thl* paper and send 84 cents (12-2c. stamp*), we will mall, postpaid to any address in theU. S., 10 ounces of the Vaughan Potato, Compe- tllon C»rd and PREH copy of VAUdHAN'S The most OARDENINQ marnlfi- ULUSTRATBD ctntSeed 5 tj! PteE HOO.OO nd Plant Book ever issued, • Mi wentyi than ever, with J JTE(tP>UVU,J A Mirror of American hor-/ tlculture to date.—Twenty '(• ' pages larger tl 160 accurate nei rht cover desjet Tht cover tistlc beau mailed for thi jew engravings, t lien is of real ar- ) Catalogue alone/ a-cent stamps. SEED STORE CHICAGO, 148 W. Waslilngton St. NEW YORK, 12 Barclay Street, 'rite to-day. This Advertisement will lint r-i)"i'nvi-;iin. So certain to cure every case of Catarrh u Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy that its proprietor* make you this offer: "If you can't be mred.'ll PBV YOU $500 cosh." is Your Blood? I had a malignant breaking out on my leg belo\v the knee, and was cured sound and we i with two and a half bottles of HS^^?T\ Other blood medicines had failed K£B^ufiS to do me any good. Wu ' 1 ' C v"wue%.C. I was troubled from childhood with an air- gTavatodcuse of Totter, and tlireo bottles of Our book on Blood and Skin Diseases mailed tree. SWIFT Bi'Eomo Co., Atlanta, G». Every mim nnd worn- uii Hhmi'itl Imvo on*, ot I'residinff .luds'e Henjaniin V. Ooiien- luuior of St. ( 1 count),-, Iinprisoiu-rt wilili other judges of St. Claii- county, Missoui'i, in the jail at Kansas City for contempt of court by Uiijtrd Slates .Judge Phillips, AVH'S released on parole to attend tho funeral of his daughter, who had become insane prior 1o her demise, on account, of his imprisonment. 1'opo Leo is watiliod by the offer of American Catholics to jdve 1o M^r. Katolll a residence in Washington as a present In honor of the Tope's episcopal jubilee, and his Holiness will send his benediction to the donors. Allhin Said, sultan of Zanzibar is dead He was brother of the former sulUuis, Khalifa and Hiirjrlmsh, and succeeded to the sultanate on the death of the former In February. 1SS!). He w;i|; bom in 155. No sooner was it known that tlio sultan was dead than his son, KolUl, gained admittance to tho palace by aback entrance, evidently wliili the intention of churning the throne in do- lianco of P.ritish authority. The British authorities expelled him. A Powerful Flesh Maker. A process that kills the taste of cod-liver oil has done good service—but the process that both kills the taste and effects partial digestion has done much more. Scott's Emulsion stands alone in the field of fat-foods. It is easy of assimilation because partly digested before taken. Scott's Emulsion- checks Con- sTtmption and all other wasting diseases. Prepared by Scott & Bonne, Chemists, Now York. Sold by druggists everywhere. SALZERSTREECRANBtRRY EORf AT BUFFALO BER 3 RARE NEW FRUITS, 50c. No dwarf Blimbfmits ever introduced created such a BcnBatlo.q our Bulfulo Berry, Juuabcrry and Tree Cranberry, from tho time the leaves beeln to unfold they are a lonrce of constant beauty. Shrubi planted this leasou bloom and boar tbo next year. Hardy an oak. (1) THE GREAT BUFFALO BERRY. f the con- tury. This shrub "grows 10 to 15 feet hl(?h ThiB U truly Iho greatest uovoltyof the con- .jry. This shrub grows 10 to 15 feet nigh, covering tlsel fin early spring with bonutiful One plant of each of the three r&ra fruit n'oTeHien, will be mailed , you polttuld for but 80o.; tf oollectloiu for S2.2. 1 ); lllcolloetloni for flowers which aro succeeded by grent qtmn/- tltioa of lusclntiH fruit. It is hardy, us beaut!- ful nn a picture, wbl'o tho fru It in incomparable. It will yr iw-niiy and everywhere nud forms a Brand addition tociurl.-- :inudgurdenBhrirbs. Kach, 3Hc.; 10 fur fl.'.'", ]i'i'trnld. (2) JUNEBERRY. A shrub of wondrous buauty; covers itself wlih a grcnt mass of pure whito, deliclounly I'riiBruiit, bloBsoms. Tlivse are followed by large, dark colon d berries, excellent for pien, »aucc,p'o. 'E'iph.2.10; I'lf-rFI.SS. (3) TREE CRANBERRY. Everybody IB fjiid of oruiiberrlec,and wo haven shrub that will flonrlnh and bear prodigiously in every section of America. Knch,3"io. Tho above 3 me Novelties, postpaid, only 60c.; with caU!u;jUQ, 68c. Our mammoth catalogue iaraailcl i:.w>n rccc'ptof 8c. for i>'u<l:ige. JOHN fl. SALZER c " 5 C3., la Or.s3. Bis. SHILOHS CURE. [BEST POLISH IN THE WORLD DQ NOT BE DECEIVED wirli i>ncTna. IflnnTyirj wltU Pastes, Enamels, and Paints which stain the hands, injure the iron, and burn off. The Rising Sun Store Polish is Brilliant, Qdoricsa, Purftble, ami the consumer pays for »q tin or glass package witlj eYerfflpuroJjaje, HAS AN AJWAl SALE OF 3.000 TONS. The FoKntulu Head of Strength. When we recollect thnt the etornaeb i trmd laboratory in which food 'v formed into the secretions whic 1 . fui vigor to the system after entering ana eu- riehing Hie blood; Unit it is, in short, the fountain head of strength, it is essential to keep tills lni|iorlanl iiipjiljiinfr maehino in order, and to re.slore it to activity when it becomes inactive. This Hosteller's Stomach Bitlerii does most eil'cciuiilly, setwunably, rejfuUilin.u' and reinfoi'i-iiii: di^c'stlnn, promoting cliie nclion of the liver inul bowels. Streu^lli and quietude of Ilic nerviir 1 de- j)fud-In great meiisiire upon thoron^li Ul- gestiiti'. There ii? MO nervine Umie umru highly efeteenied tiy the ini-d'u-ul friiti-rnlly thuu ilie Bitters, i'liysifhuis ulso slrun^ly oiuiiic-nil it for eltiils tuul fy -i Iddney and bluddi-.r ^,, lic.j;idacJie, urd winit a Cures Consnmption, Oongbs, Croup, Bore Fliroat. Sold by all Druggists on a Guarantee, ror n Lame Side, Back or Chest Shiloh'a Porous Plaster will glva great satisfaction.—25 cents. ^ t>y return mall, tan at Bcrlptlve olrcul»r» at md MOODT'B IMPEOVSI 8Y8TCUB 0? EEVDS CD1TI»« Revised to data. These, only, are U. ccinlne TAILOEBTEIEMB Invented aaJ copyr!«n,tedby PEG?. B.W. MOODV. B*. ware ot .mltationa. Any lady of or<U. nary intelligence ean oaatly and quUk- ly Icaru to cut and make any garment, vi any style, to any measure, tor laalei, ion and children. Garments eu»r»a- Unlike the Dutch Process No Alkalies — OB — Other Chemicals are used In the preparation of W. BAKER & CO.'S reakfastCoco? which if absolutely pure and soluble. I Itbasmorethan three timet I thettrength of Cocoa mixed iwitb Starch, Arrowroot or - II«^PI^^. 'Sugar, and Is far more economical, costing less than one, cent a cup. It la delicious, nourishing, imd BABILT DIQB8TSD. Sold bjr firocerajererywhtrt, W. BAKER & CO., Dorcheiter, Maw. vwuwuuuwww^ OUS tared as _....-_ —ZT-^-TT, ;—.^irea, Dragged Oi Feeling, DDblllty and Low Vitality (fulfkly well as Dyspepsia, Constlr"'-- '••*?--•--? laaa, S^± n \r^5u?s!r}lru°:. o Yr, i 'ira^^w7ir ROOT t _BARK _* BLOSSOM, Sfe_warkfN?j; City of Toledo, Lucas Co., S. S', State of Ohio. Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he is the senior partner of the firm of F. J, Cheney & Co., doing business in the City of Toledo, County and State aforesaid, and that saif* firm will pay the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for each and every case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by the use of HALL'S CATARRH CURE. I.IOBIN V.-.ITJOKKIS, . ! Washington, O.O, 'Successfully Prosecutes Claims. I Loto Frmoipal Examiner U.S. Pension Bureau. 13ji«iu]aut war. 15 aiUudicntlmc claim*, ftUyito«» ORTH DOUBLE THE MONEY. Send at ouco to Jons SEBASTIAN, Q. T. A. 0., B, P. E. u., Chicago, ill., uud receive, postage paltf ; the slickest deck of eavclx you ever Imndleu. I TEN CENTS per pack, lu etampa or coin. 4ued to fit perfectly without try A44iw MOOUY * WeiMCJUri lnt | —The policies issued tho National PORELY MUTUAlt.,,,,,.;;:;, iionl are nniurpntBed. Ai;cnt3 wanted. JA.MK* H. BX'I'JBB, Alanuxer Wisconsin r;c','t., MacU Block. jHliMiiuVi«>!. ., . Cures Constipation »iol< THE ONLY GENUINE HALL'S CATARRH CURE IS MANUFACTURED BV aaa people who hare veak lungi or Anth- mo.ehoaldnw PlBo's Cure for Consumption, it has eared thnuiandi. Uhns not Injured one. H 3 not bad to take. Ulstne bastcou«u syrup, gold evorywhero. S5c, KHtahllihert 1880. "Oii( of each nuuK by dingle and brooit Tlf heulir><j H«»*»>mi J«on and Joofc. 11 A 1'OT OF JUS 0 P. ci-ucbes auU cares through the poreo, aroogef clr- cuitttiou, heal* ioflawnation, uain, 06 Mid wall ran<l PRtCIOUS HIRBAL OlHTMtHT Sv/orn to before me, and subscribed in my presence, this 6th day of December, A. D. 1889. f ^SsS^f A. W. GLEASON, NOTARY PUBLIC. $ a HALL'S CATARRH CURE IS TAKEN INTERNALLY, and acts directly upon the Blood and mucous surfaces. E. 13. WALTnAI.r, & CO., Druggists, Horse Cave. Ky., say; "Hull's Catarrh Cure cures every Mao Unit takes it." CONDUCTOR E. n. LOOM IS, Dclftit, Mich., says: "T'ne effect ot Unll's Caturrh Cure ia wouuerful." Write him alxmt it. KKV. H. P. CARSON, Scotland, Dak., .=!»ys; " Two boUlt's of Is'ill's Cuturili C/uro ccwplcie* ly cured my little girl " J. 0. SIMPSOIT, MttrriU"S«. W. Vi»., says: "Hull's Outurrh Ouro cured me of a very bail case of ctvturrh." HalFs Catarrh Cure Is Sold by all Dealers in Fatpt Medioinea. PRICE 75 CENTS A BOTTLE. 0, f

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