The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 27, 1892 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 27, 1892
Page 2
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&~ F'"' f • h., "i S*, MOINliS. 1IX30NA, IOWA. f ATP^IT NflfWC LA 1 JDO I 1111.11 J GENERAL CHICAGO will, it is thought, soon foreclose her mortgage on Ihe moon. She has got everything in sight down hi-rr. A WILKESBARRK, Pa., man has slept 13 months. ', • r (J A VEIN of coal of pood quality 12k feel in thickness was struck .at Niobara, Neb ,. G^N L KWIS A. GRANT, of Minnesota, MADISON will be between, two fires next!'? to . be made judge advocate general oi June-a republican convention in Minnn-i 1 ° ai _ my> apolis and a democratic convention in ' iV , « . VKi T OR ?'.. im porter of tin i P ' aonn m°n t011 ' has failed with "abilities I ut iWUU,UUU. HON Chicago. A DECISION interesting to people K<>n«rally has just been handed down by the court of appeals at Montreal. It benrn on the contract which telegraph companies have printed on the blanks which they furnish. The ease was that of Lureuce vs. The Gn>at Northwestern When Lionel Laurence wai in Now York one of his employes sent him a dispatch laying: "Writing you tonight." The sentence was made to read: "Waiting you tonight." Consequently Mr. Laurence made an unnecessary trip from New York to Montreal, and sued the telegraph company for $200 damages. The court in the first instance awarded $80, the actual cost of the trip from New York. The company appealed from this The proaf established the the error was duo to the of the employes of the i . , TT -, , „ p ''..G°RMAN has been reelected United States {senator from Marv- lancl. * JOSEPH LOVERING, A. M. LL. D., professor of mathematics and natural philosophy at Harvard college, died of the grip. . AN electrical stop watch has been tested in a bicycle race, where it determined the winner, although it was only one- hundredth of a second ahead. WALTER A. WOOD, rtad of the great harvester works, which have located tiu St. Paul, died at Hoosick Falls, N. Y. nJK P i I 3 ' T i lAYA '. a y°ung insurance agent of San Francisco, learned briday that he was heir to a $6,000,000 tbtute in Calcutta. . IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY a7._189j.. ttfOTADTr Tl)l?T? fttiAtl [| [J} [ \}\([\j \ If ££, JJM1/. down on her clothing on the ice on Lake pas-ed as follows: Grand Haven. Mich., Michigan, fifteen feet from the foot of 850.000; Deadwood. S. D.. $200.000; Dover. Ohio street, where she was found frozen to N. H.. $100.000; S»i'lwaffir. Minn , $100,death. ' 000; Providerce. R 1, 8300,008; Snletn, A I OR* SMITH, dispatch says a report Oregon. $100 000 D,il!ps, Orev."=n, 3100 has just come in of a double lynching in 000: i'resno, Cal. $75,000. th° niountains of northern " Arkansas, i HOUSE.—A resolution offered by Mr. feter Baker was found murdered. His. Stone (Kentuckv), asking for statistics of wife and a man named Johnson were taken hade wi'h SanPommsro and Port Rico, - a mob tea tree, lashed back to back and Wfl s rt<?re?d to; bills were <in'roduced as follow*: by Mr. Dolliver (lowii) for the hanged for the crime. AND OAStJALTIBS. AN Iowa bank president was asphyxiated in a Chicago hotel. THE Pittsbure Leader newspaper office was burned out Friday night* EIGHT freight, cars fell through a damaged trestle at Rtnkin, Pa., killing one brakeman and fatally injuring another. FIRE in Bradv's carpet house at St. Joseph Mo., Wednesday caused a loss on building and contents of $150,000- inured. AT Wichita, Kan., ex-Councilman Rey- iolds was kil ed instantly Sunday night by m electric wire. FIRE Sunday night at Kansas City Mo lestroyed the Beardorff building on Mam treat, — J -" -* '• • oss of Mr. Dolliver (lown) for relief of settler.^ on the Des Moines lands; by Mr. Springer for free wool reduced duties oh Woo/en gnod?; a result: fion was adopted filling the vacancies in the regents or the Smithsonian institution by appointing William P. Johnson of Louisiana vice Noah Porter, deceased; J. B. Henderson of Washington vice M. 0. Meigs, deceased, and Henry Coppee of Pennsylvania reappointed. THURSDAY, JAN. 21. SENATE—In the senate to-day several bills of minor importance were in'roduced. The commiitea on, commerce reported favorably the senate bill to establish a marine board. Mr. Stanford addressed The Famous old Cottonwood, Where the Fort Dearborn Massacre Began,'is Dead. The Terrible Fig-ui With HIP Pottawa- in T rritory the Fort !St«,utl. fhe Garrisou Deceived by the Indians, Placed Itself Under Their Protection, the senate in support of the bill circulating medium based or, land for a morl- decision, fact that negligence company, but the . SPRINGFIELD, 0., is having a sensation m the redent mysterious disappearance of Mamie Bangham, a young lady. THE Pacific mail steamship Rio Janeiro trom Hong Kong has been quarantined at ban irancisco on accountot small pjx on appellant set up the plea that dispatches were sent under a contract which declared that it would not be liable for damages resulting from errors unless the dispatch was repeated, and then only to the amount of fifty times the price paid for the message. Such a contract tbe court declared to be contrary to public policy, and any contract by which a party sought to fix the punishment for his faults was illegal. The judgment was confirmed, which meana that, like thecontrac; on the back of a railway pass exempting the company from liability in case of accident, the eon- tract on the reverse side of a telegraph blank is. of no'offect, The ruling in the case of the telegraph company, where the service is actually paid for, is unquestionably sound. STOCKHOLDERS' INABILITY. The Minnesota supreme court has'just rendered a decision of momentous interest board. THE North Alabama Improvement Co. 1 • It • •»—»H. i u *.f W VGU-1U11L \_/U, «p nnnrtnn / lu P TO P erties ' worth about $6,000,000, to the Northwestern Land Association of Pierre, S. D. IT is said that a company is being organized at St. Louis, Mo., with $1,000,000 capital stock, to fight the American tobacco company. THE R. S. Dickie Manufacturing company, oi Chicago, manufacturers oi' labels has made a voluntary assignment in the county court. Liabilities are i?ivpn as $100,000 and the assets at $60,000 AUGUSTA, Me., reports an unprecedented amount ot sickness, resulting largely trom the ravages of the grip. Wiffain a month five prominent citizens died and several more are ill. THE Fremeen's Insurance company of Dayton, Ohio, has decided to retire from business, and will insure its risks in the National Fire, of Hartford. HOLLY AUSTIN shot and captured, two miles north of Madison, Ind., a genuine American female bald eagle measuring '*' Ironwood, Mich., C. G. B ik? caught his foot in a carrier us'eU to convev ( fuel to a saw mill iurnace, and being un able to extricate himself was burned alive. . -i • p^jra?"*" B i~m """•." «*s"'"K out on the Red Wing road Tuesday night ran into a freight tram making a siding a'; Trout Brook, Minn. A freight car was demolished, but no one was injured. TiBNiiY WEBSTER 63 years old and deaf, leaped 40 fee* from a railroad bridge at L^wiston, Maine, to the river, to avoid a tram. Ho broke through the ice, but succeeded in dragging himself out. He was terribly lacerated, but will live. .IHOMAS RoGEHSoneof the most prominent farmers of McLean county, II] , aged 70, was fataly hurt by being thrown ead a C " tha h ° rSe 8tep P in £ on his THE British schoonpr Mary Roberts, of Cape Breton, was wrecked in the harbor at Lewis, Dei. Her crew reached the 1 shore m safety except William Landrey wno died from injuries received. CONGRESS. MONDAY, Jan. 18. SENATE.—Senator Teller introduced a bill to admit Utah into the state; Senator The attention of the Chicago Historical society, of all old settlers, and of all citizens with a relic-preserving proclivity is called to the fact, that the old cottonwood tree near George M. Pullman's barn, on Eighteenth street, between Prairie avenue and the Illinois Central tracks, is dead and is about to pass away. The tree marks th : < spot nt which began the most tragic event in Chicago's history— the massacre of the garrison of Fort Dearborn, in 1 812. This claim is not made recklessly and wiUouc reason. The subject has often been investigated and the claim confirmed, the lapt time by Captain A. T. Ankreas, when compiling his "History of Chicago." He secured the statements of Mrs. Juliette A. Kinzie. Mi*. Henry W. Kinff, Hon. Isaac N. . M rnol M' A ' ni 9 a te* Cbarles Harpell, Mrs. Mary Clark Williams, and a number I of others, whose recollections and opinions are conclusive; and they all agree that not only to corporations doing business m that state, but to individual creditors thereof. Virtually the court holds that stockholders in a corporation are liable for corporate debts to an amount equal to i f, IW millf heir subscription, and that in this respect rent month; _._ there is no distinction between unpaid subsidiary coins and paid-up capital; between stock sub-, l —••--••• " scriptions and any other assets of the corporation. _ The court, however, makes a distinction between bona fide creditors, becoming surh in good faith during the sol rency of the corporation, and parties who »ay purchase claims against an insolvent incorporation, for the purposes of spscu lation. Here the court holds that where a creditor asks for relief against a stock holder he must show his own equities entitle him to such relief. While it is true that he may en fore j a valid claim against the full amount of the seven teet eight inches from tip tu tip. n^rrm -I *1_* • * . . _ * ' . striking iron founders of the Baldwin Iron works and Fleet's foundry at Ottawa, Ont., have returned to work at the put hours, ihe machinists are sdll out places are being rapidly filled --. — union as a Cullom introduced a bill providing for a public building at Elgin III., to cost 8100,000. He also introduce at HOUSE—The portraits of Messrs, Grow uud Rtndall were pres mied to the house. Presentation speeches were made by C. W. Stone, of Pennsylvania, arid Holman, of Indiana. The following bills worn introduced: By Mr. SWenson, nf Michigan, appropriating $276,000 to build two revenue cutters for use on tbe lakes; by Mr. Bland, for free coinage of gold and silver; also for public buildings >tt Sterling and Dixon,. III.; by Mr. Harvey, ol Oklahoma, appropriating $16,000 to complete the allotment of lands to {he Cheyenne and Arapahoo Indiana in Oklahoma, Mr. Catchmgs reported the now code of rules, which was ordered printed. THKY WBARNO CLOTHES. Natives of a South «ea Islauil TVlio Bntiitn Their Pn.tin. implicit.,,. I the commonly receivedlradition ifcorreT jh missionaries have been labor- On the other hand, no one his dS« 5 ng for years on the Fiji islands and the its correctness. «"»pated »?L t ° P(inn ? ettloinetltl , ltt duwa ha* It seems that this Iree is the nirvivor erved to spread civilized customs, yet of a clump Of trees, which here is one of thei.lauds, n t v e r visited the middle of the batllefield "which «" by travelers, where the native*..mi relain tended much father to the soulh but at acres of land, which is beinfi cleared for a Fort Dearborn was built in 1W)<? ofsuwfandT' JS» ^..^ , . b «* I 9**W<>hn ^hX a? " 18 ° 3 sail through serf reef. Tho took a load of n-L • t £2 l M- pany ' bas Jast relumed and Capt. William Culby tells some interesting stories of these Fijians. 'Wo found them," he said around just as Ad m> and Eve cl States marine Among a cloud . during the cur$450,000 of the new consisting of halves, and dimes of the new design been shipped to all parts of ie country. FOREIGN. THE Jesuit general, Rev. Father Anderley, is dead m Rome. Convicts in Brazil which was speedLy hospital at Chicago, of new bills introduced felt the slightest shame. Oua great curiosity, and as she vessel lay. in f^o n ' rr° a PP r °P ri "tion for the I a ? d clambered all over her deuk and rig two revenue cutters tor services on the e ln K. Iney would always come in a great lakes; by Mr. Perkins, to provide a P«t» of a dozen or mo.-e aud they would Uniterm system of banking in the United | make a great splashing in order to scare away the sharks. Trese mons'ers will at- » b ?Ce! h ",^ilo«'ct£Si as •%?&£„$«£ clarecl war against Engl " 1812 ' i OnAugust 9 ' an ^ncuan runner was |named Wmnemeg, arrived at the forl dispatches from General t, ordering Captain Heald uate the fort, and retreat by land the States. HOUSE.—The following bills -vere in- ByMr. Loud, of California, immigration tit Chinese tank oe man, but they are the noise of many. T\ , «, \ »V>U*.\.M;U uy IUJL1U. tO Detroit, and leaving the disposition of the government property to his discretion. T — placed Captain Heald! in a very This embarrassing position. The Pottawato- c islands w h When they the start a revolution I .. j ' I • • horizing the District ot Colum° Andrews, of Massachusetts, wearing of the ' " , the r ~™. v j.uu uu\(»ju. , i „ j_ , T ,. 0 ,,— ..-.«.»n e u L LUD uuuge „ * "•" °^™ k " uu " UJ "". one Cllirarpf service were held in London ttd °P™ d for the a ™y of the United State trom them on'y in that she wore about he n " Thursday over the remains of" Cardinal Manning. BAVARIAN railways are 'serious ed by the prevalence of the grip engine drivers and other trainmen. DispATOHBsfrom Guatemala ula'.ethat crip- Ion all occasions of [Lewis, of Mississippi," r ._. n -fTVA 1116 tr . ea sury irom depositing United States funds in sub,,,.,. is ucf tbe United States: by Mr. Wi.Lams, of North Carolina, for the free - of si.v.r; by Mr. Henderson, of frightened m i«B. in whose country tbe fort stood, had .- , , .,-—-• Mosc of the become disaffected, through tbe intrio.i,«= ^! n ^ h:ave . ba _ tone Wlfe - though the chiefs "f ihe Eogli.h, and it was eSuallv Ian- are gerous to please them or to disoleasfi up the side 'hem. They soon learned that the evac were mucn amus- uation was to occur and that consider ons attempted the slightest able government property had toT er women she wouH iurnn nvAr I behind; and the eqpectation of drew about 500 or 600 of them "to the neighborhood of the fort. What thev particularly wished to get hold of was the whiskey and the ammunition .Instead of retreating as soon as he got " orders, Captain Heald temporized The particulars were BOOB known. 4! u.oy'i .twelve years old* named Rt" White) had baen visiting his aunt in town. On that morning he had staftejl for his.home, four miles out in the ctiftfr| try. fie ought to have reached there loss enough b&fore noon, biit the clay passe? and he did not appear. Hii father bad 1 come to town and given the alarm, aid within an hour thrrty men were ready to| go out. '_ I You will wonder .how the boycoulj! have been lost on a pub'ichit 1 hway. Had! he stuck to the road he would have been] all right, but after getting a miU> anddj half from the villajre he attempted i I short cut through the forest, to save dis-1 tance. The snow was six inches deep and j the weather coldj and we all believed tflat 1 if we did not find him, that night he would certainly perish. Fortunately fof us, a teamster had seen the boy enter the I woods, and we were not long finding hist trail. His tracks were the only ones, and! he bad gone along all riu'ht and kept the j right direction for about half a mile, i Then he had begun to ramble, and it was not long_ before we found where he had ! walked in a circle. When the lad had found that be was i turned around, as the saying is, he pob scared and ran as hard as he could, but in the wrong direction. We had torches, you understand, and it was an easy taslL to follow him. As we went forward oh his trail men shouted, horns were blown and guns fired. About four miles from where we struck into the woods we foaud where he had fallen clown in the snow. After getting up he seemed to be tired oijit and did not run any more for a long tirne. It was just midnight when we found the boy's overcoat on the snow—not the overcoat, but a heap of rags and tatters to represent it. Right there, also we found the tracks of wolves, and gave all hope of finding the lad alive. It had been a cloudy, dark day, and the wolves in that thick forest were astir and had come upon him. The tracks now showed that the lost boy had starred off on a run, ahd that there were five wolvea were following him. Aquater of a mile further ou we found his red yarn inittins all chewed up on the snow. There were plenty of trees which he could have chined, and when we found that he stiir kept running we expected to come upon his bones any minute. About) thirty rods beyond the mittens we found the renmants of his fur cap and jacket. Every time he threw anything away the _wolves stopped to investigate, though this gave him the lead it was only a question of time when they would overhaul him. We had just crossed a g_lade and entered the thicket on the other side when we heard a growling and gnashing of teeth and caugh sight of at least three wolves sneakintf nway. We expected that the climax had occurred here, and were searching about in dread when a voice suddenly called out"Here I am—up here, but I'm sin*-. "*. «,» _T _ A| ' ^^ can't come down T so cold I It was the lost boy, and he was among tne limbs of a beech over our heads We soon had him down, but he could not >\ walk a step- His ears, nose, fitters and 1 toes were frost bittm, and in an hour more ;l he would have frozen to doaHi 'It was 14 M degrees be ow that night, and he w ls i, 8h } rt sle , eves nnd borehended. was i the rail and swir.t ashore. " day the queen and a d^zen of he court ladies swam out to us. She differe .. . Mr. I waist a ^'rdle with a small apron woven prohibiting the o£ some sort of fiber. I offered her pound of tobacco for it slightest hesitation she gave it to uie. ,^l n ^l* re , ver y . fon ? of tobacco and without th took it off anc „ L uuo ,Dr.Lainflestahasbeen^toed president I Nortf C^oli^-h'; "f-.^i , n ? ndersou . *\ftf P8 f, I" ""-if ^ is abWt '»"-'> chartered capitalization of the corporation | °*±^- '_ l^^'a^^o^ •" ' ~ — • ' ' rtf\OTi ' 4-H ni H »vi • £ .1 . • t i ' .» ii . '-' BONNAT has I th e of I as- sued, at the same time poymeut can never be enforced in favor of one who became a j sociation that m^ages7hrParis' Salon' creditor after the corporation had become THE Bank af the Republ c a Kio insolvent and its affairs placed in the Joniei-o has gone into li q Stk,n The hands of a receiver. Thus it appears from se . a ,?: te ls dls °ussing the monetary reform the decision just rendered that the stock-1 ilJ.l? Speml bearin ^ onthe P a P er money holders of a corporation capitalizad for $1,000,000, with but $25,000 paid in, are liable to the full amount of 61,000,000, provided the claim is held by one becom- ° h C ' V1 ' con- internal revenue system; bv .Lockwood. of New York, to put colon the free list: by Mr. Hurter, of ing a creditor in good faith before solvency of the corporation, and who had in- relied uton representations of the corpora tion that its capital was actual I $1,000,000. y The decision will 'have a tendency to impel a better general knowledge of the bona fide resources of corporations. ; PEKSONAIw POINTS. Mrs. Ellsworth Miller, of Cold Springs, N. Y., is the mother of two sets of trip- Jets, three pairs of twins, and two other children, making in all fourteen, the old est being 8 years, * * » The Philadelphia Academy of Natural A PARIS dispatch savs M. republican, who boxed the e of M cks v i f . »increase the revenue and addittional provide tlelm, iiBoulangist, during the scrimmage in the chumber of deputies Tuesday was instantly challenged. The fight came off with swords. M, Delpech was wouded in Delpoch, al^iOudESu,^-^^ CUrrenCy the arm- Sciences is considering whether a relief expedition should not bo seat out for Lieutenant Peary and wife, who are somewhere in Greenlamct. recovered his his ser- Mr. Spurgeon has so far health that ho is able to revise mons for weekly publication. Baron Hirsch 1ms bought a fine London mansion. Bath House by name. When owned by the first and second Lords and Ladies Ashburton it was the resort of the most brilliant society of London * * * Mrs. Stanley wants her husband to write his biography and stand for the house of commons. * * M Secretary Q JHy believes in odd a umbers He introduced twenty-wen bills into th tenate in one day, and then felt frexl enough to play a game of seven-up * * * r Winfiekl Scott Chaplin, the new cr. lor of Washington university, has had noteworthy eareer. He graduated at West Point in 1870, second in his class. He served two years, was in railroad engineering two years, taught in Maine, was president of tbe military academy of Japan, and was of the facultieiof Union college and Harvard university. M. Castelin wan not hurt. OttiJVUa. A MICHIGAN man experienced religion and confessed the murder of his " for which he had been tried and ted. father, acquit- fi^^T 8 !- 1 ^?^' of Baltimore, treasurer of the National Stone Mason'sAusocia tion has dijappeared with 81,000 belongin" fo JOHN CARSON was found with his throat , ••— *«M.»^» »• 4 m uia iiuruilL cut from oar to ear, at 41 Christie street New York. Friday. This i s the fifth vic- the Ri S ° m " mi ; sttjrious Nevv Yorl f "Jack WM WKST, who was arrested with a quantity ot lottery tickets in his possession a few days aco at Chicago, was fined S100 by Justice Glennon Monday. MHS. Johnson, a young Peoria br'de who was shot through tae brain by her msband early Monday evening.died Wed- leeday morning, FIVE of the Linwood, Arkansas riot- e-s iiavo l) Btm coiivicte.1 and sentenced to the suite penitentiary for from two to ton years each. Gov. PIPEH, of Illinois, has issued a requisition 0.1 the governor of Colorado f. buulc, who is wanted in Cni- Buck is now un- New Jersey, to pro ship canal from " e Atlantic coast o . Bay; by Mr. Taylor, of Ohio proposing an amendment to the constitu tion fixing April 30, instead of March 4 as the date for the beginning of the term °J president and members of congress- bv I Mr. Houk, of Tennesse, to establish soldiers home near KnoxviJJe: a/so make Knoxville a port of immediate de livery; by Mr. Harvey, of Oklahoma, au thorizmg the appointment of three ad ditional justices,"of the supreme court of Ok.ahoma; by Mr. Lester, of Georgia, appropriating 83,150,000 for the improvement of the Savannah harbor, and by Mr bim p3 on of Kansas, to repeal section 14 of the act of February, 1873, which made the gold dollar the unit ef value. TUESDAY, JAN. 19. £*^ TJ 5~?K? ret P a P e , r Presented was secretary ot state (in tor m cagotorembezzleiiwnt. der arrest at Denver, P.1" 1 ! Jj u H din * ooenpwd by McLean & Campbell, George MeBean & Uo J E Hunncker and Leonard Bros., Montreul Thursday morning. Loos,' i report ironi the ply to a secate resolution) as to the Hxican awards under the convention of Secretary Blame'* report trives the lull Htnountof the awards as $3,865,000 all pi which had been paid by Mtxicd m tourteen annual installments in per- Itou accordance with the terms of the convention. These bills were passed: for a post... e „„ Mammoth Hot Springs m the Yellowstone National park; to aid South Dakota to support a school of mines at Rapid Citv learjingtoncpun y, appropriating $250.^ 000 tor u public building at Hastings their mouths food will fall j n . At full pounds of tobacco, but when'""! ran short I began giving two tor a pound. I was surpri wd no objection was made to-the short weight until I found that the n-issionariea give only one plug for a pound, ' "The missionaries have not produced any deep effect, though the natives are very pious and go to church several times a day. Church dues are collected not in money, but in produce, and the church is known m the native tongue by the material in which the revenues are paid. Thus, the English church is the cocoanut meat church; the presbpterians have the cocoa- D u U n°c u bu u roh ? nd tbe catb olics the dried shell-fish church. • . The islanders are extremely fond of drink, and when we viewed the king we aw how-their liquor was made. The queen called in a dozen young women, who sat down around a vat and began chewini? a certain kind of root. Ai ftwt as they chewed it up they spit it into the vat. To '•his pulpy stuff water is added. After his and waited six days. promised thought he was on the riff! t road for L and very near it. For thisreason he did not take to a tree, but baited the wnlvpu l" gam. fame When he threw away his he was still in the rr™ i i "i '• iln d was hardly off ground before th* wo | ves came up sat down to wau f,, r him to become prey, and had ilvrebeen in our starting out on the would ,—' ' cap and realized that ho i ned, and destroyed all the whiskey and E«n y j^,,,^. and twenty children. On1'ugu J8 they were reinforce] f™™ rv-i. TIT .°J a.m. the ihrown open and the entire party , e °- a w d , marc h d toward the south, am Wei Is and fifteen Miarais money ot SEI.t£^^==™|>^ shorn for comfort It n i7 ave to The I Slcl *en both owL .._ a S e i! nent t '? d . t .will and Knn _ . md last . 500 Pottawatomies. . — lay close to the lake them. m3 ° n tLe we8tof|o'.viWimport^!" d . r ^ H ' ^>chi8 Us but the Indians on the west of »* vital imporlan.2 ^ .n V " 8 ' whlch ls r° ked over the ea " d Mil Uould provide for the tack tack. :ermentatlcm has taken place the solid part s skimmed out, leaving their liquor I was not anxious to taste stuff made in this way, but i had to for fear of oifendine the- oyal family." Acpropriating $10,000 omcb building at BANKING. How they do Uankiug auU Make Money In the Uppor PeuiiiHulu. You ought to come up into our of the state," said a tall countiyman over the bank counter the other day to the C « wu ° f ? f il G ^^ o)cl strfi et bank. WhereV that?" inquired the cashier. 'Up in the Upper Panmsula.' t r ea " prove or vent ii n r en H« Ind , lan81 P™P«iiiflr tor an at- a " d the air might be w r i ^ dryQes8 He galloped back a n ,i „„„„ * t . the d 8 £f-f-i- closed in aro'utd the glS son and then- families, and a hand-to- hand conflict ensued, which soon became a mere massacre. oecame the ventilator flu e drum of the stove, at all used. ih . passing the oven or Tyness must be had | cannot be' many on a was burned $60,000. WAHHISN SPUINOEK, of Chicago; who ban been held liable for the death ot lev- era! of hw employes by'a boiler explosion was arrested Wednesday "on the charge of manslaughter. He was released on bond. IN Philadelphia Mrs. Sarah Hobb? an aged woman who, Jan 14, was brut'allv kicked by Ihomas Ferguson, a prize fighter is dead. Ferguson lived with his victim 8 daughter, and it was his dailv habit to beat both women. He is in prison i MKS. McKEAauE, a farmer's wife ii Crawlora counly, Pa., was found dead in Saturday, with her head almost cut She , os off and a razor lying ou the floor, had evidently been tuurdeied. MBB. MAUY SIMPSON, of Chicago, com- itted fuicido whil , while temporarily insane Saturday evening, by disrobing and lying Nob ; appropriating $20,000 to increase accommodations of the marine hospital atlJalroit, Mich ; appropriating 8100 000 tor a public builchntr in Mansfield. 0 -'an propmting §250.000 for u public builrl- ,Vn?!. ltNoif ? lk ' Neb -J appropriating 875 000 lor a public building at Jacksonville od.; appropriating $100,000 for a public buildup at Fergus Fall-, Minn , and ap propriating $100,000 fora public buildiu. at /anosville, 0. ' . HOUSE—The house- resumed the con sideration ot the bill providing for the public printing and binding of and the distribution of public documents and was killed, WEDNESDAY, Jan. 20 HOUBK.-The following bill* were introiluced: By Mr. P.att to enable New M- xico to form a constitution aad state ffovrnment and be admitted into the union; by Mr.JHawlfy to purchas e bi; 6 3 for fortifications at the eastern prance of Long Island sound; by Mr. Waehburn, tie- hninti- onkinna and Jutures and i'liposins Public building bills were it , options special taxes. than jour'n make your ,vay in ten "How do they do it?" "Discountin. "W« make something in that line our- O •' "•• v<t,o y ttLLttjiGC ° n the prairie, from which the Indians took place T, Nothing in the history of romantic and tragic as this is not surprising that the old " the only " ' ' "Yes, I s'pose so; but not like them By crmnny, 'he went on emphatically,' "1 hud a note for $150 the other day 1 wanted discounted, and I took it to one of then* shavers, and after h • had fi«'ur- ed al'out ten minutes he said 1 owed liim 91-OI. "How did he make thatoutP' the nuzzled cashier. ''That's what I said to him, aud tod me that, according to his way of cakuUtmg the discount ou a note Jik« .Ihe whole thing would amount to .37, aad he was willing to take the note it I d pay the Jbi. lance ia cash .You un t got any banking 1 ke that in Detroit, have you?" and the cashier hastened (d assure him that Detroit bankers didn't buamass in that way.—Detroit Free ment that heaa a rvi , d a barn recollection I ofitsabomina'ions. well if she can bo let f'P.jh air during the d«u™ *'?* ', In the will not endure evnn ", y . tlu]e ', «ut sheep ewe cannot be let ontJ /u ! a , nU thtj a horn fortable room with ,,l^ lheatecj . c °m ii -v.wtii. Tviin iinnni-iil-t ---*• the warmest davs ^ unit i.' e *eept on Breeder. ys> A nei> ican Sheep inquired he preserved, or removed and a more 1<W inff monument of stone be put in " ' isa.quertionj but all areagm-H i n . ° f rom Tommy Ryan q«.i wasllbOto^^OiZlsav w -• — . K John Duff, referee 88 °'" Warreu> ^ h™. Time wa ' do "T i, Wolves. Turn out! Tur.i out I Boy lost! " Miss Amelia B. Edwards,"traveler, au- nn ovirl ti i_l -^i • ' i »v«v*| wu . body turn out in search! It was just at dusk one wiuter's dav a town in northwestern Minnesota tH «»«sh in tC taf" 1 """' '« ? '^s!?S.S "' '«"«<! « .«,«, hor man went UD and J? inn ««>'» a a lefr very weak, after i . to

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