The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 15, 1893 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, March 15, 1893
Page 6
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"VI THE T)KS MADE A TARGET OF. Predicament Obliged to of a Stand Man Who and be Shot Was at. JSxchange.—In descending the steep trail pome of tiho camp equipage packed on the mule had worked loose and fallen oil', and I started out about, sunrise next monilng to recover it. I had ascended the trail for about a mile and • had reached a point Avliere It Avas entirely clear of shelter when something passed my face so close and .had such a hissing sound that I thought of snakes and stopped dead tfill. it AA-aR half a minute before the mysteiy was solved. On Ihe east: side of the canyon, which: 'had a width of about: 200 feet, Avere i IAVO Sioux Indians. Tiny Avere standing on a level spot, and one had a rftle and the other abow. The one AVilh the rifle Avas a middle-aged Ava.irlor—the other it boy perhaps sixteen years old Wo doubt Wiey Avere father'mid-son. The boy had llred an aiTow at me and missed. Tlie other could have had a sure shol, but he stood leaning on his rifle while lihe boy fitted another arrow to his boAV. My first Idea AVIIS to lake night, lint that. Avas almost instantly abandoned. It AVIIS at least 100 feet ell her Avay to shelter, and any such move on my part Avonld bo checked by a bullet. .Without knowing Just Avhat: to do, I did wfluit AVIIS probably for the best—that i.s, 1 stood still and faced tho pair. Tlie boy had a fair mark. He brought the arroAV to his eye, held It there for live seconds, and It had passed me before I heard the twang of tho bow-string. It missed my left shoulder by .some inches. Tlio father uttered a grunt of disgust and added a AVOW! or two. The boy UOAV selected an IUTOAV out of five or six, sighted along its length to see If It AVIIS perfect and AVIIS more deliberate in discharging it. Did I prepare to dodge? No! One might as Avell think of dodging a bullet. It seemed to me that the arrow passed Avlthin an Inch of my right; chock. I thought 1 felt tlie touch of the feathers ns it. fleAV. The father now spoke In a. .scolding tone, and the boy seemed to bo much put out by his failures. A Sioux boy 10 years old AAlho cannot put an arrow into nn orange at '200 feet Avoulil be hooted at. There AVUS Just: us much deliberation over tho fourth UITOAV. The polished steel head, sharp as a rtr/.or, glittered like silver In the sun as it Avas :held on a lino AAlth my breast. J Avauted to shut my eyes but they refused to close. 1 saAv' the arrow pulled back, and 1 caught the flash of it as it: was discharged. It passed my loft shoulder The father turned on the boy and used very harsh language and ended up bv snatching the IJOAV and an arrow from his hands. Had I been familiar with the dialect, I should have Ilieard .something like this: "What's the matter Avlth you this monilng V Vou have had four fair shots at the Avliiie man and missed him ev- cif time. Does the sight Of an unarmed enemy affect you in that wa.v? <Uve me Unit bow and I'll show IIOAV to roll 'h,lm over. I'll send arrow right through him. Watch IIOAV. Does the bow shake? Do detect, any trembling?" This time I did close my eyes, and .1 hadn't tiho faintest hope of escape. As the arrow swished by, I opened m|v eyes to see the pah- looking at me in •consternation. The father had missed as Avell as 1,'lie boy. They stood staring at me for thirty seconds and (hen turned to the right; and Avalked aAA-ay, and .were lina.lly hidden from sight by some huge bowlders. The. boy glanced back over his shoulder several times, and the father quickened his pace as If up- Just before llliey disappeared 1 thought prehensive of danger. I did not run away. As a matter of fact, I AVIIS in such a dazed and Avetik condilon that 1 staggered as I Avalked, and when •Shelter AVIIS linaly reached my knees did not got over shaking for a full ilionr. \Vlij didn't the Indian Uiy a shot \vitii Ills rifle? It is Just, poslble that It was not loaded. He may have feared to disturb tlie camp by the report, lie may 'have looked upon me as a hoodoo and become panic stricken. 1 gathered up Ihe live arrows and found every one of them ns perfect as arrows could be made. A foAV days later Avith a bow not half us long or still', one of the a coyote and far beyond. ALOONA, IQWAy .WEDNESPA V< M AHCH 15 1898, nrm'wE Savings Bank building, walks rapidly | his hat on. Even the speatoi sue - "* ° trute figure on the pavement and tliien at the curious persons who surround It. He turns to a hwdic, driver. '•\\ill you (take, her home?" he asks. ••No!" "I'd pay for the cab and get one of these women to go witiiii her." "That's dlflUirent: l"ll take her." The atltoniey sees I hat the helpnasi Inbrlate Is placed In tlie her.lic. calls to HI i,c driver again and hands him half a dollar. "Put her In her house." he says, and Is gone before the ennvd turns to look a* him. l!nt there Avere a feAV bystanders, neVerUiolesa Avho saw t'Jie charitable act. and In the name'of humanity si- 1 lenily thanked him. STVU'JS IN BUUULAKY.. Sal'o-enickoi» Would be Ashamed to Hc- Caughl Using Old Meliliods. Von see, there are IAVO styles of safecrackers, as we know them, the new and the old, said a safe export to a San Francisco Chronicle reporter. That is how the police get: a clue in working ui> a case. The old style cracksman character. On one occasion of, the kind the late Professor AA'ho then salt below the unable, being blind, to find h)!s • own hat quickly enough. He overcame the emergency, however, by borroAAiilg the Avoll-known sot cap of his neighbor, Joseph Covveti, which, although/it neither fitted nor suibod him, yet iserved the purpflso of the moment. The effect AVIIS ludicrous, but. not more so than tit another similar crisis AVhen Mr. Gladstone hastily borrowed the hrffc of an- othoL 1 occupant of the front opposition bench, and found it, so much too small or him that he had to hold It on until the point in dispute was settled. , n he r ^rnUttetVnbdeofwooi-Inetal. 3 nc point, however, this m dism Slgll!ll)y He had trk nke however, and unless he re' stored fourfold to the party the court s represented in the hunting The men and dogs and horses are 'true to life, but (he Eons and leopards are monstrosities., and their si/.e is out of all proportion. Mvldontly the .ai;(.(st knew them only from pictures.. In the lions iiiid| sout nlm tip-for seven years to give ' v v •SHOOTING OiUKXT. IX TIHO MIXUI) HIS MIX'i'UUICS. Odd KcsullH of Taking .Medicine The Wrong Time. at you this me you Although In perfect health, James. Mund. of a certain house—Avliicli It "i.s not necessary to mention—in Battonseu, Is alAvay.s taking medicine, says the London Tid Bits. The tenth of last month he brouglhit home two small used poAVder. He first drilled a .hole j '"l!"™. 1 , beside the lock and I hen blew it off with u charge of powder. The Improved method Is to first knock, off the spindle and t'heu drive the combination lock back Into the safe. Then all the burglar has to Is to open the safe door and help himself. Tho "Spikjo liennessy" style of safe burglar Is going out of fashion. The bin-glare of to-day arc more considerate than they used to be. If they could not get iu in the days of yore they wrecked the safe Just for satisfaction. 1 recollect a singular affair In the little place called Smakvllle, up in Viiba county. One night burglars broke into the general store to tap the sate that AA-as supposed to contain at least $10,000 Avorh of gold deposited by Uie minors Che day before. It AA-IIS tin Iron a Hair, weighing about 700 pounds. The rascals were; afraid to bloAV it open for fear of arousing the town, so they simply packed it off into) in adjacent canon, blewit open and took everything in sight. They only got a few hundred dollars, though, Uie gold having been secretly sent to Marysville AVher it was bankd. Sveral years ago the safe of a Avhole- stile commission house in this city was rilled, and it was several hours before any one could find out just IIOAV tflie job had been done. You know if is a common thing for men working in an ollice to put their memorandum's on the side of tho safe. Well, this one was simply covered on one side Avith pieces of paper. 'The burglars got in'cue night, and soaked off one of t!h;e papers and cut, into the .safe. They coulO not finish the job lu one night, so they pasted the paper on again and came back the next evening. Then they finished iho job, and pulled out everything of value in the safe. When 1 wa* called into solve the problem of haw the safe had been tooled Avilhbut finding the door, I lifted up a book and saw the hole from the Inside. Then one of iho young men employed remembered having seen Koine white dust; on the floor break iho safe open but follow the disappeared. He had thought nothin, of it, and the safe-crackers had on op- self 'wild Avith amazement mid eutliu- poriunity to do the second night's Avork. siasm. WiUi its beautiful colors and perfect lines and real perspective,, it What ails you now?" Avife, Avlio had for iycars told him h needed no medicine, tUio doctor agree Ing Avith her. "That." he wild, pointing to one bot lie, "is appetite medicine." And sh knew that he ate more than any othe man in tlie neighborhood. "That," h said, point ing to tlio other bottle, "i sleep medicine." ' j And she knew he slept soundly i'ron bed-time until she awolce In the morn Ing. "I hope you may soon recover," sh said. : • At night, having taken his medicine be w?nt early to bed. "JN'OAV for a good sleep," said he. About midnight he called to his AAlfe Avho Avas fast asleep. "Mary! Oh. Mary!" "W—Avhat is it, dear?" said sue. "I've made amistnke," he igrounerl; "tho greatest mistake in my life, instead of the .sleep medicine 1 took the appetite medicine and I can't stand it. 1 am as hungry as a beni She did not scold as Kite cooked 1 Mm a steak and made some coffee. In tllio morning, after taking his 'medic-lino, lie sat clown at the table to- eat Brpslt- fast. '"Ill eat you out of house :«ud horn*,now, JMtiry," he said. { ' v When breakfast: was ready, sho asked. "Tea or coffee, James?" Hut lie did not ansAver; Ho did not look up; He was sound asleep. S ; lie did not awaken him, "perceiving that this time he had taken the sic p medicine. Wifil staring eyes he spunns from his chair about noon and when, he SIIAV his Avife smiling, ho threw both bottles as fur ax'lie could into the garden. He never takes anv medicine now. Hunters Witness a Strange Battle Between" "igers of the Deep." . /"Our arrival wa.s hailed with delight by the crew of tho lightship, who placed the cabin .at our disposal, and AVC turned in early," saye a writer in Forest and Stream. "I say we (I believe the-doe- tor .spent some time that night teaching the major our national game), and AVIIM informed that he had ti pupil .so apt that Avhat few rupees he had brought out. with him Avoiit ashore Avith the major. AVo slept Avell and were up in Mine to see Old Sol get out of bed in the ''Indian Ocean and lick the hoary off our decks. After a plate of fruit, some line llsh, and fresh e.ggs ( AvHli a cup of fragrant coffee, AA-C got out ourj battery and Avaitched the movements of a .clumsy lugger that the outgoing tide and the gentle morning breeze had brought down from the city the very odoriferous carcass of a horse, Avhlch, the major explained, AVIIS the decoy AVO were to shoot over. The dead horse AVUS hoisted overboard and anchored about eight yards IM.-IOAV the him time for reflection. Murder AVUS punished AAitli death, and the forfeiture of half Uie estate of tho felon. Theft was punished with piillc whippings and various terms of imprisonment, while, "restitution had to be made trom 'threefold to fourfold. The minor regulations prohibited all peiswn.s from 'taking part in stage plays, Vevnls,- iiiasl [t, land ikindred Avorldly pumills. so tlia.t any tiro-ops, that had chanced fo drop into Pennsylvania Avith the "Ta-ru-ra Booin-de-oy'' Would have been sent higher than Oildoroy's kite. Drinking of health was punishable by a fine of 5 shillings or live day's Imprisonment, and horse racing, shootiing matches, and sports of like character -wow interdicted. If the offenders happened to be .slaves they were AA'hlppcd and imprisoned instead of fined. .INTIIO'DTCINI! KKIN1W10U ALASKA.- INTO Attempt to Supply Bettor Fowl for Natives of That Torriory. the the and the BKCUNG BUT WAS WIOAl.THY. Washington Star.— In Judge Kimball's court tills morning appeared a woman named Anna McMahon, who has celebrated more than (10 birthdays, and tlio charge against her was begging on 1he street. She was arrested last evening on lUth street northeast, b.v !'<>- liceman Murphy. The olilcer told Judge Kimbail of woman's conduct on the .stiver Anna denied the (Sliargo. "She lias plenty of money," said olticer, "and she owns two cows in addition to some real estate." "1 have two little cows," she said, "and they don't; give a quart of milk n day." "And she bought a house for $1,100 the other day and paid for it," added Uio policeman. "Why were you begging on tlio street." inquired the court. "1 was only begging for a cracker," ttho replied. "This sort of begging by persons who have plenty," said the judge, "lias got to be stopped. Vou will have to give bonds or go down for thirty days." "i'orsonal bonds?" "JS'o, mndaine, real estate bonds." She Stepped back. Hl<3 A(JTKl) THIO SAM A Kl TAX Boston Herald.— It is a full hour before noon on School steret. Upon. v Wie sidewalk near the Parker house an old woman is Xvlug drunk. beylns to gather about her. A crowd Nowadays, continued the expert, merchants do not place flbe confidence which they used to in steel vaults. They go to the .safe deposits with their valuables. In many of the large houses tllie safe i.s simply kept to put the books in to protect them from fire. To save tin* box from mutilation by burglars they post the combination beside the lock and label it distinctly. In several places the notice reads: "This Is the combination. Do not break the saef oepn, but follow the Instruct ions written ilioreou, and you will get in without trouble." One gentleman has posted this card: "Our valuables are in the safe deposit. Please don't got mad and have fun with the safe." Others do not lock their safes even. The simply shoot the bolt. When the building on Market street next to the. Nucleus was being constructed, a shirt manufacturer doing business in the latter structure was very much disturbed over the safety of his wealth. He had a safe, but he was not at all confident that it could not be entered. One night lie had ijil,- fiOO on hand and Avas a.t a loss what to do with it. A bright idea .struck him. Hi' roled the money, which was all in silver, up in a bundle and placed it beneath the safe. Sun; enough that, very night Mio steel vault was opened anil the burglars got: away with afew dollars in change. The mass of silver was found all right under the cracked safe. CUSTOMS IN THE COMMONS. Members Wear Their HaUs When Seated but Doff Them When Speaking. One of the first peculiarities to strike a visitor to the house of commons is the freedom which permits members The WHOSE WAS IT? Great Std'on Sarcophagus. it Alexamder'sCeutury: spectator, Brat I, a disinterc»H.Hl' wheu this sarcophagus was first unboxed iu my presence, found, my- came to me ns a dazzling revelation of the possiblllitGS. of vivid realism in marble. Two of Its sidcte— a longer tuuL a shorter side— represent a battle between Greeks and Persians. At the extreme, left of the long side, the beginning, of. the scene, Is. Alexander the Great on hor-seback. The central figure is a young, beardless, luindsomo Greek,, at so mounted,, and wearing a gilded hat, tho only one who enjoys this distinction. At the extreme right of the lon side is tuiothev momited Greek, the only one whose face reappears in. tlie hunting-scene which occupies the other two sides. Whose was the sarcophagus? Apparently it belonged to one of the three- above .described. At one time Hamdy supposed its owner to have been the man on (he right, regarding him as identical with an okl man, a Greek, who is represented in 0110 of tlie gables as being assassinated, by i reeks. This he took to represent the murder of Terdiccas, Alexander's general, who would then have been the owner or occupant of this coffin. Now, I think, he i.s more inclined toward tho idea, based on the occurrence of the figure of Alexander In the forefront of the buttle, that it was tho oflin of Alexander himself, tho tradition of his Interment in Alexandria to the contrary notwithstanding. But ho has not yet. committed himself to any theory. lightship, and the lugger stood about for home. Olio of the sailors went aloft and kept; a, lookout from the lantern cage, AA r hlle AVC ranged ourselves along, the breast-lu'gjh bnlwaJrkfc, rifle In hand, ready for the first flight, We bad not Avaied long. Avhen the major said: "N«»Av, boys, don't shoot tho decoys," and the Kl^tor observed home-thing about its being his blind; this irrevclant couver- Siitfiou was interrupted by a "There is ouo!' from the lookout, and we saw i sword-bladed lin shooting toAva.rd our boat at a. ten-knot speed, cutting a rip,)le on the smooth, surface of the Ava- er, and leaving a wake that flashed 11 the morning sunlight, ime wtis there, but IIOAV to hit it? In moment AVO saw another tin, and then mother, until there'were full a dozen n .sight. The great fish first circled .round the horse as if to make sure hat he could not r.e&4ist their attack, vhoii Ave saw one tarn in the Avater nd a portion of his- whiUjv belly show bove the surface as his saw-like teeth tugged at a great chunk of horse flesh, irack went the major's, express and a j night red circle Avliere the shark sank estiiied to tile accuracy of bis aim. 'he other fish did not notice the shot, ut attacked the horse like a pack of a.wiiuus. wolves, AvhjilG- we shot at very spot of shark that shOAved above ic Availer, until AVO had converted the turquoise blue of the southern sea into a. suuguiuary red. Whili* the sharko to the shooting they with, Uic blood and dead horse until tin: almost fnto a foam. so numerous that it The lauding from the United States revenue 1 cutter Bear at Port Clarence, Alaska, of a herd of ISO domesticated reindeer purchased in Siberia, together \\flth fofiir niatllve Siberian holrders, marks the cstblishment of the first herd of the kind on the Avesteni continent. TlUs is a.n event, of more than ordinary importance, says the Califoruitui. of Avhat AA'as happening fceing obstructed by hundreds of freight cars Sidetracked parallel to the street. A moment's thought was sufficient to convince Prentice that he runaway horse would be dashing through the crowd of men just as they Avouid be floundering through the mud of Kentucky street. Proutice owns a lasso, but it Avas upstairs. Nexl dnrcr to him, hnAvevcr, is a butcher's shop, and a lasso Inutg on a hook near Hi- doorway. Prentice seized tills lass-) quickly, rushed dowii the street about half :iblock and waited the coming of the- franlic anim-il. It. was about thirty feet from him. and the foivmos! (if the line of men Avere already crowding the street a. fivw feet iihad. 1'ivntico SAVIIUU his lasso and I.'f It wiiiz Hub "ili the air. It Avas a. beautiful tlmnv. Tl'u 1 noose passed fiver the horse's lr,-a;! and set thd around its nock. Prentice, with his legs apart and we'I braced, ptoixl jiretipred to meet the Kiic'.-k when the madeiied animal should get to the end of t'lue rope. Tlie j-'hoi-k came,' the horse fell back on ils liaiinehes. reared slightly and then rolled over Jliflpless. Avhile. fragments of the badly shritlenl wagon AVent flying through the air. I'erniIces hands wen- badly skinned by the rope, lint they were made still more sore before night Jjy several hundred men A\I!IO insfeled on almost tAA^ist- ing them off while congratula.ting him on his pluck, skill and presence of mii)!l. sVS t NUMISMATICS IX CHINA. Collections of Celestial Coins AVWch Go Back to 4,200 Years. China is the paradise of tlie numismatist, says tho Philadelphia Bulletin. If it is successful it AAill create through- i The collection of cash, according to Con- out northern and central Alaska a now ' sid KdAvant Bcdloe's report to the State food supply in place of the AA'alras, '< Department, tire something marvellous AA-hnlc, lish, and fur-bearing animals,. They are small cdins of bronze, brass' that are yearly becoming scarcer and ' coper, or silver, ranging in: intrinsic val- more dltticult to obtain. ; no from 1-20 of a. cent to 25 cents Furnished .a better and surer food The oldest of these coins 011 record ap- supply the native 15s4dmo populaition, peared a-bout ^,'500 B. C. IIOAV decreasing in numbers, may retisou- different ably be expect evil to increase, and cluing- i in ing them from mere hunters to herdsmen may be the first upAvard step toward their clvilixa*ion'. With the increase and c-fvilixatiow of Ihe natives and the general introduction of the domesticated Ireindeer heatls ________________ throughout Alaska the vast unknown We knew the I mtel ' i()l ' of our northern province can be WiOFOughly expired. Lilies- of com-, Over 150,000 kinds of cash are preserved V-ollec-tloiKi. Some are 'wonderful examples of coinage, but most of them are clumsy and coai-se. The- nmnis- matJMt can AA-ork all his life,, spend very little money, and leave to/ posterity thousands of coins. All ho needs to do is to confine his work to the collection of cash, the small coins hi: brass and bronze, \vhose value ranges from 1-10 to 1-14- of a cent. Their workmanship . numication between distant seMcim-uts varies, but i.s usually very good ca.n be kept open during the long Avin- tor mouHiti, and tlie frigid, bleak, and now- comparatively useless plains of that little-knoAA-n risKum- A\-ill b(>como a. soiarce of Avealtli' and prosperity to the land. In the arct'ic- and subarctic reg5ons of Lapland and Siberia the domesticated relndbw i.s food, clotlifiig,> furni- Their .shape today is like that of European wins, AvaUi the excepUom that Hirongh tlie center is a square hole ihrough AA'liich the coins are straug. together lige beads. In the past, hoAA-ewr,. otiJior fonns were employed, including Uie sqiwre, trlsmgle, heart, ellipse, shield key, sword, iind spear. The number of kinds is simply immense. They are get paid 110 aUention seeiue'd Infuriated balled arouud. Uio water wax lashed They soon became was. uiiposable o we a shot at any particular one, and stopped firing and watched the seething, bleeding, mass. The justice of the title, "Tiger culi the Deep" was apparent to all now,. :us no more But to return to the execution. The figures in tlie foreground are in very :righ relief, almost free-standing statues. From this they recede through every egree of relief to painting on a flat surface, and without the use of touch von cannot determine where the ro- ilef ends and tho flat, surface begins. The figures in tho battle-scene on tho to keep on their hats during Uie pro-1 long side are balanced Avith almost mti- grt-ss of public business. But this liberty has its limits, according to Chamera' Journal. A member may not Avea.r his hat as he enters or leaves the house, or AVhen he stands at the bar, although he may put It on as soon as he lakes his seat, if a colleague engages in conversation Avith him he uncovers his head, and so must he, of course, when ho rises to address the house. Another requirement is that a member must only make a speech from one of the accustomed seats, novea 1 from the entiuuq-e, the bar, or gangway. The some nile Is observed Avhen he rises in order hi the courts of debate, but if he raises V ptont of order concerning a •££. Uie, precision, two hoi-semen, a Greek and a Persian, on the left, two in the center, and two one the right, wliilo the footmen and the corpses are similarly distributed in absolutely symmetrical fields. But this does not "obtrude itself upon tho eye, and the formal, mathematical plan'Is so gracefully and naturally handled that it is improbable that any one woidd observe it unless by accident lie should count the figures, as I did. The motion and realism of the Avhole scene, as well as of each individual figure, are unsurpassed in sculpture. Tills realism is carried out in mechanical details also, so that not only AA-AS everything colored ftiroclous and bloodthirsty eveutiiro inhabit* either land or Avaitei- than Uio shark «f Uie south seas,. AVhon the battle \va.s- ;i-d its height (she iratjor led us to the- fi»m.-deck of the little- steamer, when we east off from the larger one and Ayere- soon among the lighting leviathans,. Avh» apparently took uo heed of our twiival, but continued to battle as viciously as before. Wo steamed around and around the horse, shooting every llsh that appeared. Some of them Avouid go dOAAii when hit, Avhllo others Avouid continue Uio fight. It is doubtful if a single shot'killed any one of thorn. The crew brought up come small harpoons and fastened to three largo sharks, which were towed out, of the battle and hauled away up to the town to be skinned. The fish seemed to have exhausted tlu-ir fury after am Hour's struggle and we steamed back t* the wharf. id flesh.! finrnish food,, lis 'in'ii^row iti.iul tcmgue lare considered choice- delicacies, ami itte blood mixed with tae contents of Uio stomach is made into a favorite- dish called in Siberia; raanyalla. Its intestines are cleaned,, filled AwiUi •(allOAAVtind eaten as a sausage.. Its skin is made into clothes, bedding, tent eov- ropes, cords,, and fish lines,.; skin of the forelegs makes an excellent covering for vsuowshoes. j Its siiie-ws are dried and; pounded iii-, to strong and lasting Its bones : as L'50 B. C. -The. earliest that I have heard of," says Consul Bedloc, "dates- fn>TO th»> Ts'in dynasty, AA'hioh raled from: 255 to 207 B. C. From tliat tiiue until feotlay these useful little coins h;ive been-, used by oveiy monarch, no'matter whetliur he was an emperor of the enllTO comjtry or king of one of the polity principaMties into AArblch,. iijin time Co tune, the Chinese IJmplre Avaa brokeji. There have J>con over 1,200 occurtSLUt.-; of Uie \-a-rion.s ihrones,. royal and hnpifri Q In addition to these ivgiiltiit- Is.iiit-.s, if such they may lie- 1 CHI.MIO IX AXCIBNT YANIA. TKXNSYL- llow They Pimishe'd Wrong-Doers the Days of William Penn, iu 'The unhappy people AA r ho are being sent to jail or have costs to pay at Media this AA-eek can thank their stare Unit they did not live in the early days of the colony of Pennsylvania, says the Chester News. The assembly that convened nit Chester Deo. 4, 1G81>, enacted a code of laws thai made Uie people of Uie new colony live up to the mark, while many of the seven-til penalties of I He duke of York's code were softened, yet the unfortunate deemed them harsh enough. The man or woman Avho used profane language AVIIS punished by fine or imprisonment, and more than one person had reason for regret for expressing their feelings in public Avith too much emphasis. The severest punishment AVUS moled out for licentious conduct. A ptilto AA'hipping and one year's Imprisonment AVUS the penalty for the grave degrees of Ibis crime, Avliiie a second offense AVUS punishable by imprisonment for life. The IUAV AA-US amended in 1705, the first offense being punished by the IjnllicUon of tAventy-one lashes mid imprisonment- for one year, or a fine of $250. A second conviction subjected the culprit to seven years' imprisonment and tho letter "A" AVUS branded on his foraheail. The muu Who had more of sleds;. In contra and northern) Alaska are A r ast rolling plahis of UIOHS- and gross- covored-lnnd that are especially adapted by nature for the grazing, of reindeer, ami jura ,/prac.ticn.lly useless, for aay oUior purpose. Iu the corresponding regions of Lapland, Arctic, Norway, Sweden, audi Kus- sia are 27,000 people (about the situio in number as the Alaskan; Eskimo), supporting themselves and procuring Uieir food and clothing; largely from itaioir -100,000 ,ldomu(st!ictuted! reindeer, besides paying to their respective gOA r - ernments the timiunl sum of $400,000, or ijili per head, as a tax on their tierds. Also in the corresponding region of Siberia, Avith similar climate and soil, and only forty miiles distant at tho straits, there are thousands of Tchuk- c.lups, Koiuks, and other tribes of deer- men- fed, and clothed, and housed by Hix?k- herds of tens of thousands of domesticated reindeer. ^ASSOIOD A UUNAWAi. Uow a Saloon-Keeper Stopped a Frightened Horse. Tttio presence of mind of Xtic-h Prentice, who keeps a saloon on Kentucky street, out near tho California sugar refinery, and his skill Avith the lasso, required AVhile riiling a broncho before he look to selling beer, enabled him to avert a catastrophe wliicli threatened the lives or limbs of a number of Avorkmen from the refinery yesterday. It WHS noon, the Avhistle had sounded the lunch hour, and four or live hundred workmen wore picking then- way lllirough t!he mud to\va.rd Prentice's place, Avhero they usually congregate to wash doAvn their miclay meal, says the San Francisco nUhroniclc. I'rontlwi who jiAvs standing in his doorway, heard taut,, containing lio.OOO specimens different kinds." The cost increases as youi go> back- AA'tu-d in time. The cash of this century' nan b& secured at their nominal: face value. Those of the eighteenth: and .serenteenth centuries bring from. 1 cent to 10 cents each. Those of the Ham dynasties, from 200 to> 10Q> A. D , brag $100 each when in fine state of preservation. Those true imtiiques are found in ancient tombs and ruins. Several hundred Avore discovered in Amoy this year in digging a grave, when the laborers broke into an old tonib seA'eral feet beloAv the surface of tho soil. The coins lay in a. pretty etu-thcnwore jar and Avert' encrusted Avith a thin layer of malachite that hero and Uiere had been changed by moisture into nzuiite Iho teoin^ W ere sokl by itho lucky coolies in the next twenty-four hours and are said to have brought $1 a piece, sum to men working f ol '— i day. To succeed In collecting cash a person must be a fine Chtoese scholar. Tho labor thereby involved is so severe as to preclude most collectors from indulging in Uio pleasure to any great ei- ile Lost His Teeth. "Let me tell you a funny scene that I AA-itnessed Saturday morning m a sleeping car," said Johnson Carter to J St. Lotus Republic reporter yesterday at the Lindell. "Throe of us Avere on Ar (Mug to Monday morning, in the compartment to mine was a New York drummer, a pai-Ucular friend of < and very vain wlttoal, who had pernicious habit of ' a cry, and looking dOAvn the street saw a Ihorso attached to a butcher's order AA'tiHon tearing niadiy along the bridge •onnecting Uie Potrero iwth South San l-'riincisco and| rapidly approaching. Two boys, sons of a Avholesale butcher iiul been riding in iho wagon when the lo'rse took fright and ran aAvay. The Avagon gave a jojt as it loft the bridge mil tlii- two lads Avere throAvn out mt not seriously Injured, and the horse \ept on its Avay. 'Pi-entioo^laoking he horse n us eyes res' nearin« Ke south, could see ^achiug, and looking east H\Vthe long Une of taen their 4eAY next day cured him

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