The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 20, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 20, 1892
Page 7
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UPPER OBlS ,IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 20,1892, to the fight ', medicine, if you're a weak or ailing tromato. It's Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. If you're overworked «r 4I run-down," it builds you up; if you're afflicted with any of the I distressing derangements and dis- I yrders peculiar to your sex, it * s **ieves and cures. It improves ^stion, invigorates the system, Efles the blood, dispels aches sains, melancholy and nervous- jpproduces refreshing sleep, and Ores flesh and strength. In the vn of all functional disturbances, messes, and irregularities, it's ranteed to give satisfaction, or money is refunded. It does that's claimed for it, or it Idn't be sold in this way. It is a legitimate medicine —not Jbeverage. Contains no alcohol linebriatb; no syrup or sugar to |r or ferment in the stomach and use distress. As peculiar in its irvelous, remedial results as in I composition. |This GREAT COUGH CURE, this success' CONSUMPTION CURE is sold by drug. sts on a. positive guarantee, a test that no other are. can stand, successfully. If you have a OUGH, HOARSENESS or LA GRIPPE, it Will cure you promptly. If your child has the lROUP or WHOOPING COUGH, use it '" iiickly and relief is sure. If you fear CON^U MPTION; don't wait until your case is hope[Jess, but take this Cure at once and receive "nmediate help. Price SGC and Si.po. sk your druggist for SHILOH'S CURE. |lf your lungs are sore or back lame, use philoh's Porous Plasters. the method and results when rup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant "refreshing to the taste, and acu fly yet promptly on the Kidneys, fer and Bowels, cleanseu the ays- v effectually, dispels colds, head- pa and fevers and cures habitual itipation. 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' ' 1 MAlLBBWntE. !«!•• -vYorknitv.N V 99% Pure WIElTfOR EVERY TJ3E CATTLE Froitt tVeekly i^re stobk tte|>ort. The year just closed has been an uvent- ful one id..the history of the live stock trade, and with this issue of the report we take occasion to review tue market and give figures that will probably be of interest to our readers. The receipts—3,250,350 head^wpre the second largest on record, and 233,921 head less than 1890. Of this number, 1,006.264 head were taken fot shipment, being 194,045 head less than ft year ago, leaving the net supply to be handled by the dres?ed beef trade and local slaughterers much the same as in 1890.' At Kansa^.City a much greater decrease in proportion is noted, the total for the year being 201,3JL2 head. South Oinaha also shows adecreas;e of 13,655 head, while East St. Loui^ made a gain of 119.601 head—a tofal decrease of 329.287 head at the/foiir points. During the .first half ? of the year receipts showed a heavy 'dercease, while during the latter half, owing to the increased receipts of Texans and Western range cattle, a portion of the losi was regained. The receipts of natives, however, show a decrease of about 500,000 as compared with 1890. The course of_ paces has bsen generally disappointing to (he handlers of native, while to the ranchman it has been,' quite aa^tisfac- tory. Values were low at the beginning of the year, with feed scarce and high. Prices were expected to increase and receipts decrease. Both have been realized. During the first two months of .the year values changed but little, but by'the middle of March prices had crept up to $5 75 to $6.00 per 100 pounds for extrn prime bpeves, while all other grades suitable for shipping and the dressed beef trade were selling from $3.50 to S5.60per 100 pounds. Prom this point prices advanced until $6.40 per 100 pounds was paid for extra prime steeds, $5.40 to 86.00 for export grades, while fair to goo,d Dressed beef and shipping steers sold 1 ' from $4 00 to 6.00 per 100 pounds'! Values held up well until the middle of June, when a reaction set in and prices have been carried down until they are nearly as"low as a.year ago for everi thing below extra "prime beeves. Cattle < were marketed off grass before thpy were in condition; in fact, from the middle of J une until the end 'of the year medium beeves..were marketed freely aria prices obtained'.were generally unsittiufrtc- tory. The quality and condition of the arrivals were below those of 1890, and can be attributed to the scarcity and high price of feed. • The entire country has been blessed again witk a bounteous crop, the bulk of .which must find a market at home; prices for feed are gradually cheapening, and while'we do npc anticipate any material caange in the receipts during the year, the condition of the fcupplies will show improvement. Western and northern range cattle came forward in liberal numbers and the receipts for the ypar proved to be the largest on record. The season opened July 6, or about ten days earlier than in 1890, and continued until Dec 1. The arrivals from this source were, as a rule, in splendid condition, nearly every steer being good enough for the slaughterer, and some three thousand head were taken for export, the balk of which were sent forward alive—something 1 never before kaown in the history of the trade. The market opened with values biirb, and the highest price o!: the season was reached on July 21, when S5.60 per 100 Ibs. was paid for three cars of Dakota steers weighing 1,300 ibs. average. As the season advanced supplies increased; values receded and were carried down to near the low point of 1890. The general market, however, was quite, satufaciory :tnd palce obtained were trom' 75 cents to 81.00 per 100 Ibs. above those of a year ago. Texas oattile also came forward freely, about 600,000 head ariving iu the Texas Divison between April 1 and DJC. 1. Tuis class of cattle were also in much better condition than a year ago, aud prices ob- taiuei were some what higher. At the close of the season's work upon the ranges, grass was good and cattle have gone into winter in splendid condition, more especially in the West and 'North. The winter thus far has bean a favorable one for this class of scock, and reports re.. ceived are encouraging. The trade at Christinas time did not receive the attention of former years. Very few fancy beeves were on sale, and buyers were unwilling to pay fancy prices. Very few brought 87.00 per 100 pounds, and only one lot. sold above, while a liberal number sold at prices ranging from §5.50 tu $6.35 per 100 pounds. The export demand has been fairly good throughout the year, yet values did not advance with ours, leaving the margin of profit very small for the dealer. Falxillcatiou of Horses*' Moutlig. North lirltieh Agriculturist. Tie age of the horse is generally determined bj the teeth, especially by the incidence said appearances of the incisors which are readily examined; but, unfortunately, these handy natural indices of age are easily tampered with. Breeders and dealers frequently remove the temporary incisors, endeavor to give the animal a full mouth at three, and thus between the ages of three and ?ix it becomes difficult to tell within a year the age of the horse. To compass this deceii, when the colt is about eighteen months, the central incisors are drawn a year before they would naturally have stirred; within a few weeks the next pair are similarly removed} the corner nippers are shortly chipped out; aud before the colt is three he is passed off an a four-year-old, and niaj even be palmed on the unwary aa'rising fivs.' This faiking of the teeth was wont to be confined to the lighter breeds, and was said to ba moat systematically practiced in Ireland; but tho mouths of cart horses, us well as of niigu, arc now frequently tampered)} with, sub- jacking the animals, to much uonece*s,try inconvenience and' pain, lacerating the gums, and occasionally breaking the bones of the jaws. Tho lancing of the gums and liberal house feeding hasten the development of the tushes, and thus help to pass the four- year-old for a five. Tue ruolay teeth cannot, however, be readily gouged out, and iu duoious cases they accordingly enable the veterinarian to determine tne true ags of the horse. These temporary molars are found in the inouth onpach side above ami below when the foal is about two months. By the time he is a year old he requues a more extensive grinding apparatus, and thi! first permanent, molar is tully up behind the three temporary, and occupying the fourth place on each side, above arid tifclow. At two years old tho fifth in the yow appears. Scpn after two and a half, the fim und second temporary molnrs be coiae displaced, by permanent teeth, and ^t three yeare are awty level with the ptherg. Uttwten three and a half and .•• :•'.:• • ' •• >..y four yeatSj ttie';third aftfl.Sxth molars are But. arid gradually come into full wear. ' The malpractices described would not be attempted if ®}$y' &d not pay, nnd horse buyers and ve'feerin4riam might adjrant- ageously exert themselves to discountenance and '£kpose..!...ih'em. , A step in, the right direction w'ould be the abandonment of the dubiotts expressions of "rising four" yr "rising .five. Veterinarians es pecially sh'ijuld definitely state the age of the animals submitted to them; and in cases where the i inchor teeth have been tampered with, should,, as above indicated, ascertain the true age by examination of the molars. The misrepresentation of the age of young horses is fraught with more mischief than perhaps at first sia-ht is appar- fift. Not only doea the putchaser pay 30 to; 50 per cent, more than he should do. biit innocently supposing that the_horsnis a year older than he really is, he is put to unsuitably hard . or heavy work, and accordingly in many instances breaks down. His soft, immature growing tissues cannot stand, the strain of severe exertion; he is disabled by lieraraentous strains, enlarged joints, or spavined hooks; forcing feeding and close stabling impair the adolescent ap petile and digestion; or reducing work- predisposes the juvenile to disease of tin respiratory or other organs. This senseless doctoring of their mouths hnrriop thoii?ands of young aud unseasoned hows into severe continued work one to two years before they are fit for it, aud is notoriously one of the chief causes _of iui paired usefulness, unsoundness, sickness, and early mortality. Effects of Food on Wool. A French paper has the following to say on the above subject: The feeding of the sheep _has a most marked influence on the quality and quantity of wool. To obtain ^ool of good quality and proper quantity the sheep fhould be -well fed. The increase of the wool in length and resistance comes to a stop if the animal be deprived of Iho amount of food necessary for it. Well-fed sheep pay for the increased expense by t'ue weight of the fleece and the better quality of the wool, There is, however, nn essential difference to bs noted in long-wooled sheep. Too much and too rich food soon makes the wool of sbort-wooled sheep too long, an inconvenience which has not to feared in long-wooled varieties. When the sheep receives too little food, or when t.he food given is not sufficiently nutritive, the wool preserves its fineness and acquires a certain length; but its resistance fails, it is deprived oi: grease, which makes it weak, harsh to the touch, and dry as flax. Regularity in distribution of the food is of the highest importance, the wool soon snowing the effects of this. This is what is seen when, in •vyinUr, the sheep are well fed with bay, grain, beans, and oil-cake, and when these supplementary foods are too quickly taken away in the curing. Opinions differ ns to the action of different foods on the wool. All however, agree in attributing a marked effect, to fertile pastures.' Tiie fleece is more abundant, the hair is longer and notie..ablo by iis softness, whiteness, brightness, and strength. Sturm, the well known agriculturist, lajB down the rule that all f"ods which promote perspiration produce i finer wool, tnat is, those which include the most nutritive matters in the smallest compass. Two sheep of the same breed, covered with the same wool, but differently treated, one being f ed for fattening-aud the other in ths usual way, show quite a different variety of wool from tue-tint shearing. In the first case it; will be longer,, coarser, and will have lost its elasticity. This is more noticeable at the second and third shearing. The other shfiep will have preserved a'J the original qualities of its fleece. Tuo difference in the diet being continued up to the third generation, the offspring coui a not be recognized as coming from the same stock. . . Safety In the M ielst of Danger. This would ee«m & contradiction —1» so, In fact, to the eye. Bnt experience hM proved IU possibility. Take the case of th« IndlrWnal who dwell* In i mslnrlonn region. A robnit count- tntion li DO certain defence agatnit the dreaded chilli. Whit lit Recocded testimony; covering a period little abort of half a century, proteg that HoBtetter'i Stomach Bitter! IB precisely thin. This continent does not limit the field where the medicine ban proved its efficacy. In South America, the Iithmut of Panama, Mexico, everywhere in tact where miasma-born dlaeaae takes on lt» most obstinate and formidable types, the Bittert is a recognized specific In Illimitable demand, and and prescribed by physicians of repute. Potent, too, Is it in disorders of the stomach, liver and bowels, ud against the destroyer* la grippe. It Improve* appetite and sleep, neutralizes rhinmi tism and kidney complaint. Mnrv'n (somewhat absent-minded): ''Why, Spatls, you don't seem a day older than when I saw you last." Spatts: "Perhaps not. You saw me this morming.' 1 Marvin: ''Did I? How time flies to be sure." FOB COUGHS 4 AND THROAT DISOK T)ERS use BROWN'S BRONCHIAL TROCHES. "Have never chftiigcd my mind respecting them, except I think better of that which 1 began thinking well pf."— Rev, Henry Wanl Ucecher. Bold only In boxes. There are lote of women who wouldn't marry the beet man on earth. They didn't anyway. ____^_____ The nso of Ely's Cream-Balm, a *ure cure for Catarrh and Cold In Head, IB attended with no pain, Inconvenience or dread, which can be said of no other remedy. I feel It my duty to say a few words In regard to Ely's Cream Balm, and I do BO entirely without solicitation. I have used It hall a year, and have found it to be most admirable. I have suffered from catarrh of the worst kind ever since I was a little boy and I never hoped for cure, but Cream Balm seems to do even that. Many of my acquaintances have used It with excellent results.— Oscar Ostrum, 45 Warren Avenue, Chicago, 111. Apply Balm Into each nostril. It Is Quickly Absorbed, Gives Belief at oiice. Price 50 cents at Druggists or by mail. ELY BROTHERS, 50 Warreu St., New York. Daughter—" Father, Mr. Heudrlckt is a bright young tnan." Father—"He must be. [ notice that you never have a light In the you parlor when he calls." BBECHAM'S PILLS coat only 25 cent* a box. They are proverbially known throughout the world to be "worth a guinea a box." "You seem to be taking things easy," «aid Father Time to the Fool Killer. "Yes," was the reply, "the parachute-jumper U looking lifter niy business." BLOOD VESSELS ARE SOMETIMES BURST by whooping cough. HALIS'S HONBT off HORB- HOUND AND TAH relieves it. PIKE'S TOOTHAOUB DROPS Cure In one Minute. Plumbers are not wholly conscienceless. They never clmrgc for the holes they make hi your bath-room carpet with their melted folder. Aleut Inspection ami the Foreign Mui-ktm. In reviewing the work of the Agricultural Department for the year just closed the Washington Correspondent of. the Milwaukee Sentinel has to say: The most prominent feature of the pre.-- ent year, or! course, in, Ihia respect, is covered by the meat inspection work authorized under the law of March 3, 1891. For years under the baneiul influence of of the prohibitive laws existing on the continent of Europe against American hog meats, the export trade of the United States in this product has grievously suffered, having been diminished, nc- cording to conservative estimates by at least §20,000,000 a yewr average during the; paht decade. All .diplomatic efforts to tecure from European governments a reconsideration i..f these prohibitive laws had proved unavailing'. The suggestion that inspection by officers of the mitiorul government would alone secure their repeal was generally met with objections, either that tHe prohibitive laws, being simply a prohibitive tariff in disguise, could not be tiff jcted by any amount of home inspection, or that no thorough system of inspection was feasible, und the time seemed to have come when the prospect of securing any better conditions for the hog producets of America in this respect must be abandoned. Jfuch a course was not in accordance with Uncle Jerry's nature. To the first objection he replied that if the/ prohibitive laws enforced against our hog products by European governments were simply a prohibitive tariff in disguise, our inspection would compel these countries to throw off the disguise and show their hands, an object worth gaining. To the second objection he offered the suggestion tlwt no one could find' out whether inspection was feasible or not, without trying it, and that the part of wisdom for the paclserd was lo cc-opeiate with the government to the best of their ability in securing a satisfactory inspection, and in fact, that whether they did or not, the interests of the hog raisers demanded that the effort should be made, and that if congress would give him the power he was • ready to undertake it. Hence the law of March 3, with the result of which every one is hpw familiar. With a new weapon, devised for the purpose diplomacy i euewed ihe tight. European governments were brought to terms as far as allegations affecting the soundness pf our product was concerned, and the tubject being discussed in the light of mutual trade relations only, the objectionable laws were definitely withdrawn, and tho markets of the world are once more free lo the American porker, thanks to Uncle;Jerry Busk. The board of managers of the National home for disabled soldiers has confirmed the Appointments of Col. Wheeler as governor and of J^ E. Armitagc as treasurer of the Milwaukee homo. The apprpvdl of the national board make? permanent f he appointment, which were only temporary until evich action was taken. 1'JTH.— AllFttButomieim-Beby Dll.KLINK'BOltic* t Nol''lUnfturtlr»b>liiy > Buag, Mur- velloue curts. 'TreuUae anil *'2.UU trial battle Cruu u Ml CUBOH. Send to Dr. Kline. 1)31 Arch St., 1'hlla., f'n "The coming man" is the fellow -who holds your note. A DBISP-SEATUD COUGH cruelly tries the Lungs aud wastes the general strength. A prudent resort for the afflicted is to use Dr, 0. Jayne's Expectorant; a remedy for all troubled with Asthma, Bronchitis, or any Pulmonary affection. _^ A Boston spinster fainted one day last week because the mail brought her a newspaper In UB wrapper. • A Remedy for the Grippe Congh. A remedy recommended for patients afflicted with the grippe is Kemp's Balsam, which Is especially adapted to diseases ol the throat and lungs. Do not wait for the first symptoms of the disease before securing the remedy, but get a bottle aud keep it oa hand for use the moment it is needed. If neglected, the grippe lias a tendency to bring on pueumouia. All druggists sell tho Bojsanr. We have noticed that the more impracticable nnd hopeless an ambition is, the mort 1 energy a fool will put ill it. Floridn anil the Gulf Const. The arrangements' of through sleeping car lines of the Louisville & Nashville Rail- roud arc more perfect than ever this season. That company has through sleepers from the Ohio River gateways to Jacksonville, Tampa, Thomasville and the Gulf Coant He. torts. The time made from Chicago to Jacksonville is in'the neighborhood of six hours quicker than by any other line. Folders and other information cheerfully furnished by George L. Cross, N. W. Pass. Agent, 282 Clark street, Chicago, 111. "This Is iii ruli of account," said the barkeeper aa lie took tho change out of a bill. ."Also," replied the customer, "on account of a full." Like IViagsc a tho relief given In many nevorn cases of dyspcntlo .roubles by Hood's Sareaparilla, PoseeBnlng th'i best known Btomach tonics as well neti e bcut :i Iterative remedies, this excellent medicine gives tbu stomach the strong h i-eaulrod to retain and digest nourlihing food, creates A Cbod Appetite and gently but effectively assists to natural motion the whole machinery of the body, Mont gratifying reports come from people who have taken Hood's Sarsaparilla lor dyspepsia, Indigestion, aud blmllur troubles. HOOD'S PILLS—For the liver and bowels, act eadly yet promptly and efficiently, Prioe^So. Ttic Only One fiver Printed—Can Ton Find the Word? There Is & 8-lnch display ndtcrUsemont In lliig piper this week wlilch has no two words nlike except one word. The same IB true of each new one appearing each week from The Dr. Barter Medicine Co. This house places a "Crescent" on everything they make and publish. Look for it, send them the name of the word, and they will return you BOOK, BEAUTIFUL LlTnOO'llAPHS Or SAMPLES FBKB. The chances are that a long-felt want is about to bo filled. A Hobokcn man Is working on a collar-button with a whistle attachment. IMmlo to took I.lko Now. Dresses, Gents' Clothing, Feathers. Gloves, etc., Dyed or Cleaned, Plush Garments Steamed at Otto I'ietch's Dye Works, 240 W. Water St., Milwaukee. Send for circular. Frank (pleadingly) — "I never kissed a girl before In my life." May (coldly)— "Well, I haven't advertised for apprentices, have If" How** Tfilst W« offer Ono Hundred Dollars reward for any eaeo of catarrh that cannot bo cured by taking Ball'« Catarrh Cure. F. J. CHENKY & CO., Props, Toledo, Ohio. We, the undersigned, have known !•'. J. Chonoy for the last 15 years, and bollovo him perfectly honorable In all business transactions, and financially able to carry out any obligations made by their firm. WEST & TRUAX, Wholesale DrugglBts, Tolodo, Ohio. WARDING, KINNAN A MABYIX, Wholesale Druggists. Tolodo, Ohio. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Testimonials aont free, Price 76 cents per bottle. Sold by all Druggist*. Perfectly Well. V mc, Dubnque Co., !»., Sapt, 1830. . Finnlg&n wrltei: My mother wad si a tav used Pastor Koenlg's Norv» Tonlo for neuralgia. Thoy arc both perfectly well now and never tire of praising the Tonlo. GBEBHK, Iowa, Got. 10, IBM. For nineteen yoara rny daughter Buffered from fits BO that she could not even dress herself. On tho 17th of March last nhe common cod using Pastor Xooalg's Norvo Tonlo, and it has cured her entirely. Accept many kind thank B and blessings; I cannot tell how happy I feel to thluh my child is cured. MBB. THJ2KESA KYLE. STOHM LAKE, Iowa, Jnly 9,1800. I was suffering from nervousness, sleeplessness, aualosn of memory; about two months ftgc I took Pastor Koenlg'a Nerve Tonlo, and I attribute my recovery to this medicine; I am sat- isliod ivith its effect. i. A. BAA ST. '—A Valunblo Booft en Kervons Diseases sent free to any address, and poor patients can nteo obtain this medicine free of charge. This remedy has boon prepared by the Beverend Pastor KooniK. of Fort Wayne, Ind H since ISTfl. and Isnowproparod nnderhls direction by the KOENIC MED. CO., Chicago, III. Sold by Druggists at 81 per Bottle. 0 for 85. .targe Size, 91.75. 0 Bottles for 99. FREE GRATEFUL - COMFORTING. Epps's Cocoa BREAKFAST. tf BT a thorough knowledge of the natural laws irhioh govern tho operations of digestion and nutrl- Uon/and by a ouroful application of the fiuo proper- htw of woll-nelected Co con, Mr. Kppii IIIIH provided our .breukfiist tablai with u rlelU'tilelj' flavored be?- erage which tnny envo UB rniiny linnvy doctoiV billn. It U t>y tho' judicious UKO of and' itrti^tfu of diet that. a constitution may be gradually built up until strong enough to resist «very londenoy to diH«ns«. Hundreds of nubtln maladies are floating around UB ready to attack wherever there is a \voak point. .We mny esotipe many A fatal shaft by keeping our. aelvBB wull fortified with pure blood and H pTuparly nourished frtiuta." — "Civil KorvJce Gazette. "• Made nimply with boiling water or milk. Bold 'inly In half-pound thiH, by Grocers, labelled thus: - JTASIKM .«• CO., Monm-opathio Chaniints, LONDON, KK GLAND, m^ _ . ®Tunr LIVER hare all tho rtrtues of the larger owjsj oqnalljr •ffectirej purely vf>(f«»jnble. Bzaot lice »hown in thin border. •—^7-.- •• • i*j*.& •.Tc rsJlef, and Is »n INFALLIBLE CUKE for 1'ILEH, Price, tl; at drngxlBts 01 by mail. HamnloB free. AddroHB "ANAICKSIS," Boi i!416. Nitw yoBg PITY. S1O fiO 8INGI>B HARNESS. ipAy.tlV/ Hiind Mnd*. OOUBT.E TKAM HAKNESS, Hand Miide. ' 8»d tor yrlo* list »f >y foil Una. St., Wt» FAT FOLKS REDUCED Mw, AJio« Mfcpla, Oiegou, Mo.. wri|w Mr weight wfU)820 ponnai.nnw it» . r circular*. »ctdr«H. with All klodl tbl»p«r [tliau tl^owhcr*. B«- foro jou baj, lead • tamp rorlllDitrata4 Uutaliigue to Tbt ' •OUBLR IriKk-Liiader $7.99. .vri- O ;ii:fvi'iil'. i-.oi'o luado in Keeping Poultry. Also 1'OWKU MJMA. iid 1' FEEU -Mtl,ll>8. Olivtil-n'H iiinl-li.'sti!iiM!jiila w;nc (jri pplication. W I LS O N BROS-, 33/.3IOM, PA Ittnei, »nd a KOTfl relief In advanced •taure*. Monce. Ton will »ee the excellent <»S»ot\ Mkklnir the Unit doie. Bold by dtu»n •Ttrrw! Cuwcoottlen, SO Miita Mid 11X10. THE GRIPPE. The grippe this season has shown a singular condition of affairs. Th« longer it has prevailed any community the more virulent it is. This winter in Russia, where it first started, it has developed into a kind of insanity, so that those afflicted with it rush from their bed a-nd tra-' verse the streets and highways, tn the east it has developed into typhoid symptoms, while in the west it has been marked by pneumonia. Under the ordinary treatment pneumonia is generally fatal, but REID'S GERMAN COUGH AND KIDNEY CURB, will save the sufferer from this malady. It contains no opiates, and, instead of paralysing the digestive organs and kidneys, it incites them to action, while it stimulates th* digestion. In this respect it 'is superior to any cough medicine that was ever put upon the market. Ask your dealer for it and take no other. 1 SYLVAN REMEDY Co., Peoria, 111. LIES TTo man wishes to buy a pig In a bap, nnd no one places confidence In the advertisements of Scale makers which SOUND hnprobabln. " Tome- thlnp for nothing " nan never be had, and when yon see Scales advertised so Indefinitely as to leave a BIG jiorcontnRe for tho Imagination ; Investigate Carefully. - FACTS •Sorao people are fali^ minded, and to them we refer the Seal* question. Action SPEAK louder than words, uo4 when you find a conn, tne article made at good material FOR a fnlr price Is It not better that tho fnnts la the case should b* loolted Into by 'faJjf minded men for THEMSELVES before buying nnf kind of n Scale f Full Information regarding patterns, patont% costs, etc., In one book, sent free by ' JONES OF BINGHAMTON, Binghamton, N. V.' Of Roxbury,?^as9.,Say9i Sti-anae caeew cured by ray Medical Dlacovetf' eome to ran every day, Hnre IB onu of Pura'rnliH) •• BliiulnesB— and the Grip. Now, how doeH my Mwlto eul Discovery euro alltliefco? I dou'blinow.unlMf It tnkea bo.d ol tlio Hidden Poison tliat innkei H Eninor. iA CITY, Nevada. Sept. 9, 1881, And The SPEND the WINTER . DONALD KENNKDI— Dear Sir : I will ntiito my col to yon: About nine yoiru avo I WIIH paralyzed In rof left hide uiid the best donors KIIVU nia uo relief lot tivoyi'ars, nndl WUB ad'.iBed to try your Discovery whioli did lt« duty, anil In a few months I WBB tf Itored to houlth. About four your- ago I beoam* blind In my loft eye by n spotted caturnct. Lui March I W:IB taken with Ln Gripyo, and was confln«l to my bed lor throu moniliB. At tho end of thM time, na in tho i-turt, tUen it struck ma that yoaB Discovery WBR thn thinu for mo ; oluot-i bottl*, •mi lieloro U WHO liult gone 1 was ablu to go to mf work In lUe mino». Now in regard to my eyosi a»» lost my Ififteyo, and :ilionl t-ix raontliB :'KO mv rlKhO «yu bccamo atfreled with black BpotB over the BlgU • »a did the left i-ye— perhups some twenty ol them-* bnt Blnce I have boon UBinu your Discovery (her all Je£t my rlnht eye bnt one j aud, tiiaiik Ood, the brltiht light otlieavcn IB once more milking KB appearance >n my left eye. I am wonderfully aaton- Ulird at It, and thank God and yonr Aledlonl Die* •every. Yours truly, HANK WHITB. »B<1 MOODY IMPBOVID TAILO* 8T«. TEMScfDjul Otttlu. R.. , „.,,_„ "luriil.luc. liultit Cur.iU 111 10 9 lii'il DR?J. STEp'HENa'.'lLebanonJohiol HNA5ALZER The $hortett and Quickest to all parts of the It nini cUfUit Pullmin Sleeperi, Day C?*u:hcs and llngnge Can lolld to J ACK8ON VII.L via Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga, Atlar .. Macon. Finest trains in the World for COM' FORT AND 8AFETV OF TRAVELERS. Tickets for <alo »t ill Kallrw Offices i« tlie United Statci, of B. W. WRENN. Gcu'l FUi. * Tit J^gcu, '' LITTLE LIVER ? PILLS DO NOT GRIPE HOU SICKRf. Sure cure for SICK HK ADACHE, Impulrcd dlgestlou, coniU- -, torpid Bl'inils. Theyarouio nnuiet, dl<- (Ual organ!, remove . tliiMB. Act like in«gio on Kidneys»na bladder. Conquer bilious nervous dl»- ordors. EiUblish nat- >>. urea DAILY ACTION. Beautify complexion by purifying blood" FPBBLY YCQCTAUI.I. The done li nicely «dJu«Ud to mil cue, m one Bill c«u wm be too mucU'Euch vlul conttlnH?, c» wed In «|| packet.. llk» mil free. yulCkiy Ol.lllllrj.l. N, nli}', fuu i,:l..i l>atnilt in ullou'Oil. Advlco uiul linuk GLOIIE 1'A'i'KNT AOKNUY, U'lisliiMgtou, 1>. (J. P H >> « I O X S — l»ui' nil SO 1. 1> I K It H ! li disnblod. $2 feu for iiicruuuo. 20 yonrn ux- purleuco. Wrltu for laws. A. W. MoOonoiiuu (t Sons, WAaniNGTQN, 1). 0. and CINCINNATI, O, P . MUKKIS, WaHhlneton, 1). O. Successfully Prosecutes Claims. Lutu 1'rluolpul Extiinmer U. 8. 1'uuslou Buruuu. a yra. In lute war, 16 adjudicating "Mm*, fttt'y eluoe. - \V.T.FXTZQKUALU, Wa»uni.i«., U. U. PISO'S CURF FOR »ud people I who h»T« w««k langi or AjUi- I m*. flto«M HM Ptto's Our* for 1 OoofvnpUoa. U h»» cured I 1 tbo«HU>0«. ft hM not ln]ot> ' ed one. It l» not >«4 to t»ke. U Jjl Wt te»t pough irrwp. ' 9014 «Terywh«re. 904. CON SUM PTION .' *MY WOHK SHAU BE PeRPETUATEO." The perpetuation of Mrs. Plukluim'ij work wak guarded hy her foresight from tho start,, Bvi-ry , ' Bufl'erlng woman applying to her r<.'f!elv«dp>r8ouaj , • attention, and the details of.evcry case were re. ,. corded. These records arc to-day tho lurgtut ib the world, coutalu faots ijot fewnd now open to ftll wewen ' ..->-• LYUIAE,

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