The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 20, 1892 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 20, 1892
Page 5
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THE tJPJPEK DBS MOIlSdES; ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 20, 1892, NIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS. CHICAGO, MlfcWAtJKEiS * 8*. JPAtJt. . . East— Pas*.— I.;., i ..... 6:02* mNo.2 ....... 10:24 ft in .4:37pmNo.4 ........ 9:30pm Freight- Y:15»mNo. 8 ........ 11:55 p ni _,-/!* 11:45 am |6. 6...... .. 8:17 pm No. 14 2:30pm No. 10 12:15 am CktCAOO & NOBTHWESttittN. itforth- I South— . ..' iced 8:18 a m Pass 2:37pin ...»:35pm|Ml3ted .,,'0:07-pm . sttives nt Chicago at 7 am;. arrives at i Molnes at 8:15 p hi. LT. Des M. 2:30 am. THE CITY. Jas. Patterson is on the sick list. 1 Ex^Supt. Carey is teaching at Irving- Ion. Rev. Dorward is recovering from an Attack of grip. Galbraith is offering some big bargains this week. ,, LuVerne is talking of having a four' |tpry brick hotel. It is reported that A. Schmttt has Did his hardware store at Whittemore. Mrs. J. J. Ramsey hns been sick for ( ~me weeks and is still confined to her thomo. I Rev. Davidson was unwell Sunday 'Ind did not preach. He is getting letter. *. Rev, J. W. Forsyth lectures this evening at the Methodist church in Portland on "Life in Libby Prison." S The new postal cards are out. They fhave a good picture of Gen. Grant, but fure-not so good looking as the old ones. The Iowa winter is herself again. |Sunday night the mercury reached 28 | below and yesterday morning 33 below. j. Every farmer In Kossuth county f should attend the agricultural meeting • next Wednesday. Let the court house \ be filled. The telegraph company has fitted up a neat office in the front of the post- office and Miss Eva Lantry is now found at her new station. Married, on Jan. 17, by S. A. Thompson, J. P., at the home of the bride's parents in Union township, Jesse Jackson tind Ada R. McCain. The rumors of new buildings next spring are thick as blackberries in autumn. But no definite plan for an opera house seems to emerge. Dr. Morse now owns the property north of Mrs. Mclnty_re's, onThorington street. He bought it of A. Lattimer, and will make his home there soon. The story goes that O. A. Potter recently hauled 5,200 of hay to the Hobart station at qno load. That seems like piling it on thick—the hay, we mean. There will be a special meeting of the W. C. T. U. at the reading room on Friday afternoon, at 8 o'clock. Members please take notice and be present. The Reporter says that Carl Oleson of Wesley is going to Chicago to enter the commission business. Wesley is contributing liberally to Chicago's business men. W. S. Dorland writes from Llano, Texas, that a new $50,000 hotel will be completed next month, a_nd is christened "The Algona." • It is a good hotel with a good name. The Webster City Tribune, speaking ofthecominr editorial meeting, says: " Algona is a good town, inhabited by good people; und they will take care of the newspaper craft in fine shape." The LuVerne News says: Mrs. A. C. Willey returned home on Tuesday from Eagle Grove, She had been caring- for her sister, Mrs. Rev. Glasgow, who has been quite ill of late. A Hebron correspondent of the Lu- Verne News says that Mrs. Kline's suicide was because her husband ; sold his stock for less than two cents a pound. The writer adds, cattle ought to be higher! John Edwards has disposed of his livery business and the new man has taken possession. John, however, is an active fellow, and will find something to busy himself at without leaving Algona. The special meetings at the Baptist church begin tomorrow evening, to be conducted by the noted evangelist, C. M. Palmer. Mr. Palmer comes from Kansas, where he has had greatpuccess. Much is expected from his visit to Algona. The ladies of the M. E. church will give an oyster supper at Grange hall on Thursday, Jan, 21, Supper from 5 p. 'm. until all have been served. Supper, 25 cents. Everybody is cordially invited to come. The Womans' .Home Missionary so: ciety will meet with Mrs. Perry Wili kins on Thursday afternoon at 8 o'clock. J;The president desires a large attend- f'ance, us there is some business that ? should be attended to. Letters are advertised for D. W. Danson, AlpheusLumbert, H, H. Smith, Ida M. Smith, Henry Simonds, J. Lour- dets, Chas. Sutton, Geo. Halfrick, Mrs. Mary Morgan, John Pierce, Miss Alice Hard, and P. Gustafson. Bro. Platt of the LuVerne News mourns the loss of ayear-and-a-half old baby boy, Geo, W, Hanna writes a sympathetic, obituary notice for the News, and all will join in mourning with., the bereaved parents. The )adies have arranged the fourth Demoregt silver medal contest to be held at the Congregational church Friday evening of this week. These contests have proved very entertaining, and a big audience should attend, Geo. Frink has been installed chancellor commander of the K. of P. lodge in Wesley, and set up the oysters in proper style. We mention this for the benefit of the incoming officers here at home, soon to be installed. This is good oyster weather. J. C. Blackford has retired from the First National bank, and his future course is not decided. He has been a popular twid successful business man in Algona, ai;* we express a common sentiment in saying that an intention to leave Algona would be regretted by everyone. A change in the management of the i First National bank occurred last week, K. Ferguson being chosen cashier. Ferguson is well known to the itvons of the hank and the people of i couuty and is a careful an<| cautious business manager. His friends will 1 congratulate him on his promotion. A fare opportunity is offered for anyone who wants to buy a welt-established mercantile business in the proposed sale of the Lawson & Oleson Bros. r business at Wesley ^ particulars of which are published elsewhere this week. It is ad old-established business and a good paying 1 one.'" They give their reasons for selling. . John Goeders is just home from St. Paul, with, some.big bargains which He is offeririg to the public.. John makes a trip north every year during the dull season and can get better bargains thah in Chicago. The St. Paul people figure that all they get frota Iowa is a clean gain from Chicago, and make prices accordingly. The fact that C. C. Chubb is .to be president of the new bank at Burt and Ed. Murtagh cashier means a good business, management. Ed. is one of the best book-Keepers who ever came to Algona, and except that he is a democrat from away back, he is all right. He will give Burt a finely conducted business institution. Hosy Art/,, who used to live at Whittemore, fell between the cars on a freight coming into Wesley last Saturday night. Throe toes wore cut off of one foot, and the other foot was mangled and the bone broken nbovo the ankle. He was brought to Johns'hotel and Drs. Barr, Pride, and McCoy cut off his foot. He is doing well as could be expected. W. W. Wheeler has located in Des Moines and is manager of "The 1 W. W. Wheeler Lumber & Bridge Supply company." The company succeeds J. B. Marsh & Co., andomcesat4(i Clappe block. The business isdealingin hardwood lumber, and W. W. is an expert at that and will succeed. He is already full of business and has a fine opening. The case of Geo. Gardner, who was sent to the Independence asylum some months ago, would go to show that patients are well treated. George was sent back on account of lack of room, and left with his people in the north part of the county. But after a week he disappeared and soon turned up at the asylum again and was admitted. He liked Independence. We publish this week items showing recent financial cmbarassnients for the Andrews Opera company, so well known in Algona, and a'so an account of the terrible accident which befel them in Minnesota. Mrs. Ed. Andrews sang often in Algona, Ed. Andrews was the "funnyman" of the troupe. The accident is one of the worst that has lately happened'bn the road. W. J. Harding ventures this week into the editorial field with a bright and ne\vsy paper, The Elmore Eye. The Eye is open to good hotel fare as an opening item proves: "While in Algona the first of. the week we had the pleasure of finding ourselves quartered at the Hotel Tennant, and to anyone in search of a pleasant stopping place while at the Kossuth hub, we would, adyise the experiment of a stop at the Tennant." The Rantzow-Hubbard case comes on this week at Estherville. The attorneys, prisoners, sheriff, and witnesses went Monday and yesterday. Sheriff Graham came from Bancroft and took the prisoners over. Among those who are attending on this case are attorneys Joslyn and Sullivan, B. W. Haggard, Reimer and his son, Pete Collins, Walt. Stebb\ns, A. C. Johns, Jesse Call ah an, Seymour Allen, Miss Bowman, Mrs. Hubbard, and Mrs. Rantzow. A case of mental aberration was before the insane commissioners Monday. Geo. Ludwig, son of Peter Ludwig of Prairie, was brought up and committed to the Independence asylum. He is not dangerous but has crazy ideas. One thing that troubled him was that only Catholics would get to heaven and he wanted all to go. Then he would open his watch and spit in the works to clean them. Then he thought someone was after him and wouldtrytpjumpthrough a window, and so on. His brother went with him yesterday. It is thought that in a few months proper treatment will bring him out all right. E. B. Eddy was in from Buffalo Fork Monday and reported a wonderful religious revival at the church there. Rev. Forsythe began the meetings, and then Dr. Howe, an old evangelist but now physician and farmer at Ramsay, came down to assist, as Rev. Forsythe was taken sick. The meetings nave lasted four weeks, and 35 new members joined the church there and 12 others were converted and will join elsewhere. The church feels very grateful to Dr. Howe for his assistance and also to Rev. Wills, who came from north of Bancroft to hold one service. This revival is one of the most successful ever held in the county, and has brought to the church the support of nearly everyone in Buffalo Fork. It is said that cats have nine lives, but the usual feline is lucky to get through one of them with a whole body. At J. E. Blackford's, however, there was until last week a cat, that if it has not had nine lives, has certainly lived nine times as long as cats are expected to. It had passed its 21st year, and though blind and deaf and unable to walk might have reached its 22nd had it not become absolutely necessary to kill it. The cat has been a great family pet, and has grown up with the family from a kitten, and its remarkable age is a matter of record. We do not know what limit science has given to to cats in general, but we doubt if another known to have passed 21 years can be found in Iowa. Our state fair director, S, S, Sessions, not only was complimented by a re-election without opposition, but was mentioned in a very flattering manner in the speeches, McFall of Oskaloosa nominated him for his own successor and said that the finance committee had made special mention of the work of two directors, Mr. Sessions being one of them. Senator Perkins of Page said he seconded the nomination of Mr. Sessions when he was first elected and now it gave him added pleasure to renew his second, since his record had been made. L. L. Klinefelter of Mason City also seconded, and the vote was unanimous. The work of Mr. Sessions and J. W. Wadsworth in the department of privileges was recognized by all, and this election in a body, in which such a noted stock breeder as D. M. Moninger was defeated, is a high compliment to our townsman. ,•" \ " ' APPLES viay C5c a bushel at Patterson Bvoe.' QWLL 'MIVMS TO MEET. to Entertain the Upper t)e8 Moines Editorial Association January 28 and 29. Great Prospects for a Happy Gathering—What is Proposed to Do with the Editors When Here. The interest which our citizens »re taking in the coming editorial meeting, which opens next week Thursday, insures ii successful session if the weather does not become too boisterous. The official programmes have not been received yet from the secretary but will be substantially as follows: Thursday evening the normal school will give a reception and musical programme at the residence of Ambrose A. Call, which he has kindly opened. -This will be for the visiting ladies and the editors after their opening business session, at which the following committees will report: On the practicability of forming a union for the purpose of furnishfug ready- prints, J. J. Bruce, J. W. Hinchon, and A. C. Newton; on contracting foreign advertising, T, Q. Lee, J, C, Bennett, J. B. Swinburne. Friday morning the editors will discuss the report on " county printing" by J. G. Darrell, M. H. Richards, and '. J. Anderson. " Buying supplies" will be discussed, led by C. A. Sehaffler of Eagle Grove. Lawrence J. Anderson of Rolfe will read a paper on "Courtesy in Journalism." In the afternoon the editors will be driven about the city. THE EVENING PROGRAMME. Friday evening the following pro- gramme will be given at the Congregational church: Invocation » Rev. Davidson Addresu of Welcome Mayor I* A. Sheotz Response P. Q. Lee Music. Address—" The Editor's Dividing Line" Uou. Late Young Music. Recitation Miss Maud Cowan Address—" The Moral in Newspaper Work" Hon. W. M. McParland Music. Report of committee on resolutions closing the business of the session. THE BANQUET. Following the programme at the church a banquet will be given at the court house, at which tables will be set for all who desire to attend, by the relief corps. The following programme of toasts and responses will be given by the editors, Miss Edith train of the Ft. Dodge Times acting as toastmistress: " Our Hosts" by H. H. Bush of the Hancock Signal, "The Chilly Question" by Al. Adams of the Humboldt Independent, "The Personality of the Editor" by J. B. Hungerford of the Carroll Herald, "TheGripp" by Ed. Bailey of the Britt Tribune, " Our Organization" by W. J. Brannagan of the Emmetsburg Democrat. Toasts and responses by our citizens will be as follows, Hon. C. L. Lund toastmaster: "Our Guests," Geo. E. Clarke; "Pioneering in Journalism," Ambrose A. Call; "What to Read," Mrs. C. A. Ingham; "The Science of Advertising," Prof. Chaffee; "Northern Iowa," J. R. Jones. The banquet and the programme at the church are open to all who desire to attend. Further particulars will be published next week. Big Drop In Heal Estate. A good residence, with out-buildings, can be had for one thousand dollars. 42 H. A. CLOCK. APPLES! Apples! Apples! Baldwins, Greenings, Northern Spys, Tallman Sweets, Gilflowers, Tompkins County Kings, and Russetts, all at Patterson Bros.'—43t3 CLOAKS. We are selling these way down. Geo. L. Galbraith & Co. LARGE stock of trunks and valises just received. Geo. L. Galbraith & Co. PURE Wisconsin buckwheat flour at W. F. Carter's, LADIES and gents fine slippers. Geo. L. Galbraith & Co. , TWENTY-SIX pounds of Sugar for $1 at Patterson Bros.' WE haye a nice line of ladies and gents fine plush caps. Geo. L. Galbraith & Co. HOME-GROWN buckwheat Langdon & Hudson's. flour at PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Rev. Black is just out after a serious illness. M. Stephens went into Minnesota Monday to be gone a week, letting mail routes for Call & Cowles. Mr. and Mrs. B. H, Wilmot were up visiting their daughter, Mrs, D. A. Haggard, last week from Dayton, John Mabin was down from Minneapolis Saturday to redeem the old Waldo property from a mortgage sale. C. M. Doxsee will take a trip to New Orleans and see what the south offers. He starts in a week or ten days, and will photograph the country with a "Kamaret." Mr. Hay of the' 1 .. ;| firm of Hay & Rice is in town, Mrs, Hay does not come till April, when she will take the Lund house, which J. C. Frank vacates at that time. Mrs. A, Rutherford is in Chicago on a visit with her brother and Mr. Rutherford's sister, both residents of the world's fair city. She went last week Tuesday. T. G. McDermot came home for a few days' visit Saturday, and returned Tuesday to his work in Minnesota. He is on the road and will be in the western country until spring. AH the commissioned officers of the Iowa National guard are called in to attend the inauguration of Gov. Boies. Capt. Cooke and Lieuts. Edens and Chphb went to Des Moines yesterday. J, B. Jones and family went to Des Moines Monday, «nd will live there the coming three months, Mr, Jones was down last week and rented a furnished house. He will be near his large property interests there, and his family will enjoy the advantages of the city. Miss Kate Smith and brother, Howland, went to Des Moines last week. She will.continue her studies on the violin there, while he has a position as page in the house. Mr. Smith secured the place for him without effort, and it gives him a fine opportunity to v get acquainted with public men and politics. O. W. McMurray was down from Forest City Monday and said he is still working on buildings there with a lot to build as soon as spring opens. He said also that railway surveys are in progress for the now railroad across Kossuth, and that track will undoubtedly be laid in the spring. Mr. McMurray's family do not move till spring, and now occupy the M. L. Clarke house. A Snnp for Somebody. Having decided to change our business we offer for cash our valuable mercantile business at Wesley. Iowa— stock of dry goods, boots, shoes, and groceries, Invoice, $6,000 or more. Building, 24x00, with living rooms overhead. Business established ten years. Have a large, growing trade. We have by far the largest trade and very best location. Write us or come and see. 4212 LAWSON & OLESON BROS. The Local Mnrkct. Local market prices are a shade lower this week on most items except hogs, which remain at $3.50; wheat is worth 70c; corn, 20c; oats, 21 c; llax, 70c; barley, 28c; timothy need, 85c. Receipts are only moderate. IP you are notsatisflcd with the coffee you are using, try Chase & Sanborn's, at W. F. Carter's. _ QUAKER white rolled oats at Langdon & Hudson's. NEW strictly pure maple syrup at W. F. Carter's. JELLY! Jelly! Jelly! Langdon & Hudson are having quite a run on pail jellies.—42t2. WE sell Chase & Sanborn's celebrated coffees. W. F. Carter. COFFEE only 18c a pound at Patterson Bros.' A FINE line of new dried fruits at W. F. Carter's. WHISKEY THE PAUSE OF IT. Horace Dnwson'H Kscapndo at Em- metaburg Due to Drlnlt — No Word as to Ills Whereabouts. The Reporter gives a report of the runaway of Horace Dawson, which we noted last week, and says: Sorry as it may seem, yet it is a fact that newspaper readers usually measure a newspaper writer's capacity by his ability to make the most out of any sensational item that may come to his notice. Knowing this, newspaper men are not favorable to telling in a two line item what would make a very readable half- column article. The story of Horace Dawson's sudden and unexpected departure from Emmetsburg last Friday night is now quite generally known, and no mention can be made of it without causing some hearts to ache. The years are not long since Horace Dawson was recognized as one of the trustworthy and respectable young business men of Emmetsburg. He won a most estimable young lady for his wife, furnished her with a comfortable home, and started out with a prosperous business. Now, alas, how sadly have things changed. The young husband steals away from his wife and two bright little children, and they have no assurance that he will ever return. But one reason can be given. for it all. Strong drink, which has blighted other homes before this one, is alone to blame for this fugitive father and deserted wife and children. The time that should have been given to his business was squandered in the gratification of an ungovernable appetite, and the result was only what might be expected. Horace Dawson was not what might be called a bad man, and this is what makes the case an unusually sad one. When at home he was kind to his family and always provided for them uncomplainingly. He visited them the night before he left, wont into the bedroom where the children were sleeping and took away with him a picture of his little girl. These things show that Horace Dawson had a tender heart, and that he did not leave his family without a struggle. Let Christian charity still hope that he may free himself from the demon that has debased him, and again return to the loved ones he has so greatly wronged, ANOTHER ACCOUNT. Emmetsburg -Democrat: On Friday night about midnight Horace Dawson, who kept the barber shop in the First National bank block, took an east bound freight and has not been heard of since. He told one of the operators at the Milwaukee depot that he was going to Algona to see his brother, but he was just after seeing his brother, whom he owed $200 that was past due some time ago. He picked up all his razors and harboring tools and took them with him. He leaves a good, young wife and two children, one two years old and the other about two months old. They did not have enough to keep them 24 hours, He has of late been drinking, carousing, and gambling, and has not been attending to business. As is usually the case, he is owing numerous bills around town and will likely never return to Emmetsburg. Charles Gusland, a brother of Mrs, Dawson, is taking care of her and her two little children. HIRAM C. WHEELER, bdebolt, Sac county, Iowa, will sell first-class imported Percheron or Shire stallion— $800—on one, two, and three yeaiu Largest importation of draft horses to America this year. Will pay your expenses if I cannot suit you in horse and price. CAR of New York Apples just arrived—fifteen varieties—at Patterson Bros.' ' MAUD AND KATE SMITH »re at home and will give lessons on the piano v Whittemore, Iowa. Ladies and Gentlemen: I have on hand a lot of GAPS which I am going to offer at cost For the Next Thirty Days* Men's and Boys'—I will sell them all 30 per cent, off regular prices. This is not a sham sale; they must be sold, as I will not carry them over, f^F" Sale begins Jan. 16, 1892, and continues for 30 days. These prices are for cash only. Come All who Want a Cheap Cap. I will offer for the next 30 days Some Bargains in r I ( ) j j R I have arranged with a certain mill so I can got flour below all competitors. Here I quote prices on Flour: See what I will do on Groceries: High Life Patent, - $1.35 Janatan Patent, - 1.30 Straight, - - - 1.10 Guaranteed all Minnesota Flour. Granulated Sugar, 22 Ibs.. . $1.00 C Sugar, 24 Ibs B Sugar, 26 Ibs Above prices on sugar arc with, a general order of goods. TEA, JAPAN 21, 31, 44, and 50 c COFFEE, Good Bulk, 20, 24, 25, and 30 c Come and Get a Trial Sack of . 1Tm y Flo , ur and . y° u will then be convinced of its quality, buy your winter and summer flour, and save you 50 cents per 100. If you are in need of a Watch or a Clock, in fact any kind of Jewelry, you can find it here. Also all kinds of Repairing done on short notice and at reasonable prices. While in town do not fail to see my 5, 10, and 25-cent counters, as we have bargains on them that will save you 50 per cent. Everything I carry is sold as low as the lowest. If I do not carry a large stock I can show prices with all. Thanking you for your patronage in 1891, I am here to save you money iri 1892. My motto is "Quick Sales and Small Profits." Yours truly, J. E. BE ATT IE, Geo. L. Galbraith & Co. Are offering Special Ba rgams This week in Clothing, Cloaks, Blankets and Shawls; In fact all kinds of goods. 5, 10, and 25 cent Counters In the Basement. FARM LOANS. Having secured the agency of the New England Loan and Trust Company, I am now prepared to make farm loans on five to ten years' time at the lowest possible rate, with privilege of partial pay* merits before due, Office over Chrischilles' store, Algona, S. S. SESSIONS. Farm Loans. I can now make loans on improved lands,'from one to ten years time, and give the borrower the,privilege of paying the \vhole loan or any part thereof in even. J10Q at any date when Interest falls due. This is Iowa money, and no second mortgage or coupons taken. This plan of making a loan will enable the borrower to reduce his mortgage at any time and save the interest on the amount paW. Money furnished at once on perfect title. Call on or address • H. HOXJE, Algona, Iowa. IL,, Real Estate Dealer, Office Sod d,o,or north or F|Lra$ National bank. F, M, BUONSON, Watches and Jewelry,

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