The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 15, 1893 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 15, 1893
Page 2
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THE tTPfrEU ALGQfr A. ToWA. W EftNESt) A V. MAKOTT 15. 1893, IOWA CONt>K' SKDNKWS, Luther Edwards, a 10-yoar old child, was bumed lo death at. Greensboro, Del., on tho Slh. The date of tin- trans-Mississippi Congress at. Ogdon, Utah, has boon changed from May '2 to April 24. Dr. Johannes von "Wldomnayor, Chief Burgomaster of Munich, Germany, died on the Sth. In jail at; Louisville, with the. murder of has niado a complete The quarterly conference of the lower division of the Women's Auxiliary of i the diocese of Now 1 Jersey is 1>eing held at tho Ascension Episcopal Church, Atlantic City. i Tho Michigan House in committee of tho whole, on the 9th, agreed to a 1 joint resolution submitting tho coast I hi• tional amendment granting municipal | suffrage to women. i Reports from the district, devastated by flic cyclone that swept, through i Mississippi place tho number of desti' ! title families at 800, for whom the Mayor a.t Meridian has asked aid. Colonel John P. Weber, United States Commissioner ofl Immigration at. New York, has sent a letter to Secretary Carlisle, resigning his position. He desires to be relieved of his duties March 15. Police. Captalii JalMi A. McCuliougli died at. tho Thlrt.y-Htth street police station. Now York on tho Sth. Ills death was caused by hommoragos. Captain McOitllough, who was Mfty-'tiliroo years of age, was connected with tho New York police department, since 1H04. Rev. S. II. Buchanan, who for six years was treasurer of the board of trustees of the insane asylum at Littlo Rock, Ark., was suspended indolinitely froin the ministry on t'ho 8th by tho j Cumberland Presbyterian church. John Spear and other sharp fanners of Orleans, hid., have bitten at tho green-socMls-iiian's bait, and Spear vas taken In to the extent of !j(:iO,<H)0 for which lie got twenty pieces of blank paper. The legislative assembly of the Island of .Jersey has declared by vote that, quarantine is not preventive of cholera and has therefore refused to establish a quarantine against vessels fi-uni p:,rts alleged to bo cholera infected. GROVER GOES IN. John Farroll, Tenii., charged 'Tom" Woods, confession. The Westrcn Union executive committee has recommended tho declaration of the regular quarterly dividend of 11-4 per cent. An earthquake visited Portland, Ore., on the evening of the 81 Ii and shook down a, few (ottering walls. No groat damage Avas done. A dividend of $.'{ per share has been declared by the Roll Telephone Company, payable April 15. Anxiety Is fell, at: Victoria, B. C., for the missing M. M. S. Carnot, twenty-four days out from 'Frisco to Honolulu. Scarlet fever prevails to a.u alarming extent around Church Hill, Del. Tho public schools have been closed six .weeks. W. H. Slmonds, the Commissioner'of Patents!, and Assistant Commissioner Frothmglmm sent their resignations to tho President. Qrvllle Ovhoi-holf, a grain dealer at; Assumption, 111., assigned on the Sth for the benefit, of creditors. Liabilities .$27,000; assets, $37,000. An oloA-ated road from tho business portion of Cleveland, O.. to Heights, a suburb, is assured. The defenders of the city of Santa Anna still hold out, awaiting relief jchu-a-go and Kile raihvay Avont tSmnigh from Porto Alogro. Avhich has reached • tho bridge over the Ottawa river at. there from Rio do Janeiro. jj,i,na, out,,, and took Avtlh it nineteen Charles Knoch of St. Louis fired one ( ' !l1 *' P"i"g them up in the river.. Tho Shot at his Avife, who is suing for di- j engine and a. foAV cars escaped. Throe 'tramps aio supposed to bo dead in the i nilns. j Hy a mistake of the clerk itho law just passed by congress grant- ling a largo appropriation for tllie Avorld's jfair will have to bo dispensed by the ! board of lady managers, 'l.'hp insor- | tion of one word brought about; the the ! <><1ln l'Uwitir:r.. Tho national convention of tho Irish national fi-deration Avas held in Dublin on the Sib, Tilromas Sexton presiding, of !- Mr - Sexton said'if Ireland would hearti- jly help Mr. Ciladstone ho Avould beat: i';<wn all ( opposition; The hill consolidating all the Grand Trunk railroad branch linos into one system under the name of the Grand Trunk railroad company <of Canadii has I loon passed by the railroad committee of tilio House of Commons. Suit, lias been commenced against: the Chicago and .\ortliAvo.stoem road for 'formatH«) |)iy the relatives of Michael <;-ili'noy of lOlgin AVho was killed at Ulhorn, Kane county, a I'OAV days ago. The company's of .¥1,000 Avas refused. The .\aronic whicli loft Mersey Fob- The (Jffeat New York Deiiiocrait Is Again Prest dent. His Inauguration alls a Mult tude of Visitors to Washington. Harrison Returns to Inclianapo Jis—"Will Lecture at the Stanford University. Tlio treasury depart mont has made it necessary for anfy Chinese entering the L'ni ted. States by Canada or Mexico to prove their right, no passports or Kuclid i other paoprs being accepted as prima lade evideiico of such right. A freight; train on the Sth on tho Washington, D. C., March 4.—The exercises incident to the second inauguration of Grover Cleveland brought together a monster crowd today, 50,000 people taking part Iu the paa-ade alone. Tho governors of eleven states—NOAV York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts Iu the east; Pennsylvania and Maryand among the middle states; Georgia, North and South Carolina and Louisiana In the south, and Wisconsin in the Avc-st—participated iu the ceremonies, thereby emphasizing the complete national unity. The order of procession Avas almost identically the same as four years ago, Avith the actions of the chief participants reversed, and differed very little except in the extent of demonstration, from tin; ceremonies eight years ago AA'bich brought Cleveland to Washington, for the first time iu his public career. The four great featues of inauguration day are the closing hours of congress, Into Avhich so much laAV-inakiug and history arc so frequently crowded; the ride out of the retiring president, and that of the president and A'icc-prcsident elect Avith then.- military escort from tho Avhite strengtH have given rise to, heedlessness of those late go"«jrning oiir national health which we cahttot any more evade than human life can escape the laws of God and nature. "Manifestly nothing is more vital to our supreineacy as a nation and to the beneficent purposes of government than a sound and stable currency.Its exposure to degradation should at once arouse to activity the most enlightened statesmanship; and the danger of do pi-eolation in the purchasing power of wages being paid to all should furnish the strongest incentive to prompt and conservative precaution. Indeed, with our present embarrassing situation as ra.ited to this subject, we Avill be Aviso if Ave will temper confidence and faith In our national strength and resources, with the frank consession that even those will not permit us to defy Avith Impunity the inexorable laws of finance and trade. At the same time,, in our efforts to adjust differences of opinion, AVO should be free from iutolerauce or passion and our judgment should be unmoved by alluring phrases, and un- vexod by selfish interests. 1 am confident such an approach to the subject; will result hi prudent and effective remedial legislation. In the meantime,, so far as the executive branch of government can intervene, none of the poAvers Avith Avhich it is invested Avill be Avlthhcld when their exercise Is deemed necessary to mantain our national credit or avert liuacial disaster. "Closely related to the exaggerated confidence in our country's greatness which leads to tho disregards of rules of national safety, another danger confronts us not less serious. I refer to he prevalence of the popular disposition to expect from the operation of government especial and direct Individual advantages. The verdict of our voters Avhich condemned the injury of maintaining the policy of protection enjoins upon the people's servants the duty of exposing and destroying a brood of kindred evils AA'hich are unAvbolo- soiue progeny and. paternalism. This is the bane of republican institutions and the constant peril of our govern- in cut by the people. It degrades to the purposes of Avily craft, "the plan of rule our fathers established and bequeathed to us as the object of our love and veneration, it perverts the patri- vore,p. failing to Avound her. then killed himself. Tlio case of Hodgopoth. Hip 'Frisco train robber, has bppn continued until th,e September term of life St. Charles (Mo.) Circuit Court. Gomes, tho amateur Duteli sculler of Amsterdam, will np.nmc- a professional and enter the Contests at World's Fair So—otai-y nr<sl;am has appointed H. G. Bryan private secretary, a, position lie lilted miller The administration Secretary Bayard. .Ta.mos AV. Hyatt, who was United States Treasurer during Mr. Cleveland's former administration, is suffering severely from gout: at; Xorwalk, Conn. The Navy depart input has received no Information in regard lo the fon nation of an alleged filibustering expedition a.t Key West( Fla., for Cuba. .fulfils H. Stitch, a prominent hatmak- er of New York City, shot and killed himself on the Sth on account; of debts. On (lie evening of the !>lh the. em- ployes of tho Agricultural Department presented Husk with a handsome silver service' and lamp. James Dunham, rather of the .XOAV York young lady said to be engaged to Ignac.0 Padorowski, denies the story in loto, she being only an admirer of his art. Catillo Conmo, Savannah's only ropro- B!-nUitivo of the Matia, oan-iod his bulldozing methods so far that he was killed on the Oth by a compatriot, in self-defense. Conrad Ley. '21 years .old, an em- ploye of Wood-turner otto Benin, was Instantly killed by the bursting of an emny Avhool in (lie factory at Newark, N. J,, on ih» Sth. Mi-s. .lolin C. Jones and her il-year-old son wero burned to death at Mr. Julia, Tcnu., on the !)th, by their clothes catching lire from a burning brush hoa n. .lan-os T. Morgan, ol' Fli/aboth, N. J., lias been appointed secretary of the State Labor Bureau, to (ill tin., vacancy caused by the promotion of Charles II, Siinmerinan to the odico of chief of the bureau. Jostah Quincy of Massachusetts, was made Assistant Secretary of State on tho Dili by Secretary Grosham. Qnincy is a graduate of Harvanl and a lawyer by profession. Tho steaniship Aller, sailing for 10ur- opp on the '.Mil, took out. .$1,8(10,000 gold, shipped by Hoidolbaeh, lekeOhoim- er & Co., and .$1,000,000 by La/arrt Froros, making a total of $2.000,000. Fred Jennings, a prominent farmer residing near Wasi'outah, 111., was found dead in bed on tho night of tho Sth. He was 75 years old. Heart dis- easo is supposed to have caused death. Tho Penitentiary Investigating Committee of Nebraska has discovered that several deaths in the "pen" at Lincoln are attributable to the severe punishment meted out (o recalcitrant prisoners. house to the capitol to lay down and i otlc sentiment of our countrymen and take up the reigns of power respective- 1 to ™Pt'S them to pitiful calculation of ly, the pageant of the returning prows- j sordid wiin to be derived from tlu'ir sioii after the inauguration, and the i government's maintenance. It uiider- inauguratiou. ball at night. mines the self reliance of our people Tile Indiana Sena to, by a vote of 40 to 4, passed a bill providing for an assessment, on sleeping, dining and drawing room car companies. The King and Queen of Portugal and Archduke Charles Louis, of Austria, have arrived in Koine to attend the silver wedding of (lie King and Queen of Italy. Harry Ruokstool, a 7-year-old boy, in crossing the Heading Railroad track near the' Franklin Street Station in Reading 1 at noon on the 7th was rim down .by a coal train and had both legs cut off above the ankle. i-uary 11 for .New York, has not, been spoken for twenty-seven days, not since she loft Moi'soy, and none of the hundreds of vessels making the trans-At- lantic (rip has sighted or obtained IIOAVS of JK-I-. Tho city council of Waveiiy, Iowa, o,rca,tod a sensation on tho night of tho ,Slh by passing resolutions scoring several ministers AVhose harsh criticism had. born so pointed that they Avoro • .iiaraotorizod in the resolutions as "brutal and A'ulgar." Attorney General Stockton of .Now ./oi'-'oy 'lias officially announced the pa-.ochial school hill unconstitutional on the ground that it provides for the appropriation of public money to private corporations. Tills opinion Avil.1 prol'ab!;- kill tho hill. A had rear end collision occurred at Kcllingham, Minn. A mixed train was standing at the station A\"hi;>n a freight train crashed Into it. Tho mail and pssongor coaches wore telescoped. Fire started immediately and tho cars Avoro soon destroyed. .Mrs. Fcmnnd of Hell ingliam, Avns crushed to death. Kphralm Young, a director of the do fund Spring Garden .National bank of Philadelphia, has boon found guilty the United states district court ol ' spiracy with President Kennedy >iic cashier, ami with embezzling funds of UK. corporation. prevallug. Tho procession, from the capitol to the revieAvlug stand in front of the Avhite house Avas viewed by an enormous croAvd, Avhich occupied o'very foot of room along PeiinsylVcJiia avenue. Decorations along the route were! elaborate. The senate began to fill early and the galleries were packed long before the horn- for the ceremonies there to begin. The presideutiiU party arrived at the capitol shortly after 110011, and Avere gtv- cheei's as they tw wy have no concern, it loads also to building. Mi-. Harrison | a challenge of reckless pens'on expend! to the president's room, I tur(1 . which overleaps tho bounds of and began work on a pile of bills re- - grateful recognition of patriotic service quiring his signature. The time was so i au 'l prostitutes to vicious uses the poo- short it became necessary three times i l )le ' s prompt and generous impulse to to turn back the hands of the clock to i "Id those disabled" in preserve the figment that it Avas not! defense, noon. MeanAvhile, Cleveland and Stevenson Avout to the A-ice-presideut's room and spent the time chatting Avith en a rattling volley of entered the went at once B Americanism and every ennobling trait of Amri- can citizenship. The lessons of paternalism ought to be unlearned. Honor still, the lesson should be tau-ht that while the people should patrlotlc-lly and cheerfully support, their government, its functions do not include t he- support of the people. The acceptance of this principle leads-to tho 'refusal of bounties and subsidies Avhich burden the- labor'and- the thrift of languishing enterprises in impulse to their country's mauds equality before the l&Vr, which it guarantees every citizen. The enjoyment, of this right follows the badge of citizenship, wherever found, and,' unimpaired by race or color, it appeals for recognition to American manliness and fairness. Our relations with the Indians located within our borders impose upon us responsibilities we cannot escape. Humanity and consistency require us to treat them with forbearance, and.-in our dealings with them to honestly and con- sldcdatoly regard their lights and interests. Every effort should be made to load them through the- paths of civilization and education to self-supporting and hidepeiidenti citizenship. In the meantime as the nation's wards thoy should be promptly defended against ihe cupidity of designing men and shielded from every influence or temptation that retards their advancement. "The people of tho '"United States have decreed that ou this day tho control of their government in its legislative and executive branches. shall be given to the political party AA'hich pledges Itself hi the most positive terms to the accomplishment of tariff reform. They have thus determined iu favoi of a more just and equitable system of federal taxation. The agents may have chosen to cany out their purposes are bound by their promises to devote themselves unremittingly to this service. While there should bo no surrender of principle our task must be undertaken Aviscly and Aviihout Our mission is not punishment but the righting of Avi-ong. • If to lighten the bunions from the daily life of our people \ve reduce the Inordinate and unequal advantages long enjoyed, this is but a necessary incident of our return to right and justice. If AVG exact from unAvlll- ing minds acquiescence in the theory of honest distribution, of the fund of governmental beneficence treasured up for all, AVO but insist upon tho principle which underlies our free Institutions. When AVO tear aside the delusions and misconceptions AA'hich have blinded our countrymen to their condition under vicious tariff laws, AVC but show them how far thoy have boon led away from thy paths of contentment and prosperity. When we proclaim that: necessary for revenue to support the government furnishes the only justification for taxing tho people AVO announce truth plainly, and Its denial Avould seem to indicate the extent to which judgment may bo influenced by familiarity with pervasions of tho lax- ing power; and when we seek to reinstate self-confident business enterprise of our citizens .-by discrediting abject! dependence upon governmental favor! we strive to stimulate those elements of American character Avhich support tho hojjo ur American achievement. Hilary A. Herbert, of Alabama, secretary of the navy. iioke Smith, of Georgia* secretary of the interior. Wilson S. Bissell, of New York, postmaster-general. Richard C&ney, of Massachusetts, attorney-general. .1. Sterling Morton, of Nebraska, seo^ rotary of agriculture. H. T< Thurber, a. Detroit lawyer, will be Cleveland's private secretary. , THK AMERICAN ISLAMITE. Muhammad Alexander Russell Webb's Mission to This Countiy. Muhammad Alexander Russell Webb Is a.n American convert, to Islamism, and lie finds tho doctrines taught by Prophet Mahomet So agreeable that he Avishos America to share tlietu. Mr. Webb Is IIOAV in this city, says the New- York World, and Avill soon expound the Mohametan doctrines to a select few. Muhammad lias a. Avifo and tAvo daugh tors. Ho Avas formerly a reporter for tho St. Louis Republic, and, being anxious to study oriental languages, obtained through the influence of Mends the position of consul at, Manila, In. the Philippine Islands. It Avas there he became convinced that Mahomet Avas the only, t me prophet. A,s is shown by his OAVII. example, Muhammad does not. approve of polygamy. Indeed, in a recent lecture at Lahore, ho said it Avould bo Impossible to import the practice into tho United States. Tho apostle has not yet begun an active campaign. Ho has raised considerable money to preach Islaiidsm to the benighted inhabitants of tho Amer- llcan continent, and ho hopes that the mlissin|'i Avill bo self-supporting. Ma liometan tracts and cheap copies of tho koran are lo be sent broadcast through the land. At the World's Fair many visitors of tho Mahometan faith are expected and they Avill be Avolcomod by their Avostom brother. Tho Istamilu liapiii-itlo has not yet adopted tho ress usually worn 'hi the oast. Ho can bo soon Avalkin'g around like an ordinary American, attired in brown trousers, plain shoes, a frock • coal, and tall hat. Xo more efficient Usguise could bo found for a Moslem. But in thu'oast. Mr. Webb-comes out in full Mosle-mlto toggery. Ho has in ills trunk all his apparel whicli ho AAWG in Bagdad mosques and Arab caravansaries. Recently ho had his photograph taken attired as a. of them represents emble-looklng man. ban, flowing whit Anxiety for tho redeiriptiou of pledges w.ii;;li my parly has made, and solicitude for a complete justification of the trust the people have reposed in us, shirt, baggy trouse ankles and showin true believer. One him as a tall, ven- with a Avhite tur- muslin coat and is, .gathered at the : a pair of pointed' shoos turned up al (he loos. Mr. Webb Intends to wear Mahometan dross Avhen lecturing. Muhammad has retired to tho Avildor- ness to meditate in solitude before his crusade begins. NKW AMERICAN OCEAN HOL'.NDS. GREY- coiisirain mo to remind those with whom I am to co-operate that wo can succeed in doing the work which has been especially sot before us only by tho must sincere, harmonious and' disinterested effort. Even It insuperable TIl(> ( -' nun l ) Shipbuilding company 1ms obstacles and opposition prevent tho e } ost .' (l ". ( ' () '"ract with the International consummation 01 our task, wo shall' - s ' av '» :1;li<)U company for the construc- hardly be oxcnsod; and If failure can tlon "'' Uu>c>t ' °' V!m W'.vlioniids, tho lie traced to our fault or neglect we I t>tlunl hl evt ' I ' y lvs l w ' t - t «•* the famed may bu sure the people will hold us j *! lil) . W ( ' ily " f Now Ym ' k llll ' ( l City of exacting accountability. i callers. Every thoughtful American must realize the importance of eheckiu" Mt beginning any tendency iu public the It was 12:50 P, M. when dent Stevenson appeared hi the senate chamber and took a seat beside Mr. Morton. Then followed President Harrison and cabinet, who were seated amid applause. Mr. Morton administered the oath to his successor and yielded the chair to him. as presiding officer, and the special session of the Mfty- third congress opened with prayer by the chaplain. Mr. Stevenson theii made a brief address, after which the clerk road President Harrison's proclamation convening the extra session. Next the new senators took the oath of office. The procession then formed and proceeded to tho cast portico of tho caipitol, escorting the president and president-elect. Arrived tihere Chief Justice Fuller administered the oath of office to Mr. Cleveand, who then de- or private station to regard frugality ,,. „ . : uucl oc onomy as virtues which we mn\ Vice-Presi. safely outgrow. The toleration of ttnS *"" •""""" ltle » «wHts in a waste of the people's money by their chosen servants and on- and in economy livercd lows: his inaugural address, as fol- ii con am! u l( Tlio Mc.Murray-.Jndgo Iron company of Si. Louis made an assignment on tin night of tJio sili to the Mississippi Val- Trust company. Assets, .fUO.OOO liabilities ijitiu.lKW. it is expected tin company \ vl u i mv(l llo tl . iml)U> iu n , snm . ing in a day or two. Th court of errors and appeals at Trent on, on tho Sth, four suits brought '('.• the city ,>f .Newark against the Mor- hants' insurance ocmpany, of .Newark 10 recover lax due on several millions ot Ih.rse railroad bonds, resulted In victory f ()r ,,„,. olty ol . ^ W; ^. u wiu compel the payment of taxes amounl- - lo many thousands of dollars. Advices received on the Slh at San 1< maoism -by the *loam».r Australia Mate that mutinies occurred in tho -South Soas on board the wlmling bark William Uoylie.s, which resulted in the dangerous wounding of tho fourth mate and on tho ilospor, an American bark, which vesulted in tho death of Second Mate M. Fitzgerald, A plot to kill the barks officers Avas frustrated, but not until Fitegoraid had boon killed a hatchet. with "My Fellow Citzeus—lu obedience to the mandate of my countrymen, 1 am able to dedicate myself to the service under sanction of this solemn oath, Deeply moved by the expression of and personal attachment called ine to this service, confidence which has 1 am sure my gratitude can make no better return than t!hc pledge I now givo before God and these witnesses of my unreserved , uu j complete devotion to the interests and welfare of thoso Avlio have honored me. 1 doom it fitting on this occasion, Avhilo indicating the opinions which 1 hold concerning public questions of present importance, to also briefly refer to the existence of certain conditions and tendencies among our people, which scorn to menace the integrity and usefulness of their government. Wliile every American citizen must contemplate with the utmost; pride the groAvth and expansion of our country and the sulli- cion;-y of our Institutions to stand against the shocks of violence, the wonderful thrift and enterprise of our people and the demonstrated superiority of our free government, it behooves us constantly to Avatoh for every symptom of Insidious infirmity, that thief of national vigor. The strong man whose .•onlidonco of sturdy health courts the stornowt activities or man and rejoices n the Hardihood of constant: labor.' may still have lurking near his vitals an .mhcpded disease that dooms him to sudden colapso. It Cannot be doubted hat our stupendous achievements as courages prodigality and .extravagance in the home life of our countrymen Under our scheme of government a waste of public money is a crime contempt in our epople and frugality hi their personal affairs deplorably saps the strength and star- dmess of our national character. It is a plain dictate of honest and good government that public: expenditure* should be limited by public measured by rules of strict and it is equally clear necessity economy; that frugality among the people is tho best guaranty of a contented, strong support of free institutions. "One mode of misappropriation of awarded to promises a fair the purification "The existence public funds is avoided when appointments to office, instead of being rewards of partisan activity, are those whose efficiency return of work for the compensation paid them. To secure fitness and competency of appointees to office, and relieve from political action the demorali- sing madness for spoils, civil service reform has found a place in our public policy and laws. Tho benefits alreadv galned through this instrument and further usefulness promised entitles it to (lie hearty support and encouragement of all who desire our public service weU perfoi-ined, or who hope for the elevation of political sentiment and of political methods. of Immense aggregations of kindred enterprises and combinations of business interests formed for the purpose of limiting production, and fixing prices is inconsistent with tho fair field which ought to be open to every independent activity. Legitimate strife iu business should not be superseded by enforced concession to the demands of combinations that have the power to destroy, nor should the people to bo served lose the benefit of the cheapness which usually results from wholesome competition. Thoso aggregations and combinations frequently constitute conspiracy against the interests of the people, and in all their phases thoy are unnatural and opposed to our American sense of fairness, To the extent that they can be reached and restrained by federal power the general government should relieve our citizens from their interference and exactions. 10 a swift and "Tho oath i now take to preserve, protect and defend the constitution of tho United States not only impressively defines the great responsibility i assume, but suggests obedience to constitutional commands as the rule by which my official conduct must be guid- 1 shall to tho best of my ability and reservations and tho people. and Art-thin my sphere of duty preserve the constitution by loyally protecting ovory grant; of federal power it contains, by defending all its restraints when attacked by Impatience and restlessness, and by enforcing Its limitations h > favor of the states _ _ Fully impressed Avith the gravily of the duties that confront me, mindful of my weakness, 1 should be appalled if it wore my lot to bear unaided, the responsibilities Avhich await mo. 1 am, however, saved from discouragement Avhim i remember I shall have the support, counsel and cooperation of wise and patriotic men who will stand at my side in cabinet places, or represent the people in their legislative halls. I find, also, much comfort In remembering that my countrymen are just and generous, and in assurance that thoy will not condemn those who by silicons devotion to their service deserve their forbearance and approval. Above all, I know there is a Supreme being who rules the affairs of men, whose goodness and mercy have always followed tho American people; and I know lie Avill not turn from us now, If wo humbly and reverently seek his powerful aid." The president then reviewed the nro- cessioii from the grand stand, and after. Avard took possession of the white lionse, ' Tlio ball in the pension building tonight Avas an uncommonly brilliant affair. Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland present till 10:30 o'clock. Kx-Presldent Harrison and family loft on a special train for Indianapolis at 4 tills afternoon, accompanied In' his immediate family and a few others He will practice there and deliver law '"'"' '" " Stanford, Jr., uni- pay at the latter says tho Philadelphia Record, on the now vessels has already Paris, Work praetllcajly commenced, tho keel blocks having been placed in position at the yards, and the shaping of tho hulls will .soon follow. The; vessels will tho equate in tonnage, speed and be mas- were nihcouoo of anything now afloat, and in their construction it is intended to introduce some new Ideas that arc calculated to appreciably reduce tho cost of operation. Tho first of the ships, which 'will also be the first vessel of this class built in an American yard, ... launched In about twenty mouths. It is proposed by tho Cramps to carry on tho coustriiotion of all three vessels at the same time, and thus to launch them as nearly together sible. Drawings are now pared for several other to AVill be bo as pos- belhig pro- vessels for tho same lino, which will in all proUibiity also be built by the Cramps. Twenty thousand -tons of stool plating will bo used in tho construction of the n-st hroo ships. This will bo furnished by at least three firms; bat , . .... _ They AVlll Mich bo smm the name of some American city Avhen launched. Tho construction! of of Uioiso tho two together Avith that; ....... „„ cruisoi* for tho (Jovormmait, W ill cessitato tho employ of now no- army yard. wl M 1 I'™* " UlVl111 ' vhich has boon in I " progress sumo time, n rick Thl ' y lias lectures In Leland versity, Gal. His place will, it is said, "be" $15,000^ year" r PIni t.rt>-in4-«. Ml , „ _ _ »7"-M.4. The senate will meet Monday house adjourned at noon die. The to-day siuo All the new cabinet officers, together with their families, were of course among the host of notables who attended at arc: the inaugural exercises They Walter Q. Grfcshain, of Indiana, secretary of state. John G. Carlisle, of Kentucky, secretary of treasury. Avill begin In its other marble worl,-- , , , — •• lln< l •'ones have acceded to the demands '"'••«•• begin work AvMiout shops at once. All ore except Bradbury and delay. On tho Sth A. M. Lnslov, a Lyons, Ktis., mot T)r \ jf prominent physician of that' without a Avord the will also' lawyer of Terry, ., ( ''ty, and and bul- tho mg took place in ( K m( caused much e.vcatoiuoul M« up. No molivo js Albert Uogors who, Ull , absconded from • worth ot thither b yo\VIl. s -Faro 0 , y'lie was an the city assignou post and gave for yo m ,s :•„;,) cal .win,' '" '"' wUU ' U

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