The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 20, 1892 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 20, 1892
Page 2
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THE UPPSR Ms M01NE8. ALGONA. TOWA. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 20, 1892, ^^"^^^•^^iBiiMiMMHBl^BBHHBBMiMliMHiiiBBEM^^dl^^^^i^^^ ^____^^^ J ^^ JLJaaafl ^i^^^ a ^^^ LATEST 1WS. IOWA. I GENERAL NOTES. • IT is said the mining town of Hazleton, A FLOtm is now made from the banana, 1 ^ vrv *„„„ n , which is .aid to be a useful article. fromThe S Tueld»T ****" THE mint will have reody for circula- in K^a's on'TJL'l-f *'- f *u * V tion the new half dollars and quarter* next I wart DSa80n aCCOUDt ° f the co ™* seat THE trials of the Miantonomah's big uns, fired with full powder charges, proved satisfactory. ' ^ E --° T --T eHe 4,9° u , rt at Spn gavel. KB dealers at Sioux Falls,, S. D,. are to consolidate, with 82,000,000 capi- of Gall Hamilton and a cousin of Mrs. J. O. Bmine. He will be court-martialed «s *oon as the army can get possession of his person from the civil authorities AT Cincinnati, Tuesday night. Frank a carriage painter, stabbed Rmhertord, . ---- „ ----- , „, ^.nage paimer, stafbed his wife under the left shoulder blade with rfT ' he £ 8 '. MIIil 'K her almost in- lhe blades penetrated her heatt, the woman died before she could ha* been and affected his mind. A HAtuioAD expert computes the profits of the sleeping car companies on each $10,000 car at 83,000 a year. A FMBNCII scientist, M. Dronier, has invented a new magnesium lamp which burns for regular periods of twenty-four hours wi hout extinction. tal. A POOR man in St. Louis years ago befriended a beggar in has just received a $50,00 who some distress SWA™ CANTOR introduca bill of the naval owervatoty from lhe nftty de tmrttcent to the civil administration Bills wtie introdnc^d a« follows: By Mr. Vest, for the i mprTt-ewrt-nt of the Mississippi rivfr from the month of the Ohio, appropriating $11.000,000; by Mr. Gulloui, to promote the safety ol employes and travelers, T>y compelling caramon carriers to equip CATS with automatic couplers and continues brakes and their locomotives with driving wheel brakes. The following bills were passed: To aid the state ot Colorado to support a school of mines; authori«ind t!w construction of n bridare across the Missouri river between Ghamberlaih.J in Brule conntr, and Lyman countr. South Dakota; ana ons appropriating $300,000 for the purchase or ground and the erection thereon ia the city of Washington of a building to be used as a hall of records. HotrsE.—A resolution of chairman Hoi- man restricting congressional appropriations strictly to moneys necessarv to carry raVn'tai I FIRR in Sili o^'o» Q A u iTTT"" I on tne several departments of tha govern- capital * IKK {nbib.ey 8 seed house at Rochester, ment caused a lively debate in the house M< I. L, ', , destroyed that buildintr and I to-day, but, no dpfinifp nntinn «-ac toi-»n - thereon. FIRES AND CASUALTIES. con- . „ ., j burned i vent fire at Montreal Wednesday. SENATOR BRICK'S private car aged $2,000 by fire at Wasbin»t day night. ' MAJOR HIRAM C. FELLOWS, who took . pm in the original surveys of Minnesota THE sugar trust (American Sugar Re- was kili *d by the cars in South Dakota ling company) has inr.muanri Uo „„.,.._i I'TD^-:„ u;i, „„> _,, . „ A WONDERFJL SPOT. Hamnmni Meskontino, the "Baths of the Cursed" in the Heart of Algeria. came unebnlrollable, and so to marry each other. The, caai o; A Magnificent Hot-Water Fall Which Pours Forth Streams in Great Abundance. carpet house caused at St loss AGIUCTTLTUKB AS A PROFESSION*. , no definite action was taken , _.„„—•.••., „ -_ .. . UUUU uix;u n U1IJ mi- -'—"••—"••--•— ••'" ""•• ........ a $50,00 remembrance mn t J °l\ BBOate appropriating $300,- lngs from that individual's estate. fair "* exhibit at the world's FIRE in Brady's A YoWohicagoan named Keating, I .pR,KEELEY ^« » ^grain asafoetida £^ the main Carnegie for the grip. PLANS tor whose- weight is 130 pounds, has magnificent muscles and controls them so | well that he can lift half a ton. THE "theatrephone" is a late fad in London and Paris. All the large hotels and many private houses have it. Fora, - ... .v, small sum dropped in a slot one c-.n listen roads wil1 800n be tied up. to a play or concert ten or fifteen L£* Cin 9 inu atj, 0., the two nouses in joint session, Wednesday, elected John __ bhermun United States senator. ALBERT WOLFF, for thirty-seven years 1 ', JASA WALSH, commission merchant of connected with tho Paris Figaro, has just I E™° r J»J? a8 f*»fcned.. His liabil- Texas feared that no other nw 1.11 -,. destr oyed the "court house at Marshall, Minn. It had just been completed and was not yet accepted by the houses in "* and a " eto died at the age of sixty-five, ne was one \ w — """ viiri >" uu . of the beet known writers on the Parisian dan ap^nted* Mayo? 0? &"" n ? press, especially upon subjects connected died iTwalden, Mass N ° W ° rj< with art. He received a salary of $12,000 73 years from Figaro alone. |. AN electrical stop watch has been tested 1 n 111 mm In »n^, n 1 * • 1 i • *"' 1 -*'*'** determined the only THE belief prevail hT^pt that the I ^riSStf T' was late ruler of that country was done to hun dredth of a second ahead, death. Poison, the bowstring or deposi- A N Abington (III.) man recently had tion, is the common fate of Oriental nil- ™ ' " ers. One of the physicians, who attended the deceased, has fled and is being searched for. |sor Aif red one- he was accidentally shot. ENGLISH naval expeits are seriously considering tho practicability of using liquid fuel in naval vessels, especially torpedo boats, which should be light and H Huidekoper, N Y " ex Con Charle', [bharles aged 82— At ressman * - the song writer, aged for „ — of the supreme court of mm-inn an* ™ f can no carry a great cargo of fuel. The o? the most noted lawv™ the west locomotives on the Great Eastern railway dl ? d Wednesday at NewAlbany, frofn the m England already use oil for fuel, and g " P ' Rged 88< tho naval experts believe that the same UnW^T' A ^ Gal - eua ' I", Frederick "ystem can be " D °' 1 — "-- i - - - - '- • ' a " of the navy. Farming is unpopular because it is not _ •ofitible. The flower of agriculture is being continually absorbed into o:her trades and occupations. But there is also another reason why the youug men and women leave taefarm. They are not edu- catedto be farmers. Their education from childhood leads them away from the farm. They do not understand their vocation; they do not toy to understand it. They cease to love it; and they cannot succeed in a vocation which they do not love or understand. Many farmers, no doubt, believe that the killed or - „ ------- -./ —- ->-....poo ui. a roof during a, fire m a Sunday-school building in Pittsburg Saturday morning. AT SF J - I: - "- " ' * absence two spective!y7 and 5 year,, were burned To I immediate cause, sWlcinliderYhe farm! a ' er - ! themselves to be primarily to blame SIXTEEN persons, including the pastor ft beir cundition - They have al ways had L n l!°P^ 0 ;.T ere , 0? , erco ? e by natural gas | M™?!,. 1 ! ° un l bers count for anything, The Cones and Spring's, and Some. Stories Related in Connection With Them. • _ i. - - i --—-——, w*.*j\/ijj^ u f 11*1 LUir 1 K«S I i. * — > - — — — ^\_i«j XIVWIL v M\JL tiu > LlllUK) in Urace Reformed church ac'TifBn, Ohio • wnbol the government; therefore if un- Nnndn,, „„«,{„„ . i ]us t ] aws have been enacted, the farmers are to blame. But besides this, perhaps lltn a little behind in the i-u- .,-- of progress. With tlie city continually absorbing the best part of their manhood and womanhood this would naturally follow. - o 0l « HsfeMgsTR^-s Orraveroufc. At Moline, no FOR transporting the first of the 12-inch guns, intended for the Monterey, from Washington to San Francisco a special has been built by the Pennsylvania i road company, which will be used for m other purpose in the future than this. Th" car is about 40 feet long and flat, without a covering of any sort, for the gun of course needs no protection from the weather This huge piece of ordnance is over 30 feet long and pounds. I aged one hundred and two. i A "™ S ' Wl Wheelock, age At iort Wayne, Ind , Dr Ii | lough. At Bloomington, III. Lan- Washington, morning, ,™ A ?°»^J" ™ he P, ork -P a <-king establish- Si° f Ai M ^ March a ? firidglport, Pa., exploded Monday morning, wrecking the building. Two men were killed and several others were wounded. 1 JoitN FITE & Co.'s butter and cheese establishment and James P. Hanna& Co - s pork-packing house, in Pittsbum Pi were completely destroyed by fire Saturday Tn'nnn^ rh8 Joss was §60,000, with about 30,000 insurance. • AT Topeka, Kan., Wednesday morning re destroyed the handsome residence of P. G. Noel. Mr. and Mrs. Noel had bare- I IT f !»•« r»i« ,. ~ •_ • 1 1 II • .. -*-'l*»V. Hanimam Meskoutine, or the "Baths ol the Cursed," is a lovely little resort in the heart of Algeria, within easy reach of Algiers, Bone, or Constantine, says Chambers' Journal. It is rather too far from Algiers to be got at in a single day. Put by traveling all day to Constantine and sleeping there one may take the 5 o'clock train in the morning, which reaches Mes- koutine at 9:30 Forests of olives and thickets of shrubs gladden the eyes and tell of the game which is here plentiful enough to make Mestoutine worth visiting for the gun's sake alone. And so, ha ring passed through two or three denies, we finally draw up in a more open country, with hills in the distauce on ail sides, and with green meadows and dark woods over the plateau. It is preciously hot; but then no wonder, for the very streams in the gullies are of warm water; and if you are near one or other of the many springs which hero burst from the ground they tuny be warm neighbors that even heaven would forciil &ncb a crime ia their case. K ' The matringe day arrived, The com course of visitors was immense, it wa7 calm, bright morning, and all the auf were hopeful. e The preliminaries of the marriage soon settled, and then feasting and ing began. The married couple about to withdraw to their tentj suddenly a fearful tempest broke them; there was an .earthquake, fl shot up in their midsf, and boiling wa u, rose into the air. When at length this diabolical storm and outbreak abated nothing was left of the bride and bridegroom, th'e cadi and the guests, except these scores of cones Like Lot's wife, they had all been trans^ formed into stationaiy pillars from that time forward. The Arab imagination goes farther, ft interprets the echo of your footfalls upon the hollow ground as an echo of the muaift of the marriage festival. Thejsteam of th& springs is that from the caldrons preparing the feast, and the white stones in the bubbling banns are' the grains of the "kouskous" itself. As you go among the cones at night tha'*' scene revives—you seo all the details of that awful marriage. But at the coming of dawn the men and women all turn auam into zones. * There is no luxury at the Bath hotel of Meskoutine. That is against the prin- £ lp ul o£lfcl ¥ i plaoe ' which claim tobe- health-wstoruig, not through the medium of the kitchen, but by its air and its- winnn . esca Pe;with their lives. Loss, & I -° ^e'^e Printing and pub- 350 000 ' D & °°' Los -' The farmer of to-day must compete with - SPAIN'S new tariff New Year's day. A MOVEMENT FOREIGN. was promulgated is on foot in Paris to weighs 101,300 observance of Sunday in that GOLD is no longer the principal product of California. Though an import ant one, it has given place to agricultural products. Tee wheat exported from that state this year will amount in value to I J87.000.000. There will also be exported 20,000,000 gallons of wine, worth as million dollars. This goes to show , after all the principal source of wealth this country, even in the states richest mineral resources, is in the than beneath it. This is the case'in California and also in Michigan, whose mines are among the most union. secure the ci'y. THE Indians of Bolivia have revolted and the government is unable to cope with CONGRESS. MONDAY, JAN. 11. SENATE.—A resolution was introduced by Mr. Teller providing for an international bi-metallic conference, and referred to committee on judiciary; Mr Morgan introduced a bill forfeiting to the United states lands claimed by the Northern Pacific between Bismarck N D and Wallwalla, Washington. ' ' '" HOUSE.-—Among the bills introduced in the house today were the following: SwetH Idaho), providing for an them, BONNAT has been elected president of no the Society of Artists of Franpp 'flip Bociation ttfat manages the Paris' sin «".«"". ,° f Clarence By ,. . -. --..I n --- »" international bimetallic arrangement; bv S-ott (111.;, appropriating 8100,000 for a display of corn products at the worlo's fair; by Chipman (Mich.), requesting the president to mfornuhe house what negotiations have been carried on with foreiga governments relating to the re-establislimont and use of silver coin as a legal tender money; (Mo.), defining option and imposing tax on dealers there- • « •" "•»»»'»• w>^u^jy t ,wV' TTiUU ever-lowering price for his pioducts and over-fiiihinr fertility in his soil. He must necessarily have more brains than his predecessors. The average farmer, though far ahead of the model farmer of fifty years ago, is still wasteful, perhaps unknowingly, and is unsystematic. He works ha"d but thinks and learn? little. That he is beginning to think, hrwever, at least seven great larmers' organizations embracing a c. embership of many millioas, seems to attest. What the farmer needs is education, oqtn agricultural and political, ihe various farmers' organizations and the agricultural papers are doing much in both these lines, and the farinirs 1 institutes and state agricultural and horticultural societies are schools in which the observing farmer learns ne 17 and better methods of farming. But agriculture is a broad subject; we find that even in the study and practice to become atVll expert' We must iarm in theory; we must thoroughly understand our business be- lore we can be verj successful in practical farming The value of a college education to the firmer especially in the agricultural line, is incalculable. Liberty has been achieved for all, but enough to scald you. The writer, when he left the train at » r . . ' -- — " ™*-v uui^ Ulctlll Uu Aleskoutme on a fine May morning, did company with two or three rich so in Arabs in gay apparel and a family of Jews and Jewesses with enough gold about persons to keep them for years their the ladies in a sheet, there rs These were some of the clients of the baths of the cursed. By and by we saw one of one of the baths, draped in „ . was a look of pain in her eyes. Here at station, however, though it is a fashionable resort for Europeans as well as Africans, was none of the tumult of welcome witu which porters and domestics assail the visitor at other "bath" cities Two or three tawny individuls' louug-d again it the paling of the little flower garden of the station, but offered no aid to You are informed that the "cuisine" is °, f ,th« "bourgeons", type, and ao itis' tt •? i mne ls good ' and one ma y be sure- ot fruit here as early as in most places of the same latitude. . 'J'he hotel is a spacious building, occupying three sides of a square, the quadrangle in the midst being laid out in pleasant gardens and planted with orange trees, which in spring are massed with the sweetest bloom in the world. J.UOI-B is, mrtner, a tour ter of the quadrangle and various wonders of Meskoutine Wons no 1 • *™ ' ', - reecone lus P b yscians have made P, ^ s f Y, er - providing that the unit of value THILANEIISII, archbishop of and Lyon, is dead as the result of ' ot the grip. [y ronowed in the OUL tho Wolfe coa, pitWB^.T 01^ | ESe^[L h? _. (PA.), appropriating8100,000 doub IN the spring'of this year the Jerusalem railway will be opened. Its route lies be-1 Avon July , tween Joppa on the Medileranean and the Wales, died Holy City, and it will accommodate pas lri "" h -- Bttigen as well as freight trnflio between the two places. There can be that the road will pay, or that it excellent thing for tourists. Travel in that country has been exceedingly disagree able at times, .and a railway has be,»n much needed. -It is said the round trip tickets will be sold for 20 fra'rics, and that tourists' will be able to make tho trip not only in a cheaper, but also in a safer 11 er. bur *' T , CAIt P INAL GIOVANNI SIMEONI died Ihiirs lay at Rome of influenza. Cardinal I Russia Mf-nmng died at London Thursday morn ' shall be the dollar of 412 18 grains of standard silver or 25 1 8 grains of standard gold and that any holder of gold or bullion of $100 or more of standard fineness shall be entitled to have the same coined free of charge. It also of coin notes and coin. By Brosins for the re- poverty still enchains tho average man with ignorance. Only a smul! part of our farmer" boys and tewer still of our farmer girls can go to college. Last winter I made a "ersonal canvass of the University <"hieh showed that less than one-fourth of the students came from the country, and a much smaller per cent, of the female than the male students. There are two n-as MS tor_thin First, young men come to tho University with only a few dollars, rough it and work their way through. You HE women are unable to do this, or at least they don't do it. And second, the girls (ally creature.) are more apt to be ashamed of the doubt tue word is applicable here tor, ere you have walked a quarter of a mile, you come face to face with a superb waterfall, hot-water fall, which make, you hold your hreafc from admiration and the plentitude of its steam. Yet it is not all of water. For the mo«t rigid, like a thing of ice. It mainly petrifaction. part is in it is fact, . rne calcareous deposit in the hot sprint above has incrusted the rocks, so that th thin and the color o^ bar nv sutjar Hers there over and between"ho still masses, there is an ooze warm ,ater, addin, to th or " i the cen- ,. -i-- a .« ..i.,.. tvn aviary, in which canaries and parrots, as well as divers of our English summer birds, live to gether on fair terms of equality As the building is of but a singlewtory, bedrooms, as well ai the living rooms open immediately upon this garden plot! It is a primitive place in which one is con«* S r tu a tlme to dispenseoven with some ot the conveniences. Breakfast and dinner aee of course the two chief events of the day for the person who is not out among the woods and mountains with eis ^un At. the dinner ooT wever ' the company may be very Meskoutine has long been used by the military authorities as a station for invalids and convalescents. One may therefore find one's self amon^f several agreeable and even distinguished oncers who are here to recruit. But the idle life suits them for long as little as it suits ahealthy Englishman, and SM.£ f^ th ^ che /' !°° will devote of the' famine" ^en^ '31 ^law^r? ^^o^?^ b^/ou know; (it's my opinion (hough that "farmer" will sound bigger than any o them in a few years more.) But after and flowers grow well by the nia ntifi*;j.; n .. n i. !• .i .. J D , sides of this nutritious waterfall; the whitened soil in the nB ;»l The springs either were or still TUESDAY, Jan 12. -M. E. B.Taylor, of Ohio, re I ported a bill fixing the time thousand cases of influenza are re< on the island of Guernsey. A Loy with the diseasn at Leiterdorf, an that now there is terms of the circuit and „„„..,. the northern district of Iowa, which was passed. The following bills were intro| duced: By Mr. Fellows, of New York increasing the pensions of those soldiers Long, of Texas, for the development and encouragement of silk culture in the United States under the direction , —, — vu , v , +.\j i .. t — — — — '• j w«»u i-nvj.<^,^ iJui HJLLci ;ime for holding all > J t seems that of those who do go to col- district courts in le £«.' very few ever return to the farn Inmn ™'l..:_l_ _ __ I QcrQlvt XjT.ib.^. i 1 1 _. .. , _ 1 niaii- Troops, who have been scene, are keeping order. AMBU1CAN STISKI, FORAMKIJICAN SHIPS. The adoption of a settled naval policy by our government has been one of tho most important factors in the present mar- vellous development of the steel industry in this country. The rigorous tescu so wisely imposed by the navy steel board have forced the Curnogie interests, the Bethlehem company, the Curon Iron company, of Pittsburg, and othez great producers to find, by scientific research aud tireless experiment, modes of manufacture adequate to the requirements demanded! With that power of adaptation to new circumstances so characteristic of our national genius, the American steel makers are now furnishing a material for ehips and structural purposes and for armor which is unequalled. Native steel h used also for the armament, whether it be in the enormous armor piercing calibres or in the rapid fire yuus, which will, by their sustained intensity of fire, count so much in modern warfare. In the new vessels authorized the Carnegie interests are furnishing the metal for two battle ships aud two cruisers and the Carbon Iron company the steel needed in one battle ship nud two cruisers. Among these two last that wonderful cruiser, Number Thirteen, Jl ° is civil engineers in strike of the cab drivers in Paris men having succeeded in >yers to ^rant the de- a somewhat modified ended, the their ompl , though in toriu. Many indeed are exceedingly well totted for other professions, but most of them scorn the idea of returning to the farm, unable in their blind lot'tinsHs of mi ad to appreciate the excellent advantages offered to the educated farmer lhe notion that what are called the learned professions afford the only open- career of distinction, because have found thnni so before, is ,. . -ung one of the exploded theories. There are too many proessional m, . ., , men whose profession is bettor than their 41, <- T 1 he vlco p: esid ent laid before practice. What an absurdity, and still it . t 2 e .f ennto tb ree agreement for th<? cession Prevails extensively, of regardiug the of- Uitj of ot their lands made with the Shoshone flc6 ^ adorning the man. It is the man most promi- and Arapohoe Indians of the Wind River who dignifies the office. Wealth ™rf 1 reservation in Wyoming, tne Indians of worldly title should not be the highest tne pyramid Lake reservation and the aspiration of man. We should everv one Kickapoo Indians of Oklohoma. Several endeavor to imorove our institutions to petitions in favor of the loan of $5,000,- elevate our people, if we are able, to make the world s fair on condition of its ri hl8 e^at jiat-ion ol freedom permanent they f Once upon a time, and not so very long- ago, it was possible to shoot a Win the neighborhood of Mestoutine. ThoseThai- cyon days-if such they were for the Arab agriculturist—have passed awey hi it ma f, muat (f°in'ny a mile over the ^n^srEs^'rl K^sr^H^a I'rofitalilo Dairying. Dairying is the bcs». of all branches of ference. Building up the *" diUry C ° n ~ srjKfr'^v&^ffl; after the n "ft n ln g too much sfftii'dS^s to teed swine, ' " - - up merril 20 ° with hi ° f e ?8? bells an " fowls' feathers the edge of them tells of the 89rVto tKe ^ident at w ,- a esa pork at every item'," my skim-m.,^, tlu , saved a valuable the past jear, and solcTmy cents a pound. Counting ^s«f«4..:id^ 1 ia? l ag-Sj amount of dressing of tales 18 now kuowE as which Mr. Tracy says will, in performance, have no peer in anv service afloat. OBIMB. DB. GiiAVEs, th e Denver murderer, has ;on soutenced to be hanged. IJIIKTY masked men attempted to lynch a murder in Kansas, hut were driven off b) the sheriit'n force. TKOSIAS ROOKEK, an inventor of considerable note, committed suicide at Nobleflville, Mo., 1'uesday morning? TUB report that Bob Sims' daughters were lynched in Alabama by the party searching for Noal Sims is. now defied! JAS. lI.Coi.i5, of Nevada, Mo., was sentenced in. the circuit court to a terJof SaUn?." 8 1U the P fluiteuti ^y ^r wife- pirrnff ES ^ ^(f was sentenced in the circuit court at Nevada, Mo., to a term of three years in tho iwnif^f ,„„ *„_ .. •.?* being kept closed on Sunday were present- f orever. We have seen the importance of ed and referred. Mr. Perkins intrr,ri,,^i aericulturn. 7^ riir^it,. ,,,,,7i p u. "-. or referred Mr. Perkins a bill to remove the statute introduced agriculture. Its dignity must be . «m, n - ute of limitation tamed, or the nation falls. Our atfricutur- with respect to claims under the eight ,?/. population must be an educated a -tlMrrln,. (U« ____ l-rhlnw-lnf* nt*nr\ln ' hour law. struction A bill authorizing the con- t>- "* , of a Dti(1 K e across the Red liiver of the North, at Brayton, N. D., was ating 8 " 8 th6 P euiteu "ary for wife- ton\t n - a law ^' r of ? ' W> , P" ls charged with churcq 830,000 in monoy and rea bel .°"fng to widows and orphan real to i estate tU r.^ LVJSll| ' u P roiui neut citizen of - " ' WEDNESDAY, JAN. 13. _ SENATE.—The last remaining vacancy in the ranks of the senate were filled this morning by the presence of Jones, Nevada who took the oath of office for his fourth' senatorial term. Mr. Kyle introduced a bill to amend tho amendment to the constitution to regulate marriages aud divorces in thb several states. A bill was reported and placed on the calendar providing for pure food. . A bill was passed to provide for the disposal of the Fort Hartsuff, Fort Sheridan and Fort M" I herspn military reservation in Nebraska to actual settlers under the homestead H, H T SK .TT, be { ollo .wing bills were intro. duced: By Mr. Lewu (Ala.) to repeal the lf '"~ the sinking fund; by Mr. thinking people. £K iK.raa.-'sSrs S^^fltt^^^S now subsided. 'HAS FALLEN FJ^AT. Xutest KeparU From the Kevolutiou the Frontier. Crpy OF MEXICO, Jan. 14.-An agent of the government has just returned from the frontier, where he claims to have made a thorough investigation of the revolutioi- ary movement. Be reports that Garaais hiding and his followers are starvin - in the desert, and that many of°the would-be rebels are ignorant cause of the rising. Ho also that he did not discover the trri against Prsident Diaz. Ho believes the'di^ of the states ,,K5n,r""-ir ls u ' u ? lerefl "ear his home at Spring View, Friday night. It is not known who committed the crime ^SW^ft ff^W Tburs- ^iil agaiusb Lieuteiuut charged with ro" m LieutewntDodge M nephew . (Gu.) to convey into the treasury the 8100,000,000 in gold reserve, now held tor the redemption of United States notes mi Is were ulso introduced for public inuldmgs at Lincoln and South Omaha, THUKSADY, Jan 14 SSNATK.— Mr. Qttprrill presented a me- m! trom the astronomers of the country relation to tip change O f management ID tWaf f , th f Bt , ate government and asserts that the leaders are confessedly tired of the movement, without -funds and 7° °**e rs °f amnesty from tho In oflicial circles in this citj~ the rumor tLat Jturbide is the real head of the open fw rared vevo' absurd. It ie said desire to be at peace adheren's force the free" boole7s to""oper^'on °& Mexican, side of the border the would quickly end. cones basin we see Thua was but the mere PP . m- feeding stock the teachings of whole man make it pay. of production by great waste- to-day, after all the past. Put the the business and nave reduced cost nui i t the top of the the water continued lip of a as boil UD- r-ssar-gi^^s ss?a~?r % force had attained it's full ,™ number of and blind. Tho cones are theae genii. i.,*.,. ^_i _° .... dumb, And the to keep .but in our trouble about ventilation is necessiii ate there 13 no t much" abundance of fresh air UBI; . %Pi»J&. P?!««.; leTrn' ff ^^fflSIJSS^^, this, there is mon HV ,»U?. S_? cts> Doi «g au erland, where thebutter demanded Swits- of Uu ' d ' he trouble 8e«y a» Govuroor. WASHINGTON. Jan. H.—The executiva session of the senate todayoSiffi?dA begoverao, -""'^ ' Mvun - gen dea the fact that" The fact is. great afflicted master demanded of some of M. ,° uil ' d ' he were with him why it Wa8 thSf f" Wb =° Was hpnniinn ii. _ X . "**y tOJcl him IVi^i*. :*. was becauae the wemusthavfl «n,i .;.... ,, 8 ' we find that cows feed Uaus- good //thebe «r<t± **"> trough scrub cows 'fj unilin ? good WtenaJ, TtV,,'?!" a »wt» ol

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